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SAD NEWS FROM EVE ABOUT DISASTROUS DEB!       25/05/84       DO 1787
--And Deb's new book against us!--By Mother Eve.

       [Dad's comments to Eve are in (), & to Family in [EDITED: " "].]

USA, 25/5/84

Dearest Faith,
       God bless you all!! We just received your letter & what a surprise!! It was such a blessing to hear those sweet words that a Mother likes to hear from her daughter. Thank you also for the cassette in Spanish. It is so beautiful! Now, please send me one in English. There is one that you made which I like very much, but I have lost my only copy. It is all made up of your singing & you made it a few years ago.
       Everyone here loves your tape.--Especially the old one of you singing Hebrews 11. (Ha!!) The young people here admire you greatly & they just read your letter, "Are You a Missionary?" They want more of your letters but we don't know where they are. We would very much appreciate a book of your letters. Please send it!! (Good idea!)
       To me it seems ridiculous that I would have to tell you that I do not speak against the Family or Dad--especially publicly. You should ask the Lord about that & He would tell you that I do not do anything against them, but only pray for them & you & David & love you in Jesus! (Jesus said, "If you're not for me, you're against Me!")
       I do not agree with Deborah & what she is doing by writing a book against me, Dad, & all the Family. I had nothing whatsoever to do with it. I have never been on a talk show or attended any anti-COG meetings. That is a lie straight from the Pit. I only go to churches because we need fellowship of other believers & brothers & sisters who love Jesus. I have no telephone numbers or addresses of any Family Members. (Why do you hobnob with our enemies?!) The only people I see are ex-Family members & they are not serving the Lord full-time, & very rarely have I seen them. Martha & Imrah live in Atlanta, but he works in a Night Club as a cook & Martha sells Avon products & are very successful (?) in what they are doing. (Ha!) They are not very interested in having Bible studies or going out witnessing as far as I can tell. [EDITED: "And she calls that "successful"?!"] They are very busy. I tried to help their children, especially John John [EDITED: "Aaron's son"], & gave him a tape recorder & tapes, but so far he has not been able to come & visit me. Lord help them! I pray for them. They are sweet & friendly as always & I love them very much. [EDITED: "But very backslidden!"]
       I never see any Family members. I have asked for back copies of the {\ul \i FN} for Christmas but did not receive even one. In 1983, I received a few copies but they stopped coming about six months ago. (--Sorry, but you're a security risk!) It was a blessing to read about Mene & Hosea's family & your "string of pearls" from South America.
       I hope that you see Mene once in awhile & take care of her. (She's fine & busy!) She is a part of Aaron & you should revere his memory. Please don't be like Deborah & hurt your brother who is with Jesus. I asked Deb not to say those things about Aaron.(!) I hoped that she would change the book & I asked her to & begged her to spare Aaron's memory. But at the same time, I still love my enemies as Jesus commanded us to do. It is not in my heart to curse Deb & all her children or anybody else who I do not agree with. Remember, our real enemy is the Devil. (--And his co-workers!) I can only pray for them & believe God for a miracle of His Grace. A Mother never gives up, especially if she has faith in the Lord!! So, please do not think in any way that I could hate anyone such as Deb & you or Hosea or any of God's precious children in & out of the Family.
       Maybe I hate sometimes what someone is doing against the truth, & I often do not hesitate to tell them so, as a Mother should do, but I will not curse them, even if it seems they speak against me & believe the lies of their own imagination. This is my prayer, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." (But they do!) I especiallfy want to help all of my grandchildren, who are innocent victims of the whole thing & I do want them to know that Jesus loves them & so do I. (My kids believe me!)
       I am also planning to write my own book (At last!--I begged you to!--Years!) about the beautiful life that I had with David & my own four children who all loved Jesus & lived for Him. I want to write about my fruitful & happy life in the "Children of God."
       I really don't know about the "Family of Love" (Ha!) because I was never really involved in that. Since 1975 with the "Bloodless Coup" I have had no leadership position in the Family & received no reports from that time. (Read the Papers!--And you've gotten the Lit for years! You're without excuse!)
       So, I can only write what I know about & be true to what I experienced & I pray that I get the grace & strength &, most of all, the time & place to write it. Maybe I am not a writer, so I will have to pray for the Lord to raise up someone to write for me as Deborah needed Bill [EDITED: "Isaiah"] to write for her.(!) [EDITED: "Demonic! Hope Eve's ghostwriter won't be as bad!"] Please remember, that Deborah did not write the book--Bill did, & the book reflects a great deal of his thoughts, ideas, feelings, & opinions. So, don't give Deborah all the blame. She is pretty naive when it comes to some things. (--She's absolutely hypnotised by him!--The Evil Magician!) [EDITED: ""Bewitched!" See Nos.291,290 & 664!"]
       Please don't hate your sister or even your enemies. We are under the new covenant of grace. Jesus is our example. The law condemns, but Jesus forgives--even His enemies. I even feel sorry for Bill who was raised Catholic & had no Christian background. (He knows! He's without excuse!) Believe it or not, he is trying to serve Jesus, but is being greatly influenced by the fundamental Christians who do not have the fullness of the Spirit. (Rom.8:2) These fundamentalists don't speak in tongues & pray in the Spirit as we do. All they have is the LAW (--The same kind crucified Christ!) & they live under the old Covenant. Therefore, they feel like they should judge everyone & everybody who doesn't agree with them. (Hypocrites!)
       Well, I am thankful that the Lord has called me to a more positive message of love, grace, & forgiveness. He did not call me to judge everyone & I am not a Prophet in that sense. I am only a Mother like your Grandmother, who ministered love. Maybe we all have different callings & I wanted to explain mine. I am not in the judging business. [EDITED: "Zech.3:7; Lk.12:57; 1Co.6:2-3"] I do not know why people do what they do. The Lord told me to "judge nothing before the time." Grandmother said, "Take what you don't understand & wrap it in a bundle of faith & lay it on the shelf."--And that is what I have done with the Family. I would never speak against the Family publicly, (But privately?) especially to the World of Pharisaical Christians. You should know your Mother better than that. I never attended a meeting in Washington, D.C., or went anywhere with Deb to meet any anti-COG people. Whoever said that I did totally misrepresented the truth. Please ask the Lord!!! I believe Dad knows that I wouldn't do that, as he is a Prophet. (I believe you, but you hobnob with enemies & liars!)
       Dad never wrote & told me that he had heard anything like that, so I don't think that he believes it. He always writes me nice letters & has been supporting me all these years, for which I am grateful. I surely don't think that he would send money to his enemies or to someone who is speaking against the Family. (I support you because you're my widow & I love you, though you're unfaithful!)
       The person who really betrayed Dad & gave Deb info for the book was Aunt Virginia. She gave Deb some letters which she used to discredit Grandmother's healing testimony & which is all in the book. I believe in Grandmother's testimony & think that we should reprint her book for all to read. The book that Deb & Bill wrote is terribly against your Grandmother, your brother, & I am not spared in the book either. There is nothing favourable in the book about me. Maybe it will cause me or some of my team to leave America as the book will soon be out in June. (PTL!--Get out NOW!) I hope that you believe this because this is the truth! (--Amen! I do.)
       Your Aunt Virginia is finally getting her revenge against her Mother, whom she always seemed to speak against & is still being resentful towards her. Remember, Aunt Virginia does not know the Lord very well.--Poor soul! I feel so sorry for her as she is old & ready to die. She is so afraid that Dad will cut her off & not send any more money. She tried to recant all the info she gave Deb, such as the old letters, pics, etc., but it was too late. Deb still used it all in the book. I hope Dad still helps her even if she did do all that, because she was only a dupe. (God will judge her!) [EDITED: "If so!"]
       I did not give Deb any info or pics for the book. I did not even know about it until it was all written & in the hands of the publisher. I am trying to keep friends with Deb (How can you?) so I can still help the children who are totally confused. Both Junior & Philip are having problems as most teenagers do & Joyanne is a desperate case who needs help! (Of course! Their parents are reaping what they've sown!) I love them all, especially the children, who really need me at this time. So, I send them clothes & things, & I paid for Misty's piano lessons. I helped Joyanne a little bit when she went to college in Kentucky. She never had any money even for food, so I gave her $20 a week which is all I could spare. She really appreciated it & all the children are so grateful for every little thing that I do for them. I have only seen all of them together once in two years. (Thanks for trying!) [EDITED: "But with parents like Jethro & Deborah, what can you expect?!"]
       I really feel sorry for Deb & Bill because they have no fellowship with any Spirit-filled Christians. [EDITED: "How can she?"] They seem to have rejected all the Pentecostals & people who believe in healing & speaking in tongues. [EDITED: "And me, Family & God!"] I met the Publishers of the book & they are all fundamentalist legalistic Christians who live by the law. Like {\ul \i Christianity Today}, they seem to fight the Pentecostal message. (Always have been bitter enemies of us & the Spirit!)
       Now that the book is coming out in June, I have nothing to hide because the whole World will know about it. I did not write to Dad about the book because I did not know what it contained exactly. I tried to keep Deb as a friend so that I could possibly influence her in some way & change the "spirit" of the book. I went & talked to her where the book was in its final stages. I tried to influence her even to change a few things here & there but I don't think that she changed them very much. (Of course not! She's in mental & soul bondage to the Evil Magician!--Isaiah!)
       Then at Christmas, I flew to California to see the children, whom I had not seen for two years, so that they will know what kind of a Grandmother they have, who loves Jesus & is in her right mind. After the book comes out, it will be hard to influence them. I found out more info about the book & its contents & about Virginia, etc., at that time. I have still been waiting & praying that maybe there would be a snag & the book would not actually be published, but it looks like it will go through from all that I have heard. Also, one reason I do not write more is because Dad publishes whatever I write (Why not?) & nothing is confidential if he decides to give it to the whole World. Therefore, I have to be very careful what I say to him, especially about Deb & children, whom I am trying to help. Also, I wanted to get inside info about the book, especially where she got her info about Dad & certain letters which she is publishing. All of my letters from Dad were lost long ago, for which I am sorry, for they were very beautifully written & would be a great help in writing my book. (Deb stole them from our forsake-alls!)
       It looks like the Lord is forcing me to write my side of the story, which is totally different from theirs. Every time that I saw them, which is only 4 or 5 times in 3 years, I have said, "I was never in a cult, (as they say) & I was never deceived. So, I can't relate to what you are saying." (GBY!) The children all believe that they were in a cult & now they believe that Grandmother was never healed. It just shows how far you can go, ("Doubt, Disobedience, Denial = Betrayal!") [EDITED: "No.759"] if you reject the truth of God's Word. Of course, I believe God heals & still heals today & I am a living sample of it.
       Well, I am writing from my heart. I believe the verse, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God." I still like that name. I was never deceived or brainwashed as Deb says was her experience & makes it very clear in the book. I lived for Jesus & tried to help David carry out God's will & God's plan as it was revealed to him. (Amen!) [EDITED: "Till later Letters!"] When I was no longer needed & everything was going good, the Lord gave me another job. I still don't know exactly what it is [EDITED: "Ha! I know what mine is!--TTL!"], but I am serving Jesus as best that I can from day to day. I have a few children who really need me & love me. I pray that they will do a work for the Lord as you have done & are still doing. [EDITED: "How can they if they don't follow me?!"] Remember, God uses me to train leaders such as you & Hosea, Aaron, & Deb, & many other leaders that were in the Family. (Amen.--GBY!) [EDITED: "But I wouldn't brag about Deb!--She was her Mom's own child & always rebelled against me!"]
       At present, we are really into music & child-training. We just finished recording some beautiful new cassettes & even our children sound like professionals & preach with power. (GBM!--With the Truth!)
       The young people that I brought to America 3 years ago are now in Europe & will probably prepare a place for some of us there. Since we have no contact with the Family, we need a place to land when we leave America. [EDITED: "Why does Eve want no contact with the Family?"]
       Maybe we will go to the Philippines or the Orient if God makes a way. (Amen!) We know that we will not always be in America, but it was pretty lonely in France for the last two years we were there without any Christian fellowship. Now we have a few Christian friends who will at least pray for us & maybe write us a letter & support us in prayer. (France is now run by the anti-Christs!)
       So, Faithie, we love you & pray for you daily. We know that you love Jesus & are serving Him as best you can. If you see Hosea & his family, please give him my love. I pray for them, too, but I never hear from them. (!--Sorry.) [EDITED: "Maybe they're afraid to write, Eve is such a leak!"] If you have any extra FNs around, even a few months old, I would appreciate a copy. Yes, it does inspire my faith & makes me realise that my life was not in vain, when I see the Family going on & witnessing & winning souls. (But you are poor security because you hobnob with enemies, so can't have Lit!)
       In all due respect for past services, maybe you could ask David, or one of the secretaries to send me a complimentary copy once in awhile. Even if I do not add anything to the statistics [EDITED: "She refuses to TRF!"], maybe my prayer support is worth something. It will also give me some ammunition to give to those who speak against the Family. (They'd only use it against us!) Our family here is really inspired to read anything good about the Family. They especially love you & play your little cassette. Your letter, "Are You a Missionary?" is a favourite & they are looking forward to reading more of your letters. Please send them!
       Also, a copy of Grandmother's Book, The Hem of His Garment, would be greatly appreciated. We hope that it can be reprinted soon. Where can we get lots of copies? The World has yet to hear from the real Moses David. (--Ha!--They're getting'm by the Millions!--So far 2.7 Billion Pages!--Distributed to Millions!) Where is his book for the World? Send me 100 copies to give away. [EDITED: "Ha! We have already printed & distributed over 600,000 copies of my books & booklets to the World Worldwide!--A total of 215 different Titles! How many more can we print?!"] Thanks again for writing.
       Much love & prayers,

P.S. Dear Faith,
       I had to make a few corrections on the handwritten copy since I had thought that it may be published for the FN. There are some things that you say to the inner circle that could be misunderstood by others. I do pray that the letter is not published unless some personal things are deleted, but God's will be done. I still love all of God's children, even those who are misguided. There are quite a few Christians in America who go into all the World or help other people go. Also, there are plenty of lost souls here who need Jesus just like everyone else. But, I am ready to leave here anytime God opens the door. [EDITED: "We've actually offered her money to leave!--But she's refused till now!--Maybe that's one reason God's allowing Deb's book: To flush you stragglers out of the U.S.! PTL!"] I have never known anything about your whereabouts, so I could not tell anyone.
       I didn't even know that Jethro & Deb went to Puerto Rico until they returned. If I did know your whereabouts or Dad's, I would not tell anyone. I am the best secret-keeper of all the family. (Ha!) [EDITED: "She's been one of the worst leaks!"] There are a lot of things you didn't know about me & Dad until you read it in a MO Letter. Of course, there's a lot of things that I didn't know either until they were printed for the World. So, do not believe that I tried to disclose your whereabouts. Jethro hired detectives, etc. (For what?!--After all we did for him!--Ha!) Why do you think I am in league with them? Well, I am not.--Just for the record!!! Do you believe me??!! [EDITED: "Well, she's in fellowship & contact with'm, & as bad as she is on security, that's dangerous! "Birds of a feather flock together!"--And "If you run with wolves you'll learn to howl!"--Watch out!"]
       The handwritten copy will be sent under separate cover. (Please do!)
       (--But you're in contact with'm, & that's dangerous!--They are now tools of the Devil!--How can you have fellowship with'm!--"Come out from among'm & be separate, & touch not the unclean thing!" He says! (Amos 3:3; 2Co.6:17; Eph.5:11) He also says that "friendship with the World is enmity against God!" (Jam.4:4) Deb & her kind have joined the World against us, so she is now an enemy of God!--Like every other Judas!--And He says, "I'll curse them that curse you!" (Gen.12:3) So she's cursed! God deliver you from being so deceived! PTL anyhow!--This is not very good news!--May the Lord deliver you! GBAKY, in Jesus' name.--Love, D.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family