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NEWS FROM EVE!--A Warning!       DO 1788       15/5/84

       [Dad's comments to Eve in ( ), to Family in [EDITED: " "].]

Dearest David,       USA, 15/5/84
       God bless you all! We wanted to thank you for sending the check. It was such a help in April when we received it. We hope that you are in good health & busy for the Lord as usual. (TTL! She was showing me around underground, you know, in "The Drugstore." (See ML No.266.) So I knew she knew then, ha!)--Because such a help in April when we received it. We hope that you are in good health & busy for the Lord as usual. (TTL! I'M NOT WORRIED ABOUT DEB'S BOOK! TTL! OBVIOUSLY THE LORD IS ALLOWING IT EVEN IF THE DEVIL DID BRING IT!) It's prob. such a help in April when we received it. We hope that you are in good health & busy for the Lord as usual. (TTL!) I thought it might be a good opportunity while the waters are troubled to get out some of the real words of Moses David--not what people have said about him. (Thanks anyhow, but the U.S. has had it!) [EDITED: "She only wants old Letters, not new!"]
       Stephen wrote to you also & we have been awaiting a reply. (Never got it!--But Faith did & answered.) We don't really have the ways & means to publish them ourselves. We have done some recording of our music but have not published any books. It seems a shame that more people do not have an opportunity to hear the truth. Well, we may find it quite necessary to leave America after the book comes out. So we have been getting ready for it for a few months. (Good! PTL!--The U.S. is going down soon!--Europe too!)
       We have sent a team to Europe & are going to send another one. Fortunately, they are from Europe & friends & family are helping them to return. They will try to make a place for us over there as soon as possible.
       Stephen & Adria have been visiting parents in New Mexico & Texas in preparation for leaving. (TTL!) We have learned a lot here, especially the young people, but this is not the place for us. (Told you so!) We are grieved every passing day for what we see & hear in this place. This past week I have been reading the Book of Jeremiah & it is amazing how it fits the parallel of this country! (--I told you that 20 years ago!--Ha!)
       Well, you know all of these things & have been preaching it for years. I am glad that there is an alternative & that we have Jesus. (Amen!) So few Christians know anything about the "faith life" but maybe they will have to learn some of these days. (--Yes! After the A-Bombs!)
       I supposed that you have been reading about Libya & Godahfi in the news. Too bad they got kicked out of England too. (--He chose his way.) [DELETED] Well, I wanted you to know that we pray for you always & believe that God has used you in a great way to bring many young people to Jesus. (--He has, TTL!--MILLIONS!) We pray that we shall all keep on winning souls as long as we live. I do not have time to judge others & preach a negative Gospel. We are too busy preaching the truth. (AMEN!) Please do write me again soon. It is so good to hear from you. We still need your help & prayers. (--You have'm!)

Much Love & Prayers,


P.S. We are moving out of our house & going on the road. We hope to go to Europe this summer or wherever the Lord leads. At least we will be travelling around. (--A beautiful & wonderful place!--Some of our happiest memories are of our years there!--But dangerous now, run by the [EDITED: "ACs"]!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family