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NEWS FROM MY SISTER VIRGINIA!--Woes of the North!       DO 1791       6/84
[EDITED: "She's 70 & living with her daughter in U.S."]

       [Dad's replies to her in are in ( )'s, and his comments to Family are in [EDITED: " "]'s.]

Dear David,
       Some good news for a change! Hjalmer [EDITED: "my Brother, 73, had a stroke"] says he is walking without a walker or a cane! (PTL!) His writing is poor. That arm is still very weak. I didn't say anything to him about your comment as to his writing. He mentioned that his "mind is slow" & to pray for that & his strength--as he was still weak. (Praying) Now that our weather is a little better I asked him if he was able to get out & walk with his walker. So this time he wrote a little longer note to tell me how well he was doing. He also sent a little Christian paper published in his city that carries his "Meditation Moments." Wish he'd write oftener! But guess he is like me in that there isn't anything to write about. I know he goes to his store everyday (he said months ago) & that he was concerned about Velma's strength to care for him since stroke. [EDITED: "His 2nd wife"] I know Regina [EDITED: "his daughter"] wanted him to give up the [EDITED: "book"] store & move to California where the weather is not so serve--& also there had been talk about Velma not wanting to care for Hjalmer if he were an invalid. She had cared for her invalid father for years until his death. When Regina told Bon she expected her Dad to come stay in the trailer but not Velma--& the above comment (last year)--I was shocked since Velma had impressed me as a devoted wife & totally committed Christian. I afraid I told you all this before--??--oh dear. Praise the Lord none of that happened. (TTL!) [EDITED: "My poor Brother, backslidden for years, now back to the Lord in his old age."]

       I was back in the hospital again in May (Sorry!)--don't know if I told you? I wasn't there long--it was an emergency visit as I'd had trouble breathing & didn't understand why. Since it was a Sunday the doctor told me to go to emergency at the hospital. The doctor there told me I had emphysema. If I'd known that, I wouldn't have gotten so scared--thought I was having a heart attack or stroke. My doctor knew about this lung condition but hadn't told me! I wish I didn't have to have a doctor! I am still having pains in my stomach region--though not as serve as the time I had to stay in the hospital. Hundreds of dollars Medicare has paid for just the tests! And they still can't find out what was wrong. I got better for a couple of weeks & then it all came back. But thank the Lord, now I only have the pain in the evenings. Can't figure out why! So strange--eat good hearty meals (TTL!) twice a day with no bad effects, but no matter what I eat for a light supper I have pain for about three hours. Can't afford more tests & haven't any faith in these doctors. I'm trusting the Lord to heal. If you think of it for pray for me. Otherwise I'm doing fine. . I've started attending the Assembly of God church next to my apartment building. The pastor can't preach worth a darn!--But music is great! (Ha!) It is good to be with fellow Christians. (Amen!) [EDITED: "My poor Sister was also backslidden for years & hated me & our Mother, but is now back to God in her old age."]

       Forgive my not writing sooner letting you know the gift had arrived safely. [EDITED: "She's one of my "widows"!"] At the time it got here in the middle of May (19th) I was having a bad spell of sickness. Hate to write letters when I'm sick--I sound too depressed. So much better now. When one is too ill to do much, the days are awfully long. And this lousy weather here doesn't help either. I mean it is dark & gloomy so many months--& all that rain! I even started going for walks in the rain--couldn't stand being cooped up all day. But now the sun started to shine--& got so hot! Oh--I started out to say thank you for the generous gift! I got side-tracked talking about my aches & pains. We were so happy to see the check! Thank you so much, David! (TTL!) It has been so awful for Bonnie the way her car has been acting up. She's paid out so much money trying to find out what is wrong. (Sorry!--Need me! I'm a good mechanic!--Ha!) It won't start & she's had to rely on friends to take her to work different times. Then has to wait around at work for a ride home. One mechanic said it was the cable to the battery & another said it was the starter. So she had new ones put in. Still no good. Finally got it to a man who says it is now O.K.--And we paid out of the money you sent. That car is our lifeline of course. But if it hadn't been for the money you sent she couldn't have gotten the rebuilt carburetor. Now we have to see if this is what was wrong! Before it would start sometimes, then dead as could be other times. I felt like "laying hands" on that car to see if God would heal it (Amen!)--or help us find what is wrong! Hope that didn't sound flippant--'cause I was serious! (Tune Up?)

       Guess I should have used two sheets of paper for this! Didn't expect to write so much. Sorry. And it's all so boring! (Thanks for news!) We took some pics on Mother's Day but I look so old & ugly, hate to send them. And Denise looks bad too [EDITED: "her granddaughter"]--since she has lost so much weight . They operated Tuesday & it wasn't cancer.--Praise God! Bon & Denise were sure it was since she has had cancer before. She is so young & has such beautiful children to raise. [EDITED: "Virginia's great-grand kids! She has five children & about 20 grandkids, all grown & married, with dozens of great-grandkids!--I have millions!--Thanks to you & the Lord! HAL!--TYL!"]--We were hoping it wouldn't be cancer. And praying. (Amen!)

       Connie [EDITED: " her youngest child, was missionary in Mexico"] is coming for a short visit--coming by plane alone. (From where?) I will be happy to see her--but can't imagine what to do with her--ha! This little town offers nothing. And she has to sleep on my couch. Bon has a room she could use but she has Denise's little kids there until mommy is out of the hospital in a week.

       This is much too long!! (Not at all! Glad to hear!) When the June gift gets here I'll just scratch a little "thank you" note & not write a letter. Oh, almost forgot to say that the little papers have been excellent! [EDITED: "NUNs!"] Bonnie & I read each word--& they are inspiring testimonies & stories. (Glad you like'm!) Truly sorry your financial backing has slowed--perhaps there will be an upswing soon. (Much better now, TTL!--Thanks for your prayers!)
       Much, much love, Virginia

       (Well, PTL!--Thanks!--GBY!--You seem to be doing as well as could be expected at your age.--I'm fine, TTL!--Hardly even a cold, but I'm younger than you!--Ha! It's beautiful here in the East!--So much easier, cheaper & pleasant to live & natives so sweet! Why don't you move South?--Doesn't Connie live in Mexico?--It's wonderful not to worry about cold, & sunny most of the year!--And no heating problems or costs!--This is the way God created us to live--like Adam & Eve!--And we ran around just about as naked!--Ha! Saves on clothes & wash!--Just wearing my shorts outside every day, & that's it--Wanna come for a visit?--It's Paradise! GBAKY always!--Lost Love, D.)

       (P.S. PTL!--Thanks for all the news!--But you didn't tell all! We just received bad news that you're taking our gifts while working against us with Deb!--How can you?!--And you expect me to continue to help you? Please answer these awful charges we've heard!--Thanks!--GHU--Sad, D.)

       [EDITED: "Dear Editor:--Do you think this personal touch will be interesting to the Family?--Thought these personal letters of my brother & sister would also show how much more God's blest me the only child of my Mom to serve the Lord! TYJ! Amen?--GBY! Thanks--Love, D."]
       [EDITED: "Editor to Dad: Amen! I think Family will be very interested!--And more thankful than ever for you & all that you & the Lord have done for us! ILY!"]

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