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DAD'S REACTIONS TO FAITH'S DREAMS!        DO 1792        6/84--About Deb's Demon-Possession!

       1. I'VE BEEN READING WHAT YOU WROTE. (SEE FL 8) PUSH HER OFF, HONEY, JUST PUSH HER OFF! Don't feel condemned about anything. Just push her off! The Lord always attacks first, speaks first, then the Devil counterattacks & tries to condemn you. Don't get condemned, just push her off! She's full of the Devil now! She's been bewitched! Just send her to Hell! I'd be surprised if she was ever even saved! I'll be a miracle if she doesn't go to Hell! Let'r go to Hell! If she doesn't go to Hell it'll be a miracle!
       2. HONEY, IF YOU DON'T, GOD WILL! HE'S JUST TRYING TO SHOW YOU WHAT SHE DESERVES! So don't feel condemned about it! You were always a little bit influenced by your big sister & she held you under her power a lot of different times, but you kicked against the pricks & got away, thank the Lord, most of the time! Thank the Lord you finally got away! But don't let her get you back in the spirit! Give her the boot in Jesus' name & God damn her! GBY! Amen! In Jesus' name, amen!

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