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WHY REBUKES BEFORE ALL?--SO OTHERS MAY FEAR! Maria 6/9/74         Maria No.7        DO 1795
The Importance of Supporting God's Prophet in His Exposure of Our Sins!
(Inspired by RF complaints about some MLs!)
(A good lesson to all from Maria on why it's so good to be exposed for our mistakes so all can benefit! Written 9/74 to the Royal Family, but still true today as seen in recent Letters about problem cases & prodigals!) (Amen! PTL! GBY Ruthie (Ho's) for sending this in!--To show you what a victory was won!--For the unrepentant, unbelieving, dissenting & disagreeable House of Saul are now nearly all gone!--Jeth, Deb, Rachel & all! PG!--Amen?--D.--Or are you still one? GHU! We're still going & growing!--1981!)

       1. THIS IS JUST A SMALL LITTLE NOTE BY JUST LITTLE OL' ME, BUT I THINK YOU BETTER SIT UP & TAKE NOTICE. In the past few days, work on editing & getting the Worldwide Family Letters to the kids has all but stopped. Why? Because of a few well-meaning, I'm sure, but not well-thought-out or prayed-out criticisms & objections to a few harmless statements made in one of these Letters.
       2. I'M SURE YOU JUST DO NOT REALISE THE SERIOUSNESS OF DELAYING, OBJECTING TO OR CRITICISING THE WORDS OF GOD'S PROPHET, even those which do not come in a direct revelatory night-time, right straight-out-of-the-sky prophecy. As a result of being more concerned with yourselves & your own interests, you have completely discouraged God's Prophet from giving out any of the Words that are desperately needed, & you are hindering God's Work from going forward & making the progress God wants it to make.
       3. WE HAVE ALL BEEN GUILTY OF THIS AT SOME TIME OR ANOTHER, MYSELF INCLUDED, & perhaps I know better than any of you the horrible results of letting the Devil use any of us to discourage David. You who have lived with him for so long should surely realise this by now & should try your very best to only encourage & uplift him, & only in cases of extreme urgency or life-or-death matters & only after much prayer, write or say or do anything that would enable you to be a tool of the Opposition. There is a very delicate balance, & one little word can tip the scales either for or against, either to encouragement or to discouragement.
       4. YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GREAT LOVE YOU KNOW HE HAS FOR YOU, his immediate family, & how he'll do almost anything to protect you & comfort you & do what you request--you should not use this to protect your own interests to the loss of saving others & supplying their needs.
       5. NONE OF US LIKES TO BE EXPOSED TO THOSE UNDER US, & that is exactly what some of these RF Letters, as they are edited & renamed "Worldwide Family Newsletters", will do & are doing. But if our exposure will further the Work of God & save His Kingdom & encourage others, can we not make that sacrifice?
       6. NONE OF US ARE PERFECT & WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES & WE ALL NEED TO BE EXPOSED FOR OUR OWN SAKES & SO THAT OTHERS MAY BE HELPED THEREBY. I'm no saint either, as you all know, & my sins have had to be made manifest in the past to the World, things which I know now have been a much greater help to others than they have been a small embarrassment to me. Deborah also knows how "Alice & the Magic Garden" & "Bewitched" have been so used by the Lord, even to the saving of souls & bringing them into our folds.
       7. I BECOME VERY GRIEVED SOMETIMES WHEN I SEE THE MANY LETTERS GOING OUT TO YOU, THE ROYAL FAMILY, because I know that many of these lessons given to you & the many hours spent on reading & answering your mail will go no further than yourselves, which I suppose is natural, seeing there are only a handful of you.
       8. BUT WHEN I THINK OF WHAT THE RESULTS COULD BE IF THOUSANDS OF KIDS ALL OVER THE WORLD WERE TAUGHT THE SAME LESSONS & GIVEN THE SAME TENDER LOVING CARE AS YOU ARE, it blows my mind, & I know the results would be fantastic if others had the same opportunity as you & I to sit at the Prophet's feet & learn the ways of the Lord! (You now do, PTL!--Thanks to Maria! GBH!--D.)
       9. SO WHEN WE ARE RELUCTANT TO LET THESE LESSONS BE PASSED ON & WHEN WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WITHHOLDING THE WORDS FROM THE WORLD, JUST BECAUSE OF OUR FEAR OF BEING EXPOSED, IT'S GOING TO BEAR BAD FRUIT SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE! God's Prophet becomes discouraged, I become very angry sometimes, God's little sheep become leaderless, & though He gives you (or me, as the case may be) the desires of our hearts, He sends leanness to our souls, because we have not shared the lessons He has taught us through our problems & trials, the very reason why He lets us go through these, so others could be warned & avoid the same pitfalls & so we could comfort others with the comfort with which we are comforted.
       10. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT DAVID CAN BECOME SO DISCOURAGED THROUGH YOUR FEW REMARKS, that he has said to me sometimes, & in fact, again just this morning: "If I am wrong in that, then I could be wrong in all the rest, too. I've got to keep my family happy & with me. I've got to have their cooperation. If they don't agree, I don't want to hurt & offend them." Since the Prophet, because of his great love for you, is not strong enough to go against your wishes or hurt your feelings, it is required of you to be strong enough to encourage him to do the Lord's Will regardless of what you want, & to only voice what you want if you are sure it is what God wants! (I finally decided to buck'm anyway & go on, PTL!)
       11. I THINK WE ALL NEED TO REALISE THAT ONE OF THE REASONS WE HAVE SO MANY FAILINGS & MAKE SO MANY MISTAKES IS SO WE CAN BE DANDY BAD EXAMPLES OF WHAT NOT TO DO, & others can learn from us. An example is something or someone who is held up before others so they can see it, not hid in the dark free from exposure.
       12. I THINK ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRING THINGS FAITH EVER HAD PRINTED WAS HER CONFESSION TO THE KIDS AT BROMLEY of how she & the other shepherds there had failed them. It was one of the most encouraging & inspiring examples of a good shepherdess, who, even though she had made mistakes, she was willing to confess them & humbly ask for their forgiveness, & show them by so doing how they were to be with their sheep. I think I loved her more for that letter than any of her others. I think we made it a GP letter, too, didn't we?--Or at least DFO, or at least I remember thinking we should have.
       13. DAVID SAID TODAY, "I THOUGHT SOME OF THESE PEOPLE OUGHT TO GET A LITTLE CREDIT & LET THE WORLD KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING & HOW THEY'RE DOING. If they're so damned afraid of specifics, I'm just going to cross out all the specifics & all the names. By the time we boil this all down, I don't even know if it'll be worth reading or sending, much less printing!"
       14. SINCE WHEN DID THE PROPHETS ASK THEIR FAMILIES WHAT THEY SHOULD GIVE TO THE PEOPLE & since when did the Prophets have the total loyal faithful backing of their families one-hundred percent all of the time, & since when have they always had the whole-hearted cooperation of their flesh families in all that the Lord has given them to do & say? Usually when I get angry I don't say much because I try to go along with David in being sweet & nice & gentle & kind to all of you.
       15. I DON'T KNOW THAT THE PROPHETS ARE SUPPOSED TO HAND THEIR FAMILIES COPIES FOR APPROVAL OF WHAT THEY INTEND TO SAY TO THE PEOPLE, but when & if they do, then the responsibility on the part of the family is to back & encourage & have enough faith to know that it is "Thus saith the Lord", & that He knows better than they do, & that even if they don't like it, it is their responsibility to know that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord, & be thankful & rejoice in all things, no matter how hard they are to take, & cheerfully give to the Lord & to others, for "the Lord loveth a cheerful giver". (2Co.9:7)
       16. I KNOW THAT WHEN THE DEVIL FIGHTS SOMETHING THIS HARD, AS HE IS DOING IN GETTING THESE RF LETTERS TO THE FAMILY, THEN THEY MUST BE PRETTY IMPORTANT & PRETTY NECESSARY TO THE WORK OF THE LORD, & that they are really needed. So I hope that you'll all pray earnestly that the Lord will overrule & that His Words will not be withheld & that none of us will ever do anything again to stop up the bottle of God's life-giving water, whether intentionally or unintentionally! (They don't, TG!--The House of Saul are nearly all gone!--They quit!--Not me!)
       17. I LOVE YOU ALL, & I HOPE YOU'LL FORGIVE ME IF I'VE GOTTEN TOO ANGRY OR SOUND TOO HARSH, because I've been guilty of the same as well. But at this moment, I'm the only one here to write & tell you about it, & the Lord really laid it on my heart, so please understand that I do love you & really need you, but I love the Lord's Words more & want to do all I can to see that the flow continues. (--And she does, & that's why she's still here & they are not! GBH!)
       Love, Maria (--Your most faithful Shepherdess! Hear ye her & follow!--D.)

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