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INDIA'S NEW RESTRICTIONS!       DO 1801       7/84
--Bangladesh, Pakistan/Afghanistan & Fanatical Muslims!

       1. INDIA JUST NOW PASSED A NEW LAW THAT NOW SOME COMMONWEALTHERS HAVE TO HAVE VISAS FOR THE FIRST TIME! You know, it may not look like it, but we have been saturating India with our message for years & years & years!--Including radio & missionaries & now more missionaries, & now more people have [EDITED: "gone there"], & they're going house-to-house with tapes & everything else! I mean, we are really saturating India!--And I'm sure that's what the Devil's after, he knows we're really making progress in India.
       2. THE DEVIL'S FORMAT IS ALMOST INVARIABLE, HE ALWAYS USES THE SAME TRICKS. The excuse for this new tightening of Indian visas, do you know what it's for?--The Sikhs! Because they said most of the radicals & the most vociferous & cantankerous & rebellious & violent radicals, the worst, are coming from Britain & Canada, which have large Sikh populations. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Like"] when Israel went to war, the Jews just flocked back there from all over the World, they had'm standing in line, hundreds volunteering in New York City to go help Israel fight! [DELETED]
       3. [DELETED] And the Devil, under this guise & excuse of being after the Sikhs, knows he's going to round up a lot of us or get a lot of us expelled or cause us to have to leave too.--Just like happened in Asia, just like it happened in other cases, other ways. I mean, it's Biblical, from Daniel to Jesus & lots of others, they supposedly attacked the rebels or the malcontents or the zealots or those who refused to conform or something, hoping they would catch in the same net the ones they were really after! They use an excuse that the government will accept & believe & act on, that they're after So-&-so, when really they're after God's children or God's man, knowing they'll pick'm all up in the same net & get rid of them all!
       4. SO THERE'S NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN & THE DEVIL NEVER REALLY DOES ANYTHING ACTUALLY NEW, IT'S ALL DOWN THROUGH HISTORY, JUST WATCH HIS OPERATION. And for that matter, the Lord's operation is pretty much the same on the same patterns too--not on the Devil's--but I've given you patterns like pioneering, popularity, publicity, persecution & things like that, & it follows the same pattern. In fact, the Devil often copies the Lord's patterns because he knows they work. But the Lord uses it.
       5. WE HAVE SATURATED INDIA FOR YEARS, BY RADIO, BY AIRWAVES, BY WAVES OF MISSIONARIES & NOW BY WAVES OF VISITORS GOING OUT & VISITING THE CLUBS & WINNING DISCIPLES & EVERYTHING ELSE, & I'M SURE THE DEVIL IS HOPPIN' MAD! We're winning top-notch, quality disciples in India almost more than anywhere else!--Educated, intelligent, wonderful-looking people, strong, with plenty of drive & ability to really be leaders!--And those folks in India had better get those Indians ready to take over & do it quick, or it's going to be too late! It's now almost already too late for the peoples of some nationalities!
       6. SO I THINK OUR DAYS IN INDIA ARE NUMBERED, AT LEAST FOR FOREIGNERS OF THOSE PARTICULAR NATIONALITIES, WHEN THEIR VISAS EXPIRE. In fact, it says in the article that according to the new law they have to go immediately to the nearest police station & register! So unless they've got a very good reason for staying there, they may be expelled whether their visas are expired or not! So the days for some of us in India are numbered--particularly for foreigners of those nationalities. (See WND 46.)
       7. HERE'S THE ARTICLE, IT SAYS U.K. & CANADIAN CITIZENS MUST HAVE VISAS TO ENTER INDIA STARTING JUNE 15th, so it already began last month. British & Canadian passport holders already in India will have to get themselves registered immediately & apply for a grant of permit to stay at all. In other words, even if they've still got a visa, they have to apply immediately to the local police for permission to stay.
       8. OF COURSE THE INDIAN EXCUSE IS THEY'RE TRYING TO GET RID OF ALL THESE SIKH MILITANTS & THE TROUBLEMAKERS FROM BRITAIN & CANADA. I think they said in here somewhere that Britain has a population of about a million Sikhs. It says, "This new law is to monitor the movement of Sikh extremists." And once they've got our folks registered, they can monitor them too! I don't think they like Christian missionaries much better than Sikh extremists, from all we've heard in the past. In fact, you're [EDITED: "not supposed"] to come into India solely as a missionary! [DELETED] And we've been getting by with it, they've been letting us in.
       9. IT SAYS, "EVEN THE INDIANS HAVE WELCOMED THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA'S DECISION TO IMPOSE VISA RESTRICTIONS AS A MATTER OF NATIONAL DIGNITY. The majority of Sikhs live in Britain. Only 10% of half-a-million Sikh community are Indian citizens." Now that wasn't clear. I took it as meaning half-a-million Sikhs in Britain, because I think there are several million in India. Well, they say of those, only 10% of the British Sikhs are Indians. So they're figuring on getting rid of 90% out of India that are possibly causing trouble. The trouble is, the same dragnet could net some of us too!
       10. IT SAYS, "THIS MOVE WILL NOT HAVE ANY PARTICULAR EFFECT ON GENUINE TOURIST TRAFFIC." Well, when our folks of those nationalities start registering, we'll see! I'm sure the Lord is able to help them stay as long as possible, but they're going to be stricter now & tighter. But at least the Canadians, apparently, can flee to Bangladesh. "This will enable the Indian authorities to weed out undesirable elements among foreign tourists." They're not only after Sikhs, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they've got a few other people in mind, including missionaries!
       11. [DELETED] THE CHRISTIAN & MISSIONARY ALLIANCE USED [EDITED: "SEND IN MISSIONARIES AS TOURISTS"].--Because India was closed to missionaries that far back, when I was in my 20s, 40 years ago. I mean, you had to go through all kinds of red tape & it took years! The girl who was the pastor of the little handful that I took over at Valley Farms, you remember me talking about her?--Two little girls actually, but the one was a graduate of NYAC, had done post-graduate work, had degrees, had this, had that, had every kind of qualification. And do you know what she had to do to get into India? They said, "We're not interested in missionaries, we don't grant missionaries visas."--Just like Israel!--Except to existing, already-in missionary organisations, & they were trying to get them to turn all their work over to the Indians, for which you can't much blame'm. It was probably the Lord trying to make the church indigenous so it would survive. She finally had to take nurse's training in order to get in! They said, "Well, we're looking for doctors, teachers, nurses, technicians & things like that." So India has been closed to missionaries, particularly to new missionaries, for 40 years! As a nationwide government policy of a new India, this has been their policy for about 40-some years! It was when I was a young fellow in the Alliance.
       12. (CONTINUES READING:) "IT IS ALWAYS A DEBATABLE ISSUE IF THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES LIKE INDIA SHOULD AT ALL ENCOURAGE FOREIGN TOURISTS." They're even saying it's a debatable issue whether they should even encourage tourists! "As foreign exchange earnings are minimal, the damage to the country's image is maximum." I don't doubt for a minute that that is a part of the trickery to catch us in the same net, & cheaper by the dozen! "Observers feel that India should organise pre-paid package tours under state control as in Communist countries." They're leaning more & more toward Russia all the time! And of course Russia's turned out to be their only friend.
       13. THE U.S. IS DOING EVERYTHING THEY CAN AGAINST THEM, SUPPORTING PAKISTAN & ARMING PAKISTAN FULL BLAST EVER SINCE THE INDIAN-PAKISTANI WAR! The U.S. backs Pakistan against India & Afghanistan both! Pakistan is the staging area, arming area, recruiting area & infiltration area for both India, & particularly now Afghanistan. All those rebels & whatnot operate out of huge camps of tens of thousands of Afghanis located just across the border in Pakistan! That's where all the foreign reporters & American reporters operate from, they go from Pakistan into the rebel side & that's about all you ever hear. All other news is told by Russia & you have to have permission from Russia--or you might say Russian-Afghani authorities, the legal authorities of Afghanistan--to get into Kabul & any places where the Russians are in control. So nearly all these other reports & nearly all the news you read is not coming from Kabul, which the Russians control, but it's coming from Pakistan & from the rebel areas of Afghanistan which Pakistan & the U.S. predominantly control & are arming & infiltrating & causing trouble, & undoubtedly the CIA is rampant, operating the whole thing.
       14. THOSE REBELS NEVER HAD TANKS & BIG GUNS & THINGS LIKE THAT BEFORE, IT'S RIDICULOUS! They were little old antique people living up in the mountains still using muskets & ancient rifles 50 or 100 years old from former British occupation! Now you see them rolling around in huge big tanks with big guns & they've got rockets! Where are those little Afghani tribesmen & hill people getting all those modern, technical armaments? They didn't make'm up in the hills! They do make pistols, rifles & bullets, they've learned how to make those & have made'm for years. Ever since the British were there they learned how to make their own rifles, but they're antiques modelled after British Enfields & stuff like that which was used in World War 1!
       15. SO WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THESE BIG TANKS & BIG GUNS & ROCKETS & BIG SHELLS & BOMBS & ALL THAT STUFF?--They're getting them from the Americans & anybody else that will sell'm to'm! And how are they getting'm?--From Pakistan! In fact, I don't doubt for a minute that a lot of these arms that the U.S. is pouring into Pakistan are going to the Afghani rebels to fight the Russians!
       16. THE U.S. IS BEING SO HYPOCRITICALLY SELF-RIGHTEOUS ABOUT "THE RUSSIANS SHOULDN'T BE IN AFGHANISTAN!" when my God, there are thousands & thousands, tens of thousands of Afghani stooges of the U.S./CIA in Pakistan who are fighting with American arms & guns & tanks & bombs & bullets in Afghanistan! So what's the difference? Well, the Americans self-righteously & hypocritically say, "We didn't invade Afghanistan, the Russians did! We're just there to help the Afghanis drive'm out, that's all!" And if the Americans succeed in helping their Afghani stooges, the rebels, to drive out the Russians, who do you suppose would then occupy Afghanistan?
       17. THE RUSSIANS SAY THAT THEY DON'T REALLY OFFICIALLY OCCUPY AFGHANISTAN, THEY ARE THERE AT THE OFFICIAL INVITATION OF THE AFGHANI GOVERNMENT, WHICH THEY ARE! The Afghanistan government invited them to come in & rescue them from these rebels, who were already being supported by the U.S.A. & Pakistan, because the Government was really getting seriously threatened! So Russia had to step in to give them backing against these forces being supported by the U.S. & the CIA in Pakistan. They came in at the invitation of the Afghani government to protect the country. But this is a ploy that even the U.S. uses & claims they have the right to do the same thing: Any country that invites them in to protect them, they have a right to go in & protect them, & they've done it a lot of times in a lot of places, almost without number! Cuba does the same thing, Russia does the same thing, they all do it!
       18. SO IT'S SO HYPOCRITICAL FOR THE U.S. TO CRY THESE BIG CROCODILE TEARS OVER AFGHANISTAN, WHEN THEY'RE THE ONES THAT ARE MAKING THE WAR POSSIBLE TO GO ON!--And actually, they're to blame for the killing of tens of thousands of Afghanis! Because the Afghanis would have been conquered, the rebellion quelled & put down years ago when the Russians first came in if the U.S. hadn't supported them & made it possible for them to fight a full-scale war! So who's to blame?--Take your choice! It all depends on whose side you're on, whether you're for righteousness, truth & honesty, or the self-righteous hypocrisy of the U.S.A.! Anyhow, that's another story!
       19. INDIA THINKS THEY OUGHT TO START GUIDED TOURS JUST LIKE RUSSIA DOES & OTHER COMMUNIST COUNTRIES. "In fact, harsh critics of the Indian government & Indian ways are often the coloured British & Canadians of Indian origin," dark skinned.--And to whom Britain has opened her arms wholesale for many years & now is clamping down on'm, they're beginning to be sorry. Remember that revelation I got on the street in London when that angel spouted off all about Britain [EDITED: "and her immigration problems"]? (See No.536:1-7.) I mean, if I ever saw an angel, that was one!--Because there was no other reason in this World that he should have come & stood beside me & rattled off all that stuff & told me that I should warn the people. Then he just took off! He was dressed in ordinary clothes just like any other Briton walking down the street!
       20. SO I CAN SEE WHERE AT LEAST THE DAYS OF SOME OF OUR MISSIONARIES IN INDIA ARE DEFINITELY NUMBERED & MAY END WITH THEIR FIRST VISIT TO THE POLICE STATION TO REGISTER, or at the most, possibly the end of their present visas if they're lenient. And it will be very difficult, of course, for them to get visas into India now. They are really going to clamp down, & of this group that they have clamped down on in India, it seems the Canadians are the only ones affected by Bangladesh's hospitality. So the Canadians better get ready to [EDITED: "move"] to Bangladesh or some other country, & having worked in India, it looks to me like Bangladesh would be the most logical & it's the closest.--And with an open-arms, open-door policy like that, who could refuse? That's an offer they could hardly refuse! (Maria: All our couples are mixed, so if one's Canadian...) Well, in that case they might have a little more leniency on the mate. Especially in the East they go mostly by the nationality of the man, so if the wife happens to be something else, she might still be able to get in.
       21. [DELETED] I think we ought to [DELETED]tell the World what [EDITED: "various countries are"] doing to the Christians! I'm blasting Nimeiri of Sudan who's persecuting Christians wholesale now, cutting off hands & feet & tongues & all kinds of stuff, horrible! (See WND 42, pg.26.) He's gone haywire, hogwild over the fundamentalist Muslim movement! He's gone completely from a U.S.-backed Conservative to a fanatical Muslim, & the U.S. is now backing off. He's no doubt doing it to get stronger backing from the Muslims. You see, his country's divided in half between Muslims & Christians, the White Muslims in the North, or brown, & the Black Christians in the South, the Arab desert people of the North & the Black Christian jungle inhabitants of the South. So there's been a civil war going on between them for many years. For awhile he became very moderate & temperate, probably with U.S. influence & conditions of armaments blah blah! But maybe he's got enough guns now & he doesn't need so many & he's ready to stamp out the Black Christians of the South! So he's enforcing strict Muslim law nationwide, including on the Christians. I think he's gotten demon-possessed, I think he's become a fanatic!
       22. SO I THINK WE OUGHT TO EXPOSE SOME OF THESE PEOPLE! Do you want me to tell the truth or not? How much truth am I going to tell?--Just tell the truth about the anti-Christs & soft-pedal it about everybody else? Well, there are a few exceptional cases where I'm being especially careful because our Family is there & are being well-treated & I don't want to offend that government by anything that I might say & I could say, but it's not serious. As long as they're good to us, I'll leave them alone. But when they start persecuting & causing us trouble & ousting us, as well as getting more fanatical & more anti-Christ [DELETED], I'm gonna start blasting'm!--Especially where they kick us out, then we've got nothing to lose!
       23. OH, IT WAS IN THAT FILM ABOUT NOSTRADAMUS, THAT THIS MAN WAS GOING TO HEAD THE MUSLIM MOVEMENT TO MAKE A WORLD GOVERNMENT! I mean, that fits exactly what the Lord showed me about Khomeini.--Not Khomeini himself personally, I think he's too old to become the False Prophet himself. I call him the False Prophet & he is a false prophet, but as I was thinking about it, the Lord's using him as an example. I was wondering how they could work together, the fanatical Muslims & their present false prophet leader along with Communism when they're supposedly bitter enemies, & the Lord said: "The False Prophet!" (See No.1756.)
       24. NOW THAT DIDN'T NECESSARILY MEAN THAT KHOMEINI HIMSELF IS GOING TO BE THE EXISTENT, LIVING FALSE PROPHET AT THE TIME OF THE ANTICHRIST, BUT IT MEANS THAT HE SYMBOLISES THE FALSE PROPHET & it shows he's operating like the False Prophet will operate. He heads the biggest, most fanatical religious movement in the World today, the most volatile, the most violent, whose religion is to spread their faith by the sword & has been for centuries, by violence! Violence is their religion--according to the way they interpret the Koran & practise it today--not necessarily the way that dear Mohammed believed. He was far more moderate & temperate & tolerant than [DELETED] the fundamentalist fanatics of the False Prophet! Therefore you can see it all begin to fall in place, the pieces all begin to fit.
       25. (MARIA: THEY'RE REALLY WORRIED ABOUT EUROPE BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY MUSLIMS THERE.) Did you know the major cities of the U.S.A. all have huge multi-million-dollar mosques? They, like the Jews, are everywhere! What if they get together? You see, even Mohammed exhorted that the Muslims should tolerate Jews & Christians, "the people of the Book" they call them, & should work together with them for peace. Well, what a nice Koran reference they could use for working [EDITED: "together"]! [DELETED]
       26. THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES HAS BEEN NOTORIOUSLY COMMUNIST & PRO-COMMUNIST FOR YEARS & YEARS, EVER SINCE I WAS A KID, & THEY REPRESENT THE MAJOR DENOMINATIONS OF THE U.S.A. And despite agitation & the pulling out of some of the major denominations such as the Lutherans, etc., they go right on! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]heir president [EDITED: "is"] the same one that was president when we got started, when Faithy was in Europe. He's been head of it for a long time & he's virtually a Communist. And they're always excusing Russia & extolling Communism & they even have voted money for arms for rebel movements & Black nationalists in Africa, etc., the National Council of so-called Christian Churches. So there's another anti-Christ organisation that will happily & gladly cooperate with the Antichrist & all the anti-Christs [EDITED: "of each religion"]. [DELETED]
       27. THE JEWS HAVE BEEN NOTORIOUS! THEY HAD THE FIRST TERRORIST GANGS THAT PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF IN HISTORY AS FAR AS I KNOW, although I suppose there have been others. There were cruel people ever since the World began! Cain was a terrorist, he killed his brother! [EDITED: "See also Gen.34."] But the Jews had the Stern Gang, which was just about the worst! They would kill anybody that they didn't like & shoot them in the back without warning or blow them up, they didn't care how many innocent civilians they killed or anything! That was the Jews & they're still doing it!--Only their kind of Government killing is now legitimate! It's legal! They can now organise whole armies & Air Forces & everything else to carry on their terrorist work against the poor!
       28. WHEN THEY WERE FIRST TRYING TO CAPTURE PALESTINE, THEY HAD THE STERN GANG & THE IRGUN. I think even the Jews themselves recognised the Irgun & made it legal because they made it operate within certain laws & limitations, but the Stern Gang, I think, I'm going by memory, was even outlawed by the Jews, they were so crazy & rapacious & cruel & indiscriminate! The reason they outlawed them is because when the news got out of what they were doing, it hurt the Jewish cause more than it helped it! So I think they legalised the Irgun & instructed the Irgun to be sure they didn't do anything that was going to turn World opinion against them, at least not let it be known, whatever they did!--"Don't publicise it if it is going to be something the World won't like, but go ahead & do it!"
       29. THE PRESENT PREMIER OF ISRAEL, SHAMIR, IS A FORMER [EDITED: "STERN GANG"] & MENACHEM BEGIN IS A FORMER [EDITED: "IRGUN LEADER"]!--BOTH TERRORISTS! He didn't care what the Jews told him, he went ahead & blew them up & shot people anyway. He didn't give a damn!--Even when his own people didn't like it. They wiped out a whole village of Arabs once & the news almost never got out until somebody in the piles of bodies managed to get out & came out with the news, & of course the Jews said it was a lie & it never happened! But most of the people who knew anything about what happened, know it happened! They mowed them all down, men, women & children, so that nobody would get away & tell the story, in retaliation for some little thing! [EDITED: "HomeARC note (10/98): Deir Yasin,. On April 9, 1948, during the Israeli War of Independence (first Arab-Israeli war), Irgun and Stern Gang units attacked Deir Yasin (a small Palestinian Arab village near Jerusalem), killing all 254 of its inhabitants, most of them noncombatant men, women, and children"]--Just like they do now! In retaliation for a few little terrorist acts against the Jews in Israel they invaded a whole country & carry on a whole war in Lebanon, in which I dare say if anybody would come out with the actual stats, they've lost more men, more wounded & more casualties than they ever lost from the Arabs in all the years of Arab terrorism in Israel from the beginning! What do you want to bet?
       30. SO IT'S RIDICULOUS TO SAY THAT THEIR REASON FOR GOING INTO LEBANON WAS TO STOP ARAB TERRORISM IN ISRAEL! That is an excuse! That is like "the war to free the slaves" or "the war to make the World free for democracy" or "the war to end all wars," all these high-sounding excuses! Those aren't the reasons. They went into Lebanon because they wanted Lebanon, & the only reason they stopped gobbling up Lebanon is because the United States actually stopped them, finally, when they got to Beirut & had the capital. The U.S. virtually forced them out. That's the only reason they stopped, otherwise they'd have all of Lebanon now! But they refused to back up any further than the Awali River & that's far North of the Litani. They now have Lebanon in their vice iron grip as far North as Tyre & Sidon! They've got about a third of Lebanon & they're going to keep it too, what do you want to bet?--Unless the Labour Party gets in & therefore gives equality for the Arabs & even gives the Arabs their own state, if necessary, & get out of Lebanon, etc.
       31. THE LABOUR PARTY IS MUCH MORE MODERATE & MUCH MORE HUMAN, & I doubt if you'll find many of those old Irgun or Stern Gang members amongst top Labour men! Even the star hero of the Six-Day War, Moshe Dayan, thought the Arabs ought to have their own State, & that's one reason they kicked him out of politics! Even some others of the top men of Israeli politics thought the Arabs ought to have their State & their own autonomy, etc., & that's why you don't hear about them any more, because the Irgun members & the Stern Gang members took over Israel!--The terrorists! The same way they took over Israel from the Arabs, they took it over from the moderate Jews & they now run it! Think of it!
       34. AS FAR AS THE {\ul \i WND} IS CONCERNED, I AM MAKING HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES! I'm getting across the points now while I still can. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he people will be informed & our friends will be informed, & the people will know what the score is!--Especially our people, as well as their friends, the people they inform. The WND is DO but they can share the information with others whom they know are friends. [DELETED]
       35. LORD HAVE THY WAY, IN JESUS' NAME, THY WILL BE DONE, YOU KNOW WHAT'S BEST! Thank You for these wonderful ideas You give us, even giving tiny little Techi new ideas on what to do in her dream! She woke up this morning & told us You had showed her how to organise her things & how to tidy up her table in a dream, so she went to work on it right away, & it was good! She saw that it was good & we saw that it was good, Lord, & thank You for it! We've been trying to get her to do that for some time, but it looked like such a monumental task. She's accumulated so many things, I guess she just felt like it was a hopeless case & she was discouraged by the sight of the big job. But just like You give me dreams & revelations & in a flash You show me how to do it & make it simple & easy, You showed her in a dream last night, Lord, & she was inspired to go right to work on it & did it & now it's all tidied up!
       36. SO WE THANK YOU, LORD, FOR HOW YOU SHOW US THINGS IN OUR SLEEP & WHEN WE'RE ALMOST ASLEEP, OR AT LEAST IN PRAYER, & THANK YOU FOR THIS REVELATION. We believe it's a vast improvement & is going to be a help in many ways on both labour, postage, security, speed, printing & all the rest. So we ask You to give the Sprint Team wisdom & great care & security, strength & skill as well, Lord, in this job. Bless'm & keep'm & strengthen'm, lead'm & guide'm & protect'm & provide every need & help us work out this whole new method & process of mailing, mostly to secure our pubs, in Jesus' name, amen!--Amen? GBAKY & help us to carry on till Jesus comes!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Love, D.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family