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COMMENTS ON BBC & THE NEWS!       DO 1803       28/12/83

       1. YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON GOOD OLD BBC TO GET A GOOD SAMPLE OF WORLDWIDE NEWS. The Americans don't know anything about World News. They don't give a damn about World news!--All they care about is American news & what World news happens to affect them, otherwise they don't give a damn! They have the worst newscasts of anything I ever heard! After being in Europe for a year, we went back to the States & we had forgotten how rotten & how lousy & how brief their newscasts were! Most of the radio stations there only have five minutes of news an hour, if that! They don't even have it every hour any more. How much news can you get in five minutes? Well, they've got a few all-news stations, I don't know whether they worked or not, but they kept repeating.
       2. BUT BBC--SOMETIMES EVERY HOUR DAILY, OTHER TIMES EVERY OTHER HOUR, ON THE HOUR--YOU CAN DEPEND ON A GOOD 15 MINUTES OF SOLID NEWS, THEN AFTER IT, A 15-MINUTE COMMENTARY ON THE NEWS!--A full half-hour of thorough World news coverage!--Not just about all the stinking little shit that's going on in Britain & all their damn strikes & lousy economy & Thatcherism & all that junk, but World news! BBC gives just about the best World-coverage of any news in the World, their World Service, & they only give news about Britain when there's something important that happens in Britain. Otherwise it's all World News!
       4. [EDITED: "MOST JEWS"] SPEAK SEVERAL LANGUAGES, THEY REALLY KNOW'M! They learn languages because they're so smart. [DELETED] They live everywhere, they speak every language, they know everything. ...
       6. MANY OF THE GREENS, BROWNS, SMITHS & JONESES IN THE U.S. ARE [DELETED] JEWS! That's where they got so many of them!--Green, Brown, Smith & Jones! [EDITED: "Those who came to the U.S. to escape persecution"] picked the commonest names they could think of, went to court & had the judges change their names so it would hide their Jewish identity. They were afraid they were going to have a Hitler in the U.S. sometime & they didn't want to have that happen again. They wanted to cover it up real quick so they would never be identified as a Jew again if they could help it!
       7. THAT WAS UNTIL ISRAEL BEGAN TO MAKE PROGRESS & IT LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE REALLY GOING TO MAKE IT & WERE HERE TO STAY, then all of a sudden the Jews began to be proud to be Jews, proud to be akin & related to Israel! Now they're coming out [DELETED] & admitting to their kids that they're Jewish & that their name used to be Feldstein or [EDITED: "whatever"] [DELETED] before they changed it to Smith, Jones & Green--or Brown, that was another one.
       8. I USED TO HAVE A NICE BIG THICK BOOK-- [DELETED] IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE JEWS--ALL ABOUT JEWS!--All about the most famous Jews, contemporary Jews of that day. Of course that's been 40 or 50 years ago, they're probably all dead now, but it was all about the famous Jews in the various countries, the people who they were [EDITED: "saying were"] Jewish, who otherwise you might not have known were even Jewish, telling you what their name used to be before they changed to the anglicised names to get out of the stigma of being Jewish! But now they're getting brave & proud to be Jewish & coming out & confessing they're Jewish, because after all, [DELETED] it's something to be proud of to be Jewish! So praise God, I am too, thank the Lord!--And many of you!
       9. I'M A JESUS JEW [DELETED] [EDITED: "ONE OF"] THE LORD'S JEWS! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he Lord said so, even said so in the Bible: "He is not a Jew which is one OUTWARDLY, but he is a Jew who is one INWARDLY," a real son of God at heart, "a child of Abraham by faith!" (Rom.2:28; Gal.3:7) [DELETED] He looks on us as the SPIRITUAL children, the children of Abraham by faith, GOD'S children. Just being a Jew by blood, that doesn't mean a [DELETED] thing! [DELETED]

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family