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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

IT'S GOING TO TAKE TIME!--A YEAR or So?       DO 1805       6/84
--You Can't Squeeze Blood Out of a Turnip!

       1. I'M ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE! You ought to know that by this time. The Lord has told us enough about the Future.--For God's sake, He must have told us for some reason!--We ought to start planning for it! And the time to plan for it is not when it has arrived. The time to plan for it is now! PTL? Are you getting the point?
       2. WE HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE! What kind of paper for our pubs is going to be the easiest to get & probably the most available?--I mean if the U.S.A. is probably going to be the first to go crash! That market is done for with a Crash or a War, one way or the other! They're not going to be worrying too much about making 11 x 17-inch sheets of paper, if there is any sale left at all or any use left for it at all! I expect there to be some, I don't expect the whole World to collapse overnight. It never has yet & I don't think it is going to do it now, because I believe God is going to give us a little more time. As usual, it is like slow-motion dominoes, even during the last Depression.
       3. THE DEPRESSION HIT MIAMI, FLORIDA IN 1927, TWO YEARS BEFORE 1929'S BLACK MONDAY! The bottom had dropped out of the property speculation boom in Miami two years before, & it should have been a sign to people then of what was happening! And it began happening there first, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a test-tube to see what the anti-Christs could do. Because what the big [EDITED: "AC"] money boys decided to do on a small-scale to Miami was only tiny compared to Latin America, but the same kind of deal. That is nothing new to them!
       4. THEY OFTEN GENEROUSLY LOAN OUT THE MONEY & ALMOST SEEM TO GIVE IT AWAY & force it on you! "Oh, that's all right! We won't ask for it back soon, blah, blah!"--And then when you can't pay, they collect! Maybe they loaned you $10,000 & you bought a $100,000 piece of property, & all you asked for was a down payment or something or to borrow, then they foreclose & rake it all in & they get 10 times as much as what they loaned! That's what they did in Miami!
       5. [EDITED: "THEY"] BOUGHT UP MIAMI THROUGH THEIR LOAN POLICY in the big property boom they had there, just like the big money-lending boom they had in Latin America & a few other Third World countries! They generously loaned out the money knowing exactly what was going to happen & what they were going to do, when the bottom finally dropped out of the Market & they couldn't any longer buy a lot for $1,000 one night & sell it for $10,000 the next day. Then the lot they paid $1,000 for, they couldn't sell it for $100 the next day, or whatever it was! So along [EDITED: "they"] came [DELETED] & said, "Where's my money? No pay? No tickie! No laundie!--I take back the laundie!" And they got the whole thing! Miami! Miami Beach, lock, stock & barrel, the works! A good test-tube operation down there to see if they could pull it on Miami, & then they finally got to where they could do it on the whole country in 1929!--Then the World!
       6. DON'T TELL ME THE GREAT DEPRESSION WASN'T ENGINEERED!--YOU KNOW IT WAS ENGINEERED! Those things don't just happen by accident & there aren't just some laws of economics that these false prophets are trying to teach in college that control all these things, blah, blah, blah! Yes, they're laws of economics, & the [EDITED: "ACs"] make them! But they're the only ones who know how they operate, except we're getting a little insight into it & we've tried to give you a little revelation along that score. But it didn't happen overnight! You've got to know this because it's on the subject, believe it or not.
       7. CRASHES DON'T NORMALLY HAPPEN OVERNIGHT, NEITHER CRASHES NOR EVEN WARS! They build up to the breaking point.--And after a few test-tubes, & that probably wasn't the only test-tube they experimented with around the country or around the World! They put the whole country into a tailspin & the Stock Market crashed! That "Black Monday" was just another symptom, that didn't cause the Crash. The Stock Market was a symptom of the Crash. The loss of confidence & the bottom falling out of the Market, prices, wages, everything, until you could go out & buy almost anything for a song because nobody had anything to buy it with! Do you understand?
       8. WELL, SHORTLY THEREAFTER THE WHOLE WORLD WENT INTO THAT GREAT DEPRESSION SPIRAL & IT BECAME A WORLDWIDE DEPRESSION! I explained this to you before: When the bottom drops out of the Stock Market, that means the price of shares & that means the price of corporations, right? And when the bottom drops out of the prices of mercantile warehouse inventories & all the rest, a lot of people go down the drain, a lot of companies go broke!
       9. BUT IN MIAMI THE PROPERTY WAS STILL THERE & the warehouse of stock was still there. On the Stock Market the stock was still there!--And there were companies still in operation. What happened to it all? Who got it, in other words? It wasn't totally worthless! You know who got it!--They had the billions to just buy it up wholesale & buy it all up & they bought it up & they bought up Florida & they bought up the U.S.A. & they probably bought up Europe & they virtually bought up the World until now they own it!
       10. THEY STARTED ON THE RICHEST COUNTRIES FIRST & the big Depression got them. Now they're trying to bring on the next depression so they'll get the rest of the World, the Third World--Latin America & the poor countries of the rest of the World! After all, they went for the big money first! Why rob the poor first when you can first rob the rich, right? So they robbed America & Europe first & they'll soon have it all!
       11. THAT'S WHY THEY'RE RUNNING THE WORLD TODAY! Now being totally merciless & unscrupulous & anti-Christ & ready to take over the World for the Antichrist, they want to make slaves out of the rest of the World! They have virtually already made slaves out of the North. The so-called Western World is in their grip because they now own it & run it! So those so-called free Americans are their slaves! Those so-called free Europeans are their slaves! The so-called free World are not free at all! They are the slaves of the God-damned anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"] who are preparing to enslave the whole World for the God-damned Antichrist himself! [DELETED]
       13. NAME ME AN INDUSTRY, NAME ME A BUSINESS THAT THE [EDITED: "ACS"] DON'T RUN! They run every single industry that you can possibly think of! They run virtually every type of business you can think of. Because of that they are now the only ones that are promoted in the arts! Read the [EDITED: "AC"] press & see! [DELETED] They've got it! They're not going to get control of the World!--They've already got it! They already own it & they're running it right now!
       14. WELL, ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: ROME WASN'T BUILT IN A DAY, NEITHER WAS THE WORLD WON IN A DAY. From the time nearly 150 years ago that they got it together & decided on how they were going to do it, it's taken them about 150 years to get it. From the time [EDITED: "they"] got the Protocols together & organised, they decided how they were going to take over the World. That was in the late 1800s actually, not even 150 years ago, but I'm sure they were getting together before that. I mean, they were getting it together a thousand years before that & two thousand years before that & before that & before that! They've always been getting it together, & most of what they get together is money, money, money! This makes the World go 'round to their tune! Savvy?
       15. YOU'VE GOT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS! You've got to know the ins & the outs & the whys & the wherefores of what we are going to have to do, what we have to do now, even if it only concerns a sheet of paper! We're not going to let those God-damned [EDITED: "ACs"] outsmart us! We're going to be a jump ahead of them by the help of God, because we know what they're up to & what their program is & what they're planning to do, & we want to keep ahead of it & prepared for it & able to compensate for it, God helping us! Do you understand?
       16. WELL, THEY FINALLY BEGAN TO REALLY GET THEIR WORLD ORGANISATION TOGETHER ABOUT 100 YEARS AGO! It may have been before that but the Protocols [DELETED] was not finally formulated till then & didn't really get out--in fact it didn't even leak out till nearly 50 years after that, through the Russians! [DELETED]
       17. BUT IT TAKES TIME.--Now the bigger the snowball gets the faster it rolls! So as you can see right now, it's really going fast. And whether they think they are going to be able to make it through engineering the next Crash or if they're going to have to go as far as to engineer another War, it doesn't matter to them. They are totally conscienceless, totally unprincipled, totally anti-God, anti-Christ pro-Devil fiends, demon-possessed & Satan-empowered, & it doesn't matter to them whom they hurt or what they hurt or how many millions are killed! They wouldn't care if they killed half the World's population, two billion, as long as they could then control the other half that is left & have it all together!
       18. BUT IT TAKES TIME. Do you understand? It doesn't happen overnight. They didn't learn to get ahold of the World & control it & run it & rule it & own it until recently. It took a long time. I can remember when the United States & even Miami, Florida was still nearly all Gentiles! Think of that! I'm pretty ancient, huh? But actually that's a very short time, about 50 years. [DELETED]
       20. ANYHOW, THEY'VE GOT IT NOW, BUT IT TAKES TIME. And I have a feeling that they are about to engineer the Crash, if nothing else. Of course, as I say, if the Crash can't do it, they won't be hesitant to engineer a War!--Or maybe a Crash to bring on a War! They think they can control it all because they worship their supreme lord, the Devil, Satan!
       21. BUT IT IS AMAZING HOW DUMB EVEN THE DEVIL CAN BE & FORGET THAT GOD IS SUPREME & CAN LICK HIM ANY TIME HE WANTS TO, that God is still the One Who owns it & will run it & is just letting man have his day, including the [EDITED: "ACs"] for right now, just to teach them a lesson! Let man run it, let man think he owns it & see what a mess he makes of the whole thing, even with the smartest, demon-inspired, Devil-possessed Superman the World has ever had as a leader, with probably the best-organised, most powerful government the World has ever had, in fact the very first absolutely worldwide government!--And it couldn't be until now really, because there wasn't the transportation, communication, banking & everything else that they needed to help engineer it. But now they have got the tools to finish the job!
       22. BUT I STILL BELIEVE IT IS GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE MORE TIME. That's why I said all that to say this, ha! Apparently it is going to take at least over a year or a couple more years, maybe a year-&-a-half. It's only a year-&-a-half till 1986 when the Comet appears to the naked eye in March! It will be visible to even field glasses, they say, in December of '85. But it will be visible to the naked eye in March of '86. That's the beginning of '86 & the end of '85, & that's only a year-&-a-half away!
       23. IF THAT COMET IS A SIGNAL OF ANYTHING, SURELY IT IS GOING TO BE TIMED TO HERALD OR SYNCHRONISE WITH THE APPEARANCE OF THE ANTICHRIST! Or maybe the Lord is going to be merciful & put that up there as a warning that he is coming soon, maybe later that year, but I am sure that it is going to announce something--whether it is the Antichrist, the Crash, or the War or what!--Something significant, something catastrophic, disastrous or tremendous is going to happen that year because of the coming of the Comet! I believe it! I'll be surprised if it doesn't!
       24. I'M NOT GOING TO EAT MY HAT, OR BET MY BOTTOM DOLLAR, because if I had done that on Kohoutek, ahem! But the Lord showed me why it didn't do anything although all the scientists were saying it would! Kohoutek was something new, but the one thing about this is this Comet has been here before & it has come back regularly for the last couple of thousand years without fail!--And it would certainly take a miracle of God to stop it this time! It has always been quite visible & quite a tremendous sight, so I believe it is a signal of something, I believe it is significant. I believe it is going to portend some tremendous new development of some kind, & I'm personally inclined to believe, if not absolutely persuaded, that it is going to be the signal of the Antichrist or the beginning of his rule, even if he doesn't appear that year, because the World cannot go on much longer the way it is going!
       25. THEY HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT DEBT QUESTION WITHIN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS! In fact, they were supposed to do something about it by the end of this month, or a lot of those countries are going to default! The Latin American countries in this new organisation they created, composed of 11 nations, is trying to soft-pedal & not scare their creditors too much. "They're not planning to default & they're not planning so & so, they're not going to get together & balk," blah, blah! But they're getting together & agreeing together & telling their creditors, "But you have got to give us better terms & re-negotiation & lower your interest rates." And when you tell people that, organise & agree together & tell them that, what do you also mean? You mean... (Fam: Or we won't pay!) Yes, "Or else!"--Or else! They're not saying flat-out, "Now, we're not going to pay, we're going to default." They'd lose their bargaining leverage, wouldn't they? They're going to give them a chance to negotiate. If you've already shot the guy you've got nothing left, but if you're still holding him hostage & he is still alive, some bargaining can go on, you can maybe persuade him to knuckle down & surrender his wallet without shooting him! Right? Do you understand what I mean?
       26. IF YOU'VE ALREADY DEFAULTED & REFUSED TO PAY, THERE IS NO BARGAINING LEFT! But as long as they've got that threat it is there. Some Latin American countries have already done it, Ecuador & Bolivia said flat-out they are not going to pay that way! I think Bolivia declared a three-year moratorium. What did Ecuador do? I think maybe they said six years. That was that! But the threat is there, & mark my word, what do you bet they're going to use it if those creditors & IMF don't come across with easier terms & solve it somehow so that they can survive!
       27. THEY'RE GOING TO LOOK OUT FOR NUMBER ONE! These countries down there, the countries that are clear over their heads in debt, are not going to kill themselves & kill their governments & their economies & their politics & their system just to please the IMF & the God-damned U.S. & European banks! It's going to be, "Me first!--I'm for number one!"--And there are several of them that have already told the IMF that! "We cannot do it! We just can't do it!" God bless Alfonsin of Argentina. He flat-out told them, "We just can't do it! We can't accept such terms." And Argentina, as far as I've heard so far, still hasn't made any agreement. And if they don't make some agreement by tomorrow, U.S. law compels the banks that have billions of dollars in loans to Argentina to declare that those loans are non-performing, that the country has gone into default on its payments. It is already three or four months behind. First it was three months, & then I think the U.S. encouraged them & gave them another month, blah, blah, because the banks, ha, ha, & the System & the financiers & the Capitalist system of the North is just as scared if not more scared than they are!
       28. THOSE COUNTRIES ARE ALREADY POOR, THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE SCARED OF GOING BROKE, THEY'RE ALREADY BROKE! The ones that ought to be scared & are scared are the Northern rich industrial countries & banks who are now rich but could turn pretty poor almost overnight if all their debtors default on them!--That's a nice word for saying "refuse to pay."--You get it? And if Argentina & some of those other countries who are now already four months behind as of tomorrow, don't pay by some time tomorrow, according to U.S. laws, those U.S. banks have got to declare the loan virtually in default & non-performing & erase all the profits that they had on their nice quarterly reports before, that they were supposed to have. They're not there! And big banks in the U.S. have already begun to crumble! Brother, that could begin a series of domino crumblings that could bring on the Crash!
       29. SO WHAT I'M EXPECTING & WHAT THE WISE VOICES OF THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM ARE SAYING IS, "BOYS, WE HAVE GOT TO MAKE PEACE WITH THEM SOMEHOW OR WE GO DOWN WITH THEM!" They're just holding out to the last minute, just like you would on any kind of a bargaining deal, until you see who is going to weaken. It's like playing poker: Somebody is bluffing & you've got to kind of read his personality & his countenance. That's why poker players can't dare change their expression, it might give away what they're thinking! If they can bluff their way through & bluff the other guy into thinking they've got what they haven't got, then they may win!
       30. SO THESE GUYS ARE VYING AGAINST EACH OTHER RIGHT NOW, the Latin American debtors & the North American creditors, seeing who is going to weaken first! Well, let me tell you, somebody has got to weaken by tomorrow, or at least the main four debtor nations! And the joke is, they're already weak, what can they do? They can't pay! It's impossible! So who has got to weaken? I mean, if the North forecloses on them now, what have they got? Well, you say they'll take it over, they'll take over the industries, they'll take over their assets in the U.S.A., they'll take over, blah, blah!
       31. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH TO CAUSE A REVOLUTION IF YOU PRESS THE POOR PEOPLE HARD ENOUGH, & they could take over the Government & just say, "Ha!" & some are already saying that, "That wasn't our debt, we didn't have anything to do with it! That was those military leaders who used to be in charge here. This place is under new management. We're not responsible for their former debts!" You've seen ads like that in the paper, haven't you? And a country is, as they say, a sovereign country & no other country can tell them what to do unless they pull out the guns! So if they want to they can say, "We don't owe that money! The guys that borrowed it ran off with it, & that's it! We're not responsible."
       32. SO, IF YOU ASK ME, IT IS THE BIG BANKERS & THE LITTLE BANKERS, ESPECIALLY THE NORTH & THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM, THAT IS OVER THE BARREL! But if I know the [EDITED: "ACs"], having bluffed this far & tried to squeeze out the last drop of blood & having found there is no more blood, they've already got it, they'll decide a dead slave is no good! So they've got to ease up or the guy is going to die! What's he good for if the economy of all those Latin American Third World countries crashes & collapses, the political governments collapse & they've got no control whatsoever & there is chaos, bedlam, anarchy, then what have they got?
       33. IF YOU WERE A SMART [EDITED: "AC"] BANKER, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Having waited till the last minute hoping you could make the guy kneel down & say, "Uncle! OK, I'll accept the terms of the IMF, blah, blah!"--But he still hasn't done it, he's stubborner than you are & he has held out longer, because he has less to lose! Their System down there has virtually already crashed! They're already broke, they're already bankrupt, they're already in the state of a big mess! It is the guys up North who have got it all, they've got it all to lose! So if I figure right, they're going to make some kind of deal, & that's what the smartest ones have been advising at the Conferences, all the smart financiers & top men, they even have threatened some of the rest of them, "We've got to ease up on the terms, we've got to ease up on the interests, we've got to re-negotiate, we've got to figure something out!" So I think that's probably what they're going to do.
       34. HAVING SQUEEZED THEM TO THE LAST MINUTE & FOUND OUT THAT THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO SQUEEZE & they're not going to squeeze any further, then in order to save them & get anything out of it at all, they're going to have to back off a little. Savvy? Well, see, it's a cat-&-mouse game. But I've seen mice that could outrun cats! They have some advantages, they're smaller. They're not as big & powerful & strong, but brother, they can run! And they can run through little holes & escape routes the cat can't get through! So in this case, if these poor little mice don't get a better deal from the big cats up North, they're going to run out a lot of holes & leave the cats holding the bag! Savvy?
       35. SO I THINK IT'S PROBABLY GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE TIME. Well, I didn't mean to go into all that but I'm just trying to tell you what's happening, & a lot of it is going to have to be decided by tomorrow. You are going to get some big news pretty soon. Now some of the banks want to keep extending, just give them another month, give them another month & have this thing go on & on, you know, keep holding there, hanging by a hair of their head, keep'm in suspense & keep'm on edge & keep the whole World on edge like that! But the wise men are saying, "Let's settle it! Let's make a deal. Let's make negotiations. Let's extend the terms. They haven't got it.
       36. "YOU CAN'T GET BLOOD OUT OF A TURNIP!" So, of course, you know my old joke about that. No? You don't remember that one? Boy oh boy, some of those Books were sure written a long time ago! You know, the wise guy, the hippy climbed out of a taxi cab & the taxi cab driver told him how much his fare was, & the guy pulled out his empty pockets like this & said, "Sorry, Buddy, I ain't got it!" And he laughed kind of silly, "You know you can't get blood out of a turnip!"--An old American saying. But the cab driver got out of the cab & started rolling up his sleeves & he said, "Yeah! But you ain't no turnip!"
       37. WELL, THEY'RE DEALING WITH TURNIPS DOWN THERE THAT ARE VIRTUALLY BLOODLESS ALREADY! They're turnips for sure, & they're not going to get any more blood out of them, there is no more blood to get! They've done that already through their God-damned loans & tempting them & persuading them & almost forcing the money on them! They did it purposely, knowing the time would come when they couldn't pay, & then they would be slaves to the lender! "The borrower is slave to the lender!" (Prov.22:7) But this can take a little time.
       38. IT'S GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE TIME. It's not going to happen overnight. Some of the things will, some decisions & things, but we're going to still keep on! I expect to be able to continue to operate till the last minute, till we can no longer use the mails at all! I think we're going to be able to operate for awhile, God helping us! I believe that's God's plan, He wants us to stick around as long as we can & keep going as long as we can.--Amen?
       39. BUT WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT NOW I'M NOT JUST SAYING ABOUT ONE PIECE OF PAPER. But this one little piece of paper in my hand symbolises it just like the Lord said. If you are not going to be a good steward of this one little piece of paper, Brother, He's not going to be able to trust you with hundreds of thousands & millions of pieces, which we've already used & which we hope to still use in the future! Do you understand? So I'm trying to tell you guys to knuckle down & figure out your formats & plan your work accordingly, that it's going to fit the paper we've got, not something we hope to have!--That it's going to fit the machine we're already using, not something we may HOPE to have! Amen? GBY!--Have YOU?--It won't be long now! GBAKY rolling, in Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family