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PREDICTIONS FOR 1986!--From the Letters of the Past 15 Years!        DO DO 1807       Compiled 7/84

       1. LAST YEAR (1970) WHEN I WAS ASKING THE LORD, "WHAT SHALL BE THE DAYS OF MY YEARS?"--He tapped out three seven's, or a total of 21. If this applies to the length of our ministry or the years of the Revolution, it would begin in 1969 & end in 1990 or 1991. Jeane Dixon has predicted in her latest book that the Antichrist would arise & take control somewhere about 1985. If this would be about the first of that year, then it would give him about 7 years to the end of 1991, give or take a year here or there either way! It works out a little too close for comfort, as the possible beginning of his reign & the end of it, with the end of the Tribulation & the Coming of Christ somewhere in that time area! Hallelujah! God's Will be done! He knows the times! (146:20--12/71)
       + + + + + +

       2. IF OUR INTERPRETATION OF THESE DATES IS CORRECT, WE CERTAINLY HAVEN'T LONG TO WAIT TO FIND OUT, because if the Antichrist is going to confirm the Covenant about seven years before the End, this would place him in some kind of power, fame & visibility around the end of 1985, at the latest, & probably even before. This is the same date predicted by Jeane Dixon as having to do with his appearance!
       3. SO WE SHOULD HEAR SOMETHING OF HIM DURING HIS RISE TO POWER IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, within a very few years at the most, possibly toward the end of this decade of the 70's, the Age of Aquarius, or not long thereafter, & certainly by the early 1980's! (Or the mid '80s?)
       4. JUST PLEASE DON'T GO AROUND TELLING EVERYBODY THAT I PREDICTED THESE DATES, BECAUSE I DIDN'T!--The Lord did! And if they don't happen just like this, don't blame Him--but blame us for not having interpreted His predictions properly. But personally, I'm inclined to believe that these dates are mighty close, if not exact, & if there is any error, it is due to the frailty of our human understanding, & not to the failure of God! (156:22-23,27--3/72)
       + + + + + +

       5. NOTHING GOD DOES IS WITHOUT SIGNIFICANCE, & THE HANDS OF THIS LARGE OLD ORNATE WATCH STOOD AT A LITTLE AFTER 3. And then I wondered, "Why Lord, if that's the case--they're always talking about midnight being the final hour--if that's the case, then midnight is less than 9 hours away, or 9 years from now, which would make it about 1980 or 1981!" Then the answer came just as clear, "That is not to be your Midnight, but your Noon!--And Midnight will come 12 hours after that!"--About 1993!--Just as the Lord seemed to indicate in other prophecies! Hallelujah!--'69 to '93!--24 years!--24 hours!--12 to 12 to 12!--And it's now '72--nearly half past 3:00 am!--Glory! (186A:9,10--10/72) (And now in mid '84, 3:30 pm!--Just two hours till dark!--1986!)
       + + + + + +

       6. DR. J.A.H. WALKER OF ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA, HAS MADE MANY ASTOUNDINGLY ACCURATE ASTROLOGICAL FORECASTS, including Kennedy's assassination. He predicted some time ago that a comet would bring catastrophe to the Catholic Church with a mutinous rebellion of the Jesuits which would destroy it!
       7. DR. WALKER ALSO PREDICTED THAT THIS COMET WOULD BRING SUCH STUNNING EVENTS not only to Italy with Worldwide repercussions, but also an Armageddon ignited by the Mideastern tinderbox, centered on Israel with her back to the wall, & spread terror to the World, bringing an end to freedom in the United States.
       8. MEANWHILE, HE SAYS A MODERN ATTILA OR GENGHIS KHAN WILL ARISE TO LEAD THE WORLD BY 1985--no doubt the same young World leader envisioned by Jeane Dixon to arise about that time, the same World dictator & superman predicted by the Bible to lead the Earth's last One-World government, an absolute dictatorship which saves it temporarily from its doom only to precipitate the final Great Tribulation just before the return of Jesus Christ!
       9. ALL OF THESE PREDICTIONS COINCIDE ALMOST EXACTLY with the interpretations of Bible prophecy & our own personal revelations in recent years, which place the Second Coming of Christ about 1993, after all these foregoing events. What an amazing correlation of the forecasts of scientists, astrologers & prophets alike! (283:28,30,32,33--12/73)
       + + + + + +

       10. AND WE MUST WORK EVEN HARDER & FASTER NOW, FOR THE LORD HAS SHOWN US THAT THE TIME IS EVEN SHORTER & IT'S LATER THAN YOU THINK! The storm is fast approaching which will sweep the World with three years of great trouble, confusion, strife & famine! Like a dying candle, the Lord showed me the lights of the World are soon to flicker out & "there will be great darkness throughout the Earth & there shall be great agony of soul which will grieve the heart of thy father!" (Direct prophecy!) "And there shall be great weeping & wailing & gnashing of teeth throughout the Earth!" (307A:26--7/74)
       + + + + + +

       11. IT'S THE UNBELIEVERS GOD IS GOING TO JUDGE! We have predicted America's doom, but I'm sure there are plenty of scoffers who are saying, "Well see, it didn't happen." But I believe it's going to happen so suddenly & unexpectedly that the scoffers are not going to have time to escape, they're going to be caught in the judgements of God!
       12. THERE'S GOING TO BE THREE BAD YEARS FOR TENERIFE, because there's going to be three bad years for the whole World. (Synica had told us of the prediction of a psychic woman also that there would be these three bad years for Tenerife.) (Rev.13:5) (610:5,6--5/74)
       + + + + + +

       13. THE COMING OF HALLEY'S COMET IN 1986 COULD PROVE THAT THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO RISE IN 1986! Could that be an antitype of the Star of Bethlehem when Jesus was born? (1341:2--11/82)
       + + + + + +

       14. LET'S JUST TAKE IT THEORETICALLY, SHALL WE? If 1993 is the Coming of the Lord, then the Antichrist has to take power seven years before that, right? We don't know if it's the first part, middle or end of 1993, but just for conjecture & theory, a guesstimate, if the middle of 1993 is the exact end of the seven years, what is the approximate beginning of the seven years?--The middle of 1986?
       15. DID YOU KNOW THAT 1986 IS WHEN HALLEY'S COMET IS GOING TO RETURN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 70-SOME YEARS?--And it's always been a sign of something big! The last time it warned of World War 1, which sort of began the era of World Wars & the horrors that have followed ever since, World Wars & depressions! Talk about Great Confusion, we've really had it for a long time, but still not equal to the Great Confusion!
       16. SO IF THE ANTICHRIST HAS GOT TO TAKE POWER SOME TIME IN 1986, he's certainly got to have a little time to pull the World out of the horrible chaos & the Great Confusion that it has been in, is in already, & going to be in even worse after the war. (1347:134,135,139--12/82)
       + + + + + +

       17. (ABOUT RACHEL & EMANUELE) JESUS HELP HIM, LORD! My God, break Rachel, Lord! Humble her! Make her eat grass until she comes back, Lord. (See No. 763) Seven years! When will it be seven years? Was it in '79 she left? It's been five years now!--Two more to go! '86! That's the deciding year, the crucial year, & then they'll all know that we were right! You know, when the Antichrist arises then they'll all know that we were right & many will come back, but a little bit late! But the Lord has mercy. Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! (1735:2--1/84)
       + + + + + +

       18. I'M CONVINCED '86 IS GONNA BE IT!--THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, & HALLEY'S COMET IS GOING TO BE THE SIGNAL, & THAT IS JUST A LITTLE MORE THAN A YEAR AWAY! So what we do we had better do quickly & work while it is yet day before the night cometh, because the new World system may greatly restrict or limit our work, if not actually stop it!
       19. BUT IT'S GOING TO MAKE THINGS A LITTLE MORE DIFFICULT & WE WON'T HAVE QUITE AS MUCH FREEDOM & be able to perhaps accomplish what we're accomplishing now. So in your contingency plans & all of your various plans I would say you'd better count on 1986, the beginning of 1986, just a little more than a year away, as the beginning of a very tight operation, a very limited & strict operation, & that we've just got a little more than a year to go like we're going now.
       20. I BELIEVE IT! I'LL BE SURPRISED IF WE HAVE MUCH MORE TIME! But the Lord could spring a surprise & give us a little more time, a little more mercy, but it's hard to believe it when such an outstanding sign as that is going to appear in the sky, undoubtedly heralding the beginning of a new age, a new system, a great personality, & I think we'd better prepare for it & get ready for it & we'd better enjoy what we've got while we can & get as much done while we can. So here we go folks, with only a little more than a year to go as we now go!--And thank the Lord for it!
       21. BOY, THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT, THAT COMET IS GOING TO BE ONE BIG SIGN OF THE END, especially the end of things as they now are!--Not of the coming of Christ yet, but the beginning of the End, the Endtime of the Antichrist!
       22. I THINK THAT COMET IS DESIGNED BY THE LORD TO INTRODUCE THE ENDTIME, THOSE LAST 7 YEARS, FRANKLY! That's what I believe, including the Antichrist reign, the new World order & all the rest! So let's get busy & back to work!--Amen? PTL! GBAKY busy, in Jesus' name, amen. TYL! (1771:4-8--5/84)
       + + + + + +

       23. ACCORDING TO OUR PREVIOUS INTERPRETATIONS, I THINK YOU RECALL THAT WE ESTIMATED THAT THE ANTICHRIST WOULD HAVE TO APPEAR ON THE SCENE OR AT LEAST BE IN POWER TO BEGIN HIS REIGN ABOUT 1986. Working backwards, if the Lord was going to come about 1993, at the end of the Tribulation, which is at the end of the seven-year reign of the Antichrist, then the Antichrist would have to start taking over about 1986. Beloved, that is less than two years from now! By next month it'll only be a year-&-a-half away! Even if the Lord came at the end of 1993, that still just gives not much longer until that regime takes power!--And it's obvious from the way the World is going today that it'll have to take over soon if the World is going to be spared from utter destruction!
       24. SO, WHY 1986? YOU SAY, "WELL, THAT'S PRETTY HAZY, DAD, & A LOT OF IT IS GUESSTIMATE & GUESSWORK & A MATTER OF INTERPRETATION of various prophecies & indications & revelations. How do we really know? We can't be too sure." Well, I'll tell you one thing for sure, it's going to happen!--Whether it happens in 1986, before or later! And it looks to me like the World is just about ready for it right now, that's one reason I believe it's going to happen very soon.
       25. BUT I'LL TELL YOU ANOTHER THING, & THIS IS SURE, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RELIABLE, YOU CAN COUNT ON IT, IT'S EXACT, & THAT IS THAT HALLEY'S COMET IS RETURNING TO THIS EARTH & WILL BECOME VISIBLE IN THE SKY AS EARLY AS MARCH OF 1986!--God willing! It has already returned to the Solar System & will be visible with binoculars next year in 1985, but it will first pass through the planets & go around the Sun before it comes near the Earth where we can see it.
       26. WE KNOW THAT THE LORD CERTAINLY COULDN'T BE COMING IN 1986, because that's only a year-&-a-half away & the Antichrist hasn't appeared yet. So what could Halley's Comet be announcing? What's the greatest event, the greatest revelation, the greatest Epiphany, as it's called? What will be the greatest revelation of the greatest saviour, the greatest ruler of the Earth before the coming of Christ in all history?--Who? (Fam: The Antichrist!)
       27. WHAT MORE EARTH-SHAKING, OVERWHELMING, ALL-POWERFUL PERSONAGE OR EVENT IN ALL HISTORY COULD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT BETWEEN NOW & THE COMING OF CHRIST? And if Halley's Comet is announcing & heralding some last, great, Earth-shaking news that is either happening at the time or about to happen before the coming of Christ, what more or less could it possibly be than to be announcing the beginning of the revelation of the Antichrist?
       28. BELOVED, THE MORE I THINK & PRAY ABOUT IT, THE MORE THE LORD IMPRESSES ON MY HEART THAT IT'S GOING TO BE THEN, just exactly when we figured, 1986! George Orwell only missed it by two years, that was rather significant. Well, who knows? It's begun long ago behind the scenes & it's probably culminating even now. They just have to get the World in such a condition that it's willing to accept it, & the IMF is doing a good job of that!
       29. SO WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY & CONVINCE YOU OF IS THIS: THAT 1986 IS THE YEAR OF THE ANTICHRIST! I believe it!--And if I'm wrong, then Halley's Comet had better not come, because I don't think I can miss it this time! I am convinced & it's my personal feeling that the year of Halley's Comet, 1986, is going to be the year of the revelation of the Antichrist, that he or his system are then going to come out in the open & take over & take control! Everything's ready for it, everything's prepared for it, they just have a few more little loose ends to tie up in communications & computerisations, debt control & other preparations. (1770:29,31-32,40-41,48,52--5/84)--Amen?
       30. ARE YOU READY?--ARE YOU IN A SAFER AREA?--IN THE CENTRE OF GOD'S WILL?--ON A MISSION FIELD?--I hope so!--If not, leave NOW!--Tomorrow will be too late! GBAKY in Jesus' name, amen!

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