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FOOTNOTE TO PREDICTIONS FOR 1986!        DO 1808        7/84

       1. THE AMAZING THING ABOUT "THE WATCH PROPHECY" (NO.186A) WAS THAT IT WAS LITERALLY A 24-YEAR PROPHECY likened to the 24 hours of the day, only symbolic of Earth's Last Day or the Last Day of this Age of the Endtime!--Comparing the Endtime to a 24-year period which began in 1969 & which was also comparable to the 70-Year prophecy which we received. (ML No.156) Savvy?--With the birth of the Family in 1968 & '69 being counted as being the very beginning, the dawning. But the day actually begins & ends at midnight, right? So the First Hour or year would be 1969, with the Day ending at the end of 1992!
       2. DO YOU KNOW WHAT "THE WATCH PROPHECY" SAID? That came in mid-1972 & we were at that point at 3:30 in the morning when our star was just beginning to rise! But I said, "Well then, that means we'll reach midnight in 1981 or 1982!" But the voice said clearly, "No, that will be your noon", 12 o'clock noon! And in a sense it was! The 24 hours of the day, our day, began at 12 midnight at the end of '68, & according to "The Watch" prophecy, our twelve o'clock noon was at the end of 1980, or you might have stretched it into '81. I mean, let's face it, it has been! The period of the early '80s has been the beginning of our biggest years of publications, population, freedom, etc., right?--Noon!
       3. WHICH MEANS, IF OUR NOON WAS AT THE BEGINNING OF '81, WITH '81 AS THE FIRST HOUR OF THE AFTERNOON, WE ARE RIGHT NOW IN THE FOURTH HOUR OF THE AFTERNOON OF '84 WHICH IS ABOUT 3:35 P.M. IN 1984! We are now somewhere after 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the Fourth Hour, which means '85 would be the Fifth, & '86 would be the Sixth, & you know when the sun usually sets in most countries?--Between 5 & 6! In the Sixth Hour!--In other words, when darkness falls! So if '85 is the Fifth Hour from 5 to 6, that will be the last hour of light, & '86 will begin the hours of darkness until midnight, the hour of the Midnight Cry, the end of 1992, when Jesus is to come! "And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him." (Mt.25:6) HAL! TYJ!
       4. I REMEMBER SOMEBODY WROTE A BOOK ONCE ABOUT THE COMING OF THE LORD CALLED "THE MIDNIGHT CRY"! It was one of their magazines or something called "The Midnight Cry". Isn't that something? See, that confirms the other one I had about the 21 years that also began in 1969! (The"70 Years Prophecy", No.156) The Lord promised to show me "the times & the seasons & the days of our years" etc. (No.115:5) I mean that's time & time again in the prophecies & that's about as specific as you can get!
       5. TIME & AGAIN I'VE WANTED TO TAKE TIME TO GO BACK & STUDY THOSE BUT I JUST NEVER SEEM TO HAVE TIME! So I said, "Joseph, I just never seem to have time to do that. Would you go back & study them for me & ferret out these prophecies & their interpretations & see how they bear on these years & this time right now?"--And this is what he found, these were the quotes he had in here! (See above)
       6. ACCORDING TO THAT, THE YEAR '69 WAS OUR BEGINNING in a sense, really. That's when I met you, when you came! That was our beginning year of the Last Day of World history, so to speak, 1969, the First Hour of the last 24 years, of which '69 is Year One! All right, count'm!: '69, '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, '75, '76, '77, '78, '79, '80! The Twelfth Hour or Noon would be at the end of the year 1980! It depends on how you figure it. I said in here Noon would be '80 or '81. Actually it's the end of '80 & the beginning of '81, the First Hour of the Afternoon.
       7. WELL, WE CERTAINLY DID REACH A PEAK IN THOSE YEARS, THE EARLY 80'S, RIGHT? So Twelve Noon meaning the end of the 12th year, it will actually be, let's see--the 12th hour runs until Noon, so 1980 was the 12th hour, ending at the end of 1980. Do you understand what I mean? And 1981 began the first hour, from 12 until 1 o'clock in the afternoon of the second 12 hours or 12 years.
       8. SO 1981 WAS THE FIRST YEAR OF THE LAST 12 FROM NOON TO MIDNIGHT AT THE END OF 1992! All right, count again from the first hour of the last 12, from noon till night! Are you ready? All right, from 12 to 1 then, Noontime, was 1981! Am I right? Let's see, go back again now: '69 was Year One of the first 12 years from Midnight to Noon, so '69 '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, '75, '76, '77, '78, '79, '80--'80 was the last hour or 12th year ending at the end of '80!--Of the first 12 Hours or Years.--OK?
       9. THEN THE FIRST HOUR OF THE AFTERNOON, FROM 12 TO 1, BEGAN WITH 1981! So now we are in conjunction with the actual numericals of the years! 1981 was the First Hour after our Noon, & '82, '83, '84.--Whoo!--'84 is the Fourth Hour, which means between Three & Four o'clock, so the end of '84 ends at 4 o'clock! And '85 is the Fifth Hour & '86 is the Sixth Hour!--That seems almost significant too! The Sixth Hour is 1986 between 5 & 6 o'clock--the Hour of Sunset & beginning of Darkness!
       10. 1981 WAS OUR FIRST AFTERNOON HOUR, FROM 12 NOON TO 1.--So '82, '83 & '84--'84 is what we are in right now, in the Fourth Hour between Three & Four o'clock in the Afternoon of 1984! The Fourth Hour begins with 3 o'clock & ends with 4 o'clock, right?--And this Fourth Hour will be over at the end of '84. The Fifth Hour is '85, from 4 to 5, & when does the sun usually set?--During the Sixth Hour, from 5 to 6, which is when it usually begins to get dark! The sun sets & it gets dark! 1986 is the Sixth Hour, the Sixth Hour after our Noon of 1980!
       11. THERE ARE TWO SIXES RIGHT THERE, & THE ANTICHRIST'S NUMBER IS 666!--And that's when really the sun sets & then it gets dark, leaving only six more years to go, or six hours of darkness until midnight!--In the middle of the night, in other words, the worst part of the time of the Tribulation when Jesus will come, not in the middle of the Tribulation but at the end of Tribulation, the Midnight when the Lord will come!--At the End of 1992!
       12. HOW ABOUT THAT? ISN'T THAT SOMETHING? SO 1986 WOULD HAVE TO BE THE FIRST YEAR OF THE ANTICHRIST, PLUS SIX YEARS OF DARKNESS, MAKING A TOTAL OF HIS 7-YEAR REIGN! So according to "The Watch Prophecy" then, we are now, July 1984, at 3:35 in the afternoon, which means we only have about 2-&-1/2 hours till total darkness!--2-&-1/2 years!--The rest of this year plus '85 & '86!--WOW!--We'd better get busy!
       13. THE LORD HAS BEEN CONFIRMING ALL ALONG THAT 1986 IS IT! That's the year!--And Jeanne Dixon!--I'd forgotten about her prophecy! She even predicted that the Antichrist would begin to arise about 1985! All this corroborates what I believe is the fact that '86 is going to be the first year of the Antichrist Reign & the beginning of darkness, real worldwide darkness!--He's the king of the Dark Kingdom, the Dark King of Darkness!
       14. --OTHER CHRISTIAN PROPHETS HAVE RECENTLY PROPHESIED IN THE U.S. THAT "GREAT DARKNESS IS TO SOON COME UPON THIS LAND!"--And that's for sure!--The U.S. looks pretty dark already! Clear back in the 1940s the Lord said of the U.S.: "This land that you call light, I call dark!"--And speaking of the Mission Field He said, "That land which you call dark, I call light!"--Where are you?--I hope you're not in the lands of the Northern darkness but in the Lands of the Rising Sun!--Amen? GBAKY rising with the Son of His Love till He dawns to claim His Own!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       15. HERE'S A LITTLE TABLE TO MAKE THE CHRONOLOGY CLEARER of these last 24 hours of the Last Day of the End!--The last 24 years of man's World History!: 1969--Year One!--The Birth & the first full year of our Family!--Year One of the first 12 years. 1981--Year One of the second 12 hours or years of the Family! 1986--The Sixth Hour or Sixth Year of the second 12 hours or years!--The Year of the Antichrist's 7-Year Reign & the beginning of Darkness! Mid-1989--The beginning of the 3-1/2-Year Tribulation!--And the year of my death? 1992--The Last Year of the Tribulation & of the 24 years of the End! Midnight December 31, 1992--The Second Coming of Jesus?--
       16. COULD THIS BE TRUE?--WHAT DO YOU THINK?--ARE YOU READY?--You are if you're busy for JESUS & SOULS! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!

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