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WHAT TO DO ABOUT 1986!       DO 1809       7/84

       1. IT TOOK ABOUT TWO YEARS TO BRING ON THE GREAT DEPRESSION. There were a lot of beginnings in a lot of places, & the final violent symptomatic crash of October 1929, Black Monday, that was dramatic & spectacular, but it was merely a more dramatic & spectacular symptom of the whole World economy! Probably the whole thing was brought on by the [EDITED: "ACs"], the big money boys, because they're the ones who made a clean-up on it in the Depression. That's when they bought the companies & land & mortgages & houses & everything for virtually a song! In the first place they had loaned out the money & held mortgages on the loans, & when the people couldn't pay them they just mopped them up for almost nothing! They could afford to just sit on them until things got better, which they did, & now they own the World!
       2. BLACK MONDAY WAS ONLY THE MOST SPECTACULAR DAY OF THE BIGGEST FALL,WHEN THE BOTTOM FELL OUT OF THE STOCK MARKET, BUT ACTUALLY IT HAD BEEN TAKING A NOSEDIVE FOR A WEEK! The week before it had been declining very rapidly & people were getting panicky, etc. As I recall, they closed the Stock Market early on Friday because they saw that it was going to give them a run on stocks, so they all closed up early on Friday to prevent any further negotiations or exchanges. Even that scared people, so that by the time they had time to think things over during the weekend, they were all ready to sell out & dump their stocks & withdraw their funds from the banks & all the rest on Monday--Black Monday!
       3. SO THEREFORE, THAT'S WHY THERE WAS A BIG RUN ON THE STOCKS ON MONDAY, they had time to think it over & they were just clamouring from the minute the Stock Market opened to sell, sell, sell, & nobody could sell fast enough! For one reason, nobody wanted to buy! So if nobody wants to buy your product you just keep lowering & lowering the price till finally the bottom just falls out! Hardly anybody wanted to buy except, of course, the big money boys, the big [EDITED: "ACs"], the big billionaires! In those days billionaires were something!
       4. THEY COULD AFFORD, THEN, IF THE BOTTOM DROPPED OUT, TO JUST BUY UP THOSE STOCKS FOR A SONG from companies & real estate, & by the end of the Depression they'd gotten everything! That's when they really came to full financial control of the United States, & through the Depression, the World, literal financial control of the World! And of course, once you've got financial control, it doesn't take long to get political control, which they then got at least in the North & the rich industrial countries.
       5. SO, AS I SAY, IT TAKES TIME FOR A GENERAL DECLINE OF THE WHOLE ECONOMY, & they've got all kinds of brakes on the System now & guarantees & failsafe measures, this, that & the other to try to keep it from ever happening again. They went through that once & they figured they'd try to stop it if they could so it wouldn't ever get started again, such as deposits ensured by the Federal Government, etc. But all those government guarantees are not going to amount to much when people lose confidence in the Government, ha!--Which they're going to do.
       6. I MEAN, IT'S JUST GOT TO HAPPEN! We've known for a long time it was going to happen & I think it's the mercy of God that just when it looked like it was happening a couple of times the Lord even gave us a little more time. I believe God hinges history on His people, what they're up to or doing or haven't done, & that's why He's going to judge the U.S., because if any country knew better, they did, & look at the way they're going!--Sodom & Gomorrah!--And yet the Christians of that country still haven't awakened, they still expect God to save the U.S.!
       7. SPEAKING OF UNREPENTANT AMERICA, DEB'S APPEARANCES ON U.S. TV & HER BOOK: To the old-timers, my Mother was pretty well nationally known. The young people wouldn't know too much about anything, not even healing, much less the old healers. But there are millions of people who have heard my Mother's testimony, older folks who've read her book, etc., & they're still around, a lot of them. People are living a long time in the U.S. nowadays, people who are even older than I am who believed my Mother & believed in her & her testimony & knew it was true.
       8. SO THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD THAT DEBORAH COULD HAVE DONE FOR US WAS AT THE SAME TIME TRY TO DISCREDIT MOTHER'S TESTIMONY! Because then they'll know that she's lying, & then the thought will certainly occur to them that maybe she's lying about us too! If she could lie about Grandmother, of all people, & try to debunk her testimony, I'm sure they're going to get the point right then & there that she's lying about the whole thing! So actually, I think that will do more to discredit her testimony about us than anything.
       9. I'VE BEEN THINKING & PRAYING, "WELL, NOW, LORD, WHY DID YOU LET HER KNOCK POOR DEAR DEAD GRANDMOTHER & HER TESTIMONY, OF ALL THINGS?" Why does He let her knock the dead, so to speak, why couldn't she leave Mother alone? And it just came to me as clear as anything: That will do more to discredit Deborah's testimony than anything! Of course, that also shows how far gone the American Christians are, even the most awake & alive ones, the most informed, etc., & how still blinded & deluded they are!--To have her as a guest on their show & just swallow all her lies & distortions!
       10. SO ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, THAT THE U.S. IS A LOST CAUSE AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED! I'm surprised the Lord has had as much mercy as He has & He's tarried as long as He has & He's let as long as He's let, until He decides to just take His protection out of the way & let'r rip! (2Thes.2:7) I'm sure it's largely for our sakes, for us to do the best we can, as well as any other sincere Christians who are really trying to reach the World & the lost!
       11. BUT THE LORD CAN ONLY WAIT FOR SO LONG! Though I have said as I did in "It's Going to Take Time" (No.1805), that the over-all decline of the economy, the changeover, the total Crash may take a little time, but the symptoms sometimes happen overnight like a Stock Market Crash, a Dollar nosedive, when the bottom drops out of this or that due to some particular local or national situation like the U.S.
       12. YOU NOTICED IN THE NOSTRADAMUS GN THAT I SUMMED UP HIS MAJOR PREDICTIONS OF THE FUTURE, & of course if he's a true Prophet naturally they will follow the Bible & what the Lord has shown us, & he very specifically brings out again that 1986 is the year! According to the old-fashioned way of expressing it, he would have called the Great Depression a "famine," see? They've had all kinds of names for them, famines, panics, dearths, etc.
       13. BUT THIS GREAT FAMINE IN 1986, ACCORDING TO NOSTRADAMUS PART OF IT WILL BE AN ACTUAL GREAT DROUGHT. Now in the old times famines were caused by lack of rain, that was the specific immediate cause, because the whole Worldwide economy was based on agriculture, & when the Lord withheld the rain there was no agriculture, so there was hunger which they called famine. People starved to death by the thousands or even the millions! If you recall & read it, he predicts some pretty dire & horrible things for 1986, that the air is going to be so dry, it is going to be so hot & the land so burned, etc., that people are going to starve & even turn to cannibalism, exactly as the Lord showed me in some of those dreams! (See No.1098.)
       14. 1986, I WONDER IF THAT HAS REALLY SUNK IN, SON?--IT'S IN 1986, ACCORDING TO HIS SPECIFIC YEAR PROPHECY! Now the Lord has given us a lot of general prophecies & a few specific ones, & according to our interpretation we have figured out approximate dates. Nostradamus also had to have his interpreters, of course--it's all French to begin with, but then he had to have people who knew astrology & astronomy, etc., knew about the conjunction of the planets & Halley's Comet & a lot of other things working together, to interpret exactly what he meant by these mysterious quatrains, & they are the ones who have pinpointed the exact dates according to his predictions.
       15. AND THE FIRST GREAT CALAMITY TO FALL IS IN 1986!--And that coincides with what we've already said several times, but I believe that the Comet is going to portend something very very great! Apparently it is going to affect the World perhaps physically & geologically, etc., more this time than it ever has.
       16. THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL PREDICTIONS OR THEORIES OR GUESSES, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM, BY ASTRONOMERS THAT THE COMET MIGHT PASS CLOSER THIS TIME THAN IT EVER HAS BEFORE.--That this time the Earth may even pass through its tail, which they have theorised & guesstimated in some of their doomsday predictions a lot of times before. There have been science fiction stories & movies & stuff written about it, that if that should ever happen it would definitely scientifically cause some tremendous, cataclysmic, geological reactions on the Earth such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions & floods & drought, & all heading up to general catastrophe & famine!
       17. I'M NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU, BECAUSE I KNOW THE LORD IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF US. But I'm just wondering if this has really sunk in, do you really believe it & are we really doing all we can to prepare for it if we really believe it? Certainly I believe that something big is going to happen in 1986 with the Comet coming, & everything points that way, & I don't know how many times I've seen that date. It's beginning to appear in the news more often than 1984, George Orwell's date, & his was merely a political thing. The joke about that is that that started happening a long time before 1984, I mean Russia & those dictatorships have had it for years. Already the U.S. has got it just about as cleverly, if not more so, than the Orwell picture! It's not exactly down to the all-seeing eye in every room but they're pretty close to it & it's getting worse all the time. So his "1984" is not so much a crisis as it was a gradual process, & it's already at least as bad if not worse than his prediction in some aspects.
       18. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE NOW THE GREAT CRISIS YEAR THAT EVERYTHING IS POINTED TOWARD IS '86!--I suppose you know that's only a little over a year away! The Comet actually begins to appear in December, so that it can actually be seen by field glasses & that sort of thing. But it doesn't appear in all of its glory to the naked eye till March 1986! It starts appearing in December of '85, next year, less than a year-&-a-half away!
       19. SO IF THE COMET IS ANY INDICATION OF THE EXACT TIME OF WHEN THINGS ARE GOING TO START HAPPENING, IT IS GOING TO START HAPPENING PRETTY EARLY IN 1986! Do you understand?--And if the famine is as big & as bad as he says!--Of course, we have been predicting all the time the Great Economic Crash, but he emphasised more the actual suffering side of actual famine, dryness, drought & starvation in the same year! I mean we're already headed for a financial crash, & if nothing else brought it on, that would do it!--Actual worldwide drought or famine! Then if the Comet comes too close & it precipitates a bunch of earthquakes & volcanic eruptions, that could be partly what would do it. Because if there is enough ash in the atmosphere, they have already estimated it'd have a winter effect, a cold effect & could affect the rain, it could affect the temperature, & of course thereby the crops & thereby the people & bring starvation & all the rest!
       20. I'M JUST TRYING TO IMPRESS UPON YOU, I WONDER IF YOU'RE REALLY GETTING THE POINT, IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE IT, ARE YOU REALLY AWARE OF THE FACT THAT THIS COULD ACTUALLY BEGIN A LITTLE OVER A YEAR FROM NOW, MAYBE THE END OF NEXT YEAR! And if what Nostradamus predicted is true, his prediction of the Great Famine of 1986 combined with the things the Lord has showed us about the Great Crash, it's almost upon us! I can hardly understand why it hasn't happened already.
       21. IT'S A FUNNY THING, BUT I THINK ONE THING THAT HAS PREVENTED THE CRASH SO FAR IS FEAR OF THE CRASH! It used to be fear brought on the panics & the crashes, but now they are so scared that it is going to happen again, they are scared to death, afraid to let it happen, so they are doing everything they can to prevent it! They are even refusing to lose confidence in their currency, in their stocks & their governments & the horrible worldwide financial situation! It's just like they're going on in a dream, living in a dream world, in kind of a colloidal suspension! They realise what's about to happen but they're doing their best to "keep the faith" in the System so it won't happen, because by this time they've heard enough about it to know that it is the people's loss of faith in the System that brings these crashes, loss of faith in a government, in its currency, in its stocks & its economy, etc.
       22. SO THEY'RE JUST STUBBORNLY, FLATLY REFUSING TO FACE THE TRUTH, & because they have rejected the truth they are being deceived by strong delusion & just shutting their eyes & saying, "Well, we just hope it will go away. We know it's there but we hope it will go away, maybe it won't happen." They're refusing to lose confidence. They're refusing to lose faith in their god, Mammon, the almighty Dollar, the System, they're refusing to lose faith in it even though it is obvious that it is already gone! They're refusing to let it down, so they're going on & buying Dollars wholesale though the Dollar is really worth nothing! They're going on having confidence in their Stock Market & buying in the face of delusion or face of the truth, buying actual delusion! They're just hanging on with their fingernails & toenails by the barest hair, hoping somehow they are going to survive & refusing to lose faith in their gods & their goods!
       23. THAT'S WHAT IT AMOUNTS TO: THEY'RE JUST REFUSING TO LOSE FAITH IN THEIR GODS even though everything in the World has debunked them, has debunked their economy, debunked the currency, debunked the government! The true prophets prophesying all the time are almost as good as saying they can't understand why it hasn't already happened. It's only because the people refuse to lose confidence & faith in their gods, that's literally what's happening. The whole message worldwide now is "Keep the faith, Brother, keep the faith! Don't lose faith in the System! Don't lose faith in the Dollar! Don't lose faith in the Government! We've got to have faith in the economy. It's loss of faith that caused the Crash! Hang on! Hold on!"
       24. SO WHEN THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO BELIEVE THE TRUTH & WON'T FACE IT, & KEEP GOING, DRIFTING ON IN THEIR DREAM WORLD, GOD PROBABLY IS GOING TO HAVE TO DO SOMETHING HIMSELF TO SHAKE THEM UP & WAKE THEM UP & give them their last chance to repent, so to speak. And it could be the natural physical catastrophes of a close passage of the Comet, with its actual physical effects on the World, such as a great dry air drought, literal physical famine, starvation! Brother, if God withholds the rain or if He causes the Comet to have actual geological effects on the Earth, people can't very well ignore that! Right now they're ignoring the fact that the whole World is bankrupt, they're ignoring the fact that the currency is worth nothing, the paper is worth nothing, not even hardly the paper it's printed on!
       25. THEY'RE IGNORING THE FACTS OF THE HORRIBLE CHAOS THAT THE WORLD IS IN! They're ignoring it because they just don't dare believe it, they've got to believe a lie, they've got to hold on to their delusion in order to survive, for their system & them to survive! But if God enters in with actual physical intervention that they can see & feel with their naked eyes & their naked bodies, physical catastrophes & famine & starvation, Brother, they can't kid themselves any more! They won't be able to go on in their delusion! Their attitude now is, "If I'm dreaming, let me dream on! Don't tell me the truth! Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up!" Brother, when you're starving to death, that's facts, & you can't kid yourself any longer that everything is hunkey-dorey & everything is coming up roses!
       26. I LIKED THAT CARTOON WE PUT IN THE WND THE OTHER DAY ABOUT THE GUY WHO IS WATCHING A TV SHOW & ALL THESE ROSY PREDICTIONS ABOUT THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION, & everything is rosy & everything is wonderful & everything is marvellous, you know, & then they announced, "Next is Fantasy Island"! And he looks up & says, "Oh, I thought I was watching Fantasy Island!" Ha, ha! And that's the situation. I mean they're living in a dream! It's worse than Fantasy Island! It's pure fantasy that the World can go on any longer like this! It's only by their determination to perpetuate the fantasy & this dream world & refusal to give up the faith & encouraging each other to "Keep the faith, Brother & Sister, keep the faith in your gods!" That's the only thing that's kept things going this far, but when they won't see the truth & they insist on their delusion, God will take a stronger hand! He'll intervene in a stronger way in His love--chastisement, the rod, to try to get them to repent. Of course, like it says in Revelation, some of them, even though they gnawed their tongues with pain, they still wouldn't repent! (Rev.16:10-11)
       27. THE POINT IS, IF THE TRUE PROPHETS OF DOOM ARE RIGHT ABOUT THE ECONOMY, EVEN THE ECONOMIC PROPHETS, IT'S GOT TO HAPPEN NO MATTER WHETHER THEY WANT IT TO HAPPEN OR NOT! They can try to perpetuate their fantasy & live in their dream world & keep on shutting their eyes & refuse to be confused with the facts, their minds are made up, but it's going to happen anyhow. But perhaps, according to what Nostradamus predicted, maybe the Lord is going to have to kind of give it a little shove of a little pin in the balloon to make it happen. Since they refuse to lose faith in their gods & their idols & refuse to abandon their System for something better, He is just going to have to puncture it! Boom!
       28. AND DON'T YOU EVER FORGET, SON, THAT IN THAT "GREEN PAPER PIG DREAM" (ML NO.243) IT JUST EXPLODED LIKE A BURSTING BALLOON! The Dollar was inflating & inflating & getting bigger & bigger as it came. I'll never forget that picture, Brother, it was almost like I was right there, I was there!--And all those [EDITED: "ACs"] were egging it on! Then I just pointed my finger at it & rebuked it in Jesus' name & it exploded! Now what that means I don't really know. Maybe I've been pointing my finger at it a long time, you know?
       29. --AND NOW AT LAST THE CHRISTIANS & THE CHURCHES ARE BEGINNING TO TAKE AN INTEREST IN POLITICS & ECONOMICS for the first time almost I ever saw them! I never heard of any Christian religious programs before where the preachers had begun to actually take an interest in the World situation or even the national situation or the economy or the politics, & begin to warn the people that bad things were happening! They're just beginning to wake up. Maybe we got them started! I mean, we've distributed our lit by the millions! We've been pointing our finger for a long time at the Dollar! Maybe they'll finally get the point & it'll explode! In fact, apparently it does, sooner or later.
       30. AND THERE WOULD BE NOTHING LIKE A WORLDWIDE PHYSICAL CATASTROPHE SUCH AS THE PASSAGE OF THE COMET OR DROUGHT & FAMINE, STARVATION & CANNIBALISM TO WAKE PEOPLE UP THAT THEY JUST CANNOT PERPETUATE THE DREAM & continue to live on in a dream world of fantasy that everything is all right when it's already gone! I mean, these have been false gods since the beginning of time & the Lord has warned against worshipping Mammon since the beginning, but people went on worshipping Mammon anyhow, you know? Throughout World History there has been crash after crash after crash as a result of their worship of Mammon! Great civilisations & great empires have fallen & fallen & fallen as a result of the same old thing, history repeats itself. But as Toynbee said, "The only thing we learn from History is that we never learn from History!" So, boom, boom, boom!--Only this is going to be one Hell of a boom! And I believe more & more firmly that '86 is it!--The beginning of the worst of the sorrows! Jesus said, "All these are the beginnings of sorrows, but the End is not yet!" (Mt.24:6-8).
       31. WHAT I'M TRYING TO GET ACROSS TO YOU IS, DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE IT? ARE YOU REALLY CONVINCED? I'M JUST SAYING, "WHAT IF '86 IS IT?"--And it all does happen then like the Lord has shown us it's going to happen & shown Nostradamus it's going to happen! The Comet is coming! Do you really believe it, that '86 is it? And if you do, what are you doing about it? What are we doing about it? But you can say, "Don't fret for tomorrow, don't worry about tomorrow, it'll take care of itself!" That's true, I believe it! We're not going to fret or worry about it, because the Lord has shown us before, time & again, how to prepare for things that have happened & we escaped, right? God's Word repeats time & again warnings & warnings, & there is something in Proverbs about "The wise foresees the evil & he manages to avoid it.--But the fool falls into the pit!" (Pro.22:3, 27:12) So God expects us to foresee evil & do the best we can to prepare for it!
       32. NOW WE'RE CERTAINLY FORESEEING EVIL & THE LORD COULD HARDLY DO ANY MORE TO WARN US THAN HE HAS, & He's showing us again & again & again it's closer & closer & closer, & now He is virtually pinpointing the year, '86 is it! It's just like the Lord is drawing a line, He's saying, "OK, folks, get ready for it, prepare for it. This is it! I can't wait any longer. I've got to start the End now! I've got to poke My pin in the balloon & let it pop!"--Probably to try to help some people to repent, like the Christians in America apparently are beginning to repent of all their evil & neglect & for allowing the Devil & ... the anti-Christs & the educational system & evolution to run rampant without doing anything about it! But now they're just too late, they're trying to stop the rain when the reign of the Antichrist is virtually already begun through his anti-Christs, but it's too late! Well, because some are sorry & repent, they didn't foresee the evil & it's befallen them now already in the U.S., I'm sure the Lord is probably going to be sorry for them & at least forgive them & save them, & maybe He'll even spare some of them. There're even perhaps going to be survivors of not only the Famine but survivors of the War which is to follow!
       33. IT'S RATHER AMAZING & A VERY ENCOURAGING CONFIRMATION OF HOW THE LORD BEGAN TO SHOW US A YEAR OR SO AGO that, contrary to what we had always supposed (that the War would come first & bring on the Crash), that it now looks like, according to what the Lord has shown us since then & now the confirmation from Nostradamus as well as other signs, that it is the Crash that is going to come first! The Famine is going to come first, the great worldwide Dearth! They even had one in New Testament times, they called it a Worldwide dearth. Well, it was Roman-Empire-wide & they had to help the different churches, etc. It was a great famine in history as well in the days of the New Testament church, no doubt to help purify them & to help cause the wicked to repent, etc., as the Lord lowered the boom on some of their enemies. The Romans were persecuting the Christians like mad, so the Lord let loose the flood of dearth on the World, as He often has on our enemies to get their hands off of us & give them something worse to worry about! Right?
       34. SO DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE IT? DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT '86 IS GOING TO BE IT?--Do I believe it? Well, I could hardly be any more convinced that certainly something great & terrible is going to happen which the Comet is portending to be a sign of, so why not the great famine that Nostradamus predicts & the Great Crash that we have been predicting for a long time!--Great worldwide disasters & catastrophes & physical calamities as well as great worldwide drought, famine & starvation! Nothing could be more effective in bringing about the Crash when the present economic system is virtually walking on air already, a balloon all ready to burst! So if God just decides to stick a pin in it, that's it! Are we ready for it? What are we doing to prepare for it?
       35. SON, YOU KNOW THAT '86 IS IT & THAT IT MIGHT EVEN BEGIN IN EARLY '86!--That the Comet is coming to warn the people worldwide, they can't ignore it! They can't just shut their eyes & hope it will go away, though they probably will. There it is in the sky & all around them, & if that means it's both the year of the Crash & the Famine, what more could bring on the Antichrist, who appears to supposedly save the World? It's going to really need saving & they'll know it then! They can't perpetuate their dreamland & their fantasy land then, fantasy island is no longer, because it would have already disappeared in the Crash & in the Famine & probably political chaos as well, maybe even geological chaos!--Volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.!
       36. THEY CAN'T IGNORE THAT, SO THEY'RE GOING TO KNOW THAT THEY'RE LOST & NEED TO BE SAVED! But according to God's Word they're going to turn to the false saviour to save them, & he is going to be happy to pose as their messiah & their saviour & offer to save them, & they'll be willing to sell their souls to the Antichrist for his salvation, even to the point of getting the Mark of the Beast & all the rest to save themselves! Because they can't buy or sell without it, it's going to be a totally controlled World, totally controlled economy. All these things he is going to do with the excuse that, "You've got to do this & you've got to be my slaves, you've got to have this absolute total dictatorship in order to save yourselves & the World!" And he's going to have a strong sales point, when all is lost already, right?
       37. SO I BELIEVE IT COULD HAPPEN REAL FAST & COULD BEGIN AS THE COMET COMES AT THE BEGINNING OF '86! It means things could get worse even at the beginning of next year!--They're getting worse right now! It's building up & building up like the pressure in a steam kettle or a boiler or the "Green Paper Pig" balloon, until it's got to explode, it can't hold it any longer!
       38. SO WHAT WAS THAT EXPERIENCE I HAD IN THE BANK, REMEMBER THAT VISION OR DREAM I HAD ABOUT THE BANK? "The Money Explodes!" (See No.294.) The bank was getting smaller & I was getting bigger. Wasn't that the way it was, as I recall?--Until finally the bank just crumbled! It was a specific prediction of the coming collapse of the banking system & it had something to do with "The Green Paper Pig"! Those things I forget, I have to go back & read them. It might do us well to refresh our minds on some of those things & read them again. They were given so long ago as early warning signals that we've forgotten a lot of them & maybe some of us need to go back & read some of those, God's Own specific predictions & dreams & visions of exactly what is going to happen, & take them to heart & realise that now is the time & it's about to happen!
       39. PART OF THE WARNING OF GOD'S PEOPLE IS NOT ONLY "DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN OR DOLLARS DOWN OR YOUR SURVIVAL SUPPLIES DOWN OR SOME OF YOU STILL UP IN THE NORTH!" It's not only to prepare for these things as best you can economically & physically. But a point I've been thinking & praying about lately is we need to start thinking & praying about where do you want to be when it happens? Where would the best place be? Let's not rock along in our dream world & just continue thinking our Fantasy Island is going to last forever! Let's be thinking specifically about what would be really the safest place to be.
       40. OF COURSE, THE SAFEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO BE IS IN THE CENTRE OF GOD'S WILL! But He's told people very specifically time & time again where the centre of His Will is!--To flee the city, to flee the country, to flee the catastrophe, to go some place else & do something else to save themselves! So being in the centre of God's Will has quite frequently been throughout history to flee, to move, to go somewhere else, to be somewhere else & not just try to sit it out!
       41. SO I THINK THAT IS SOMETHING WHICH IS A WARNING THE WHOLE FAMILY NEEDS, ESPECIALLY THE SLUGGARDS & THE LAGGARDS THAT ARE DRAGGING THEIR FEET IN THE NORTH & STILL NOT GETTING OUT! At the rate things are going, it looks like a lot of them are just going to stay there & try to weather the storm in spite of everything the Lord has warned them about, even to the very worst thing I didn't even want to tell them, that the vicious are even going to herd your children around for food like cattle! That's what Nostradamus saw too!--He said, "Great slaughter of infants!"--All this even before the War!
       42. SO IT LOOKS PRETTY CLEAR NOW FROM ALL INDICATIONS THAT THE CRASH IS GOING TO COME FIRST, according to us & Nostradamus, along with famine, starvation, cannibalism & all the rest! It may not all occur & get to the very worst within 1986, but obviously it is going to begin then. So are we ready? I want you to be thinking & praying about it. What are we doing to get ready? Well, one thing we're doing of course is to do what we're doing right now as fast as we can, to get out as much as we can to feed the Family as fast as we can & to finish our job as fast as we can before it starts!
       43. BUT THEN IN ORDER TO TRY TO SURVIVE DURING IT, LET'S THINK ABOUT THAT.--Don't worry about it, we're not to fret about it or get all nervous & uptight & distracted & fearful & have a nervous breakdown over it through fear! We're trusting the Lord! "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee!" (Isa.26:3) Nevertheless, the Lord has warned & warned time & time again to beware, & to do this or take that action to avoid this or that. So are we, in view of His warnings & predictions, doing our best to heed His hints of action & take evasive measures & survival policies to prepare for it, to try to avoid it, or if nothing else, survive it, to try to be in the safest possible economic & physical situation & the safest possible place, not in the event of if but when it happens!
       44. AS I'VE BEEN SAYING FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS, IT'S BEEN HAPPENING FOR 20 YEARS & IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING, only the snowball is rolling faster & is getting bigger & picking up speed & is nearing the bottom right now! And from all these predictions, '86 is it! Now if you really do believe '86 is it, for God's sake, by this time you ought to know, what are you going to do about it? What are we going to do about it? What have we done about it to prepare for it & try to survive it, as well as our loved ones?
       45. WE, THE HEART & NERVE CENTRE OF THE FAMILY, THE HEAD OF THE BODY, SO TO SPEAK, MUST DO OUR BEST TO TRY TO SURVIVE, NOT JUST FOR SELF-PRESERVATION BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE LEADERSHIP & THE FEEDERSHIP OF THE FAMILY! So we, the top personnel, particularly of all people, should try to prepare to be in the safest possible place & the safest possible conditions, the safest possible circumstances & the safest possible economic conditions, working conditions, hoping to still operate, of virtually almost anybody in the Family!
       46. SO I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING ABOUT IT, I WANT TO SEE SOMETHING IN BLACK & WHITE ON PAPER, WHAT YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS WOULD BE, KNOWING THAT THE WHOLE THING IS GOING TO GO CRASH IN '86! I wouldn't be surprised if already this year & even next year it's going to get worse & worse, just as it has been all the time. The time is waxing worse & worse steadily. Things are going to get worse this year & even worse next year & possibly the very worst the following year of '86! I think the Lord is very merciful, very patient to make it this slow & to give us so much time to think & pray & plan & prepare & even make moves if necessary or make economic moves that are necessary. We've already been doing some of these things & have prepared contingency plans for some of these things. But I want you to think more seriously about it than you ever have before & plan more specifically than you ever did before!--As far as we now know & as far as we can now see!
       47. OF COURSE, GOD CAN ALWAYS CHANGE OUR PLANS AT THE LAST MINUTE IF HE KNOWS BETTER, WHICH HE HAS OFTEN DONE. Well, at least we were ready to go even if it was the wrong direction! Even if we were preparing to go the wrong direction, we knew we had to go & we were packed & we wound up our work & we had wound up the Family in Europe & had helped the major World Service Units to escape & all the rest, & we were in the process of leaving. We were preparing for it & we were ready. We had done everything we could. God knew that, even if He let us drift along in a dream thinking we were going in the other direction! I mean, if we hadn't had any idea of going anywhere or any direction, we wouldn't have prepared at all, right? But He even made us think we were going to go to Latin America & we started preparing for that for a year or two, first to the Caribbean & then it was South America & then it was Uruguay, etc., etc. Thank God we didn't go to Uruguay after all we've heard about what's happened there since! Right?
       48. BUT GOD GOT US READY WITH EVERYTHING WE COULD DO, UNTIL AT THE LAST MINUTE HE TOLD US EXACTLY WHERE TO GO, & MAYBE THAT WAS FOR SECURITY'S SAKE! Boy, did God fool us & others! He switcharooed at the last minute, & boom, we were off in the opposite direction! Well, at least we were packed & ready & we had our money ready & we had our tickets & all the rest, which we could cash in & just reverse the direction, that's all!
       49. BUT I'M TALKING ABOUT NOW OR TOMORROW OR NEXT MONTH, MAYBE THIS COMING YEAR, MAYBE NOT EVEN THAT LONG! What if things get so hot for us with all this new bad publicity? The Devil knew & of course God let him do it, that because of this "700 Club" in the U.S. & other such Christian agencies so-called, that this attack was not merely a national attack in the United States, Brother, it is a worldwide attack! It's one of the Devil's most vicious & bitter attacks with which he hopes to make a knock-down blow, a death-blow to God's Work & His organisation & His leadership! But as usual, God is just giving him enough rope to hang himself, & somehow it is going to turn out for our good!--If nothing else, as persecution often does & usually does, to drive us into making decisions for our own self-protection & our own self-preservation, primarily the preservation of the Work, to take certain measures & moves & steps to plan & prepare for the Future.--Amen? GBY!--ARE YOU READY?

Copyright (c) 1997 by The Family