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THE DOLLAR & THE CRASH!       DO 1810       7/84

       1. WHEN THE DOLLAR CRASHES, THE OTHER CURRENCIES WON'T NECESSARILY GO ALONG WITH IT, it can drag them down later, but not necessarily right at that time, because the others are not skyrocketing, they're not inflating. Do you remember "The Green Paper Pig"?--It exploded suddenly! (ML No.243) It may drag the other currencies down later.

       2. BUT ALL OF OUR UNITS SHOULD BE PREPARED FINANCIALLY FOR THE CRASH! They should also have some other strong international currency, plus some local currency. Do you remember the finance Letter, "Forecast"? (See No.1276.)--Have three currencies & gold, if possible. Right now it is very good to have Dollars because they are going up. It's like stocks. At the moment, the more Dollars we have the better, in a way, but they're very shaky & they could crash any minute, like stocks! No, we're not going to get rid of all the Dollars but we are to have other cushions on which to land & not have all our eggs in one basket! We need the Dollars now & they are good & getting better for awhile, but I'm just warning you! All the best economist have warned about it, too: What goes up must come down!--And the bigger they come, the harder they fall!

       3. THE U.S., LIKE THE OTHER DEBTOR COUNTRIES, CANNOT KEEP LIVING BEYOND ITS INCOME FOREVER! The only reason the Dollar is going up is because the [EDITED: "ACs"] have hiked the interest rates & they are doing that deliberately right now of course, because it's good for them & their Dollars & it's getting a vast influx of U.S. Dollars into the U.S. economy to pump it up & to help pay its debts & its expenses. In other words, they are living on borrowed money now, being borrowed from Europe & the Mideast.--Just like the Third World countries have been living on borrowed money from Europe & the U.S.

       4. THE U.S. IS NOW THE WORLD'S LARGEST DEBTOR NATION! It's got far bigger debts than all the Latin American countries put together! But the U.S. is flying high because they hold the mortgages, so to speak, on the Third World! But I wouldn't be a bit surprised that the [EDITED: "ACs"] are doing this, because after all, they run the banks, they raise the interest, & invite all that European & Mid-Eastern Arab capital into the United States into Dollars to trap them! The U.S. cannot repay. So once they've got it, the U.S. has got it! And of course the [EDITED: "ACs"] run the U.S. more than any other part of the World & they will be sort of in the position that theThird World countries are in right now!

       5. IF YOU ASK ME, THE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES ARE THE ONES WHO, IN A WAY, RIGHT NOW ARE ON TOP & HAVE GOT THE BANKS OVER A BARREL! Because the Third World countries have got the money, not the banks! And if they can't pay, they can't pay, so they could just keep it! The same thing could happen to the U.S., borrowing all these billions from Europe & now the Mideast! By & by they've got to tell them, sooner or later they can't pay: "Sorry, boys, we've got it but we can't pay!" And whenever that happens or whenever these crazy money-mad loaners wake up to the fact that they're pouring all that loan money down a U.S. rat hole & they get scared, they're going to start selling their Dollars, dumping Dollars & trying to get rid of their Dollars & get out of Dollars because they know they can't get them back unless they hurry up & dump them & withdraw their loans from the United states!

       6. AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS THE DOLLAR COULD CRASH OVERNIGHT, TAKE A NOSEDIVE & BE WORTH NEARLY NOTHING THE NEXT MORNING! Well, the Black Monday Stock Market Crash of 1929 actually started about a week before. It began going down but it didn't take the nosedive & the bottom didn't drop out until Monday, October 1929! So as far as the Dollar is concerned, what goes up must come down! The U.S. cannot live on credit forever, the foreigners are just pouring their money into the U.S., buying Dollars because they are so money-greedy they want to make that high interest on those Dollars, so they are loaning all this money to the U.S., billions!

       7. BUT THE U.S. CANNOT REPAY! IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE! But all these money-greedy rich moneylenders of Europe & the Mideast can't resist the temptation of that high interest that the [EDITED: "ACs"] are offering, even though they know it's risky! They still hope to able to get their money back. Meanwhile they're making a lot of money on the interest. But when the time comes that they can't get it back or they wake up to the fact that they might not get it back & they get scared, they'll start pulling out their loans & dumping their Dollars & that will be it!--CRASH

       8. AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, JAPAN HAS THE STRONGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW! It is not a debtor nation. It has a tremendous surplus balance & trade surplus & a strong currency. They're not borrowing money by the billions like the U.S. is, they're making it by the billions! That's why the U.S. is so worried about Japan. Don't forget, they waged one war with Japan for the same reason, because Japan was prospering so & outselling them so & beating them in the market, so they finally decided the only way to beat Japan was militarily! Well, now they can't because Japan is a friend & an ally & they need her. That's why the U.S. has taken so much off Japan right now. Japan is outselling them coming & going, every which way, & beating them fun the market place almost to the dust! Whereas Japan is making money, the U.S. IS borrowing money & losing money!

       9. SO I'D SAY THE STRONGEST CURRENCIES TO HAVE GOOD-SIZED RESERVE IN IS YEN OR SWISS FRANCES. Gold is going down now only because the Dollar is going up, so that doesn't mean a thing. Gold is worth just as much as ever. When the Dollar crashes, gold will go back up again. But it's a little hard to eat or spend, so you need some good liquid currency to get by on to survive.

       10. I'M JUST SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD NOT KEEP TOO MUCH OF YOUR RESERVES IN DOLLARS. Now is this time to spend them while they are worth so much, & keep spending them! We should spend them as fast as we can for things we need like printing equipment, pubs, etc. Don't keep them, so when they crash we won't get caught with our Dollars down! We do pretty much spend money as fast as it comes in, but you'd better be sure to keep your fluid liquid cash in something more solid than Dollars! And I'd say the Swiss Franc & the Yen is it, & I've said that before. In fact, I said it about three years ago in South Africa.

       11. SO "DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH YOUR DOLLARS DOWN!" Hang on to your gold & be sure you have a good stock of good strong currency like Japanese Yen or Swiss Francs if you have any reserve currency at all. Now is this time to spend your Dollars! Buy everything you can. Buy everything you need. Spend, spend, spend on pubs, lit, necessary equipment, etc. (Maria: You could buy some of the other currency with it, right?) Yes, sure, but of course nothing is as good as things you actually need to eat & use that's almost the safest investment, but you also usually have to have cash for a few other things like rent & utilities & current expenses.

       12. ONCE THE LITTLE FELLOWS SEE THE BIG BOYS PULLING OUT & THINGS START GOING DOWNHILL, WHETHER IT'S THE STOCK MARKET OR IT'S THE CURRENCY OR WHATEVER IT IS, AS IT GOES DOWN IT GAINS VELOCITY & IT REALLY GOES FAST! And going up, it's going up rapidly, but that's purely because of the U.S. interest rates & the stupidity of foreign investors having faith in the United States that it is going to survive! They figure the U.S. is a good sound investment. That's where we've got them beat, we know better, ha! Thank the Lord! Although there are plenty of wise economists who are also warning & warning!

       13. WE'RE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! One cartoon & some charts I was looking at the other day--by a preacher, no less!--showed how shakey the American economy is & how phenomenal & impossible the debt is & the deficit, how it's just completely out of control. The whole Federal budget & the deficit & the trade balance & everything is haywire, they're in such a rut, those Americans!--It's now a Grand Canyon! The American Christians are just as bad, they've got the same confidence in the U.S.A., that it's going to survive because of their prayers!

       14. I MEAN, AFTER SEEING THAT ON A VIDEO YOU'RE JUST ABOUT CONVINCED THAT THE SMARTEST THING TO DO IS GET OUT OF THE U.S., get out of U.S. currency & get out of U.S. securities & everything else! But then he turns right around & advises you that the soundest, best investment is U.S. Treasury Bonds!--instead of buying things on time, in which you pay maybe three times as much in 20 or 30 years of making time payments on a house. He was using it as an example. He said, "You buy a house for $60,000 but you pay for it on time at $600 a month. Actually $200 a month of it is going to interest, & as the time goes by, it mounts up! Because by the time you've finished paying for that house, you have paid $180,000 for it, three times as much, two-thirds of it in interest!" And he's talking about 20 or 30 years from now! So he's showing how you could be smarter if, instead of paying all that money out like that to somebody else & paying them interest, you rent your house instead of buying it!--A very smart thing! I went right along with him until he got that far.

       15. MY BROTHER TOLD ME THAT WHEN HE CAME BACK FROM COLLEGE 50 YEARS AGO! He'd learned that in economics class, that that's what the whole tide was--after FDR, the guy that went in for the big deficit & started piling it up! The hide was turning against ownership in favour of the renters & leasers. So this guy is saying that the best thing to do is rent your house, & when you can rent your house, instead of paying $600 a month on a house you're buying, maybe you pay only $400 a month to rent a house & then take the other $200 that you'd be paying in interest & put it into a good sound investment like Treasury Bonds (?--Ha!)--And in the next 20 or 30 years, you'll have made over $200,000 on accumulative interest, compound interest. And he said, "And you'll be way out in front, money ahead!"

       16. THEY TALK OUT OF ONE CORNER OF THEIR MOUTHS LIKE THEY KNOW THE U.S. IS READY TO COLLAPSE, BUT STILL THEY JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT! They can't believe it! He's telling them to put their money then into "some good sound investments" where they get the interest & they make the money, & in the long run they'd make more money off of just that $200, that one/third of their payments that would have gone to interest. They'll make the money & they'll make more money than the house is worth, about four times as much! Sounds great!--if the U.S. is going to last another 20 or 30 years! Ha!

       17. THESE CHRISTIANS ARE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT HOW THE LORD IS GOING TO COME SO SOON, BUT THEN THEY CONTRADICT THEMSELVES by saying, "You know, we are not the ones that are apt to suffer the most, it is our grandchildren that are going to suffer from the economic situation! " I mean it shows they don't really believe what they are saying about Jesus coming soon! How is any smart businessman, a really intelligent guy listening to his arguments, going to believe him when he doesn't practice what he preaches? He doesn't advocate practicing what he's preaching, except up to a point, see? He's saying, well, you're better off to invest it.

       18. WE'RE NOT EVEN TALKING ABOUT MAKING MONEY, WE'RE TALKING ABOUT SAVING MONEY! SO THE SMARTEST THING TO DO TODAY TO BEAT INFLATION IS TO BUY ON TIME! You know prices'll never go down. Even in the Depression, though the prices tumbled for awhile, the rich soon had them back up again. But if you pay on time, in the first place you may never have to pay for it! In the second place, you're getting it dirt cheap compared to what the price will be later! Even if the Lord did tarry another 20 or 30 years, which He is not, by that time the inflation would be so bad that what you're paying for it is peanuts!

       19. SO BY BUYING ON TIME YOU'VE GOT IT GOING & COMING IN YOUR FAVOUR!--Especially if someone were to make any major purchases such as houses & cars & land & stuff, etc. I'd even advise that on big machines, if you could possibly lease them or rent them you'd be money ahead, or especially if you could buy them on time. The lease-purchase plan with option to buy is best, the plans where they actually tell you they charge you a higher price, maybe 20-30% more, but they let you pay it on time. Well, by the time you get through paying for it, if you ever do, you're getting it for peanuts because of inflation & everything else--& God knows, in the first place, things are not going to last long! So the piddly little payments you're making are nothing compared to the total prices of the machine!

       20. SO I'VE BEEN ADVISING THIS FOR 20 YEARS & I'VE BEEN PREDICTING WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN FOR 20 YEARS! It doesn't take anybody very smart to see it if they just think. I've been reading this in the paper since I was a teenager, where they were warning & warning about it, saying, well, we're borrowing big & spending big now, but someday somebody's gotta pay! See, the U.S.A. used to borrow almost entirely from its own people in bonds & stuff like that, but now they're doing even worse!--It's getting to where foreign investment in the U.S. is getting heavier than local investment, & for a pretty good reason--the taxes have gotten so high that the people can't even afford to save money! So how are you going to buy bonds? But there are still plenty of rich people in the U.S. who can still buy stuff like that. So woe to those who take his advice & go out & buy a bunch of Treasury bills, on which actually the interest is pretty low & slow & you've got to last maybe 20-30 years to really get anything out of it!

       21. THEY PREACH ONE THING OUT OF THEIR MOUTH BUT THEY PRACTISE SOMETHING ELSE WITH THEIR HANDS! Or they preach one thing & they advise people to do something else. And they talk like the Lord is coming tomorrow & yet they're planning for their grandchildren! Boy! I'm planning for my grandchildren, sure, right now, they're here & now & I'm planning right now for them. I'm doing well to make plans for tomorrow, much less years from now & saving up for their college & blah, blah! He's talking about how by the time your grandchildren get to college, you'll have it made! You'll have enough saved up & compound interest made so that it won't be any problem, blah, blah, blah, instead of paying this other guy all this interest! Well, if things were going to last that long I would agree with him.--But we know they're not!

       22. I'VE ALWAYS SAID, YOU KNOW THAT, YOU'VE READ THE OLD LETTERS, (SEE NOs. 315A:23-26, 327, etc.) THAT IT IS BETTER TO BUY ON TIME & not put out a lot of money now, because money will always get cheaper because of inflation, & the value of the Dollar is always going to eventually go down. If you could see a chart of the Dollar over the years you'd be amazed! But they don't even hardly dare print one, they don't hardly dare tell you! Once in awhile they come out with a little stat on how much the Dollar has devaluated. But see, all I have to do is remember what a quart of milk cost, what a gallon of gas cost, what 25 pounds of ice cost when I was a kid, that sort of thing.--Ten cents each! What did a loaf of bread cost?--Ten cents! And then look at the prices today!--And they're just ten times as much! Well, that doesn't mean really that prices have gone up, I mean they have, but it just means the Dollar today has gone down & is only worth ten cents, that's all! It's worth what a dime was worth when I was a kid!

       23. SO INFLATION IS ANCIENT HISTORY, THE COMMON AILMENT OF NEARLY ALL GREAT CIVILISATIONS, THE DEVALUATION OF THEIR MONEY! In those days it wasn't even paper, it was actual coinage! They kept diluting their coinage & it kept deteriorating, you know, kept putting in alloys. Well, it's pollution, coinage pollution, there's a word for it where they debase the coinage, put in baser & baser metals, until the latest U.S. silver Dollar they tried to mint, it didn't go over because no one would take it! The metals in it didn't even begin to be worth anything near a Dollar, I think it's worth something like nine cents! See, they used to make the coins out of precious metal, out of actual gold, pure gold, & out of actual pure silver & they were really worth their face value. But the coinage today isn't worth much more than the paper! Ha! So it's ridiculous!

       24. AND THIS HAS BEEN TRUE OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS. Go back to Greece or Rome, & they tell you how they actually found their coins & analysed them & found how that over the years they got baser & baser with more base metals added to them. So every one of these crooked, political, governmental civilizations & administrations have all been crooked, they've all done the same thing, all been up to cheating the people!

       25. LOOK AT HIS CARTOON!--IT'S VIVID! HE'S ILLUSTRATING THE "MONEY POOL," as he called it. He has the Stock Market floating on the surface like a sailboat, showing how there are two streams that supply the money pool or the money supply as they call it!--The M-1, M-2, they've got all kinds of fancy names & stuff you can't understand, they talk a jargon like computer people that only they can understand, they don't want the common people to understand. And they talk about the government money supply, it's one stream flowing into the pool, & of course the government doesn't have any money. It doesn't really have any, it just prints it! They're the biggest counterfeiters in the World! About the only thing keeping the pool up is one stream, the government money supply.--In other words, all this counterfeit paper money the government pours into the economy to pay its own bills! Think of it! It just distributes paper!

       26. IT'S GOTTEN TO WHERE THE U.S. IS NOW THE BIGGEST DEBTOR NATION ON EARTH & THEY OWE MORE MONEY THAN ALL THE LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES PUT TOGETHER! Pretty soon it looks like it is going to owe more than all of the Third World put together! These two streams are flowing in, paper money, literally worthless counterfeit paper money printed by the government, & loans they're getting from the people of the World.

       27. AND THEN THERE'S A GREAT BIG HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE LAKE & above it this whirlpool & the sailboat not too far away, a maelstrom dropping through this hole, this huge stream, into this underground cavern or a totally lost vault called "the deficit"! Actually the money is going underground causing the sinking of the pool, sinking more & more because what's pouring in doesn't even begin to fill it up, so it's losing ground! So the lake is losing water & the underground vault is losing water & it's all going down the drain, & the sailboat marked "Stock Market"--he could have just as well added "Currency" or "U.S. Dollar" to the sailboat--is sailing dangerously near this huge maelstrom, this huge hole in the bottom of the lake, ready for a nosedive!

       28. HERE HE'S ILLUSTRATING THE VERY THING WE'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR 20 YEARS, THAT THE DAY OF RECKONING HAS TO COME SOME DAY! People will lose confidence & they just won't loan the government any more, & they'll lost confidence in the currency because they know it's just paper & they won't buy it any more! And the whole thing then will--whew!--Go down the drain! Including the Stock Market, the currency & (of course, he didn't say so) along with it the government & the U.S.A.!

       29. I'VE BEEN SAYING IT FOR YEARS & WISE ECONOMISTS HAVE BEEN SAYING IT FOR YEARS! I can remember reading it when I was in Junior High & into the paper all the time! I used to read every daily newspaper, read them through! We got the Miami Herald & the Miami Daily News & I tried to read them both, ha! I kept huge scrapbooks of all the articles that I thought were important. Isn't it funny how the Lord even gave me preparation for that? I'm doing almost the same thing now. I cut stuff out I thought was important. And of course it was also a civics & history project, you know, that I got credit for, which I didn't mind because I enjoyed it anyhow, but it was interesting, and it gave me a little experience along that line.

       30. BUT I REMEMBER READING ARTICLE AFTER ARTICLE ON THE DEFICIT, warning against what FDR was doing! He was the first President who really got the U.S. deep in debt & didn't care! He just built it up horribly, he just printed more money & borrowed more money from the people until the U.S. can never repay it! Unless you have collected yours already by this time, you probably will never get it back! In fact you'll definitely never get it back because the money is going down the drain, the Stock Market is going down the drain & the whole U.S. is going down the drain!

       31. JUST BEFORE THIS RECENT SURGE OF THE DOLLAR, THE SWISS FRANC WAS PRETTY GOOD & HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST RELIABLE CURRENCIES WITH THE LEAST FLUCTUATION, & it was up to almost two to the Dollar. Now the Dollar has gone back up to 2.38 Swiss Francs. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow it was 2.40. But it seems that I can remember sometime there when it was even worse. Do you remember when we were there, wasn't it almost 2.50 Swiss Francs to the Dollar? The Dollar did that other skyrocket back yonder, then it took a nosedive again, see? And it keeps doing that.

       32. BUT IT'S JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU ABOUT GOLD, ONLY IT GOES IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. Gold is up two steps, back one, up two, back one, etc. It keeps going a little higher, up & down but always higher. The Dollar in actual value, etc., it keeps going up & down but always lower. It'll go up but then it will sink lower than ever. It'll go up not quite as high as the last time, then it'll sink lower than before. It's steadily going down, it's just plain stats & history!

       33. BUT ANYHOW, THAT'S THE REASON WHY IT'S WISE TO HAVE SOME DOLLARS WHILE THE DOLLAR IS GOING UP RIGHT NOW, because of their purchasing power for paying bills & buying equipment. Praise the Lord anyhow! It's good to keep some Dollars because they've still got very good purchasing power. But we need to keep that reserve of other strong currencies. Even in our current accounts & our current funds I think it is wise to keep about 50/50, even if it's the money that's passing through, going straight out in bills. Because when it happens you don't want to get caught with you pants down or your Dollars down! You don't want all your eggs in one basket.

       34. SO UNTIL THE LORD SHOWS US SOMETHING MORE SPECIFICALLY, I THINK IT WOULD BE WISE TO HAVE SOME OF BOTH. Maybe the day before it happens He will tell us specifically what to do. Maybe we'll go out & spend our Dollars & buy Yen & Francs in a hurry because we'll probably sense the turn even quicker than them because we know it's going to happen! They're always hoping for the best, that maybe it won't happen & even when it gets to the top & starts curving down, a lot of them still hang on because they think, "Well, it's just going to go down a little & then it'll go back up again." But frankly I don't think there's time for another recovery, another upturn of the Dollar. The next time it starts down, I think that's it! So, Brother, I believe that would be the cue, once it starts turning down again, we should probably sell most of our Dollars! All of our funds just flow right through, everything that comes in goes out, but even in the very short time it spends in the banks it's good to keep a good-sized half-&-half cushion so we're not totally relying on one or the other, whatever happens. Amen?

       35. JAPAN HAS TURNED OUT TO BE THE STRONGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. THANK OF THAT! So you know God is going to bless Japan if for no other reason than because we're there! I'm sure that's one reason He's blessing it & that's one reason He told us to go there, so He could bless it. Our folks in Japan are really being blest! So if you're in the East I believe it's safer to have a good strong negotiable currency like the Yen which is popular throughout the East, probably next to the Dollar, don't you think? The Yen is next, & now that Japan is loosening up its banking rules & everything, the U.S. is even trying to get Japan to make the Yen more international, more negotiable, etc., that will make it even better for holding Yen. There won't be so many restrictions on it.

       36. OF COURSE THE SWISS FRANC HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOOD & has always been respected & had a lot of confidence & been really firm & steady over the years. The Franc has held so steady, the firmest currency in the world in spite of the Dollar's fluctuations, & right now it still has had less devaluation & depreciation than any other currency on Earth! And compared to the Dollar, even in spite of this latest inflation of the Dollar, the Franc has been fairly firm & steady, kept its value. And of course, one reason for that is not only because so many people like to bank there, but Switzerland also keeps a huge big solid reserve of gold! That's the main thing that keeps the Swiss Franc steady besides confidence in the honesty of the Swiss & the bank secrecy & all the rest, & the neutrality of the country--smart! So I think that would be the wisest thing to do, don't you? Maybe just tell our boys as fast as it comes in to convert, go 50/50 to whatever is their easiest & nearest most negotiable currency, either Swiss Franc in the West or Yen in the East. I would say that in the East probably the Yen is even safer than the Franc, because when the Crash comes, I believe Switzerland will be more affected than Japan because it is right there in the middle of Europe!

       37. SO JUST DON'T FORGET THE PICTURE THAT THE LORD SHOWED US! IF I EVER HAD A REVELATION, IT WAS "THE GREEN PAPER PIG!" (ML No.243) Brother, it kept getting bigger & bigger & fatter & fatter till finally it just exploded! When I turned & faced him & challenged him & rebuked him in Jesus' name, he exploded! So what does that mean to you? (Peter: Well, that probably you exposed it.) What happens to the Dollar depends on us. I just represent God's people & the Voice of the Lord, so then when enough is enough, when God has had enough of this foolishness of the [EDITED: "ACs"], then He is going to stop it & it is going to explode!

       38. I BELIEVE THE FACT THAT I WAS IN THE PICTURE CHALLENGING & REBUKING IT ALSO MEANS THAT GOD IS SORT OF WAITING ON US. What were we doing in the Dream? We were fleeing, right? We were trying to escape the System, right? And at the same time we are doing our job, while we are escaping we are doing our job. Well, He's trying to wait as long as He can for us to get our job done, but when it looks like the Dollar maybe is going to gobble us up, when the time comes when He knows it has gone far enough & that we've gone as far as we can go before it catches up with us, so to speak, then He's got to explode it!

       39. IN A REVELATION LIKE THAT EVERYTHING IS SIGNIFICANT! For one thing, we were crossing the river, weren't we?--In boats to the other side, to the Arab side across the Jordan. We're switching sides at the right time, showing our Arab sympathies & everything else, because they, at least for awhile, are going to be masters of the World, & Israel, at least for awhile, is going to go down the drain, at least as far as the coming Antichrist government, etc., is concerned. See, the [EDITED: "Israelis"] think now they've really just about got it made. But the only way they're going to save themselves is to cooperate in the Holy Covenant, unholy really! Israel's to gang up with the Arabs & the Moslems, & of course, if you get them all together that's pretty powerful! But right now we have shown our sympathies for the Arabs and our antipathies to the [EDITED: "Israelis"] & predicted that the Arabs are going to soon become the masters. Well, it might help us, although we've also made some cracks about the Islamic Revolution, ha! We're between the Devil & the deep blue sea! (Or Blue Turban! Ha!--See "'The F.P' & Nostradamus," GN 147.)

       40. BUT ANYHOW, WE WERE GETTING ACROSS, SO THERE MUST BE SOME GREATER SAFETY CERTAINLY IN BEING ON THE OTHER SIDE THAN ON THIS SIDE--on the [EDITED: "AC"] side, the U.S. side, the Western side! Oh, that was shifting from West to East too, across the river! We were going from the West to the East, see? And it was down near the Dead Sea. That's where it all stops, it's sort of the End! And I think that probably is what that symbolizes. We were near the end of the Jordan River, which sounded like symbolizing time or final events down to the End! Only don't give me credit for it. It's just the Lord. I have nothing to do with it except that I just pass it on, that's all, He gives it.--I'm not that smart. He gives it, period! So, praise the Lord!

       41. SO HOLDING YOUR CURRENCY HALF IN DOLLARS & HALF IN EITHER YEN OR FRANCS WOULD BE MUCH SAFER. You'll be doing then what they call playing both ends against the middle. It's better to be at least half right than all wrong, ha! And we're at least safe, we're bound to be at least half right if we stick one foot on each side of the fence. At least you've got something to stand on, one leg if nothing else! Ok? Remember, the wise thing to do is to keep part of your funds in Dollars, part of it in another very strong world currency such as Francs or Yen, & then part of it in local currency which the local people still respect & will take. You can't go out in any little ol' Podunk city & buy groceries with Yen or Francs down in South America or somewhere in the backwoods! Keep part of it in local money also, & if possible, have a little reserve in gold.

       42. NOW FOR LITTLE LOCAL HOMES & Colonies that have money going in & out so fast that it is almost going out faster than it is coming in, they can't necessarily afford to have much reserve. But at least as the money is passing through the bank they could possibly keep it in two or three different currencies just to play it safe. Right? I mean even if you had one-third Dollars & one-third some other strong currency like Francs or Yen, & kept one-third in your local currency for local purchases, you're bound to be at least one-third right, ha!--And more likely two-thirds right! Because we know, if nothing else, that the Dollar is going to go down.

       43. OF COURSE, WHEN THE U.S. GOES DOWN & THE DOLLAR GOES DOWN, IT IS GOING TO DRAG QUITE A FEW WITH IT, especially those who had too much confidence in it & invested too much in it. So it's going to be a little tough. Of course, when the Crash comes it is going to affect the whole world, but at least if you know what's happening & you're preparing for it, you're not going to be caught completely empty-handed & flatfooted & naked & stripped! You'll have a little something at least left to hang on to, something that's worth something, that's negotiable & you can survive on until the new World Government takes over. Then probably it will nullify all former negotiable goods & currencies & just take over! You'll have to, no doubt, trade in everything.

       44. THE COMMON PRACTICE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT THE NEW GOVERNMENT THAT TAKES OVER MAKES YOU TRADE IN ALL YOUR OLD CURRENCY, & the U.S. even made the people trade in their gold, everything! By law it was illegal to keep gold except gold teeth, gold glasses & a few gold ornaments. But it was illegal to keep gold coinage. I'll never forget when I was a little kid, that made me so mad, I had to give up that $20 gold piece! Boy, think what it would be worth today!--$200! But they'll make you trade in all that stuff anyhow. When that time comes, forget it, you might as well, they'll have to take care of you then! Ha!--Just like they do in these big dictatorships, they trade freedom for security.

       45. AND IT WILL BE A TOTALLY ORGANISED SOCIETY LIKE IT IS IN RUSSIA & CHINA & some of those places where the government dictates everything. But at the same time in those societies, the reason the people are willing to go for it is the government takes care of everything too, see? You see those new Jewish émigrés that are leaving Russia & going to Israel, they hardly known what to do when they get there! They don't know how to earn their own living, they don't know how to make decisions! Everything was formerly decided for them, provided for them, education, their apartments, their job, their living, their salary, everything, & they were told what to do! They suddenly land in Israel in a country whose economy is already bankrupt & gone broke & where jobs are hard to get & even the salary they get is depreciating 400% a year! Think of it! And they're just in shock, they don't hardly know what to do!

       46. A LOT OF THEM HAVE ACTUALLY GONE BACK TO RUSSIA! They don't advertise that much but once in a great while I've seen stats on it, how many of them got upset & dissatisfied & went back! We even learned that while we were there, that a lot of them got sick & dissatisfied & want back! Of course they were called what we'd call backsliders, traitors & everything else because they wouldn't suffer & sacrifice for the great Jewish state, blah blah! But those people have been used to being taken care of all their lives, from the cradle to the grave.--As the guy said yesterday, "From womb to tomb"! Ha! I mean every decision is made for them, & everything is free! They're given everything free, medical care & free education, everything, free apartments & all that! Everything is taken care of!--If they faithfully slave for the Government!

       47. SO BY THAT TIME YOU WON'T HAVE TO MAKE THE DECISIONS, THEY'LL BE MADE FOR YOU, HA! But the Lord will take care of us then too, I'm sure. Most of all the Lord will take care of us. But right now we have to make some decisions, & that would be my advice on your present monetary policy. In this case, we'll probably be at least half right, whatever happens, ha!--How about you?--GBAKY in Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family