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SATAN'S EVIL SPELL!--FROM DEB TO JEZEBEL!        DO 1814        7/84--Dad Discussing Deb's Book

       1. THEY LOVE TO USE THAT WORD "CULT" because it sounds so much more ulterior than "sect", because they are all sects & they know it. What they don't like to acknowledge is that they are all cults, which the dictionary gives as "a form of religion" as a primary meaning. Only the secondary meaning is "a false religion". So of course, they prefer to call themselves an orthodox religion & all others cults, & what they mean by cults is false religion!
       2. THE FUNNY PART ABOUT IT IS THE CATHOLICS CALL ALL OF THEM CULTS & THEY CALL THE CATHOLICS A CULT! So they are all cults! So everybody is calling each other cults & not everybody can be right, somebody has got to be wrong! I prefer to choose us as to being right & therefore, in the secondary sense of the word, not a cult or a false religion. In other words, we have just as much right to call them cults & false religions as the Catholics do & as they do the Catholics & the Jews & us! I'll accept the Catholics' definition: They're all cults!--Ha!
       3. EVEN THE FRENCH NEWSPAPERS WHEN THEY LIST THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES LIST THEM AS CULTS! (Maria: That's a French word, isn't it?) It comes from an original Latin word meaning a religion. "Cult" means religion. But they have given it a dirty meaning, meaning a false, evil religion. That's why we have to get rid of this pseudonym "cult" because they include all cults as bad religions in their terminology as a cult! So they include us as a cult, but we refuse to be included as cult, because of what they say about the cults. They make an absolutely inseparable union between us & all other cults. It's all the same to them.--And this is not so!
       4. SO IF WE ACCEPT THE NAME "CULT" THEN WE ARE COMING UNDER THEIR CONDEMNATION & ACCUSATIONS OF ALL FALSE RELIGIONS, of whom many of their accusations are true. So we don't dare let ourselves be called a cult because they have forsaken the primary meaning, "a religion", & they have emphasised only the bad meaning, which is a false religion. In the primary meaning of the word they are just as much a cult as we are, meaning "a religion", if not the second also!
       5. THE DEVIL DID HIS DIRTY WORK THROUGH DEB TO TRY TO OVERBURDEN US & DELAY US & HINDER US! But as usual, God is going to get a great victory out of this seeming defeat.--In Jesus' name, amen! GBAKY from these deceivers & wicked persons!

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