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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

THIS COULD WIN US DISCIPLES!        DO 1815        7/84

       1. I'M READING THE BOOK & IT'S A GREAT ENCOURAGEMENT, A REAL INSPIRATION! It shows the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Lord, that they just cannot publish the Devil's lies without including a lot of the Truth! In fact, so far the first half of the book is more Truth than fiction!--Accurate history & accurate analysis & all that sort of thing. There's more Truth than lie in the first half of the book. There are plenty of lies, diabolical, horrible lies, but they have to publish the Truth! Isn't that funny how the Lord makes those people do it? "Great is the company of them that publish it!" (Psa.68:11) Even though they think they're doing it to down us & they do it in the middle of their bad publicity, God just will not let them publish that stuff without an accompanying proclamation of the Truth! Think of it! They just can't do it! I've never seen hardly an article yet that they didn't have to put in some Truth. They've got to say something, & in describing us they just cannot escape the Truth, it's there!
       2. BOY, IT'S A MARVELLOUS RENDITION OF OUR WHOLE HISTORY, LIFE, DOCTRINE, PRACTICE, THE WORKS! Of course, they condemn most of it, & of course being the publishing house that they are, the fundamentalists of the fundamentalists & the conservatives of the conservatives, the Church of the Brethren, Zondervan, they are death on Pentecostals & anything Pentecostal, Charismatic, tongues, gifts of the Spirit, Holy Spirit & healing!--And it crops up in that book all the way through! They're not only against us, they're against anything & anybody that's like us! So that'll kill'm with the Pentecostals!
       3. I'M SURPRISED THAT GUY PAT ROBERTSON ON THAT VIDEO OF THE "700 CLUB" EVEN HAD'M ON HIS SHOW WHEN HE'S SO PENTECOSTAL, CHARISMATIC, PRO-HEALING & ALL THAT! I think he's pretty dumb myself. I think he probably does a lot of that stuff on the advice of program managers & advisers. He can't do everything, just like me. (Maria: How could he have a big show like that every day & keep up with everything otherwise?) He couldn't!--And read every book & know about everybody. He's just heard bad things, of course, about the cults & us, & "Well, she wrote a book so here it is & you guys recommended it." And I'm sure he had some pretty powerful, influential people recommend that book & those two people to be on the show!
       4. HE SUPPORTS THE CHURCH, YOU KNOW. HE IS FOR THE CHURCHES LOCK, STOCK & BARREL & ADVOCATES CHURCHIANITY FROM THE WORD GO! His whole message is: "Get saved & join a church!"--So of course the churches support him. That's how he can get by with it & that's why he's getting along so well. He supports the government too, the U.S.A. Oh, he's a gung-ho, flag-waving, red-white-&-blue, hardhat, Reaganite type of Christian! So that's the kind of a show he runs, & of course though he's Charismatic & somewhat Pentecostal & they believe in the Spirit & gifts & healing etc., all those churchianity people of course are dead set against anything different, the cults or anything like that. But I wonder if he knew when he was promoting the book along with the two false witnesses, that he's promoting a book that condemns everything that he believes in & practises? It's very subtle in some ways, but it's a blast at Pentecostalism, tongues, spiritual gifts, hearing voices, healing & that sort of thing. They can't help but be or Zondervan wouldn't have published it!
       5. AND I'VE READ HALF THE BOOK & IT ABSOLUTELY WAS NOT WRITTEN BY EITHER DEBORAH OR BILL! They are just the stooges, the puppets, that whoever actually wrote the book or had it written or the authors & psychologists etc. used as their excuse for credibility. They're nothing in the World but a false front! Their very signature on the book is a lie, because there are too many dates & events & things in there which are wrong. I don't even think Deb must have read the book! There are too many little things that could have been easily corrected. It was not to their advantage in any way to misquote dates & events & persons & things that happened which she knew exactly when & how & who & what, which they got completely screwed up & totally off!
       6. IN OTHER WORDS, IT'S TOTALLY INACCURATE IN A LOT OF ITS MISTAKES, WHICH DEBORAH, IF SHE'D EVEN READ THE BOOK, COULD EASILY HAVE CORRECTED & WOULD HAVE KNOWN WERE NOT RIGHT. She must have almost been in a stupor when they published that book! She probably even refused to read it. I wouldn't be surprised if she just let Bill handle it. And all he did, or whoever did it, was apparently give'm the facts & figures & quotes & all the rest. I think all Bill & Deb did was just deliver the material they had to the authors, the genuine real authors, the diabolical, devilish, Satan-inspired authors, & let them, the ghost-writers, write it for them. But you see, Deborah & Bill Davis' names had to be used on it for credibility & it had to be put in their words & pretend to be their actual writing.
       7. I KNOW FOR ONE THING DEB COULDN'T EVEN HAVE BEGUN TO WRITE THAT BOOK, & I KNOW THAT BILL WAS NOT THAT SMART EITHER! He is not that diabolically clever, he's not that well-educated, he's not that smart. Some real smart top psychologists & theologians actually wrote that book! It shows you what trickery the Devil is up to & what a liar he is, what a deceiver, what a trickster!--Using them because they were actually in the movement & she was actually my daughter, & this of course is "her personal testimony all in her words," giving it credibility!--While it's all their lies! I doubt if she even agreed with all of it! I know there are some things in there, no matter how far gone she is, that she could not have agreed with.
       8. THEY CONSTANTLY PROTECT HER VIRGINITY & HER SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS! They tried to infer that, "Of course she didn't yield to these things, she didn't submit! Horrors no! It was all her father & her father's fault!" What lies! I hate to come out with all the dirt & tell the whole truth, but I'm sure going to expose that book! It's not going to be very hard, it's really easy!
       9. BUT I'VE BEEN REALLY INSPIRED READING IT, I'VE GOTTEN A THRILL OUT OF READING IT! I haven't had time to read a lot of those old Letters, not for years, & they're really inspiring!--Ha!--So true & have been so marvellously fulfilled! They almost have to admit that they're fulfilled! Of course, they misconstrue all the motives & the intentions & the real reasons for it all & say, "It's all ulterior, diabolic, demonic & he did all this for selfish reasons," blah blah!
       10. THEY ACTUALLY QUOTE ROY WALLIS & SOME OF THOSE GUYS, but I am sure they have plagiarised by incorporating into what is supposed to be Deborah's words, actual passages out of some of Roy Wallis' books & other people's writings. Bill Davis would not be averse to this at all, he used to do this to me! Plenty of books have been written against us, so all he had to do was just copy a lot of stuff out of some of these other books. I'll be surprised if some of those guys don't recognise some of his plagiarism, but since they're all on the same side & playing the same game, they probably won't sue them for it.
       11. MUCH OF IT WAS NEVER WRITTEN BY EITHER BILL DAVIS OR DEBORAH, IT IS A CONCOCTION OF THE DEVIL'S OWN CROWD!--And some of it doesn't even sound like it's written by Christians! But what Christians there may have been, they are strictly the old-line, ultra-conservative, orthodox Christians like the Brethren who published it. So that's where it's at!--And I think if even any of our people who know us ever read it, they will recognise that it couldn't have been written by Deborah for sure, & they will certainly say, "Well, we never knew Bill was that smart or knew that much!"
       12. OH, THANK YOU LORD! I JUST REMEMBERED I GOT SOMETHING WHILE I WAS READING IT, THE LORD TOLD ME SOMETHING! I had a little outburst of tongues, & what was it? I've forgotten the exact wording now, but something like: "This is the concoction of Man & the Devil!" They were saying that I decided to assume all these names, blah blah blah blah, & the Lord said, "It is I that called thee Moses & David!" Thank the Lord for His confirmations!--It just burst right out suddenly!
       13. I'M SURE, OBVIOUSLY, THAT DEBORAH & BILL FURNISHED THEM WITH A LOT OF MATERIAL, but professional ghostwriters who really knew their theology & their fundamentalism & their psychology were the ones who wrote it! Bill couldn't have gotten that smart in that short a time, unless he was actually--which is quite possible--personally possessed by the Devil himself!--And Satan is that smart, of course, he inspires all of them. So unless he suddenly got a gift of knowledge of Satan & could speak like that, he didn't write it.
       14. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT BOOK! In the first place it's going to offend the Pentecostals, it's going to offend people who really believe in healing & it's going to offend the Charismatic movement. They're going to doubt the credibility of its witnesses due to the fact that the same witnesses condemn them as well. They don't do i trickster!--Using them because they were actually in the movement & she was actually my daughter, & this of coursng to doubt the credibility of its witnesses due to the fact that the same witnesses condemn them as well. They don't do i of thing--they're subtly knocking it all the way through. And those who are really spiritual & know the Lord & believe in these things are going to sense that & see it! The Lord will show'm! His people know His Voice & they hear Him, & they're not going to follow this strange voice which speaks in that book, which is the Devil!
       15. SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT BOOK, & FOR GOD'S SAKE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ IT! I'll tell you all about it. I hate to have to wade through all that slop & garbage, but somebody's gotta do it, & I don't know anybody that can do it who knows the facts better than myself!--And knows the lies & knows the people! I got to where I was writing so many notes in the margin I was slowing down & I'd never get through with the book, so finally I just developed a system where I'm checking every paragraph with a checkmark that's right, & an "X" on every one that's wrong. I'm going to add'm up, those checkmarks & those "X" marks, & so far I could swear there are more checkmarks than X's!--Believe it or not! Of course, right now they're dealing with our history, but they've covered an awful lot of our doctrine too--of course doctrines they don't believe at all & don't receive at all, but which are very true & we still stick by'm! I'll stick by'm to the end because I know they're the Truth from the Lord & Bible! (The final score was 562 checks & 277 Xs!)
       16. ANYBODY WHO COULD SAY THAT WE DON'T EXALT JESUS CHRIST DOESN'T KNOW US! Anybody that could say we don't believe the Bible doesn't know us! Anybody that could say we don't preach true Salvation doesn't know us! They're constantly admitting that we had good fruit, & the Lord Himself said specifically that an evil tree cannot bear good fruit, neither can a good tree bear evil fruit! (Mat.7:17,18) So how are they going to reconcile that? (Maria: And He was using that as an example of people, right?) Of course! He was talking about the Scribes & the Pharisees, that's exactly who He was talking about. He said, "By their fruits ye shall know them!" (Mat.7:20) He said, "Don't worry about these guys, you'll know'm!" In other words, "These evil trees bear nothing but evil fruit." But they were questioning Him. They even said, "Master, Rabbi"--pretending to be respectful--"we know that You do so-&-so & You have had this power & You've done that miracle etc., but, what about this?"--They're doing the same thing!
       17. THEY HAVE TO GO THROUGH & ACKNOWLEDGE THE GOOD CONSTANTLY THROUGH THE BOOK! They just can't deny it, there it is! How can they absolutely ignore it? There it is!--All of our good fruit & all of our good results, even our backsliders that will testify in favour of us as far as our Salvation message & the transformation in their lives & all the rest. Even though they say we got off the track later on some of these false doctrines, they will definitely say that all of our first fruit was good & all of our first doctrines were good & all of our first actions were good. This is the kind of story they give: "But then it got off the track, then it went astray, then he got demon-possessed, then he got into all this occultism" & blah blah!
       18. HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN? HOW CAN A GOOD TREE SUDDENLY BECOME AN EVIL TREE? How can it at first be all good & have nothing but good fruit, & then suddenly be all evil & have nothing but evil fruit? It's contrary to the Scripture! It's just not true! Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them!" Well, that's what the Lord showed me that time in Portugal when I was wondering about myself. (See No. 1376)
       19. OH, THAT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST JOKES OF ALL, THEM SAYING I WAS ALWAYS LUSTING AFTER POWER! They can truthfully, honestly say I've been always lusting after women, that's for sure! I'll not deny it at all!--Ha! Well, God put that there so I'm not going to deny it! He made you women so absolutely irresistible that we couldn't resist it. And of course they identify sex constantly with the implication that it's evil, that anything sexual of course is evil: "The fact that this leader is sexy is evil! To say God is sexy is evil! For a great spiritual leader to be sexual or sexy is evil!"--Which follows their regular doctrinal rut, that sex is evil!
       20. YOU KNOW THAT! YOU KNOW THAT'S WHAT THEY TEACH & THAT'S WHAT THEY PRACTISE! You who were in churches & religious schools, you know that's what they teach. That's why some even forbid their priests to marry, because sex is evil! That's what they teach, they identify sex with evil. (Maria: But the Evangelicals won't say that, they'll never say that.) Well, they'll qualify it, but they don't in this book! They constantly harp on sex & the sexual & that it's evil. Of course, they call it perversion & adultery & all kinds of bad names, but the whole idea you can feel is that they are against sex! Anybody reading that book would feel that these authors are definitely against sex!
       21. THEY ACT LIKE "HE'S READY FOR THE GIBBET, HE'S READY FOR THE STAKE! LET HIM BE HANGED!" As far as most church people are concerned, by the revelations & my own personal confessions & the things that I have said, it's enough to condemn me as a heretic long long ago!--So they don't even need any further witness! "To the stake! Crucify him! Crucify him!" Well anyway, I was about to say something. (Peter: About lusting after power.) Oh yes.
       22. YOU GUYS KNOW ME, FOR GOD'S SAKE, & IF THERE'S ANYTHING I EVER HAD, IT WAS AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX! I never really wanted to be anybody or boss anything. I never thought I could be a leader, never thought I could be any kind of businessman or have any kind of an organisation. I shied away from it & ran the other way! I never wanted to be anybody important or a prophet or a leader or a king or anything! My God, Maria here who knows me certainly knows that! I'm always backing off from anything like that & I always did. That's why for 49 years I never became anything & never was anybody, because I didn't want to be! All I wanted to be was just sort of a little nobody that served the Lord & preached the Gospel & won souls, & that's all I thought I could be, really, & that's all I was. It was only the Lord Who convinced me that He wanted me to do something more than that.
       23. BUT JUST LIKE YOU READ IN ROY WALLIS' JUNK & ALL THOSE BOOKS WRITTEN ABOUT US, THEY GIVE ALL THESE ULTERIOR MOTIVES & THESE SECRET MOTIVATIONS & THESE SELFISH INTENTS: "He did it for self-aggrandisement! He not only lusted after women, but he lusted after power! He lusted after this & that!" You know good & well that there's nothing I like better than turning all the business over to others & letting you guys just run the whole thing! I don't care if I ever see money as long as I've got a place to lay my head & something to eat. I don't think you know anybody that cares less for money than I do, really, except that I'm a pinch-penny & I hate to see it wasted.
       24. I CERTAINLY HATE TO SEE GOD'S MONEY WASTED IN ANY WAY & I'LL TROUNCE YOU FOR THAT, BUT THAT CERTAINLY MUST HAVE BEEN THE LORD! It was partly my poverty rearing in the Depression that made me that way, but the Lord knew that & that was part of my preparation to make sure we don't waste money & don't live like Jethro & Deborah & Rachel & the Chain & their ilk, who lived luxuriously & wastefully & extravagantly! I don't mind living well, thank God we can live where we can be comfortable & convenient & safe & have sufficient, even more than we need. God gives us all our desires, our wants, as well as our needs. But you know I'm not wasteful & extravagant, if anything I pinch the pennies!
       25. JUST THINK, THEY ACCUSE ME OF BEING LUSTFUL FOR POWER & FOR MONEY & FOR GAIN, that I was only in it for selfish reasons & to make some big shot out of myself & all that. I mean, you know what a little shot I am!--Ha! Maria knows how nothing I am & all my faults! Oh my, you ought to hear the chapter on her & what they accuse her of! She had the same motivation, she was just a social climber climbing to the top for power & influence! The cat finally came out in her, the alley cat, etc. "She may have been a little kitten at first, but she wound up an alley cat!" You have a whole chapter devoted to you, Dear, as well as mentioned quite a bit throughout!
       26. SHE WAS A LITTLE MOUSE FOR YEARS! She never got into any place of position or managership or control or boss or anything till I pushed her into it, really. I have pushed her into it!--Not that the Lord didn't know she had the capabilities, God knows that & it's in her sign, but it had to be brought out & she had to be pushed into it, & me too, for that matter.
       27. IF ANYBODY KNOWS AN AQUARIAN, YOU CAN JUST GO BY MY SIGN, THEY NEVER LUST FOR POWER OR MONEY OR ANYTHING, THEY JUST ENJOY INVENTIONS & ANALYSING THINGS, SEEING THE FUTURE, HELPING PEOPLE & THAT SORT OF THING. So what they accuse me of is totally contrary to my own personal nature & my astrological sign & everything else. Of course they condemn astrology too & say it's of the Devil! They condemn everything about us! They condemn so many things that by the time people have gotten through reading that book, they've lost an awful lot of people who are not going to like all the stuff they condemn!--Including all the Pentecostals & the Charismatics & the Astrologers & the Hippies etc.!
       28. OH, YOU CAN TELL THEY JUST HATED HIPPIES! "They were nothing but a rebellious, dirty generation, degenerates" etc. I mean, they just absolutely revile the hippies, that they were horrible! "A rebellious generation", that's what they most frequently call them. And they say, "Rebellion is never of God, there's no such thing as righteous rebellion!" I wrote a whole string of notes in the margin, I said: "What are you going to do with Moses, who rebelled against Pharaoh's Egypt?"--And I went on down the line all the way through to Jesus, Who rebelled against the religious system of His day, & Saint Paul as well & Luther! To say there's never any such thing as righteous rebellion, they're going to have to deny or refute or betray their own 1776 Revolution that founded their country!--And they're all flag-waving, red-white-&-blue nationalists, of course! (Maria: That means they can't even rebel or fight against sin!) Exactly, you can't even fight against the Devil!--All rebellion is evil!
       29. SO MANY THINGS IN THERE ARE SO CONTRARY TO THE SCRIPTURE! I keep having to write down Scriptural references. In the same thing it said: "And he finally arrived where he wanted to be, total separation from church & state & civilisation"--the System in other words. I said, "Exactly! Isn't that what the Bible teaches? 'Come out from among them & be ye separate, touch not the unclean thing! Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath CHrist with Belial?' (2Cor.6:14-17) And it says in Revelation, `Come out from among them, ye My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins!'" (Rev.18:4)
       30. THEY DENY THE SCRIPTURE THEMSELVES, WHEN HERE THEY'RE SUPPOSEDLY PROMOTING THE BIBLE & CHRISTIAN FAITH, & OF COURSE THE CHURCHES. They are heart, hand & glove with churchianity, & anything that even has the slightest hint of being anti-church is of the Devil! I don't know what they think gave birth to the Brethren Movement, because it was about as anti-church as you can get! They were first of all reformationalists against the Catholic church. Their foundation was the Anabaptists & they were bitter against the Catholic church. They were so anti-church that in their early days they refusedme in those societies, the reason the people are willing to go for it is the government takes care of everything too,ists & they were bitter against the Catholic church. They were so anti-church that in their early days they refused.--They were Gospel Halls & Meeting Houses, never churches! Now they're all staunch defenders of the churches! Boy, from whence they have fallen, it's almost unbelievable!
       31. THE BRETHREN IN THE EARLY DAYS REFUSED TO EVEN HAVE BIBLE SCHOOLS OR BIBLE COLLEGES, ANY KIND OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION! They said it was of the Devil, it was not of God! Well, considering what education is like, I don't much blame'm!--Even Bible schools & Bible colleges, from my experience!--Ha! But I have explained to you before how they've done it--who done it?--They done it!--They control I don't know how many Bible colleges & Bible schools. Officially they are not their schools, not Moody Bible Institute nor Biola nor Wheaton nor Westmont & God only knows how many other schools & colleges they supposedly don't control! They're not their schools, they just pay the bills & hire the professors & are on the Board of Regents & out-vote & out-money anybody else! But they've got to stick technically to the letter of the law of their old doctrine that they do not have schools. That's the Brethren, that's Zondervan, that's the outfit that published this book!
       32. THEY ARE DEAD SET AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT, HEALING, MANIFESTATIONS OF THE HOLY GHOST, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT & ANY WORD OF GOD SINCE THE BIBLE WAS FIRST PUBLISHED! "God is now silent, He has never spoken since the day the canon was closed & the Bible was ended! That's the last time God ever spoke." So just saying that I hear from God & I speak the Words of God & put those Words of God on an equal level with the historical Words of God, the Bible, is to them sufficient to condemn me to the stake right now as a heretic!
       33. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY DO WITH ALL THE MANIFESTATIONS OF GOD & HIS SPIRIT & HIS WORDS? I've been over that before. Did God quit talking when the last book of the New Testament was written? No more prophets? No more gifts of the Spirit? I mean, this is exactly what the Brethren taught, & my Grandfather brought the same thing over into the Church of Christ, the Disciples of Christ, & that's just the way they were. They were a split-off of the Brethren with the same doctrine: "The day of miracles is past, the days of God's Word is past, all that's past. It all ended with Jesus & the disciples & it's ended, nothing more after the Early Church! No more miracles, no more manifestations, no more healing, no nothin'!" They're so afraid of everything they ain't got nothin', & they never have had for a hundred years, the people that wrote that book!
       34. LET ME TELL YOU, I DOUBT IF SOME OF THEM ARE EVEN CHRISTIANS! They don't sound like Christians to me, they sound like Worldy, secular, System psychologists. It's far too smart & clever & devious & intricate to have ever been written by Deb or Bill--they merely put the words in their mouths! Talk about deceivers, they're putting words in the mouths of Deborah & Bill both which they never said!--Lies!--And which I'll bet Deborah's even regretting right now. I doubt if she actually agreed with that whole book, I don't think she could have.
       35. SHE'S SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS NOW IN HER CONDEMNATION OF US & EVERYTHING, & TO BE SO SELF-RIGHTEOUS YOU'VE GOT TO PRETEND TO BE RIGHTEOUS & RIGHT! RIGHTEOUS IS RIGHT! I'm sure that she certainly would not have condoned a lot of the things that are said in that book unless she has totally abandoned all faith in God & the supernatural & the Holy Spirit & healing & gifts of the Spirit & all of that! (Maria: Well, don't you think it sounds like it the way she talks about Grandmother?) Not the way things are in the book, no. There's a lot in there that is Deb, there's a lot in there where she's still supporting those things, but then there are so many contradictions with what they say, which is obviously not Deb, or even what Bill said, & a lot of it even too smart for Bill, which even contradicts what she has said, showing they don't even accept what she has said!
       36. THE PEOPLE THAT PAID THEM TO USE THEIR NAMES & CALL IT THEIR BOOK & supported them while they were working in collaboration with them to get the support material & the documentation & all of the facts & figures & stuff that they didn't have in order to use it, those are the people who wrote the book, the ghostwriters! Deb & Bill furnished the material that these people could use & intertwine & weave along with all their lies & doubts & contradictions of Scripture & all the rest. They just used us & Deb & Bill as a vehicle for their lies. The whole book is a farce & a fraud & a deception & plagiarism & a lie!--Except for the things that they said about us that were true, & they couldn't escape it. It was impossible for them to tell so many lies about us without telling some Truth.
       37. DID YOU KNOW NOT EVEN THE DEVIL CAN LIE WITHOUT TELLING SOME TRUTH? God even uses the Devil as a vehicle for Truth! "He's a liar from the beginning & the father of it" (John 8:44), but from the first lie he ever told he had to put some Truth in it to get people to believe it! Look what he told Adam & Eve: "Ye shall not surely die"--lie--"but ye shall become as gods, knowing good & evil"--Truth! (Gen.3:4,5) Man has in a sense become like the gods--not God Himself, but meaning the angelic & demonic gods--knowing all this wisdom & all this good & evil etc. The Devil had to mix in some Truth with all of his lies in order to get people to really be tempted or believe it or be intrigued by it, & so this is what they've done.
       38. THEY HAD TO RECOGNISE THE TRUTH! THEY COULD NOT IGNORE THE TRUTH!--GOD WOULDN'T LET'M! God made it impossible for them to print & publish this book without it carrying the Truth that He wanted to convey & get across. And if anybody else besides a confirmed church person ever reads it--"my mind's made up, don't confuse me with the facts" type of person--if any young person gets ahold of it, any person who's sceptical & doubts the System, any people like us, even if our own Family ever reads it, they'll see so much Truth in it about us that it'll appeal to them!
       39. THEY'RE GOING TO LAY THAT BOOK DOWN AFTER THEY READ IT FROM COVER TO COVER & SAY, "WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE? I WANT TO GO FIND THEM!--I LIKE IT! I like what he said! I like what they do & what they did! I don't believe these old churchy stuffed-shirts that are telling all these lies about them. They're obviously down on everything & down on us & down on hippies!" They even condemn the Jesus People! They're down on everything!--Down on Pentecost, down on Charisma, down on Holy Spirit & healing, down on everything!--But they quote enough of the Truth, enough of the Letters, & they cannot help but testify enough of the truth of our true history & results & fruits, that anybody reading it with an open mind & open heart who can hear the Voice of the Shepherd is going to hear the Voice of the Shepherd!--And the lies, the voice of the stranger, they will not follow! (Jn.10:4,5)
       40. I AM SO CONVINCED OF THAT I WOULDN'T HAVE A SECOND THOUGHT OF WORRY ABOUT IT, BECAUSE JESUS SAID: "MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE & THEY FOLLOW ME & A STRANGER THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW!" Sheep who read that book would almost be virtually converted by the Truth that's in it, & the goats who read it & cannot hear anything but the voice of the stranger, that's not going to change their minds at all. Even with all that Truth mixed in there, they're going to condemn it & hate it & not believe it just the way they always have. So that's the way it is. That's Bible, that's Jesus, that's the Truth!
       41. "GREAT IS THE COMPANY OF THEM THAT PUBLISH IT!"--AND IT'S MARVELLOUS TO ME & AMAZING HOW THE LORD JUST WILL NOT LET THEM PRINT & PUBLISH ANYTHING, NOT EVEN BAD PUBLICITY, WITHOUT IT CONVEYING THE TRUTH, WITHOUT IT CARRYING THE TRUTH! The same way the Lord uses the Devil to accomplish a lot of His purposes, He uses the Devil's own bad publicity as a vehicle for the Truth! Think of that! I haven't read all the books written against us, but I've read quite a bit, & this book has more of the truth of our history & results & fruits & genuine actions & operations & quotations than I think any book that I have ever read against us! Of course it misconstrues the motives & twists the aims & lies about the reasons for it all. They say, "Because he's so evil, he couldn't possibly be anything good, nothing good about him! Anything good that happened of course was just all the Lord." Well, of course, I'll agree with that!--Ha!--Despite their saying that we never glorify Christ & we don't really preach Salvation.
       42. (MARIA: DIDN'T THEY SAY WE DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IN SIN?) Oh yes, they said we don't believe in any kind of sin & they quote things. They take things out of context, you know, "All things are lawful & now there's no such thing as sin" etc. Well, I have said statements that came close to that, that as long as it's in love, how can it be a sin? But I never said there wasn't any sin! Boy I'll tell you, that book is black-&-white evidence that there's plenty of black sin in the World!--Their kind of sin, the sins of the hypocritical, holier-than-thou, self-righteous Scribes & Pharisees, haters of the Truth & crucifiers of Christ! They couldn't have written a better book themselves against Jesus! That's who wrote it, the Devil himself through his agents, & not even Deb & Bill were that smart!
       43. IT'S A CONCOCTION, IT'S A FRAUD, IT'S A FABRICATION! It's hardly even a collaboration, so much of it is somebody else's words & somebody else's thoughts & ideas & analyses & all that. It's far beyond Deb & Bill's capacities. The thing is a fake! It's an outright fake! It's just as much a fake as some of these other fraudulent manuscripts that have supposedly come to light. They made a big hullabaloo about'm & then found out afterward they were all phonies & fakes. That book's a fake, it's a phoney! It wasn't written by Deb & Bill, it was written by somebody else, I don't know who, but I can imagine!--Church people, theologians, psychologists & our bitter enemies who just used Deb & Bill for a vehicle & as corroboration to give it credibility as having been members & my own daughter!
       44. THEY DEDICATE IT TO ABOUT SIX OR SEVEN NAMES IN THE FRONT, including Wurmbrandt, of all people, whom I caught onto a long time before. He preaches a gospel of works almost as bad as the Catholic church in gaining merit through suffering, to which he attributes all the sufferings he had to go through, that this was all in a sense to sort of gain merit & grace & spirituality by bearing the sufferings of Christ & all that. And they say--Bill apparently--that reading Wurmbrandt's book was one of his greatest inspirations! He said, "A man I never met, this is one of my greatest inspirations for this book!"
       45. CAN YOU IMAGINE?--MY KIDS USED TO GO HELP WURMBRANDT DO HIS MAIL & PACKAGE HIS BOOKS! They worked with him day after day in helping him, because he was anti-Communist. And I used to think, "Well, it's working for a good man & a good work, so what?" But I always thought he showed too great bitterness against the Communists & Russia as a whole, even though he won some of his jailers to the Lord. (Maria: He was there 14 years, wasn't he? He must think he's pretty perfect by now if he had to go through all that suffering!) Yes.
       46. BUT ANYHOW, THE PEOPLE WHO PAID FOR THAT BOOK, BROTHER, ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ALSO PAID FOR THE WRITERS WHO WROTE IT, MOST OF IT, WHICH WERE NOT BILL & DEB! I could just about vow & swear before God that most of what I've been reading was not written by Bill nor Deb! I recognise some of it that sounds like Deb here & there, they quoted her, & here & there I can recognise the Evil Magician & it sounds just about the way I would expect Bill to sound, not too smart but unmercifully condemning us & sympathising with Deb etc.
       47. OH, THERE ARE A LOT OF SECRETS COMING TO LIGHT! DEBORAH IS NOW CONFESSING HER OWN DOUBTS & TREACHERY & TRAITORISM & BETRAYAL RIGHT IN THE BOOK, how from the beginning she didn't really believe & she didn't really accept & she hid this the whole time, how she sympathised with Mother Eve all through. She's confessing her own Judasism right throughout, how from the very beginning she was a doubter!--She's supposedly confessing her sins: "I got trapped in a cult because I lusted for power & I lusted for position & I lusted for security with my husband & my children & I liked organisation, I liked all this sort of thing, I wanted to be a leader, that was my sin!" Well, I don't doubt it! It's right there in her own words, & there I believe she's speaking!--Ha!
       48. (MARIA: DON'T YOU THINK THE THING THAT HIT HER HARDEST & WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN A PROBLEM IS HER JEALOUSY OVER FAITHY?) Oh, she's bitter! She is bitter against Faithy! "Faithy's of the Devil, her father's own pawn!" She is bitter against Faithy!--Just like my sister was bitter against me. It was the rage of Satan against the Spirit of God! Deborah's jealousy & hatred for Faithy is the Devil's jealousy & hatred against God Himself, the Spirit of God! (Maria: And that is why she hates you, because of your favouritism for Faithy. She started the book out with the Coronation.) Of course they hate Maria too, "who was all that time climbing & striving to become Queen, all that time merely climbing to be Queen!" (Maria: And that's her whole thing in the first chapter, she's dethroned! She said, "The Royal Family was viciously jealous of me when I was Queen!")
       49. SHE SHOWS RIGHT WHERE IT ALL STARTED, HER BITTERNESS OVER BEING DEMOTED! She said, "I was beheaded!--Decapitated!" The whole thing starts with that bitterness, which apparently was the little root of bitterness that grew into the tree of evil that she has become, with every foul bird & evil beast! God help us! Well, nevertheless the Gospel is preached!--Even though it be the Gospel of contention, & controversy in other words. Paul must have had some of that in his day!--Ha! So praise the Lord! (Phil.1:15-18) Well, I didn't intend to come in here & preach you a sermon, but I was full of my subject!
       50. IT JUST DEPENDS ON WHO'S READING THAT BOOK AS TO HOW IT'LL STRIKE'M! People like our own people & kids like our own people, kids with these same views on things & same feelings about the System etc., they're going to eat up those parts! They're going to say, "Oh, that's just the way I feel, that's what I like, that's what I want!"--Even some of the kids of some of those churchy Christian parents who sponsored that book & are promoting it! They're probably going to give it to them, of course, to read & say: "This is to protect you from the Devil!--Protect you from these Satanic cults so you won't get into'm!" Those kids are going to read that, I'm telling you, & because they know their own parents, what hypocrites they are, & the churches, what a bunch of God-damned hypocrites they are, they are going to read it & see through the whole thing, & I think it may even win us some disciples out of the System from the kids of those churchy parents!--Another of God's little tricks on the Devil's forces!
       51. THEY JUST COULDN'T PRINT ALL THOSE LIES & ALL THAT TRASH & GARBAGE ABOUT US WITHOUT HAVING TO SEEM UNBIASED & FAIR & PRESENT BOTH SIDES, SO THERE IT IS!--THE OTHER SIDE IS VERY LOUDhat I've been reading was not written by Bill nor Deb! I recognise some of it that sounds like Deb here & there, they quoARBAGE ABOUT US WITHOUT HAVING TO SEEM UNBIASED & FAIR & PRESENT BOTH SIDES, SO THERE IT IS!--THE OTHER SIDE IS VERY LOUD!" Be thankful for all these things! "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord!" (1Thes.5:18; Rom.8:28; Ps.76:10)
       52. THANK GOD FOR OUR FRIENDS WHO KNOW US BETTER! They know that's not true, that "we don't exalt Christ & we don't preach Salvation" & all that shit!--I'm talking about their shit in saying that! Our friends know we preach Salvation, they know we exalt Christ, they know us by our fruits! If they know anything about us at all & have read our material, they know these lies that they say in that book are lies, & even that TV show!
       53. THE FUNNY PART IS THE SEX! The very Scripture by which the churches condemn anybody that has these "evil" thoughts about sex, they take the Words of Christ & they completely misinterpret what He meant by them! When He was telling the Scribes & the Pharisees that you can't even look at a woman without committing adultery with her in your heart, lusting after her, what He was telling them was what was true of every man, that not even a single one of them was guiltless, because it's a natural, inborn thing that God has put into every man, to lust after a woman! (Mat.5:28) It's impossible not to lust after a woman, He put that in our hearts! He made'm so we'll lust after them, otherwise there wouldn't be any sex, there wouldn't be any babies, there wouldn't be any procreation! There wouldn't be a next generation if God hadn't put lust in our hearts for women!--Ha, ha!
       54. HE KNEW THEY WERE ALL GUILTY OF COMMITTING ADULTERY WITH WOMEN IN THEIR HEARTS! He was simply telling & condemning the Scribes & the Pharisees & saying, "What are you guys talking about? You're guilty of the same things & you know it!"--And they shut up because they knew it! And the churchy people & the self-righteous Christians who read this book, they love to read those sexy parts! Why do you think those self-righteous, hypocritical Scribes & Pharisees love to read all this dirt about us? They just wallow in it, they love it, it's exciting, it's stimulating! They just are jealous, they wish they could get into it themselves!--Maybe not all of them but I'd say plenty of them.
       55. THESE SELF-RIGHTEOUS CHURCHY HYPOCRITES ARE EXACT-LY LIKE THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES THAT CRUCIFIED JESUS, MOST OF THEM! There are a few sincere ones that we know of, but they're pretty self-righteous & hypocritical also, & therefore pharisaical. They willingly crucify us, & in so doing, Honey, they are crucifying Jesus! And God is not going to hold them guiltless, not even your mother & father nor the other good Christians who condemn us! They are putting Christ to an open shame, & they're going to suffer for it in the future even though saved, even if raised to everlasting shame & contempt, though raised. I believe it! (Heb.6:6, Dan.12:2)
       56. (MARIA: WHEN JESUS SAID IT WAS NATURAL TO LUST & EVERYBODY DOES, THAT'S WHAT WOMEN WERE MADE FOR, HE WASN'T SAYING ADULTERY WAS RIGHT, THOUGH, WAS HE?) No, He was not saying that adultery was right, but He knew that the Scribes & the Pharisees believed according to the Law that adultery was wrong & therefore was a heinous sin, it was against the Law! But He was telling them, "You're breaking the Law in your hearts all the time! What are you talking about, condemning these other people as sinners when you're bigger sinners than they are!" That's what He was saying.
       57. SO THESE PEOPLE WHO READ ALL THAT STUFF ABOUT US, THEY PROBABLY ENJOY THE SEXY PARTS AS MUCH, IF NOT MORE, THAN THE REST OF THE STUFF! (Maria: Yes! Who wouldn't?) I know the newspapers & magazines do, that's for sure! (Maria: Everybody does!--Ha!) And all that kind of stuff that they've put out like that, as far as I'm concerned, is good advertising for us! We couldn't pay for that kind of advertising, & for our girls as well! It's touting them to the Heavens, so they condemn'm to Hell! I mean it's good publicity, it's good advertising.--Ha!
       58. SO PRAISE THE LORD! THEY JUST CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT HAVING SOMETHING GOOD IN IT! "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, who are called according to His purpose." (Rom.8:28) They couldn't write this book without God's permission & they couldn't publish it without His allowing it & they couldn't promote it on television without His design, all done for our good.
       59. YOU'VE JUST GOT TO SEE THROUGH THE DEVIL'S EVIL TO SEE THE LORD'S GOOD IN IT & HOW IT'S GOING TO DO US GOOD & how it's going to reach the very young people, the children of the churches whom it's supposedly trying to protect, even Deborah's own children! She's practically confessing that she's had trouble with them along this line, evidently they want to join us etc. So she's had to come out & just really smear us in order to turn her kids away from us.
       60. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, MY SISTER VIRGINIA IS SUFFERING THE FRUITS OF DOING THAT TO HER CHILDREN AGAINST MY GRANDMOTHER! She's suffering that to this very day. I think sometimes God lets some people live a long time just to suffer the evil fruits of their evil deeds, like my sister. It's not only the mercy of God to let them live so long, but to see all the evil & to understand what they did was wrong & thereby repent, sort of like my sister's done. She hasn't confessed it all & repented of all of it, but you can tell by her changed attitude. The fact that she doesn't condemn me any more, that's a total reversal. My brother even praises us now. See, he was in education & dealt with young people enough that he knows we've done a lot of good.
       61. BUT THAT BOOK IS GOING TO REACH WHAT THE CHURCH PEOPLE HAVE THOUGHT ALMOST UNREACHABLE, THEIR YOUNGER GENERATION THAT THEY WANT TO MAKE SURE IS NOT REACHED BY US! They themselves are publishing a book which tells the truth about us & preaches our Message to their own children!--And if that book doesn't reap us disciples right out of their churches & right out of their parents' arms, I will be surprised, believe it or not! It's going to have exactly the opposite effect they intended!--Because the only people who are going to believe the lies of that book & the bad things in there are the people whose minds are already made up! They didn't even need the book in the first place. So they had it written for their children & the dupes of these cults, but the ones who really know the Shepherd & hear His voice are going to see Him & hear Him & hear His Word in this book & follow Him!
       62. NOW IF THAT SCRIPTURE IS TRUE--"MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE & THEY FOLLOW ME, & A STRANGER THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW"--THEN HIS SHEEP, ANY OF THEIR CHILDREN WHO ARE OPEN TO THE VOICE OF THE LORD ARE GOING TO HEAR IT IN THAT BOOK & THEY ARE GOING TO FOLLOW IT & FOLLOW HIM & FOLLOW US AS A RESULT! We are going to get disciples out of that book, what do you want to bet!--And it's not going to turn anybody against us except the people who are already turned against us or already deaf to the Voice of Jesus & His Spirit & whose minds are already made up! I doubt if they'll win a single convert to their cause.--It's written for their converts. And if they thought it was going to protect their young people, they sure did the wrong thing! They certainly shouldn't have said so much about us & told all about us & all the facts & the figures & the acts & the actions & the actual things & the authentic history & the accurate details & the quote after quote & page after page after page of MO Letters!
       63. SOMETIMES I THINK THE DEVIL'S REALLY PRETTY DUMB, OR CERTAINLY HIS PEOPLE ARE, TO THINK THAT BY QUOTING THAT MUCH IT WAS GOING TO TURN THEIR YOUNG PEOPLE AGAINST US! They're going to get a sad surprise! If they leave that book lying around at home for their youth to discover it or even try to encourage them to read it--& most kids today don't even read books anyhow, they just watch television, their kind of kids--if they should be interested, if they're hungry, if they really want to hear the Voice of the Shepherd, if they really want to know the Truth, there are some hungry young people in those churches who are going to read that book to find out the facts, if it's bad they want to know it.--And they're suddenly going to find out there's just too much Truth in there for them to deny! There's just too much Truth in what is said of us & about us & what we have said, this they cannot deny.
       64. IT'S LIKE WHAT THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES THEMSELVES CONFESSED ABOUT THE DISCIPLES, THEY COULDN'T DENY THAT THE MAN HAD BEEN HEALED, & the only thing they could figure out was that these ignorant & unlearned men must have been with Jesus! (Acts 4:13) That's what the youth are going to see in that book, the genuine rebels against their parents & their system & the ones that are now getting fed up with it & disillusioned with it, who at first were protected as little ones by their parents from horrible monsters like us! Now their parents are making available to them in their own homes our own doctrines, our own Letters, our own facts & figures & history & record! Those parents who are most concerned about their children joining cults are going to buy that book & give it to'm, & in so doing those who are really seeking the Truth, wanting to hear the Voice of the Shepherd, are going to hear it & see it, & Jesus said, "They will follow Me!"
       65. SO DON'T YOU WORRY ABOUT THAT BOOK, IT'S GOING TO WIN US DISCIPLES! I believe it! If you just want to take the book & go through & read all the paragraphs I've checked as being right & true, favourable, good, the Gospel, so far you'll read most of the book!--Ha! You can just skip over the X'd ones, they're just lies & their interpretation & their twisting of the Truth & all of that. So praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
       66. "DEB'S BOOK!--COULD WIN US DISCIPLES!"--HOW'S THAT FOR A SHOCKER? WOULD THAT MAKE A GOOD TITLE? Deb & her red Devil Davis, & "their" book, is going to win us disciples, what do you want to bet? I believe it!--Because the Word is there, the Truth is there!--Of course mixed in with all their lies. But Jesus said "My sheep hear My voice!" & I believe it, Son! Contrary to their lies, I believe in Jesus, & I believe in glorifying Christ, & I believe that He's the Boss & He will win the victory in spite of them all, & I believe that the sincere Truth-seekers, their own children, are going to see Christ in us & what we had to say & what we did & what we're doing! And I believe in Jesus! I believe what He said is true, every Word, & that is that "My sheep hear My Voice & they follow Me!"--Period!--"And a stranger they will not follow!" His sheep will see the Truth & believe it, hear it & follow it, & they will not follow the stranger's lies, the Devil's lies! So there you are!
       67. (MARIA: HE SAYS HIS WORD WON'T RETURN UNTO HIM VOID!) (Isa.55:11) Absolutely not! His Word will not return unto Him void & we are going to reap disciples from Deb's book! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ! Of course I haven't finished it all yet, maybe it will get worse as I go, but I'll see. I've read about half of it. All right, that's enough! Enough said! My goodness, I was just going out to take a little walk & here it is another hour all shot to Jesus! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Why don't you close in prayer, Son.
       68. (PETER: AMEN! TYJ! THANK YOU LORD THAT THE WRATH OF MAN PRAISES YOU, JESUS! (Psa.76:10)--And that Your Word does not return void, Lord, & that the Truth marches on, even if it's the Gospel of contention! Your Word is going to reach places where we couldn't reach, the children that were so protected, Lord. They've been duped themselves, Lord, by even being tricked into publishing the book so it'll reach their own children. And we thank You that Your sheep do hear Your Voice, Lord, & we trust & know that they will follow, in Jesus' name! TYL!) Hallelujah!
       69. THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE BUILDING A FENCE TO KEEP THEM IN--INSTEAD OF THAT THEY HAVE OPENED A FLOODGATE TO LET'M OUT! Isn't that something? TYJ! PTL! God bless you, Son! I'm glad you're one of His sheep & you hear His Voice! TYL! I didn't realise some of those old Letters were so good! I got inspired & shoutin' hallelujah & got a message in tongues from the Lord while reading those ML Quotes in Deb's book! TYJ!--So "Fret not thyself because of evildoers!" (Psa.37:1) They'll soon hang themselves with the ropes of their own lies! GD'M!--But GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!

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