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THE DEVIL'S BOOK!       DO 1816       7/84
--Dad's First Reactions to Deb's Book & Video of TV Show!

       1. THERE IS NOTHING NEW ABOUT THIS BAD PUBLICITY. IT'S ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE! The only thing about it is a new book like this gives the hostile news media an occasion to say it again! Deb didn't write this, she couldn't have even thought of all these psychological comparisons & doubletalk & I don't think Bill Davis could have either--they had a lot of help on it from our enemies. Be thankful it's a big hardback & expensive & not paperback, because then only our enemies or only those interested in downing the sects or parents with children in the group will be interested in buying it.
       2. DEB SAYS OUTRIGHT THAT SHE WAS NOT INVOLVED IN SEXUAL "SHARING"--she's saying, "I didn't do any of those things!" She's trying to cover up hypocritically & self-righteously justify herself by outright lying! Boy, oh boy, that guy was really inspired by the Devil, whoever wrote this! What it shows you is the kind of reasoning & psychology they used on Deborah. These are their arguments with Deborah to turn her against us. I've always wondered how they did it. Now we've got a blueprint right here.
       3. IMAGINE THEM SAYING WE SELDOM, IF EVER, GLORIFY JESUS! WHAT LIES! That "700 Club" show in the U.S. is going to discredit Pat Robertson because anybody who knows us knows that we glorify Jesus Christ! Anyone who knows us is going to know that this is bunk & lies concocted by our enemies! Our own people will know better. "My sheep hear My voice & they follow Me & a stranger they will not follow," Jesus said. (Jn.10:4-5) It shows you on those interview shows that the guests are all primed to answer the way the interviewer wants them to answer, because they were all leading questions.
       4. BILL DAVIS IS A REAL TYRANT HIMSELF! It's not going to go too well with the women's libbers because they would rejoice at the fact that Grandmother ruled the home. Apparently he has indoctrinated her, instilled in her the tyranny of a man. (Maria: Yes, & Jethro started that.)
       5. OH, HOW IS THAT GUY, PAT ROBERTSON, GOING TO FEEL IF & WHEN HE EVER GETS TO HEAVEN?--AND DEB TOO! I doubt if Bill Davis is going to Heaven, I think he is probably going straight to Hell! The Lord never said a good word about him. The Lord was concerned over Deborah but never over Bill Davis! I think he is totally demon-possessed!
       6. I'M GLAD THEY STARTED OUT THAT INTERVIEW ON GRANDMOTHER because that will immediately discredit Deborah & her testimony against us because she came out first against Grandmother, & all the people who know Grandmother, know her healing & know her book, are going to immediately realise that Deb is absolutely a false witness! So if she can lie about my Mother she can certainly lie about me! Deborah probably heard those lies about my Mother from my sister or her children, who were thoroughly indoctrinated with those lies by my sister's jealous hatred of my Mother & against me.
       7. I WONDER WHAT GOD IS GOING TO DO TO PAT ROBERTSON & HIS "700 CLUB" FOR ATTACKING THE SAINTS! Boy! And what is He going to do to people like Bill Davis? God's Word says that those who cause the little ones to stumble should have a millstone hung about their neck & be cast into the depths of the sea! (Mt.18:6) Deborah is a mental case already & she'll probably wind up in a mental hospital! She was going nuts way back in London & even when we were in that motel in Texas. She showed signs of it as a child--rebellious, irrational, wild, hysterical behaviour--but her mother encouraged it.
       8. AND THERE ARE SO MANY OF THESE BIG WORDS & EXPRESSIONS THAT DEBORAH NEVER USED OR EVEN KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT since she knew nothing about psychology. She never even studied that high, never did anything but finish high school! All that psycho bunk has been put in her mouth here. (Maria: But I don't even think Bill Davis wrote it. I don't think he had enough knowledge.) They've probably both been tutored. (Maria: Or the book was rewritten after they wrote it in rough form.) They've been worked on by deprogrammers. Probably the psychologists & deprogrammers rewrote most of it, they wanted to make this a masterpiece! Our enemies wanted to make this a final masterpiece against us!
       9. NOTICE HOW THE HOST ON THE SHOW DOES MOST OF THE TALKING & EXPLAINING. All he has to do is ask the leading question & get her to say yes, so she won't have to say too much herself--he does the talking & just gets her to say yes or nod her head!--Ha!--And it rattles like a snake!
       10. IF THAT GUY PAT ROBERTSON IS A FALSE PROPHET, HE IS ONE OF THE MOST DIABOLICALLY CLEVER & SATANICALLY DECEITFUL OF ALMOST ANYONE I'VE EVER SEEN SUPPOSEDLY PREACHING THE GOSPEL! And I know he is already wrong about a number of things. We know that. And how more wrong can you get than this? And you know he is leading the American people & deceiving the Christians into thinking the U.S. is okay & that the Christians are going to save it, & he's backing the militant military in its attacks on its enemies & all their warmongering shit! (Maria: But you still think he's saved?) I don't know. He seems to be leading many people to the Lord. (Maria: But he could still be a false prophet & still be saved? He could still be prophesying falsely & still be saved?) He certainly can be prophesying falsely about a lot of things, misleading people about a lot of things!
       11. I'M BEGINNING TO WONDER NOW ABOUT THOSE PROCLAIMED MIRACLES THAT SUPPOSEDLY HAPPEN ON THAT PROGRAM! I mean if he'll lie about some things & attack the Saints of God on some issues, what can you believe him on?--All those supposed visions they're having & words of knowledge they're supposedly having. I wonder if they get that stuff out of the mail? They could get these cases out of the mail & then broadcast them on TV.--Talk about fraud! Humph! He may be much more guilty of fraud than he accuses us of!--Including those "healing" re-enactments!
       12. (MARIA: YES, THAT SURE COULD BE TRUE! BUT ONE POINT I WANT TO BRING OUT: YOU CAN STILL BE A CHRISTIAN & STILL BE COMPLETELY WRONG ABOUT SOME THINGS. I know my Mother & Father are saved but they hate what I'm doing & they probably hate you. I know they're saved because I lived with them all my life. So there are still some people who--even though they are misled on a lot of things & completely wrong & even out of the Will of God--that are saved nevertheless, although they are going to have to endure everlasting shame & contempt in Heaven!) (Dan.12:2)
       13. IMAGINE THE DEVIL CALLING THE POT BLACK, IN THIS CASE BILL DAVIS, WHO IS ABSOLUTELY DEMON-POSSESSED & WHOM THE LORD CALLED THE EVIL MAGICIAN before I even knew anything about him or knew who he really was! I didn't even know he existed when the Lord gave that revelation "Alice & the Magic Garden"! (ML No.290) Here he is calling the pot black, accusing us of being evil & a cult & all that sort of thing! It shows you how Satan can pose as an angel of light. He probably personally possessed Bill Davis, that's why he was so damnably clever with Deborah & even Faithy for awhile, like living with the Devil himself!
       14. DEB & BILL DAVIS SURE HAVE BEEN WELL-COACHED BY OUR ENEMIES!--Words put in their mouths, phrases, meanings that I know Deborah was entirely foreign to. She never knew such things. She knew nothing about psychology. But I've gotta read it--I have to know the Enemy's tactics in order to know how to defend us & how to refute it. I don't care to spread the Devil's lies. Jesus never went into those things unless they came out & confronted Him & openly challenged Him publicly where He had to refute it. And even then, the Lord simply usually answered their questions with questions which usually immediately shut them up!
       15. I'M CERTAINLY GLAD SHE BROUGHT OUT THE FACT ABOUT HOW RELIGIOUS WE WERE & how well-raised they were & how much we were into the Bible! How can a good tree bring forth bad fruit? That's what the Lord showed me when the Devil was trying to cause me to doubt there in Portugal. He showed me the thing about the good tree & the fruit of the righteous, the tree of life. (See No.1376. Also Pr.11:30; Mt.7:16-20; 13:23.)
       16. IT SHOWS WHAT THEY THINK IS IMPORTANT, WHAT THEY THEMSELVES COVET, that simply because we have arrived in such a position, they think we must have coveted it, that we wanted power & we wanted to be somebody & have money & blah, blah! As you know & as Eve knows & Deborah knows, I never wanted any of those! I never wanted to be any bigshot boss of any kind! I never wanted to be powerful. I never wanted money. I just wanted to serve the Lord & help people & that's all, & that's all I've done! If as a result the Lord made me somebody & gave me some power & even some money, which is immediately used as fast as it comes in, that's His business! It was merely to further His Work, that's all, & make it more possible for us to serve the Lord & help other people.

       17. WELL, I DON'T HAVE TO DEFEND MYSELF, THE LORD DOES. The Lord will do it & He'll take care of Deborah & Bill Davis & Pat Robertson & the publishers of the book some day! Deborah is going to live in eternal everlasting shame & contempt for what she has done & so will Pat Robertson! At the least he's made a big mistake in talking about something he knows nothing about, purely hearsay! He's accepting the testimony of a false witness & her demon-inspired mate & he has not talked to the man himself, me, doesn't know me & obviously hasn't read very much of our literature or he'd know better than to say we don't glorify Christ! Any one of our people or friends would laugh at that, it's so ridiculous! That's all we do! That's all we live for is the Lord & to bring other people Jesus, which is supposedly what Pat Robertson is supposed to be doing!
       18. IT BEGINS TO MAKE ME WONDER A LITTLE BIT ABOUT PAT ROBERTSON! If he wonders about me, I certainly wonder about him! I don't wonder anything about Deborah & I certainly know about Bill Davis.--He was a devilish impish little demon from the first time I ever saw him, & from the first time he ever ran into the Family he never caused anything but trouble from the first time I ever heard about him!
       19. "IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?" (Rom.8:31) "If this thing be of man it will come to nought, but if it be of God no man can stand against it." (Acts 5:38-39) Who is the Evil Magician?--He's the Devil, Satan himself! I'm sure Bill has undoubtedly been Satan in person! No one else could have had such power over Deborah & done such evil! And the way he got in was through Deborah's rebellion against me from the very beginning, since as child, which led to her doubts which gave place to the Devil!--The same way with my sister. My sister was exactly the same way with my Mother. She was like she was absolutely demon-possessed! Sometimes she was completely wild & hysterical & irrational, insanely violent & she hated my Mother! From the very beginning, from the time she was a child she hated my Mother & did everything she could against her & especially against me! She hated me with a vengeance, she was extremely jealous!
       20. (MARIA: I WONDER WHY THE LORD HAS LET YOUR SISTER LIVE TO A RIPE OLD AGE & IN SEEMINGLY PRETTY GOOD CIRCUMSTANCES?) God's mercy, Honey, to bring her around to where she has almost completely changed her position, where she is finally sorry for the way she treated my Mother & the way she treated me & has come to the point where she has changed her opinion. I would say she is virtually repentant & I think she is probably sorry for the things she said about my Mother & the things that she said about me, & love never fails. I've continued to love her anyhow & help her, she's my "widow" in her distress, until it has finally proven our love & our honesty & integrity & won her over.
       21. BUT YOU SEE, DEBORAH WAS EXACTLY THE SAME AS MY SISTER. They were so much alike I often confused them & I would often accidentally call Deborah, Virginia, because they were so much alike, they were virtually identical personalities!: Mentally unstable, irrational, sometimes violently demon-possessed & with bitter hatred against the handmaiden of the Lord, in my Mother's case, & against the Lord in me. And this rebellion & violence showed up at an early childhood stage in both cases. They were so much alike. I've always said that. So when the Devil in the person of Bill got ahold of Deborah, he used that rebellion already there to implant doubts about me in self-defence of her own rebellion. Jethro was pretty dumb, he was not so clever & diabolical, I think. (Maria: But he filled her with doubts.) Yes.
       22. BUT I THINK BILL WAS ABSOLUTELY SATAN-POSSESSED! Satan in person possessed Bill just like Satan possessed Judas to betray the Lord, because no one could have been that clever & powerful except the Devil himself! He even had Faithy in confusion & terrorised for awhile, & the Lord predicted all these things about Deborah & about him long before I ever even knew he existed! I didn't know who she was bewitched by! I didn't know who the Devil's agent was, the Evil Magician in "Alice & the Magic Garden" nor the witch in "Bewitched," but only that they'd gotten themselves into one helluva cesspool of iniquity! I knew by the time I got that dream about the "Cesspool," although I still didn't know the details. But how do you account for the fact that He showed me all this before I even knew that Bill even existed?--It was the Lord! TYJ! He never fails!
       23. IMAGINE HIM PICKING A NAME LIKE ISAIAH! He picked a name of one whom he considered the greatest Prophet in the Bible! It shows what he wanted to be but he never made it. So he did the best thing he could do, the second best thing anybody can do if he can't make it to the top in self-glorification. If he has that temptation & wants to be somebody, it is an old saying that if you want to be famous & you can't be a great man, then kill one & you'll be famous forever, infamous! So that's exactly what Bill Davis has done. He never turned out to be the great prophet that he wanted to be, apparently that's what he wanted. He tried to prophesy & apparently deceived Deborah, but he never made it to the top! Yes, in order to try to exalt himself he tried to attach himself first to Faith & then Deborah. (Maria: And he tried to build them up even above you!) Faith he couldn't deceive, Faith he couldn't destroy or lead astray because of her firm faith in the Lord & in me, but Deborah was another story.
       24. DEBORAH WAS NEVER FIRM IN ANYTHING EXCEPT HER MOTHER. Eve was the only one she ever seemed to have any faith in. She never was very close to the Lord, & seldom or never close to me. For awhile there I think, in order to keep her position in the Family, she glorified me & said she was sorry for some things & blah, blah & was trying to butter me up, etc. But most of her life, from the time she was a little child, she was just almost insanely rebellious & mentally unstable, hysterical! I just don't have time to go into all the details, but she threw some tantrums that were doozies, showing her unstable state, so much like her mother! She & her mother were almost two peas in a pod & they always stuck together against me. Now you see where they are today! She was definitely sometimes feebleminded & unstable like her mother. Now she's even crucifying her own mother!
       25. BUT WHAT I WAS THINKING OF IS HOW THE ENEMY WORKS, THAT HE GETS INTO THE ONE AS CLOSE AS HE POSSIBLY CAN TO ME! I've written on this before.--First into Jethro because he was never spiritual & never really knew the Lord, I don't think he ever had the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I almost doubted he was saved! He always opposed me & he was always sceptical & doubtful & full of doubts & criticism & cynicism & always contrary. But I had to use him because that's all we had, & Deborah too. Well, they broke that up, they themselves broke up before I had anything to do with it.
       26. HER BLAMING HER SPLIT WITH JETH ON ME IS SO RIDICULOUS, BECAUSE SHE WAS FIGHTING LIKE CATS & DOGS WITH JETHRO YEARS BEFORE I HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM! They were married five years & lived apart from us all those first years of married life! I even warned them both when they stood at the foot of my bed & announced their engagement, I said, "Well, you deserve each other!" I'd already found out what Jethro was like. And I knew what Deborah was like. And I said, "Well, if you insist, go ahead, you deserve each other!" Her mother was promoting & pushing it to the hilt, just like she did later with Josh. Mother pushed that with Faith too.
       27. HOW THE ENEMY WORKS! HE TRIES TO GET INTO THE ONE WHO IS CLOSEST TO YOU IF POSSIBLE, AS CLOSE AS HE CAN GET into someone who already has some sin in their hearts where he can get a wedge--into Jethro first for awhile as her husband, & then the Evil Magician, Bill, possessed of the Devil himself! And there were several other paramours & lovers who Deborah had that virtually did the same thing & probably for the same reason, to exalt or promote themselves in the Royal Family to get to some position of influence or power or security. But apparently Bill really had it, he had the Devil himself!
       28. I BELIEVE A GUY LIKE BILL IS ACTUALLY POSSESSED OF THE DEVIL HIMSELF! Who else would want to wear an all-red suit on television? That was almost like an acknowledgement of the Devil's own colour! A red imp on TV! So he got as close as he could & subverted & perverted Deborah. He tried to do it a lot of times with Faithy, but thank God she was so utterly loyal & faithful & firm in the faith he was never able to completely possess her or control her, but now he has completely gotten Deborah totally bewitched, obviously deceived, bewitched, virtually in an altered mental state! (Through drugs?)
       29. AND I THINK PROBABLY THE NEXT THING THAT WILL HAPPEN IS SHE'LL CRACK UP OR [EDITED: "SOMETHING ELSE"] [DELETED], because she can't do anything but suffer for what she has done unless she repents & recants, which of course, the Devil, Bill, will never let her do! I mean he'd kill her first! He's violent just like the Devil! Any man who nearly killed his own children wouldn't hesitate to kill her if she threatened to undo him or expose him or dethrone him, or in any way humiliate him or embarrass him publicly by a repentance & recantation! He has such power over her & she is so bewitched by him anyhow, she is totally under his control! So it's doubtful she'd do that, so I doubt very much if she will repent or recant. [DELETED]
       30. WELL, THE ENEMY HAS DONE HIS DAMNEDST, NOW LET'S SEE WHAT THE LORD IS GOING TO DO! We don't have to worry about it, it's in the Lord's hands. The Lord will take care of it & He'll take care of them too, I'll tell you! I've seen it happen! I've watched it happen with enemies over the years, people who fought my Mother & people who fought my Grandfather. They all had terrible judgements [DELETED], awful things happened to them one right after the other! (Maria: It's funny how your sister lasted so long!) Honey, they're the seed of the righteous in a sense, both my brother & my sister for my Mother's sake. Look what God has done for the Jews for their fathers' sake, look how merciful He has been to them just because of the promises He made to Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, their fathers! Paul, the Apostle, confesses that it was just for their fathers' sake, otherwise He would have abandoned them entirely! (Rom.11:28) But undoubtedly the Patriarchs are imploring God & interceding with God to spare some of them & at least do something for them.
       31. (MARIA: BUT DEBORAH IS THE SEED OF THE RIGHTEOUS TOO!) Well, that's the point, that's why my sister & brother have lasted as long as they have. God has not just cut them off a long time ago because He knew they would finally repent & they finally did come to repentance & have come back & closer to the Lord than ever, & are in the faith & are going to die in the faith for Mother's sake, if nothing else. And Deborah, let's trust that she is saved. And if so, the Lord will deal with her. And if she is able to repent & recant, then of course He would forgive her & ease up. But I think she is under such influence of Bill Davis, as long as she is under his power & in his grip, I don't think she can, she's not herself. She's like she's hypnotised, totally under his control. So she'll be like that as long as that relationship exists, unless God gets rid of him & shows her what he is! That would be the triumph to try to spare Deborah, if God wreaks some awful judgement of some kind on Bill to expose him!
       32. NOW IF GOD IS MERCIFUL & IF DEBORAH HASN'T JUST ABSOLUTELY "SINNED AWAY HER DAY OF GRACE" so that she has become such a stumblingblock that God has got to [EDITED: "stop her"] that He might save her soul, like the Word says (1Cor.5:5), the only way I think that the Lord could possibly bring her to repentance & recantation, to withdraw her false testimony, is to deliver her from the power of Bill Davis, from the Evil Magician. And the only way God could do that is to totally discredit Bill in her eyes, [DELETED] or whatever in order to do it, to expose him! Then she might come to her senses & realise she made a big mistake. But I don't have too much hope for that. But the Lord might do it if He still wants to try to deliver her. But He's let her go this far & the damage is already done!
       33. WHEN JUDAS REALISED THAT HE'D MADE SUCH A BIG MISTAKE & HE'D SOLD OUT THE LORD & BETRAYED HIM & denied Him & delivered Him to His enemies, when he saw how wrong he was, that his enemies were exposed in their attitude toward him afterwards & how they'd lied to him, said they weren't going to hurt Jesus, etc., but instead crucified Him, when he realised what he'd done & that he'd betrayed the Son of God & virtually had Him crucified, what did he do?--He went out & committed suicide, hung himself! [DELETED]
       34. AS SHE SAYS, SHE WROTE THIS BOOK MAINLY FOR HER CHILDREN BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T WANT HER CHILDREN TO GET INTO THE FAMILY! Obviously, her children have been appealed to by the Family & they must have had some trouble with them wanting to join the Family. And she thinks that that is going to save her children. Well, the Lord could start with Bill Davis & discredit him & destroy him & expose him in her eyes, that would be one step that might help save her. The next thing He could do is start [EDITED: "working on"] her children in one way or another, [DELETED] so that everything she is supposedly living for is destroyed!--It happens!
       35. GOD HAS WAYS OF MAKING PEOPLE REPENT IF HE WANTS TO HAVE MERCY ON THEM, at least to give them a chance to repent by taking everything out from under them & destroying the gods that they worship--her gods at present being Bill & her children! She is doing this obviously for them, she thinks. I mean she was willing to destroy her own Mother whom she dearly loved, to do this! It shows that dear Eve never took a strong stand against her or for us either, was not strong enough to stand up & stick up for the truth & for us, so that she let Deborah get away with it.
       36. OH, EVE PRACTICALLY WORSHIPPED DEBORAH! Now, let her see what she's brought Deborah to, that's going to be a knife in her Mother's heart, in Eve's heart, because she will see now what she did to Deborah by standing with Deborah against me, & I think that may help bring Mother Eve to some kind of repentance! The Lord tries to get us all ready to go when it's time to go, & He likes to try to bring us around to where at least we're sorry if nothing else before we go, so we can be sorry & ask for forgiveness & He can be justified in forgiving us.
       37. AND OF COURSE, THERE IS SOME SIN THAT WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN, NEITHER IN THIS WORLD NOR THE WORLD TO COME!--THE SIN AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST!--Constantly rejecting the Spirit, rejecting God's voice, rejecting the Truth! (Mt.12:31-32) And that doesn't always necessarily mean they're going to go to Hell, but it does mean they're going to be purged in purgatory or suffer in some way for their sins afterwards, or if nothing else, simply suffer eternal shame & contempt in Heaven!--What could be worse than to be a known notorious traitor? As I've said, I thought Judas might have been saved, as evil as he was, although he was called the Son of Perdition, the son of Hell! But why else would he have committed suicide unless he was repentant & sorry for what he had done?--Which to me shows he must have believed in Who & What Jesus was & realised what he'd done! So what I'm doing now is I'm kind of thinking out loud.
       38. NOW WHAT IS THE LORD GOING TO DO? WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO TO EXPOSE THEM & DISCREDIT THEM, & IF THEY DON'T REPENT, DESTROY THEM & THEIR FALSE TESTIMONY! They're false witnesses, they're lying witnesses & there's nothing the Lord abhors like a false lying witness, especially when they lie about His Prophets! (Pr.6:19; 21:28) "Touch not the Lord's anointed & do My Prophets no harm! He that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of Mine eye!" (Ps.105:15; Zech.2:8) Bill & Deborah are sticking their finger in God's eye right now!
       39. AND I'LL TELL YOU, PAT ROBERTSON OF THE "700 CLUB" HAD BETTER WATCH HIS STEP TOO! He's gone a little too far this time to touch God's Prophet & His most spiritual modern movement, closest to the truth of any that I know of & the most active & most fruitful! To try to discredit us is to try to destroy God's Work in us & all of our poor little suffering missionaries on the field & their testimony & their witness & their converts! I mean Pat Robertson, by letting Deb & Bill on the show & promoting that, is literally attacking God's Work & God's workers & the souls they've saved! That is a dangerous business, let me tell you right now! I've seen it over the years, what's happened to people who did things like that, no matter how good they were & no matter how good they seemed to be & no matter how they seemed to be even men of God! I've seen their work destroyed, them destroyed & judged & punished by the Lord for attacking the true servants of the Lord, true men & women of God! It's all down through history, through the Bible!
       40. I'M REMINDED OF THE STORY ABOUT THE OLD JEW who was sitting in the front row of one of Hitler's speeches & he was sitting there nodding his head & grinning & grinning. So finally Hitler spoke to him he stopped & glared & glowered at him & rebuked him & said, "How can you be happy about what I'm saying about you Jews? How can you be sitting there smiling like that?" The old Jew said, "You know, we eat a little horny cake on the celebration of our victory over Haman, who tried to destroy us. We do that every year at the feast of Purim!" Remember those little horny cookies we saw all over the place in Capetown & I wondered how come? We didn't realise how many Jews were there, the cakes were all being sold at that season. So the old Jew was pictured as saying, "I'm just wondering what kind of cake we're going to eat over you!"
       41. WELL, I'M SURE DEB & BILL DAVIS THINK THEY'VE GOT THEIR CAKE & THEY'RE EATING IT TOO! But God doesn't pay all of His accounts in the fall, His wheels of justice grind exceeding slow but they grind exceeding fine! And look how long He allowed some of the worst demons & devils & enemies of God to live throughout history to a ripe old age, like Darwin, the father of evolution, & other wicked evil old kings & men, it's all through the Bible, until finally their cup of iniquity was full & then He judged them! He's longsuffering, waiting for people to repent, not willing that any should perish. So God only knows how long He will allow Deborah to go on!--I hope for her sake & ours it's not long!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family