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THANK GOD FOR THE VICTORY!--Over Our Vicious Enemies!       DO 1817       7/84

       1. HE'S NOT WILLING THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH, BUT GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW LONG HE WILL ALLOW DEBORAH TO GO ON! I think He'd probably be justified in [EDITED: "judging"] Bill Davis at any time, because I doubt now that he's even saved. I'm even beginning to wonder about Deb's Salvation. But God will take care of them, we don't have to worry about that. We don't have to try to attack our enemies & destroy them or wreak vengeance, because the Lord says, "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord, I will repay! Stand back & see Me fight! It's not thy battle but Mine! He that toucheth you toucheth the apple of Mine eye!" (Rom.12:19; 2Chr.20:15,17; Zech.2:8) The Lord will take care of them, don't worry! I'm just kind of curious, like the old Jew, about what kind of cake are we going to eat over them? (Purim--see No.1816:40-41; Esther 9:26-28)
       2. WE'VE SEEN OTHERS OF OUR ENEMIES DESTROYED, PUT DOWN & DETHRONED, INCLUDING FRED JORDAN. He literally lost the kingdom to me because he didn't obey the Lord, & he then turned around & attacked the anointed of the Lord, so the Lord removed him. He wound up with nothing but his TV show, I guess that's about all he's got left, & a wife who virtually destroyed him for gain & for power & position & money! So God has ways of dealing with our enemies; that's not what concerns me. The thing we need to pray about & be concerned about is the possible effect of these lies on the Lord's work & on His ministry & on His ministers & on the fruits of our labours.
       3. SO WE JUST HAVE TO ASK THE LORD HOW TO REFUTE & HOW TO DENY & SHOW THAT THESE THINGS ARE FALSE & NOT TRUE for the sake of weaker brethren or weak sisters whom they're apt to cause to stumble. But those who really know the Lord & know the Truth & know me, I don't think they could possibly be deluded or sidetracked or deceived. Jesus Himself said, "My sheep hear My voice & they follow Me & a stranger they will not follow!" (Jn.10:4-5) He wasn't worried about any of His true disciples defecting.
       4. I'M NOT CONCERNED ABOUT ALL THOSE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS & CHURCH PEOPLE WHO ARE SO SET IN THEIR TRADITIONS & THEIR INTERPRETATIONS & their opinions of doctrine & the Scriptures & sin & all the rest. There'd be no way in this World to ever convince them, because they're not even open to being convinced. Their minds are made up! They wouldn't change their minds if the Lord Himself told them, & He probably has tried to!
       5. I THINK THE WHOLE THING WAS STAGED--OUR ENEMIES STAGED THE WHOLE THING! [DELETED] They used her as their tool! They staged the whole thing, they paid them to do it, that's obvious. (Maria: That's why they did it!) Sure, for gain, for the money! That's the way the Devil works & how the Enemy always works in the long run. I gave that talk a long time ago--they start with disobedience & then doubt & then denial & finally betrayal! (The DDDB!--No.759) They have to, they have to go all the way! The Devil won't let'm stop & neither will the Lord! He lets them go all the way if that's what they're going to do, & greater is the condemnation!
       6. THERE'S NO USE ARGUING WITH THEIR CHARGES & THE THINGS THAT THEY THINK ARE EVEN THE WORST OF ALL, THAT'S RIDICULOUS! In their eyes I couldn't be any worse! In their eyes even one of those charges is enough to damn me to Hell forever! Our own people know better & they know the Truth & they know how God looks at things, those things included, & I don't think that is going to bother them or influence them at all. Some of these recent lies that they never heard before might shake'm a little bit & make'm wonder, but we can easily refute or explain that, like the things that Deborah said about Grandmother, which discredit Deb, of course, more than almost anything else. I mean, she could have said all she wanted to about me & a lot of people would've believed it, even old friends, etc., but her attack on my Mother & her healing & the Truth & its fruits & her ministry, that's the most diabolical of all & the most easily discredited by those who know better!
       7. THOSE WHO KNEW MY MOTHER & KNOW HER BOOK & KNOW HER MINISTRY & HER TRUTH, THEY'LL KNOW RIGHT NOW THAT SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH DEBORAH! Therefore I think the Lord allowed that in order to cause them to doubt what Deborah said about me. In other words, if a witness will lie about one thing, they're apt to lie about anything, & any good judge or any jury or court will throw out a perjured testimony. If a witness will lie about anything in his testimony, his whole testimony is thrown out! In other words he's a liar & you can't trust anything he says!
       8. I REMEMBER THE DEVIL ATTACKED ME WITH THAT STORY WHEN I WAS STILL JUST A YOUNG FELLOW. Let's see, it was in the early days of my ministry with Mother, my early 20s. Some guy came rushing down to my Mother right after the service, right before a lot of people gathered around the altar, & said the same thing: "Well, Mrs. Brandt, I know about that story, I know how your back was broken! Mr. Brandt was carrying you & he slipped on the ice & dropped you on the curb & that's how it was broken!"--Which is exactly the truth & how it happened! But Mother never said it was an auto accident & that that didn't happen. She just covered for my Father because she didn't want it to hurt him or his ministry & she just didn't think it was necessary to tell exactly how that accident happened, that it was his fault or his accident. But he was carrying her from the ambulance into the house when he slipped on the ice & accidentally dropped her on the curbstone, & that's how her back was broken!--So what's the big deal!--She never said it was an auto accident!
       9. WELL, I REMEMBER WHEN I FIRST HEARD THAT STORY IT WAS QUITE A SHOCK & MY MOTHER HAD TO EXPLAIN IT TO ME AFTERWARDS, THAT THAT'S THE WAY IT DID HAPPEN, but that she didn't want to tell the general public that it was Dad's fault & destroy my Father or hurt his influence or ministry. He was hurt enough as it was because he loved her dearly & he suffered for it for years! He had to nurse her through her illness for years & care for her gently, lovingly, faithfully, stayed faithful & loyal to her all those years, even at last when she was nothing but a skeleton covered with skin!
       10. THE WHOLE STORY SHE TOLD IS TRUE, EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT, & all corroborated by different authorities & doctors & everything else, & she gives the documentation in her book. She simply covers up that one little thing because she didn't want to hurt my Father. If you read it in the book, she did not say that the ambulance had an accident or that it was a car accident, but she says that she was taken home in an ambulance & then she says that "on the way there was an accident & I was thrown & my back hit the curbstone."--A very clever cover-up to spare my Father's feelings.
       11. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HE WOULD HAVE FELT IF EVERY TIME SHE TOLD THAT STORY SHE HAD TO TELL HE WAS TO BLAME? (Maria: That would have been horrible!) So to try to protect him & spare him, she covered for him. But she did not say in the book that it was a car accident, automobile accident or ambulance accident or anything like that. She just left that to their imagination, how the accident happened, & the audience just assumed that that's what happened. And I think in a way she probably wanted them to assume that, rather than to think that my Father was to blame.
       12. BUT SHE TOLD THE TRUTH, SHE DIDN'T TELL A LIE! She said, "On the way home there was an accident & I was thrown & my back hit the curbstone & was broken." That's all she says. She doesn't say exactly how it happened or who did it or anything, & those who heard her or read it just assumed that it must have been a car accident. She didn't say there was, so she did not lie at all. She didn't even deceive, really, because if they thought that's the way it happened, that was their own assumption. She did it to protect my Father & his feelings so he wouldn't feel hurt every time she gave that testimony right in his presence when he was working with her. Can you imagine how bad he would have felt if every time he ever heard her give it, he was blamed, it was all his fault? He suffered for it enough, let me tell you, for years!
       13. AND THEN SHE HAD TO GO THROUGH THE SAME THING WITH HIM, IN A WAY, & HAD TO SUFFER WITH HIM IN HIS INVALIDISM! I think the Lord allowed that to make her appreciate him more, his years of suffering taking care of her, how he sacrificed & suffered, to make her more clearly appreciate his love & his faithfulness & loyalty & service in sticking by her through thick & thin all those years! Yes, I think the Lord at the end allowed him to be an invalid & she had to take care of him in order to appreciate what he had done for her through those years.
       14. AND THEN THERE'S THIS LITTLE THING THAT DEB ACCUSES HER OF, THAT SHE WASN'T ACTUALLY AN INVALID THE FULL FIVE YEARS, she wasn't in bed the full five years, she doesn't say that in her book nor her testimony! If you'll carefully analyse it, she says, "I was in bed & a wheelchair most of the time for five years," & she even says, "For a little time I was a little better"--which she was. She even managed to be able to get out of the wheelchair sometimes, but it was always there. But that doesn't mean she wasn't an invalid, that doesn't mean she wasn't afflicted & incapacitated with a severe handicap for the whole five years! And the fact that she finally wound up back in bed again a total invalid, almost totally paralysed, shows the effect of the whole thing on her! She said, "For awhile the operation seemed to help & relieved part of the paralysis, & for awhile I was better." Then it wasn't long before she was back in bed again & worse than ever, because she still hadn't received the Lord.
       15. THE LORD WAS DEALING WITH HER & GOD WAS MERCIFUL TO HEAL HER--completely healed after the whole five years!--But He was merciful in relieving her for awhile & making her better even before that. And it was during that time that she even had a child, my sister. But look what kind of a child! My sister almost became a monster--like Deborah! So Virginia wasn't very good fruit!--And in the long run the Lord had to put my Mother back in bed, worse off than ever & dying & almost dead before she finally repented & in desperation came to the Lord, & the Lord, therefore, in His mercy healed her as a testimony.
       16. SO MOTHER DID NOT LIE ANYWHERE IN HER STORY OR HER TESTIMONY AT ALL! She covered up a little bit for my Father's sake, she even covered up a little bit for his sake regarding my sister, because some people would have thought he was a monster to fuck her & have a child in that condition! But some people who knew the birthdates figured that out, of course, & accused her of it & condemned her for it. But she never said that she was in bed all the time for the whole five years. She said in bed & a wheelchair & sometimes she was better, which she was.
       17. SEE, VIRGINIA WAS BORN IN WEATHERFORD, TEXAS AT THAT TIME WHEN MY MOTHER WAS A LITTLE BETTER & UP & AROUND ON HER FEET PART OF THE TIME, & did attend some classes with my Father at TCU, but that even undermined her faith more than ever & made her even worse! My Father apparently thought it might help encourage her faith by coming to those religion classes because she was such an intellectual, that maybe she could be intellectually convinced of God & all that. Instead of that, it killed whatever little childlike faith she had completely! She became a blatant atheist, & in the story she tells it.
       18. HER BOOK IS TRUE, EVERY WORD OF IT FROM START TO FINISH, & people used to be living who could vouch for it, the doctors & all the rest of them! Of course, they're all dead now & gone with her, so now the Devil can in a sense safely come out & attack the thing as a lie because there's no way to prove it now. The people who were there & operated & saw it happen & all the rest are gone & can't rise from their graves to testify, although they're probably going to be operative in the Spirit World to fight this thing! So it's all in the Lord's hands, Honey, the Lord will do the job! We don't have to worry about it, we just have to go on in faith & trust the Lord, knowing that Deborah is only lying because she's totally bewitched & deceived & literally possessed by her Satanic husband!
       19. (MARIA: AND SHE'S ALSO CONDEMNING GRANDMOTHER & SAYING SHE WAS OUT OF HER PROPER PLACE & OUT OF GOD'S WILL IN BEING THE DOMINANT FIGURE.) Calling her a tyrant, can you imagine that? (Maria: That's debunking all women preachers, women missionaries & women evangelists, all of them!) It does seem to contradict normal Bible & Orthodox Christian doctrine concerning the dominance of the man in the home & all, Scriptures regarding the weaker sex, the weaker vessel, the woman, "wives obey your husbands" & all of this. Grandma's position looks like typical Women's-Libber behaviour. So Deb makes it sound like the true Christians who know the Word can see that's where Grandma's wrong there too! So the only people who that would please is the church people, our enemies, the anti-Women's Libbers!--Male chauvinism is very popular amongst church people, so that crack was designed by our enemies to be placed in there to get some sympathy from them, not from rebellious women who don't want to be in subjection to their husbands, etc.
       20. SO WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT, WE'LL JUST GO AHEAD & DO GOD'S WILL & WHAT WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING & SERVE THE LORD, WITNESS & TELL THE TRUTH & DELIVER THE WORD & WIN SOULS & LOVE PEOPLE & LOVE THEM INTO HEAVEN! God will take care of the enemies & He can defend Himself & the Truth. PTL! But apparently somebody got ahold of them who knew some of those inside facts, no doubt some of Virginia's children whom Virginia had poisoned against my Mother, & no doubt told her some of those things. It was probably a shock to her because it sounded to her like Grandmother had deceived or told a lie, but she hadn't if you'll check the book. She just didn't want to hurt my Father by telling everybody about his part.
       21. ANYHOW, POOR DEB IS COMPLETELY BEWITCHED, AS WE KNOW, & THE LORD PREDICTED SHE WOULD BE & WAS, BY A MAN WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHEN I GOT THE REVELATION! I had no idea who it even was! I thought at the time it might be somebody else, but now we know. And obviously from what I can gather now, when the Lord called him the Evil Magician, I believe He was speaking of the Devil himself in the person of Bill Davis! (See No.666.) If the Devil's going to possess the Antichrist & if he possessed Judas at the time of Jesus' betrayal like he did, according to the Scripture, he can still possess people today! Satan doesn't leave any of these big jobs to any second lieutenants, he does it himself! He possesses that person himself & he's done it in the person of Bill Davis, Deborah's so-called husband.
       22. (MARIA: THIS IS JUST A DOCTRINAL QUESTION, BUT CAN THE DEVIL BE POSSESSING MORE THAN ONE PERSON AT THE SAME MOMENT?) He is not omnipotent, omniscient nor omnipresent. No, he cannot. He can only be in one place at one time, & if actually Devil-possessing someone, only possess one person at a time. But his demons, his little devils or big devils, they can possess plenty, probably by the millions! (Maria: If the Devil really possessed Bill Davis, which we believe he did at that moment, I wonder whether he's actually been possessing him himself all the way through all those years, or has he been doing other jobs?) It probably wasn't all the time, but probably a good deal of the time because he wanted to capture Deborah & use her as his own tool against us. I don't think he wasted all his time just in Bill Davis, he's got too many other more important things to do! But that was a pretty important capture, to possess Bill Davis often enough to sufficiently give him enough power to bewitch Deborah, to turn her against us to stand up publicly on Worldwide television & with her book to betray us & deny us & try to destroy us!
       23. BUT THEY'RE NOT ATTACKING US, THEY'RE ATTACKING GOD! They're not just attacking the Family, they're attacking God's work! They're attacking His fruit & His people, His children, & God will hold them responsible for it! Wait'll you see what God at some of these people will do or what will happen to them?--But that's God's business, not ours. We're not to have anything to do with it except to go on doing God's will, telling the Truth, preaching the Gospel & exalting Jesus!
       24. CONTRARY TO WHAT THEY SAY WE DO, I HAVE NEVER PREACHED ANYTHING BUT JESUS, PRAISE THE LORD, & HIS TRUTH & HIS WORD! (Maria: And against sin, which they say we don't believe in!) And against sin, the greatest & worst of all sins being the hypocrisy & the self-righteousness & the false front of the so-called Christians & church people who are now attacking us & trying to destroy us, just like the Scribes & the Pharisees attacked Jesus! The established religion of its time & its leaders attacked Him & finally killed Him, crucified Him, their own Messiah, their own Lord & King! There's no difference, that's what they're doing again to us!
       25. THESE MODERN FUNDAMENTALIST EVANGELICALS OF TODAY ARE NO BETTER THAN THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES WHO ATTACKED JESUS CHRIST & HIS DISCIPLES & EVENTUALLY KILLED NEARLY ALL OF THEM! But it didn't stop the work of God, it didn't stop the Christians, it didn't stop His rain or the Lord! The more they killed, the more disciples sprang from their bloody ground! The blood of the martyrs is the seed of many disciples, & these Devil's attacks don't stop the work of God! They're allowed for some reason, to do us good & to do it good, if for no other reason than to fill the cup of iniquity of the Enemy & the iniquitous & the wicked who fight us, so that God can then give them full judgement when their time comes, all they deserve for all their evil wickedness!
       26. BUT GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THAT, THAT'S NOT OUR BUSINESS! OUR BUSINESS IS TO KEEP ON TELLING THE TRUTH, GIVING THE WORD, LOVING SOULS & WINNING THEM TO THE LORD, SAVING THEM FOR HEAVEN, PRAISE THE LORD! But the Devil, of course, is trying to destroy that by this kind of an attack, to try to shake people's faith & deceive them & try to cause them to doubt & cause unbelief. (Maria: And to cause them to cut off the support of some on the mission field.) Yes. They did the same to Fred when he was in his heyday & at his best. They attacked & lied about him, especially the churches.
       27. SO PRAISE THE LORD! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! IT'S ALL IN YOUR HANDS, LORD! Our enemies are in Your hands & You will do to them whatever needs to be done, eventually. Right now You're allowing the Devil to serve Your purposes & for him to use them as tools, that "all things might work together for good to them that love Thee & are called according to Thy purpose." (Rom.8:28) PTL! TYJ!
       28. SO SOMETHING GOOD IS TO COME OUT OF ALL OF THIS, LORD, WHATEVER IT MAY BE!--Even if it's to create such persecution in the lands where this book is most apt to be circulated & most apt to be read & believed, & cause people to rise up in anger & give them an excuse to attack Thy children who have disobeyed by not leaving the land & not fleeing already & not going to the mission field as they should. So maybe they're Thy tools to pry'm loose & shake'm loose from the lands where they ought not to be & get them into the lands where they ought to be, & to obey You & get out as missionaries to save souls & realise how dangerous it is to stay amongst the wicked heathen enemies of Thy Family & Thy Cross & Thyself!
       29. SO LORD, IT'S BOUND TO DO SOME GOOD ALONG THAT LINE, PERSECUTION ALWAYS DOES! It means we're still being effective somehow, still having an influence, or they wouldn't hate us & fight us & attack us so! We must still have some kind of powerful testimony even back in the U.S.A., still have some influence there or they wouldn't still hate us. And of course the Devil knows we have influence all over the World, so he's trying to destroy that too. But we know that some good is going to come from it somehow, & amongst the good will be persecution that will drive the sluggards & laggards & slowpokes out & get'm out where they should be, busy for You, Jesus, because the time is so short!
       30. AND WE KNOW YOU'LL CONTINUE TO PROTECT US, LORD, AS LONG AS WE'RE USEFUL TO THEE & OBEDIENT, SERVING THEE FAITHFULLY & LOYALLY DELIVERING THY WORD TO THY CHILDREN & LEADING & GUIDING THEM IN THE RIGHT WAY! TYJ! So we don't have to worry about ourselves either, Lord, You'll take care of us. You've continued to protect us & provide for us for all these years in spite of many millions of enemies, literally, including the Devil & all his angels! You have kept us & kept us beautifully, Lord, & at peace & rest most of the time, in tranquil places where we could continue Thy work & work for Thee & continue Thy Word, Lord, to feed Thy children. We know You'll continue to do so as long as You want us to. You'll take care of us & protect us & provide for us!
       31. IT'S ALL YOUR WORK, LORD, IT'S ALL YOUR DOING & IT'S ALL YOU, JESUS, SO WE DON'T HAVE TO DEFEND OURSELVES! We don't have to rise up & try to answer every charge & every attack of the Enemy. We don't have to stoop to the gutter to fool around with the Enemy's garbage. We can't always ignore it, as even You had to sometimes answer them, but perhaps, Lord, this little chat together will even be an answer to some & an explanation of some of the facts & reasons why.
       32. WE'RE NOT TO BE DELAYED BY THE DEVIL'S TACTICS, LORD, & HIS DELAYING, STALLING, HINDERING ATTACKS! He's called the Hinderer by You. He's just trying to hinder Your work by these attacks, & if we can't conquer him in a certain situation, if we can't win that particular battle with him, if he wins any kind of victory at all, which it looks like he has done with this attack of his through our enemies & our Judases, then we just have to make a little detour & go around him into the next field & to another front & just avoid any confrontation & avoid allowing him to get us embroiled in this sort of hindrance.
       33. --LIKE THAT BUM WHO TRIED TO STOP ME ON THE STREET THAT DAY & KEEP ME FROM GOING TO MY CLASS! His parting shot was like the Devil himself, he said, "Well, if you don't love me, I'm just going to jump in the river!" I said, "Well, if you don't want to take Jesus Christ as your Saviour, go jump!--The sooner the better!" He was just trying to hinder me, Lord, & stop me & delay me & defeat Thy work, & I just refused to let him block my path! I just thrust him aside & went around him & went on. I delivered my soul, I gave him the Truth & he rejected it, so I rejected him!
       34. I AS GOOD AS SAID, "GO TO HELL THEN!"--AND THIS IS WHAT I SAY OF THESE TO WHOM WE HAVE GIVEN THE TRUTH, these betrayers, these deniers, these backsliders, these false brethren & sisters & these demon-inspired enemies! Our only responsibility is to give them the Truth, as You know. But You have delivered us, we have delivered our souls, we have washed our hands of their blood & we are not guilty of whatever happens to them or whatever You do to them. We warned them, even as Ezekiel did, & Lord, You said we were going to be like Ezekiel. You said the house of Israel would not hear us, they would harden their hearts against us, they were stiffnecked, but that we were to tell them anyway, deliver our souls, so that their blood would not be upon our hands! (Ezk.3:7,17-19)
       35. WE HAVE DONE THAT, LORD, WE HAVE DELIVERED YOUR WORD, WE HAVE TOLD THEM THE TRUTH, WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT, whether they like the doctrines or not, that doesn't matter except to them. They would have been better off if they had believed & received & followed & obeyed, but if they don't, that's their funeral, Lord, & You will take care of them accordingly. But we've done our part, done our job, delivered our souls, delivered Thy Message & washed our hands of their blood, we're not guilty of it. They're condemning themselves, they're defeating themselves, they're literally killing themselves & their own souls, their own ministry, whatever they might have been. So we're not worried about them, Lord, they're in Your hands & You'll certainly take care of them!
       36. AND YOU LET IT ALL HAPPEN FOR A REASON, TO WAKE US UP & SHAKE US UP TO REALISE HOW BITTER OUR ENEMIES ARE & HOW FRANTIC THE DEVIL IS, how desperate he's getting to try to stop us because we have done such a great work for Thee! All of us, Thy children Worldwide, are having such great victories, Lord, he's doing his damnedest to try to defeat us, just another attack of the Enemy! But You're going to defeat this one too, Lord, & it's going to work out for good somehow. No doubt persecution will arise as a result, that'll help people get out of countries where they've been too long & need to flee.
       37. SO WE JUST ASK THEE TO LEAD THY CHILDREN AS THESE EVENTS OCCUR & AS WEAKER BRETHREN ARE DECEIVED & FALL AWAY. You said the love of many in the last days would wax cold & there shall come a great falling away first, & then that man of sin shall be revealed, the Antichrist. (Mat.24:12; 2Thes.2:3) And we believe it, Lord, that this is a part of it. The love of many waxes cold first before they can fall away, & these enemies, if they ever had any love, it was a pretty cold love to begin with, especially these backsliders & betrayers & Judases! Now they have fallen away & that's their funeral!
       38. BUT YOU'RE CLEARING THE WAY FOR THE ANTICHRIST TO ARISE AS THE LAST GREAT PERSECUTION, the last great trial, the last great sifting of Thy disciples, the last great testing of Thy children to see if they really love Thee & really are determined to serve Thee no matter what, even die for Thee & for souls, if necessary, as their final witness for Thee, Jesus!
       39. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE FAITHFUL, THANK YOU FOR THE LOYAL, THANK YOU FOR THE TRUE! Thank You for those who will not be shaken by these lies & deceptions & distortions, not even by the Truth! Thank You Lord for those who will be firm & determined & stand firm & strong, Thy mighty men & women of God who will serve Thee to the End no matter what!--And whether they serve Thee, Lord, with me or someone else, that's up to Thee. If they don't like me, they're welcome to go someplace else.
       40. IF THEY THINK THERE'S SOMEWHERE ELSE TO GO THAT'S BETTER, WE WOULD RATHER HAVE THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE! Lord, I don't want anybody with us except those who really know that what we have given them is the Truth & is of Thee, Thy Word, & will be faithful & loyal & firm & determined to the very End, stand by us to the very End, Lord, which may be bitter, we know, because most of Thy prophets died a martyr's death! Yet, Lord, if so, that will be my release, my graduation, my glorification, Lord, & the end of my job here & now! TYJ! So we're not worried about that either, Lord. We remember that wonderful dream You gave us with such dying grace, such peace! It was even a sort of a relief to know that this was it, the end! (No.1775)
       41. SO HELP NONE OF OUR PEOPLE TO WORRY ABOUT PERSECUTION, LORD, OR WORRY ABOUT THESE ATTACKS OR THESE LIES OR EVEN THE TRUTH! The Devil always mixes in some truth with his fiction in order to damn & to accuse & to try to attack & defeat. Forgive us, Lord, if there are any things that we have done wrong or certainly if there's anything we've taught wrong. Forgive us & help us, straighten us out, show us! We have repented of a few things before, Lord, where we were deceived.--Not by Thee, not by Thy agents, but by the false prophets of old & the false preachers of old & the churches in which we were reared & the false doctrines that we were taught! But thank You Lord that You straightened us out & brought us to the Truth & revelation, the white Light of Thy Word which showed us these things were wrong, that their support of Israel [DELETED] was wrong. [DELETED] Israel is not now the Promised Land, Lord, not Thy land, & they are not Thy children, they are of their father the Devil as You Yourself said! (Jn.8:44)--And they have stolen that land from its rightful owners, many of them Christians, Christian Arabs!
       42. SO LORD, WE THANK THEE FOR HOW YOU REVEALED THE TRUTH TO US BEFORE WHEN WE WERE WRONG, & IF WE'RE WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING NOW, LORD, PLEASE REVEAL IT TO US & SHOW IT TO US & HELP US TO CORRECT IT & REFUTE IT! If there's anything in which we have taught Thy children wrongly or mistakenly in any way, forgive us & help us to correct it. But we don't believe it, Lord, because we have supported all that You've shown us & taught us & revealed to us, told us, with the corroboration of Thy Word, with Scripture. I believe we have found the Truth there & we have revealed it to Thy children as we have found it & as You have shown us & as You have told us, straight from Thy Own mouth, Lord! TYJ!
       43. SO HELP THIS NOT TO SHAKE THEM, LORD, NOT TO WORRY THEM IN ANY WAY, THAT THEY NOT FRET & DOUBT OR DISOBEY IN ANY WAY, LORD! Rebuke the lies of the Enemy, Lord! You said, "Resist the Enemy & he will flee from thee!" (Jam.4:7) Help them to reject these lies of the Devil, refute them & refuse to believe them, Lord, because they have the Truth! If they have received Thy Truth & they love Thy Truth, as Thy Word says, in inverse manner they shall never be deceived by whatever strong delusion the Enemy may bring. But those who have already rejected the Truth & have not received the love of the Truth--not just the Truth but the love of the Truth, those who don't love Thy Truth--You Yourself promised to send strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might be damned, or judged! (2Thes.2:10-12)
       44. AND THIS IS BECOMING EVER MORE SO AS THE HOUR OF THE MAN OF SIN, THAT WICKED ONE, IS ABOUT TO BE REVEALED, THAT YOU PROMISED WOULD COME, & of whom You said those very things & mentioned him in that very same passage of 2nd Thessalonians 2, that he would deceive many & show great signs & wonders & miracles & blaspheme against Thee & sit in the Temple of God pretending that he is God, as God, & literally be worshipped as a god by the World, by those who have rejected the love of the Truth, received not the love of the Truth, but to whom Thou hast sent him literally as strong delusion that they might believe his lies & be damned, because they had not the love of the Truth!--Because that's what they deserve for rejecting Thee & Thy Holy Spirit & the Voice of Thy Spirit & Thy precious Words of Truth!
       45. SO LORD, WE KNOW THAT IT'S GETTING WORSE ALL THE TIME & HE'S ABOUT TO BE REVEALED & HE'LL BE THE LAST GREAT LIE OF THE DEVIL, the Devil in person, with all his power & glory & lying deceitfulness & wonders, to deceive the World & the people who have rejected the Truth!--And some of them are already doing it now & some have done it for thousands of years, past generations! Only things are getting worse & worse, times are waxing worse & worse & the End is getting nearer & nearer. There are even now many anti-Christs & false prophets & false Christs, literally meaning false Christians, those that claim to be Christs but are false, not Thy children at all, but "of their father the Devil," as You said of the [DELETED] religious leaders of Your day! You said they were self-righteous hypocrites, liars, workers of iniquity, "of their father the Devil"!--Many who claim to be Christians & who claim to be church leaders & great church people & all these so-called "good" people, so many Evangelicals & Fundamentalists who hate us!
       46. LORD, LOOK HOW THAT LIAR & FALSE PROPHET DR. SCOFIELD HAS DECEIVED SO MANY TO GO SO FAR ASTRAY ON THE FALSE DOCTRINE OF A PRE-TRIBULATION RAPTURE!--Though he was apparently saved & was strong on Salvation & the right doctrine of eternal security & eternal Salvation. Well Lord, we don't have to wait very long now to find out & for them to have it proven to them that Thy Word was right & Thy Truth is right & we are right & that the Man of Sin, the Antichrist is going to be soon-revealed! They're going to see him & know him & know of him & know that his reign has begun & that the Tribulation is about to begin, & then they cannot deny it! You will have not come first to deliver them, & there's going to be much weeping & wailing & crying & gnashing of teeth that they didn't see the Truth & didn't know it & didn't receive it in time to prepare for it, for many are deceived & deluded!
       47. SO THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE YOU LORD FOR THY TRUTH! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US THY WAY & THY WILL & HELPING US TO DO IT! Lord, You've blessed us hand-over-fist, year-after-year now with more & more publications & more & more souls & more & more fruit, more & more for Thy Kingdom, Lord, & great blessing & protection & provision, even prosperity, Lord! Thou hast made it easy for us to be good & do Thy will. Thank You for it! We realise the days are now going to get harder as the End approaches, it will not be so easy any more. There will be more lies & more enemies & more deceit & more betrayers & deniers, more attackers, more falsehood & more persecution to sift us & purify us, as Thy Word says, & make us white, to purge out any dross in us, to make us wholly, totally dedicated to Thee & Thy service unto the death! (Dan.11:35,12:10)
       48. YOU SAID, "BE THOU FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH & I WILL GIVE THEE A CROWN OF LIFE!" (Rev.2:10)--And we know that those who are faithful will be faithful all the way, even to death, Lord, & therefore You'll give them a glowing, glittering, shining crown of light & life as a reward for their loyalty & their faithfulness, their diligence, their obedience, their hard work, their self-sacrifice & the good work they've done for Thee & for others, the souls they've won, Lord, & the souls they've saved from perdition & Hell, the precious souls that they've saved for Heaven, Lord! It'll be eternally worthwhile, eternally nothing but joy & happiness in the future to see our reward for being faithful to the End & receiving that great crown of life so that we shine as the stars! "He that winneth souls is wise & they that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars," & surely our children have, Lord! (Pro.11:30; Dan.12:3)
       49. LORD, EVEN IF WE WERE ALL WRONG, even if I was as wicked as they say I am--& Lord, You know I'm wicked enough--nevertheless, Lord, we are righteous enough to have borne good fruit as a tree of life, as You said, so that our children & our fruit have borne good fruit & the work that they have done has been good, Lord, with many saved souls & many souls wonderfully saved as they know, Lord, even through FFing, which the church condemns, criticises, denies & attacks because of the Devil & his delusion!--Because he knows, Lord, that it's winning souls that could never have been won any other way, the ultimate in love, the ultimate in self-sacrifice, the ultimate in witnessing, Lord, & those souls that are saved thereby, they know it too & have testified to it! Thank You Jesus for it! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       50. WE KNOW WHAT YOU'VE TOLD US & SHOWED US & WHAT WE'VE PASSED ON TO THEM IS RIGHT & TRUE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THE DEVIL HATES IT, or even supposed, self-righteous, hypocritical Christians hate it & try to deny it & refute it!--Even our various freedoms from the bondage of churchy tradition, such as our appreciation, Lord, of your God-given sex & our sexual freedom in Thee, that whatsoever is in Love is of Thee, Lord. TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!
       51. THANK YOU FOR THY REVELATIONS OF THY TRUTH, LORD, THAT HAVE GIVEN US SUCH FREEDOM TO ENJOY THY GIFTS & EVEN THY PLEASURES, all that You have given us that You created, Lord, to be enjoyed by us, to be thankful for, to be used for Thy glory! TYJ!--Some of the very things that they accuse us of & condemn us for, which are even true but of You, Jesus, & used of You, & Thy gifts to be used for Thy glory! Thank You Jesus for delivering us from the bondage of this death of self-righteous churchianity & for revealing Thy Truth to us, Jesus, showing us what's right & what's really wrong--that hypocritical, self-righteous, holier-than-thou churchianity attitude of some of these so-called Christians who bitterly attack us, & in so doing attack Thee & crucify the Son of God afresh every day in their attacking us & hurting us & trying to hurt us as they are now doing! (Heb.6:6)
       52. TYJ! BLESS THOSE WHO HAVE STAYED FAITHFUL & LOYAL & THOSE WHO ARE NOT DECEIVED THEREBY & NOT HINDERED THEREBY & NOT STOPPED THEREBY, LORD! Bless those who know Thy voice & hear Thy voice & follow Thee & a stranger they will not follow! They know what's the Truth, Lord! They know what we have taught & said is true. Even if they don't like me, even if they don't believe in me, Lord, You showed them through Thy Word & the Truth that we preached that Thy Word is Truth! (Joh.17:17) TYJ! PYL!
       53. THY WORD IS THE PROOF, THY TRUTH IS THE PROOF! Even if they don't like me & don't want to believe in me, I don't care, Lord, You know that. If they don't like me, don't want to believe in me & hate me & think that I'm bad, Lord, they couldn't even think bad enough! That doesn't matter to me, Lord, because You love me & You've forgiven & saved me & used me & given me the glorious revelations of Thy Truth to pass onto Thy children to liberate & free them for Thy service. So what they think of me, Lord, is not really as important as what they think of Thee & Thy Word & Thy Truth!
       54. AND YET, LORD, IF THEY HAVE REJECTED THY WORDER, THEY MUST HAVE ALSO REJECTED THY WORD! They probably rejected me because they had rejected the Word & they don't believe the Word, don't like the Word, Lord, don't like the Truth, so they reject the Truth-giver & hate us for telling the Truth because they don't believe it & don't receive it! So it's to their own condemnation, Lord, that's not our affair. That's their own guilt & their own self-condemnation, their own funeral. That's their end & You'll take care of that & them. That's not our worry nor our concern. They're in Thy hands. We're just going to plug along, Lord, & tell the Truth & give the Truth & do the Truth, encourage the Truth & encourage all Thy Truth-givers who are around the World loving people into Thy Kingdom, doing good wherever they go, preaching the Gospel in all the World to every creature! Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL!
       55. THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS WONDERFUL JESUS REVOLUTION NOW SWEEPING THE YOUNG PEOPLE OF RUSSIA! Lord, set them on fire & encourage them & help them to survive no matter what, the inevitable persecution & all the rest! Even in prison they can witness & win souls & have a regular prison revolution, or as they used to call it, a revival!--Like Horace Alderman when he won nearly all the inmates on Death Row! Even the jailers & the warden himself he won to Thee, even though he was on Death Row, condemned to die & eventually was hanged! He died gloriously, radiantly happy & giving his final witness & testimony of his Salvation without the slightest fear of death! He just turned to Brother Haas & said with a great smile & radiant joy: "Fred, I'm going to see Him before you do!" (Tongues) Hallelujah! "Give them the kisses of thy Father & fail not to carry unto those who are lost the Words of David!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! "To liberate them that are bound & free them that are lost!" TYJ! PYL!
       56. AMEN, THANK YOU FOR HOW YOU HAVE, LORD, HOW YOU HAVE ANSWERED PRAYER & KEPT US & KEPT US GOING! In spite of everything & what everybody said & what the enemies predicted, Lord, we're still going stronger than ever!--Perhaps sometimes fewer, but stronger & more loyal, more obedient, more faithful & more fruitful, more fruit-bearing! Hallelujah!--With stronger disciples, Lord! This is a purging, no doubt a purging of Thine Own design, Lord, a sifting, to purge & purify & make us white, as You said there in Daniel.--That even some of them of understanding, who do know their God & who shall instruct many & do exploits, yet even some of these shall fall, to try them & to purge them & make them white! (Dan.11:33-35)
       57. WE REALISE, LORD, THAT THIS IS A PURIFYING, PURGING & STRENGTHENING OF THE FAITHFUL & THE TRUE & THOSE WHO CANNOT BE SHAKEN, but at the same time it purges away the dross & the false & the weak & those that are shakey & doubtful & can't take it. Even as that day when You preached that mighty sermon on Thy flesh & Thy blood, the heavy doctrine that they couldn't accept & that sounded like cannibalism to the Jews! It says that many of them followed Thee no more, they fell away from following Thee. Multitudes left right then & there!--Thousands You had been preaching to & feeding & healing forsook You, till there was none but the 12 left, & You turned to them & said, "Will ye also go away?" (Jn.6:53-67)
       58. THANK YOU LORD FOR DEAR, BLUNDERING, BUMBLING, IMPULSIVE, IMPETUOUS, AGGRESSIVE PETER, LORD, that for one of those times he was right & he blurted out the Truth: "To whom shall we go, Lord? Thou alone hast the Words of eternal life!" (Jn.6:68) It sounded like he might have looked around to see where he might flee & wished he could, but there was no place to go & nobody else to go to for the Truth & for Thy Words of Life & Thy Words of Salvation!
       59. SO LORD, IF THERE ARE ANY WHO THINK THEY CAN FIND SOMETHING BETTER, LET'M GO! If there are any who prefer something else, Lord, help'm to find it! For those who don't realise they have the Truth or have found it or want it or want to stick with it, we'd be better off without'm, Lord. Shake'm loose! If there's any rotten fruit on the tree, Lord, shake it loose & get rid of it so that the good fruit might thrive & flourish & ripen & be ready for Thee! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       60. WE BELIEVE, LORD, THE WINDS OF THY ADVERSITY ARE SHAKING THE TREE EVEN NOW, THY RIGHTEOUS TREE THAT HAS BORNE GOOD FRUIT! If amongst it anywhere there are any foul birds or rotten fruit, You'll get rid of it & get rid of them, Lord, so that we can be purified & purged & made white & pure & shining & true in Thy eyes, Lord, if nowhere else! TYJ!
       61. PRAISE YOU LORD EVEN FOR PERSECUTION! Praise You Lord for the opposition of the Enemy that purges us & scourges & purifies us & makes us white, like a poison or like a purgative or like a laxative, something the body rejects & cleans us out! And though it temporarily may weaken us, it gets rid of the crap & the poison & the rubbish & the refuse & the evil & the disease so that we will then be healed & grow stronger than ever for Thee! Hallelujah! We believe it, Lord, in Jesus' name. TYJ!
       62. BLESS & KEEP THY TRUE CHILDREN, LORD, WHOM WE KNOW WILL NOT BE DECEIVED. They know Thy voice & they will follow Thee no matter what, & a stranger they will not follow! They will not believe the lies of the Devil, they will not be deceived, because they have the love of the Truth! Thank You for them, every one of them who loves You, Lord, & loves Thy Word & Thy Truth, even loves bad old me, Lord, as bad as You know I am. Perhaps many of the things they've said about me are true, just as many of the things that they said about Thy old King David were true, & he did some wrongs, Lord. Nevertheless, he repented & he came through as pure gold, better than ever, Lord, & You said after that he was a man after Your Own heart, the dearly beloved of the Lord, as You have said of Thy servant, in spite of all my sins. TYJ! PYL! (Acts 13:22)
       63. BRING THESE EVIL ACCUSERS TO JUSTICE, LORD! Have mercy on them if they deserve it, but justice, & refute their evil lies! Confound their politicks, confuse their knavish tricks & expose them as the evil hypocrites & liars & children of the Devil that they are, & judge them accordingly in order to vindicate Thy Truth, Lord, & Thy Word & Thy servants throughout the World!
       64. CONTINUE TO PROTECT THY CHILDREN, LORD, & PROSPER THEM & PROVIDE FOR THEM & CAUSE THEM TO HAVE GREAT FRUIT, LORD, GOOD FRUIT, MANY SOULS FOR THY KINGDOM! Don't let this stop them at all, Lord! Don't let this delay'm, don't let this even cause them to even miss a step, but to keep right on marching for You, Jesus, till all the World is ours, Lord, & we win the victory, in Jesus' name, as You have promised! Do give us the inheritance, even the heathen to the uttermost parts of the Earth, Lord! We know You're doing it right now & You'll do it in the future to the very End & into the beginning of the Millennium & forever! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!
       65. WE KNOW THAT WE'RE GOING TO WIN THIS WAR, LORD! We may have a few battles that it may look like we have lost, Lord, but even those are for a purpose, to in some way make us better soldiers for a greater victory in the End!--That we may enter Thy presence, Lord, & Thou shalt say unto all of us who faithfully served Thee & obeyed & have done what You told us to do: "Well done, thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" (Mat.25:21) You didn't say "good & perfect servant," Lord, & You didn't say "good & successful servant," You just said "good & faithful," Lord, & if we hear nothing more than that we'll be happy to know that You count us as being good, in spite of what the Enemy says, & faithful, because of what You say. And that's Thy promise, that we will enter Thy joy forever, in Jesus' name! Amen! TYL! Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL!
       66. BLESS THY CHILDREN, HELP THEM, ENCOURAGE THEM, KEEP THEM & MAKE THEM A BLESSING IN JESUS' NAME! That's all we can ask, Lord, & You'll take care of the enemies, they're in Your hands. I'd hate to be in their shoes, Lord, in the hands of an angry God! These men & women who have denied Thee & Thy Word & Thy Work & Thy servants, now have fallen into the hands of an angry God! (Heb.10:31) Woe be unto them! We certainly do not envy them, Lord, nor their fate, & we know You'll deal with them accordingly while we go on, because "They Cannot Stop Our Rain!" (No.128) You promised that, Lord, & we know it's true.--And it's proven true! We have gone on in spite of everything, in spite of all the defections & backsliders & betrayers & deniers & opposition & attacks of the Enemy, Lord! They haven't been able to stop us yet & never will, Lord, You promised that, till we enter the Gates of Glory in victory, in Jesus' name! Hallelujah! PTL! TYJ! Amen!
       67. AMEN!--WELL I GUESS THAT WAS NECESSARY TO ENCOURAGE THE FAMILY & HIS CHILDREN. It did me good, anyhow, to pray & hear from the Lord, His confirmations & His encouragement. Well, I might have done some things wrong, but all I know right now is we're doing mostly things that are right. As the guy said, "We must have done something good, the way God's blessing us!" So PTL! XXX! Honey, you must be hungry. (Maria: I'm fasting.) Well, at least you look better, you look more radiant & the light's coming back into your face from when you were so discouraged yesterday.
       68. SEE, IT'S NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK! Sometimes even a fall is a fall upward if we learn a lesson by it & profit by it, even some of our mistakes. Thank God we haven't made many, & of course a lot of mistakes they THINK we have made were NOT mistakes, & a lot of the sins they claim we have committed were NOT sins, & many of our dastardly deeds were GOOD deeds. But in their contorted minds & twisted ideas of doctrine & Scripture, they of course are deceived by the Enemy into thinking they're wrong. But we know & the Lord knows & it's all in His hands, so don't worry about it! PTL? Amen! Well, I guess I had to pause for this, but even maybe this was not a pause in the work, maybe that's even a little progress to get over that hump & on the way to the next victory! TYJ! PTL! HAL!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family