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GOD'S CALL TO BURMA!        DO 1821        24/6/84

       1. (TONGUES:) XXXXXXX! (TONGUES:) "OH HEAR YE THE WORDS OF MY LOVE FOR THIS LAND! As thou shalt come, thou shalt give them My Love. Oh hear ye the Words of the Lord, that He loveth these people beyond measure!" (Tongues:) "Oh, give them the love that I have given thy Father for them that they might see the light, that they that sit in darkness shall see the light!" (Tongues:) "Oh hear thou My Words & hear the Words of your Father to heed this call to this land that lieth in darkness, yet with a little light." Hallelujah! (Tongues:) "Oh, Jesus, may they hear the Words of their Father!" (Tongues:) "Heed thou the Words of thy Father. Listen to the cry of his heart that thou mayest send My love & light to this land!" Hallelujah! (Tongues & weeping.)
       2. I WAS JUST READING THIS FN ARTICLE ON BURMA & ALL OF A SUDDEN I BEGAN TO GET SOMETHING! It's like I've had something before but I can't quite recall what it was. But I see elephants rolling logs, picking up logs, carrying logs. I don't even know if they have elephants or even logs in Burma! Maybe it is symbolic, maybe it means the power of God, the elephant & the logs of the Word, that God is able to pick up & roll those logs into Burma, the powerful Word! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! (Tongues:) "Jesus, hear the Words of the love of David their Father." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! "May they hear the Words of the love of David their Father." In Jesus' name.
       3. HELP THESE THAT LABOUR THERE, LORD, SO FAITHFULLY & SACRIFICIALLY! Bless & keep them, Lord, in Thy protection & support, Lord.--May Thy children, Thy people help them, Lord, send them help! In Jesus' name. I've gotten something before about them, it seems like I've had it before. I just can't seem to quite get it back.--A picture of the elephants & the logs & the Burmese sitting there waiting, a beautiful girl like the Goddess of Burma, & that old song came back to me, that beautiful song. I think I've sung it before for you. I believe we had it in a Letter. (Sings:)
       There's a Burma girl a settin'
       And I know she waits for me.

       Then the dawn comes up like thunder
       Out of China 'cross the bay!
       Come ye back, oh Christian soldier!
       Come ye back to Mandalay!

       Come ye back to Mandalay,
       Where the flying fishes play
       And the dawn comes up like thunder
       Out of China 'cross the bay!

       Come ye back to Mandalay
       Where the flying fishes play
       And the dawn comes up like thunder
       Out of China 'cross the bay!"

       (Tongues:) "Oh Jesus, help Your little Father David to recall that dream, or vision in Jesus' name!" Help me to see it, Lord! Help others to get the vision, Lord. In Jesus' name! In Jesus' name! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       5. "OUT OF CHINA!" CHINA? I THOUGHT INDIA WAS ACROSS THE BAY! CHINA IS ACROSS THE BAY? I'd better look at the map again. It's an old British soldier song. I don't understand how they can call it "China across the bay". "The dawn comes up like thunder out of China." China? The dawn wouldn't come up like thunder out of China 'cross the Bay, because China is East of Burma! Well, maybe he was in Rangoon, he could have been looking across the Bay there in the direction of China, that's way down at the Southern tip of Burma in that Southern part.
       6. BURMA IS RIGHT BETWEEN INDIA & CHINA, ACTUALLY SQUEEZED IN-BETWEEN BANGLADESH & CHINA & THAILAND. Maybe there's a Bay there we don't know about. Mandalay is way up in Central Burma. Well, the dawn certainly would come up out of China, because it is East of there. Does that mean that our people are going to be able to go from China into Burma? (Maria: Now we go from Thailand into Burma for only one week at a time, that's all they can stay, with no extensions.) Was Thailand ever part of China? Well, I don't know what that means.
       7. THE SONG CAME TO ME REAL STRONG TOO, real strong while I was looking at those elephants that were moving those logs. They were picking up these logs one-by-one & stacking them. And they do use elephants over in that part of the World to do that kind of work, I've seen it in the movies. But I don't know if they have elephants in Burma or whether they even have any lumber there or need to pick up logs. (Teak wood is a major Burmese export!)
       8. BUT IT WAS LIKE IT WAS SYMBOLIC OF THE POWER OF GOD, TREMENDOUSLY POWERFUL! The elephant is the most powerful animal there is today.--Picking up these big long huge heavy logs of the wood. Now, I wonder if the Lord ever symbolised the Word by logs? There is something familiar about that. Anyhow, it was just as clear as anything that it was like the elephants were the power of God & the people of God & they were rolling the logs of the Word in Burma! It was Burma. It was all about Burma.
       9. I'D JUST FINISHED READING THIS FN ARTICLE ABOUT BURMA & I was just writing you all these notes. I put a footnote at the bottom & I said, "I want to help them! How about you? It takes a lot of trips & expense. Send'm help now! GBY! Love, D." And then I put a note to you, "I want to help them. How much a month? It costs a lot to make those one-week trips. Please help! Thanks!" This was a note to you administrators & then I put down a suggested amount. It's a lot of trips & expenses & risky, God bless them! But they're getting real results over there! It's been a closed country, a really closed country. And it's only been recently opened to us.
       10. IT WAS REAL STRONG! I JUST GOT A MESSAGE REAL STRONG, only I wish I could have gotten it all. But the Lord is tremendously burdened for that country & the remnant, a small remnant of Christians. (Tongues:) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! "Yea, indeed I have a remnant there, a little remnant that shall be saved that I love & I want to gather as sheep for My fold.--To gather sheep for My fold." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord!
       11. GOD BLESS THOSE PRECIOUS LITTLE SOULS IN BURMA!--The Christians who have remained, Lord, from the British occupation, who were won by the missionaries, Lord, & now have to survive alone & on their own. We don't even know if it is legal to be a Christian in Burma anymore or if it is outlawed or if they are persecuted or what. We know so little about Burma, Lord, this great land between India & China! It has been such a closed country, only recently opened even to tourists & that only for a week at a time. Bless these courageous brave souls who are going in there as witnesses, Lord, to encourage the Christians that they have found & the Christian disciples they are winning. Thank You Lord for these wonderful stories coming out of Burma--that the light is dawning, the dawning is coming up like thunder out of China across the Bay!
       12. LORD, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT CHINA HAS TO DO WITH IT, BUT YOU KNOW. Maybe the Burmese language is similar to Chinese & maybe some of the Chinese can go there to help, Lord, we don't know. We can't even see on the map what Bay it could be, unless it is looking from Rangoon Eastward. But Lord, You show us, You show somebody, Lord, You show those that get the burden for it. In Jesus' name! Give it to those who really have a love & are qualified, Lord, who can either speak English, which is the language which the British left behind there in this former British colony, spoken by the educated as the second language, or Burmese. Whether Burmese is a form of Chinese or Indian, we don't even know, Lord, we are so ignorant of Burma today. Forgive us! Help, Lord. In Jesus' name.
       13. YOU PUT SUCH A BURDEN ON OUR HEARTS FOR THIS LAND which has lain in darkness except for the light which was brought in by the British missionaries, Lord.--Now that "dawn" has to come up again like thunder out of China across the Bay somehow. You put that old song on our hearts, Lord, just as clear as a picture! We could see the girl sitting there waiting, the Goddess of Burma waiting for help, sitting there looking for her long-lost lover that had once been there that she is waiting to come back.--Like the British missionaries & soldiers who were there once upon a time but are now long gone, but still she waits, Lord. They brought Christianity, they brought faith in Thee, Jesus. They brought Salvation through their missionaries, Lord, & now they've been forced out & Burma has become almost closed by anti-Christ forces.
       14. BUT LORD, YOU CAN GET IN! SHE'S STILL WAITING FOR YOU TO COME BACK & YOU'RE GETTING IN, LORD! Thank You Jesus!--And there are still some there! She is still there, Thy Goddess of Burma, Lord, is still there, still waiting. Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus! (Tongues:) Hallelujah! "Show them the way that they have heard of their Father & show her the love that Thou hast for her." In Jesus' name! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! I wish I were a better interpreter. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Amen.
       15. IT'S LIKE SHE WAS ONCE LOVED BY CHRISTIANS & NOW SHE IS WAITING FOR THEM TO COME BACK TO LOVE HER ONCE AGAIN, & it is some of the Christians that they have discovered there, remnants from the British occupation, who are so on-fire & are really doing such a wonderful job in winning others, encouraged by us there & our literature etc. They're really winning souls. Two former drug addicts & smugglers & everything, older men almost 40 or already in their 30's have been won & are on fire for the Lord! And a girl, a Burmese girl is the leader of the work, the inside work there, who they go in & encourage & bring literature to & help. We need help for her, help financially for her to be able to be free to do this work, & we need help for our visiting missionaries who go in & bring in lit & encourage them etc. (Goddess of Burma!)
       16. AND THEY SPEAK & THEY READ LIT IN ENGLISH! THINK OF THAT! ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? (Maria: Remember two nights ago when I was reading to you about the Karen tribesmen there? Many of them are Christians, first won to Jesus as a result of the 30-year ministry of the famous missionary to Burma, Adoniram Judson, who first arrived in Burma in 1813 after being kicked out of India. Are they those tribes in Southern Burma that the Burmese Government is trying to put down? They call them anti-government rebels.) Yes! Right on the Thai border, right on the Northern Thai border in the South of Burma. There have been lots of reports in the newspapers about the trouble on the Burmese/Thai border & how the Burmese Government is trying to put down these rebel tribes on the border, but it has never mentioned that they were Christians at all! And there have been a lot of them fleeing as refugees into Thailand & Thailand has had a problem about what to do with these tribal refugees of the Karen tribe, refugees coming into Northern Thailand. How about that!
       17. MAYBE THEY SPEAK CHINESE OR A FORM OF CHINESE! Maybe that's why the Lord said, "The dawn came out of China!" (Tongues:) "This is the Word of the Lord that I reveal even unto thy Father David, that thou shouldest go & feed My sheep in Burma!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Is that a message to the Chinese, our Chinese folks, Chinese disciples? Could it be that they speak Chinese, a form of Chinese there? Maybe it is a mixture of Indian & Chinese. How about that? Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!
       18. I'M SO GLAD YOU HEARD THE WORD OF THE LORD SPEAKING & you came, even though you were in the other room. Thank You Jesus! It takes a lot of trips & expenses to go in to Burma & it's risky business carrying in lit & everything, but these folks are risking their lives to do it, God bless them. They now even have a disciple in prison there. He was in prison already but he is a Christian reading the Bible & has a DM book. He's the brother-in-law of C., this girl who is the native leader there. Isn't she beautiful? A lot of the educated know English, at least some English, & they could appreciate the more simple English publications.
       19. THE LORD MUST REALLY LOVE THOSE PRECIOUS DISCIPLES THERE but they haven't had much help & the folks going in haven't had much help. The Lord must really want to have us give them a real hand now because the hour is late! All signs point to 1986 as being the beginning of the End & there are some glowing & wonderful reports about Burma. TYJ! GB'M!
       20. (LOOKING AT MAP:) HERE'S MOULMEIN! I WONDER, COULD THERE BE A BAY THERE?--And she could have been sitting beside a Pagoda & it could be out here on this island or something looking across the Bay there at Moulmein towards China, Indo-China? This book says Burma's main products are: Rice, timber, teak especially, teakwood is very valuable wood, logs.--Logs!--So they must have elephants to move them! I saw those elephants moving those logs just as clear as could be! And some dream kept coming back to me. The impression was I've had a dream about that country before! I've had a dream about it! I've already had something about it, but I've tried & tried to recall what it could be. I've had something about Burma.--Something I had that I didn't even know applied to Burma. Maybe it'll come back, maybe somebody will look it up & see what dream I could possibly have had or what vision I could have had about Burma that I didn't even know was about Burma.
       21. THAT WAS ALWAYS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE OLD SONGS, isn't that amazing? I had a favourite song about India that I sang about India once upon a time. ("Song of India!", No.1096) So praise the Lord anyhow! I was really getting something in the Spirit about Burma with that picture of the elephants moving logs, which apparently are teak logs because that's one of their major exports, second largest export aside from rice, 55% of their export is rice & 30% is teak, teakwood, one of the most beautiful & hardest woods in the World, from big trees in Burma!
       22. AND I HAVE THE STRANGE FEELING THAT I'VE HAD SOMETHING BEFORE ABOUT IT, like a picture of the logs & the elephants was part of a bigger picture of something I've had before. And I even thought about the Maharishi of Hyderabad. I don't know what that could have to do with it, because Pakistan is clear around the other side of India from Burma. I've sung that song about Mandalay since I was young. It's called "On the Road to Mandalay", a famous British song about a British soldier dreaming again of Mandalay, where he was stationed when Burma was a British Colony. Maybe it will come to me yet. I don't know. Was Mandalay their old name for Burma?
       23. SO THAT'S THE REVELATION WE HAD THIS AFTERNOON!: The "Call to Burma!" That would be a good title for it, wouldn't it?--Or "The Call of Burma"? The call of Burma comes from Burma, from the Burmese, & the call to Burma comes from the Lord! Well, it's both. So, praise the Lord, it's both. God is calling you to Burma because of the call of the Burmese to come & help them. Praise the Lord! So that is definitely a word from the Lord for those who are called by it.
       24. GBYAMYAB TO THE BURMESE IF YOU CAN BE! Praise the Lord! And you'll have to read all this following material to find out whether Burmese is more like Indian or Chinese, I don't know which, or it may be even entirely different because I haven't had time to read this whole thing yet on details about Burma. But the language could be similar to one of the languages which perhaps you already know, such as Chinese or Indian or Hindi or Thai or one of those surrounding countries.
       25. AND THE KAREN TRIBE OF SOUTHEASTERN BURMA IS CHRISTIAN & they have been persecuted & oppressed by the Government, in fact they have even been in armed rebellion against the Government, from newspaper reports. So they're already supposed to be Christians, & probably it will be difficult to get into that area anyhow because it is under martial law & control. So we'd better stick to the tourist areas where tourists will be expected. And we hope to hear more about Burma from those who go in & out, on just how to do it. So if you want to know more, write to them, the authors of this FN article which inspired this message from the Lord. (See article on Burma in this issue!)
       26. GBAKY ROLLIN' THE GOLD FOR JESUS!--And for the billions in the East who need it! In Jesus' name! Amen! Praise the Lord! Are YOU called to Burma? Do YOU feel the burden to go?--Then go SOON!--Tomorrow will be too late! GBAKYAMYAB, in Jesus' name, amen!--Love, D.

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