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HAVE FUN!--Enjoy Dancing & Sex!        DO 1830        13/2/84

       1. IT'S GOOD FOR YOU TO LEARN A LITTLE BIT ABOUT DANCING & SOME GOOD CLASSIC DANCES, particularly the Latin dances which are basically Gypsy & more Worldwide spread than any other type of dancing. Someone here was just saying, "Oh, that's like Greek music!" I said, "Sure! It's like Spanish music, Greek music, Baltic music, Russian music, nearly all Southern European music because it's all Gypsy music!" The Gypsies were great on music, thank the Lord!
       2. THE BASIC RHYTHM OF THE LATIN DANCES IS THE SAME AS THE BEAUTIFUL WALTZ, only a little difference in speed usually. That 1-2-3, 1-2-3 is actually the basic rhythm but at sort of different angles in the Latin dancing, of which the rumba is the simplest, most basic one. Some of you know the rumba & you can teach some of the other folks here--a simple little box step, very very simple. You do your best rumba if you would draw about a one or two-foot square on the floor & never get out of it! You're just sort of rocking back & forth on your feet & gradually turning as you do etc. It's good for you to learn those dances & to learn how to sense & hear rhythm & dance in rhythm together.
       3. AND OF COURSE THE BEST WAY--AS YOU SEE MARIA & I DANCING--IS THE TIGHTER YOU SQUEEZE EACH OTHER THE BETTER!--Even if you're dancing with an absolutely new girl. A girl I've never danced with before, the first thing I do is just grab her & hug her tight & then she has to stick with me! There's no other way! I just carry her along, & even if she doesn't know how to dance, she's gotta go where I go! So if you're not accustomed to dancing with each other, it's good to stick together very close & hang on tight & the man should just more or less carry the woman along & she should just follow.
       4. I BELIEVE IN MEN LEADING, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Boy, I have danced with some women who wanted to lead me all over the floor, & I'll tell you, out in public or someplace where there were strangers, I dropped'm like a cold potato or a wet fish--or a hot potato, I don't know which--because I don't like women telling me what to do! I guess I'm a male chauvinist--I like to tell the women what I like to do! That's all right, you women have your chance to tell us what you like, & you usually take it, but in dancing, somebody's got to be the leader & I don't like to see a woman leading a man all over the floor. Particularly in Britain & in Tenerife, it was always these European women who were trying to push you around.
       5. SO TO BE ABLE TO DANCE TOGETHER IS A REAL ART & A REAL TALENT, & IT'S NOT HARD TO LEARN! You just stick together, that's all, & feel the music. That's my motto: Feel the music & feel the girl!--And I mean it! Stick so close you can feel her & she can feel your movements. She doesn't have to try to read your mind, all she has to do is feel your body. It's the truth! I'm not trying to be sexy, although dancing is sexy. Just like everything else in life, the best things in life are shared.
       6. THAT'S WHY I HATE THIS SO-CALLED "DISCO DANCING". Disco dancing was developed or invented for kids who didn't know how to dance! Don't misunderstand me, a lot of disco dancers can sense rhythm & keep time to music & are good dancers, but the whole idea was, particularly for the American kids where it began & didn't know how to dance. European children were taught the classical dances from childhood, they always would send them to dancing school. Of course, that's the old Europeans, I don't know about some of the young kids. How many European children learned dancing at an early age? I'm talking about Canadians too, they're Europeans. That's why the European men make the best male dancers, because they learned dancing at an early age. The Europeans think dancing is an art & a social grace, a pleasure. You could hardly exist in European society, at least in the old days when I was young, unless you knew how to dance.
       7. DANCING IS A GREAT WAY TO GET ACQUAINTED & TO GET A CHANCE TO TALK TO SOMEBODY ALONE, SO TO SPEAK. Haven't you found it so?--Especially for shy people. Do you know why both Arthur Murray & Fred Astaire became great dancers & finally the greatest dancers in America--that is, classical ballroom dancing--& each one developed a dancing school? They started out by being shy wallflowers who didn't know how to dance & were afraid of girls & extremely bashful, but dancing gave them confidence & boldness, knowing that there was something they knew how to do, they learned to dance! They could get out there & they were not ashamed to dance & knew they could dance & danced well & therefore were not ashamed to try to dance with the girls. And it really brought them out of themselves, as you can see, especially Fred Astaire, a terrific dancer! And obviously it's good for your health because he was in his 80's, I think, when he died. And look at the way they danced! That is callisthenics, that's acrobatics, that's real exercise, terrific!
       8. BUT I DON'T THINK VERY MUCH OF DISCO DANCING. We do it sometimes, but there's not much fellowship init. It's individualistic. You don't have to do the same thing, you don't have to stick together, you don't even have to know rhythm, you don't have to know how to dance, all you have to do is get up there & jig around, whether you know music or rhythm or dancing or steps or not. You don't have to know a thing! Nothing!--Just get up there & rock back & forth from one foot to the other or jiggity-jig! It's the easiest kind of dancing there is, really! Any stupid idiot can do it who can stand on two feet, even if he doesn't know rhythm or steps or dancing or music or anything!
       9. NOW I REALISE THAT GOOD DISCO DANCERS REALLY KNOW HOW TO DANCE & KNOW RHYTHM & ALL KINDS OF STEPS. Boy, you ought to watch Maria, she's a terrific disco dancer! I like to just sit there & watch her dance. (Maria: It's good exercise!) It's excellent exercise, that's true, it's very vigorous dancing. But you can get some other vigorous classical dances, like real Viennese waltzing & real Russian & German polka. I'll tell you, those polkas up in the Midwestern States of Wisconsin, Minnesota & around Chicago used to absolutely wear me out! Those gals always wanted to dance on the polkas &, ugh, I didn't know how to polka! That's one time I let'm lead! The whole dance floor gets to be a race course, & if anything can wear you down it's those polkas! And what is that Russian drinking dance where they sit down on their heels & kick their feet out? (Fam: Cossack dance?) I know the Cossacks do it. It's such a vigorous dance, let me tell you! You try it sometime, it's hard to do.
       10. BUT FRANKLY I THINK THAT BALLROOM DANCING, AS IT'S COMMONLY KNOWN, IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL KIND OF SOCIAL DANCING--classical ballroom dancing such as the normal foxtrots, waltzes & Latin dances where you can dance in harmony & in rhythm & together. I'm not talking about classical dancing such as ballet & acrobatic & demonstration dancing, but I mean where you dance together. It's beautiful, amen? If anybody would hear us tonight they'd think I'm running a dancing school! Well, I am! I like to teach you how to dance like I like to teach you everything else.
       11. SO IT'S A BEAUTIFUL FORM OF DANCING, IT'S VERY SOCIAL & SOCIABLE & YOU CAN DANCE WITH SOMEONE, SO IT'S FAR MORE ROMANTIC. I really don't see a damn thing romantic about disco dancing! If anything at all, if a dancer is a good disco dancer it's a show-off dance. Because if he or she can get out there & just really cut the rug--oh, I don't suppose you do that any more, you don't use rugs--but they can really cut the fool, maybe I should say, & you don't even need a partner, you just dance away & forget'm! About the only other thing that might be a little sexy about disco dancing, if the girl or the boy is a real good dancer, is even if you don't know how to dance you can stand there & watch them dance, & that's what a lot of them do. They just get up there & if they don't know how to dance, they watch the other one dance.
       12. BUT DON'T YOU THINK THIS TYPE OF CLASSICAL BALLROOM DANCING IS MUCH MORE ROMANTIC & MUCH MORE SOCIABLE & INTIMATE? You get better acquainted, you get to know them better, feel them better. I think it's a lot more exciting! I can't see any point in this business of dancing at all if you dance separately from the girl & you can't even hardly touch her, it's kind of ridiculous! I believe that dancing is very romantic & one of the initiating steps leading to the bed! If you dance enough you'll get to where you're excited enough to want to! That's why they do this last thing where they're laying her down on the floor, that's the aim, the goal, ultimately!
       13. IN ANY KIND OF SOCIABLE ACTIVITY OR SOCIAL FUN OF SOME KIND, SEX HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT. As they used to say & as the preacher used to preach against dancing: "If you'd take the sex out of dancing, nobody would dance!" Well, of course disco dancing hadn't come along then. As far as I'm concerned, with disco dancing they've virtually taken the sex out of dancing. They've taken the sociability out of dancing, they've taken the bodily contact out of dancing. You don't have to know how to dance, you don't have to know rhythm, you don't have to know anything, you just stand up there & jiggity-jig!
       14. SO AS YOU CAN SEE, I'M NOT A DISCO ADVOCATE! I love the beauty & the grace & the rhythm & the romance--& the sex--of genuine classical rhythmic ballroom dancing. I'm sorry they have to call it "ballroom" but that's the way they distinguish nowadays, because otherwise everything is disco. Disco started when they both didn't know how to dance & they didn't have an orchestra either, so they used the discs. Probably some of you didn't even know that's where "disco" dancing came from--discs--record playing. So when they didn't know how to dance & they didn't have any musicians or orchestra, that's how disco dancing developed, just playing records & jiggin' around, the next thing to jogging!
       15. ROCK-&-ROLL, WHAT THEY CALL ROCK, WAS THE IN-BETWEEN WHICH EVENTUALLY LED THE WAY TO DISCO DANCING, because in rock & jitter-bugging & the Big Apple & all that sort of thing, that's when boys & girls began to dance separately. Even in rock they still held hands & frequently put their arms around their waists, but they were running all over the floor & flinging each other around & tossing each other up in the air. Rock-&-Roll was more acrobatic dancing than almost anything else. It was fun & good exercise, but I certainly wouldn't say it was very romantic, would you? And then from that it became even more individualistic, even more separated, more independent from each other & more isolated until it developed into the disco dancing. (And now it's "breakdancing"--even worse!)
       16. I DON'T SEE HOW YOU COULD EVER GET TO KNOW A GIRL WHILE YOU'RE DISCO DANCING, YOU CAN'T EVEN HEAR WHAT EACH OTHER SAYS! You can hardly hear yourself think! I mean, the noise is so loud you have to practically scream in each other's ears in order to be heard! And finally you get tired of that, even if you get close to their ear, which you can't, because you're about three or four feet away from each other, & that far away you can't possibly be heard. You can make signs & motions, use sign language or something, otherwise it's about the most unsociable kind of dancing there is!
       17. TO ME IT'S A SIGN OF THE TIMES!--People becoming divorced from each other & isolated & insensitive to each other, not really caring about what the other guy's doing. You're just dancing on your own. You don't care about them, you're enjoying yourself. In disco dancing you frequently see stags or singles just get up & dance by themselves. Why not? I mean, they don't dance with anybody anyhow, so they just get up & dance alone. You see several girls dancing or several stags dancing near each other, & sometimes just one guy alone going all over the floor! He doesn't have to pay any attention to the girls, he's just completely absorbed in himself or herself. It's an extremely selfish form of dancing.
       18. (MARIA: OUR DISCO TAPES ARE GOOD SNAPPY SONGS WITH A GOOD MESSAGE & VERY GOOD FOR EXERCISE! In fact, our kids at home have asked if they could have more of this fast type of dancing because they desperately need the exercise!)
       19. OUR MUSICAL UNITS HAVE DEVELOPED WHAT THEY CALL SOME "DISCO TAPES" FOR WHAT THEY CALL "SATURDAY NIGHT DISCO", BUT I'M NOT REALLY THE GUY WHO ORIGINATED THAT NAME. I originated some Saturday night dances, but God forbid that I should ever call them "discos"!--Because I don't like that disco hard rock System music & dancing & I don't like that loud noise where you can't even hear each other. To me it's Devil dancing, like some of those African dances.
       20. EVEN THE INDIAN STOMP DANCES WEREN'T AS BAD! At least the Indians knew how to keep time to the rhythm. We used to do stomp dances with the Indians in celebrations in Oklahoma when I was a kid. It really gets into you because it's terrific rhythm. They strap these bells on the back of your calfs or these gourds that go "rattle-rattle", & everybody's dancing around the campfire & it's really fun!--Terrific rhythm with a lot of screaming & hollering & shouting & war-whoops & whatnot!--Back in the good old days where there were Indians & they were still "stomp-dancing" as they call it.
       21. THERE'S ONLY ONE LATIN DANCE I DON'T LIKE, & IT'S WHAT I CALL THE LATIN STOMP DANCE, & I GUESS YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS--FLAMENCO! It's an angry dance, & nearly every one of them tell an angry story about a jealous husband or jealous woman, murder & everything! It's a terrible dance! Not even bullfight music is as bad as the flamenco, & yet the Spanish have become more famous for their flamenco than almost anything else!--And it's strictly a solo dance, really. You think nothing of stage performances of a woman getting out there & doing a flamenco all by herself, or a man, either one. It's an angry, mad dance--boom, boom, boom, boom--& they stomp on the floor & make a terrible racket! It's a dance of anger & wrath & the music is angry. I never saw anything really particularly beautiful about flamenco. Now some girls could dance flamenco rather beautifully & rhythmically & wave their arms around & clap their castanets etc., but most of it is stomping, & to me it is neither beautiful nor romantic, it's just a picture of anger, the whole thing.
       22. EVEN THE SO-CALLED BULLFIGHT MUSIC KNOWN AS THE PASO DOBLE--WHICH IS ALMOST THEIR MOST FAMOUS MUSIC THAT THEY PLAY AT THE BULLFIGHTS--IS EXTREMELY CLASSICAL. We have a lot of those on tape here. It's where they really get into the big, almost like symphony orchestra, & there's a lot of big booming & loud music, trumpets etc. heralding the bullfight, but it's still beautiful! They sound almost like national anthems, but they can still be danced beautifully & in rhythm together. In fact, in Spain, whenever they go into the paso dobles, it's not just one on one, the whole floor gets together & dances! And they do chain dances & all kinds of dances all together holding hands. It's a very sociable dance, everybody's dancing together in the paso doble!
       23. IT'S JUST BEAUTIFUL TO SEE THEM & THAT'S ONE TIME THEY WILL NOT LET YOU SIT DOWN! If you do it's like disloyalty to the country, disloyalty to the culture! If you're sitting down they'll come & grab you & pull you out of your seat! Everybody's got to get up & dance the paso doble or it's unpatriotic!--Ha! That's not just one number, remember, paso doble is a lot of different compositions, numbers of various titles, but it's the same type of dance & rhythm & beauty of that classical heralding music, that they're announcing something great that's about to happen, which of course in Spain is usually always the bullfight; they save some of their best music for that.
       24. AND THAT'S THE THING I LIKED BEST ABOUT BULLFIGHTS, THE BULLFIGHT MUSIC--ABOUT THE ONLY THING I LIKED REALLY. My sympathies were all with the bull! I felt so sorry for the poor bull. I felt sorry for the matador sometimes too when he got it. They used to call them by a different name when I was young, which was some poor Englishman's mistake, I think! What's that famous number in Carmen?--"The March of the Toreadors!" That has the word "bull" in it, "el toro", but you won't find the Spanish actually using that word "toreador". Some Englishman or foreigner picked that up & thought that was the name. He couldn't remember "matador" so he figured it had something to do with the bull & he called it "toreador". So in "Carmen" the great "Toreador March" is: "Toreadoro, pum-pum-pum-pum-pum! Pum-pum-pum-pum, pum-pum-pum-pum! Dah, da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da-da!" And it's all, "Toreador, toreador!" etc. Well, actually there's no such word in Spanish, is there? That actually would mean "the buller", right? Whereas "matador" literally means "the killer"--killer of the bull.
       25. BULLFIGHTING ACTUALLY GOT STARTED FOR A LEGITIMATE PURPOSE. If you've ever had cattle & been around bulls, you know they're not very easy to get around! In the old days there came a time when they had to kill the bull for the meat, & it took somebody pretty brave to do it, because bulls don't like to be killed & they kind of fight it off for some reason! Wouldn't you?--Ha!
       26. I ALWAYS LOVED THAT LITTLE STORY ABOUT FERNANDO THE BULL! He got out there & he saw this little flower growing & he sat down to sniff the flower. He didn't want to fight, he didn't want to do anything. I think they finally had to call off the whole bullfight because he just refused to fight! He was one of the "flower children". I thought it was very significant.
       27. BUT ACTUALLY MOST BULLS WILL NOT ATTACK & WILL NOT FIGHT UNLESS ATTACKED, & that's why they have to make'm mad. First they throw these little darts into them, then they wave these red capes in front of them to attract their attention & try to get'm to charge, to try to make'm angry, & with a few darts sticking in you, you'd start getting mad too, wouldn't you?
       28. BUT IN ORDER TO HAVE THE MEAT & BUTCHER THE BULL, THEY DID HAVE TO KILL IT & SOMEBODY HAD TO KILL IT, SO THAT WAS THE KILLER, THE MATADOR. So it began with a perfectly legitimate purpose or activity, the man who had to slaughter the bull so that they could then drag it off to the slaughter house to be butchered. Well, it got to be quite an art, of course, & the art of the matador grew from that until now he's a national hero in virtually all Spanish & even Latin American countries where they still allow bullfighting. In Portugal they have bullfights but they don't allow them to kill the bull.--Although a few rebel, revolutionary orthodox fundamentalists still illegally kill the bulls even in Portugal.
       29. SO IT HAD A LEGITIMATE PURPOSE IN THE BEGINNING, but finally the matadors got to be men of great bravery & skill with fancy uniforms & fancy hats & made a lot of money. They became rich--if they lived long enough to enjoy it--& of course the good ones did live awhile because they were good & they didn't let the bull get'm!
       30. SO THE PASO DOBLE IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL KINDS OF LATIN MUSIC THAT YOU HEAR AT BULLFIGHTS & ON THE DANCE FLOOR, & that's always the one that everybody gets up & dances to. That's one I didn't know how to dance, but you don't have to know how to dance, they just grab you & you move with the whole company. Right? Some of you that were with me in Tenerife remember some of those. Well, we had lots of fun, didn't we? Did you have fun tonight? (Fam: Yes, Sir!)--Paso Doble is really a march, so we march!
       31. I NOTICE SOME OF YOU REALLY KNOW SOME OF THOSE DANCES & YOU SHOULD SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE & YOUR TALENT WITH OTHERS to teach some of those who are not so familiar so they'll feel more comfortable dancing & feel more like they know what they're doing.--Although I don't believe in getting too technical about dancing. Once you've learned the basic rhythm & a few little basic, simple beginner steps, that's really about all you have to know to enjoy dancing, really, & you can go on from there.
       32. YOU PROBABLY NOTICED THAT I DON'T KNOW VERY MUCH ABOUT DANCING, WE JUST DANCE TO ENJOY IT! But we keep time to the music, we keep rhythmic steps. If you can feel music, if you have rhythm in you & you really feel rhythm, it's not hard to dance, you'll just dance. Watch our little ones here, they just get out there & they feel it! Nobody's really taught'm to dance, they've watched others & they've watched ballet, but it just comes natural to keep rhythm & beat time to the music with your feet.
       33. IT'S A SHAME TO ME THAT SOME OF US WERE REARED IN RELIGIONS WHICH WERE AGAINST DANCING, BECAUSE I REALLY MISSED A LOT WHEN I WAS YOUNG. I used to watch people dancing & I really envied them. I thought it was wicked & sinful for me to even look at dancing! Oh my, that was terrible to even watch people dancing, almost as bad as watching people having sex or bathing & swimming together! When I was very young they didn't allow boys & girls to even swim together! You had boys' Sunday School classes & if they went swimming at all they went separately from the girls & all that sort of thing. And dancing, of course, was very wicked & sinful & sexy & you shouldn't even watch it! Mothers would hide their children's eyes so they couldn't watch dancing!
       34. SOME OF US WHO WERE REARED IN CHURCHES LIKE THAT, LOOK WHAT WE MISSED! Maria & I were reared in churches like that & some of you too. How many of you were reared in churches that didn't believe in dancing?--Not very many, just the very narrow-minded types to whom dancing was wicked & sinful! Even if your mother caught you beating your feet in time to music or its rhythm they'd stop you right quick! Tsk, tsk, tsk!--When it's perfectly natural & normal!
       35. GOD PUT IT IN YOU & THERE'S A WHOLE LOT IN THE BIBLE ABOUT DANCING! It's pitiful that we were restricted in those fundamental, narrow-minded, evangelical groups against dancing! Just think how much fun the kids could have had if they'd let'm dance! They'd always point to how wicked the Catholics were because their youth societies had dances on Saturday nights, even in the church basement!: "Oh, how wicked & sinful!" Isn't that pitiful?--When that was one chance for their young people to be sociable & get together & be a little romantic & get acquainted.
       36. OF COURSE, ONLY PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT SEX IS WICKED & SINFUL, THINK THAT DANCING IS WICKED & SINFUL, BECAUSE, OF COURSE, IT IS VERY SEXY!--Especially when you dance with your arms around each other hugging & kissing & tight up against each other, it's quite sexy. So it's the people & kinds of religions that think that sex is wicked & sinful & naughty & dirty & nasty & all the words your mother used to use for it when she caught you at it, they're the ones who think dancing is bad & wicked & sinful.
       37. I REMEMBER AS A YOUNG TEENAGER & MAYBE EVEN YOUNGER, MANY TIMES WE WERE IN PLACES WHERE THE COMMUNITY WAS HAVING A DANCE EVEN OUT IN THE STREETS OR IN PUBLIC & I WATCHED THEM DANCE, the only chance we ever had to watch others dance. I can remember as a teenager in Miami Beach they had a lot of outside dancing there under the moonlight & the stars & the palms, & many of the biggest hotels had big dance floors outside. Passing by you couldn't help but see the couples dancing & hear the music, the orchestra was outside, & I thought it was beautiful & I couldn't really understand why everybody thought it was so wicked!--Except, of course, sex was supposedly wicked & sex was naughty, dirty, nasty, bad & sinful, & all that music did make you feel kind of sexy, watching those girls hugging those boys & all. It did look pretty sexy so I figured, "Well, I guess maybe they're right, it's pretty wicked & sinful because it's sexy!"
       38. ISN'T THAT SAD THAT THE CHURCH PEOPLE MADE SEX TO BE SOMETHING BAD, EVIL, WICKED & SINFUL WHEN GOD MADE IT & HE INTENDED FOR YOU TO ENJOY SEX! It's probably the first thing Adam & Eve ever enjoyed when they saw each other. Wanna bet? What if you'd been Adam when you first saw Eve? You'd have probably had a normal, natural erection immediately, which would have kind of given you an idea of what you were supposed to do!--Even if God hadn't told you or taught you, it's just kind of automatic. Everything's put in the right place & things sort of go where they belong. I'm sure they probably enjoyed it right away, that's what God made it for.
       39. HE CREATED THE NERVES THAT MAKE IT FEEL GOOD! THINK OF IT! HE CREATED THE ORGANS THAT YOU USE! HE CREATED IT ALL! And yet the churches & religions call it wicked & sinful, or they give you that impression even if they don't say so, & they so restrict it that you figure it must be bad if it's so restricted. It's kept in secret & out of sight like it's something bad & naughty: "Oh no no, you mustn't do that! No no no, you mustn't run around naked!"--You're taught that in most cultures & societies & religions, at least, especially the Western types, from the time you're a little child. You're supposed to cover up & keep everything hidden. So what can a child think but that there must be something bad about it? It must be naughty or nasty or evil if you have to cover it all the time. Well, I don't think that some parts of your body are necessarily the most beautiful, those particular organs, but they're functional & they were certainly made to enjoy by the Lord Himself!--God Himself!
       40. ISN'T IT SAD THAT MOST RELIGIONS ARE AGAINST SEX OR RESTRICT OR PROHIBIT OR DEGRADE SEX IN SOME WAY OR OTHER?--Almost every one you can think of, just about every one except ours & the Devil's! Boy, the Devil knew what he was doing, let me tell you, he tried to corral sex & make it distinctive to his religions only! How smart, huh? What a stupid idiotic thing the Christians & the Jews & the rest of them did to make sex something sort of prohibitive! Even the Jews aren't that bad about it, mostly it's the Christians, & some other religions as well. The Moslems are rather restrictive & conservative about dress & sex etc., but they're a little more liberal than most Christian cultures, at least they allow several wives & they believe in a very sexy Heaven! They give sex a little more place than most Christian churches. But look how the Catholics restrict sex & even prohibit their priests & nuns & monks from marrying: "You're not to enjoy sex, that's wicked, that's sinful, it's a lust of the flesh" etc. Isn't that pitiful?
       41. WELL, WHAT DID GOD PUT IT THERE FOR, ANYHOW, & WHY DID HE MAKE IT SO ENJOYABLE?--In fact, probably the most thrilling, exciting & ecstatic human physical activity there is! What other thrill is there in physical relationships or in physical experience greater than the sexual orgasm? There's hardly any thrill greater than that! In fact, it borders on the spiritual & I'm convinced it is partly spiritual, because you really flip out! I always flip out in the spirit when I'm having an orgasm, often talk in tongues & explode! So it's very spiritual.
       42. SO OBVIOUSLY THE DEVIL WANTED THE CHURCHES & THE CHRISTIANS TO BE AGAINST IT SO IT WOULD RESTRICT & INHIBIT & CIRCUMVENT THEIR WHOLE ACTIVITY & THEIR ENJOYMENT OF LIFE & GOD & MAKE THEIR RELIGIONS A GOOD DEAL LESS POPULAR THAN HIS!--Because many of the ancient religions promoted sex, particularly the Greeks & the Romans, & modern Satanism has their sexual ceremonies & sexual orgies. Satanism in whatever form you find it in Latin America--Zombiism & Voodoo & all that stuff--they have all kinds of sexual ceremonies & orgies etc. So the Devil was trying to restrict sex to his religions, think of that!--Literally tried to get a corner on sex from the beginning, the Garden of Eden! He himself started lying about it & degrading nudity etc.--pitiful!
       43. WELL, I DIDN'T INTEND TO GIVE ANOTHER TALK ON SEX, YOU'VE HEARD ENOUGH ON THAT, BUT DANCING IS SEXY & THAT'S WHY THE CHURCHES CONDEMN IT, at least some churches. It's amazing to me that the Catholics even have youth dances or any kind of dances, but they do. Of course, Catholics gamble too, they have Bingo games etc. right in the churches, & I don't really see anything wrong with a little Bingo, all those little old ladies putting down their nickels & dimes & buying their chips or numbers or whatever they call them, their one chance to make a mint & maybe win a few dollars to buy a few more groceries or something. It's the poor man's gambling. Of course the Catholics don't do it necessarily to help the poor, they usually do it to help the church. They do have some charity Bingos etc., particularly to be charitable to the church.
       44. WELL ANYWAY, I HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR DANCE NIGHTS ETC. SO THAT YOU'RE NOT FEELING IN ANY WAY RESTRICTED OR PROHIBITED OR INHIBITED & CAN LOOSEN UP A LITTLE! I notice since the first night a lot of you have really gotten loosened-up & are doing great! I watch you a little bit out of the corner of my eye with my 180-degree vision! I can sit this way & watch what you're doing over there & you don't know it!
       45. SO THANK GOD FOR THE DANCE!--THERE'S A LOT ABOUT IT IN THE BIBLE. They "glorified God in the dance" in many ways, in religious celebrations & whenever there was something to really celebrate & be happy about. God was not against dancing, He even promoted it & exhorted them to dance & commanded you to dance in the Old Testament. I don't know whose influence it was, whether it was that strait-laced Paul or the circumcised Peter or who it was that sort of got away from dancing, but even Jesus talked a little bit about dancing & told stories about dancing.
       46. ONE OF THE CLASSICAL EXAMPLES IS WHEN THE PRODIGAL SON CAME HOME. Here is the picture of God & His Family having a party & a dance & music & a celebration! I notice the churches I was reared in kind of slid real quick over that verse where it said they had dancing & music etc., or they didn't even read that one. (Luke 15:25) They'd skip it because that was quite against their religion, & the idea of the Father-image of God having a dance in His home, especially for a Prodigal, of all people, my oh my, that was certainly shocking! So they didn't bring that up at all, did they? You don't even remember the preacher emphasising the fact they were having a shindig & a celebration when the Prodigal Son came home, huh? They always go more into that business about the jealous elder brother than anything else.
       47. I THINK I'VE HEARD MORE SERMONS ON THE JEALOUSY OF THE ELDER BROTHER THAN EVEN ON THE LOVE OF THE FATHER! That's something they harped on, & the usual application was: "Now when these wicked sinners come in here to our church & get saved, you must be kind to them & nice to them & treat them nicely & accept them. They can't expect to get the reward you get for being a faithful older brother all these years in our church, but you must treat them at least hospitably & courteously & at least accept them as members & friends."--Because apparently they had a lot of trouble along that line of the older church members turning up their noses at these drunks & harlots & publicans & sinners who might have gotten saved in church.--Although I never saw many people like that in church because I think the drunks & harlots & sinners & publicans soon found out they weren't very popular in church. Even if they came in & got saved, they weren't very welcome. It was "thee, thou, me & no other, & let's keep our nice little clique & society clean from all these degrading people & influences!"
       48. LET ME TELL YOU, BROTHER & SISTER, JESUS WENT OUT RIGHT AMONGST THEM & WON THEM & LOVED THEM & TOLD THE CHURCH PEOPLE THAT THE DRUNKS & THE HARLOTS & THE PUBLICANS & SINNERS WERE GOING TO GET INTO HEAVEN BEFORE THE CHURCH PEOPLE! (Mat.21:31) I went around preaching that message too to church people for a good many years & it didn't make me very popular for some reason! I'd get down out of the pulpit & walk down the aisle & get right up next to people & put my finger in their face & say, "Some of these drunks & harlots that you won't go out on the street & witness to, you won't hand tracts to on Saturday night, you draw aside your skirts from, you don't want to get contaminated by them or polluted by them when you pass them on the street, God says they're going to get into Heaven before you do!" You can see why my preaching wasn't very popular amongst church people!--Because if there was anybody like the Scribes & the Pharisees, it was the church people!
       49. SO THANK GOD FOR OUR LIBERTY & OUR FREEDOM! WE CAN ENJOY ALL THE WONDERFUL PLEASURES & WONDERFUL FREEDOM THAT GOD CREATED! God made it for you to enjoy & we are free to enjoy it without any condemnation or guilty conscience of any kind! TTL! Aren't you glad about that, Honey? She came from a church like we did, similar type, Fundamental & Evangelical.--All very good, I mean they really know the Bible & really preach Salvation & are really good, holy, righteous people. The only trouble is they're a little too holy & a little too self-righteous sometimes & prohibit all the pleasures that God created, & prohibit & frown on almost anything pleasant or pleasurable, saying it's all "lust of the flesh".
       50. WELL, GOD MADE THE FLESH & HE EVEN MADE THE LUST, THE DESIRES OF THE FLESH, but actually it only becomes lust when it becomes inordinate, when it becomes too much, when it is excessive. But your natural, normal desires in moderation & in temperance are perfectly legitimate & there's no reason to feel guilty or condemned about them at all. PTL?
       51. AREN'T YOU GLAD YOU BELONG TO A CHURCH LIKE THIS WHERE WE CAN HAVE A DANCE LIKE THIS & THEN GO RIGHT AHEAD & TALK ABOUT THE LORD, or praise the Lord while we're dancing, glorify God in the dance & have beautiful dance videos where gorgeous maidens are dancing for the glory of the Lord? PTL!--And the excitement of us men, too! Oh, that's not bad! You just had that culture so drilled into you it's hard to get away from it. You still think, "Oh, that's sort of wicked to look at those videos & have sexual feelings."--But that's what it's for! That's what God made it for. That's why God made you women so beautiful, so we'd have sexual feelings for you. That's why God made the dance so gorgeous! And you notice women are always the ones who were especially supposed to dance & beautifully dance, & in the Bible the women were dancing, the daughters were dancing etc.
       52. OF COURSE, DAVID GOT OUT THERE & DANCED WITH THEM & DISGRACED HIMSELF WITH THE CHURCH PEOPLE, HIS QUEEN & ALL THE REST! He was disgraced! But he got out there boldly & he danced, & when his wife, who was symbolic of the Old Church condemned him for it, she was struck barren! He said, "Even the maidens of Israel will have me in greater honour than you!"--And they did, & he had quite a few of them! (2Sam.6) So there's nothing wrong with enjoying those dances, praise the Lord!
       53. WELL ANYWAY, A SCRIPTURE CAME TO ME THE OTHER NIGHT, THAT I'M SORT OF LIKE JOB & JOB'S FAMILY! You know, Job was actually a king, a very great man, & had a large family, probably something like mine.
       54. HERE AT NIGHT WE CAN SIT DOWN TO EAT & RISE UP TO PLAY, & WE'RE IN THE TRADITION OF DEAR OLD JOB'S FAMILY WHEN WE DO! (Job 1:4) And the Lord didn't condemn it, right? Not at all. But He did let the Enemy test Job, poor Job. But he got through it & survived the test & he had two times as many flocks & more children & maybe more wives, I don't know, two times as much of everything, & that must have really been a ball then!
       55. SO DON'T LET THE ENEMY CONDEMN YOU & DON'T YOU CONDEMN ME OR EACH OTHER FOR ENJOYING LIFE & ENJOYING GOD'S CREATION & enjoying the pleasures that He's given us to enjoy, that He expects us to enjoy! "Delight thyself in the Lord & He shall give thee the desires of thy heart!" (Psa.37:4)--And God certainly has given us every desire we have desired, amen? I think I must have dreamed of having a Family like this because He's given it to me, & I sure enjoy'm, I enjoy you! I love to watch my children enjoy life! So now you've sat down to eat, you've risen up to play, it's time to lie down to bed! Okay?
       56. I WAS GOING TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE TONIGHT, BUT AT LEAST WE HAD A LITTLE TALK ON THE DANCE & SEX & ENJOYING THE PLEASURES THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US TO ENJOY! If you work hard enough, you work hard all day, there's no reason why in the evening you shouldn't have some fun! PTL? The Lord's for it, He made it, He expects you to enjoy relaxation, recreation, free time & just to enjoy yourselves!--And you might as well enjoy it now because it may be later than you think! Only God knows how much longer we'll be able to enjoy it, so you'd better enjoy it while you can.
       57. WE'RE HAVING A LITTLE HEAVEN ON EARTH RIGHT NOW! This is Heaven on Earth, Days of Heaven! What could be more Heavenly than this in this World? Sometimes I think things could hardly be any better or any more Heavenly with all this precious Family & all this good work to do & this beautiful home & lovely climate & all the blessings & pleasures we have, all these gorgeous girls & even beautiful boys & all the wonderful pleasures & sex & everything else we get to enjoy! How could Heaven be better than this?--Well, it is!--A lot better! And that's what I was going to really talk to you about tonight, but I guess the Lord knew better. He wants us to be thankful for the Heaven we already have here! PTL! Shall we pray? Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! TYL! TYJ! PYL! Who'd like to pray & thank the Lord on that subject? (Family prays.)
       58. BY THE WAY, I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR TONIGHT! I'm so glad I told you the other night what the Lord showed me! Did you notice on the news? The guy who was way down the list--Chernenko got it! Hallelujah! Amen? Isn't the Lord wonderful? He never fails! He was one of the least likely, about third on the list, but the moment I looked at his picture, just as clear as anything the Lord showed me, "That's the one! He's the one!" (Who would succeed Andropov.)
       59. WOULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN A SHAME IF I HADN'T TOLD YOU THAT THE OTHER NIGHT?--That I just felt drawn to that particular one, that he was going to be the one. So I'm glad I told you! You know, the greatest temptation of a prophet is not to tell you what he hears or sees or feels & to doubt it & to be afraid to tell it. You're so afraid you'll be made a fool of, that maybe you'll be found to be wrong & then they'll say you're a false prophet. But I just had to go out on a limb & just tell you & hope that that was right & hope that I got my signals right. So it sure encourages me to know that it was the Lord & that He was really speaking & He was showing me, & so Chernenko it is! Thank the Lord! So that's a testimony, the Lord showed us ahead of time & you got to see it in action! TTL!
       60. AS WE THANK HIM TOGETHER: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Psalm 19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep".) "The Lord bless thee & keep thee & make His face to shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee, the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace" & a good night's rest, safe-keeping & strength for tomorrow's labours, in Jesus' name. PTL! (Sings:) "Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian Love! The fellowship of kindred minds, is the same as that above!" PTL? It's not just like it, this is the same kind of fellowship we're going to have Up There! Isn't that wonderful?
       61. I HAVE THOUGHT OF SO MANY THINGS I'M GOING TO WANT TO DO WHEN I GET ON THE OTHER SIDE! I think I have enough projects stacked up to last me through the whole Millennium, all the things I want to know & study & find out about, & people I want to meet & questions I want to ask! That's one thing we're going to be able to do Over There which we can't yet do here. So it's not quite Heaven yet!--Although it may feel like it & it seems like it sometimes, especially when I get all these Heavenly angels around, even the male angels, God bless them! But...(Sings:)
       62. "HEAVEN IS BETTER THAN THIS! Oh my, what joy, what bliss! Walking down the streets of the purest gold, Telling a story that never grows old! Heaven is better than this! Oh my, what joy, what bliss! I love the people of our Family Home, But Heaven is better than this!" PTL? You never heard that one before? I'll bet some of you have. I don't know whether they sang that in your churches or not, but maybe you've heard it from me here. Let's sing it again! (Sings it again!) In the churches we used to say: "I love the people of the Open Door Church" or "I love the people of the Baptist Church" or "I love the people of the Pentecostal Church, but Heaven is better than this!" And in those days I'd say, "You can be sure about that!"--A whole lot better! But we come about the closest, I think, to being Heavenly of any! Amen? Hallelujah! Now we've had our fun & now we're done, so now go down to bed.--Or study or whatever you need to do! I kissed you all so you can go to bed! GBY! ILY!
       63. ARE YOU HAVING FUN & ENJOYING LIFE THE WAY GOD INTENDED FOR YOU TO DO?--If not, try some dancing after dinner! We've found it good exercise, great fellowship, lotsa fun & a happy ending to a hard day!--We have about an hour of it nearly every night--some slow & romantic, some fast & energetic--even disco!--Ha!--So c'mon! Try it!--You'll love it! God bless & keep you happy & having fun!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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