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DEER DREAM!        DO 1840        9/84

       1. PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! AMEN! MARIA WANTS ME TO TELL YOU A LITTLE DREAM I HAD LAST NIGHT. But although I don't see any particular interpretation or significance to it yet, it was so vivid when I awoke that perhaps I ought to tell it & it may come.
       2. WE WERE TRAVELLING UP THIS COUNTRY ROAD UP A LONG HILL IN OUR LITTLE MINI, A VERY COUNTRY ROAD, I think it was even a dirt road through a forest. I don't know why we were in a Mini but we were. Once in a while we had to edge clear over, half off the road in order to let another very rare car pass by. Mostly it seemed to be hunters who had been out in the woods hunting & were coming back with deer.
       3. FINALLY WE GOT TO THE TOP OF THIS BIG HILL, kind of a bald mountain really, right at the top--although I hardly dare call anything a mountain anymore or our artists make it look like Mt. Everest or Mt. Blanc or something perpendicular!--Whereas this was really quite a high hill but it was quite big & round & heavily covered with forest, except for the top, which was rather bare & bald. But this made for a beautiful view of the valley beyond & hills & other mountains, skyline etc., a very very pretty scene.
       4. WE GOT THERE, STEPPED OUT OF OUR CAR TO ENJOY THE VIEW & we noticed that there was another car not far away that had two deer already lying on the ground, & we went over just to say a friendly hello & compliment them on their good hunting & ask if we could give them a hand in getting the heavy deer on to their car, as the usual custom is to drape it over the hood, tie it over the hood. It was about the only place to put a dead deer. With two of them we had to try to stuff one of them in the trunk. So I helped the fellow sling one over the hood & stuff the other one in the trunk, we couldn't get it all in, of course, but enough to carry it, because he had a rather small car too.
       5. AND WHILE WE WERE DOING THIS, THE BIG BUXOM BLONDE WOMAN WHO WAS WITH HIM WENT OVER TO THE LITTLE OUTHOUSE WITH MARIA. It was quite cold up there on the mountain, but she immediately shed her big beautiful white fur coat & insisted on giving it to Maria because she said, "Well, now we have two skins & I'll have a new coat & I won't need this anymore." So she just pressed it on Maria, & little Maria finally took it & was very thankful for it because it was quite cold. She put it on & came back in this beautiful white fur coat, although I didn't exactly know how the woman expected to get a fur coat out of two deer skins, especially soon enough to shield her from the cold. But anyway, that's sometimes the way dreams go.
       6. SO THEY CLIMBED IN THEIR CAR WITH THEIR TWO DEER & took off down the mountain while we stood there somewhat dumbfounded & feeling like it was a rather profitable trip & contact for Maria, sporting her nice new beautiful white furry coat which she looked quite lovely in, as she does in almost anything--or out of anything!
       7. AND AS FAR AS I CAN RECALL THAT WAS THE END OF THE DREAM! That's a funny dream to have, huh? I can't think of anything in the World that could have inspired it except that I did wake up cold. When I woke up I was cold, so just being cold could have inspired the dream, I don't know.
       8. BUT MAYBE IT WAS ALSO SORT OF A LESSON IN THE SENSE OF VALUES. Here they valued this carnal meat, these two carcases of these deer very highly, even more than her beautiful fur coat that she was quite willing to suddenly abandon because of their two deer skins, which I would say was a rather poor sense of values, & I'm quite sure that Maria got the better part of the deal & the other Worldly Systemites were a little bit crazy, it seemed to me, for giving up that beautiful coat just because they had two new deer! And I never heard of too many people who made their overcoats out of deer skins. But maybe that shows the System's poor sense of values somehow, & also how that the Lord knows how to provide for His Own even through some Systemites' foolishness!
       9. ANYWAY, IT WAS AN INTERESTING RIDE, beautiful view, interesting experience, & a nice new fur coat! That's just about all I get out of it. So praise the Lord! End of dream. Thank the Lord!

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