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       1. THE LORD DIDN'T BLAME THE SINS OF THE JEWS ON THE HEATHEN AROUND THEM & THEIR ENEMIES, HE BLAMED IT ON THEM, ON THE JEWS THEMSELVES & THEIR OWN RELIGION. He said He was going to judge them for their sins & for their departure from God, not because of their enemies. He's going to use their enemies to destroy them. These U.S. church people are blaming all their problems on the Communists & the Socialists, nothing on themselves. They're still holding forth hope for the Americans. They're going to go one way or the other.
       2. YOU DON'T READ ANYTHING IN THE BIBLE ABOUT THE DISCIPLES GETTING INVOLVED IN POLITICS, but the U.S. Christians are really pushing it for all they're worth now. We just get out & win souls. (Maria: It's all a work of the flesh, huh?) From the time Lincoln fought a war to put down freedom, that was the end of freedom. The Civil War was the end of U.S. freedom! I gave up on those churchy Christians in the U.S. a long time ago & went out & got my own troops from the raw youth.
       3. THEY'RE MAKING THE OLYMPICS A PATRIOTISM THING, WHEN THAT'S THE LAST THING IN THE WORLD IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!--As though the Olympics was something that was supposed to be American! It's not supposed to be nationalistic at all! That's the whole idea of the Olympics, it's supposed to be totally non-nationalistic & promote no one nation. The Olympics is supposed to be non-political. You'd think it was some kind of an American celebration just because it's being held in the U.S. The whole idea of the Olympics is that it's supposed to be non-national & non-nationalistic. It's supposed to be a non-nationalistic celebration by the athletes of the World to show World unity through athletics.
       4. THIS REPORT GIVEN BY THE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS SAID, "THE TORCH HAS BROUGHT US TOGETHER!"--When it has absolutely nothing to do with being an American at all! It's a sad commentary on what they have to be proud of, that the only thing they can be proud of, the only thing that's gotten them together is the Olympic torch! They think they're free, singing, "Proud to be an American where I know I'm free!"--Ha! What a sad joke!
       5. THE U.S. CHRISTIANS DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE because history & the events are contradicting what they've been brought up with & told all these years, that they are indeed the people, & God's going to take care of them & protect them because they're a great Christian country. They don't even know they're no longer Christians, no longer free. They don't even know they're being run by the anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"]. All of a sudden they're beginning to wake up that something's wrong, they don't know what exactly, & they're making a few floundering motions to try to correct the situation that they can't even understand when it's already too late.
       6. HE SAID THEY'RE THE MOST CHRISTIAN, MOST RELIGIOUS COUNTRY IN THE WORLD--WHEN OVER HALF OF THEM ARE ATHEISTS & DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IN GOD! They raise their children as atheists & evolutionists, & they can blame Communism on themselves. They talk about how, "We're so proud to be Americans, we've got the greatest country in the World!"--And in the next breath they say how horrible things are getting, where the Christians can't even worship & the children can't take Bibles to school. They tell the facts, how anti-Christ America is & how terrible the country is. But they just can't get over that habit of being flag-waving, red-white-&-blue nationalists.
       7. TALK ABOUT NATIONALISM, HITLER HAD THE ULTIMATE IN NATIONALISM, & THAT'S WHAT BROUGHT ABOUT HIS DOWNFALL. And now the U.S. is doing the same thing & the Christians especially. They're the biggest nationalists of all, bragging about their wicked country & practically worshipping it! Well, they may slow things down for a little while, but it's very unlikely that it'll be for long. I'd say they're deceiving the people almost more than anything else & giving them false hope that there's still time to repent & be saved from their enemies.
       8. SEE, THAT'S WHAT THE LORD TOLD JEREMIAH AT THE LAST, HE SAID, "IT'S TOO LATE, THEY'VE SINNED TOO GREATLY AGAINST ME, I HAVE TO PUNISH THEM! I wouldn't turn from these judgements if even Moses & Samuel stood before Me & pled for them! They've sinned too greatly against Me, I have to punish them!" (Jer.15:1)--And that's America! It doesn't matter how many of these preachers stand up for them & plead for them & pray for them & tell them to repent, they've already gone too far, they've already damned themselves! God's gotta judge'm! As somebody has said, "If He doesn't judge America, He's going to have to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah!"--Because they're as bad, if not worse! GET OUT!--NOW!--"Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature" & you'll be much safer & more blest!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family