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DAD'S HEART ATTACK!        DO 1843        19/2/84

       1. (DAD, VERY ILL WITH A HEART ATTACK, CALLS FAMILY LEADERS TOGETHER FOR PRAYER:)--(Dad & Maria speaking together in tongues, Dad weeps & gets interpretation:) "For Satan hath asked that he might test thee & that he might even kill thee, but I have spoken for thee that thy faith fail thee not, for thou shalt live unto Me until thy time." Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Whew! Boom! Just like that! Ahhh, TYL! Ahhh!
       2. THAT'S WHAT THE WORLD CALLS THROMBOSIS OR ANGINA PECTORIS. It's a heart attack that leaves your left arm limp. My whole left arm was going dead & I thought maybe my left side was going...(weeps:) Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!--But that's what the Lord calls an attack of the Devil! TYJ! It was just the Enemy! Hallelujah! TYL! I was right in the middle of all these terrific prophecies in "God's Gifts" & praising the Lord, & the Devil attacked! (Maria: Boy, the Enemy is so mad!) I mean there was no cause, I wasn't doing a thing, nothing! (Maria: No, you were just sitting there quietly.) And I drank my coffee, my goodness, hours & hours ago. Ahhh, TYL! PYL!
       3. I THINK THIS WAS A LITTLE WORSE THAN THE ONE LAST YEAR AT THE HOTEL. (Maria: The hotel one lasted longer but I think this was more severe.) Yes, my whole arm just went limp. Remember that guy at the end of that picture, what was that, about that Russian?--Dr. Zhivago! Remember how he had that kind of a heart attack right at the end where his left arm went limp. Your left arm goes limp first because that's where the blood stops first when they have that clot in the ventricle. That's called acute thrombosis, or they used to call it angina pectoris. Now they call it thrombosis. It's what Dr. Koger died of.
       4. (DAD TAKES A BIG, DEEP BREATH:) AHHHHHHH, IT FEELS LIKE HEAVEN! It's such a relief! (Peter: Thank You, Lord!) That's worth taking one more sip to celebrate, TYL! I got that Scripture again, TYL, what is it? "Give strong drink to him that is ready to perish." (Prov.31:6) What is that Scripture? How does it go? Something like that anyhow. So I told her to get me some wine quick. The Lord uses instruments, TTL, to rebuke the Devil. Wine is a type of the wine of the Spirit & the Devil can't resist it, PTL, when the Lord uses it! (Maria: Amen!) Hallelujah, TYJ!
       5. OH BOY, IF YOU HADN'T REBUKED THE DEVIL I THINK THAT COULD HAVE KILLED ME! That's the worst I ever had it! Umm, thank You Lord! It was painful. I know what my Mother meant now, she said it feels like there's a giant iron fist just squeezing your heart like that. It's the Devil! Just as I was right in the middle of these terrific prophecies! (Maria: Yes, exactly! Yes!) I tell you, we're in a fight, Beloved! The Lord predicted that we're going to have a battle, TTL! (Maria: The Devil sure hates that Letter, pure prophecy for almost 44 pages!) (See No.1741.) PTL! TYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!--And thank you all for standing by me, GBY! PTL! TYL! Oh, TYJ!
       6. THE MINUTE I BEGAN TO PRAISE THE LORD IN SPITE OF IT, WHY, (SNAPS FINGERS) JUST LIKE THAT, THE LORD TOOK IT AWAY. Amen! PTL! We got the victory! Back to the battle! Amen! The Devil is really mad, huh? (Maria: Yes! I know he doesn't like that one!) It's true, Beloved, He'll never leave you nor forsake you! He'll be with you even till the end of the World. He'll never leave nor forsake you. So I guess the Devil really didn't like that, he wanted to make me think that the Lord was going to forsake me right now. Thank the Lord he didn't get the victory, instead he got a defeat! (Maria: Amen! TYJ!) Amen, that was wonderful!
       7. THAT TIME AT THE HOTEL IT LASTED SO LONG & I didn't get instant relief, but this time I got almost instant relief! The moment we were all praying together & you were laying hands on me & the minute I stopped praying & started praising the Lord & thanking the Lord, the Lord gave me a victory when I started praying in tongues. PTL! TYJ! I was praying before in tongues but then I started praising in tongues, rebuking the Devil & praising the Lord & instantly he left! TYJ! PTL!
       8. UMMM, THE RELIEF IS SO HEAVENLY! I'm tired, PTL, TYL! It was right after the prophecy about healing, "Thank You for the healing balm flowing from the hand of David to heal the wounds of many & mend broken hearts. I will prosper My David & I will strengthen him & I will care for him every moment of his life!" How the Devil tries to make a lie out of what the Lord is saying! The Lord said, "I will be with him through everything. I will never leave him nor forsake him. I will always uphold him! I will be with him! I love him!"
       9. ISN'T THAT SOMETHING HOW THE DEVIL TRIED TO STRIKE RIGHT THEN & MAKE IT A LIE! TYJ! TYL! You're a liar, Satan, but the Lord is true, TYJ, in spite of the attack. Well, I guess the Lord allowed it just to prove it. Hallelujah, TYL! Isn't that a trick of the Devil? I was just lying here perfectly normal, quietly, happy in the Lord, praising the Lord, till I hit that verse on healing & how the Lord was going to keep me & heal me & strengthen me no matter what till the end of my time. And boom, the Devil tried to kill me!
       10. IT'S CALLED CORONARY THROMBOSIS, LIKE A MASSIVE HEARTACHE, what Dr. Koger died of. Well, he really died of a broken heart because Mother left Miami, but it's what they used to call, in Mother's sick days, angina pectoris or acute angina of the heart, whatever angina means--but I sure know what it feels like! She said it's just like a huge hand of iron grabbing your heart & squeezing it & your whole left arm goes limp, almost paralysed, & if it's severe enough you can suffer a complete stroke, & it usually hits the left side. You've heard about people suffering strokes that paralyse the whole side of the body. That's one of the most common.
       11. I BELIEVE IF I HAD YIELDED TO THE DEVIL I WOULD HAVE BEEN PARALYSED OR DEAD, IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE ATTACK OF SATAN! But the Lord allowed it to get the victory, PTL!--To prove what He just said! The Devil was trying to make it a lie, "Ah-ha! So see, the Lord isn't going to keep you! I'm going to kill you right now!" Whew, isn't that something! Wow! But the Lord came through & you folks did too, TYJ! PTL! Just wonderful! He gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat. If you give the Devil enough rope he always hangs himself, you know?
       12. THE DEVIL THOUGHT HE WAS GETTING A GREAT VICTORY over Adam & Eve & the Lord in the Garden through the Fall of Man, but it was through that Fall that God got His greatest victory out of seeming defeat--through Salvation through Jesus Christ, which is all the more glory, it's a greater victory than even if Adam & Eve had obeyed & not died! He got a greater victory out of their defeat!
       13. I BELIEVE THE DEVIL REALLY THOUGHT THAT HE COULD KILL ME & HE SURE TRIED HARD! I felt like my whole left side was going, my left arm was already limp, that's why I kept trying to move it around & exercise it to keep the blood flowing, & I got up & walked back & forth to keep my circulation going. Bodily motion helps your heart, helps to circulate the blood & take the load off your heart. So I did what little I could do to cooperate with the Lord, & when I got that verse I drank that little bit of wine. And between prayer & exercise & the wine & the Lord & all these working together I just suddenly got instant relief, especially when I started raising my hands & praising the Lord in tongues! I had been praying in tongues but then I started praising the Lord in tongues, praising & rebuking the Devil & rebuking Oplexicon, & instantly I got instant relief! TTL! Isn't that wonderful? TYJ! I'm still going!
       14. --THANKS TO YOUR PRAYERS!--But keep praying! The Ol' Boy hasn't given up yet! But I'm still here, TTL!--And thanks to your prayers! GBY! ILY!--D.

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