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DIFFICULTY IN SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATIONS!        DO 1846        9/84--Have Mercy on the Departed Spirits!

       1. YOU KNOW, WE DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT RESTRICTIONS & LIMITATIONS THERE ARE ON TRAVEL IN THE SPIRIT WORLD. It could be very dangerous for the departed saints to visit this Earth without a bodyguard, with all the fiends & devils there are now operating in the same World! Right now the demons are still here & they're supernatural & powerful evil angels. Look how Michael the Archangel had to wrestle with the King of Persia for three weeks, 21 days, to try to get through to Daniel! (Dan.10:12-21) So apparently it's a real spiritual battle. The Earth is a battleground!
       2. THE LORD IS ALLOWING THE DEVIL TO BE HERE BECAUSE HE'S STILL ALLOWING MAN A CHOICE, SO IT'S DANGEROUS FOR THOSE GOOD SPIRITS TO COME DOWN HERE INTO THE REALM OF THESE EVIL SPIRITS! After we come back in the Battle of Armageddon & wipe out the forces of Satan--the physical forces, the evil forces of Satan, & the Devil & all his forces are cast into the Pit & bound during the Millennium--then we won't have to contend with them at all, just with some wicked men! But right now this is a dangerous terrain for any kind of spirits, unless they're here on orders & some assignment, & evidently they really have to mind their P's & Q's!
       3. I WONDER WHAT KIND OF BATTLES ABRAHIM'S HAD TRYING TO HELP US? The Lord probably doesn't let people come down unless they're on a special assignment, because they'd have to have special angelic bodyguards. I know there's always this big Angel that's over Abrahim, I wrote about it. (See "The Spirit World!", No.622.) It's like Abrahim is right here. (Hope: At your forehead. Next to you? You mean standing?) Well, how can you say? Sometimes he stands, sometimes he's sticking out of the floor, sometimes he's hovering around the ceiling, but usually he's pretty close. That rascal, he wanted to go off & take Maria on a tour of England when I was asleep, but then he said, "I guess we'd better not go because something might happen to David." But I don't blame him. He said, "I want to see this pretty country!" I guess he'd never been to England. (See No.1481.)
       4. THAT MAY EXPLAIN ALL OF THE DIFFICULTY THEY HAVE, because the Devil is still on the loose & rampant & this is more or less his territory, his domain. He said, "It's all given to me & I can give it to whoever I want to." (Luk.4:6)--And that's the deal God made. So apparently it really is dangerous for them to come down here & they have to have special bodyguards. So I've been really thinking about this lately, why we don't have more direct communication. If it's so easy to travel in the Next Life & fly around & appear & disappear & zip through space with the speed of thought & all that stuff, how come we don't have more visitations & why don't we see more things & have more trips?
       5. SO I WAS THINKING & THINKING ABOUT THIS & IT JUST CAME BACK TO ME, I WONDER IF ABRAHIM'S HAD ANY PROBLEMS ALONG THIS LINE, & THEN I REMEMBERED THERE WAS THAT BIG ARCHANGEL! Remember that time I got that revelation? (No.622) The Lord gave us the name of that Angel, that it was Michael. Abrahim's right here & the Archangel Michael is right here above him. It's funny, Abrahim's usually sort of facing me, I'm his baby & he's taking care of me, but I can seldom ever remember Michael ever giving me a glance! He stands like a guard there. (Maria: He's protecting Abrahim.)--Exactly!--And me!--And the devils & the demons don't dare come in & try to get Abrahim! So he's got a pretty powerful bodyguard.
       6. IN ONE OF THE EARLY PROPHECIES ABOUT US MY MOTHER SAW A GREAT WAR GOING ON! She said, "There is loud clashing & crashing of swords & spears & shields!" etc. I guess the Lord symbolised it to her that way because He has to put things in pretty simple, childish terms to us to help us understand. But there's really a war going on, a real war going on, & Paul said so too: "For we fight not against flesh & blood, but against principalities & powers & wicked spirits in the atmospheric heavens!" (Eph.6:12)
       7. SOME PEOPLE CAN'T UNDERSTAND THE HEAVENLY PLACES, THEY DON'T REALISE HOW MANY HEAVENS THERE ARE! We're living in the First Heaven right now & we're breathing it, the atmosphere. Then there are the Second, Third & Fourth Heavens on up! I guess Space City is Seventh Heaven! Hey, that was quite an honour! Saint Paul only got up to the Third Heaven (2Cor.12:2), how about that?--They took me all the way to Space City!
       8. MAYBE THE LORD WAS JUST GIVING ME SORT OF A PRACTICAL ILLUSTRATION WHEN HE SHOWED ME THAT FUNNY VEHICLE IN "THE ULTIMATE TRIP!" (No.80)--Like He showed the prophets a chariot of fire to catch Elijah, & that wheel within a wheel to Ezekiel & all that, just to give them some kind of concrete idea of a vehicle of some kind--what, nobody knows--but apparently He has to furnish some kind of vehicle. The departed dead immediately get a tube, but for shuttle-trippers there's apparently some kind of a zip train or something! I'd call it sort of like an armoured car or something, something to really carry you safely up & back. (See Nos.1457:10,13 & 1638.)
       9. IT'S FUNNY, I DIDN'T GET THAT ON THAT FIRST TRIP, BECAUSE IN THAT FIRST VISION OF "SPACE CITY" I WAS ALREADY THERE! (No.75A) It had nothing to do with the transportation back & forth. So maybe that's why the Lord gave me that next one about "Ultimate Trip"! It seemed so ridiculous & so mundane to have to have some kind of a vehicle that you had to travel in, but we really have to have protection as we go through that sphere. It takes a lot of protection. It shows you how much protection the Lord's giving us all the time right here.
       10. BUT IN A WAY, I GUESS THE SPIRITS ARE IN EVEN MORE DANGER, BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T HAD TO ACTUALLY WRESTLE WITH A DEMON FOR THREE WEEKS! But they're sort of on the same plane & in the same sphere & they have comparable powers & they really have to wrestle against each other! So it's actually dangerous & difficult for them to pass through this area of the Devil's demonic control, which apparently covers the surface of the Earth. He's probably limited to the atmospheric heavens, that's what I figure, & he can go underneath the Earth too. Maybe I'm talking too much, but it's an interesting subject & nobody ever told much about it. But see, there's always something in the Bible to help confirm it & to show you that there is that sort of thing.
       11. JACOB WRESTLED WITH AN ANGEL ALL NIGHT LONG!--But I never could figure out why an angel should be wrestling with Jacob! He was supposed to be a good guy, one of the book's heroes! But who knows? Maybe the angel was a devil! He was obviously a lot bigger & heftier than Jacob because he touched Jacob's hip bone & threw it out of joint so that he was crippled for the rest of his life! But the Lord allowed that test, that Jacob was even strong enough to try to wrestle a fallen angel, & he passed the test. And though he was crippled from then on, he earned the title Israel, "a prince of God & man", instead of "deceiver". He was a character! (Gen.32:24-29)
       12. THERE'S A LOT WE DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND, but as you get to thinking more about it & then you go back to the Scripture & see if there are any examples, there are lots of times.--Like those three so-called "men" that visited Abraham out in the desert & he called one of them "my Lord". I think in that case it actually was Jesus, & the other two were probably His angelic bodyguards, some pretty big powerful angels!--Because later on they slammed doors in the faces of the Sodomites & eventually they dragged Lot out of town & saved him, & then they rained down fire & brimstone on Sodom & Gomorrah & all that! So they must have been some pretty powerful top Archangels that were there with Jesus to protect Him. (See Gen.18 & 19.) Like Jesus said to Pilate, "All I have to do is lift My little finger & the Lord would send legions of angels & you wouldn't be able to touch Me." (Mat.26:53) But it was His choice to die for us to save us! TTL!
       13. SO THIS IS A PRETTY MESSY PLACE DOWN HERE & WHAT I'M DRIVING AT IS THAT IT'S NOT ALL THAT EASY FOR THEM TO COME BACK & FORTH! What I'm trying to prepare you guys for is that it's not necessarily all that easy to come down here on a trip unless you have an actual assignment & you're in the will of God & you're doing what God has told you to do! Then you probably have some pretty powerful angelic escorts! So although we'll be supernatural & we'll be able to fly & appear & disappear & all that sort of thing, we're not all-powerful yet--not yet, not until the Devil & his gang get tossed into the Pit & the Lord cleans up the place down here & the atmosphere & chucks them all out to give us a headstart & a clear start on the Millennium! Because that gets rid of the biggest problem of all, the greatest pollution of all, the spiritual pollution! Savvy?--The Devil & all his angels & demons!
       14. SO I'M JUST TRYING TO WARN YOU THAT IF I DON'T JUST START RIGHT AWAY COMING AROUND WHISPERING IN YOUR EAR & ALL THAT, PLEASE BE A LITTLE PATIENT & remember it's not necessarily all that easy & the Lord may have a few other more important things for me to do first. I can look at Maria right now & see that she can't think of anything more important than that. Honey, I can read your little mind! Well, Honey, I've been fighting a pretty big battle, & by the time I die I must have really fought a battle! (Maria: So you want to have some fun Up There for awhile before you have to come down here?) Fun?--I mean just a rest!--Just a little fellowship & to get a tour & check out the house! If the Lord went to all that trouble to go Up There to build the whole thing for us, if I'm going to go first, surely I'll be interested in making sure that the house is the way I want it. (Maria: Well, we'll just stop everything & wait for you to get done with your tour!) Oh, baloney! You can't stop everything & you know that! (Maria: We'll have to.) No, you know that! But it's not all that easy to get through.
       15. SO FAR I'VE GOTTEN TWO MESSAGES FROM GREAT GRANDMOTHER! I got something directly from her on China before, remember? It was just a little short thing. (Maria: Yes, you got a little prophecy.) (See No.1811/GN148.) (Talks to lizard:) You little rascal, you stay out there! You can gobble all the insects you want. I got tired of having you running around our walls & ceiling!--So I ran you out!
       16. SO PLEASE HAVE MERCY & remember it's just not all that easy for us to get through to you & we just can't do it at a whim & a moment's notice! To just put it in practical, political terms, the way the U.S. talks about Russia, what if you had some infiltrators in Russia & you wanted to get messengers through to them? Brother, you would have to really give'm quite some escorts & infiltration & whatnot to get'm in & out safely, & the same for any Russians that want to get in & out of the States. You know? Any kingdom that's going to send an embassage into an enemy country is going to have to give'm a small army of escort, or slip in disguised! In the Bible, in the Old Testament, they often had to send a small army with an ambassador for his own protection, so they could not only get in but get out again to bring back the answer!
       17. SO THIS IS ENEMY TERRITORY, I MEAN REAL ENEMY TERRITORY THAT WE'RE LIVING IN HERE! It may not look like it or sound like it & we may not be able to see it right now, but it is, & it's not that easy to get in & out of safely, to penetrate or escape. The Devil has it pretty much under his control, more so all the time, & the Lord allows it that way because Jesus said "this is his hour & the power of darkness." (Luk.22:53) And the Devil said, "This World is given unto me, & I can give it to whom I will." (Luk.4:6)
       18. THE EARTH RIGHT NOW HAS ALREADY BEEN INVADED & it's already been taken over by Satan & his demons & devils, but he's still trying to get man to serve him. He can destroy, which is one of his greatest powers, just to disrupt & destroy, but like God, he actually wants to be loved & he wants to be chosen by the people of this Earth to be worshipped.--Because he's got nothing on God unless he persuades the people here to believe in him, love him, follow & obey him. Then he can brag that he's king, he is God & that he has done the same thing God's done. Well, he hasn't really, but anyway, that's what he's trying to do.
       19. SO THIS IS DANGEROUS TERRITORY FOR THE GOOD SPIRITS & YOU SHOULD REALLY THANK'M & REALLY PRAY FOR'M WHEN THEY HAVE TO MAKE A TRIP DOWN HERE! It's not all that easy & it's not all that safe! The Lord has to send a real bodyguard with'm to protect'm. It never dawned on me until this minute that that bullet train or whatever it was I was travelling in in "The Ultimate Trip" must have been sort of a space capsule or something that was imperviously impenetrable to these demonic forces so that the Lord could shoot me up there & then shoot me back down again!
       20. THAT LITTLE DREAM HAS ALWAYS WORRIED ME & I've always sort of been a little sceptical about that thing because it seemed to be so mundane & sort of a little too mechanical, & it never dawned on me until just now when I was telling you that, that maybe that's the same reason why! You have to have special, you might say, bullet-proof vehicles to come down here, & you've got to have a bullet-proof tube to get out! It's not all that easy for them to get back & forth.
       21. ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: PLEASE DON'T GET TOO IMPATIENT IF I DON'T START BELLOWING IN YOUR EAR RIGHT OFF THE BAT AS SOON AS I'M DEAD! (Maria: Well, I'll get impatient, but maybe I'll understand better.) Have a heart! Aren't you going to give me a little time Up There with the Lord?--A little relief & a little tour of the City & time to check out the mansion & things like that? (Maria: Yes, I'll try to give you a little time.) I know this, Honey, that if you really need me & if there's anything that I really can do to help you, you know the Lord will ordain it.
       22. SO PRAISE THE LORD, ARE YOU WILLING JUST TO TRUST THE LORD & LEAVE IT IN HIS HANDS? (Maria: I guess I have to, there's not much else I can do!) She doesn't want to trust the Lord but she has to, ha! That's the way I feel sometimes. I even get a little angry with the Lord once in awhile, but so did some of the characters in the Bible. Some of the Patriarchs & Prophets got a little impatient & angry with the Lord, but as long as they loved Him & had faith & trusted Him, they could even keep on pleading & He'd change His mind. So why don't you try that? (Maria: I think I will. I'm pretty good at pleading my case!) You are! She is a Mrs. Moses if I ever saw one! She is going to talk up to the Lord. I don't want to be in His shoes when she tells Him off! Whew!
       23. MAYBE WE COULD CALL THIS "DIFFICULTIES OF SPIRITUAL COMMUNICATION!" Would that be a good title? No wonder you don't get too many personal contacts or personal messages & fellowship, but sometimes God has to just zero in & beam in a picture of something through all that & make you see it.
       24. SO FOLKS, HAVE MERCY ON THE OLD DEPARTED SAINTS, IT'S NOT ALL THAT EASY FOR THEM TO PAY A VISIT, & I THINK I COULD PROVE THAT BY THE BIBLE! It's pretty evident. But you can't find them all under spirits or ghosts or angels. A lot of times they're just called men, a number of times, & you've just got to read it to find out what was going on, like Abraham & the three visitors, & Jacob & that angel & things like that. Well, in Jacob's case I think he said he'd seen God face to face.
       25. SO HAVE A HEART, FOLKS, IT AIN'T THAT EASY! The Lord keeps most of them Up There safely tucked away for their own security. And remember, they've got a really big job as welcoming committees for the new entrs. About 156,000 people die every day, & of course the biggest job is not necessarily logging in the entrs Up There, the biggest job is the guys that are going Downstairs! But apparently God has turned that over to the Devil & his angels to take care of. That's where they go, that's what they get! Right? So the Devil's got a pretty big job too checking in all the folks in his hotel. I'm sure he's got the biggest majority of all of them & it's probably going to his head right now.
       26. WHEN YOU THINK PROBABLY ONLY ONE OUT OF A THOUSAND ARE SAVED, MAYBE THEY ONLY HAVE TO INTRODUCE ABOUT 156 SOULS A DAY TO HEAVEN--THE REST ARE ALL GOING TO HELL! But you know there's a lot Up There to keep them busy!--Especially since probably the biggest bunch to arrive every day are babies, so God must have one whale of a Nursery! I mean it! I'm serious! Well, at least, thank God, they're supernatural & have got all kinds of strength & power & wisdom & facilities, I'm sure the best in the Universe, & we could probably learn a lot from them!
       27. SO IF THERE ARE ANY THINGS YOU WANT ME TO FIND OUT ABOUT UP THERE, MAYBE I CAN TRY TO SORT OF GET WORD BACK TO YOU RATHER THAN TAKE THAT DANGEROUS TRIP BACK HERE MYSELF. It's not all that easy to get messages through. Look how long it took the Archangel Michael to just get a message through to Daniel! It had to be carried by an Archangel & fought by an Archdemon! So we think we know a lot about it, but we're just beginning to learn.
       28. WHAT I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU IS THAT IT'S JUST NOT ALL THAT EASY TO EVEN GET A MESSAGE THROUGH, MUCH LESS VISIT! This is a battlefield! This is a World at war & who wants to leave Heaven & come down here & get embroiled unless it's something really urgent? And that's about the only time you ever hear of anybody coming in the Bible is when it was something really urgent or a really important message, because they probably had to fight their way in & fight their way out! Who wants to come to this Hell on Earth all loaded with millions of devils & demons? So please have a heart!
       29. THE LORD IN HIS MERCY DOESN'T USUALLY MAKE THE SAINTS HANG AROUND HERE TOO LONG. Usually in all those death stories it's just long enough to check out the bodies & the relatives & that everything's okay, & then they go. The only ones He usually lets come back through the tube are the ones whom He gives that choice to in the afterdeath experiences, otherwise I don't think we realise what a warlike atmosphere it is in the Spirit World & what a horrible war is going on & how dangerous it is even for the spirits!
       30. THE LORD HAS MORE OR LESS TURNED OVER THIS EARTH TO THE DEVIL & HIS ANGELS, & THE FORCES OF EVIL & THE FORCES OF GOD ARE REALLY SCRAPPIN' IT OUT! Thank God we have them here to help & protect & defend us or we'd probably all be wiped out already!--You know? God's having a hard enough time trying to defend us who are alive & protect us without sending the retired saints down here on pleasure trips just for old times' sake.--That I expect in the Millennium when the devils & demons & Satan are all gone, but it's not going to be safe down here for anybody until then.
       31. SO PLEASE HAVE A HEART & DON'T EXPECT ME TO GET BACK TOO SOON, MAYBE IF AT ALL! I might be able to beam in some messages or something, but there aren't too many special spirits like Abrahim that are given full charge of a living saint--I sure don't feel like a saint right now, but I mean a living servant of the Lord--& he has to have this great big fulltime Archangel bodyguard all the time! Then there are these Seven Guardian Angels around us, huge, big Angels! It's not all that easy, so don't expect too much, Honey! Have a heart!
       32. THE LORD HAS ONLY GOT SO MANY PERSONNEL IN HIS ARMY OF ANGELS & OFFICERS & DEPARTED SAINTS & WHATNOT--do you want Him to take a few guards off of you to have to split some of the shifts to give me some protection so I can just come back here & talk to you a little bit? (Maria: Well, that might be the best thing for me!)--Ha! She refuses to be convinced! A woman convinced against her will is of the same opinion still! She's probably going to talk the Lord into it. But I think in the Spirit if you really listen & are in tune, I can probably send you messages without endangering myself. (Maria: I hope so!) Would you really want me to sacrifice my own safety to come back just to give you a nice little visit? (Maria: No, of course not.)
       33. ANYHOW, PRAY FOR THE SAINTS & THE ANGELS WHO REALLY ARE STICKING THEIR NECKS OUT FOR US! Don't forget that. And don't be too hard on them because they don't show up every time you snap your fingers!--Amen?--But sure thank the Lord for'm & pray for'm that they can keep on taking care of us until the End!--Amen? God bless & keep you, in Jesus' name, amen. Would you like to communicate with the angels & good spirits of God?--Ask Jesus & His Holy Spirit into your heart right now!

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