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TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION!--Is It Beneficial?--A Charitable Approach!       DO 1852       10/84

       1. (A DISCUSSION AFTER READING IN THE ASIAN PAPERS about how "Transcendental Meditation" under its new names of "Age of Enlightenment Foundation" & "Technology of the Unified Field" has entered Asia & particularly the Philippines in full force recently:)
       2. IN A SENSE, THIS TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION IS REALLY PRAYER, IT'S GETTING IN TUNE WITH THE SPIRITUAL--or as they call it, the Unified Field of the Forces of the Universe--& of course that should mean God.--Or it can also mean other gods, & that's where the trouble comes, where they start bringing in the Hindu deities! But it just stands to reason & follows logically that if you obey God's laws, His certain physical or even psychological laws, you will receive certain benefits from them. It's just like the law of gravity: God has certain universal laws which just work, it seems, no matter who practices them. And one of them is that spiritual strength comes from quietness.
       3. TO GET QUIET & BE STILL--THERE ARE A LOT OF SCRIPTURES ABOUT BEING QUIET: "Study to be quiet," "Be still & know that I am God," & "In quietness & confidence shall your strength be." (1Thes.4:11; Psa.46:10; Isa.30:15)--And for this modern generation to get quiet is quite a trick, because they're usually living in the midst of confusion & noise! So they're just bound to benefit if they follow certain of God's natural laws, & one of them is that if you just be still & get quiet & sort of try to tune in to His natural forces of the spiritual, you will gain some strength from it & a certain amount of peace.
       4. THERE'S ALL KINDS OF EVIDENCE THAT PEOPLE RECEIVE CERTAIN BENEFITS FROM MEDITATION, but of course at the same time it's dangerous in that they can tune-in to the wrong forces while in that spiritual state! Years ago when I was studying yoga I received certain benefits from the physical exercises & just getting quiet & meditating, sort of thinking away from the hubbub of the World, it did have a soothing effect. But as I got deeper into the book & the advanced exercises, I began to realise which direction it was going, that it was down & not up, that it was leading to tuning in to spiritual forces, that's true, but the wrong ones!
       5. SO A LOT OF THESE YOUNG PEOPLE WHO ARE SINCERE SEEKERS, IT'S POSSIBLE THAT THE LORD HAS KEPT THEM.--Just like the hippies that had those drug trips & tuned into the Spirit World through psychedelic drugs & had spiritual experiences & saw God & angels & the Spirit World, etc., or were warned with horror trips through Hell! It's possible that the Lord has used this to get through to some young people that there is such a World & it is necessary to tune-in to the spiritual for peace of mind & heart, that just in getting quiet & meditating & yielding their mind & consciousness to the spiritual with the proper attitude of sincerely seeking peace & harmony & really wanting the right thing, I think it's possible that some of those young people have perhaps been led in the right direction toward the spiritual & toward unity with the natural forces of God, in harmony with His creation.
       6. IN OTHER WORDS, IF THEY'RE REALLY SINCERE & WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH, IT'S POSSIBLE THAT SOME OF THEM ARE GETTING SOME BENEFIT FROM IT, just in getting quiet, away from the World, like in prayer. In prayer we actually tune in to the Lord & in to the spiritual World, & I'm sure if any of them are true sheep, the Lord will lead them in the right direction, & in the long run they'll discover that getting deeper into the mysticism of the Hindu sort with the Hindu influence & honouring those Hindu gods is going the wrong direction.
       7. LET'S FACE IT, IN THE SPIRIT, GETTING IN TUNE WITH THE SPIRITUAL, GETTING INTO A SPIRITUAL STATE YOU CAN GO EITHER DIRECTION, UP OR DOWN!--Not meaning in the Spirit with a capital "S," God's Spirit, but just in the spirit, your spirit, in the spiritual. And of course the danger of that whole TM thing is that it is definitely controlled & led by Hindu mystics such as the Maharishi, etc., who follow the Hindu scriptures & all that, & sooner or later they're going to lead them into actual Hinduism & the worship of other gods, & that's the damnation of it, of course.
       8. "THERE IS A WAY WHICH SEEMETH RIGHT UNTO A MAN, BUT THE END THEREOF ARE THE WAYS OF DEATH!" (Pro.14:12) In other words, it may start out good, & they find by obeying God's certain universal laws of creation, in a sense by getting quiet & in tune with the harmony of the Universe, that they actually do receive certain benefits. But then the Devil & his leadership leads them on from there into the wrong direction with his lies sugarcoated with truths!
       9. IT'S JUST EXACTLY LIKE THE DEVIL ALWAYS WORKS--HE USES THE GOOD OF GOD TO DECEIVE PEOPLE TO START OUT WITH, & TELLS THEM THE TRUTH ABOUT SOME THINGS, because he knows they will get certain benefits & reactions simply by obeying some of the Universal Laws of the Lord that are effective in His creation, such as the benefits of just getting quiet & getting your mind off the World. As Wordsworth said, "The World is too much with us!"--And if we can just get away from it for awhile & sit in quietness & confidence & relax in peace, get our minds off the material things & the worries of the World & tune in to the World of the spirit, in a sense, that's a step in the right direction.
       10. BUT FROM THERE ON, ONCE YOU'RE IN THAT STATE, YOU ARE THEN PRESENTED WITH A CHOICE OF WHICH DIRECTION DO YOU WANT TO GO? God always gives man a choice. Are you going to follow the Spirit of God & the good influences of the Spirit World & His angels?--Or are you going to follow the evil spirits of Satan? And see, that's where they finally get'm & lead'm into worship of those Hindu deities! They claim it's just a custom & a tradition & they're merely honouring some of the gurus of the past, blah blah, but they are definitely spiritual deities of Hinduism, Devi So-&-so. In one of the photos of one of their ceremonies they had a Devi picture garlanded on a sort of altar or podium with flowers, so they were honouring this Hindu deity as one of the founders of their faith! Just add "L" to that name & you get "Devil"!
       11. THEY TRY TO MAKE IT SOUND ALL VERY SCIENTIFIC & NON-RELIGIOUS, BUT AS SOME OF THEIR CRITICS POINT OUT, THEY CANNOT DENY THAT THEY REALLY ARE BASICALLY A RELIGION! They try to deny it & flat-out say they are not a religion, but they can't completely hide the fact that it is basically a religious practice & a religion. From what we've heard about some other Gurus, they're always honouring those various Hindu deities & chanting their names & referring to their scriptures. At least they're that honest about their particular branch or sect or regimen of faith or whatever you want to call it, because they frankly confess that it's in respecting these various gods & in honouring them, that you're supposedly honouring God! They claim they are all forms of God & that all these various deities are all names of one & the same God! Of course, that's a little trick of the Devil because that's not so!--Because we know that Jesus is the Only Way & the only Son of God of the only the God!
       12. SO TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION IS A RELIGION & A RELIGIOUS PRACTICE & A SYSTEM OF RELIGIOUS FAITH IN HINDUISM, HINDU PRACTICES & HINDU CEREMONIES, WHICH LEADS TO THE WORSHIP OF HINDU GODS. Those are the facts however much they may try to deny it & make it sound scientific & like a science. They're trying to hide the religious aspects & the religious flavour in order to present it as a science to appeal to youth who have been disillusioned with religion & are sick of religious things & churches, etc., & present it to them as a scientific approach to peace & peace of mind & heart & spirit, etc. And by presenting them with a system or technique of behaviour, being quiet & just getting away from the noise & hubbub of the World & interest in materialism, etc., in that respect they're obeying one of God's natural laws, which does bestow its benefits of greater tranquility.
       13. IF YOU JUST OBEY GOD'S NATURAL LAWS OF HEALTH & FOODS OR HIS LAWS OF GIVING, ETC., YOU'LL GET THE BENEFITS, WHETHER YOU'RE A BELIEVER IN GOD OR NOT, OR WHETHER YOU'RE RELIGIOUS OR NOT! Yes, or this law of getting quiet & thinking good thoughts. This is another one of God's natural laws, the power of positive thinking! You think on good things, as St. Paul taught, & you're going to receive good benefits from it. (Phil.4:8) If you sit in quietness & in confidence & try to get rid of bad thoughts & negative thoughts & you just try to think on good things & quiet things & non-Worldly things, you're bound to get the natural benefits of it, because you're moving in harmony with God's natural laws of His creation, the laws, as they call it, of the Universal Unified Field.--In other words, in harmony with His natural laws of creation.
       14. THEY CAN DO THIS THROUGH THEIR QUIET MEDITATION & THINKING AWAY FROM THE WORLD ON POSITIVE & GOOD THOUGHTS, & this is simply obeying one of God's natural laws which has its natural benefits. So they gain a certain measure of peace of mind & heart & spirit which has genuine soul benefits. In other words, they get out from under that tension of the hubbub of the war of the material World--which is constantly at war, it's a war of the spirit--& they try to get away from that noise & confusion & get quiet & in harmony with God's natural laws of peace.
       15. PEACE & QUIET IS JUST ONE OF GOD'S RECOMMENDED STATES THAT HAS ITS NATURAL BENEFITS. So just to get peaceful & quiet & think good things is bound to have certain natural creative benefits, because it's just simply following certain of God's natural spiritual laws. Now that may sound like a contradiction, because some people make a distinction between the natural & the spiritual, but to us, spiritual things come natural, if you understand what I mean. In other words, the so-called supernatural things are natural to God, such as miracles, etc., & those come to pass through simply obeying God's spiritual laws, so that in the World of the spirit, you might say, they're natural.
       16. THEREFORE, YOU MIGHT SAY THE SPIRITUAL BECOMES NATURAL TO THOSE WHO ARE SPIRITUAL! To us whose minds are tuned in to the spiritual good & to the Lord & His Spirit, the things of the spirit become normal & come naturally to us, therefore the spiritual becomes natural, that which the World calls supernatural. It's just getting into a realm which is natural in the spirit but not natural in the material World. So just getting into that kind of a mood & that sort of spiritual area of sitting down & being quiet & being peaceful & thinking on good thoughts, good things, the power of positive thinking, is obeying God's natural spiritual laws.
       17. THAT MAY SOUND LIKE A FUNNY WAY OF PUTTING IT, TO CALL SOMETHING SPIRITUAL NATURAL, BUT IT IS IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD! The spiritual is natural in the spiritual World in the sense in which we here use that word natural, doing what comes naturally, which means according to nature. And if you consider nature God's creation--which they do, they speak of creation although they try to avoid the use of the Word "God"--they're getting in harmony with the Creator. As they get in harmony with His creation & His natural laws, then even the spiritual laws become natural.
       18. SO WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS THAT BY FOLLOWING CERTAIN OF GOD'S NATURAL SPIRITUAL LAWS of getting quiet & meditating on good things & good thoughts; positive thinking, this is tuning in to the good influences of the spirit & has certain natural good effects of peace & quiet & harmony & relaxation & freedom from tension & fear & confusion & noise. So by getting in harmony with the natural forces of God's creation, which they call the Unified Field, they're getting into a certain measure of obedience to God's natural spiritual laws, which have, therefore, the natural spiritual benefits.
       19. THEREFORE, JUST BY OBEYING GOD'S NATURAL LAWS, THEY RECEIVE THE NATURAL BENEFITS. As we have mentioned, just like in obeying God's health laws or His laws of giving & Love & helping others, etc., whether you're a Christian or not, God blesses being quiet & thinking on good things, because that's getting in harmony with His natural spiritual laws & God's forces of the Universe.--Which is all true & a truth, & if followed & obeyed will bring certain natural spiritual benefits such as they receive from their Transcendental Meditation.
       20. "TRANSCENDENTAL" SIMPLY MEANS SHIFTING, IN A SENSE, FROM ONE WORLD TO THE OTHER, FROM THE MATERIAL WORLD INTO THE SPIRITUAL WORLD. And through meditation they get their minds off the material things & the material World & the worries of the World, the noise & confusion of the World, & they try to get in peace & harmony with the natural forces of God's creation, & even the spiritual forces. Therefore Transcendental Meditation is bound to have some good effects, especially initially before the Devil tricks them into going the wrong direction. He usually sugarcoats his lies with truths!
       21. SEE, HE ALWAYS STARTS OFF WITH SOME TRUTH TO DECEIVE! He gets people to believing something because it's obvious that what he is saying is true, what he's saying at first, at least, just as he did in the very first lie in the Garden of Eden! He told them that if they ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil that they would become as gods, knowing good & evil! But then he lied by telling them that what God had told them wasn't true, that they wouldn't die. So he told them half-truth & half-lie, & in so doing he tricked them into disobeying & damned them! (Gen.3:4,5)
       22. SO WHAT THE DEVIL IS DOING THROUGH THIS TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION BUSINESS IS TELLING A HALF-TRUTH. Half of what he's teaching is true, they do receive certain natural spiritual & physical benefits, both health of body, mind & spirit, through getting quiet & trying to tune in to God's natural physical forces of His creation in harmony with the Universe, harmony with good spiritual things, & thereby they get certain normal benefits which are just as certain, for example, as obeying the laws of gravity--although theirs often leads to levitation!--Ha!
       23. THEN, OF COURSE, THE PROBLEM IS THAT ONCE HE GETS THEM INTO THIS SPIRITUAL STATE & into a deep meditative yielding to the spirits, if they don't know the Lord & if they're not protected by the Lord & not going the right direction, once they get into the spirit the Devil can lead them in the wrong direction into becoming possessed by his evil spirits, & through this he can gain control!
       24. THERE ARE MANY OF SATAN'S EVIL SPIRITS WHO ARE NOT NECESSARILY VIOLENT & THROW FITS & ARE HORRIFIC IN SOME WAY! We tend to believe that everything demonic is always violent & horrible & monstrous & that sort of thing, whereas when the Devil wants to put on his best face & be on his good behaviour & watch his P's & Q's to deceive people & to lead'm astray by thinking that what he's doing & what they're doing is good, he can! It's just like Mr. Machowski, he thought that Tom was a good spirit because Tom was always doing good things for him, but all Tom was doing was leading him along & giving him enough rope so that he could finally hang him! (See No.1725:92-93, GN136.) (Maria: So in other words, the end result won't be good for either the individual or the country that promotes & participates in this type of thing.) No, no, no! (Maria: What will the end result be?)
       25. WELL, AS WE HEARD FROM THE PHILIPPINES, SOMEONE THERE QUESTIONED THE TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION PEOPLE, "HOW COME WE HAD ALL THESE BIG NATURAL DISASTERS JUST AFTER YOU GOT HERE?" I have a feeling that they have a good point there, that there is a relationship!--That the Enemy was exulting & exploding over his, you might say, conquest of that country, or his hopeful conquest of that country, & was really throwing fits in some places!--Exulting & roaring & glorifying his power in the natural disasters they had there recently. He's the prince of the power of the air & obviously the Lord has given him that power to exercise it within certain limits against people who are getting under his influence. So they may have a point there!--3 major typhoons & a big volcanic eruption!
       26. (MARIA: FROM THEIR PICTURES, MANY OF THE TOP LEADERS THAT ARE DEEPLY INTO THE MAHARISHI MOVEMENT LOOK LIKE VERY NICE, FINE PEOPLE.) Oh Honey, the Devil himself can wear a happy face, believe it or not! Many times his greatest deception is his charm! (2Cor.11:14-15) And for example, as my Mother used to say about indifference, indifference is one of the greatest dangers of the church!--That if indifference would show its hooves & horns, people would be afraid of it! But because they lapse into kind of a coma of indifference where they don't really care & are not much concerned about certain things that they should be interested in, it does just as much damage as the active opposition of enemies!
       27. JUST BEING UNCONCERNED & INDIFFERENT IS IN A SENSE MORE DANGEROUS BECAUSE IT'S DECEPTIVE & PEOPLE AREN'T AFRAID OF IT! People are afraid, in a sense, of demons & devils & monsters & ghouls & vampires & zombies & all that sort of spiritual manifestation, but they don't realise that the Devil takes all kinds of forms, that he can be sweet & charming & virtually hypnotic in his manifestations in some areas. Look at all the various lovely, charming people of the world who are not at all Christians! Look at some of these smart [EDITED: "people"] & their charm & their wittiness & their intelligence & cleverness! In fact, nowadays almost all of the great actors & actresses & comedians & entertainers are ... as anti-Christ as they can be!
       28. IF THE DEVIL CAN'T SCARE YOU INTO HELL, HE'LL TRY TO CHARM YOU INTO HELL!--And I think that's the manifestation of the Transcendental Meditation Maharishi people, they're very sweet & charming & they just exude all that sort of thing! But it's the false face of the Enemy because it's charming people the wrong direction & misleading them with half-truths & certain good practices which have certain natural spiritual benefits. He gets'm hooked on that & then once they're hooked with, you might say, some truths, that's just the bait on his hook! Then he drives the hook home that brings their capture & their destruction!--From Hinduism to demon possession!
       29. (MARIA: SO IF A COUNTRY PARTICIPATED IN IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY, IT COULD INITIALLY DO IT A LOT OF GOOD. IT COULD CALM THE UNRULY SCHOOL CHILDREN, DECREASE VIOLENCE, MAKE PEOPLE MORE TOLERANT WITH EACH OTHER, EVEN MAYBE ELIMINATE SOME OF THE CIVIL UNREST.) It seems to have good effects. But he's baiting the trap, see? The genuine, honest good effects of partially obeying some of God's natural spiritual laws are bound to have certain good effects, but the Devil is just using those as bait. He knows God's laws & he knows what they can do & he knows what compliance with them will do & what effects it will have. He knows that charming them with this good bait of obeying God's natural laws to a certain point will bait them, but then, just like any bait, baits are not baits unless they're in a trap or have a hook in'm!
       30. BAIT IS ALWAYS GOOD FOOD THAT FISH LOVE & WANT & DESIRE & NORMALLY HAS GOOD EFFECTS, IT SATISFIES! But if it's just bait which is used to deceive & hide the hook & lure the victim into the trap, no matter how good the bait is, the trap is deadly! The cheese that you put on a mousetrap is good food that mice love & is good for them & has natural benefits & they desire it, so they come & nibble on it &, bang!--They spring the trap & you got'm!
       31. SO THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE DEVIL IS DOING WITH THE GOOD, NATURAL BENEFITS OF TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, HE'S USING THAT AS THE BAIT! But once he's got'm into that, he's got'm into the trap that he's about to spring that slams down on'm & knocks'm into the wrong World of the spirit! (Maria: And what practical results would that have as far as a group of people or a country goes?) Well, from the individual to the whole nation, if they become so deceived, they are then baited into the Devil's trap or onto his hook & he's got'm into the wrong Spirit World & into the worship of the wrong gods, following the wrong spirits! Instead of bringing peace & order, in the long run it'll bring total confusion & destruction, because he's the Destroyer & he seeks only to destroy, even though he often uses charm & bait & good things to deceive people into his trap of destruction! So you know good & well that if people are deceived into following the Devil through the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation, with them just using the good effects of good meditation as bait & as charm, "There is a way which seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof are the ways of death!" (Pro.14:12)
       32. (MARIA: WE KNOW AS CHRISTIANS THAT THE ULTIMATE RESULT OF THAT IS DEATH OR DESTRUCTION, EVEN THOUGH INITIALLY IT MAY BE APPEALING & ATTRACTIVE & YIELD GOOD BENEFITS. But many people, if they don't have any absolutes & don't really see that it makes any difference what religion they follow, they all seem good to them. They think Buddhism's good or Hinduism's good, just as good as Christianity, if not better!)--Yes.
       33. AS I HAVE OFTEN SAID, THERE ARE CERTAIN GOOD THINGS ABOUT ALMOST EVERY RELIGION. If there were not certain good things & truths about them, the Devil could never possibly lure people into his traps & onto his hooks & onto his horns! He's got to have some Truth & something good about it in order to deceive people into his trap! He's got to offer them some Truth in something good & some genuine benefits. But those are simply the short-term effects. The long-term result is that they are trapped into a false system & hooked on false doctrine into the worship of the wrong spirits & the wrong gods, which leads to destruction!
       34. (MARIA: SO IN A COUNTRY LIKE THE PHILIPPINES FOR EXAMPLE, they've had a system of Christianity, but it doesn't seem that the practical results have been very good in the lives of the populace as a whole, manifested in the extreme political & economic instability of the country. So some people could say, "Look, Hinduism or Buddhism would be just as good for you & maybe bring about better results!")--And this is true if so-called "Christians" do not have genuine Christian faith & it's just a false front & a profession of just a mere practice or tradition & not genuine born-again faith in Jesus!
       35. UNLESS THE CHRISTIANS ARE GENUINELY BORN-AGAIN & FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD, CHRISTIANITY BECOMES JUST A RELIGIOUS SYSTEM OF A LOT OF GOOD & TRUTH WHICH IS BEING USED BY THE DEVIL TO LEAD PEOPLE ASTRAY & TRAP THEM ONCE AGAIN INTO A FALSE SYSTEM! (Maria: --Which can have worse results than Buddhism or Hinduism!) It's deceitful! Look at the United States: The most supposedly Christian nation on the face of the Earth has now become the most dangerous, the most vicious, the most violent & is becoming one of the most demonic criminal nations on the face of the Earth! They have "a form of godliness without the power thereof!" (2Tim.3:5) They had a system of religion, in this case a system of Christian religion in which they were supposedly Christian, but most of them didn't really have Christ! They were professors but not possessors! So it became even more deceptive & their very religion became their trap that the Devil used! He used the good things about Christianity & Christian faith & practice & a system of religion to bait them into the trap of a system which has become his very own!
       36. NOTHING IS PROBABLY MORE DEAR TO THE DEVIL'S OWN HEART THAN THE CHURCH-BUILDING SYSTEM OF CHRISTIANITY, BECAUSE IT'S ONE OF THE WORST DECEITS THAT EVER HIT THIS WORLD!--Christians seem to think that their religion consists of building church buildings & attending them!--Which was never ever advocated by the Lord or anything in the Bible except the Old Testament's Temple, that's all! In fact, He even spoke against the Temple in the New Testament & against building temples & worshipping in temples, etc. (Acts 7:48; 17:24)
       37. SO TEMPLE-WORSHIP, PLACE-WORSHIP, CHURCH BUILDINGS & CHURCH-BUILDING & CHURCH-WORSHIP, WHICH HAS BECOME THE CHRISTIAN FAITH, IS A FALSE DOCTRINE! It is a false religious practice which is leading to the death of millions spiritually & physically! The United States, the greatest church-building nation on the face of the Earth, the greatest church-attending nation on the face of the Earth, has become the most vicious & violent & cruel & destructive nation on the face of the Earth! They're the ones who invented the atomic bomb & used it first & are preparing to use it again, & if God doesn't stop'm, would again be the first ones to use it if they thought they needed to!
       38. NOW LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE PHILIPPINES: THERE'S ANOTHER CHRISTIAN NATION THAT HAS A FORM OF CHRISTIAN FAITH, CATHOLICISM, & A LOT OF EVANGELICALISM AS WELL, BUT IT HAS GONE THE WAY OF ALL OTHER CHRISTIANITY INTO THE FALSE CULT OF CHURCH-BUILDING & CHURCH-ATTENDANCE! I would definitely call church-building & church-attendance a false cult!--Literally!--Because it's not true Christianity, it's not genuine Christian faith & religion or practice! The Lord never ever said to build a church building. He never ever said you would be a Christian by going to church on Sundays, ever! He said, "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mark 16:15) That's obeying His commandment, not building church buildings & attending them every Sunday! (Jn.4:20-24)
       39. THE BIGGEST DECEIT THE DEVIL EVER BROUGHT UPON CHRISTIANITY WAS THAT THEIR FAITH COULD BE UPHELD BY BUILDING BUILDINGS & ATTENDING THEM! THIS IS CHURCH-WORSHIP!--NOT WORSHIPPING GOD, BUT WORSHIPPING THOSE BUILDINGS! Literally, that's what the Christians worship! You don't have to prove it, really, they prove it by the way they live & the way they sacrifice & give immense amounts of money to build those buildings! Who are they serving when they're spending billions of dollars on church buildings? Who are they serving? They think they're serving God, but they're actually serving those buildings!--And in so doing, in serving the material, they're serving the god of the material World, & that's the Devil! By encouraging attendance at the buildings as being service to God--even calling it a service & services--they are literally encouraging worship of those buildings, & thereby the worship of the Devil!
       40. MANY A CHRISTIAN IS SITTING IN HIS PEW ON SUNDAY MORNING SINGING HYMNS & THINKING HE'S WORSHIPPING GOD, but if he's not a genuine, born-again Christian who really has the Spirit & loves the Lord & knows what he's doing, he's serving the Devil! And I'd say 90-some-percent of them, maybe 99 percent of them, are sitting there singing hymns serving the Devil, thinking they're serving God! So that from there they go as far as "He that killeth you thinketh that he doeth God service!" (John 16:2) Many of them are out to kill us, they hate us! They think they're serving God, when by not obeying the Lord & getting out into the whole World & preaching the Gospel & witnessing & winning souls, they are trapped in the Devil's own church trap!--Which looks like a good thing & sounds like a good thing, & it does have a certain amount of good benefits, about the best of which is the Sunday School educating the children, if they teach them the Truth.
       41. SO THE DEVIL ALWAYS USES BAIT, & HIS BAIT IS ALMOST ALWAYS SOMETHING GOOD OR TRUTHS TO LURE PEOPLE into something that looks good & seems good & maybe even is partially good & maybe even is a truth or a partial truth! But he's simply using his tricks to deceive, so that once he's got'm inside the trap, lured by this bait of good & truth--bang!--They're in & they're in his trap & under his control!--Because he was baiting them in the wrong direction. He was simply offering them a partial truth & a partial good in order to lure them & charm them into his evil clutches & his control!
       42. SO THE MAHARISHI IS NO DOUBT DEMON-POSSESSED, I'M SURE HE MUST HAVE CERTAIN SUPERNATURAL MANIFESTATIONS. They claim he can levitate & all that sort of thing, well, that's what all the yogis do. My Grandfather saw it in India when he was on his World tours, yogis throwing a rope 50 feet into the air & it standing there in midair while the yogi's little helper, the little boy, climbed the rope with nothing holding it up! Well, there was no doubt some big demon up there hanging onto it holding it up!
       43. --OR LIKE THE YOGI THAT WENT IN & TALKED TO OUR CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE MISSIONARY IN INDIA! This yogi said to him as he sat there cross-legged on the floor, "So you've come to convert us Indians to Christianity?" He shook his head & said, "Well, you're going to have a very hard time!"--And he kept saying that as he gradually rose from the floor until his head touched the ceiling, still in a cross-legged position, & then gradually sank back down to the floor again, then got up & walked out! It nearly scared our Christian Missionary Alliance missionary half out of his wits, because he was face-to-face with the Devil or one of his minions!
       44. THE DEVIL CAN DO MIRACLES, HE CAN PERFORM WONDERS, HE CAN DECEIVE, & that Maharishi apparently has certain powers that have deceived those people into believing in his divinity & "His Holiness" & his supernatural powers. The people have been convinced that he must be something very marvellous & wonderful, & that it wouldn't be miraculous unless it was good. Too many people are convinced by the supernatural or miracles into believing in somebody or something, that it must be of God if they can do miracles. Well, the Devil can do miracles too! They're tricked into believing in a system of religion or something because it has something supernatural in it. Well, the Devil is supernatural & can do supernatural things!
       45. SO THE MAHARISHI & ALL OF HIS KIND HAVE TRICKED THOSE MODERN YOUNG PEOPLE INTO BELIEVING IN THEM, THAT HERE'S SOMETHING REAL IN THE SPIRITUAL, here's something genuine that really offers the genuine supernatural, genuine miracles, therefore it must be the Truth! Well, the miraculous & supernatural are not any proof of the Truth!--They are to some extent, but because the Devil can also duplicate these things, they are not sufficient proof nor are they conclusive proof that a thing is of God. Just because a person can do miracles & supernatural things does not prove he's of God, because so can the Devil & his people!--Remember Pharaoh's magicians of Egypt? (Ex.7)
       46. BUT THESE POOR MODERN YOUNG PEOPLE OF TODAY HAVE SEEN NOTHING IN THE CHURCH THAT WAS AT ALL SUPERNATURAL OR MIRACULOUS OR DIVINE OR A MANIFESTATION OF THE SPIRITUAL AT ALL, NEARLY NOTHING!--Just a lot of pious, pusillanimous platitudes of pulpit preachers! They're dead, & they know it! So they're searching around for something that's got life to it, something that's got punch to it, something that's got action to it, something that's really got something spiritual to it, that's a manifestation of the spirit & the spiritual World & the supernatural & the miraculous! They want something that's got power!--And the Devil can sure show it to them! He can really manifest his power & his miracles & his supernatural manifestations! Therefore they think, "Well, this must be it, this is real religion! This has really got something, this is really getting into the spirit & the supernatural & the miraculous! Here's spiritual power!"--And he lures them with this bait into his trap or onto his hook!
       47. THE POINT I'M TRYING TO BRING OUT IS THAT THE DEVIL USES GOOD & TRUTH AS BAIT, things which are true, like the benefits of Transcendental Meditation, & which can have good effects.--Like getting quiet & meditating on good things definitely has good effects, obeying God's natural laws, but which Satan is only using as a bait to lure them & charm them into his trap of a false religion, a false cult!--Whether Hinduism or Churchianity!
       48. (MARIA: SO WHEN THE DEVIL'S SYSTEM OF CHURCHIANITY, WHICH IS ONLY A FORM OF GODLINESS, FAILED, let's say in the Philippines, for example, where it hasn't borne very good fruit with all of their dissension & political bickering & antagonism against a Godly leader, then Satan tries to bring in his other system of Hinduism.) What it actually amounts to is what the Lord Himself said in the Scripture: "Once they have rejected the Truth, I will send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie!" (2Thes.2:10-12) And let's face it, the form of godliness & the form of religion & the form of faith of both the U.S. & the Philippines & other so-called Christian countries is a form of Christianity which has become nothing in the World but a false cult of Churchianity! By their false faith in this false cult of Churchianity, they have rejected the Truth & accepted this lie of Churchianity instead of true Christianity, which is being born-again & filled with the Spirit & going out to the whole World to preach the Gospel!--That's real Christianity, that's being a real Christian!
       49. THESE PEOPLE WHO SIT AROUND IN CHURCH BUILDINGS SINGING HYMNAL LULLABIES & LITANIES TO LULL THEMSELVESTO SLEEP, THAT'S NOT CHRISTIANITY!--But it's called Christianity & it's become the most famous, notorious kind of Christianity! And that's what the World looks at as Christianity! This is what the church advocates, so this is what the World thinks Christianity must be, & they don't want anything of it! (Maria: It looks to them like Christ has failed, so then the Devil can come in & take the credit.)--Like Christianity has failed, exactly! So according to God's laws, what follows is this: Having rejected the Truth, He says then He'll send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie & be damned! (2Ths.2:10-12)--Because that's what they deserve for having allowed themselves to be deceived in the first place into rejecting the Truth!
       50. MY LORD, LOOK AT THE CHURCH TODAY, IS IT REJECTING THE TRUTH? Oof! They have rejected us & rejected the Truth, rejected the Bible, rejected God's Message, rejected God's job, rejected His commandments in every way! Church-building & churchianity is of the Devil! It's a false cult & a false religion! It is not true Christian faith & practice & genuine Christianity, it is the false cult of Churchianity, & therefore they have rejected the Truth! Therefore as their punishment, God sends them strong delusion that they might believe a lie that they might be damned, in other words, punished! So that's the end result.
       51. THEIR FIRST SIN IS TO REJECT THE TRUTH, & THE FIRST SIN OF ADAM & EVE IN THE GARDEN WAS TO REJECT GOD'S TRUTH! God told them the Truth, but they doubted it, & when the Devil came along & told them lies, that it wasn't so, they actually allowed him to cause them to doubt God's Word! Thereby they rejected the Truth & they disobeyed. God knew that in their hearts they had rejected His Truth, so what did He do?--He sent them strong delusion in the form of the Devil with his lies that they might believe a lie, that they might be damned! Because God knew that by their own free will & choice in their own hearts they were doubting His Word!
       52. THE DEVIL SOWED THAT EVIL SEED OF DOUBT IN THEIR HEARTS & THEY FELL FOR HIS BAIT INTO HIS TRAP! And his bait looked like a good thing, that, "Well, it would be good to know the difference between good & evil & then we'll be like the gods"--in other words, the spiritual powers & forces & the angels, & even the devils know the difference between good & evil! So they rejected the Truth of God's Word, that if they did they were going to die, & they believed the Devil instead. So having rejected the Truth, the Lord sent them strong delusion that they might believe the Devil's lies & that they might be damned!
       53. IF THEY FELL INTO HIS TRAP THEN THEY WERE DAMNED FOR IT, JUDGED FOR IT! Now how far that means, we don't know. It's possible that perhaps Adam & Eve repented & the Lord spared them afterward, but they lost the original innocent state, they lost the Garden, they lost the ease of living that God had originally created, the purity of nudity & sex! They lost all those benefits & had to live a very hard life & fight sin & the Devil & have a struggle & a battle from then on.
       54. AND SINCE THEN, GOD & THE DEVIL HAVE BEEN BATTLING OVER THE SOULS OF MEN, BECAUSE GOD GAVE THEM THE POWER OF CHOICE! He didn't force them to worship Him, He didn't make them, He allowed the good & the evil to be revealed so they'd have a choice & could make that choice voluntarily--which apparently God wants us to do & likes us to do. He wants us to serve Him through love & voluntarily in loving service. And of course most people make the wrong choice & follow the deceptions of the Devil instead. They reject the Truth of God's Word. Look how they reject what we have to say when it's absolutely God's Word straight out of the Bible! But no, they even hate us for preaching it! They're like the Scribes & Pharisees of Jesus' day, it's exposing them, so they really hate us & want to kill us for it! They fight us, even organise groups against us to fight us & cause us trouble!
       55. (MARIA: SO THE PHILIPPINES IS A CASE OF A COUNTRY REJECTING THE TRUTH.)--Exactly! Despite its so-called Christian faith, 85% Roman Catholic, that's a false cult! It's a false faith, it's not the true faith of God. It's a religion of works & self-righteousness & literal worship of idols, so that God has rejected them! Even though there are a few Evangelicals there, they're in the church trap, the same trap as the Catholics. They've gone in for the church-building too, & church-worship. And when I say church-worship, I don't mean just worship in churches, I mean worship of churches, which is literally what they do because that's what they serve! They spend most of their money on buildings & building churches & going to them instead of getting out & witnessing & winning souls & evangelising the World, therefore they have rejected the Truth!--Both Catholics & Protestants!--And of the Protestants, both Modernists & Evangelicals! They have all rejected the Truth except a tiny handful who really love the Lord & are filled with the Spirit & really witnessing & winning souls & being missionaries & obeying God!
       56. ANYBODY WHO ISN'T FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD & EMPOWERED BY THE SPIRIT TO THE POINT OF WITNESSING & WINNING SOULS & GOING INTO ALL THE WORLD TO PREACH THE GOSPEL AS A MISSIONARY IF THEY POSSIBLY CAN, IS DISOBEYING THE LORD & REJECTING GOD'S TRUTH! Therefore they're apt to be sent strong delusion by the Lord Himself to believe some kind of a lie, like this false religion that we've now heard is trying to take over the Philippines! They're just going from one false religion to the other! If they've rejected the Truth, they're already believing a lie, so what's the difference whether it's one lie or another? Which is the bad lie? Is the church supposed to be the good lie & Maharishi Transcendental Meditation the bad lie? There's no such thing as a good lie! It's all lies, it's all bad, it's all rejection of the Truth!
       57. (MARIA: BUT TEMPORARILY EVEN THE MAHARISHI MAY BRING ABOUT BETTER RESULTS THERE THAN THE OTHER SYSTEM.) Yes, through advocating a practice & a technique, as they say, a technology of quietness & meditation which has natural beneficial results.--But then it leads into Hinduism & the worship of Hindu gods, that's literally what it does, so is a form of Deviltry which is even worse! Take a look at India & look at the Hindus & see! So "there is a way that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is the ways of death! And the last estate of the man is worse than the first!" He got rid of one devil that went & got seven more worse than himself & re-entered the man, & his last estate was worse, because he didn't get filled with the Truth & the Spirit of God! (Mat.12:45)
       58. SO THE LAST ESTATE OF THAT COUNTRY COULD BE EVEN WORSE THAN THE FIRST! From what we've heard, it's in a bad enough mess right now, but this could bring even worse! The Lord has given them their chance. They've had the message of the Gospel & Christ & Salvation. If any country has ever heard the Gospel, that country's had it! From all we've heard, if any country ever had so many missionaries & so much Gospel on radio, television & churches & every way, they've had it, just like the United States! But because so much of it was false & a lie & not genuine Christian faith but the cult of Churchianity, church-worship, worship of churches, it was a lie to begin with! But the Devil trapped them with truth! He let them preach Christ, but then instead of obeying Christ, he advocated building churches & to worship churches instead of Christ, to worship church attendance instead of Jesus, to go to church instead of witnessing & winning souls & becoming missionaries!
       59. THEREFORE THE ENEMY HAS AGAIN USED THE TRUTH TO TRAP THEM INTO HIS LIES, & thereby strong delusion that the Lord has allowed because they rejected the Truth & they didn't obey Him! So they're now being deluded, lied to & believing the lies, & "the end thereof is the way of death"--& destruction & damnation! So that's the unhappy ending! (Maria: Because even if many of them have received Jesus in their hearts, if they're not obeying Him they could still be deluded, right?)--Exactly! When the Lord says damnation He doesn't necessarily mean Hell.
       60. IF THEY'RE A GENUINE BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN & YET HAVE TURNED A DEAF EAR because of the preachers & the false doctrines to "come build this church & come to church on Sunday & support me" instead of the missionaries, instead of witnessing & winning souls, if having even become Christians & saved, they have rejected the rest of the Truth of God & disobeyed the Lord, the Lord can still send them strong delusion!--Which He certainly has, in a sense, in their churchianity & church-worship & worship of churches & church services & church buildings instead of obeying the Lord & witnessing & winning souls & becoming missionaries!--And now they're getting the Maharishi!
       61. IF THEY HAVE REJECTED, THEREBY, GOD'S OTHER TRUTHS, even though they have accepted Jesus & been saved, God will allow them then to believe these lies & these strong delusions that they might be damned--that they might be punished is the literal meaning here, or exactly, judged. In other words, they're going to be punished for it in some way, probably here & now in this life in suffering that's going to be brought on them by having disobeyed the Lord, as well as suffering eternal shame & contempt in Heaven for having failed God & disobeyed & believed lies instead of doing the Lord's will!
       62. SO IT BRINGS ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION, EVEN IF THEY'RE SAVED, EVEN IF THEY GO TO HEAVEN! They're going to suffer here, & in a sense, suffer Hereafter the shame & the contempt of the Lord & the Christians who were faithful & did obey! Even in Heaven they'll always be notorious & known as having failed God!--No crown, no shining, no glorious aura of light as having been real soul-winners & wise, but failures! All they did was save themselves, they didn't save others! See? How selfish can you get?--That's Churchianity!
       63. THAT'S ABOUT AS SELFISH AS YOU CAN BE, TO SIMPLY TAKE A FIRE ESCAPE YOURSELF & LET THE OTHERS BURN, TO SAVE YOURSELF & LET THE OTHERS GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP! This has always been held out as one of the most ignominious forms of selfishness & brutishness, the crews who jumped into the lifeboats & commandeered them & threw out the women & the children & let the rest of them go down with the ship!--Or the guys who trampled bodies of women & children in the aisles to fight their way out of a building in a fire to save themselves! This is the exact opposite of heroism! They're villains in that case! Churchianity has damned more millions than it ever saved!
       64. WELL, WHAT CAN YOU SAY OF CHRISTIANS WHO MERELY ACCEPT JESUS TO SAVE THEMSELVES & LET THE REST OF THE WORLD GO TO HELL & don't care & just live their selfish lives for selfish gratification & their own wives & families & home & church-building & work at a secular materialistic Devil's job & don't obey the Lord? What good, really, has it done for others for them to even be saved? They're a bad testimony, they're a poor example! In a sense, they're almost a living lie, because that's not what true Christianity is, & that's not what a true Christian ought to be like!--That's the false cult of Satan's Churchianity!
       65. SO IF A CHRISTIAN IS NOT GOING TO BE A GOOD TESTIMONY & A GOOD WITNESS & OBEY THE LORD & WITNESS & WIN SOULS & BE A MISSIONARY, THEN HE'S BOUND TO BE A BAD TESTIMONY & BE LIVING A LIE in trying to show off that he's a Christian & supposedly a genuine believer & follower of Christ when he's not! He's a dandy bad example in disobeying the Lord & staying at home & just going to church instead of the mission field! This is the lie that Christians live today because they have rejected the Truth, therefore God has sent them strong delusion that they might believe a lie, that they might be really damned or punished--judged--which they will be, even if they're saved!--And their Tribulation is coming soon!
       66. GOD KNOWS WHAT CHRISTIANS WILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH HERE AS WELL AS HEREAFTER! My God, how can they go into Heaven & enjoy it knowing they failed God & all the people who are not There because they failed to witness & failed to save'm & just lived selfishly! All the obedient Christians in Heaven are going to look down on them & look with contempt upon them, & they're going to live in shame! Don't tell me that's not a form of suffering! They're going to suffer for it, it looks like eternally, for having failed God & disobeyed God & rejected the Truth!--Even if they're saved, even if they get to Heaven!
       67. SO NOT ONLY AMERICA IS GOING TO SUFFER FOR IT & IS SUFFERING FOR IT, BUT THE PHILIPPINES TOO & THE WHOLE WORLD FOR REJECTING THE TRUTH--WHICH SO MANY HAVE HAD! Virtually all the "Christian" World has had some Truth & they know about Jesus & the Bible & they know that Christians are supposed to be witnesses & missionaries, but they look at the churches & they see they're not. So even the World knows that the church is disobeying God & that Christians are not what they ought to be, so they're a damned poor testimony! They're more of a stumblingblock than a steppingstone!
       68. THE CHURCH ITSELF HAS BEEN THE GREATEST TESTIMONY AGAINST CHRIST & AGAINST GOD THROUGH THEIR CHURCH-BUILDING & CHURCH ATTENDANCE & CHURCH-WORSHIP INSTEAD OF OBEDIENCE to God & witnessing & winning souls & going as missionaries! That kind of "Christians" have become the greatest testimony against Christ, & they themselves are the greatest testimony against themselves! Even the World can see that they're not what they ought to be! Therefore even the churches & the Christians who reject the Truth & disobey the Lord are going to be punished for it!--Certainly here, & in some ways suffer shame & contempt Hereafter! (Dan.12:2)
       69. SO THAT'S THE END RESULT OF THE DEVIL'S TRAP!: Even if the bait is good & true, if it's placed in a false trap created by Satan, it's going to bring damnation! And that's what I think of Transcendental Meditation!--The transcendental meditation itself is about the only good thing about it!
       70. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH THE CHURCH, THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH CHRISTIANS, TO THEM IT'S EITHER ALL BAD OR ALL GOOD! They reject all other cults & sects & faiths as having nothing good about them, whereas the Devil couldn't even lure people into those things unless there was something good about them, something true! (Maria: So the Christians don't have a credible argument against it.) No, because they don't confess that there's something good about it, there's something true about it & that they're right about some things. See, you've got to go along with them a certain distance & confess, "Yes, there is something good in it & some truth in it, but look what it leads to!" That's the way they need to attack'm! (Maria: But they never do.) No, because they won't confess that there's any good! To them it's either black or white, there's no grey, nothing in between. And certainly they don't confess that there's any good in any of these false cults, religions, etc., as they call'm. (Maria: So they lose the arguments, because any person with a bit of sense can see that there is some good in it.)--Yes! And the people who are already trapped in it know that it has benefited them & done them some good, just like Christian Science!
       71. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE IS, IN A SENSE, A FORERUNNER OF THE MAHARISHI'S TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, only TM's getting even deeper into outright Hinduism, you might say they almost confess Hinduism because they actually honour the Hindu gods! Whereas in Christian Science, so-called, they had the same type of practice, in a sense, of good thinking, the power of positive thinking & think on good things & don't even think negatively, etc., & this will bring you health & healing. Well, there's a certain amount of truth to that. As my Mother used to say, "There was a lot of truth in Unity"--she got into Unity--"& there's a lot of truth in Christian Science!" They have to teach some Truth to trap people! The Devil's got to give them something right & something good or they wouldn't even be interested if it didn't do them any good & if there wasn't some Truth in it! But this truth & this good is just a bait to get them into his trap!
       72. SO IF THEIR OPPONENTS ARE NOT HONEST & DON'T ACCEPT THAT WHICH IS RIGHT & GOOD & TRUE ABOUT IT, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO GET TO FIRST BASE even with the members & the proponents of that faith, because immediately the members of that false cult or sect or the Maharishis or whoever they are, are going to reject the witness & testimony of their enemies because those enemies don't even begin to accept what is true & what is right & what is good about it, therefore they reject their whole opposition as being false! They won't even listen to'm if they won't even confess that there's something good about it!
       73. EVEN SCIENCE, IN A SENSE, HAS FOUND THAT THERE ARE CERTAIN BENEFICIAL EFFECTS TO THIS MEDITATION & GETTING QUIET & THINKING POSITIVELY, ETC. (Maria: And they've had so much money that they've been able to carry out scientific experiments to prove it.) Yes. But science has even been interested in it because they have discovered that it does have certain good effects, therefore they have been experimenting with it & testing it & trying it to see just what it is & what makes it that way, why it does that, see?--And in so doing they have established the fact that it does have certain benefits & it is beneficial physically, & as they say, psychologically--we say spiritually.--The U.S. Government has even supported it!
       74. BUT ANYBODY THAT DOESN'T CONFESS THAT THERE'S SOME GOOD IN IT, THEY WON'T EVEN LISTEN TO THEM! (Maria: But Christians don't do that because they think if they're Christians they have an edge on everything that's good & they don't even really accept the verse that God sends His rain upon the just & the unjust.) (Mat.5:45) Exactly, that's a very good point.--And the sun to shine on both of them! In other words, they both receive benefits from the good things of His creation. (Maria: But the Christians don't accept that, they think if they're saved, they're the only ones that get anything good from God, & the unsaved couldn't possibly be blessed by the Lord.)
       75. THEY DON'T EVEN RECOGNISE THE GOOD & THE TRUTH THAT THE DEVIL IS USING IN THESE FALSE RELIGIONS & they will not confess that, therefore they can't even get through to the people who are trapped in it because the people figure, "Well, you don't know nothin' because you don't even see what's right about us & what's good!" The Christians write all these things about the false cults & all these things against them, but they never can do anything with them because they won't go along with them on anything, they won't see anything good about them, they can't say anything good about it. To them, they're all false & all bad, therefore everything they do is bad & everything they believe is bad. They can't see the good or the truth that the Devil has put there as bait for the trap.
       76. SO IN THE PHILIPPINES WE'RE JUST SEEING ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF A COUNTRY THAT HAS HAD THE LIGHT & THE TRUTH & THE GOSPEL BUT HAS REJECTED IT FOR CHURCHIANITY!--Like the United States has & like Europe has & the rest of the Western so-called "Christian" World! They have literally rejected true faith in Christ for the false cult of Churchianity (Ed: Let's rub it in! Ha!) instead of true Christianity, & therefore the Lord is going to send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie & be damned!--In fact, He's been doing that for quite awhile! So, "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death!"--And the reason it seems right is because there is some good & some truth & some right in it--the bait that lures them into the trap!
       77. SO SUCH IS THE TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION OF THE MAHARISHI--PITIFUL, SAD!--And apparently the Lord is going to let that nation, at least some of them, be deceived by it & deluded by it, because most of them rejected the Truth! From what we've heard of the Philippines, they've got a lot of Churchianity but they haven't got much true Christianity, at least very few of them. But that's our job, to try to bring'm the Truth & show'm the difference, & at least save some, thank the Lord, & even disillusion a few Christians about their Churchianity!
       78. WHEN I SAW THOSE PICTURES OF THE LEADERS OF THEIR CULT, THERE WAS A CERTAIN MEASURE OF PEACE, A CERTAIN MEASURE OF CONTENTMENT IN THEIR FACES. They seem to be peaceful & smiling, certainly better than the mixed-up, confused, upset, gone-crazy World! They've found a certain measure of peace--& contentment in that peace--through obeying these natural spiritual laws of God in what really amounts to prayer & meditation, communion with the Infinite, so to speak, & getting into harmony with God's creative forces--or as they call it, the Unified Field! So it has brought them some good, you can see it on their faces. You can see that they have a certain measure of peace.--But at the same time you can see that they're, in a sense, deluded & in a certain amount of confusion because they don't have the real right peace & the right Salvation! They don't have it all! They may have some of the natural benefits of obeying the natural laws, but they have no Salvation, no genuine, lasting peace, & "the end thereof is the way of death!"--Destruction & damnation, sad to say! It's just another one of the Devil's traps!
       79. THE MAHARISHI'S TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION RELIGION IS JUST ANOTHER OF THE DEVIL'S OWN TRAPS, BAITED WITH SOME TRUTH & SOME GOOD, & most of the truth & good is in the actual technique, you might say, of the transcendental meditation, just getting quiet & thinking positively. That's bound to do them some good. But the Devil's just using that as a bait to lead them into the trap of Hinduism & the worship of Hindu gods & demon-possession, worst of all! But it's one of the strong delusions the Lord is apparently sending the World today because they have rejected the Truth so that they could believe a lie & are therefore going to get their just deserts by being judged & punished & damned!
       80. SO LORD DELIVER THEM FROM THE DEVIL'S LIES & DELUSIONS!--AND THE ONLY WAY HE CAN DELIVER THEM IS BY OUR BRINGING THEM THE LIGHT OF THE TRUTH--JESUS! He's the Way, the Truth & the Life! He said, "No man cometh unto the Father but by Me!" (John 14:6) So there's no other Way but the Lord! TYJ!--Amen? GBAKY from Satan's traps!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family