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MORE ON TM & THE UNIFIED FIELD!        DO 1854 10/84
(Comments while watching a video a Family Member sent about the Maharishi group in the Philippines:)

       1. I'VE ALWAYS SAID THAT I BELIEVE THAT THE ACTUAL TRUE PRACTICE OF TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION IS BENEFICIAL. In other words, it's a matter of getting quiet & being still & in a prayerful, receptive attitude, particularly if you're looking in the right direction, up & not down. I am also in agreement & inclined to believe in what I would call their interpretation of the Unified Field.--They can't prove it yet, but all of these fields of Science, all these fields of Physics & the various forces of Nature are related & are a Unified Field in the sense that they are all the Power of God! That's what the Maharishi is really trying to prove. He can't prove it yet, of course, but they're trying to prove it & quite a few scientists have gotten quite a few of these various fields together & shown how they were related, & one of the recent Nobel Prizes was for that reason. There was one considered a very weak field, I've forgotten what it was, but that was also a part of this United Field or union of force fields. They're all a part of the Power of God!
       2. AND IF HE MEANS BY THE UNIFIED FIELD, which I think he's trying to really say without being religious, that this Unified Field or the unification of all the powers of the Universe & Creation is the Power of God, then he's right! In a sense they are the United Powers of God. Right? I mean every power, every field of any kind of power in the Universe is the Power of God. All of it! All the whole power of the Universe in every way is the Power of God, so they are all unified in God, everything in every power or field of power of Creation is a creation of God & therefore is related & unified in His Creation as His Power.
       3. SO IF THAT'S WHAT THE MAHARISHI IS TRYING TO SAY by trying to hide the religious aspects, if that is what he's saying, that all of these powers or so-called fields of physics or powers of Nature or of the Universe are all united in one Great Field, they're all related really, & therefore all a part of One Great Power.--If what he's meaning by that is the Power of the Universe, as I hope he does, he means God. But since his religion happens to be Hinduism, I'm more inclined to believe that he is trying to promote Satan as the author of all these powers, which is the very kind of worship that Satan wants!--To be worshipped as God!
       4. IF THE MAHARISHI MEANS BY THE UNIFIED FIELD THE POWER OF GOD, THEN I WOULD AGREE WITH HIM--THAT THERE IS SUCH A UNIFIED FIELD, THE POWER OF GOD! But having convinced you with these two truths, that there is benefit in Transcendental Meditation & that all fields of Physics & all the powers of Nature or Creation & the Universe are actually One, united in One Power, God, then I would agree with that. He says that, & in a sense he is giving two truths, that Transcendental Meditation is a beneficial technique or a practice, & that's true. But if he's also saying that all the powers of the Universe are actually One Power, united in One Power & that is God, then that's true!
       5. AND IF IN YOUR TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION YOU ARE ACTUALLY SEEKING TO BECOME ONE WITH GOD BY PRAYER with the Unified Field of God, & in other words, as they put into all their jibber jabber in scientific terms of the various fields of Science, & you're trying to become united with this Unified Field of Power, which is the Power of the Universe, the Power of Nature, the Power of Creation, the Power of all Sciences & all Physics etc. is the Power of God, then of course you do have a unified field in God!
       6. TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION IS BENEFICIAL, PARTICULARLY IF IT IS MEDITATING IN THE DIRECTION OF GOD.--And all the powers of the Universe, the various so-called fields of Physics, the powers of the various fields united together, the sum of all its parts amounts to the Power of God! That's also true. And therefore, if through Transcendental Meditation you're trying to find a unity with The Power of the Universe, the One Unified Field which is behind every field & every power, then you are trying to find God!
       7. TO PUT IT IN VERY SIMPLE TERMS, IF YOU'RE MEDITATING TO FIND THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE, YOU COULD BE PRAYING TO FIND GOD! If you are going into an attitude & spirit of prayer, what the Bible & Christian faith call "prayer" but which they have dressed up with the fancy scientific terms of "Transcendental Meditation", then in such a practice you are confessing that there is a Higher Power with Whom you are trying to unite. Now since they're trying to dress it up in scientific terms you'd have to say with which you're trying to unite. Now we know that it is with Whom you are trying to unite. And if in their Transcendental Meditation, a form of prayer, they're endeavouring to unite with The Power of the Universe, if it is sincerely so, then they are, whether they know it or not, actually endeavouring to unite with the Power of God, because He is the Power & all powers & all fields of power!--He is the Unified Field of all Power of the Universe!
       8. SO THEREFORE THERE IS SOME TRUTH IN BOTH THE TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, WHICH WE WOULD CALL PRAYER, & SEEKING THE UNIFIED FIELD, WHICH WE WOULD CALL GOD! But he has tried to dress it up in scientific terms to cloak the fact that it is really a religion. People are sick & tired of hearing about God & prayer. They've heard too much of that from the churches & it didn't do them much good. They can't see much good of it in the churches, some of whom are worse off than the TMs!
       9. SO IF TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION CAN BE A FORM OF PRAYER & THE UNIFIED FIELD CAN BE A SYMBOLIC EXPRESSION MEANING THE POWER OF GOD, THEN YOU'VE GOT TWO FACTS, TWO TRUTHS. But the TMs, however, are sugar-coating the pill with Science & the Maharishi is using that to try to lead them into Hindu mysticism & the worship of Hindu gods, which is literally the worship of Satanic deities & demons rather than the true God!
       10. PRAYER IS VERY COMMON IN THE WHOLE WORLD. People pray to God & to all kinds of gods. The fact of the matter is, when the Maharishi gets people into Transcendental Meditation to pray, & even if he fools them by all this scientific jibber jabber, he might be able to get them through Transcendental Meditation into a spiritual power or empowered or under the power of some spiritual power. But since he is a Hindu & Hinduism is a religion of the Devil, worshipping demonic Satanic deities, therefore the power he is going to get them into is Satanic power!--The fiends of Hell, even possible demon-possession! But this is typical again, as I have pointed out before, that the Devil coats his bitter pill of lies with this sugar-coating of what you might call two truths, Transcendental Meditation & the Unified Field.
       11. IF UNIFIED FIELD IS WHAT I THINK HE REALLY MEANS, THAT HE IS TRYING TO SAY IT IS THE SPIRITUAL POWER OF THE UNIVERSE, WHICH IS GOD, THEN THIS IS TRUE. Both the Transcendental Meditation, or you might call it "prayer", is beneficial, & if you're seeking the Power of the Universe, that's God, & His Power certainly is a unified field, all united in Him! But then the Maharishi leads them astray, off to the worship literally of Satan & his demonic deities, in which there is great danger & destruction! Savvy?
       12. SO YOU MIGHT CALL THIS ONE "I'M A BELIEVER IN TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION & THE UNIFIED FIELD"! But I don't believe in the direction it is taking them, because he is leading them astray through Transcendental Meditation & a belief that there is some unified field of spiritual power that is behind all of these fields of natural forces--that is God, of course. But he is leading them not towards God but down toward the Devil & doom! So although I'm a believer in Transcendental Meditation, which I do every day, really, when I'm thinking & praying & seeking the Lord & getting into the Spirit, it is very truly transcendental when you're even speaking in tongues & inspired by this very Unified Field or the Power of God! Then I'm a firm believer in the Unified Field of the Power of the God! So there is such a thing.

       14. HINDUISM & THE INDIAN RELIGIONS TEACH THAT ALL THINGS ARE GOD, that everything is God really. Well, now it depends on what you mean by that. God's Word even says, "Of Him do all things consist", "By Him are all things." etc. (Pro.16:4, Ro.11:36, Col.1:16,17) And you could prove by the Bible & Scriptures that everything in the World & the Creation & in a sense all things are of God, & all things in the sense of being made by Him etc. are a part of God. So I never really argued too much with that particular theory of the Oriental religions because it was too close to the Truth. Now their interpretation of it might be something else, where you fall down & worship each of these deities & each of these teachers as also being part of God & gods etc.
       15. WELL, YOU COULD TAKE THAT OVER INTO CATHOLICISM & SAY THAT THEY ARE DOING THE SAME THING with their saints & their idols & pictures etc. They claim that all these people are godly people & therefore in a sense, spiritually they're part of God & you're just honouring God in honouring them, devoted to them as a part of God because they are each part of God. And we could even say that about the Protestants. They claim that everyone who is a Christian is in a sense a part of God.
       16. JESUS EVEN USED THIS EXPRESSION when the Scribes & the Pharisees & the hypocrites challenged Him that He was blaspheming claiming to be the Son of God & thereby claiming to be a god! He said, "What do you think David meant by the Scripture that ye are gods?" (Jn.10:34) And this of course brings out again what I brought out about Genesis, the Devil tempted them & said that "Ye shall become as gods!" (Gen.3:5) So in a sense, you are becoming a part of God in knowing the things of God & having the Spirit of God, as Jesus Himself said, "May they all be one as We are One". (Jn.17:11)
       17. SO YOU CAN SAY THAT THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION ALSO BELIEVES IN THAT IN A CERTAIN SENSE, THAT WE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS, WE ARE ALL PART OF GOD & His Son & therefore we're all part of God. And so in the Oriental religions there is such a fine line of distinction, if any, between them claiming to all be part of God & that everything He's made is part of Him. Well, since He is the Power of the Universe & He is this Unified Power, you might say that He runs everything & creates everything & has made everything & is in a sense part of everything. The very Power of the atom, of which everything is made, is the Power of God, which is in other words a part of Himself, so in a sense He is a part of everything that has His Power. He is a part, in a sense, of every atom because His power is there. He is a part of every living thing because the very life that they have is a part of the life of God!
       18. SO I WOULDN'T QUARREL EVEN WITH THIS BUDDHISTIC THEORY OF ALL THINGS, that all things are God & part of God, & some of the things that you can find in the Scriptures even support that, "All things are by Him & by Him do all things consist." There are many Scriptures along that line. (Psa.89:11; Psa.104:24; Pro.16:4; Isa.66:2a; Jn.1:3; Rom.11:36; 1Co.8:6; Eph.3:9; Heb.3:4b; 2Pe.1:3; Rev.4:11)
       19. WE KNOW, HOWEVER, THAT THERE IS ANOTHER POWER IN THE UNIVERSE TODAY, AN EVIL POWER WHICH IS IN OPERATION WHICH THE BIBLE CALLS SATAN OR THE DEVIL! But he is a creation of God & in a sense he is even a part of the Power of God that God is allowing to operate in order to be an opposing force, for a lot of reasons that I've already gone into & I don't have time or place to go into here.--For the same reason that He put within the power of Adam & Eve a choice to choose either good or evil, & to obey or disobey, to believe His Word or doubt it, & He deliberately let them eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil & fall so that they could learn lessons they could not have learned any other way, & then subsequent man could learn those lessons also.
       20. BECAUSE IF THERE WERE NO EVIL YOU WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT GOOD WAS, THAT'S THE SIMPLE EXPLANATION! If God had not allowed evil to exist, the Devil & his evil to exist, we wouldn't know what good was or if good was good, as I've gone into before. If you knew nothing but good, if you've known nothing but light, how do you know it's light?--You've never known darkness! If you've known nothing but health, how do you know sickness? If you've never experienced it, you don't know what it's like. You don't really appreciate your health. You don't appreciate wealth if you've never been poor. And this is something I've often said.
       21. SO THIS HINDUISTIC, BUDDHISTIC, ORIENTAL COMMON TEACHING THAT ALL THINGS ARE OF GOD & GOD IS A PART OF ALL THINGS, IS SO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH THAT I WOULDN'T EVEN BOTH TO ARGUE WITH IT. But the problem is when they start getting you to worship their demonic deities, devils, Satanic powers & Satanic people & teachers like the Maharishi & his devi!--Add one "l" to that & you've got "devil"! So, depending on what power that God has allowed or created or permits, what power do you choose to worship?--The good God & the power of good & His Son, Jesus, or the evil power, Satan, the god of this World & his Satanic power & his Satanic angels, his demonic demon gods of heathens!
       22. YOU CAN TAKE A TRUTH & CARRY IT TO THE EXTREME TWISTED INTERPRETATION WHERE IT BECOMES UNTRUE & A LIE because you don't have the right perception of it from the right angle. In a sense all things consist of Him & He consists of all things, His Creation, God's Creation, yet His Power has brought them into being & His Power is a part of all of them.
       23. NOW WE THINK OF GOD AS A PERSON, BECAUSE THE BIBLE HAS NO OTHER SIMPLE WAY TO PRESENT HIM TO US except in the sense of persons. But as we think of people & persons, God is not the same. Right? God is a Spirit. No man hath seen God at any time because He is Everything Everywhere, the Power of the Universe, the Power of Love. He Himself in a sense is only personified in His Son, Jesus. This is why Jesus was sent, to personify God & to show us what God is like & in a sense to show us Who God is--to bring God down to our human level of conception, our human level of perception so that we could understand Him.--In other words, to bring Him in a sense out of the Fourth & Fifth dimensions & God knows how many dimensions, down to what amounts to almost our Flatlander level to show us what God is like! And Him we see in Jesus, His Son!
       24. HE HAD JESUS COME TO THIS WORLD IN A VERY COMMON ORDINARY HUMAN FLESHLY FASHION, BORN OF A WOMAN! His Son came out from that hole between her legs, born like any other baby so He would be just as human as we are & be able to understand our human problems, our humanness, our human frailties & be a great sympathetic High Priest for us, as the Scripture makes clear. (Heb.4:15) And at the same time being a part of God Himself, the Son of God, He represented God to us, God personified in the flesh in Jesus. Otherwise, in the strict sense of human language, although God talks like a person in the Bible & He speaks & He says things & He has a Will & He has many similarities to human beings, because we are made in His likeness, nevertheless He is not actually a Person or Individual that you can see, a great King with hoary hair, even as some of our artists have depicted Him.
       25. BUT HOW ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO DEPICT GOD? How else are you going to depict Jesus' Father unless you depict Him as a Person, which in the strict technical sense He is not like we are. He is the Power of the whole Universe! That's one place where the Maharishi is right. But He is actually the Power of Love. He is Love which is the Power of the Universe. So you cannot really technically say that God is a Person because He is not human, you cannot see Him, you cannot touch Him, feel Him except through His spiritual power & the powers that He operates, & we feel those every day.
       26. YOU FEEL ONE OF HIS POWERFIELDS RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, YOU FEEL THE POWER OF GRAVITY. You're operating your tape recorder by the power of electricity. As they were bringing out the various fields of Physics & Science, in the science of Physics there are many fields of this Power that they're talking about which the scientists can't understand, & they're trying to find if there is any relation between them.--That light & electricity, the radio wave & gravity & magnetism & all of these things are related fields, which some scientists now admit. One pleased the Nobel Prize Committee to their satisfaction, proving that some of these fields are one & the same kind of power but in various manifestations. Well, I believe that & I believe that probably the Maharishi is a little ahead of his time, they're going to find out one of these days that all of these fields of Physics & physical powers, the Powers of the Universe are of One & the same Power!--Because they're all the Power of God! They're all God! They are His Power.

       27. AND SINCE HE IS NOT A PHYSICAL PERSON BUT A SPIRIT, THAT MEANS HE IS A POWER, SOMETHING SPIRITUAL THAT YOU CANNOT SEE. God says very clearly that God is a Spirit, no man hath seen God at any time, for God is a Spirit. (Jn.1:18) But we like to personify Him by showing a picture of an old man, you know, up in Heaven like a Great King, the Father of Jesus, & that He is One of the so-called "persons" of the Godhead. Now that is not in the Bible, in a sense. This is Catholic & church theological teaching, that the Trinity, speaking of the persons of the Godhead, the Three Persons of the Godhead, & that Jesus is the Third Person of the Trinity. This implies that the Holy Spirit, of course, the Spirit of God, is a Person, & She is in a sense symbolised in the Bible or characterised as a woman. And God, the Godhead, you might say is also symbolised or characterised as seeming to have all the characteristics of a man like us because we were made in His Image. (Gen.1:26,27)
       28. BUT IF YOU WANT TO GET REAL TECHNICAL, IN THE STRICT SENSE OF THE WORD HE IS NOT A PERSON LIKE US. And He cannot be seen as a person. And we merely in our artistic license try to personify Him & conceive of Him the Father of Jesus, & therefore He should have a Father figure & therefore He should look like Jesus' Father, which would have to be a much older-looking, perhaps more substantial-looking figure with perhaps a longer white beard & longer white hair than Jesus. We have to take that liberty or that license, as they call it in literature, poetic license.
       29. IN ART WE COULD CALL IT ARTISTIC LICENSE TO PICTURE HIM AS AN OLD FATHERLY FIGURE, & THEY MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE SANTA CLAUS SOMETIMES! Then His Son, Jesus, they usually make Him look like He did on Earth, whereas now He looks more like God with His white hair & white beard.
       30. WE TAKE THE LIBERTY OF PERSONIFYING GOD AS LOOKING LIKE A MAN, Jesus' Father, although He's usually somewhat stouter, just to picture Him somehow.--Because how are you going to picture the Power of the Universe? How are you going to picture Love? The only way you can picture these spiritual forces is to visualise them in a way that they are personified, characterised or symbolised. For example: For God, a Father-figure; & for Love, His Spirit, His Holy Spirit, a Mother-figure. And the Bible even treats them this way, makes them sound like persons, real people. When in the strictest sense of the word & real technically-speaking theologically, they are not people or persons as we are. But because we have no way to present them or visualise them or picture them in any other way but as persons, then that's what we do. This may shock some people. I hope it doesn't disillusion them about our pictures & showing God as an old Man, & the Mother God, God the Mother, the Holy Spirit as His beautiful Wife!
       31. WE CAN CLAIM JUSTIFICATION OF OUR EMBLEMATIC PRESENTATION OF GOD AS A FATHER-FIGURE & THE HOLY SPIRIT AS A MOTHER-FIGURE EVEN IN OUR ART, in that God Himself created Jesus, His Son, born of a woman, a human being, to picture Himself to the World, so that Jesus Himself, in a sense, is a picture of God! He is like a symbol of God, a characterisation of God. What shall I say? He is the Son of God of course, but what is a son? A son is a part of you & in a sense a picture of you & what you are like, in a way, & has come from you. And we often say, "Like father, like son." Your child is in a sense you, part of you & a picture or reflection of you in a sense, & nevertheless distinct & separate in what might be termed as personalities. This is why the Catholics have drilled in that Person business, they make sure you accept the Person idea.
       32. BUT I DON'T THINK YOU'LL FIND THAT ACTUAL WORD OR TERM AS I CAN RECALL, IN THE WHOLE BIBLE, literally speaking of God Himself as a Person or even using that term that the Holy Spirit is a Person. Now you've heard that term of the First, Second & Third Persons of the Trinity, but I don't think you'll find that, neither the word "Person" not the word "Trinity" in the Bible as expressing that, as I recall. Now I may be wrong & somebody may find it, I don't know. Nevertheless God, in a sense, pictures Himself as a Person in the Bible because there is no other way He can cause us to understand Him.
       33. SO THEREFORE, WE CAN BELIEVE THAT HE IS A PERSON IN A SENSE, & THAT'S OUR CHILDLIKE CHILDISH CONCEPTION OF HIM, & that is what we are trying to bring to our children, our childish conceptions of spiritual things, of actually non-physical personalities, abstract ideas. We're trying to present concrete visual images of abstractions. For example, a person is a concrete thing, not made out of concrete but of flesh. In other words, it's something, someone tangible that you can see, feel, touch, taste, smell & make love to.
       34. BUT LOVE ITSELF IS AN ABSTRACT QUALITY, an abstraction, something that is not actually a solid thing that you can see, feel, touch, taste & smell. It's non-material, it is spiritual. But we symbolise Love in our pictures. How else are you going to show Love in a picture but by concrete illustrations & figures symbolising Love? God is Love & since the Holy Spirit is His Spirit & He also Himself is a Spirit, how are you going to show spirits?--Especially a Spirit that is the whole Universe & the Power of the Universe & is everywhere & all things & by Him all things consist & of Him are all things etc.!
       35. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SHOW THAT? WELL, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE, YOU'VE GOT TO DO SOMETHING FIGURATIVE. You have to make some kind of a symbolic figure out of Him to present Him to children in small childish minds. You have to represent Him by a Father-figure, which He is in a sense, & I think this is a justifiable concept of God since He calls Himself "Father" all the time, to picture Him as a Father, Jesus' Father. And since He speaks of Himself as Love & His Spirit as Love all the time, why not picture His Spirit as a loving Mother? And in fact, we have brought forth Scriptures proving that She is spoken of as female in the Bible! (Gen.1:26, Pro.3:13-18, 4:5-9, 7:14, 8:1-36, 9:1-12) Even the term used in the Bible for the Spirit is a feminine form, & in Proverbs She speaks as a woman & is spoken of as a woman. So in other words, She is being personified as a woman. So that's what we're doing in our art.
       36. SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE SHOCKED WHEN THEY GET TO HEAVEN & THEY DON'T MEET GOD HIMSELF IN PERSON! They may even be more shocked & say I was a false prophet, I taught them something wrong, if they don't meet the Holy Spirit in person!--Although She can personify Herself, as God has done sometimes in the Bible, in the form of what they call a theophany or a god-body. She can personify Herself, & I think this is what a lot of the Catholics have seen when they thought they were seeing the Madonna, they were seeing the Madonna, the God-Mother really, but in a personification like the Madonna.
       37. GOD HIMSELF WALKED IN THE PERSON OF A MAN, LIKE A MAN, IN THE GARDEN WITH ADAM!--And later Abraham met Him as a man, (Gen.17:1, 18:1) & so on down the line. He often appeared in the Bible as a man but this body was merely like a picture of Him, like a personification, figuratively speaking. So we have no other way to picture God or the Holy Spirit but through these figures & these personifications, these symbols & artistic conceptions. Since God speaks of Himself as a Father we represent Him as a Father. Since He speaks of His Spirit as a woman in many Scriptures & in feminine form, we represent Her in our art as a woman.--In fact I've even seen Her in a vision! (ML#1304)
       38. WE'RE GETTING INTO THE DEPTHS, PROBABLY OVER OUR HEADS HERE, IN THEOLOGY. This is what the theologians have argued over for thousands of years in these fine points etc. But we are trying to bring God down to the level of a childish mind. How are you going to show God to children unless you picture Him as a Father as He pictures Himself? Every father, in a sense, is a picture of God because he represents God as a father-figure. Every mother, in a sense, is a picture--good mothers, of course--of the Holy Spirit because she represents a like personification of the Holy Spirit.
       39. JESUS, THANK GOD, IS AN ACTUAL PERSON WITH A BODY LIKE OURS, like we are going to have when we have our Resurrection bodies, Whom we can see, feel, love, & Who can eat & drink & feel all the same things that we can feel because He is human, although He is the Son of God. God & the Holy Spirit can take on bodies to show representations of themselves which they did in the Bible sometimes, figures representing them & which the Prophets saw. Daniel saw Jesus being brought before the Ancient of Days! Well, the Ancient of Days must have looked like an old man, like a King upon His throne, He sat on a throne. He was seeing personifications or seeing representations in these figures that he saw, in his visions etc.
       40. SOME PEOPLE ARE PROBABLY GOING TO GET SHOCKED WHEN THEY COME TO THE WEDDING SUPPER OF THE LAMB, THE MARRIAGE FEAST, & THEY SEE NO ONE SITTING AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE BUT GUESS WHO?--JESUS! He is the only One spoken of as being there! He is the Bridegroom, He is the Lamb, He is the Son of God, He is the literal tangible picture of God Himself, & I hope nobody is going to be disap-pointed when they get there & find out they don't get to see God Himself & the Holy Spirit Mother!--Or maybe they will! (Maria: Well, since they can take on bodies, why don't they?) Well, maybe they will. I'm not saying it's not possible & that they won't or can't, but in our pictures we do. In our art we certainly give them bodies, images, personifications, figures to represent them. Because you're not going to be able to show a child what God is like unless you show Him as Jesus' Father. You're not going to show what the Spirit is like unless you show Her as Jesus' Mother, the Wife of God. Savvy?
       41. SO WE HAVE TO BRING THESE THINGS DOWN TO HUMAN TERMS & HUMAN CONCEPTIONS THAT THE HUMAN MIND CAN UNDERSTAND in concepts, figures, representations, images, whatever you may want to call them, pictures of these abstract spirits. We have to show them & represent them just like the Lord does in the Bible. He shows Himself, in a sense, in word pictures when He says "God did this" & did that & said this & said that & He appeared unto Adam & walked with him in the Garden, He appeared to Abraham, He appeared to this one & that one in some type of figurative representation. From what we got the other day, He had intercourse with Mary in the form of the Angel Gabriel, a representation of Him in a sense, which then the Holy Spirit, the Mother-figure, caused the conception to take place within the body of the human being Mary, & the Son of God was born, Jesus. Savvy? Well, maybe nobody can savvy it all, I don't know, it's pretty hard! But we're trying to help our poor little children, little kids, to savvy & understand very great theological truths & doctrines & concepts by representing them in pictures with the figures that they are like. God is like a Father, so we represent Him as a Father of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is like a Mother, so we represent Her in our pictures as the Mother of Jesus & the Wife of God, & so on down the line.
       42. (MARIA: IF GOD TOOK ON THE FORM OF GABRIEL, DOES THAT MEAN HE INHABITS ALREADY EXISTING CREATURES?) Gabriel was a spirit, an angel of God. He is already, in a sense, a part of God, or a representation of God, one of God's spirits, one of His angels, so therefore he is a part of God & the power of God. Angels are powers. They are spirits, spiritual powers, they can even vanish & go off like a UFO in a halo of light & that sort of thing. But they can also appear unto us in the form of men looking like human beings, because how else would we understand them?
       43. ALL I SAID IN THAT PRESENTATION OF THAT THEORY I CAN'T PROVE, EXCEPT THAT THE WORDING USED THERE IS DEFINITELY SEXUAL, & that the angel came "in unto her" is a term, a phrase used in the Bible only for sexual intercourse. So if Gabriel was the one whom God used as the spiritual instrument, he himself already is part of God, part of the Power of God, one of the powers of God, a spiritual power whom is in a sense a person & is personified in appearances in what you might also call god-bodies, because the angels are not physical. They are spirits, ministering spirits, the Bible says so. (Heb.1:14) So when they appear to us looking like men or powerful figures resembling human beings, that is merely for the sake of helping our comprehension & our understanding, because how can you understand & see a spirit unless you see something?
       44. THAT'S LIKE OUR PICTURES: HOW CAN LITTLE CHILDREN UNDERSTAND GOD OR THE HOLY SPIRIT OR EVEN JESUS UNLESS THEY SEE A PICTURE? How can they? So God has to appear in some form if He is going to be seen by man & talk to man as He did to Adam & many of the Prophets & Abraham & on down the line. He has got to be seen in some cases, even though it says "No man hath seen God at any time"! (Joh.1:18, 5:37, Col.1:15, ITi.6:16) That is true because it is impossible to see the whole Power & Spirit of the whole Universe. But He represents Himself every now & then as a man. He embodied Himself every now & then in the figure of a human being so that human beings could understand that it was Somebody there Who was talking to them & so they could see something. He usually made most of His statements & appearances in the form of angels to the Prophets.
       45. SO WHY COULDN'T HE HAVE REPRESENTED HIMSELF IN THE FORM OF THE ANGEL GABRIEL TO MARY, & since the wording is so specific that He did come "in unto her", He in other words had sexual intercourse with her, that thereby God would have sowed the miraculous, supernatural, mystical spiritual seed which caused conception in the body of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit, God the Mother.
       46. WE'RE GETTING HERE INTO DEEP THINGS OF THEOLOGY & things that theologians have argued over for millenniums, thousands of years! So how can I explain them? I'm nobody. I'm no theologian & I'm just trying to bring Him down to the level of our childish minds & the simple-minded & little children, & I'm trying to explain to you now what I mean by that, that God is a Spirit but He calls Himself a Father & He is like a Father, therefore we show Him like a Father. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit but She is like a Mother, She is even spoken of in feminine terms in the Bible as being female & speaking as a woman & being considered as a woman, figuratively-speaking, therefore we picture Her as a woman.
       47. WHY NOT? WE CAN'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING BEYOND THAT. ANYTHING BEYOND THAT IS BEYOND OUR COMPREHENSION. Maybe when we get to Heaven we will understand. Savvy? But here & now His ways are above our ways, as high as the Heavens are above the Earth, & so who can understand the mind of God, the Scripture says, who can understand Him? (Isa.55:8-9, 40:28, Phi.4:7, ICo.1:20) It is beyond our comprehension. We're getting into areas that we really don't need to get into. All we need to know is like our little children, that God is like a Father, so we put up there a picture of Him looking like a Father. The Holy Spirit is like a Mother, so we put up a picture of Her looking like Mother, right?--The Wife of God!
       48. AND SO IF GOD WANTED TO SOW HIS SPIRITUAL SEED BY ONE OF HIS POWERFUL SPIRITS TO USE AS A MANIFESTATION, of Himself in the body of Mary, then why couldn't it have been Gabriel? (Lk.1:26-28) Who else? It could just as well have been Michael or it could have been God taking on some other form or some other body. But it doesn't say anybody else or any other body, it says Gabriel! It names him! It was the Angel Gabriel that "came in unto" her! You ought to know what that means, Honey, I did that this morning with you! I came in unto you when we had sexual intercourse, we fucked! So I'm just saying that's my theory, & I'm just proposing & asking that question: Why couldn't God have used Gabriel to do so? It looked like the Lord led us along that line of thinking & interpretation, but I wasn't expecting to get into it. (See #1836)
       49. SO WE'RE WAY FAR AFIELD FROM WHEN WE STARTED, & that was: Why strain at gnats & why argue about things where there are such thin lines of demarcation & the various interpretations are so similar, as to argue with the Oriental concept of God as a Spirit or a Power being a part of all things, which, if you want to take the teachings of the Bible & even Scriptures, that He is a part of all things! Of Him all things consist. (1Co.8:6) So why do they argue about things like that that they don't know?
       50. MAYBE I SHOULDN'T EVEN SUGGEST THEM, BUT I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND. These typical narrow-minded evangelical Fundamentalists like this guy we saw on video, to them everything is so clear-cut, they're dogmatic, they've got all their little dogmas all lined up in black & white & there is nothing in-between & they know everything & everything is the way they say it is, & therefore if they say that God can't be a part of everything & everything a part of God, therefore the Hindus & the Buddhists & everybody are all wrong, those poor fellows, God help them, so pitiful! Why argue about it? I mean that's beside the point. You're getting into a field where they're more apt to be right than wrong!
       51. APPROACH THEM ON WHAT KIND OF GODS THEY WORSHIP & what kind of deities they worship, & are they Scriptural or are they of God or are they of the Devil? They are demonic deities, they are Satanic gods, Devil-gods! That's where they're wrong, they're worshipping the wrong gods!--Thank God we know Whom we worship!--The One True God & Jesus Christ His Son, the Only Saviour!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Whom do you worship?

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