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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

DEBORAH & BILL DAVIS' DIRTY BOOK!        GP 1856        12/84--The Truth about Their Reign of Terror!

       1. THERE'S REALLY NO POINT IN ADDRESSING THIS TO OUR ENEMIES.--They wouldn't believe us anyhow, as their minds are already made up & they don't want to be confused with the facts! Our friends also don't really need this, because they know us & know that the lies of our enemies about us are certainly not true!
       2. BUT FOR THE SAKE OF ANY OF YOU WHO HAVE NOT YET HEARD THE TRUTH, OR BOTH SIDES, or who have perhaps heard only the wrong side of the story from our enemies as presented in Deborah & Bill's recently released book, "The Children of God", we address this, so that you may have a fair opportunity to know the truth!
       3. SO ALTHOUGH WE DO NOT USUALLY LIKE TO SOIL OUR FINGERS OR POLLUTE OUR MINDS WITH OUR ENEMIES' CUSTOMARY LYING & DECEITFUL GUTTERWASH, it might be helpful if we would set the record straight & at least balance the scales with the truth. Regretfully, it is also necessary to point out some of the background history & facts that led to the excommunication of my own daughter from our movement, who now calls herself Deborah Davis, her husband, John (Jethro) Treadwell & her perverted lover & mentor Bill Davis, & their consequent backsliding & betrayal culminating in their very dirty book!
       4. WE CERTAINLY DON'T CARE TO ADVERTISE THE DEVIL'S BUSINESS, MUCH LESS HIS LIES ABOUT US! And we certainly don't have time or space here to drag your poor minds through the slop of all of Satan's garbage contained in that book! But let me assure you, there is hardly a page of its bitter & vindictive text that is not full of blatant lies, written with the intent of discrediting the good we've done & excusing the authors for their backsliding & excommunication from us!
       5. BUT EVEN THOUGH THE BOOK IS FULL OF MANY INSIDIOUS, HORRIBLE LIES & FALSE ACCUSATIONS, THROUGHOUT ITS TEXT THEY CAN'T HELP BUT ADMIT & ACKNOWLEDGE THAT OUR FAMILY HAS HAD GOOD FRUIT. Even disgruntled defectors & backsliders testify in our favour as to our salvation message & the beneficial transformation of their lives, our emphasis on & adherence to the Bible, etc. So what is it that our bitter enemies who are promoting the book are so upset about?--"It's just that old monster who leads them, he is the bad, mad, false prophet who is leading them astray!"
       6. WELL, BEFORE SWALLOWING THEIR ALLEGATIONS, REMEMBER THAT JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF WAS ACCUSED BY HIS LYING ENEMIES OF BEING A DEMON-POSSESSED DRUNK, GLUTTON & BLASPHEMER!--A companion of harlots & a friend of publicans & sinners! (Mt.26:65; Mk.3:21,22; Lk.7:34; Jn.10:20) They claimed that they were not blaming His innocent disciples, but were only accusing Him of being the big bad imposter. But Jesus showed how ridiculous this was when He likened Himself to a tree & His disciples to the fruit of the tree & said, "If the tree be evil, then how can the fruit be good?"--"Every good tree brings forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit." (Mt.7:15-18)
       7. "FOR BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!" (Mt.7:20) And I certainly believe that our faithful followers & the good results of their ministry around the World are sufficient proof that we & our Words are of God & that we are a good tree bringing forth good fruit.--We have 14,000 missionaries in over 100 countries who've won 7.6 million souls to Christ by preaching the Gospel in 50 languages to 111 nationalities & published 2.8 billion pages of Gospel literature & are regularly broadcasting our inspiring radio shows in 10 languages on over 1000 stations Worldwide!
       8. SO CONTRARY TO THE LIES & FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF OUR ENEMIES THROUGHOUT THEIR BOOK, WE DO BELIEVE IN JESUS & IN GLORIFYING CHRIST!--In fact, this is all we live for! We know & love Jesus & are saved, born-again, filled with God's Holy Spirit & on-fire for the Lord!--And our main mission is preaching Christ--not Transcendental Meditation, Hare Krishna or Rev. Moon or even me!
       9. CONTRARY TO THEIR LIES, I HAVE NEVER PREACHED ANYTHING BUT JESUS & HIS TRUTH & HIS WORD! I've never wanted to be a leader nor sought self-aggrandisement nor self-glorification nor anything like that.--All I ever wanted to do was just be used of the Lord, preaching the Gospel & winning others to Jesus.--And now our main ministry is simply writing letters to our Worldwide Family, to encourage & inspire them to be so thankful that they're Christians, saved & bound for Heaven, that they'll keep on showing others His Love & the way to Heaven also!
       10. AND DESPITE SOME OF OUR DOCTRINES & BELIEFS WHICH MANY CONSERVATIVE CHURCHES FIND ODD OR HARD-TO-SWALLOW, our main emphasis has always been Jesus & His Love & His Salvation, & always will be!--This is what we preach the most & what has always been most important to us! And as a result of our preaching these, we've been blessed of the Lord & grown very rapidly, steadily, firmly & I know we're on the right track!--JESUS!
       11. WE ARE CERTAINLY NOT PERFECT & WE HAVE MADE OUR SHARE OF MISTAKES just like everybody else, for which God & others forgive us! But certainly none of them have been nearly as serious as the many wilful & cruel crimes perpetrated by Deborah & Bill Davis, which they hid & covered up for years, but which, when finally exposed & called to our attention, brought about their immediate removal from their positions of responsibility in our Family & their consequent excommunication from our fellowship back in the beginning of 1978!
       12. OF COURSE, SOME MAY THINK IT STRANGE THAT TOP LEADERSHIP SHOULD DEFECT OR BE DISLOYAL, but if you just read History you'll see that they are always the ones who defect, as it is always those in the position of authority who get jealous & want it all! And this is what happened to my own daughter Deborah, at the instigation & manipulation of her power-crazed lover Bill Davis, who got involved with her & stole her from her husband John Treadwell for this very reason in the first place!--To try to rise to a position of power within our Family!
       13. AFTER THEY WERE REMOVED FROM OUR FELLOWSHIP, SEVERAL PEOPLE WHO HAD WORKED UNDER OR AROUND THEM FINALLY SPOKE UP & WROTE TO US, exposing many crimes committed by Deborah, Bill & John of which we had been completely unaware. And although we hate to dwell so much on the negative & the bad news, it's only fair that you hear the facts regarding them & what they've done, before believing what they merely say. So below are some eye-witness accounts of their un-Christian, unloving, un-Family deeds of the past.--Remember, "by their fruits ye shall know them" also!

       14. THE FACTS THAT I'M GOING TO RELATE IN THIS TESTIMONY & THE CRIMES THAT I'M GOING TO EXPOSE which were committed by Deborah, Bill Davis & John Treadwell during their years of shepherding were unknown to my father, due to my failure to report what I knew about them at the time. So I must take the blame for knowing much truth & not telling it due to an undeserved loyalty to my older sister, what I thought was pity & compassion, when in actuality it was a lack of compassion on the innocent victims of their crimes!
       15. BUT THE TIME HAS NOW COME FOR ME TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT HER & why she is having to stoop to the gutter to try to discredit myself, my father & even my deceased grandmother & other members of my family! She is doing all this, as she herself has admitted, in the hopes of keeping her own children from rejoining our Family of Love, as her eldest daughter Joy attempted, running away from the tyranny of her parents in California when she was finally of legal age to do so!
       16. SO SURE AM I OF THIS TESTIMONY THAT I'M CHALLENGING MY SISTER DEBORAH OPENLY & PUBLICLY WITH IT. I'm also challenging you to consider the truth before believing her lies, distorted truths & twisted tales!
       17. ONE OF MY LAST CONTACTS WITH THEM WAS WHEN I WAS VISITING THEIR HOME IN LATIN AMERICA BACK IN 1977. I was in the dining room getting ready to eat supper one evening when I heard Bill screaming at the top of his lungs at the children upstairs. I then heard him throwing them around & hitting them! I jumped up from the table as I heard Bill screaming at Deborah that he was going to hit her, because she was trying to stand between him & the children whom he was beating severely!
       18. HE THEN STARTED TO BEAT ON DEBORAH, SO I RAN INTO THE ROOM AS QUICKLY AS I COULD & stood right between Deborah & Bill & shouted, "Stop it! Stop it! In the name of Jesus, stop it! You're crazy! I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name! Don't you touch her again!"
       19. SEVERAL TIMES PRIOR TO THIS I'D SEEN DEBORAH'S FACE & EYES BRUISED BLACK & BLUE, but I never realised that Bill was actually beating her up until this moment when I was an eye-witness to it! He was in such a rage that I was afraid he was actually going to kill somebody! And when I looked into his eyes, it nearly scared me half to death!--Because I really saw the Devil, a real demon, & I was not prepared to handle it.
       20. IT WAS ONLY A MIRACLE OF THE POWER OF PRAYER & THE NAME OF JESUS THAT I MANAGED TO GET AWAY FROM HIM AT ALL, as he was screaming & cursing at the top of his lungs & coming at me just like a crazy man!--I thought he was going to kill me! But the Lord managed to hold him in check while I slowly & deliberately backed away, out of the room, & then ran for my life!
       21. AFTERWARDS DEBORAH CAME BURSTING INTO MY ROOM SAYING THAT WHAT I HAD WITNESSED WAS JUST A "QUIRK IN HIS PERSONALITY, nothing serious, nothing to worry about!" In fact, she blamed me for the whole thing, saying that I had somehow provoked this personality quirk of his. I looked her straight in the eye & said, "That's not a personality quirk, he's not 'just like that'!--That's the Devil!" But she refused to listen.
       22. THEN, AFTER DEBORAH LEFT, BILL HIMSELF CAME INTO THE ROOM! He sat down rather calmly, almost subdued, & said, "Well, you probably think I'm crazy, but that's just the way I am & you just don't understand."
       23. THEN HE STARTED TO SAY CRAZY THINGS LIKE, "WHAT WOULD YOU THINK IF I TOLD YOU THAT I'M MORE IN LOVE WITH THE DAUGHTER THAN WITH THE MOTHER?"--He'd never even had a conversation with me in the whole time I'd been there, much less confided in me about anything, & now he started to rattle on about his relationship with Deborah's oldest daughter, Joy, saying that he had been the first one to have sexual relations with her when she was around 12 or 13 years old.--He was bragging about it!
       24. I WAS ABSOLUTELY SICKENED BY HIS SORDID STORY OF HIS SORDID ROMANCE WITH LITTLE JOY! He looked just like the kind of creep that would take advantage of a young, very emotional little girl! But I was not nearly as sick as I got when he admitted that he had actually forced her to make love to him, & that he had continued to force himself on Joy & had her in complete emotional bondage to himself.
       25. THIS IS ONE REASON THAT IT JUST MADE ME FURIOUS TO SEE HIM ON THAT VIDEO OF THAT RELIGIOUS TALK SHOW, THE HYPOCRITE THAT HE IS, the pervert that he is, the liar that he is, the violent man that he is, self-righteously trying to tell the conservative Christians of America his version of the truth about our Family & Dad & Dad's supposed sexual sins--when he himself is a child rapist!--A serious crime in most societies & something that would be considered a very serious crime in our Family, worthy of total, immediate excommunication!
       26. THE STORIES OF BILL'S CHILD BEATING ARE TOO NUMEROUS TO EVEN RELATE HERE, BUT THERE ARE MANY WITNESSES to his frequent throwing of his children, including his little two-year-old boy, Alexander, completely across the room as hard as he could, watching them bounce off the wall & then forbidding them to cry! Bill would then burst out laughing with a woman's laugh, like a shrill cackle, a heinous laugh of just pure pleasure at seeing a little child in pain!
       27. I MYSELF WAS A WITNESS TO IT ONCE & I got so angry that I picked up the helpless little boy & told Bill, "Don't you ever do that to this child or any of the children again!" But Deborah didn't even reprimand him or say a thing! I remember thinking at the time, "She's crazy too! She lets him do it!" Apparently her sordid love for him caused her to permit his violence & outbursts of rage!
       28. HE ONCE TOOK HIS OWN LITTLE BABY GIRL, ALEXANDRA, WHO WAS 5 OR 6 MONTHS OLD, & THREW HER INTO THE DEEP END OF THE SWIMMING POOL, standing on the side & watching her sink to the bottom, cackling, "Let's see if she can swim!" He then threw his head back & laughed very shrilly & hysterically, making no move at all to retrieve her! Thank God someone else jumped into the water & managed to pull the baby out & save her from drowning!
       29. SUCH BEHAVIOUR COULD ONLY BE THE ACT OF A COMPLETE, DEMON-POSSESSED LUNATIC! And the point that I want to make clear here is that Deborah herself condoned his actions by the mere fact that she never did anything to stop him! In spite of our warnings & admonitions that she & her children were in danger & that he was demon-possessed, she would hear none of it, but even watched her children being beaten by him! And if on occasion her motherly instinct forced her to step in & try to stop him, she never did anything to really stop him, such as leaving him or getting rid of him! So she is the real culprit because she knowingly permitted, allowed & therefore condoned his cruelty & violence!
       30. SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT A JIM JONES, LET'S TALK ABOUT BILL DAVIS!--Someone who found great pleasure in inflicting pain on people, especially women & children! He beat his own children till they were black & blue, actually punching them in the face! And he was a child rapist on top of it! So how he can so piously & righteously accuse us of any moral or sexual sins when he himself is such a pervert & guilty of so many real crimes, I just don't know!

       31. FOR YEARS I HAVE KNOWN BILL DAVIS, EVER SINCE HE WAS A CHILD, AS WE WERE FROM THE SAME NEIGHBOURHOOD. He was a couple of years ahead of me in school & a good friend of my older brother. Even as a child Bill Davis was insane, a condition that seemed to grow worse as he grew older. My mother at times would even forbid him to come into our house, because as she would say in her own words, "I just don't like that kid!"
       32. HE ALWAYS SEEMED TO ENJOY WATCHING PEOPLE SUFFER & WOULD SIT BACK & LAUGH ABOUT IT. He & his friends would play this horrible "game" they invented (probably Bill's concoction).--It was like torture, & if I can remember correctly, they even called it that! One person would do something horrible to the other & the first one to "give up" was the loser. I remember one time Bill took a very long, sharp knife & tied it to a string. He made the other person lie down flat on the floor under him while he slowly swung the knife back & forth, lowering it little-by-little until it was just over his throat, almost ready to slit his throat or drop off & pierce right thru him.--And the entire time Bill was just laughing away! This is just one example of his "games" that I personally witnessed.--Really sick!
       33. HE ALSO ENJOYED PLAYING WHAT THEY CALLED "DEMOLITION DERBY".--He'd get in his car & purposely ram into his friends' cars as they drove down the street, laughing hysterically the whole time! Because of this, his car was always dented in, as was my brother's & a few of their friends'. He always seemed to thrive on danger & seeing other people in pain.

       34. ONE THING THAT REALLY SURPRISED ME WAS FINDING OUT RECENTLY THAT FATHER DAVID HAD NOT HEARD ABOUT MUCH OF WHAT HAD BEEN GOING ON WITH DEBORAH & BILL, as we had written several reports & to the best of my knowledge wrote about the atrocities that we had personally witnessed. However it occurred to me that in those days (1977-1978) our reports went through Rachel, who had undergone years of training under Deborah & Jethro, so they were no doubt held & not passed on to Father David as they should have been, & thus Truth & Justice were obstructed!
       35. ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST CRIMES WAS UNDOUBTEDLY THEIR HATRED & MISTREATMENT OF CHILDREN, JUST THE OPPOSITE OF THE LOVING SAMPLE FATHER DAVID HAS SHOWN & TAUGHT US. They thought they could make them "soldiers" by torturing them--physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually--& then not allowing them to cry: "That doesn't really hurt!", etc. Bill would order 2-year-olds to run, throw an orange or a piece of fruit at their heads, & then not allow them to cry!--Or pour beer or food over them to humiliate them!--Or sneak up & scream at the pre-toddlers & toddlers to frighten them! Another of his favourites was to pick up little 6-month-2-year-olds by the head & swing them around! He was absolutely bent on destroying & destruction!

       36. WELL, THERE YOU HAVE JUST A FEW OF THE MANY EYE-WITNESS ACCOUNTS OF THE DAMNABLE DEEDS OF BILL DAVIS & DEBORAH. Under their subjugation, Family members who worked with them were actually afraid to tell the truth & let us know what was going on. Others did report, but their reports never reached us due to interference in the chain of communications we had at that time. Time & space do not permit us to enumerate their & John's many other crimes, such as their extortion, embezzlement & extravagant waste of thousands of dollars of Family finances & materials, drug-taking, child abuse, sexual perversions, etc., all of which are too gruesome & time-consuming to weary you with any further!
       37. SUFFICE IT TO SAY THAT ANY & ALL OF THESE CRIMES ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN WITHIN OUR WORLDWIDE FAMILY & would not be tolerated for a moment! In fact, had any of this honestly been reported & called to our attention they would have been excommunicated much earlier! However on just a shred of evidence & a feeling & a revelation which we received from the Lord on February 7, 1978 entitled "Alexander, the Evil Magician", without any of the above facts made known personally to us, God showed us that there was a very evil, demonic force at work through Bill Davis & his control over our daughter Deborah, & they were immediately removed from their leadership position in Latin America & excommunicated forthwith!--And our precious Family there was delivered, liberated from their horrible influence, & has been doing great ever since! Praise the Lord!
       38. IN SPITE OF ALL THESE VICISSITUDES, GOD HAS BLESSED & KEPT US, PROSPERED & INCREASED US, & helped us to survive both the betrayals of friends & the onslaughts of enemies! No matter what our past mistakes may have been or how much our bitter & jealous enemies may lie about us or try to fight us, they can never win!--For we are unbeatable, because God is on our side! Praise God! "If this counsel or this work be of man (or merely of me), it will come to nought. But if it be of God, no man can overthrow it, lest they be found even to fight against God!" (Acts 5:38,39)
       39. SO I DON'T HAVE TO DEFEND MYSELF, NEITHER DO OUR FAMILY MEMBERS NEED TO DEFEND THEMSELVES.--That is the Lord's job, & He will take care of Deborah & Bill Davis & all those behind the publication & propagation of that dirty book! In the meantime, we'll just keep on obeying the Lord, doing His Will, serving Jesus, witnessing, delivering His Word, winning souls & loving people into Heaven!
       40. HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON!--Glory, glory Hallelujah!--In spite of everybody & everything! So may God bless you & help you to believe the Truth!--The lies of man shall come to nought, but the Truth of God shall stand forever! Praise the Lord!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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