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GETTING REORGANISED!       DO 1861       2/10/82

       1. I'VE ALWAYS GOTTEN FURIOUS WITH PEOPLE WHO STACKED UP WORK BEFORE SENDING IT TO ME! Maria knows that I have absolutely almost blown my stack about these people & roared so loud!--Like one dear boy who stacked up ten chapters on Family History before he sent them to me. Well, by that time I hardly had time to read them one at a time, much less ten!
       2. MY GOODNESS, IF I DID THE GN THAT WAY I'D GO CRAZY! But I just plug along. Rome wasn't built in a day, but brick by brick. I just plug along & I do this little Letter in the morning & do that little Letter in the afternoon. I just do what I can every day regularly, just constant work, like raising & educating children. What if somebody told you that you had to give them their whole education in one month? You'd go nuts! It's impossible! You just have to keep busy at it steadily, regularly, on a schedule, every day!
       3. WHEN YOU HAVE WORK TO DO, YOU NEED TO GET ON A REGULAR SCHEDULE & KEEP CERTAIN HOURS.--Do so much photowork every day, so many positives every day, so much editing every day, so many corrections every day. You can't do more than you can, but for God's sake, you can do what you can! Maybe you need an organiser, somebody to get you organised & scheduled so that you know your hours & what you're supposed to do during those hours & can get it done just on a regular assembly line process.
       4. YOU'VE JUST GOT TO GET ORGANISED & SCHEDULED & WORK WITH STEADY CONSTANT REGULARITY. Now you're never going to get your job done if you say, "Mañana, mañana" (tomorrow) & then try to do it all at once. Or if you figure, "Well, I'll do it all right now for all the mañanas." That's impossible. You've just got to do what you can each day, that's all.
       5. "SHE HATH DONE WHAT SHE COULD." (Mk.14:8) Nobody expects you to do what you can't. Nobody expects you to kill yourself trying to do more than you're able to do. Jesus said, "My yoke is easy, My burden is light." God's not pushing you, Jesus isn't pushing you. He's not making you overdo or strain or work too hard.
       6. I HATE THIS BUSINESS OF SAVING UP WORK & THEN SENDING IN A BIG BUNCH AT THE LAST MINUTE! You don't try to cook all the meals of the month in one day, do you?
       7. I KEEP A PROGRESS CHART IN THE BACK OF MY DIARY & I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I'M AT ON EVERY ITEM I'M WORKING ON & exactly what condition it's in & what state it's in & exactly what date it arrived in that condition. I know what I'm doing! I keep a record of it every day!
       8. DEAR HO COOKED UP PROGRESS CHARTS WHEN OUR PUBLICATIONS WERE AT CHINBROOK & made them keep them & gave them to me every week, GBH! So they knew exactly where they were & he posted it on the bulletin board & everybody knew where everything was at, who had it, what state it was in, what the due date was, etc. You just can't do things haphazardly, helter skelter: "Where is it? I don't know what condition it's in or where it is or who's got it."--And be running around all day hunting for things. You've got to keep records!
       9. I USED TO HAVE THIS SAME PROBLEM WHEN I HAD MY SCHOOLS IN MIAMI. I had to sit down & make the schedule out myself the first time & figure out how to do it, with names here, hours here, jobs here & work it out on a daily basis so that everybody did their job & the work was all shared & planned out so that nobody had to overwork.
       10. YOU COULD LOOK RIGHT AT THE SCHEDULE ON ONE SHEET OF PAPER & MAKE SURE YOU WEREN'T HAVING TO DO MORE THAN YOUR SHARE, or doing dishes more times a week than somebody else, & everybody was happy. Until that, the scalawags & the loafers would goof off & scoot out the door.
       11. THE LOAFERS WOULD SCOOT OUT THE DOOR & MAKE SURE THEY WERE SCARCE WHEN THE TIME CAME, & the nice sweet willing-spirited slaves of Jesus would be right there on duty, ready & willing to lick your boots & lick the dishes if necessary, or whatever had to be done. All the work would stack up on the few little willing ones & the unwilling ones would disappear into thin air if you didn't put it on the schedule.
       12. I LEARNED A LOT OF THINGS IN THE ARMY & I LEARNED A LOT OF THINGS FROM RUNNING SCHOOLS & I've learned a lot of things working them my own way for years, & you have got to get organised & charted & your time figured out or you'll just be living in chaos for the rest of your lives! Amen? Amen!
       13. LORD BLESS & KEEP US ALL. Help us to work a little harder at getting better organised & to start scheduling & charting & scientifically getting things really worked out in an orderly way.
       14. YOU SAID, "LET EVERYTHING BE DONE IN DECENCY & ORDER." (1Cor.14:40) We know Thy whole World is done in decency & order, Lord, at least whatever's beyond the reach of man & the Devil. But Lord, sometimes we're really in a mess because we don't just sit down & think & pray & try to get organised & schedule it & chart it & figure out some way to do things scientifically & with real knowledge & wisdom & the leading of Thy Spirit.
       15. HELP US LORD IN JESUS' NAME TO GET ORGANISED, & IF THAT ORGANISATION DOESN'T WORK, TO GET REORGANISED, LORD. We've reorganised this Family time & time again when things didn't work out right or failed. We had to keep up some kind of organisation of this army, Lord, or we never would've gotten this far. We would've been one helter-skelter mess for sure!
       16. SO THANK YOU LORD FOR SOME SEMBLANCE OF ORGANISATION THAT WE HAVE HAD WHICH HAS KEPT US TOGETHER & alive & working & united & cohesive & coordinated & cooperative so that we all know what we're supposed to be doing & we're doing it when we're supposed to be doing it & where we're supposed to be doing it & when it's supposed to be done, in Jesus' name. Amen. TYJ! PG! ILY!

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