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THRILLING NEW POSTERS & NEW TAPES!        29/9 & 6/10/84        DO 1863

       1. WE'RE JUST THRILLED WITH THE NEW POSTERS! THEY'RE TERRIFIC!--The Music Poster, Tribulation Poster & New Heaven Poster! We're planning to do them in colour in small size, hundreds of thousands of them! Each one will have a headline at the top so people will know what it's about, & they can stick'm up on college bulletin boards, in store windows & whatnot! The headline on the Tribulation Poster will be: "Heavenly Victory in the Great Tribulation!"--A victorious note, not defeat but victory!
       2. THE TAPE POSTER IS GORGEOUS, I LOVE IT, & IT'LL BE GOOD ADVERTISING! They can stick those up around wherever they're going to use the Tapes. It's just beautiful! I just love'm! Don't you like'm that little size? The only change we need to make is on "New Worlds To Conquer", we thought the girl needed a little more skirt! If we're going to put these up in any public places, we don't want to make it look like she's stark naked & have them hesitate to put it up!
       3. MY POINT WITH THESE POSTERS IS NOT ONLY PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION, STREET DISTRIBUTION ETC., BUT PERSONAL!--Along with Tapes etc., really make it personal & have enough that everybody can have one. You can say, "Buy this Tape & we'll give you a Poster to go with it"--& whet their appetite for more Tapes! "You do this or that & you get this Poster or you get that Poster." I mean, real personal!--Not just throwing them away on the general public but in real meaningful contacts etc.
       4. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO LOOK LIKE! The kids are thrilled with'm & we are too. We can hardly wait to see them in print, all of them! I'm really going to push this now because I think we really need'm & I think they're going to be a real help to advertise Heaven! I'm just absolutely thrilled with them & I think they're going to love'm!
       5. WE ALREADY FOUND OUT WITH THE FIRST HEAVEN POSTER THAT THEIR USE IS MOSTLY PERSONALLY IN EXHIBITING THEM & SHOWING THEM, LIKE IN SMALL GROUPS. They don't need a huge, giant thing hanging on the wall that you have to get 40 feet away to see it, it's far better to have something they can hold right in their hand. And since it's got a back, it might as well have a message on it! We've put a Heavenly text on the back of that one, & something to fit the back of the Tribulation Poster to explain that period. It doesn't have to be on that period alone, but we're emphasising it. There's nothing on the back of the Music Posters because there won't be any need for anything--at least we haven't thought of anything yet--& they're going to want to mostly use them for posting.
       6. WE'RE ALSO USING THE POSTERS IN BLACK-&-WHITE FOR THE COVERS OF THE LATEST GNS TO GIVE YOU A SAMPLE AHEAD OF TIME OF WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO GET IN COLOUR LATER! We're going to roll maybe a hundred thousand of each of those colour Posters so we'll have plenty of'm, probably produced in three different areas: The East, India & Latin America. Each area will probably do their own printing where the shipping is close-by & cheap & the Homes can get'm quicker. We can just send a few airmail to Europe & North America as I don't know that they'll even need any quantities because they're not too busy. But we're going to really do a lot of them, God willing, so everybody will have lots of them in this small size that they can really peddle personally. The Music Poster was the first one to roll because we need it for advertising the Tapes.
       7. WE'RE EVENTUALLY GOING TO GET PLENTY OF THOSE NEW HEAVEN POSTERS IN COLOUR & we'll have enough to use for future covers. Wouldn't that look nice? We had some beautiful Heavenly pictures left over so I thought we might as well throw them together in a nice pretty Poster! But I wanted to rush & give you a preview real quick, a sample in black-&-white to tell you they're coming.
       8. I'VE BEEN REAL PLEASED WITH ALL THE CUTE LITTLE ILLUSTRATIONS FOR EACH OF THE NEW MLS! That's all I want, just some simple little pix to identify each Letter & to help you to find them.--Otherwise just thumbing through the GN you don't notice the title as clearly. If you're looking for something, you can find it easier that way & it also helps you remember what it's about. So I like that. We've gone down to the minimum now on illustrations, so I guess that's not too bad. Usually the lead article is the most important one & it should have a fairly good-sized pic.
       9. I'M FIGURING THAT MAYBE TWO OR THREE GN ISSUES A MONTH IS PLENTY, WHICH WE USUALLY SEND OUT TOGETHER IN ONE MAILING. So a mailing or two a month of two or three of those is a lot to read, plus a couple of issues of the WND every month. I'm being a little more choosey about those news articles & I'm not doing as many. Our WND Editor is doing the rest, about half of them, & I thought the last couple of issues were real good! He's done a beautiful job, & our GN Editor too! I believe in training people to do my job. I'll still give you the rough grain but you have to grind it & sack it!
       10. SO WE'RE TRYING TO GEAR THE WND TO ABOUT TWO ISSUES A MONTH. The news keeps on coming, you can't always exactly regulate that, but you can to some extent. We don't have to put it all in right now, we can save some for the next one. If we get a little bit ahead, well, we just need to slow down, because I think even two WNDs & two GNs a month is plenty! Man, with 16 big pages to read, it sure takes me a long time to read it! Our Family's pretty busy, I don't see how you've hardly got time enough to read all that, plus all the books we're sending you. So I think that ought to be enough to satisfy you. We don't have to send them weekly, but you get two copies of one, two copies of the other, four a month, so that is weekly! You can read one a week! (Still flowin' faster than we can print!)
       11. SO WE'RE TRYING TO GEAR OUR TIMING & OUR PRODUCTION TO THAT KIND OF A SCHEDULE. It won't hurt to get a little bit ahead, but I wouldn't advise lagging too far behind. It's always better to have a little reserve in case there's a sudden stoppage of raw material. If suddenly something happens & the raw material is cut off for a little while or closed down, it's good to have a little backlog so we can keep our production running. So let's not be afraid to stockpile a little bit & get two or three ahead, & make sure we get out at least two of each per month, no less. That's going to be our schedule that we're going to try to stick to--period!--God willing.
       12. I DON'T WANT TO OVERSTUFF THE FAMILY, & besides, we're trying to cut down expenses. With all the other books & pubs we're sending I don't see how you have time to read them all!--I don't! It keeps me busy just reading GNs & WNDs! I don't know how you have time to read all the other material. About all I can think of is you can stack it up for the future when you may not be getting any. It won't hurt you to stockpile your own so you'll never run out even if you can't read it all right now.
       13. SO THAT'S WHAT WE'RE THINKING ABOUT IN OUR BIG PUSH RIGHT NOW TO GET OUT AS MANY PUBS AS WE CAN.--Especially some of these major projects that we're working on, because we probably won't be able to get those out a little later. We may have a year, maybe two years, we don't know, but I've set a deadline of one year to get all those major projects done. We don't want to take a chance, we don't know if we've got two years.
       14. BUT THE GNS & WNDS WILL JUST KEEP ROLLING ALONG!--D.V. (Sings:) "We just keep rolling along, we're just singing a song! There's no need to cry while the sun's in the sky, we'll just keep rolling along!" That's an old song!--Ha! So that's about the steady gait I'd like to hit, but not to be afraid to be one or two or three issues ahead if necessary just in case there comes a temporary stoppage.
       15. I'M TRYING TO DO THAT IN ORDER TO GET ON A MORE REGULAR SCHEDULE & NOT OVERSTUFF YOU & GET YOU SPOILED! That's about all I think we can normally produce.--Although in the past we have far surpassed that when we were really trying to get something out in a hurry, like that "Garden of Eden" series, remember? I was anxious to get that out in a hurry, but now that that's all out & in the BOF & finished, we can catch our breath. When I was doing that I didn't stop night or day, I was knocking'm out! I've kind of slowed down a little bit now, except to get a little backlog of a couple issues, & that's the way we're going to do it, Lord willing, keeping at least about two copies ahead.
       16. WE WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON'T GET TOO MUCH, BUT WE ALSO WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GET TOO LITTLE! I don't think that's too bad for our production if we get out one finished copy of either one or the other per week. That's a pretty good week's work for either one of those Magazines!--And if you get four, two of each a month, you ought to be satisfied. That's about the best we can do unless we really hump & push, but I don't do that any more. I just want to get two issues ahead on each one of them in case there's ever a temporary delay.
       17. I FIGURE WE'VE GOT THESE GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL COLOUR PICTURES THAT THE ARTISTS HAVE DONE A MARVELLOUS JOB ON & I'D SURE HATE TO SEE ALL THAT COLOUR GO TO WASTE!--And I like our new idea of putting them in small size so that everybody can have plenty of them & feel free to make personal gifts of them! They're not only for general distribution, but for personal gifts, like maybe give one of the Posters with each Tape sold, & they could put that on their wall, which is good advertising. It'll also remind them of the Tapes they haven't got yet so they'll want to make sure & get'm!
       18. WELL, THAT'S THE GENERAL IDEA! In the East we'll get out maybe a hundred thousand of each of these colour Posters so you'll have plenty of them to distribute locally, & we're planning for India to do their own so they won't get theirs too slow, & South America the same thing. They've got to be in Brazilian & Spanish anyway. Everybody will get a few sample rush copies with their regular mailing, but as far as general distribution, you can mass produce them locally. We're going to help you to do it on a massive scale so you'll have plenty of them.
       19. THE FIRST HEAVEN POSTER WAS ESPECIALLY EFFECTIVE AS PERSONAL GIFTS, that way you could explain them, & they've made a tremendous tool that way. So I think these will be a good tool too, something new, something different. We're even going to re-pub the Heaven Poster in small size in colour, because you never had enough of those, & won't you be thrilled to see them in colour?--Going into Russia & China especially where they've seen the little black-&-white & maybe never seen it in colour! The kids can stick it up on their bedroom wall. So I'm really pushing on the colour because I think it's really beautiful & I think it's a tremendous tool with kids--us big kids too!
       20. YOU COULD START OFF NOW DISTRIBUTING THE POSTERS WITH THE TAPES YOU'VE GOT, even before you get the new Tapes! You could say, "We'll give you this pretty Poster to go along with the Tape. There are more Tapes you can get that we'll have later. We'll be back at your door later with new Tapes." We give them a free Poster, they hang it on their wall & we get free advertising!
       21. IN THE MEANTIME THE POSTER'S THERE WITNESSING & ADVERTISING to all of their friends & family & callers & visitors. I believe in advertising, it whets their appetite & really makes them want it. I don't care how good your product is, if you don't advertise it nobody is going to know it. But if you advertise it & it looks good & sounds good, they are going to want it. And anticipation is 50% of enjoyment! So the sooner you get those Posters the better, even if you haven't gotten those new DTD Tapes yet.
       22. SO I THINK WE OUGHT TO ROLL THOSE POSTERS IMMEDIATELY & SEND OUT SAMPLES TO EVERYBODY, I MEAN WORLDWIDE! You'll just have to explain who the Tapes are for.--That three of them are teen music Tapes & that most older people wouldn't even appreciate that kind of music. And you have to judge your customers, judge your characters if you're a salesman, as to what you think would suit them & what they would like. Some fluffy-headed middle-aged people might like teenage music & some teenagers might like long-haired conservative music, you never know. You'll have to make the judgement on that & explain to people what the Tapes are all about & what kind of music each one is.
       23. THERE ARE SEVEN NEW DTD TAPES ALTOGETHER, SO THERE SHOULD BE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! Three of them: "New Worlds To Conquer", "Heaven's Magic" & "Come Fly With Me" were designed for teens & college students. "On Love We'll Sail" can also be used for teens & college students, but will also be enjoyed by older people. "Love's Answer" & "Say I Love You" are designed for older people, with the latter being a Tape of all slow songs, although many young people might enjoy these as well. "The Touch of Love" is an FF Tape which should only be distributed to fish & not DTD, as the message is too hot for public distribution.
       24. YOU'LL NEED TO FAMILIARISE YOURSELVES WITH EACH TAPE SO YOU'LL KNOW WHAT TYPE OF TAPE TO GIVE TO EACH INDIVIDUAL. Of course, when they receive the beautiful colour Tape Poster, people may decide they want a certain Tape because they like the cover. An older person may say he wants a teen Tape, in which case you may want to explain that the music on that Tape is more for teens, that perhaps another Tape would be more suited for their taste.
       25. MANY PEOPLE WILL WANT TO GET "THE TOUCH OF LOVE", THE FF TAPE, WHEN THEY SEE THE BEAUTIFUL PICTURE on the Poster, but if they are not a fish please don't give it to them, you can just say that it is not available right now. We want to make sure that the right people get the right Tapes so they will benefit the most from them.
       26. EACH TAPE IS BEAUTIFULLY RECORDED WITH HEAVENLY INSPIRING MUSIC, YET THEY ARE DESIGNED FOR A SPECIFIC AUDIENCE, so use the right ammo for the right people & you'll reap wonderful results! They're the most beautiful Tapes our musicians have ever made, so don't miss yours! Get that TRF in on time! God bless you & make you a blessing with these thrilling Tapes!--In Jesus' name, amen!--We love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family