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A VISION FOR THE COLOUR POSTERS!        DO 1864        10/10/84

       1. I THINK THESE NEW POSTERS ARE GOING TO BE REAL TOOLS FOR PERSONAL WITNESSING! We're going to have a last fling while we can to do everything we can! I'm sold on those small posters. I'm almost sorry we ever made the first Heaven Poster so big because it limited its distribution. Maybe you can't read these smaller ones from way across the room, but I tried to make the headline so you could read it.
       2. I'M THINKING ABOUT HOW THEY ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO BE USED, NOT A BIG HUGE POSTER ON THE WALL ONLY AT HOME BUT A WITNESSING TOOL! I found out they were using even the little black & white poster for a real hot witnessing tool, that people were begging for them to tell them about Heaven & all that! I mean people have never seen anything like that before! What did they think of Heaven before? I mean what did the great masters of art do on Heaven? About the closest thing were a few paintings of a few saints & a few halos up in the clouds & that's as far as they got, they never seemed to get any further than the clouds, ha! Do you know what I mean?
       3. I WANT TO DO AS MUCH COLOUR AS WE CAN DO WHILE WE HAVE TIME & HAVE GOT THE FUNDS. I'M ESPECIALLY THINKING OF THE CHILDREN, because I know how Techi is thrilled with every new colour picture we get! She likes to stick it on our wall right away & she just lies there in her bed & I can just see her fantasising & dreaming away into those pictures! And I think it's good to have them have a permanent impression. Remember those Sunday School pictures they used to have, a wall calendar about this same size & they had a new one every week. They got one of these big Sunday School Picture calendars every quarter that had pictures for each Sunday. They were printed on both sides, so they only had to have about six pages, & we'd turn them over every Sunday, & you had that picture up on the wall to feast your eyes on while the Sunday School teacher was telling you the story! And then you got a nice pretty little card with the same picture on it to take home with you with a Scripture & the story on the back.
       4. AND SOME OF THOSE PICTURES--THAT'S STILL MY CONCEPTION OF THOSE EVENTS, I CAN STILL REMEMBER THEM FROM BEING A LITTLE KID!--Sitting there studying them for maybe a half hour or more in the Sunday School room while the teacher was talking. If I never heard anything she said, that picture sure stuck in my mind! Then I got to take it home & put it in my Bible so I could look at it. My conception of those characters & events was formed at an early age by those pictures, & I think we are doing the same for our kids as well as you older people.
       5. AFTER ALL, WE ARE DEALING MOSTLY WITH SUBJECTS THAT THE CHURCHES NEVER DEALT WITH! Where did you ever see so many pictures on Bible Prophecy? Well, you might have gotten somebody's book on the Endtime, but they were hardly ever illustrated. Usually about the only illustration they had was a chart of their interpretation of Daniel or whatever it was, & it was usually wrong. Otherwise it was nothing but sermons all the way, & sometimes maybe more bringing about the moral lessons of the thing than the actual predictions.
       6. I'VE NEVER SEEN ANY MORE GRAPHIC ART ON BIBLE PROPHECY THAN WE HAVE HAD, ever!--Not even in Endtime books, although some of the guys did have a few pictures. They almost always had a picture of Daniel's Image, & once in a while they had a picture of the seven-headed monster of Revelation, to use that as a picture to tell the story about the Future, but I've never seen any like ours, illustrated as much as ours.
       7. I'VE NEVER SEEN THE ENDTIME PICTORIALISED AS MUCH, NEVER!--Although there are a few existing classics because it was such a beautiful subject, great masterpieces of Millennial art! About the only one I can think of right now off the bat is that child with the lion!--Right? Now that is one of the famous classics about the Millennium. What other ones can you think of in religious art, great art masterpieces of the church?--Almost none on the Endtime or Heaven!
       8. I DON'T KNOW ANY OTHER GROUP WHO EVER GOT OUT AS MUCH MATERIAL ON THE ENDTIME OR THE MILLENNIUM OR HEAVEN or anything or had as much information on it or as many pictures on it & now as many printed pictures in colour about it as we have! So we've got it! We've got the Message & we've got the materials & we've now got the pictures! I think we ought to just absolutely publish them by the millions & saturate the World with it, as this is our last chance! Say what you will, I still agree with the old Chinese saying, "One picture is worth a thousand words"!
       9. AND WHEN I HEARD & GOT ALL THESE REPORTS & READ ALL THESE STORIES ABOUT WHAT A HIT THE HEAVEN POSTER MADE EVEN BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN & IN CHINA & a lot of other places!--I mean that was one of their best tools, because some of them didn't have anything in the language, so they used the pictures! And the people were just thrilled with our pictures & they made a tremendous hit! I heard those guys went every place showing the Heaven Poster & the people were just awed, awestruck! When have they ever seen pictures of Heaven before? What church ever got out pictures of Heaven? Whoever had pictures of Heaven, much less in a beautiful colour poster, much less with all those gorgeous people in it!
       10. OF COURSE, I'M COVERING UP THE NUDITY A BIT IN THIS NEXT ONE WE'RE PUBBING IN SUCH QUANTITY. We're not covering too much. I think it is still going to be shocking to church people, but at least it is going to be legal, passable to the System, & we're not going to have to worry too much about taking them into Moslem countries.
       11. I JUST THINK WE OUGHT TO GET THOSE POSTERS OUT NOW! God has given us the Message that nobody else is preaching, right? Who else is preaching so much about the Endtime, Millennium & Heaven & all that! My Lord, people need some inspiration & encouragement to survive the horror! I mean during their trials & tribulation during the coming days, if they can't remember anything else, even if they can't even remember Scriptures, maybe they can remember those pictures to inspire them! Amen? (Tongues:) "Oh hear ye the Words of the Lord that I have given unto thee through thy Father David, that ye may publish My Word in visions throughout the World!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Amen! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       12. I BELIEVE THE LORD REALLY WANTS THIS, I BELIEVE IT! These are the visions the Lord has given us & our artists, they're like visions of the Lord, so we're publishing visions from the Lord! Amen? The Lord wants them published! The Lord just now confirmed it, praise the Lord?
       13. NOW THAT SHOWS YOU THE LORD MUST THINK IT'S IMPORTANT! I already thought so. I'm sure He laid that on my heart. But when I saw some of those gorgeous colour pictures they were turning out, I was just thrilled to pieces, & then I saw how thrilled the children were with them! They can just practically flip out & flip into them, & I knew that we have just got to get out not only our Message but our visualised Message! And if they don't ever remember anything else, for years they'll remember these pictures!
       14. THERE USED TO BE AN OLD SONG, "HOW BEAUTIFUL HEAVEN MUST BE! The Land of the blest & the free! Sweet haven of rest for the weary, how beautiful Heaven must be!" Remember that old song? They never even gave us any pictures of Heaven, how could they know how Heaven must be? You saw some of those System pictures of Heaven, they're all stuffed full of churches & they're all about church buildings! After all, that's their idea of Heaven, about the best thing they can think of about religion is going to church on Sunday, & so therefore if they make it to Heaven then Heaven must be full of churches!--Isn't that crazy? And they have actually pictured in some of those pictures of Heaven--supposed to be pictures of Heaven that we got out of different books--& they were absolutely stuffed with church buildings! Isn't that a scream?
       15. YET NOT ONE OF THE SYSTEM CHURCH PIX WAS ACCORDING TO THE SPECIFIC DESCRIPTIONS GIVEN RIGHT IN THE BIBLE, RIGHT IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION! Why didn't anybody ever draw a picture like that? I have never ever seen a picture of Heaven even the way it is described in the Bible! Now why didn't anybody ever draw it? Well, the Lord told me:
       16. THE LORD TOLD ME THAT HE RESERVED THIS FOR US! (SEE NO.1578) I MEAN WE'VE GOT AN EXCLUSIVE ON IT! Every publisher wants an exclusive on a story, right? Every journalist wants an exclusive. Well, we've got an exclusive on these stories, boy!--An exclusive on these pictures, & we ought to take advantage of it & get it out by the millions! I mean it!
       17. SO I'M JUST THRILLED! AMEN? You're going to be happy to print these in our different centers we're setting up around the World! We'll help you with that too, as you can do it cheaper & easier & distribute them. The most important thing you have to do is distribute them!
       18. WELL, ART SURE HAS BEEN A TOOL! I THINK IT'S A TOOL, A WITNESSING TOOL, IT'S REALLY A WITNESSING TOOL! I think the small posters make a better witnessing tool than the colour Komix would, & then they could always stick them up on the wall as a constant witness! You can't stick a colour Komic on the wall unless you make it into a poster. We could make some of those into posters if we ever have the time, but we don't have time for artists to do all that. It takes a long time to get all the artwork done & done right & then in colour & with captions, & it takes time. But I was just thinking that we have so much on hand, we need to whittle it down to a size that is small enough that we can get it out in large quantities & distribute'm by the millions, because most of the field can't afford to print in colour locally.
       19. WELL, YOU SAY, HOW DO WE DO IT? Now if you've got the faith & you think they can print it themselves in colour, OK. But they've probably never printed in colour & they probably don't know anything about colour. But maybe they'd be pleasantly surprised, maybe it's easier than they thought & they can do it themselves! But in the meantime, let's do it for them. Let's get them started. Let's flood them with what we've got & ship them as widely as we can. I'm really inspired about them & thrilled about them!--And apparently the Lord is too! Well, I knew the Lord was interested or I wouldn't be, but it's good to have a confirmation about it! I never thought about that! Why don't we call them visions? That shows they are really from the Lord & we're actually giving the people vision, for "without a vision the people perish"! (Pro.29:18) So here we're giving them the vision to encourage them to not perish! Amen?
       20. I THINK YOU'RE GOING TO BE THRILLED WITH THE POSTERS & I THINK WE'RE GOING TO USE'M! I THINK IT IS GOING TO WORK! WE'VE GOT THE VISION FOR IT!--THE VISION OF THINGS TO COME!--Especially things that the public doesn't even know anything about! "Without a vision the people perish!" So there's the vision!
       21. NOW REMEMBER, WE'RE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO ARE SAVED! BUT WE'RE THE ONLY ONES WHO SEEM TO KNOW VERY MUCH ABOUT THE ENDTIME & THE MILLENNIUM & HEAVEN & THINGS LIKE THAT!--AND WE'RE THE ONLY ONES THAT I KNOW WHO HAVE ANY PICTURES ON IT! THE LORD HIMSELF TOLD US THAT, HE RESERVED THAT FOR US! How about that? Well, if He reserved that for us, we had better take that responsibility seriously & do a mighty good job of it! He reserved that for us all these thousands of years, & we are the ones elected to put it into print & pictures! Praise the Lord? So let's do it! Amen? Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!
       22. THE LORD HAS GIVEN US A PLAN & GIVEN US A COLOUR VISION & so you don't want to be Mr. Flatlander & have nothing but black & white, ha! After all, the Lord made the World very colourful! The Devil has got his message in colour, on colour TV & colour magazines & comics all over the place! Why can't the Lord do the same with His? I don't know anybody else who is going to do it but us, except for a lot of that old-fogey religious art where the colour is so dull you can't even see it any more! How much of that have you ever seen fit for the public? The most colourful are those Sunday School calendars & pictures, & they were by modern artists who sketched them, & God bless the companies who put them out! That affected a lot of children & their conceptions, including me!
       23. SO I BELIEVE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE AN EFFECT! I think we're going to mold those little minds as well as the big ones in conceptions of things to come!--And give them a vision for it as well, a hope for it, inspire them & encourage them clear into the Millennium! Let's pray the Lord will really inspire them & help them to have greater vision & victory etc., & to help them endure some of the things we are enduring right now such as the first samples of the Tribulation! It'll help keep their eyes on the goal!
       24. IT HELPED MOSES & ABRAHAM TO ENDURE BECAUSE "THEY HAD RESPECT UNTO THE RECOMPENCE OF REWARD, SEEING THAT WHICH WAS INVISIBLE!" (Heb.11:26,27) They overcame all those problems & troubles till the end, the reward! Therefore Moses was able to endure the afflictions of the people of the Lord rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season because he had respect unto the recompence of the reward! They must have seen their reward in pictures!--Heavenly visions!
       25. WE NEED TO GET OUR EYES OFF OF THE WAVES & GET THEM ON THE LORD & THE THINGS HE IS TELLING US TODAY ABOUT THE HEAVENLY FUTURE! He wants us to think more positively about the Hereafter. I believe it is going to be very soon, thank the Lord, hopefully maybe not more than a few years from now! Well, the Lord knows. At least according to what I read in the paper, things & events certainly seem to be fulfilling the prophecies of the End!
       26. I'LL TELL YOU, A LOT OF STUFF HAS COME OUT ABOUT 1986! THAT NUMBER KEEPS POPPING UP ALL THE TIME! And with the Comet coming, it all just fits exactly the figuring that we did, the estimate that we have made about the soon coming events! So let's make hay while the colour sun shines! Amen? Praise the Lord! OK? GBY!
       27. (WHILE LOOKING AT THE POSTERS--TONGUES:) "BEHOLD WHAT DREAMS OF BEAUTY I HAVE GIVEN THY FATHER DAVID FOR THEE!" PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!--Now give'm to the WHOLE WORLD!--Amen? GBAKY dreaming & giving the World visions of the Future!--In Jesus' name, amen!--We love you!

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