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POSTER PUSH!        DO 1865        10/84

       1. WE WANT TO PROVE TO'M THAT THE POSTERS CAN BE REAL TOOLS & REAL HOT ITEMS THAT WILL REALLY BE A HELP TO'M & ALSO MEAN SOME GOOD SUPPORT! They're using the tapes now for that, & I think these posters will be a help too as something different, not just the usual run-of-the-mill little four-page Komic, but something to be presented in a more personal approach, a real personal type of presentation, & I think they'll really go over & people will really go for'm! I know the Heaven Poster really made a big hit!--Even in some of those countries where it's hard to litness, or hard to get in to litness.
       2. I THINK THESE PICTURES ARE GONNA REALLY DO THE TRICK! I THINK THEY'RE REALLY GONNA BE A BOMB THAT'S GONNA BE A WHOLE NEW FIELD WE'RE OPENING UP! Just from the first big Heaven Poster we found out that people were using them in ways we never dreamed of as a real tool on the field & they were making a real sensation with people who were hearing & viewing the Future & Heaven for the first time, who hadn't even heard the explanations before, & that they were really arousing terrific interest!
       3. EVEN IF THEY FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE THEY'VE HEARD, THEY'LL NEVER FORGET THOSE PICTURES! You seldom ever forget what you've seen, & I figure with some of the things people are going to be going through before long, even if they forget their words & everything, they'll never forget those pictures! Those will stick with them & remind them of what's going on & what to expect & not to get discouraged. The Lord confirmed that we've got to get these visions to the World, so praise the Lord! ILY! I'm looking forward to those posters, so right now colour posters take priority over everything!--And there's plentya Word on the backs of'm!--Amen? Like'm?--Then push'm! God bless & keep you pushin' Posters!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Love, D.

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