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POSTER SALESMEN!        DO 1867        10/84

       1. I GUESS YOU'VE GOT A LITTLE WIND OF WHAT'S COMING WITH THE POSTERS! We've pretty well settled on quantities & prices & scheduling etc. in three different places, & we have a 12-month schedule now! The Music Poster will be Number 1, the New Heaven Poster will be next, God willing, & Number 3 is the old Heaven Poster. Number 4, the Tribulation Poster, is being put off till later & may not be produced in as large a quantity, as it is more for home & personal use. We may only do about 30,000 of those just for you home folks & your friends etc., because it's a little deep.
       2. THE NEXT ONES MAY BE THE TWO 12-COMBO CALENDAR POSTERS! We'll put out the '82 Calendar, "Here's the Future!", & even though the pictures aren't as good as the others, it has a real message. It's still good & usable, the captions are real good, & it's going to have a new text backing which is terrific! We want texts on the back of all these, every one of them except the Music Poster, & we're thinking about numbering the pictures & the text related to the pictures to kind of explain it. This is one of the complaints the children & other folks had, that they couldn't quite understand the whole thing. Well, if there's an explanation on the back they've got no excuse for not understanding it!
       3. WE MAY PUT OUT THE NEW HEAVEN POSTER FIRST SO THEY'LL SEE WE'VE GOT SOME NEW STUFF, & then the old one right afterwards because that's a tried-&-proven old faithful reliable & it's already got its text. I just ran through the text for the new Heaven Poster & it is a real sockeroo!
       4. I'D LIKE TO MAKE ALL THE HEADLINES AS BIG AS THE ONE ON THE TRIBULATION POSTER. That's about newspaper size, & that's why the newspapers put'm on there that size, to attract your immediate attention to the subject or whatever the topic is. But on one or two of them we might not be able to get a big one like that all on one line, but maybe we could have the subtitle in smaller type & get it all on one line or even underneath it.
       5. SO THE NEXT IN ORDER AFTER THOSE FIRST FOUR MAY BE THE TWO CALENDAR COMBOS, INCLUDING THE FIRST ONE WHICH IS MOSTLY ENDTIME, & THAT WILL COME FIRST. And although there is a lot of good text on the front, it wouldn't hurt a bit to do a real good text on the back too. We haven't really had a poster text back on that particular subject of Signs of the End & what is soon to come. So we can put a compilation on the back of that one, numbering the pics & relating the text to the numbers. The more simple we can make it for simple-minded people, the better! The children are a good test of that, because they were a bit confused & they suggested that themselves, that it would be nice if the pictures & text had numbers, & the text would be an explanation of each picture. The pictures are progressive, in sequence, so that that would be in harmony with whatever text we have.
       6. WHEN WE PASSED'M AROUND HERE THEY HAD A LOT OF SUGGESTIONS, ESPECIALLY ON THE CALENDAR COMBOS! Some of those weren't too good & they weren't too clear & they were pretty confusing, but I think by numbering them & numbering the text on the back we'll get rid of a lot of that confusion & we won't necessarily have to do any changing in the pictures. But there were a few changes in the actual pictures where they thought it would be beneficial. For example, that one where God is standing up in the corner with His hands on His hips looking a little bit fierce, they thought it would be nicer to have the picture of Jesus from the old Heaven Poster instead. They also suggested switching the Abrahim Picture which a lot of people wouldn't understand & don't know anything about, for the one of the trip to Heaven that I didn't include in my collages.
       7. THESE LITTLE BOTTLES ARE A GOOD TEST TUBE! After all, if they don't understand it, we're missing the mark, & we don't want to do that. So I tested it on them & these are the reactions I got, a whole list of comments! I hope it doesn't hurt anybody's feelings, but this is the way it is & that's what they said. They are merciless critics! They don't pull any punches or any words & they're not afraid to tell you what they think. Older folks are a little afraid of hurting feelings. It doesn't mean our kids aren't considerate & loving, they just flat-out tell the truth! For some reason they're more inclined to not be afraid to tell the truth as some of the older folks. They just say what they think.
       8. SO WE HOPE WE'VE GOT A YEAR'S SCHEDULE OF POSTERS COMING UP: The first four, the two calendar Combos, my four collages, plus we've got those slide shows that ought to produce at least a couple more posters! I'm hoping we finish the year & that we'll have enough money to finish the job, & that'll probably bring us up to the end of 1985. We can't count too much on the following year, so we want to get all we can done now in this coming year!
       9. AND AS I SAY, I THINK WE NEED BIGGER HEADLINES ON'M TO REALLY ATTRACT ATTENTION & GIVE'M AN IDEA OF WHAT IT IS, SO THEY CAN GET THE POINT PRETTY QUICK! What do you think?--Or do you think we ought to conceal the subject? Well, I made my headlines specifically to attract attention & arouse curiosity, even questions!--Like the little newsboy on the corner, an "It Won't Be Long Now!" sort of thing to arouse their curiosity & attention so they'll give it a second look, & maybe even arouse them enough to buy one!
       10. I THINK THESE POSTERS OUGHT TO GO LIKE HOTCAKES! I think people's curiosity will be so aroused & the pictures are so beautiful they wouldn't hesitate to pay a pretty good price even on street stands. I think they'll really attract attention, something new that we haven't had for years! We've never hit the streets with anything like this, so it's a real new hot item that I think will really attract new attention & new people!--And D.V. we're going to have a new one every month! So when last month's has gotten old & they're tired of looking at it & they've already bought or are not buying, they'll see a new one next month! Savvy? You can change'm every month that way & arouse new interest. Good idea?
       11. I THINK SOME OF THE PUBLIC GOT SOURED ON SOME OF THAT STUFF YOU WERE SELLING WHICH YOU'D BEEN SELLING SO LONG, the same thing for so long to the same people on the same corners that they were sick & tired of it, & of course they never went over any further. I tried to get you to print more variety but you didn't change & switch enough! You ought to have a new Komic almost every day out there! My Lord, they don't try to sell the same newspaper every day, all week long or all month long, so you ought to have a new Komic every day!--Because the same people usually pass the same corner every day on the way to work or from work or school or shopping or whatever, & if they just see the same old thing all the time, of course they're not going to buy it, they've already got one!--Or they already decided they didn't want one.
       12. SO THESE NEW POSTERS ARE GOING TO REALLY ATTRACT ATTENTION, BROTHER! Can you imagine what that will look like standing there on the street corner holding one of those beautiful things? You can even put it on a kind of a frame or a placard or wear it like a sandwichboard & keep your hands free. You could stick'm to a piece of cardboard to make'm stiff, tie'm with ropes over your shoulders & you'll be showing them back & front, both directions! You could even have a variety, one on the front & one on the back, & have a left armload of both kinds, selling whichever one the people are interested in & keep'm coming & going!
       13. I THINK YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE'M PRACTICALLY STANDING IN LINE WAITING TO BUY'M! And I think you ought to get a little better price on these too, don't you? I think people would expect to pay a little more than they do for just those little tiny Komix. So I think they're really going to go over & I think they're going to be a real hot item & that's what we want to do! We hope they'll be popular & they'll go over & people will get'm & get the point! So that's a little salestalk that maybe will help some of you folks!
       14. THAT'S THE IDEA: A NEW ITEM, MUCH BIGGER & MORE ATTRACTIVE & EASY TO REALLY SHOW! You can have a shout: "Beautiful wall poster for your home!"--Something like that, & display a different one every few days. I think they would really go!--As well as the other methods. I think they're going to be as popular as waffles on Sunday morning!
       15. IT REMINDS ME OF THE STORY OF THE LITTLE BOY IN THE HOSPITAL WHO KEPT ASKING THE NURSE IF IT WAS SUNDAY. The nurse whispered to the other nurse: "This little boy is too good for this World, he just can't wait for Sunday!" So Sunday finally rolled around & she said, "Yes dear, it is Sunday today!" And he said, "Well, give me the funny papers!"--Ha! It wasn't because he was such a saint & wanted to worship God on Sunday, he just wanted to read the funny papers!
       16. I CAN REMEMBER WHEN WE KIDS REALLY LOOKED FORWARD TO SUNDAY TOO! We weren't allowed to touch'm till after church, but when we got home for dinner after church, boy, we dove right away into the funny papers! We had to split'm up practically sheet by sheet because all of us kids wanted to see'm at the same time. They used to put a whole section of them in the newspaper. That shows you what colour & pictures do for kids! That's the only part of the paper we were interested in reading at that age, & we all dove for those to see who could get'm first after church on Sunday when we came home for dinner.
       17. SO I THINK THESE POSTERS ARE GOING TO BE AS POPULAR AS WAFFLES & FUNNY PAPERS ON SUNDAY! Let's hope so, that they'll really go over, & I believe they will! They're just gorgeous! And the texts on the back are the clincher! They really are terrific! I just love the one on the New Heaven Poster, it's terrific! I just thrill to it!
       18. I THINK THE CALENDAR COMBOS REALLY LOOK GOOD! The kids even commented on'm, how they could seem to see'm better & get the whole picture better in that small size that they could hold right in their hand & read close up.--And not only that, they've got their own copy right there!--Not just one for the house on the living room wall or something, but they've got their own personal copy, & after they've really read it & studied it, they can stick it on their own wall in their own room. So I think it's got a personal touch there that the big ones can't equal.
       19. THERE WERE SO MANY PRETTY PICTURES TO CHOOSE FROM FOR MY COLLAGES THAT I JUST COULDN'T RESIST MAKING FOUR POSTERS, taking different figures out of different posters. I've got big headlines & captions plastered all over the place! I'll tell you, they're not going to mistake the Message, that's one sure thing! They're going to get that in the headlines & the captions. But I didn't make little tiny fine print captions like we did before, I put big captions, just enough that they can understand what it's all about & even that they can read from a distance. If they want to know the details, they can turn it over & read the back.
       20. I'M JUST CRAZY ABOUT THE TEXTS SO FAR, THEY'RE TERRIFIC! They pack a powerful wallop! I think they've really got the Message in a nutshell! I'm beginning to think that these posters are going to do what I was talking about the little book doing, you know the little 64-page book packed with illustrations that we could get out by the millions? (See "Tribulation Lit!", #1834.) I think that's what we're going to do with these posters! Really, I think this is going to do it & much more effectively, because you've really got something to show, I mean anywhere! You've got something to show & attract & inspire them to get it, & then all the explanation is on the back if they don't understand all the front. It's got the Message! Terrific! Those texts Apollos puts together are really powerful! I don't know how he can write such terrific stuff, such powerful stuff! I'm just flippin' & shoutin' hallelujah every time I read one!
       21. ON THE NEXT ONES WE MAY HAVE TO PUT A LINE SPACE BETWEEN EACH LITTLE SECTION THAT APPLIES TO CERTAIN PICTURES, & ALSO NUMBER THEM NICE & BIG & CLEARLY.--Numbers about the size of those big numbers that are on those pictures of the folks in the FN. They're starting to put those big heavy numbers & captions on them, & boy, it sure has been easier to find those things since they've been doing that. That's an example of hunt-&-peck, search-&-find, having to look back & forth from the pictures to the captions, & when those numbers are big it's no problem. But boy oh boy, when the numbers are so small & faint just like the rest of the type & you've got such a problem even trying to find the numbers on the pictures, it's really a problem! I don't know who's been doing those big numbers, but for God's sake, they all ought to do it from now on! They can get those numbers in letraset, & if they can't do that, good night, I could draw big numbers with my pen & put a circle around it so we won't have any trouble finding it on the picture!--And a circle around it maybe on the text, the caption, that helps find it.
       22. WELL ANYWAY, I HAD A LOT OF FUN PATCHING UP THESE POSTERS! I just suddenly got inspired & started cutting paper dolls! You ought to see the book of illustrations I cut'm out of, it's in shreds! First of all I thought, "Well, I'll just mark'm & classify'm, that this picture's good for this, this picture's good for that," & let our artist go through & do the whole work. Well, I did half the job already! I thought, "Well, I would like to see what they look like!"--So I went through choppity-chop & clipped them all out. Then I sorted them out according to subjects & they just fell perfectly into four subjects!
       23. SO I REALLY HAD A LOT OF FUN PLAYING PAPER DOLLS WITH ALL THOSE LITTLE CUT-OUTS!--And they're a mess, I'm not too good at it! It's been a long time since I did paper dolls, so I'm expecting our artist to do the finishing work. But I just rough-cut'm. Sometimes I cut off their hands, I tried not to cut off their heads & stuff like that, then I sorted them out & plastered them on this one big sheet of paper I had. I thought, "Well, they're more fitting to about half-size of that," & they just sorted out so perfectly, it was almost unbelievable! I had just about enough for each poster! On some of them we may have to stick a little thing in here or there, but I don't think we're going to have much room because I filled up most of the spaces with captions! But I think the Message is important! A picture's still worth a thousand words, but I add a few to each thousand! So now they each will tell a little more than a thousand!--Ha!
       24. WELL, MAYBE SOME OF THESE THINGS WILL BE GOOD SUGGESTIONS FOR THE REST OF THE FOLKS, THE SALESMEN! We're all salesmen including me! I'm trying to sell you right now, & you can do the work that will sell them, so you can sell it! God bless & keep us & give us wisdom & skill on this because it's a pretty important job, it's going to have Worldwide impact! I believe it! Okay! Roll'm! I love ya! Thanks a lot! I've gotta get you inspired so you can do inspirational work to inspire sales, to inspire the whole World! OK?--IJNA! I don't know whether you know what IJNA means, but that's the end!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family