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ITCHIN' TO SCRATCH!        DO 1868        10/84--Another Poster Salestalk!

       1. THE MORE I STUDY THESE POSTERS THE BETTER I LIKE'M! I only had one addition to the text on the back of the new Heaven Poster, because some people may not even think of this: "After studying"--meaning the poster & the text--"put it on your wall for all to see!" And I hope we've got somewhere we can squeeze in this same idea on the front: "A Heavenly Poster For Your Wall!"--Right at the top of the poster so they'll get the point right away! Even if somebody's just holding it in their hand & they're passing by on the street or something & they wonder, "What is this?" Well, it's a poster for your wall! We can squeeze it in right beside the headline where they can't help but notice it even if it's small! I think it's important for people to know what it is!--It's a poster!--It's a picture for their wall that they can hang on their wall & keep! Most of us are pretty dumb, I know I didn't think of that till just now!
       2. AND ONE OTHER CHANGE I HAD ON THIS NEW HEAVEN POSTER, THE TOP RIGHT PIC, I DON'T LIKE THAT HEAD OF JESUS WHERE HE'S SITTING THERE ON THAT THRONE, it almost looks like the Devil! He almost looks evil!--But I love that beautiful head of Jesus that's on the old Heaven Poster. After all, this is supposed to be Then, so He's not supposed to look like He did in the past any more. So let's try to draw Him in keeping with our time segments. Let's not get out of time here! We're going way into the Future here & we've got to remember what part of the Future we're in! Even in John's day when he was Up There he saw Him looking like that, once He was gone & Up There, & that's the way He's supposed to look now. In pictures of the past when He was here, that's a different story. But any picture of Him after having departed & gone There, He can be looking like John saw Him & like we had on the first Heaven Poster. We need to get that word around to the artists because we're getting out a lot more pictures now! (White hair!)
       3. YOU OUGHT TO SEE THE SKETCHES OF ALL THE NEW CHILDREN'S PICTURES, THEY'RE TERRIFIC! They'll just knock your socks off! They are gorgeous!--Even these rough sketches. They're so terrific & beautiful for kids! Once we get'm painted we're going to have more posters for next year! These may go so fast & be so hot they're going to be asking for more before the month's over! We may have to start doubling these mailings, & I wouldn't mind if they go! These first ones are just a test to see, & I'm trying to inspire'm!
       4. THIS NEW HEAVEN POSTER TEXT IS GORGEOUS & JUST THRILLS ME THROUGH & THROUGH! I'm practically jumpin' up & down shoutin' hallelujah! After reading it I had to go back & study the pictures again, & that's how I realised there are a couple of things we need to change, especially that head of Jesus. The others are all gorgeous, just beautiful & they really turn me on! And after reading that text, if you're not turned on by that time, I'll be surprised! I think you're going to want to go somewhere & have a little Heaven with somebody!--When you know it's going to last forever!
       5. I'LL BET SOME OF YOU ARE EVEN GOING TO GET OUT THIS BLACK-&-WHITE POSTER, YOU'RE NOT EVEN GOING TO WANT TO WAIT! You've never seen us get out a colour poster that fast so you're going to say, "Well, I can't wait, this is terrific! I want to start selling them right now!" What do you bet someone's going to run'm off in black-&-white until you get the colour versions! So let's get it right in black-&-white! We're rollin'! It's not all done in a day, but it's done by doing it every day!
       6. I'M GETTING MORE IDEAS ALL THE TIME ABOUT THESE POSTERS, MORE THAN A DOG HAS FLEAS! I don't want you getting fleas, but I want you to get these ideas! I want you to get these ideas like fleas so they'll make you itch & really scratch!--Like our artists scratch with those pens of theirs, & I think they're going to be gorgeous! I think we're going to need lots of different ones & I think they'll really go!--I'll be surprised if they don't. If you really get out there & push'm, I believe they'll go like hotcakes! I think we're going to need lots of'm, so don't be surprised if we start doing two a month!       

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