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BIG PICTURES!        DO 1871        10/84 (From a Tape to Family Artists)

       1. I'M JUST THRILLED WITH THESE HUGE PRINTS OF SINGLE PICTURES! They're beautiful! When we run out of these poster combos & collages & colossals & whatnot, we can start out on the blow-ups of the singles! Wouldn't that make a pretty framed picture on your wall? Nobody else has got anything like that! Who else has got such beautiful pictures?--And nobody's got such pictures of the subject! After all, God's got the best artists in the World, & now He's got the best colour photo expert in the World! I was just absolutely thrilled with these two new single pictures you sent & I can just see a terrific new field opening up along that line!
       2. YOU ARTISTS HAVE COME TO THE KINGDOM FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!--To practically rescue us when we're almost running out of ideas & running out of new products & new things to offer to the public, as well as personally etc. I think these are really really gonna be tremendous! After Barkos left us back in Italy it wasn't long before some of his posters were sellin' on the poster counters in the drugstores & poster shops way down in Tenerife! My Lord, if he can sell junk like that, we sure ought to be able to peddle these!--And in a much better way & much better subject matter & much more beautiful & everything!
       3. THE ARTISTS ARE THE GUYS WHO HAVE TO PRODUCE THE ORIGINAL CREATION, GB'M, & THEY'VE GOTTA HAVE REAL VISIONS TO DO THAT!--AND THEY'RE DOING TREMENDOUSLY! I think God's really pourin' it on! He's really giving them the visions! Look at them! I never saw such pretty pictures in my whole life! I never saw any religious art this beautiful, even of the old masterpieces--ever! You take a child through one of those art museums & see how much interest one of our little four or five-year-olds would have & see how soon he gets bored. Most of those pictures are so dull & so dark, of course they're old, but they're really not very bright & contrasty & shockingly colourful!--And they're certainly not on very shocking subjects! I think ours are going to out-do the masterpieces! They may never hit the art galleries of Earth, but they're sure going to hit the Art Galleries of God! Hallelujah! So let's see'm!
       4. YOU ARTISTS GET THAT ART WORKED OUT & WHAT TO DO & NOT TO DO--BRIGHT CONTRASTY COLOURS & BLACK LETTERING--& PHOTOMAN, YOU GET THE TECHNIQUE OF GETTING EXACTLY THE RIGHT KIND OF COLOUR PHOTOS THAT MORDY WANTS & KNOWS HIS PRINTER WILL LOVE, & LET'S ROLL'M! Like I told you in my note, dear Artist, you've got a D.A. degree now, Doctor of Art! So Mordy's got a D.P. degree, Doctor of Printing! And I guess to make it a little different, we'll have to call our Photoman's a D.F. degree, Doctor of Fotography, spelled with a capital F! I know it's "Ph", Boys, I'm not that dumb, but we can't make it sound just like Mordy's!
       5. OKAY, BOYS, NOW THAT YOU'VE GOT YOUR DEGREES YOU'RE OFF TO A FLYING START! The Doc Upstairs has conferred'm, the President, so be thankful! They all came from There so don't forget to give Him the thanks for it & to really appreciate it & keep conferring with Him about what to do next & how to do it in case you don't know. Even if you or me haven't got the answers, ask Him! He's always got an open line & His Switchboard is never jammed & you can always get through if you can just take a little time to "TM"!--Ha! That's getting to be very popular nowadays! I find it very beneficial myself, especially if I'm TM'n the right direction! You get a lot of answers that way! I was gettin' some early this morning--a good time to be quiet & get still & know that He is God & get your instructions from Him!--But I prefer it in bed!
       6. LET ME SEE SOME MORE OF THESE BIG, POSTER-SIZE SINGLE COLOUR PRINTS! I DON'T MIND HOW MANY OF THESE BEAUTIFUL NEW SAMPLES YOU SEND ME, WE'RE PLASTERING THE WALLS WITH THEM & THE KIDS HAVE THEM IN THEIR BEDROOMS & EVERYWHERE! I've got'm strung out all around the walls so I can see'm all at once & one at a time & see what they look like at a distance & see how they're going to look 20 or 30 feet away coming down the street! So you can roll me as many as you want, I'll pay for'm! And if there's any-thing else you need, let us know!--Anything special that you need, just holler! It's nothing compared to what we're putting into this all together with all of us working on it & the printers & three major distribution centers & 10,000 salesmen & the whole World as our customers! Why piddle over a few pennies? So come on, Photoman, quit being such a penny-pincher & a skinflint & afraid to even ask. I mean it! Don't be afraid to ask! You others pry it out of him! If he's got questions about it, then just encourage him to go ahead & say so & ask for it. "Ye have not because ye ask not! Seek & ye shall find! Knock & it will be opened unto you!" Come on, Boy! Tell me what you need & if we haven't got it, we'll get it! Okey-doke?
       7. WE'RE GOING TO STICK PRETTY MUCH TO THIS SIZE SINCE IT'S THE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM AS FAR AS VISIBILITY IS CONCERNED & IT'S THE MOST ECONOMICAL. It's big enough! It's as large as the average picture people have on their walls, unless they have murals, & most of us can't afford murals! So let's stick to this size & bank on this size & specialise in this size, shall we?--Unless we hear from the salesmen that they're not going over or they want bigger or smaller or whatever, but this is our first test run & I think we're going to find out it's going to go over! And Artists, since it's easier to work big than small, let's think big & paint big! You sure have produced some gorgeous ones, some of the most beautiful visions I've ever seen, & I've seen a lot of'm! You've brought'm into reality & visibility to present'm to the people! So GBY!
       8. I WANT YOU FOLKS TO PICK A FEW THAT YOU AGREE TOGETHER ARE SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SINGLE PRINTS THAT WE HAVE & EXPERIMENT WITH THEM & SEND ME THE RESULTS POSTER-SIZE! If I don't like your choices, I'll give you a few more of mine! I'll try to send you a few suggestions, but don't wait for'm, go ahead & pick out some of the prettiest. I think that Lake scene is one of my favourites, & several others. Especially keep in mind what's good to present to the public, something they'll understand or that won't be too hard to understand, something they'd like & is beautiful to hang on the wall even if they don't understand it! Let's pick beautiful pictures that would be more or less commonly acceptable by all, & I'm talking about GP now, that our salesmen know they can sell & are generally acceptable, that people would really want & like & want to hang on their walls!--In other words, not too controversial or too deep & unexplainable so that you have to take a course to find out what it means!
       9. ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WE'VE GONE TO THESE PICTURES, & NOW COLOUR PICTURES, IS FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN, because I think these big pictures really impress'm, especially when they get so big they can see all the details & really get into it! Some of these posters we're getting out right now are just catalogues with sample little postcard-size pictures to choose your big one from! Then we'll start rollin' the real articles, the big enlargements, single pictures full poster-size, & they'll really appreciate'm! That also gives us a little time to get'm, because we've got these others all ready to roll & we need to get'm rollin' because we're really pushin' this program!
       10. LET'S TROT OUT THOSE PICTURES & YOU GUYS AGREE TOGETHER ON WHAT YOU THINK ARE ABSOLUTELY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC!--Then let's shoot a few in this full poster-size. I hope that isn't too big a job or too hard on you. Rome wasn't built in a day, you don't have to do all of them today. I'm not trying to push you more than you're able, just lope along like I do. I don't do any more than I'm able, I just do what I can each day & come news time I knock it off so I can knock it up! Just work on your time schedule & when it comes time to quit--quit! Don't over-do! Get plenty to eat & plenty of rest & plenty of exercise & take good care of yourself, because if anything happens to you, we'll all be sunk!
       11. IS THAT ASKING TOO MUCH OF YOU TO PUT OUT THESE BIG POSTERS? Just take your time, whatever time it takes, you can't do it any faster. Don't push yourself, don't get under strain or stress or tension, just take it easy, enjoy it! After all, you're there in that darkroom all by yourself, nobody knows how slow you're going! You might fix up a cot in there so you can stretch out & take a nap! They'll think you're workin' hard! So just take it easy & just roll'm as you can.
       12. I THINK THAT'S ABOUT ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ART RIGHT NOW, BUT DON'T FORGET TO AGREE ON AT LEAST THREE OF THE TOP MOST BEAUTIFUL PICTURES! I think you've already done one of them, this Gate scene. I don't know about "New Worlds to Conquer", whether that would be very understandable to the general public, but try to get something that has some relationship that they can fit into some frame that they're familiar with, some idea or something they've heard about.--Although most of our stuff is really out of this World & they've never heard about it before! That's, of course, one of its attractions & one of the exclusives we have & one of the reasons He saved it for us! You can't pick familiar subjects because none of this is familiar to most folks, so I might say pick the simplest.
       13. I LOVE THAT LAKE SCENE WITH THE MILL BECAUSE THAT'S A SIMPLE PICTURE OF THINGS THEY'RE PRETTY FAMILIAR WITH & looks pretty normal & natural & would make a pretty picture for anybody's wall, no matter what they think or believe. So pick a few like that, that aren't too far-out. Pick two or three that you think are just pretty pictures that anybody would like & fit on anybody's wall. Let's start out with the milk-&-water, milk-&-honey, really, & the simplest & the most generally appealing & the prettiest too. That's just the one that comes to mind because I'm always looking at it & because it's so pretty & it's a rather natural scene of things they're familiar with--including pretty girls!--Amen? GBY! Keep'm rollin'!--I love'm!--And I love you!--D.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family