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HALOS!--On the Heavenly Posters! DO 187611/84

1. THOSE PICTURE POSTERS YOU SENT ME ARE ABSOLUTELY GEEEORGEOUS!--JUST BEEEOOOTIFUL! They just make me nearly flip out! They really make my spire go upward, they're so beautiful! The bigger they get the more we can see, & the more we can see things we never saw before!--To show the World things they never saw before! Amen? But you can always find room for improvement on anything & I'm beginning to see things I never saw before that we need to change!
2. I JUST NOTICED SOMETHING, & I DON'T KNOW WHY WE NEVER NOTICED IT BEFORE! Maybe we can still stop the presses. Take a good look at the Throne Scene. Do you notice anything notably missing?--Everybody's got a halo but the One Who needs it the most, or deserves it the most!--Jesus! We changed His head, & that's beautiful, but of all things, somebody is going to complain: "How come everybody's got a halo but Him?" So if we still have time to change it, I think you've got room to put one on Him. When I got this big picture & started looking at it I suddenly realised, it just jolted me, that everybody's got a halo but Him! On the small Combo Poster that this is a part of they may not notice it, but I'll tell you, when we get to this big single picture poster we've sure got to add it! I think you can still put it right inside of that glory there.
3. AND OH MY, WHEN I START THINKING ABOUT THOSE HALOS & I LOOK AT ALL THE REST OF THESE PICTURES, WHEW! We don't just need a few more white heads on some of these Heavenly pictures, we need a whole bunch of halos! It's too late for the ones that have already gone to press, but in the next four, let's make sure that we don't have any missing halos! It's too bad I never told the artists this, I'm sorry, & it's my fault because I should have caught this myself, that for so many years they've used those gold crowns & they got to be more or less traditional. Perhaps people understand them better in some ways, but I hate that materialism!
4. EVEN THE OLD CLASSICAL ARTISTS' MASTERPIECES USED HALOS! They apparently had seen'm & they apparently had visions of them then. I think God gave some of those guys like Michaelangelo visions of those beautiful art masterpieces! You'll notice that on a vast number of them they had halos. Remember that photo of William Branham with a halo over his head? (See BOTM 2, pg. 822 or WNE Pg.577) Well, they don't always look just like hoops necessarily, or rings, but what else is circular that I have told you is the appearance of certain beings which are always with us in their, you might say, transportation or energy form?--Flying saucers! And I told you what I think those are, in fact I'm convinced that's what they are!--Angels!
5. AND SINCE EVERY ONE OF US HAS AT LEAST ONE GUARDIAN ANGEL, IT IS MY OPINION, IN FACT MY CONVICTION, THAT'S WHAT THOSE HALOS ARE!--OUR GUARDIAN ANGELS HOVERING OVER OUR HEADS PROTECTING US! We live in one Hell of an evil World, Brother, full of devils & demons & Satan & all the rest, & I'll tell you, we need special protection! Guardian angels have been familiar subjects for a long long time, I think almost everybody believes in guardian angels, but they've usually pictured them as this gorgeous angel standing by the bridge hovering over these two little children crossing it etc. That's beautiful, that's a pretty picture & that gives the point, but in actual appearance & apparently the way the classical artists of the past have envisioned them or seen them--they must have seen'm--they appeared as glowing circles of light above heads! There must have been stories about their existence back in those days. If William Branham had one this late, certainly the Early Church & the Early Christians must have had them, even maybe some of the Old Testament Saints!--Although there weren't too many Saints in those days, if you know what I mean!
6. SO IN ANY CASE, WHEREVER THE SAINTS IN HEAVEN SHOULD HAVE CROWNS, THEY SHOULD BE HALOS! It's too late now to correct past mistakes, but I'll tell you, in these posters we want'm right! They're going out to the millions & going to be seen by more millions! Every poster is going to be seen by scores of people, maybe hundreds on walls, & we want'm right! We don't want'm saying, "Hey, how come everybody here has got a halo but Him when He's the most holy of all?"
7. HALOS USED TO BE TRADITIONAL OF ALL THE PICTURES MADE BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, & for awhile that was almost the only church there was & all their artists were commissioned by that church & paid by that church, & I'm not so sure they were wrong about the halos! If William Branham had one, then I have a notion we've all got one, right now, though not always seen. But in Heaven they're going to be seen! How else are we going to shine like the stars & glow with different radiances? Do you think your whole body's just going to glow?
8. HE TALKS ABOUT CROWNS LIKE THEY'RE SIGNIFICANT OF YOUR REWARD, SO I BELIEVE THAT THE RADIANCE OF THOSE CROWNS OR HALOS IS GOING TO BE VARIED DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH YOU DID. "And they that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars!" (Dan.12:3) Hallelujah! I just got something then but I can't tell you all about it now. But anyway, that's it!--That's your crown, your Heavenly crown! Got it? It's also, in a sense, your guardian angel, & the more it shines & the brighter it is, the more significant it is that you have done your job & won many!
9. I CERTAINLY THINK WE NEED ONE OVER JESUS' HEAD IN THAT ONE PICTURE AS QUICK AS WE CAN! We can't correct all the old art, but from now on, on any Heavenlyposter of people in Heaven, every one of them should have a halo! Righto?--Even if we have to correct every one of them! You won't necessarily always be able to make them as beautiful as they are in this Throne Scene, they really are gorgeous there, but if you can't do anything else but draw a black ring like they did in a lot of those old classical art pictures to signify that they've got one, I think we should. Of course, if you can make them pretty & shining & kind of golden & radiant & sparkly like these, these are gorgeous!
10. WELL, WE CAN'T GO TO THAT MUCH TROUBLE, FOR EXAMPLE, ON ALL THE PEOPLE YOU'VE GOT IN THAT FRONT VIEW OF THE MANSION--OR CAN WE? You could just draw a black circle or a light circle or something over each head. The more people, of course, the more difficult that's going to be, but in some of these there are not so many people. But if they're Up There, that's what they should have! We've got'm now, only they're invisible--unless they happen to catch'm like they did with William--but they're there!
11. HALOS ARE IN A SENSE MORE TRADITIONAL & PEOPLE CAN DEFINITELY RELATE TO THEM. It is certainly much more significant & has a lot more meaning & right away shows the score!--Especially for all these Up There! Wow! Imagine if you had one on every one of those people in that Mansion Front View, that would really be something! I don't know if that's possible or not! I wasn't thinking about that one, except I just happened to see it here in front of me & I thought, "Oh no! That looks like an impossible job to put a halo on every one of them!" But maybe we could figure out some simple way, just to draw a line or something.
12. DON'T START ON THAT ONE, THAT'S THE TOUGHEST ONE OF ALL, START ON SOMETHING SIMPLE, SOME OF THESE MOST BEAUTIFUL ONES THAT WE KNOW WE'RE GOING TO USE. That Mill-Lake scene is one of my favourites & there are just a few people in that one. Of course, that would be the people Outside the City & it's possible maybe they didn't have any. But pick out something pretty simple to practice on & send me some samples of what you think would be good. Just a circular glow would be sufficient, but of course a line is easier to draw. Some of these I've noticed in some of our pictures are not much more than just a black line, & some of these here are not much more than black lines with a little colour & a sparkle, so that shouldn't be too difficult.
13. I WANT THESE THINGS TO GET OUT AS AUTHENTIC VISIONS, AS HE CALLED THEM. Since they're reserved for us, we ought to be able to produce the authentic versions, the immaculate virgins, & make sure they're immaculate! They're certainly the first, that's for sure, & they're sure pure & we want'm to be as authentic & as realistic as the real article as we can make them. So let's work on that! And we ought to make these black-&-whites we're putting out now as authentic as possible too.
14. DO YOU SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE "HEAVEN ON EARTH" POSTER ON THE COVER OF GN 160? Picture 1 is great, He's got a halo--which you probably never even noticed before--& in this case, it's just a black circle with a little shine. See how simple you can make'm? You probably just white-out the shine first & then draw the circle. Of course if you can think of any better way to do it, great!
15. NOW LOOK AT PICTURE NUMBER 2, WHY IS THAT CHILD THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS A HALO? Isn't that funny? They all ought to have one! Well, the only excuse we've got on that one is that maybe they haven't all been up front to get theirs yet. But we've really got them now, as far as these are concerned, & the other rewards could be something else, so really they all ought to have them. That's kind of a sign that they're Up There! If our artists will be consistent about this from now on, we'll make that sort of a differentiation--you can't see'm down here but you can Up There! So everybody Up There that we have a picture of ought to have a halo! Don't you think they'd look prettier that way & look more heavenly & saintly & like they're Up There?
16. IN PICTURE NUMBER 3 THE GIRL IS GETTING ONE, BUT LOOK AT NUMBER 4, JESUS DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ONE!--And the two rulers in number 5 don't have any. Number 6, maybe the farmers didn't have them, but surely that Angel or whoever he is on the horse ought to have one! And if those people in number 7 are about to enter the Heavenly City, they sure ought to have a couple! And the little angels & cherubs & whoever these are in number 9 scattering the leaves, they ought to have'm. Look at number 10: She has one, but he doesn't. Of course, he's just getting healed so maybe he doesn't have one yet. But look how simple Jac made it, just a little black circle with hardly any shine here. And boy oh boy, in number 11 Jesus certainly ought to have one!--Because in all the old classical art masterpieces they all had'm, the saints etc. Tell me if you think I'm wrong, but don't you think that would give'm a more heavenly look, a more saintly look & kind of show where they're at?--Whether it's in Heaven or on the Heavenly Earth, New Earth or wherever. Crowns of Life!
17. ALL RIGHT, ARTISTS, THERE'S A BIG ORDER! Please don't make any more mistakes of drawing these solid gold crowns that look like something you could sell for a lot of money! We don't want it to be anything that can be sold for money. These are imperishable, eternal, made of light & energy & shine forever like the stars! So do your best!
18. SO LET'S ADD HALOS ON THIS BLACK-&-WHITE "HEAVEN ON EARTH" POSTER, & THEY CAN JUST BE BLACK CIRCLES. That's all that child has in number 2 & also the girl in number 4. Of course, the one in number 3 is really pretty with lots of stars. But the one in number 1 is only a black circle & the one in number 10 is only a black circle. So why not make it consistent & just give'm all one? That shouldn't take very long just to draw a black circle above each head. If possible, just don't have anything showing through the circle except the top of the head, that way it will give it the appearance of a light or a disc of light. It should be white inside the circle, if possible, except maybe the head.
19. IN THE SIMPLEST BLACK-&-WHITE FORM LIKE THIS, JUST DRAW A BLACK CIRCLE TO SHOW IT'S THERE. How can you do it any simpler than that? You can't show it in colour since you've got black-&-white, but just a black circle of light inside. You experiment with it & see what you can come up with that's the easiest & the quickest & send it to me for approval, because if you're going to start putting them on all of these, we need to get those approved as soon as possible. You don't even have to make it fancy or glowing or sparkly or anything like that, so it's not that hard to do. You must have been inspired in some of those, dear Artists! I just don't know why you gave some halos & others none!
20. WELL, GOD BLESS YOU ALL & KEEP YOU & GIVE YOU WISDOM & INSPIRATION IN ALL THESE THINGS! Really ask for wisdom & guidance. Ask for visions, Artists, & you too, Photographer, to try to get it right the way it looks! And the same goes for the photowork as the artwork on these posters, don't get too far ahead of yourself. I think I've got enough big photo prints to get an idea of what they look like in large size.--Except if you could finish the 25!--Ha! Just the first 25, that's all! I don't mean all at once--let's hope we've got a year--so that's not too bad, only two a month! But we might need'm sooner than that if these guys sell'm faster! But anyway, just send me one once in awhile when you feel like it, & be sure you've taken a good look at it, Artist, to see if there's anything missing, like halos!--And any other corrections you think they may need or anything, touch'm up!
21. FORGIVE ME FOR MAKING THIS TAPE SO LONG BUT THIS WAS ALL PRETTY IMPORTANT.--AND I NEED THESE TALKS TOO!--Like the time John Kennedy told little Johnny the same bedtime story twice & Johnny said to Caroline, "Didn't Daddy tell us that same story before?" She said, "Yes." He said, "Well, why didn't you stop him?" She said, "Well, it does him so much good!" So these talks really do me a lot of good!--I get pepped-up & my halo shines! I'm thrilled to be able to talk to you about it & I get excited about it & I hope you do too! Lord bless & keep you all & thanks a lot! Send me samples of whatever you've got or whatever you get as you get'm! I love'm!--Don't you? God bless'm!

22. THE HALO CORRECTIONS YOU DID ON THE BLACK OVERLAY LOOK GOOD TO ME! At least a black circle is better than nothing! I thought they looked good, just as good as some of the originals. So let's get'm to Sprint! And what about the old Heaven pic, can you add any on there or is it too late? I think the one of Jesus in the upper left-hand corner needs one of those black halo lines just above His head there inside the glory, & you can put a little line around the other heads too.
23. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, ABOUT THE ONLY ONES THAT DON'T NEED HALOS ARE THE ANGELS, BECAUSE THEY ARE HALOS! Just the people need halos. So if you have time to add'm on that one as well, & any others of the first four that you happen to catch sight of, it would be nice. Boy, that would sure be a batch for that Mansion Front View! Think you can do it? If you can, you're sure something! Just draw those circles! Draw'm fast! They don't have to be perfect on these first small ones, these combo posters of Heaven, & if you manage to get anything on there we can be thankful, but when we go to the big pictures we can try to attain perfection. Just remember, the angels don't have to have halos.--Although in most classical art the little cherubs were always given halos, so in that case it's a little different because they're children, so you can leave'm on. But full-grown angels don't need halos, because that's what they are!
24. SORRY TO SPRING THAT ON YOU AT THE LAST MINUTE, BUT I DIDN'T GET THAT REVELATION TILL NOW! That's going to be a whole new thing for our artists! Even the black rings look good, & they look just about the same as they look on most of the classical art, that's about all they've got. They don't make such beautiful, glowing, sparkling ones as we usually make. But in this case we're in a hurry & we've got to get'm on there fast, so just stick the black circles on a black overlay & I think it's better than nothing, because after this it just wouldn't look right unless they had'm! Okay, slap'm on! Here's your hats!
25. BY THE WAY, YOU DID A GORGEOUS JOB ON JESUS' HALO IN THE BIG PICTURE OF THE THRONE SCENE! That's a beautiful halo there & now they've all got gorgeous ones for that big picture. Can you put anything similar on the one that appears on the "Coming Heavenly Life of Love" Poster that's one of the first four?--Maybe just two black lines, because all the rest of them look like they're kind of wide. Just draw a couple of black circles on there inside the glory above His head. And on the City Poster, all the people need'm except the Angel!
26. JUST REMEMBER THIS RULE: THE PEOPLE INSIDE THE CITY GET'M, BUT WE'RE NOT SURE ABOUT THE ONES OUTSIDE, UNLESS WE'RE SURE THEY'RE FROM THE INSIDE, LIKE IN THE LEAF PICTURE. On this black-&-white "Healing With the Leaves of Life" Picture, his head is shining & her head is shining a bit too & maybe on the colour you can see a halo on both of them, but those are the only two that need halos. Remember, the people from inside the City are the only ones that get'm, at least as far as we now know, so let's keep it that way. The people in the boats on the Magic River need'm, but I don't think the people in the outside picture of the mother nursing need'm, nor the other outside Elephant picture just below it. But the lower right, "New Worlds to Conquer", they're obviously City folks & they need halos. The country folks don't need'm but the City folks do!
27. THANK YOU FOR CATCHING THE VISION! And by the way, for your encouragement, Photographer, don't worry about all those big single pictures! I've got them on my wall, I counted them today, & you've already done over half of them big enough at least to be okay for me. I'll try to make you a list of the ones that are already done, unless you've got a list. (Sings:) "I got a list, you got a list, all God's children need a list! When we get to Heaven we won't need any lists, but we have lists here!" That's an old Negro spiritual, did you recognise it? The original was: "I got a shoe, you got a shoe, all God's children got shoes! When I get to Heaven, gonna put on my shoes & gonna walk all over God's Heaven! Oh dem golden slippers, oh dem golden slippers..." & it goes on & on.
28. THE DEAR OLD COLOURED FOLKS HAVE SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH THEIR FEET & THEIR SHOES BECAUSE THEY WALK SO MUCH & WORK SO HARD, THEY'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO THOSE NEW GOLDEN SLIPPERS! It's not in the Bible, but anyhow, that's what they figure they're gonna get. Personally, I hope we can go bare-footed! I find it much more comfortable, don't you? It's gonna be nice & more tropical & that way we won't get athlete's foot or anything. We won't have any of that kind of bugs there anyhow, thank the Lord!
29. ANYHOW, YOUR COLOUR WORK IS JUST GORGEOUS & WE'RE JUST THRILLED TO PIECES! You're really getting it together! And as I said, be encouraged that you're way ahead, because you've already done over half of my favourite pix. You're so far ahead I don't think you really need to hardly keep going unless you're just inspired! I'll try to send you a list of the ones that we already have that I think are big enough. They may not be exact, but they're big enough for me to get a pretty good idea of what they look like in large size. So you don't have to remake those just for me to get a look at, I've already got'm. You're way ahead, so slow up, man! Take it easy! Do something else!--Unless you've got the bug & you can't stop, like me! If you have any questions, let me know! You've got my ear! When you have the ear of the King, be sure & use it!
30. AND THANKS FOR ALL THOSE GOOD POSTER ARTICLES TOO! The latest count of columns is 30! I told you it was going to be a full issue! If I don't stop talking about them there isn't going to be enough room! Well, I'll probably never stop talking about them, so we'll probably have two issues! PTL! GBY! ILY!--Are you a Poster Bug?--Give'm the Poster Itch!--I got it!--Have you? God bless & keep you spreadin' it!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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