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GOD HATES MURMURING!       DO 1879       11/84
--Murmurers Are Some of the Worst Bad Apples!

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (10/98): The Charter states that while "the continual voicing of doubts, criticisms or skepticism, in a destructive manner designed to foster strife and schism, of Dad, Maria, the Word or the Family" is an excommunicable offense, "criticism or inquiries of a legitimate nature for the purpose of seeking clarification or counsel, or voicing an objection, may be made, either in person or in writing, to the appropriate over-shepherds, Home Officer or higher officers. Such criticisms are acceptable only if made for the purpose of seeking clarification or counsel, or voicing an objection." See Fundamental Family Rule, 2.H."]

       1. IF SOME OF THESE PEOPLE KNEW HOW MUCH I HAD TO DO WITH THE ART, THEY WOULDN'T BE CRITICISING IT SO MUCH! They picked my Heavenly Mansion to pieces! They said they don't like it, there's too much confusion, too many people, they don't know why it had to have this one there & that one there & it looked silly to them & blah blah blah! It's amazing how people can get so critical of what was really my favourite picture & the one we worked the hardest on, except for the City, & to me it was the most beautiful because it's people!
       2. THAT'S MY DREAM HOUSE, THAT'S MY IDEA OF HEAVEN! I don't think [EDITED: "this girl"] would even be happy in Heaven! I feel like sending her to the other place! Well, I'm sure she's not going there, but anyhow, I hope she lives a long ways from me because she doesn't like my kind of livin' & my kind of house! After all, that's my house, I can do what I want! If she doesn't like to live like that, I hope she moves across Town. The further away the better! I don't know whether she belongs in this outfit if that's the way she feels about it!
       3. I'LL TELL YOU, I WOULDN'T HAVE PUT UP WITH ANYBODY LIKE THAT IN MY HOUSE FOR LONG! Well, I sure got a bad spirit off her reactions!--And it looks like it's contaminated others too. Well, apparently she's been that way a long time. I'll tell you, I never had anybody like that in my house, & if they'd been that way even a short time they wouldn't have been there very long. I've told people, if they don't like it, get the Hell out!--Go!
       4. ONE REASON I USED TO [EDITED: "HAVE"] THEM [EDITED: "LEAVE"] IN A HURRY IS BECAUSE A LITTLE LEAVEN CAN POISON THE WHOLE LUMP! It's amazing how those little murmurs & complaints & bellyaches & criticisms start getting around & other people start noticing things that they never even noticed before! They didn't notice that anything was even "wrong" till some of these rascals pointed it out to them!
       5. I'VE FOUND, BROTHER, EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER--WITH MY GRANDPARENTS BEFORE ME & MY MOTHER & FATHER BEFORE ME--THAT IN THIS KIND OF WORK IT ONLY TAKES ONE ROTTER, one traitor who stays there to do nothing but cause trouble, to rot the whole bunch, one bad apple in the barrel! It just takes one to poison everybody, getting out that poison message so everybody's aware of it, the very mouthpiece of the Devil! They're just a drag & a drain on everybody else!
       6. BUT I'LL TELL YOU, IT ONLY TAKES ONE RAT IN THE WOODPILE WHO KEEPS MOUTHING THESE NEGATIVE THINGS TO POISON THE WHOLE BUNCH! Boy, I'll tell you, I never would put up with it in the Club, especially after we started the Family. I wouldn't put up with one word of complaint from somebody that was discontented & going around growling & grumping & complaining & murmuring to others. Moses & a lot of other guys had the same trouble, & let me tell you, he got rid of them pretty quick, or the Lord did, because they poison others!--Even without the others realising that they're getting poisoned & undermined.
       7. SO IF THAT GAL DOESN'T LIKE ME & MY HOUSE OR THE WAY I RUN IT, OR THE WAY HER SHEPHERDS' HOUSE IS & THE WAY THEY RUN IT, SHE SHOULDN'T BE THERE!--PERIOD! She's going to look back some day & wish she were back there & remember that she never had it so good, when later she's out hoofin' it maybe on the street with her kids or whatever! Of course, that's the kind that runs back to Mama & lets Mama take care of the kids while she rustles up another boyfriend! But let me tell you, I have had it with her, that was enough! To actually say those things or have them written down as her comments was a slap in my face & an insult to me personally! She obviously doesn't like me or my way of doing things & she made it quite plain that she didn't like theirs either, that it was too much like their house. Can you imagine? Of course, all of our houses are crowded, we make the most use of our space as possible!
       8. THAT LETTER WAS INSULTING, TO SAY THE LEAST, ABSOLUTELY INSULTING!--A slap in the face, when she knows that I designed that poster & ordered practically every stroke of the pen & the brush!
       9. I'M NOT DEFENDING THE PICTURE AS BEING THE GREATEST MASTERPIECE IN THE WORLD OR PERFECT BY ANY MEANS, I can think of a lot of ways we probably could have improved it, but we were in a rush & we're still in a rush! We don't have time for perfection!--As long as we get the idea in there & the concept & all the people that I thought ought to be there to show the World Heaven!
       10. WELL, NOW WE KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE FAMOUS & HAVE THE CRITICS START PICKING OUR MASTERPIECES APART! Now we know how these guys feel when their art & their literary masterpieces & their movies & plays & operas & whatnot get torn apart by the critics! It hurts!--Especially when you put everything you've got into it & tried to make it beautiful. So we've just got to be able to take the bitter with the sweet. I sure liked it & most everybody else did, so the majority's got'm out-voted! I just figure if she doesn't like that kind of a place then she'd better not go There!--Or she'd better move across Town or something!
       11. (PRAYS:) LORD, WE HAVEN'T RUN THIS ARMY THIS FAR BY PUSSYFOOTIN' AROUND & pampering anybody but the babes, certainly not the old-timers & the old veterans & the old bottles, & I'm not about to begin to now! We don't believe in supporting people who don't support us & our work & our ways & obviously are not supporting their shepherds & their ways. I don't think we should have people like that around! You know that's the way I feel & that's the way I've always been, Lord, & thanks to You we've gotten this far by running an army that is nearly 100% loyal & 100% sold-out & thankful & grateful!--Not murmuring & complaining & talking behind our backs! If she'll say this to our face, we can imagine how much she must have said behind our backs! We ask Thee, in Jesus' name, to give her local leaders wisdom in how to handle it & to either get her straightened out or straight out, in Jesus' name, amen!
       12. AS YOU KNOW, WE NEVER PUT ANYBODY OUT OR LET ANYBODY OUT UNLESS WE HELPED THEM ON THEIR WAY, WE'VE NEVER JUST THROWN THEM OUT WITH NOTHING. We'd be glad to give her an armload of posters & let her go out & hit the streets & sell'm! I'll bet she'd make a good living & she could have a house all her own & do as she pleased. But she's not going to talk like that around one of our houses & to our people & get them discontented & murmuring & complaining too, because it's a very infectious disease, diabolical, & it poisons the whole lump! One bad apple can do it so fast!
       13. I'LL TELL YOU, THAT KIND OF PERSON CAN BE A REAL BURDEN ON A HOUSE & A REAL DOWNER INFLUENCE & drag everybody down & everybody's spirits down, always dwelling on the negative & always criticising & always murmuring. That can just drag you down! I don't think it's good for any Home, especially not that one, of all Homes! And if she doesn't like it there, I think we ought to get her out someplace where she thinks she'd like it better!
       14. THE DEVIL CAN TEAR DOWN & TEAR DOWN & CRITICISE & DESTROY, BUT HE HASN'T THE FAINTEST IDEA OF HOW TO BUILD OR CONSTRUCT OR DO ANYTHING POSITIVE OR SUGGEST ANYTHING POSITIVE OR WHAT THE ANSWER COULD BE OR ANYTHING! Let's find out from her what kind of Heaven she would like & what kind of Home she would like here & where she thinks she would be happy, as she's obviously not happy there & not happy with me or my picture or my doctrine or my way of life! Where would she be happy? Now usually that question stumps'm! They've been very busy telling you why they're not happy, but they seldom can tell you how they would be happy. Well, the fact of the matter is, if they're not happy here, if they don't like Heaven-on-Earth or even Heaven in Heaven, my Lord, they'll never be happy anywhere! They're just the kind of gripers & groaners that'll never be happy. They're just unhappy with everything, themselves included.
       15. WE CAN DISAGREE ABOUT SOME FINE POINTS & OPENLY DISCUSS IT LIKE WE DO WITH OUR BUSINESS & OTHER THINGS SOMETIMES, & THAT'S ANOTHER STORY. But somebody who has a griping, murmuring nature that's always going around murmuring about everything & is willing to come out flatfooted & insult me & slap me in the face with cracks like that, that's a different story! That's not a mere little kind & loving disagreement of brothers & sisters trying to come to some understanding & being open about it! Apparently this has been undercover for some time or it wouldn't have cropped out like this. Why didn't she say that the first time she ever saw that picture?
       16. I'M JUST SORRY THAT IN SOME OF THESE CASES YOU PEOPLE DON'T REPORT IT SOONER!--Like some of the things Faith knew were going on with Deb, etc., & never ever told us about until it was too late. Thank God the Lord revealed it, He didn't mind telling me & showing me in dreams & visions & whatnot! It's funny how even their enemies will protect them, even the people that don't agree with them & don't like it. Still for some reason she was afraid to tell us, I don't understand it, unless at the same time they're trying to cover their own sins & are afraid somebody's going to tell on them!
       17. THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH [EDITED: "THIS GIRL"]! THERE'S SOME LITTLE ROOT OF BITTERNESS, SOME LITTLE THING! She's letting in the Devil in some way, in her discontent somehow, something she's murmuring about in her own heart, & it just grows & grows & grows & begins to cover everything. That's the way it goes. I'll tell you, I learned long ago to catch it at the very root of things, at the very beginning, & root it out! They either get straightened out or we [EDITED: "kick"] them [EDITED: "out"], one or the other, before the leaven poisons the whole lump! You know my attitude about bad apples! This is nothing new, this is standard policy. I'm just surprised that they let her get away with it for so long!
       18. WELL, I'M SORRY TO HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME DISCUSSING THIS ONE CASE, BUT THAT'S, OF COURSE, THE DEVIL'S TACTICS, to drag things down & delay things when we have lots more important things to do. But that's a pretty important Unit & it's just like the Devil to try to get in there now & throw a monkey wrench into the machinery with even one discontented woman & her growlings & grumblings behind everybody's back! It's funny, though, how when this sort of thing is forced out into the open such as them going around asking for opinions, they apparently asked her & she had to tell it, she couldn't hide it. It seems like when you demand some kind of action out of the Devil he has to expose himself, just like naming demons & casting them out. You can command the devils to do or say certain things, to confess their faults & their names & whatnot, & apparently they demanded her reaction & she couldn't hide it. Thank God we heard it, because she certainly doesn't need to keep on hiding it like that, although they never keep it to themselves. It needs to be dealt with & it needs to be corrected or gotten rid of, one or the other.
       19. WELL, I'M SORRY TO HAVE TO SAY IT, BUT IT'S A COMMON PROBLEM & A BASIC PROBLEM THAT WE'VE HAD FOR YEARS OFF & ON. I can remember it ever since I was a kid--troublemakers in the church, troublemakers in the school, troublemakers in the homes, troublemakers in the Family. You've either gotta get'm straightened out real quick or get'm straight out, one or the other, because the longer you leave'm & tolerate'm, the worse it gets & the more people they poison until you've got a really big problem on your hands with a whole Unit you might have to get rid of because they've all gotten rotten!
       20. THOSE PEOPLE ARE NEVER SATISFIED UNLESS THEY PERSUADE OTHER PEOPLE OF THEIR OWN OPINION. Misery loves company & they love to have other people to talk to & agree with them & it's not usually hard to find'm. Bellyaching is a common ailment of the human race & something that is very easy to get into, murmuring & complaining, but in God's way of doing things it is absolutely intolerable & He let millions of people rot on the Sinaitic Desert for their murmuring & their complaining & they never got into the Promised Land, only their children under 20! (Num.32:11-13)
       21. MURMURERS & COMPLAINERS ARE ALL ALIKE, & WHAT THEY'RE REALLY DOING IS BLAMING GOD FOR IT! A lot of them know they shouldn't blame God, so they blame the leaders, but the leaders are God's men or God's women & they might as well blame God!--That's Who they're really blaming! Just like [EDITED: "some people"] do today, they blame God for all their troubles: "Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why do I have to live like this? Why do I have to live in this horrible hovel with all these crazy people & children? Why do we have to live like this?" I know, I've done it sometimes myself. If the Lord knows you actually are not in the best place for you or you could do better somewhere else, He'll usually give you a chance, but not by just murmuring & complaining & bellyaching & growling & groaning & getting grumpy about it & letting everybody know about it, & murmuring against leadership, murmuring against doctrines. That's what she's doing.
       22. I JUST WON'T PUT UP WITH IT & NEITHER WILL THE LORD! I think some people have put up with it longer than they should, maybe us & maybe some of our leaders, I don't know. But it's time now to get rid of all this foolishness, considering the days that are coming, & time for all men everywhere to repent & get down to business & remember what they joined the army for!--If that's what they joined it for. Of course, I'm not sure about some people & what they joined it for from the way they act! Okay, would you guys like to pray?
       23. (MARIA: AMEN, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME, WE THANK YOU FOR THIS WISDOM THAT YOU'VE GIVEN, & THANK YOU FOR THE COUNSEL & THANK YOU FOR EXPOSING THIS DEEPLY-ROOTED PROBLEM! We know You must have brought this out now for some reason, Lord, & that You know it's important to get it straightened out now or get the problem out. So we ask that You'll give the leaders great wisdom in dealing with it, Lord, & that they'll be able to help her, if at all possible, to be reclaimed & to "rather let it be healed" so that she can be a useful tool in Thy Kingdom. So help them, Lord. Give them real wisdom & anointing & help this also to be a good lesson for others that they may fear & take it to heart & not let the same thing happen to them. Thank You for Thy Words, Lord, Thy wisdom, in Jesus' name.) Amen. PTL!
       24. THERE'S NOTHING NEW ABOUT THIS, LORD, YOU KNOW. IT'S BEEN THE DEVIL'S TACTIC FROM THE BEGINNING TO DIVIDE & CONQUER! Beginning in the Garden of Eden & all through the Bible, Lord, it happened to Thy leaders. There were always these malcontents & discontents & murmurers & troublemakers that threatened to poison the whole lump! So You've been dealing with this a long time, Lord, & Your dealings were in some cases pretty harsh & pretty quick & Your judgements almost ruthless after so much patience & so long a time of waiting on people to repent. Finally You lowered the boom & the judgements came swift & sure & hard & harsh, just what they deserved! They weren't satisfied, they weren't contented with what they had, so You gave them worse to teach'm a lesson & to make'm thankful for what they did have, if possible, & sometimes too late!
       25. THEY NEVER MISS THE BLESSING UNTIL IT'S GONE! Some of these people won't realise how blessed they were until they have the rug jerked out from under them & it's all gone, then they'll remember. Like the Prodigal Son, hopefully there's time for them to repent & come home, & in some cases there has been. TYL! There are some prodigals that have had Thy mercy & remembered Thee in a far country in the swine pit & finally repented & were sorrowful & sorry that they hadn't been contented in the Father's House where they'd never had it so good, & they finally came home, Lord, & You have been merciful & forgiven them, & in some ways they've even had it better since then.
       26. SO IF THAT'S THE KIND OF A LESSON YOU HAVE TO TEACH SOME OF THESE PEOPLE, LORD, WELL, THAT'S THE WAY SOME HAVE HAD TO LEARN. They have to learn the hard way by bitter experience, which is the best way but worst teacher & the hardest, that causes the most pain & the most suffering & the most grief. "For the way of the transgressor is hard." (Pro.13:15) So we ask Thee to straighten out this problem, not only in that Home, Lord, & the person causing the trouble--as so often it is sometimes only one person that's infecting others, defecting others at heart--but possibly in many other Homes that have the same problem. Help them to deal with it, confront it, have it out in the open, face it & tell'm off if nothing else will do it.
       27. HELP THEM FIRST OF ALL TO GO TO THEM IN BROTHERLY LOVE, AS YOU SAID, & TRY TO WIN THEM, TRY TO SHOW THEM THEIR FAULT. But it's so hard to do that, Lord, in some cases where their hearts are so hard & they've been at it so long. They're like the people in the last days of Israel when the Prophets rebuked them & exhorted them & they said, "Wherein have we sinned? Wherein have we done this? Wherein have we done that?" Your Word says in Malachi, "Were they ashamed? No, they could not even blush!" (Mal.2:17; Jer.8:12) They couldn't even see that they had sinned or where their sin was! They felt so self-righteous & so perfect themselves they couldn't even see their sin, wouldn't even confess it or admit it, because they couldn't even see it! They had gone on so long resisting the Truth it had lost its power over their minds & their hearts to where they couldn't even see it any more!
       28. MY GOD, HELP US NOT TO EVER GET THAT FAR, & NONE OF THESE PEOPLE, IF POSSIBLE! Sometimes it's hard to show'm & they don't even see it themselves until something catastrophic or cataclysmic happens to really shake'm up & wake'm up & expose them to themselves. Sometimes it has to be through severe judgement & severe spanking & chastening, very severe. [DELETED]
       29. SO WE ASK THEE TO HAVE THY WAY, IN JESUS' NAME, IN ALL THESE CASES, YOU KNOW WHAT'S BEST! Give these folks, Thy anointed leaders, wisdom to handle them. They have done it before in many difficult cases. Here's a very bad case of murmuring & a malcontent who apparently has had this problem a long time, now give them wisdom as to how to handle it, & if possible, to wake'm up & shake'm up & get'm to repent & show them themselves what bad shape they're in, Lord, so they'll really wake up & confess & repent & get back to Thee. And if not, give them wisdom about how to [EDITED: "have"] them [EDITED: "leave"] so they won't poison any others, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory. Have Thy way, You know what's best. Thy will be done, in Jesus' name. Give these wisdom, & give them wisdom as they handle this case. TYL!
       30. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOYAL & FAITHFUL ONES, THE 100-PERCENTERS, THE 110-PERCENTERS, LORD, THE 99 OUT OF 100 WHO HAVE NOT STRAYED & WHO HAVE BEEN LOYAL & FAITHFUL & REMAIN IN THE FOLD, who have given all, forsaken all & are still doing it, Lord, & are conquering the World with Thy Love & spreading Thy Gospel everywhere in every nation to every creature in all the World!--Sacrificing, working hard, Lord, & suffering many difficult circumstances, far worse situations than this complainer is in, who lives in a Home with full support & doesn't even have to go out on the streets [EDITED: "litnessing"] [DELETED], doesn't have to work so hard & suffer & be persecuted & suffer privation or lacks or anything! All she has to do is stay at home & take care of her kids & her husband & enjoy the fellowship of other full-time workers with full support.--And yet she complains & murmurs & doesn't like this & that & is discontented.
       31. LORD JESUS, HELP US TO LEARN HOW TO BE CONTENT! "IN WHATSOEVER STATE WE'RE IN, THEREIN TO BE CONTENT!" (Phil.4:11) PTL! We know how to be in want & we know how to abound, but we also know how to be thankful for whatever we've got, Lord, & to praise Thee for it, because we know there's nothing any better, nothing! This is the best life in the World, the best work in the World, the best Love in the World, & You're the best Lord in the World--out-of-this-World! Nothing could be better than Thy Love & Thy Word & Thy Work & Thy workers & their fellowship & to be able to live & work together & love together in Thy Kingdom for Thee & for souls, nothing better in this whole World, Lord, & we'll be so happy! If we're not happy enough now, Lord, when we see the results Over There we'll certainly be happy enough then.
       32. SO FORGIVE US FOR OUR LITTLE MURMURINGS & COMPLAININGS & GRIPINGS & GROWLINGS & GROANINGS & BELLYACHING & CRITICISMS! Help us to learn to be thankful, "in all things give thanks" (1Thes.5:18), to praise You in all things, Lord, & be thankful for what we've got, because things could be worse--& will be! We'll look back at these as days of Heaven on Earth when there's Hell on Earth! What's she going to do then, Lord? What are these malcontents, these discontents going to do then? If they complained about the days of Heaven on Earth, what the Hell, Lord, are they going to do then? If they couldn't stand Heaven on Earth, how are they going to be able to stand Hell on Earth? My Lord, shake'm up! Wake'm up! [DELETED]
       33. THANK YOU LORD THAT THIS THING WAS REVEALED & UNCOVERED BY HER OWN WORDS & HER OWN SPIRIT! I'm glad they had her slap us in the face like this to wake us up to what's wrong with her, rather than let her get by with it & poison others. So we ask You, in Jesus' name, to correct her, Lord, if it be possible, & bring her to repentance if it's not too late, before she poisons herself & any others & her children. And if she resists & refuses correction, Lord, then help us [EDITED: "to help her to leave"] somehow, in some way.--Let her have her own way & go her way, what she thinks will bring her happiness & contentment, but which of course won't, Lord, because she'll never be happier than she is right now serving You with all Thy children & her children & her husband in the greatest & best work in the World, Heaven on Earth, Lord! TYJ!
       34. PRAISE YOU, LORD, FOR THIS LIFE & THY LOVE & THIS WORK! Forgive us for the times we've murmured & complained sometimes, Lord, & grouched & growled & grumbled about this or that other little tiny thing. Forgive us, Lord! Help us all to be more thankful & praise Thee for all Thy goodness & mercy instead of murmuring & complaining & growling & grumbling & griping. Help us, Lord, to praise Thee! Even when the Devil comes in with his growlings & gripings, or tries to, Lord, help us to confront him with praise, to shout & sing praises, Lord, & thanksgiving for all Your goodness & mercy & love & provision & protection & all this wonderful life that You've given us to live for Thee & for others, the best & greatest in the World & with the greatest dividends in Heaven, in Jesus' name! TYL! Amen! PTL!
+ + + + + + +

       (From Talk to Family at Dinner:)       11/84

       35. DO ANY OF YOU WANT TO GO BACK? You're welcome to go any time. Any time I know you're not contented & you don't like it here, for God's sake, you couldn't get out fast enough to suit me! I don't care who you are or what you are or what you can do, if you don't like it here, for God's sake, get out!
       36. ONE THING I'M NOT NOTED FOR IS MY PATIENCE WITH PEOPLE WHO AREN'T 100%, who are bellyachers, complainers, murmurers, gripers & discontented people who don't like us or the way we live or our Homes or whatever! I don't even like everything about us, we've got lots of room for improvement, but for goodness sake, if I wasn't happy here I wouldn't be here! I wouldn't stay, I'd leave!
       37. WELL, I KNOW SOME OF THOSE LITTLE DEVILS JUST LIKE TO STAY AROUND TO CAUSE TROUBLE, & I THINK [EDITED: "THIS GIRL"] HAS A BAD SPIRIT! I think she has an evil spirit, because it crops out when it has a chance to make trouble, but every time they really face her down, it retreats & watches its step. It doesn't want to be so bad that she gets thrown out, because those little devils can't stick around if the person harbouring them gets thrown out, they can't cause trouble any more. So they really try to straighten out & be on their best behaviour if they get caught once in awhile.
       38. WELL, SHE'S CAUGHT NOW, BROTHER, & IT'S GOING TO TAKE ONE HEAVEN OF A LOT OF HELP TO GET OUT OF THIS MESS SHE'S GOT HERSELF INTO!--OR SHE'S GOING TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT HOME & IN A HURRY! They'd better do it quick! That rotten apple is spoiling her kids, for one thing, & kids'll ruin other kids too. It's better to get rid of the rotten apple than to rot the whole barrel! I'd rather have an enemy on the outside than on the inside.
       39. HAVE THEY PUT UP WITH HER SO LONG JUST TO KEEP [EDITED: "HER HUSBAND"]? I don't care how good a musician he is, he's not that good to have to wreck a whole Family & a whole house with a poisonous personality in the midst of them! Those people always grab onto somebody new or somebody weaker & try to subvert them too, like the new girl & boy that are there. God help us! You'd better pray for her!
       40. THERE'S NOTHING I HATE, & GOD HATES TOO, LIKE MURMURERS, BELLYACHERS & COMPLAINERS!--When God is so good to us, to bellyache, complain & murmur about everything! I know how He spanked me for it a few times, I'll tell you! We've got everything to be thankful for! How can we murmur & bellyache & complain about anything when we're living in Heaven-on-Earth?--In Heavenly Homes, with Heavenly people! We've got everything to be thankful for! This business of complaining & murmuring, for God's sake, if they don't like it, why don't they get the Hell out? That's what I can't understand!
       41. IT'S SOME KIND OF DEMON-POSSESSION APPARENTLY: THEY DON'T WANT TO GET OUT BECAUSE THEY CAN'T CAUSE ANY TROUBLE OUTSIDE! They don't want to go home because they can't cause enough trouble to God's Work back amongst the Systemites. They want to stick in our Units to keep causing trouble! She's been with us for years! How come nobody ever reported this before? That's what I don't like about some of you people, not telling us about these problem people, not coming out with the truth about them!--Flat-out to their leaders & flat-out to their faces! Have it out! Get the God-damned demon out of them or get the God-damned person out of the Family! I'm telling you, I wouldn't have put up with that kind of a gal for a minute! I always knew there was something wrong with her, even the little appearances she made on video, etc. She was sort of smirking & I just got that feeling off of her like she was doing it because she had to, not because she wanted to.
       42. SHE'D BETTER REALLY STRAIGHTEN OUT OR THE BEST THING FOR HER IS TO [DELETED] SEND HER HOME! Her husband's got a problem on his hands, Brother, & he had better solve it or he is going to go with her!--Period!--Kids & all! She's apparently already infected her kids.
       43. I'LL TELL YOU, WE NEVER PUT UP WITH THAT KIND OF STUFF AT THE RANCH OR IN ANY OF OUR HOMES! This is an Army! We can be thankful we live in such comfort & in such love & such plenty, we've got everything to be thankful for! Anybody that doesn't like it, for God's sake, throw'm out! [DELETED] If they don't really, really genuinely repent & change. I believe in giving people a chance, & we have, but I'll tell you, these God-damned murmurers & complainers, God Himself left millions of them dead on the desert in Israel because they complained! (Num.14:29,30)
       44. LET ME TELL YOU, IN THIS FAMILY & IN GOD'S SOCIETY & IN HEAVEN OR ANYPLACE ELSE, MURMURING & COMPLAINING IS NOT ONLY A SIN, IT'S A CRIME! You'll not only be punished for it, but if you don't stop it, you'll get thrown out! We don't want a bunch of bellyachers around! [DELETED]
       45. MY LORD, FOLKS, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT HERE, FOR GOD'S SAKE, GET OUT & GO SOMEPLACE ELSE WHERE YOU LIKE IT BETTER! I mean it! Now's your chance! Anybody want to go? You're welcome to go! Everything's not always perfect & a few things are bound to happen that maybe you don't like once in awhile, but try to get it straightened out between you or that person or the Lord or somebody or come & tell us about it. Don't just go around behind our backs murmuring to everybody else like she's been doing!
       46. THAT'S THE WAY THOSE LITTLE DEVILS ARE, THEY DON'T WANT TO COME RIGHT OUT & HAVE A CONFRONTATION, BECAUSE YOU'RE APT TO FIND OUT WHAT THEY REALLY ARE & WHO THEY REALLY ARE & HAVE IT OUT WITH THEM! They like to work in secret, backbiting & murmuring around behind your back, gossiping & talking behind your back. Well, this little devil finally really exposed himself in this Art critique! Apparently when they were asked for that critique it was almost like commanding that devil to speak up, & he spoke up!--Or she did, whatever it is. Did you know there are female devils too?--Female evil spirits? Watch out for them that they don't get into you & cause you to murmur & complain & gripe & bellyache & be dissatisfied & discontented!
       47. SAINT PAUL SAID, "I HAVE LEARNED TO BE CONTENT IN WHATSOEVER STATE I'M IN. I KNOW HOW TO BE IN WANT & I KNOW HOW TO ABOUND." (Phi.4:11,12) Isn't that about the way we've lived? We've lived poor as Job's Turkey sometimes, but it seems like in recent years we've really abounded. We just take the bitter with the sweet, whatever it is, but we don't like bitter people & we'll not tolerate them in the Family, I'll tell you, lest any little root of bitterness corrupt the whole bunch! (Heb.12:15)
       48. WE SHOULD HAVE [EDITED: "HAD"] THAT GAL [EDITED: "LEAVE"] YEARS AGO & gotten her poor husband a decent wife who loves the Lord & who could be an encouragement & an inspiration & lift him up instead of always dragging him down!--Or better yet, gotten her straightened out years ago!
       49. HERE ARE OUR GORGEOUS PICTURES, BEAUTIFUL ART THAT OUR BOYS HAVE PAINTED & WORKED SO HARD ON, & PEOPLE LIKE THAT CAN'T DO ANYTHING BUT FIND FAULT!--Not just merely nitpickers, but faultfinders! That's the worst thing you can have around, people who always find fault. I've got plenty of faults, & I'm sure you've found them by this time, but at least you love me & you put up with them & you recognise the fact that I have a few virtues so that they are worth putting up with my faults. At least we're doing better than some people, & I don't think you'd be here if you didn't think so. If you can find anything better, you're welcome! We didn't get this far with people like that, I'll tell you! We got this far by [EDITED: "kicking out"] people like that or getting rid of that kind of spirit! We haven't gotten to the soft, decadent point now that we can just put up with anybody, & we're not going to do it, that's all!
       50. A PERSON LIKE THAT IN THE HOUSE IS WORSE THAN A POISONOUS SNAKE, MORE DANGEROUS!--TO POISON MINDS, POISON HEARTS, POISON THE WHOLE HOME, POISON THE KIDS! How horrible! I don't think any musician is that valuable, & if he's worth it, even if we threw her out he'd stick!
       51. IT'S APPARENTLY BEEN THE RULE WITH HER FOR YEARS TO BE A BELLYACHER & A MURMURER & DISCONTENTED, & YOU CAN'T TELL ME SHE HASN'T POISONED A LOT OF PEOPLE ALONG THE WAY! She's causing discontent at that Home right now, poisoning other people who echoed her criticisms, etc., new people who haven't really been in [DELETED] WS Units & really learned our way of living & our sacrifice & discipline & putting up with no funny business!
       52. APPARENTLY WHENEVER SHE'S BEEN FACED DOWN WITH IT, SHE'S BACKED UP OR BACKED DOWN & BEEN ON HER GOOD BEHAVIOUR. That's exactly the way people are who have bad spirits, evil spirits. Whenever the little dirty demon thinks he's going to get caught, he backs down & they get on their very best behaviour: "No, I won't do it any more, I'm sorry! Oh, I'm so sorry, blah blah blah!" Boy, you remember some of those cases, huh?--Till finally every time you turned your back they stabbed you again or it cropped out again! Well, you can only stand that a few times & then you have to [EDITED: "kick"] them [EDITED: "out"].
       53. THE BIBLE SAYS TO GO TO THEM PERSONALLY FIRST & TELL'M IF YOU HAVE OUGHT AGAINST THEM, & IF THEY WON'T LISTEN TO YOU, TAKE TWO OR THREE WITNESSES. If they won't listen to them either, bring them before the whole congregation, & if they still won't repent, third time they struck out! Out they go! You warn'm, you with two or three witnesses warn'm, then the whole congregation warns'm, that's three warnings, & if they don't change, it says treat'm like a heretick, treat'm like an unbeliever, like an outsider, a Systemite, in other words. If they won't straighten out, [EDITED: "kick them out"]! (Mat.18:15-17; Tit.3:10,11)
       54. I THINK YOU FOLKS KNOW I CAN BE KIND & I CAN BE SYMPATHETIC & LOVING & CONSIDERATE MOST OF THE TIME & I'M CONCERNED ABOUT YOU, but I'll tell you, if I catch you bellyachin' & gripin' & gruntin' & groanin' & always complaining & murmuring, I'm not going to put up with you! God just hates that spirit! It's an unthankful spirit. In other words, she's murmuring against God, murmuring against the Lord, & that letter she wrote was a personal insult to me! I worked on that picture with Jac. Most of those things in that picture were my idea, not just his! He drew what I told him to draw! He put all the people there I told him to put there! That place is my idea of a happy Mansion, a happy Home in Heaven, the more people the merrier! Hallelujah!--Babies, children, everything!--Except I don't know if I want to put up with a bunch of old folks. She wants more old folks. She must be an old-fogey herself!
       55. (PRAYS:) THANK YOU FOR OUR HOMES, LORD! THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL FAMILY, THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE, THIS WONDERFUL WORLD & THIS WONDERFUL WORK, LORD! THANK YOU JESUS FOR IT ALL! Help us never to complain or murmur or gripe or bellyache or go around poisoning other people with complaints & murmurs. You really are sick of that kind of thing & that kind of people, Lord, & You just will not put up with them! You slaughtered millions of people out in the desert who did it & You only let their children inherit the Kingdom, & that's just about what You've done with this Family, Lord. You left their parents back in the deserts of the System almost to rot there while we go on to a new life in Thy beautiful, glorious Kingdom forever!--In Jesus' name! GBAKY from murmuring!--Are you a murmurer?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family