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SEED CORN, HOT CAKES & BEGGARS!--God's Beggars!DO 18852/85

1. DO YOU THINK YOU COULD SELL THIS POSTER ON THE STREETS? DO YOU THINK YOU COULD SELL ONE OF THESE BIG PICTURES TOO? I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO GO! PTL! We're going to send you the first couple of batches free, enough to even distribute free, because I want you to find out & see how they go & I want you to get hooked on colour litnessing! (See LNFs 61.) We've got an abbreviation for witnessing with literature, isn't litnessing a lot easier to say? Now we're going to have to think of an abbreviation for litnessing with colour! (Maria: They say "postering.") Postering, that's good! That covers it, whether it's black-&-white or colour. That sounds great, TTL!

2. WE'RE PAYING FOR THE FIRST COUPLE OF BATCHES TO THE TUNE OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS & MILLIONS OF COPIES SO WE CAN GET YOU HOOKED! I'm talking about our own people, getting you hooked on using them, because you've gotta be sold! You can't be a salesman unless you're sold, & you can't be sold on'm till you actually get out & try it & see how it goes. Of course, you ought to be sold on it even before you go--sold on the fact that it's gorgeous & it's really got a powerful impact Message! I believe you'll get sold, that you can sell'm, so we're giving you the first couple of batches free to prove it!

3. IT'S NOT COSTING YOU A PENNY! We've already paid over half the cost in paying for the creation, production, colour separations & sending you thousands of free samples! And now we're also paying for the printing & posting. Of course from there on you've got to take them out & hit the streets & the houses with'm, but we've paid for everything but that--but that should pay for itself! I think that's quite a windfall & you ought to be very thankful. Usually you have to print & pay for your own GP lit, don't you? We've always tried to teach our people to be indigenous, & that means self-supporting & self-propagating, as well as self-governing.

4. IF THE POSTERS DON'T GO OVER, I WILL CERTAINLY BE SURPRISED! If these posters don't sell on the streets & door-to-door & store-to-store & everywhere, I would certainly be absolutely dumbfounded!--I mean, if you'll be sold on them yourselves & get out there & push them, I believe they'll go! I believe they'll be a sensation! Even in black-and-white they've gone better than our other little lit. Here's something big that people can see and it really attracts attention, like holding up a newspaper on the street! After all, if the newsboys went around peddling little minis & micros, etc., probably nobody would buy'm any more than they did those! But I think these things are really going to go! And the best part about it is that they really pack a wallop, a real Message, and they'll really get out the Message to the World!

5. I BELIEVE THIS IS ONE OF OUR LAST BIG PUSHES OF LIT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, GP LIT WITH A GP MESSAGE, & I BELIEVE THEY'RE GONNA GO! And not only that, I believe they're going to be self-supporting! They're not only going to support you, but give you enough in return to pay for more so WS doesn't have to pay for them next time! We can't afford to keep paying for'm at this rate, & for us to bear all the cost & all the expense & everything is just a little too much. I'm so sold, I want to sell them, & in order to sell you on the idea, I'm willing to give'm away to you free!--Not to the public, but to our own folks, so you can try'm & see! And as we heard from places like Brazil, they're already going over in black-&-white, already making a hit! Just think what'll happen when they see'm in colour!

6. WHERE'S THAT POSTER? I WANT TO HAVE A SAMPLE IN MY HAND WHEN I'M TALKING ABOUT THESE THINGS! If you were halfway down the block, could you see that? Wouldn't you be interested? By the time you got to it you'd be willing to shell out to get one! They've got to be able to see it from a distance because they're making a decision, it's arousing their curiosity & they're wondering, "What in the World is that? What's he selling anyway? What is it? Well, it sure is pretty!" And as he gets closer it's even prettier, & finally they get up close enough that they like it & they want one! They say, "How much?" And you say, "Well, whatever you're willing to give for our missionary work." Or, "Whatever you're willing to donate to our charity for the poor.--Or whatever you think it's worth!"--That's sure what it is, amen?--You're the poor!

7. IN THE RICH COUNTRIES THEY USED TO GET 25 & 50 CENTS COMMONLY FOR JUST A LITTLE FOUR-PAGE KOMIC, A LITTLE PIECE OF BLACK-&-WHITE LIT! Wasn't that a pretty common donation?--Or a one dollar bill.--Even quite a few dollars sometimes. How much do you think you could get for this in the U.S.A. or Europe? (Fam: We heard in Latin America they're getting $1 for the black-&-white posters!)--The equivalent of one dollar for black-&-whites! Wow! Whew!--In a poor Third World country, think of that! I'm going to take another look! Maybe we're going to get a few fivers!

8. I WAS STRETCHING MY FAITH A BIT IN A BUSINESS MEETING THE OTHER DAY when I said that in rich countries like North America & Europe & maybe Japan & Australia too, any rich areas--even Singapore's rich--of course Singapore doesn't like us--but anyhow, don't you think you ought to get at least the equivalent of U.S. 50 cents to a dollar in a donation? Of course, the real generous ones might give more, but I don't see how people in those rich countries would have the nerve to give any less! They pay that much or more for a poster in a store! We paid two or three dollars per poster as I recall. Of course, they were a little bit bigger than this, but they weren't this pretty. (Maria: Something that makes them look bigger too is to frame it on a piece of cardboard. It looks bigger & it would help you to hold it up.)--Yes!

9. FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOU STREET & STORE-TO-STORE SALESMEN, IN THIS CASE I'VE GOT A PIECE OF BLACK ART BOARD AS A BACKGROUND with close to an inch border all the way around, to show how you can frame it. Then if they buy'm, of course you don't give'm the sample frame, you just give'm the picture. Well, I've already suggested you keep your hands free & wear a sandwich-board front & back to display it, because while you're making transactions & pulling off another poster to give to'm & accepting their donation, you can't very well do all that with one hand. So I think the sandwich-board idea is pretty good, don't you? Put it on art board like this, or cardboard, & have the cardboard shaped so it's a nice frame that sticks out about an inch all around it, & all you need is a couple of little strings over your shoulders. (Maria: You could have two or three of them that size!) Yes, that's right! With these horizontals you could wear two or three different kinds down the front, & two or three different kinds down the back! They could take their pick!

10. SO I THINK YOU OUGHT TO GET THE EQUIVALENT OF AT LEAST U.S. 50 CENTS TO A DOLLAR FOR THESE IN THE RICH COUNTRIES, DON'T YOU THINK SO? And even in the poorest countries of the World, like India where they're so poor, don't you think they ought to give the equivalent of at least something around 10 or 25 cents for a beautiful colour picture like this? Of course I'm sure in those poor countries there are still lots of rich people who will probably give at least 25 cents or 50 cents, maybe a dollar!

11. BUT ON THE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, EVEN IN THE POOREST COUNTRIES, DON'T YOU THINK PEOPLE WOULD GIVE YOU THE EQUIVALENT OF AT LEAST 10 CENTS FOR THIS? You've got to figure on the denominations of their money too, of the bills or the coins, because that's what people are going to give you. They're not going to stop & wait for change & you're not going to give'm any! If they don't have change, forget it! Just say, "Sorry, I don't have any change!" If anybody ever asks for change for one of these things, tell'm forget it! Say, "So sorry, I don't have any change!"--And if they don't value it that much, let'm go. You can't afford to be standing there making change.

12. WHEN I BOUGHT NEWSPAPERS FROM NEWSBOYS RUNNING ALONGSIDE OF CARS DOWN THE LINE STOPPED AT A STOP LIGHT, THEY NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT GIVING CHANGE, THEY DIDN'T HAVE TIME! If you didn't have the change, forget it, they let you go.--Either that or you gave'm the dollar bill or the 25 or 50 cents for a newspaper. Right? My two boys used to sell papers like that & they really made money! They made the most money that way, running down the lines of cars stopped at a stoplight. I was horrified when I first heard that they were running down between these lines of cars selling papers, but they said, "Dad, we make more money that way because people know we can't stop for change. On the street corner they stand there expecting a dollar's worth of change for a nickel paper!" Isn't that ridiculous? "But they know we can't give'm change running down the line between the cars, so they just give us whatever they've got, 25 cents at least usually, sometimes 50 cents or even a dollar!"--They take pity on the poor newsboys, they know they wouldn't be out selling newspapers if they weren't poor.

13. SO I CAN'T IMAGINE ANYBODY EVEN IN THE POOR THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES WHO'D GIVE LESS THAN TEN CENTS OR THE EQUIVALENT! Even as poor as they are, I think I'd be insulted if they came up & offered me five cents for this picture! That would be almost insulting! There would be some exceptions where some poor person really wants a picture bad & pleads & says, "This is all I've got!" You can always have a soft heart & give it to'm. I'd almost rather give it to'm than just take five cents for it, if they're that poor! But goodness gracious, who's so poor they couldn't give the equivalent of ten cents, or even 25 cents? That's a lot of money to some of those people, but after all, it's worth a lot! I don't think they should give a donation of less than 10 or 25 cents for a picture like this even in the poorest countries! What do you think?

14. IF YOU'D ADD UP THE COST OF THE CREATIONS, PRODUCTION, COLOUR SEPARATION & EVERYTHING ELSE THAT WE GIVE TO THE LOCAL AREAS, I DARE SAY WE HAVE PAID OVER HALF THE COST EVEN BEFORE YOU START PRINTING'M! Having created these posters & printed them & sent the original colour separations to the local Poster Push Centres, the PPCs, all you have to do is take'm to the printer & that's it! And on these first two batches we are paying all the cost, including the local printing in at least three centres, three major areas!--We're donating the whole thing! But we can't afford to do that continuously because we have other things to pay for & support, other publications & other missionaries to support without having to give you all this beautiful colour lit free!

15. YOU KNOW WHAT SEED CORN IS, DON'T YOU? We feel that after we've given you the first few batches of seed & you've planted it, the seed will give back multiple return, much more than you plant. We give you the seed corn & you are going to get so much in return we feel you should be able to pay for the next ones yourselves! Of course in very large quantities like we're doing them in, 100,000, 200,000 at a time, the cost gets down to just a fraction, just a few cents a copy, but even if you only get 10 cents a copy, you can get back almost double the total cost of printing & distribution!--Probably the approximate total cost, including our costs, but we're not charging you for that now.

16. LET'S SAY OUT OF EVERY 10 CENTS YOU PUT BACK FIVE CENTS TO PAY FOR THE NEXT PRINTING. That'll pay for every poster you at least get 10 cents for. You certainly could get back that much, don't you think? Then you can print another one for 5 cents, God willing, or even 3 or 4 cents. Out of that total 10 cents, 5 cents goes to printing seed corn & one cent to us for the original creation.--Which will never even begin to pay for it! In other words your 10% Tithe, one penny out of a dime, one penny out of ten cents, one out of ten is 10%, your Tithe, So out of the 10 cents you get for this at least, even in a poor country, one cent goes to us, 5 cents to print another one, & you still clear 3 or 4 cents for your own support! And if then you start printing them yourselves, you pay 5 cents for a copy of this, & you get back enough to send us a penny & pay for more copies, plus another 3 or 4 cents for yourself! You're getting about 100% profit!

17. I'M JUST TALKING IN PRACTICAL, COMMON SENSE, DOWN-TO-EARTH BUSINESS TERMS!--BECAUSE IF WE DIDN'T RUN THE LORD'S WORK, GOD'S BUSINESS, ON A BUSINESS BASIS, WE WOULDN'T BE HERE NOW!--If we hadn't been careful about money & tried to do our best to make sure that whatever we were going to do the Lord was going to bless it enough to pay for it. And I believe He's going to bless these more than enough to pay for them! I think it's going to help you litnessers' support tremendously, you posterers. That's kind of a hard word to say, maybe you can think of something better. How about Posters & Posting? I think it's going to help your support, & maybe eventually we're even going to get back our costs, if nothing else, thank the Lord, but we're not even asking for that. The Lord will take care of us as long as we do His will. As long as we keep doing the job, God will bless us somehow. If it's not from one source it's from another. God has always paid our costs & more & been generous with us, that's why we keep printing more all the time.

18. WE'RE PRINTING MORE & FASTER THAN YOU CAN EVEN READ IT! This past year we printed the equivalent of 144 pages a week! Right now you guys are having to struggle to read how many pages a week? We've got 3 weekly pubs, one 32 pages, two of them 16 pages each, that's 64 pages, in fact great big pages that are four times as big as the old GN pages! If you think about those little tiny GNs we used to print, the new GN is more than four times as big, each page! So if you read all these pages, 64 big pages, if they were the old GNs you'd be reading about four times that much a week!--About 250 pages!--Plus Kidz, plus LIN, plus the Family Specials Magazine that comes out about once every couple of months. (Maria: Once every 3 months, & they're anywhere from 550 to 600 pages, so you could count on reading about 200 pages a month of Family Specials.) That's another 50 pages a week. That's 314 pages a week!--Plus all the special books, etc.! Why don't you figure up for me about how many pages a week the average Family member has to read in order to keep up with just what we're printing. (Fam: It's about 50 pages a day!) Wow! It seems to me like it could even be more than that! Figure it up in little old GN pages we used to print. When you add that up you've got about 50 pages a day to read!

19. NORMALLY IN MY PROOFREADING I CAN'T EVEN READ 120 OR 130 PAGES IN ONE DAY DEVOTING MY FULL DAY, ALL DAY TO READING IT! Even when I was doing the little small-size pages, the 64-page GNs, I think that was my record, I did a little over a hundred pages one day! Of course, that's proofreading & I have to correct & think & stop & add punctuation & a lot of other things, so it's pretty slow. I might have been able to read twice that many just reading something already done. But proofreading is a little slow, probably about as slow as you read'm, because you're reading them for the first time & you've got to let it sink in & really study it. So maybe your reading is just as slow as my proofreading.

20. JUST THINK OF THAT, IF THEY WERE THE OLD SMALL {\ul \i GN}-SIZE PAGES, YOU'D BE HAVING TO READ ABOUT 50 PAGES A DAY!--Or you are reading about 50 pages a day! How about that? What was the requirement for Harvard? They usually have to read about how many pages? I think it was only about 40 pages a day! (See WND 22, page 61.) You're having to read more than Harvard University students in your reading course. (Maria: And we've got full-time jobs on top of it!) Yes, everybody's got work to do besides. Think of that!

21. THAT'S WHY I SAY WE'RE ACTUALLY PRINTING MORE THAN YOU CAN READ, & WE KNOW IT!--FASTER THAN YOU CAN READ! Some people may be able to read it all, some people maybe won't be able to read it all. But you'd better read the GNs if you don't read anything else, & you definitely oughtta read the WNDs, that's important, & the FSMs, & I'm sure you'll be interested in reading the FNs. Thank God they're mostly pictures, so you don't have so much reading to do, & I've tried to put more & more pictures in the WND as well as the GN. (Peter: On small GN pages, not counting books, just weeklies & monthlies, we'd have to read 75 pages every day!)

22. SO WE KNOW WE'RE GIVING YOU MORE THAN YOU'RE ABLE TO READ RIGHT NOW, SO DON'T GET DISCOURAGED BECAUSE YOU CAN'T KEEP UP WITH IT ALL. Just be sure you read the GNs & at least look through the WND & read the things you're interested in. You don't have to read the whole WND, nobody reads the whole newspaper but me! I read every little one-inch squib, everything in that paper except the classified ads! I used to read those, but I finally gave it up. You'd be surprised what an education you get out of the classified ads!

23. I'M CONTINUING TO HOLD UP THIS BEAUTIFUL POSTER HERE TO KEEP SELLING YOU ON IT! If you get tired of looking at me, you can look at the poster! The little newsboys used to try to push a paper on you, "Read it, read it!" & the tough guys would say, "Oh, I can't read!"--A stall to brush them aside & not to read the paper. So then the kids would say, "Well, look at the pictures!" If they can't read the text on the back, tell'm to look at the picture!

24. BUT I READ THE WHOLE THING, I EVEN READ THE DISPLAY ADS!--At least I look'm over in case there's any interesting illustration we can use. Sometimes I read'm. It's interesting to see what kind of employees they're looking for. In case I ever run out of a job I might be able to get some other kind of a job!--Ha! They put the biggest ads in for the highest-paid employees, top executives, engineers, etc. The trouble is, I never had that kind of engineering. I do well to engineer a house & a family!

25. BUT ANYWAY, I READ THE WHOLE PAPER, EVERY LITTLE BIT OF IT, INCLUDING THE LITTLE TINY LAST-MINUTE NEWS BECAUSE THERE MIGHT BE SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT & IMPORTANT IN IT! It's important that I read it all, because I often find something very important & very significant in the tiniest little items that the newspaper didn't think was important, but we know is important because we know this Bible! Therefore we know that that particular item is important because it is a fulfilment of these prophecies or another sign of the times or another indication that a certain thing is about to happen or going to happen, etc. A lot of times they give very little space to something very significant that we know is important. So I read it all, something you don't have to do! Thank God I've got dear James Penn reading half of them for me now so I don't have to read all of every one of them. But I still check over the papers he reads to make sure that he doesn't miss anything that's important. So you don't have to read as much as I do, but of course my full time, all my work time is devoted to reading.

26. HAVE YOU SEEN ENOUGH OF THIS POSTER NOW? CAN I LET MY ARM DOWN? If I don't let it down pretty soon, you're going to have to come & hold it up! Maybe we can set it up over here so we can study it. And how about this Endtime News? This is for you kids, you can have it if you promise to read it. Have you read that in your class yet? Well, you can read it again! I'm sure you didn't get it the first time. I still don't know all of what it says, I still haven't memorised it, I still need to study it. I'd like for you to continue to pass this around & proofread it.

27. THIS IS THE WAY THE FINAL COLOUR {\ul \i ENDTIME NEWSPAPER'S} GOING TO BE! The front of it, of course, is only half our poster-size, but when you spread it out, it is full poster-size both sides, & both sides colour!--Which means that it's equivalent to two colour posters, therefore it's going to cost twice as much to get this printed as one poster. It's pretty costly, but we think it's worth it! If you don't think it's big enough on the street, then don't hold it up half-size, spread it out like this! Let'm see it all, at least one side! Hold it up like that & they can see both sides from both directions! How's that for a come-on? How's that for a visual pitch? It'll almost sell itself, don't you think so?

28. YOU SAY, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, DAD? WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ALL THIS BUSINESS ABOUT SELLING THINGS & MAKING MONEY? I thought we were out of the System & out of that kind of money-making business!" Let me tell you, brother, if we don't make some money, we're not going to last another month!--If we don't get back at least our costs! God's Word says, "The labourer is worthy of his hire & muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn!" (Luk.10:7; 1Cor.9:9) do you know what that means?

29. THEY USED TO USE OXEN TO WALK OVER THE GRAIN TO SEPARATE IT FROM THE CHAFF, then they'd take a shovel & throw it up in the air, in the wind, & the chaff would blow away & the grain would fall back down on the floor. They also used oxen to turn a great big millstone on top of another millstone to grind the corn, & of course some of it fell out on the floor, so the oxen would stop once in awhile to eat that which fell on the floor. So God's Word even provides for the oxen! He says, "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast!" (Pro.12:10) So you were not supposed to stop the oxen from eating the corn on the floor. Of course, if he decides to stand there all day & just eat instead of work, that's another story, but you certainly weren't supposed to muzzle the ox so they couldn't eat any of it. Savvy? So "muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn!" In other words, you're doing the work, you're treading out this corn--it may be pretty corny but it's corn--so you're not supposed to be muzzled so that you don't get something back for it in return!

30. SO IF WE DIDN'T DO THIS ON A BUSINESS-LIKE BASIS & EXPECT YOU TO BE ABLE TO MAKE IT, WE'D HAVE BEEN LONG GONE A LONG TIME AGO! That's one reason we have survived & the others haven't. There were oodles of various Jesus People groups & Jesus Freaks & blah blah blah in the early days when we first got started, & when they saw how we were booming & how great those methods & tactics worked, the churches started trying it to get young people. They hadn't been able to get hardly any before. But then they began to see that, "Well, hippies are not so bad after all & they might even turn out to be valuable! A lot of them are rich kids, a lot of them are our own kids!" They couldn't even get their own kids to church! So they started using our simple tactics of just appealing to the young people with what they were interested in & even using parades & demonstrations & sit-ins or sit-outs & marches & whatnot. Of course, they could get a lot more people in a church parade with all the churches in town cooperating than we could, but who would want all those old fuddy-duddies anyhow?--A bunch of old bottles walking along with all those kids!

31. BUT DON'T YOU THINK IF YOU HELD THE "ENDTIME NEWS" UP SHOWING THE FRONT SIDE THIS WAY, & THIS SIDE THAT WAY, THAT PEOPLE COMING FROM BOTH DIRECTIONS COULD SEE IT? Of course, with a shoulder bag full of them you'd almost have to hold it in one hand so you could accept the gift fast enough in this hand & deal out the copies! You've got to have at least one hand free! Of course, if you put one of these on the front & one on the back, sandwich-board style with strings over your shoulders, that ought to do it, amen? Of course, this way you can hold it up above the heads of the crowd coming down the street or sidewalk & they can see it from both directions just like the newsboys do, but your arm may get pretty tired holding it straight up, it's very hard & makes it very tired. But you can usually hold it about head-high with your elbow resting against your side & your forearm straight up holding it on a level with your face. Don't you think that would attract attention?

32. DON'T YOU THINK YOU COULD SELL IT? DON'T YOU THINK YOU COULD SELL MORE & FOR MORE MONEY THAN YOU USED TO GET FOR THOSE LITTLE TINY PIECES OF LIT? I believe it! These cost a lot more, so you ought to get more! They cost many times more each than one of those little tiny pieces of lit they used to peddle, especially in South America where Jethro & the Evil Magician were getting out micros about stamp-size! Talk about cheaters! Talk about gyppers! They thought they were going to make more money that way because they wouldn't have to pay so much for lit. Well, I dare say God didn't bless them & they probably made less money! People aren't going to pay anything for something that is nothing, so small you could hardly see it! Wouldn't that be ridiculous to be out there on the street holding up one of those little tiny things trying to get people to give you anything for that? You'd be almost so ashamed of that little tiny thing you wouldn't even want to hold it up! And if you start giving it out, people think you're giving it out free because it's hardly anything!

33. BUT THEY KNOW YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO GIVE OUT ANYTHING LIKE THIS FREE! They know that this's really worth a lot of money, it costs a lot of money! They take one look at you & this & they know that you're not giving it away free, that you expect something for it! Even if you're not setting a price, at least you're expecting a donation that will cover the cost, if nothing else! You've all done street litnessing, haven't you? Let me see your hands.--Almost every one of you except selah little ones. How many of you have done door-to-door litnessing? Store-to-store? Wow! How about that! Where did you do it, Davida? (Fam: In Madrid.) How about that! Well, you're a rare exception for children in a WS Home, because most of our kids are born in they've never had a chance to get out. I'll bet you could, couldn't you? Boy, I'll bet you could! Wouldn't you love to get out there on the street with this?--Or this beautiful poster I set up here in front of the TV? There's television for you! You never saw anything that pretty on television! Go ahead & clap! Only we've gotta be careful about clapping 'cause you can hear it out on the street!

34. FROM A DISTANCE THEY CAN'T SEE WHAT THESE PICTURES ARE, BUT IF SOMEBODY WAS HOLDING THAT UP ON THE STREET, WOULDN'T YOU BE CURIOUS TO SEE WHAT IN THE WORLD THAT IS? It looks like some kind of a big over-sized comicbook! So they come up & see it says: "Endtime News!--The Newspaper of the Future!--Exact Events of the Next Few Years!" Don't you think that ought to attract their attention & arouse their curiosity to want to get one? They haven't got time to stop & read it right there, of course, hardly anybody ever stops & reads the newspaper right where they buy it from the newsboy.--Especially riding along in their car or something, they just grab it quick & give him a tip or something, & that's what they're going to do. I think they're going to grab them so fast you're going to have a hard time passing them out fast enough! What do you think? If you had to use one hand to hold this up like this, it's going to keep the other hand busy accepting gifts. Besides, you've got to give one for every gift, so you're going to be going like this fast out of your bag! It's gonna keep you busy! Maybe not quite that fast. (Maria: Maybe they could have a team of two.) Yes!

35. ONE CAN BE ADVERTISING & SHOUTING: "IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!" Wouldn't that be a great thing to shout for this? That's my favourite newsboy shout: "It won't be long now! It won't be long now!" This newsboy on the corner in Los Angeles, everybody used to come & buy his papers because he kept shoutin', "It won't be long now!" That was always the same shout, no matter what paper he was selling, & he was right! He didn't know how right he was! But he found out that that sold papers. Everybody wondered, "What won't be long now? What's going to happen?" They'd rush up & buy a paper, "What's going to happen? Let's see? It won't be long before what? What won't be long now?"--And by that time he's sold the paper & they were a block down the street & they couldn't go back & complain about it or anything. You know? Isn't that a good newsboy shout?--"It won't be long now! It won't be long now!" Boy, I'll bet I could sell'm! "Get the Endtime News! It won't be long now!" And as soon as they see that headline, Endtime News, they'll think, "Oh, the End! It won't be long now? My God! Let me read it quick!" Don't you think so?

36. I THINK THEY REALLY OUGHTTA GO LIKE HOTCAKES, AS WE USED TO SAY! Some of the kids are wondering what I mean by hotcakes. Well, with you I could say, "They'll go like waffles!" The kids can eat'm faster than you can make'm, can't they? That's exactly the way it used to be in our house. My Mother always cooked breakfast on Saturday morning because that was one morning she was free & the kids were all home from school, & our special treat Saturday morning was hotcakes, pancakes, with butter & syrup on'm! Whew! And we had about 25 people living in our house, a lot like our Homes today. Our Family alone was Mom & Dad & three kids, plus several adopted ones & several guests & several workers. We had governesses like you have, & cooks, gardeners & maintenance men, etc.

37. WE EVEN HAD A BUTLER ONCE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! He used to be the butler for Harvey Firestone & his multi-million-dollar estate on Miami Beach. But he got saved in our Tabernacle & he didn't want to work for that guy any more, he wanted to work for us! He made a lot of money working for Harvey Firestone, saved up a lot of money, gave it to the church & came to work for us. And boy, he could serve dinner in style, you never saw the like! Dear old Hartley Rayner was his name! He'd come around with a napkin over his arm. We didn't have him all dressed up in a tux or anything, but he really knew how to set the table & how to do things right. He would be horrified if people didn't do things in a nice pretty way!

38. SO WE HAD A LOT OF PEOPLE THERE & MOTHER WOULD USUALLY HAVE TO GET MY UNCLE MARK TO HELP COOK! He'd be cooking on one burner & she'd be cooking on the other & they still couldn't produce the pancakes fast enough, as fast as we could eat'm! They'd usually give us two or three at once so we could melt the butter between'm, & by & by they'd get down to where they'd only give us two at once because they were going so fast! ... What's the matter? Is it lunchtime? Everybody here is lickin' their lips & droolin' at the mouth!

39. AND WE'D POUR THAT GOOD OLD LOG CABIN MAPLE SYRUP OVER'M! It came in a little tin can that looked just like a log cabin. I wonder if you children ever saw one of those? (Children: No!) It came in a little can shaped just like a log cabin. How many of you can remember that in the States? It was a mixture, actually, of both cane syrup, maple syrup & probably beet syrup too, but anyhow, they liked to call it Log Cabin syrup because that was like good old-fashioned thick syrup that you made right out there in the pot in the yard, supposed to be like good old home-made syrup. The chimney on one end of the log cabin had a lid on it & that's where you poured out the syrup, right out of the chimney of the log cabin! Of course, I think my Mama often refilled the can with something cheaper & we used to make our own syrup just like you do. (Alf: We use honey & maple flavouring.) That's great!--And a little water to thin it out because honey's too thick for pancakes, you want something that'll kind of soak in. Well, ours got pretty thin sometimes when the syrup got short. But we poured it out the chimney of the little log cabin on those nice buttered hotcakes, & I'll tell you, they couldn't make'm fast enough! We could always eat'm faster than they could make'm!

40. SO THAT'S WHAT I'M EXPECTING OF THESE POSTERS & OF THE {\ul \i ENDTIME NEWS}!--I'M EXPECTING THE PUBLIC TO EAT'M UP FASTER THAN WE CAN PRODUCE'M! The Lord promised us that a long time ago back in the famous "Birthday Warning" (ML #215), He said the World would eat up our lit faster than we'd ever be able to publish it! He said we'd never be able to publish enough, they'd always be hungry for more. So isn't that true then when I say I expect them to go faster than hotcakes?--At least as fast as hotcakes? I expect them to go as fast as hotcakes because you'll never be able to satisfy their hunger! You'll never be able to produce'm & sell'm fast enough to meet the need! PTL!

41. AND IF OUT OF EVERY 10 CENTS YOU GIVE US ONE PENNY, WE CAN GO ON PRODUCING MORE! We've covered over half the cost by the time you get the final colour separations at your printer. We've already paid for over half of it in our Units' expenses & our artists & our editors & all the rest. You here are a part of the expense of the posters! You didn't know it, but you're in here! You're in this poster! Part of you is in every one of these posters & every one of these Endtime News! Part of you & your cost & your expenses & your living, your food, your clothing, your shelter, is a part of this poster, believe it or not! And considering they only give us one penny out of every ten cents, that's not too bad! They get to keep all the rest of the dime or the ten cents or ten whatever-it-is in their country, & all they have to do then is take about half of that to pay for a new one! In other words, they double their crop every single time! They only have to keep back half for seed corn. Get it? Don't you think that's a bargain? Don't you think that's a real windfall? What would you call it? Give me another word for it. What's something better than a bargain or windfall? (Fam: A giveaway!) That's practically a giveaway! It's a money-maker!--A bonanza!

42. OH, YOU'RE HORRIFIED AT GRANDPA USING THE TERM "MONEYMAKER"! "We don't like money! We don't like the System & its money!" Listen, Brother, I'll take all the money the System can give me & all I can get away from'm! I can use it! Don't kid yourself that you're not trying to make as much money as you can! Aren't you trying to get as good donations as you can? Just because we told you to avoid using the terms of "price" & putting price tags on things, it doesn't mean you don't expect to get anything for them.--In fact, we believe if you ask for donations you probably even get more than the cost or the price! Right?--Because they're not just giving for a piece of paper, they're giving to help you & your fellow missionaries. So you should get more. You should certainly get more than the cost, & probably even more than you would price it at.

43. SO DON'T GIVE ME THAT BALONEY ABOUT NOT WANTING TO MAKE MONEY! OF COURSE YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY! You want to make money to make more posters to preach more Gospel to make more money to make more posters to preach more Gospel, etc.! So don't be afraid of making money as long as you can use it for the Lord & to preach the Gospel. Like the old coloured preacher said as he started passing out the plates: "The Gospel am free, but it costs money to pipe it to ya!" The Gospel am free, but these things cost money to pipe it to you! So don't be afraid to get some money for it & as much as you can! It's for the Lord! They ought to give more for this than they do anything else, than those stupid idiotic old hippie posters you used to buy & those crazy favourite rock star posters they sell & all that blah! You couldn't even make sense out of some of those posters anyhow. This thing's got some sense in it, in fact it's got the Truth, it's telling the exact story of what's going to happen!

44. THEY COULDN'T PAY ENOUGH FOR THIS! THIS IS PRICELESS INFORMATION! What other newspaper is going to tell them exactly what's going to happen & almost exactly when it's going to happen? They can't read that in the newspapers. All they read in the newspapers is old hat, it's already happened, sometimes several days ago! It's old news, it's already history by the time you read it in the newspaper. By the time you read it in the newspaper in some of these countries it's ancient history! But this isn't history, this is news of the Future, exactly what's going to happen! Boy, they couldn't pay enough money to pay for that kind of information! They can't buy that kind of information anyplace else!

45. LET ME TELL YOU, IF I HADN'T BEEN A SALESMAN, YOU WOULDN'T BE HERE TODAY! I am a salesman! I started out as a salesman when I was David's size here, selling stuff door-to-door & on the streets & the street corner & the sidewalks--magazines, perfume, Cloverine salve, "Evening in Paris" perfume. It was probably mostly water, I don't know, but I didn't make it so I wasn't to blame. I sold everything I could find! I'd go down the street selling Liberty Magazine, Collier's Magazine, Boy's Life Magazine. You name it, I had it!--And if I didn't have it I'd sell'm somethin' else! It was hard times & we were poor!

46. THANK GOD I HAD THAT EXPERIENCE, BECAUSE I FOUND OUT WHEN I CAME TO PREACHING THE GOSPEL I HAD TO SELL THAT TOO! I had to sell people on believin' it & receivin' it & gettin' saved, & then I had to sell'm on giving their lives to the Lord to preach it to other people. Then I had to sell'm on the idea of selling it to people enough to support'm! So don't be afraid to sell things, that's what preachin' the Gospel is, it's sellin' it! We don't put a price tag on it, we don't say, "Pay me $50,000 & I'll tell you how to be saved & how to avoid Hell!" We don't put a price tag on it, it's priceless! Jesus gave it free, gave His life free, but it sure cost Him a lot! Salvation is not free, it's only free to you! It cost Jesus everything, it cost Him His life!

47. SO WHEN YOU GO AROUND SAVING PEOPLE, WITNESSING, WINNING SOULS & SAVING THEM FROM HELL, MY GOD, THAT OUGHTTA BE WORTH SOMETHING! They oughtta be thankful enough & appreciative enough to turn around & support you! If somebody saved you from drowning in the river, you'd feel like rewarding them! People often get rewarded for saving lives.--Sometimes they feel like they owe'm their whole life! There's some culture, I think it's Chinese, where they have a little saying that if you save a life, the one you've saved owes you their life, their whole life! Let me tell you, people whose souls you win to the Lord & whose lives you therefore save & their eternal souls you save, they owe you their life, the whole works! They not only owe you this life, they owe you for the eternal life that you gave'm! They owe you their lives! So the least they can do is pay you back a little bit by at least helping support you!

48. I MUST SAY, FRED JORDAN USED TO HAVE A GOOD SAYING & IT SURE IS TRUE: "If you can't persuade people to go to the mission field themselves, then you get'm so under conviction & feeling so guilty for not going to the mission field, they'll be willing to give you their pants so you can go in their place!" That's the way they ought to feel! If they can't go, they ought to be willing to give you anything so you can go in their place! If they don't go, you've got to do it instead, & that's what you're doing.

49. OH MY GOODNESS, HOW TIME FLIES! TEMPUS FUGIT! WELL, THAT'S NOT TOO BAD SO FAR FOR MY SALES TALK! Of course, you can't give a one-hour sales talk on the street! I had my sales pitch on TV films really boiled down! Once I got the ear of the Program Director I had to give my pitch in about 30 seconds!--Then I counted on about 30 seconds more to discuss it with him & make an appointment for an audition & the whole phone call was over in about one minute!--And frequently long distance, because I'd phone out ahead of time to other cities to make appointments for auditions for the films. You've gotta talk fast, let me tell you! You wonder why salesmen learn how to talk so fast--They don't have much time! They've gotta talk fast while they've got your attention, while they've got your ear!

50. LET ME TELL YOU, WHEN YOU'RE STANDING ON A STREET CORNER HOLDING UP ONE OF THESE POSTERS OR MAGAZINES, YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE MUCH TIME FOR LONG SALES TALKS! That's why we made them so beautiful & so colourful that they're going to sell themselves & you don't have to say anything! I believe a deaf-&-dumb guy could get out there & sell these! What do you think? They'll sell themselves! And don't be afraid to talk about selling! The Gospel's free but we still have to sell our services!

51. DON'T BE AFRAID OF PEOPLE CALLING YOU BEGGARS, EITHER! I NEVER KNEW A GOSPEL PREACHER OR A PRIEST IN THIS WHOLE WORLD THAT WASN'T A BEGGAR! The bigger they are, the more they beg for, until they get to be pastors of big rich churches & they beg for millions to build a new church! They spend half their time in the pulpit begging for money! But they say, "Oh, they're a bunch of dirty beggars out there on the street, those hippies!"--Ha!--All they are is a bunch of clean beggars up in the pulpit!--With a shave & a haircut & a new suit of clothes! What's the difference?--They're worse beggars than we are! They're beggin' for buildings & for the wrong causes & the wrong things & not for nearly as good purposes as we are! Right?

52. SO DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR MONEY! DON'T BE AFRAID TO BEG FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD! DON'T BE AFRAID TO BEG FOR THEIR SOUL & THEIR ETERNAL SALVATION! Beg for it! Plead with them! Ask'm for it! And don't be afraid to ask'm for money. Don't be afraid to beg'm for funds & tell'm you need it! "I need something to eat, I need a place to lay my head! I've got brothers & sisters, I've got a wife & children! Look at all my little kids here! Please! How about a donation for our support? We're preaching you this Gospel, we're giving you the Gospel free of charge, now you help support us! We're saving your immortal soul for Eternity, the least you can give us is a little bit of your life! We're saving your life, come on, give us back some!" A few pennies or a few dollars is nothing to what you've done for them! It's nothing!

53. A FEW PENNIES FOR ONE OF THESE POSTERS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT YOU'RE GIVING THEM ON THIS POSTER & ON ITS BACK: A CHANCE AT ETERNAL LIFE! Even if they never take it, they have a chance! You're giving them information on how to live forever! Some of these health faddists nowadays & these therapists & fitness programs, blah blah blah, they charge hundreds of dollars, $100-an-hour to try to get you in shape physically so you'll live maybe a few days longer or be a little stronger or be able to enjoy life a little more, enjoy sex more, blah blah! Some'll pay hundreds of dollars just to get in shape a little bit more so this life will last a little bit longer. My Lord, we're only asking for a few cents to give'm information on how to live forever! So don't be afraid to ask for money! Don't be afraid to ask for donations & gifts! My goodness, we're giving them something here that's worth more than anything in this whole World, just in one poster! Amen?

54. BOY, I CAME DOWN HERE TO SELL YOU ON THE IDEA & HERE I AM SELLING THE WHOLE WORLD! PTL! Hallelujah? I'm a cheerleader! You're doing the cheering & I'm cheering you up! But that's the Truth! Get away from this penurious attitude of: "Excuse me for livin', I'm so sorry to have to ask you for something for this, but you know, I've gotta live" & blah blah!--Baloney! Demand it! Insist on it! "Listen, you owe me a Heaven of a lot more than this! I'm saving you from Hell! You oughtta give me your life! Your earthly life is the least you could give me for Eternal Life!"

55. THAT'S WHAT THE LORD THINKS ABOUT IT! HE THINKS YOU'RE GETTING A PRETTY GOOD BARGAIN IF YOU JUST GIVE HIM YOUR EARTHLY PHYSICAL LIFE IN RETURN FOR EVERLASTING ETERNAL LIFE! He thinks you owe it to Him, to give Him your life, your body, your time, your money, everything you've got! You could never pay for it! They sing "I Can't Pay You Back, Lord!"--No!--But you oughtta pay Him back all you can! Just because you can't pay Him back doesn't mean you're not supposed to pay Him anything, you're supposed to do all you can! For Eternal Life, you owe Him your Earthly life right now, at least! You owe Him a lot more than that, but you at least owe Him your Earthly life. So don't be afraid to ask them for a few cents or a few dollars to pay for something that is absolutely priceless! They couldn't possibly pay enough for the information you're giving them!--A few dollars of their paltry living to pay for this priceless information of how to live forever, how to save their souls from Hell! Amen?

56. ARE YOU CONVINCED THAT YOU OUGHTTA GET OUT ON THE STREET & GET ENOUGH FOR THIS TO MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE & THEIR WHILE SO YOU'LL BE ABLE TO KEEP ON DOING IT FOR A LONG WHILE? ARE YOU SOLD?--THEN GET OUT & SELL IT! Praise God! If you're sold, you can get out & sell! If you're sold on your product, you can sell it! If people feel that you are convinced that it's really good & worth it, that you're willing to give your life to it, you can get out & sell other people on giving their lives for it! Praise God?--And that's what I've been doing all this time! What do you think I've been doing all this time? I'm sold on the Product, I'm giving my whole life to it, & I'm trying to sell you on the idea that it's worth giving your life for!--And I have, right? Here you are giving your life for Jesus, giving your life back to Him in thanks for Salvation, sold on the Product, God's Love! TYL!

57. SO THERE'S NO GIFT TOO BIG, THERE'S NOT EVEN ANY GIFT BIG ENOUGH TO THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN JUST GIVING THEM ONE POSTER! So don't be reluctant to take whatever they want to give you. If they want to give you their life & come follow you home & give their whole life to the Lord, praise God! Amen? I think it's worth it! I think the information on this Endtime News is worth every penny they give you, & it's worth a whole lot more! And I think the information on these big beautiful colour posters & on their backs is worth all you can possibly get out of them. So don't be afraid to ask for it!

58. I THINK IF I WAS OUT THERE & SOMEBODY OFFERED ME 10 CENTS OR 25 CENTS FOR ONE OF THESE, I'D SAY, "WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID? What do you mean? 25 cents for this gorgeous poster? You couldn't buy this in the store for that much, even just any old poster! This one's got information on the back that's priceless, that'll save your life forever! You couldn't pay me enough for what this is worth! You couldn't possibly pay enough for what it's worth! Come on, don't give me that stuff, 25 cents, 50 cents, how about five bucks, buddy? Ten bucks, of course that would be even better, then maybe you'd come up to the average!"

59. DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK PEOPLE FOR MONEY! SURE YOU'RE A BEGGAR, WE'RE ALL BEGGARS! Even the Lord's a beggar, He begs you to get saved, He begs you to love Him, He begs you to give your life for Him! He has to beg you to save you from Hell, think of that! So don't be ashamed of being a beggar! I admired that Catholic priest who wrote me a prayer letter about his orphanage down in South America someplace & he always signed it "God's Beggar"! He wasn't ashamed of it, begging is nothing to be ashamed of even in the Bible. Beggars were supposed to be loved & were supposed to be donated to & given alms to. It's even a requirement in Islam that you have got to give to beggars, that you're not a good Muslim unless you give to beggars. So beggars are well-supported in Islam & they probably need it. I never saw so many people with bad eyesight & half-blind as there were down in the Islamic parts of North Africa, it's pitiful!--Cripples & all kinds of poor. They need it. So the Lord encouraged giving alms to those who asked for them. So what's wrong with being a beggar?

60. HOW MANY OF YOU WANT TO BE GOD'S BEGGARS? HALLELUJAH! GBY! OKAY, NOW GET OUT & BEG FOR THE LORD! PRAISE GOD? You guys right here can't get out & do that, but you could beg the Lord to bless'm, amen? Beg the Lord to help us pay for these! Beg the Lord & people to send in enough money to pay for'm, amen? Don't be ashamed to beg, it's one of God's blessed methods! He says, "Ask & ye shall receive! Seek & ye shall find! Knock & it shall be opened unto you!" (Mat.7:7) When you're asking, you're begging! When you're seeking, you're looking for somebody to beg from! When you're knocking, you're begging for somebody to open the door! Our whole work is begging!

61. I NEVER SAW A PREACHER YET THAT DIDN'T BEG! The better beggars, they got along better. All these Gospel preachers on radio & television in the U.S., they beg & beg & beg all the time: "Send me this, send me that, send me support!" They've got nice new fancy ways of phrasing it in nice diplomatic language where you could hardly understand it if you didn't see through it, that what they're doing is asking for money: "We cannot survive without your support! This ministry is dependent upon your help & your support!" They kind of avoid using the term "money" or "gifts" or something like that, they say it in a nice way so it won't offend the radio or television station or their audience, but they get the point! (Maria: Or they say, "Send in your $100 for this beautiful new Bible!")--Yes, that only cost'm about a dollar! Well, after all, the TV time is costing them millions, some of these outfits!

62. THAT GUY PAT ROBERTSON & HIS BUNCH ARE MULTI-MILLIONAIRES! They spend millions on their daily shows! I'll tell you who I like a lot better is that simple funny little guy on "PTL," Jim Bakker who we've seen on videos a few times. He's sweeter, has more of the Spirit, is crazier, simpler & dumber, & they've got more Spirit & more music & all the rest than that con-man religious racketeer Pat Robertson ever had! "Dad, you shouldn't talk that way about a preacher of the Gospel!" Well, I worked with a guy like that for years, his name was Fred Jordan, & if I ever saw a con man & a religious racketeer, he was it! But thank God, at least he was in the right business!--For God!

63. THANK GOD SOME OF THESE RACKETEERS & CON MEN FINALLY GOT IN THE RIGHT BUSINESS & CON PEOPLE IN A RACKET FOR THE LORD! So that's not necessarily a detrimental remark or not a compliment. I'd rather see a racketeer racketeering for the Lord than for the Devil, wouldn't you? I'd rather see him conning people for the Lord than for the Devil! A lot of people think I'm a con man & a religious racketeer. Well, you can call me what you want to as long as I get called in the Rapture! PTL! We used to say, "I don't care what you call me as long as you call me for dinner"--& I'd better quit or you're not going to get called for lunch!



66. [DELETED] They know nowadays that we don't fight back, we don't sue'm for libel or slander, we don't do that sort of thing, so they know now that they can get away with saying almost anything about us & we won't do a thing. They just lie like the Devil & what can we do?

67. WE ACTUALLY FILED A LAWSUIT IN THE U.S. AGAINST THEM ONCE JUST TO SCARE'M! But you know what you have to do in Britain to file a lawsuit for libel or slander? You've got to deposit the money that the court case may cost first along with your filing, hundreds or thousands of dollars, whatever they think it's going to cost. Isn't that a bonanza for the rich?--There's a word I wanted, bonanza! These posters are bonanzas!--But that's to prevent every little Tom, Dick & Harry & poor person from suing for libel. Only the rich can afford to sue in Britain, because they've got to put up thousands of dollars deposit for court costs, etc. And if you lose, you've got to pay the whole thing, plus damage to the party, their court costs, lawyer's fees, the works!--Even if you were right, even if they did slander you & lie about you.

68. WHEN IS THIS FAMILY OR THIS KIND OF PEOPLE EVER GOING TO WIN A CASE IN COURT? It'll be a very long day in the Hereafter before we start winning cases in court! The only cases we're ever going to win are in God's Courts, the Courts of Heaven! Praise God! Because the System is stacked against us, dead set against us! It doesn't matter how right we are or how true we are, how false & how criminal our opposition is & our enemies & even our flesh relatives, there's hardly a single one of these cases that have been brought to court by various sects & cults that have been won, hardly any!

69. THE JUDGE ALMOST ALWAYS DECIDES IN FAVOUR OF THE PARENTS OR EVEN THE DEPROGRAMMERS, THE KIDNAPPERS, THE IMPRISONERS, THE TORTURERS, THE INQUISITORS! At least 9 out of 10 times the judge decides in their favour against the poor victim! Think of it!--Judges who decide in the favour of criminals rather than the victim, & police who'll do nothing, turn their heads away & say, "Forget it! It's just a family squabble, just your mother or father, your brother or sister, we don't get in family fights." Even if your relatives kidnap you, imprison you & torture you, they can get away with it! Think of it! They call us all kinds of names, con men, frauds & everything else, & they've got court cases against us & they've won court cases against us--thank God we weren't there--most of them accusing us of almost every kind of a crime you can think of!--All lies! But they're the System, that's the System, & they can get away with it & they make the laws! They make the rules & they enforce'm & you either follow their rules or else! Even if you don't break any of their laws, they'll say you broke'm! Even if you don't commit any crimes, they'll accuse you of crimes! So you've gotta watch out!

70. SO DON'T BE AFRAID OF A LITTLE THING LIKE BEING ACCUSED OF BEING A BEGGAR! PRAISE GOD? HALLELUJAH! LET'S BEG FOR JESUS! Let's beg for Him to bless this work & bless these posters & bless the Message & bless the people that hear with Salvation! Praise God?--And bless us so much we can get this job done in a hurry so that the Lord can come! PTL? "Why do you always say that, Grandpa? It means that trouble's going to come sooner & the Tribulation's going to come sooner!"--The quicker the better! The sooner the better so we'll get it over with! Amen?


That used to be a little poem hanging on my wall at home when I was a little boy. I used to study that thing & think, "What does that mean?" You know what it means? The coward is always afraid of what's going to happen, always fearing what's going to happen. Like Mark Twain said, "I'm an old man, I've had many troubles--most of which never happened!" "A coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave but one!" The longer you have to worry about it, fear it & be concerned about it, the longer you prolong the agony! Whereas wouldn't you rather get it over with? I didn't get very many "amen's" on that!

72. WOULDN'T YOU RATHER GET THE JOB DONE SO WE CAN GET THIS THING OVER WITH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE & GET TO HEAVEN? (Fam: Amen!) Oh, I had to frame it a little differently so you'd understand it, or I'd be misunderstood like that evangelist who asked in a big tent meeting, "How many of you want to go to Heaven?"--Of course everybody raised their hand! Then the old drunk cowboy staggered up on the platform & said, "Now listen here, preacher, you didn't ask that question right!" He pulled out his two big six guns & pointed'm at the audience, "Now, how many of you want to go to Heaven?"--Not a hand was raised!

73. WHEN I SAID, "HOW MANY OF YOU WANT TO GET IT OVER WITH QUICK?" I HARDLY GOT ANY HANDS!--But I mean get the work over with, the job over with, as well as the Tribulation over with so we can go to Heaven as soon as possible! Come on now, don't you really want to get it over with & the sooner the better? Amen! So let's get to work & get it over with so we can get to Heaven! Amen? Hallelujah! GBY! So that's what this prayer's about, believe it or not, the Kingdom Prayer, the King's Prayer for the Kingdom! Amen! TYJ! PTL! And all the people said, Amen! (Fam: Amen!) As we pray together the prayer He taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer).

74. LORD, BLESS & KEEP ALL OF US SAFELY IN THY CARE & MAKE US A BLESSING & MAKE US UNAFRAID TO BEG FOR YOU & beg for souls & beg for people to get saved, beg'm to go to Heaven & beg'm for enough money for us to keep doing it, in Jesus' name! Amen! PTL! GBY! Well, that may not have been on prophecy, but it was prophetic! PTL? Bible Prophecy is not always predicting, it's sometimes just forthtelling, & selling!--Are you sold?--Then sell'm!--GBAKY sellin' for Jesus!--In Jesus' name, amen!--ILY!--D.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family