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NANCY R. REFINE & THE PAINTING!--A Dream.       DO 1886       2/85

       1. THANK YOU JESUS! LORD HELP ME, IN JESUS' NAME. AMEN! This is an evening of February 1985, & I just finished a long, three-hour nap, an amazingly deep sleep after a pretty big day! I had the strangest dream, it seemed like just before I woke up, & I'd better mention the outstanding principals & scenes first before I forget them, because I had a lot of disturbances here & it gets you out of this state. It begins to fade, sort of dissolves like a picture on television sometimes if it isn't quiet.
       2. WELL, THE PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS ARE ME & THIS LADY, NANCY REFINE (PRONOUNCED "REFEEN"), & HER PHONE NUMBER WAS 4343-4343! She worked as a secretary at this sports club run by a bunch of big old sort of Texas cowboy [EDITED: "ACs"]. She was writing this report on [EDITED: "a world leader"] & she was loaning me this recording of a picture scene, a painting actually. She was working at this sports club, there was a big playing field next to it & we lived about two blocks away in this small cottage, it looked like it was only about a two-bedroom cottage. But it was so clear as I was waking up, these specific things in it like names & numbers, etc., that I thought I'd better record it.
       3. THEN WE HAD A HOUSE WHERE OTHERS OF US WERE STAYING JUST ABOUT A HALF-A-BLOCK BEYOND OUR LITTLE HOUSE. It was a great big old-fashioned two-story wooden frame house like they used to have when I was a child, real old & old-fashioned, & there was a fellow there who took care of it for us. Some of our people lived there apparently, but he had the key & I remember he was leaving on horseback with a backpack & he had the horse loaded with all of these strange portable tents. He reminded me of an old prospector, I used to see so many of them when I was a kid out in the Wild West, & I was calling to him to see a sample of what he was carrying but he didn't seem to be listening. My Mother was fixing us something to eat & I was thinking she shouldn't have to be doing that, we ought to eat out to save her the trouble.
       4. WELL, THAT WAS THE GENERAL SETTING, THE PLACES & THE PEOPLE & I TOLD YOU ALL THAT RIGHT NOW SO I WOULDN'T FORGET IT.--A sports club, that secretary Nancy Refine, her phone number, our cottage, the big house & the old cowboy or prospector or whatever he was. But I can't at the moment figure out any possible meaning or significance except that I was just thinking, "If I could only let this girl know who I am, she could sure write a report on [EDITED: "this world leader"] then, that's for sure!" But I was afraid of all of these big old [EDITED: "ACs"] who were walking in & out of her office. I thought, "It's a good thing they don't know who I am!"
       5. BUT I'D GONE IN THERE TO BORROW OR CHECK OUT THIS SORT OF PAINTING, THE STRANGEST THING. It was about the size of our posters only it was an actual painting with oil colours & you could take it home & play it! In one painting all of these [EDITED: "AC"] young people were rushing across the stage like they were fleeing from something, & I was very curious about the story, I really wanted to hear it. You could take it home, put it on your recorder & replay it, & you could also record it & duplicate it so that you'd have another painting just like it. You would actually play & duplicate the painting itself just on a sort of a stiff piece of cardboard or a wallboard or something.
       6. EVERYTHING WAS ALL SO PECULIAR & STRANGE, BUT SOME OF THE THINGS ARE REALLY STILL VIVID! Her name was so specific, I was writing it down, & it might have some meaning. You know, sometimes I have dreams & I can't figure them out at all, I can't understand that they have any meaning at all at first, but then the Lord gives me some meaning later, the interpretation. It's a funny thing, I haven't been having any of these vivid specific dreams for quite awhile now, have I? But I've got to tell it quickly before it fades.
       7. I WAS IN HER OFFICE, IT SEEMED LIKE IT WAS RATHER PUBLIC, & SHE WAS TYPING AT A DESK, TRYING TO TYPE THIS REPORT ON [EDITED: "THAT WORLD LEADER"]. She was like a receptionist in this club & a librarian for these beautiful paintings, each one of which was some kind of story or recording like a video, only it was in the form of a beautiful oil painting. I was checking it out of her library like you'd check a book out of the library, & she was stopping to explain it to me & show me how it worked. I was asking her how to do it & she was saying that I could either play it there at her office in one of these audition booths like they have in music companies, record companies or video companies, or I could take it home & play it on my own machine, & for some reason I seemed to have one. She was demonstrating to me how it would play & how it would duplicate itself.
       8. AS SHE DID, I SAW THIS SCENE OF THESE [EDITED: "AC"] YOUNG PEOPLE FLEEING ACROSS THE STAGE LIKE IN ONE OF THOSE MODERNISTIC BALLETS, VERY BEAUTIFUL & COLOURFUL! They were all running from something, I don't know what, & that seemed to be the theme of this painting. And while she was doing this she was looking so tired & I felt real sorry for her. She was a beautiful woman, I'd say about 45. I remember her face so distinctly, it was sort of pale & with rather aquiline features, a rather long pointed nose [DELETED], but it had soft lines. And I especially remember her beautiful soft wavy hair. It's a funny thing that she had wavy hair, because when you think of it, it seems most women today don't have wavy hair. So that really is strange.
       9. SHE SEEMED TO BE TAKING QUITE AN INTEREST IN ME TOO & she seemed to keep wanting to talk & get acquainted. But I was thinking, "I'd better not say very much with these [EDITED: "ACs"] walking in & out, especially when she's on this [EDITED: "report"] subject. I'd better not let her know how much I know about him or she could really write a report!" I was wishing I could help her, really I was wishing I could tell her something about him to help her with the report because I'd interrupted her & just stopped her long enough to check out this painting.
       10. THEN I FELT SO SORRY FOR HER & I BENT OVER & KISSED HER ON THE FOREHEAD & PATTED THAT BEAUTIFUL WAVY HAIR WITH MY RIGHT HAND. I sort of leaned over with my left hand on her desk & patted her hair. I bent down real slowly like I was going to see if she really received it, if she was going to accept this little show of sympathy & affection, & she just held real still like she expected it. She didn't rise up to meet me or anything like that, but she just held still like she really appreciated it, so I patted that beautiful wavy hair. It was sort of gathered at her neck in a bun or something, sort of like those old-fashioned hairdos, & I gently kissed her on the forehead. I felt so sorry for her because she looked so tired & she was having such a struggle with that report.
       11. I SAID, "MAYBE I SHOULD COME BACK LATER, I HATE TO BOTHER YOU NOW." AND SHE SAID, "OH, PLEASE DO & WE COULD GO OUT TO DINNER TOGETHER!" I was sort of shocked & startled at this sudden offer, like she was really hungry for love & fellowship! That was the strongest scene of the whole dream & the strongest impression I had & one of the most important things that happened in the whole dream! I said, "Well, yes, but how will we get together this evening after your office hours? I guess you'd better give me your name & phone number so I can call you so we can meet for dinner." And she said, "All right!"
       12. SO I TOOK A PIECE OF PAPER & I SAID, "HOW DO YOU SPELL IT?"--AND SHE STARTED SPELLING IT TO ME LETTER-BY-LETTER: "R-E-F-I..." I said, "Wait a minute. What kind of a name is that? Am I getting it right? R-E-F-I?" She said, "Yes, I-N-E." I thought to myself, "That sure is a funny name!" But then she kind of relieved the situation by saying, "Nancy R. Refine." And I thought, in fact I think I said, "Oh, now I understand, that's your last name. I was wondering, 'What kind of a name is that?' But now I understand, Nancy R. Refine." It was so distinct, every letter, every word. Then she said, "And my phone number is 4343-4343!"
       13. I WAS SO AMAZED AT THIS PHONE NUMBER, THAT IT WAS SUCH A SIMPLE PHONE NUMBER & SO REPETITIOUS! I SAID, "IS THAT REALLY A PHONE NUMBER?" She said, "Yes, that's my phone number." So I said, "Okay, I'll call you." And I took the picture board, the oil painting, & I left. I could see the building yet, it was not a very big building, but it was sort of the reception room & library & office of this sports club & had a playing field behind it. I walked out the front door & down the street about two blocks to where we had our little cottage, and I walked someone else there too, it seemed sort of like Dr. Koger, but I didn't really know who the other person was, it wasn't really distinct. But there were several other people around.
       14. THEN I LOOKED OVER AT THE OTHER HOUSE, THE OLD HOUSE THAT WAS SORT OF ACROSS THE STREET CATTY-CORNER, NOT MORE THAN MAYBE A HUNDRED YARDS AWAY, a big old two-story old-fashioned wooden house, & I was wondering how things were over there, if everything was all right with some of our folks over there. That's when I saw the old cowboy. He was just leaving the house & locking the door & getting on his horse with this load of little portable tents. He rode up the street right past our house & I called to him, but it seemed like he didn't hear me.
       15. I WANTED TO SEE ONE OF THOSE TENTS because they looked very interesting the way they were folded up quite flat. Each one was only about three feet wide & it looked like they were about five feet long in a package all folded up, & only about an inch or so thick. It looked very interesting, like it was something new & different. He seemed to be going somewhere to sell them, but I couldn't get his attention. I called too late after he'd already passed & he kept on going on his horse, so I went back in the house to eat.
       16. I GUESS THAT'S WHEN I WOKE UP, BECAUSE I WOKE UP HUNGRY, & I'M HUNGRY NOW, BUT I THOUGHT I'D BETTER TELL YOU THAT DREAM BEFORE I FORGOT IT. It was really strange! But I remember I had such love & compassion for this woman, this poor tired secretary sitting at her typewriter trying to type this report with all these interruptions & people coming & going & having to be the receptionist & librarian & secretary & typist & everything all at the same time. I felt so sorry for her that I bent over to kiss her & she really seemed to appreciate it! She looked in my eyes with real longing & love, like she really wanted to get together. And I was sort of surprised a little, almost embarrassed by her sudden offer to want to go out to dinner together, & I hardly knew what to say! But I could hardly refuse, I had such a feeling of compassion for her, that she really was hungry for love & fellowship & I just couldn't refuse. You know me & people like that, especially women. I seem to have a weakness for women, that's for sure, I'll admit it!
       17. SHE WAS REALLY SWEET! IT SEEMED LIKE SHE WAS EVEN OLDER THAN I WAS, BUT I STILL HAD REAL LOVE & COMPASSION FOR HER. She could have even been 50 or at least 45. Just her face was beginning to be a little lined & not so young any more, but her hair was beautiful, dark brown & wavy. But it's funny, it didn't seem to have any grey in it for some reason or other, I don't know why. At that age most women are starting to get grey. My impression was that she was a single lady, what we used to call an old maid when I was a boy, but real sweet & very sad & tired-looking & very hungry for love. So I just couldn't refuse her offer to have dinner together, I felt I really had to do something for her, help her, so I was taking down her name & phone number.
       18. I SEEMED TO HAVE DIFFICULTY AT FIRST WITH HER LAST NAME, I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT SHE WAS SPELLING. I thought maybe she was spelling her first name & it was such a strange name, Refine. I couldn't even understand what kind of a name she was spelling, she spelled it slowly, letter by letter like that, "R-E-F-I-N-E," just as though she knew I was having difficulty writing it, as though it wouldn't do any good to tell me her name, that I wouldn't know how to spell it. So without even pronouncing the name first, she started spelling it to me. I did have difficulty understanding it until she finally pronounced her full name, Nancy R. Refine, & then the phone number.
       19. IT WAS ALL SO CLEAR, SO ABSOLUTELY CLEAR! I can hear it yet almost, her spelling it slowly to make sure I got it. So I told her that I'd call her & then I went home. I guess my Mother was preparing lunch, not dinner, because it seemed like quite bright daylight, early afternoon, & I had the impression that dinner with this lady would be late that evening. I remember I envisioned taking her out to some nice place to eat to be kind to her & try to encourage her & cheer her up. I haven't the faintest idea if it means anything, but I think I'm going to have to actually eat now before I try to get any interpretation out of it, because my tummy is gurgling & I'm real hungry. It's been ten hours since I had lunch, because I had this long nap.
       20. BUT THAT REALLY WAS SUCH AN IMPRESSIVE DREAM! I think the most impressive thing in the whole dream, of course, was this woman, this secretary, & my compassion for her. And I was really impressed by the strange new paintings that you could put on their machine & hear & see the story & you could even duplicate the painting! That's really amazing, the fact that you could duplicate a whole picture on a machine & at the same time you could play it & hear it! So that was really a new contraption! The other thing I was so interested in was that load of little folded portable tents the cowboy was carrying, something else that was new. You know me, I'm always interested in something new, new inventions, etc.
       21. AND I REMEMBER WISHING I COULD HELP HER WITH HER REPORT SO MUCH! I thought, "If I could just tell her something about [EDITED: "that WORLD LEADER"] it would be such a help to her!" I was thinking that later, maybe even at dinner, that maybe some way I could tell her that I knew something about him. But then I thought, "Boy, I really need to watch my step & be careful about security with all these [EDITED: "ACs"] around!" I was thinking we lived so close to this office that I really must be careful not to reveal my identity or they might know who I am, it could be really dangerous. So that was the dream & you'll have to wait a little bit for the interpretation if there is any, I don't know. I guess the simplest title for the dream is: "Nancy R. Refine & the Painting!"
       22. SO PRAISE THE LORD I REMEMBERED IT! TYJ! I haven't the faintest idea what it means, those specific things & sights & sounds, except that the whole thing was so vivid & so clear when I woke up that I just had to record it. So PTL! There it is anyhow, I'll try to think & pray about it & see if there's any meaning to it any more than just the fact that I was so concerned about this lady & trying to help her & love her. God bless her, whoever she was or is. I don't know if she exists anywhere, but if she does the Lord sure put a burden on my heart for her. So if she's somebody who really is alive & exists, I sure love her & am praying for her, that the Lord will help her & comfort her & maybe I can go back in my dream again & help her out. We'll see. God bless & keep her & help her, Lord, in Jesus' name. Amen. TYL!
       23. --DO YOU KNOW A NANCY R. REFINE?--If so, please tell her I love her!--Is there such a phone number anywhere? If so, please call & tell her I love her!--ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family