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CONSTANT VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE OF SECURITY!--Is Your Home Secure Right Now?       DO 1889       1/85

       1. SINCE SECURITY IS A VERY VITAL ISSUE, I THINK WE SHOULD PERHAPS TAKE TIME TO PAUSE IN OUR SERIES OF STUDIES & make sure we're going to behave & arrange ourselves in such a way that we'll be able to continue to study & be prepared at any time to give an answer for whatever! Amen? Somebody made out a very nice list & summary of the security rules that you discussed the last time, & perhaps I should help you understand the cause in order to get the right effect.
       2. DID YOU GET A PRETTY GOOD RUNDOWN OF WHAT HAPPENED IN THIS LAST FAUX PAS THAT MADE US HAVE TO EVACUATE AN ENTIRE FIELD? It's bad enough to have to evacuate fields because it's the fault of the government or the fault of a war or something like that, but when it's our own fault, that's almost inexcusable!--Especially when it's the fault of maybe just one Home that brought down the wrath of the System on the whole area. That's really sad, amen? Amen Lord, help us to cover this quickly so we can get back to our other studies, & yet thoroughly so we won't forget anything.
       3. PETER ASKED ME THE QUESTION, "SHOULD WE BE PREPARED FOR A WARNING IN WHICH WE HAVE A LITTLE TIME TO GET READY, OR SHOULD WE BE PREPARED FOR THE KNOCK AT THE DOOR?"--And what did I say, Peter? (Peter: Both!) The most serious trouble often begins with our enemies instigating or encouraging bad publicity, bad-mouthing us & publicising it so that they stir up the public & more enemies to needle the government & stir them up against us. This has been the pattern for the Devil's operation for ages, from the very beginning. I've given Daniel as an example & I've given Jesus as an example. The enemies stirred up bad publicity & aroused the public to pester the government until they did something about it, the same old method they always use.
       4. THE SCRIBES & PHARISEES HATED JESUS & THEY WOULD HAVE KILLED HIM ON THE SPOT IF THEY COULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT! But they had to build up public sympathy in order to build up enough pressure against the government, in order to stir up the government to clamp down on Him & allow them to kill Him publicly, with both public & governmental sympathy--sympathy for their cause, not Jesus! The Scribes & the Pharisees wanted to kill Him from the beginning, but it says they dared not for fear of the multitude. (Mk.12:12) He was very popular & He was doing a lot for the public, feeding them, healing them, & best of all, saving them. Not all of them understood that, but nearly all of them liked Him, the common people heard Him gladly, it says, the multitude. (Mk.12:37) It was only the religious leaders who were jealous & envious. It says they delivered Him for envy (Mt.27:18), they were jealous & envious of His popularity, His following & His influence over the people, & because He exposed their religious leaders.
       5. THOSE WERE THE REAL REASONS THEY WANTED TO KILL HIM, BECAUSE HE WAS A RIVAL FOR THE MINDS & HEARTS & EVEN THE MONEY OF THE PEOPLE, THEIR SUPPORT. However, they went to the government & sometimes to the people with all kinds of other excuses: "Oh, He's a blasphemer, He claims to be the Son of God!"--All kinds of religious questions & religious excuses to try to turn the hearts of the people away from Him. "It's against your religion!" Be thinking about the modern, present-day parallels right now! I'm only giving this as an illustration to show that there's no difference, it always comes the same way.
       6. IT CAN START OFF WITH ONLY ONE PARENT GETTING MAD ABOUT THEIR CHILD'S JOINING US & raising such a fuss & even going to the newspapers & howling so loud that the newspapers decide it's a good news story & fit to print! "Here's a common problem of all parents, these terrible cults! Here's another cult come to town!"--Whereas their religions are the worst cults of all! But they're big & powerful & recognised & accepted with influence even over the government, so that the Whores of religion ride on the backs of governments & have the reins & control them.
       7. THREE LITTLE RABBI MEMBERS OF THE RELIGIOUS PARTY OF ISRAEL CAN TIP THE BALANCE OF THE GOVERNMENT OF ISRAEL ANY WAY THEY WANT IT, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. It only takes those three votes because the Israeli Parliament is so evenly divided, just about 50/50 between the Likud group & the Labour Party. The Labour Party ruled Israel for many years, I think 17 or 20 years, something like that, almost ever since independence. The Labour Party has been the most powerful & they have been in power most of Israel's history. But the more fanatical the Jews became & the more desirous they were of becoming more powerful & aggressive & expansionist--don't blame it all on the leaders, the people went for it, they sold it to the people & they voted for it--then they began voting in terrorists like Begin & Shamir & others, men who used to shoot innocent civilians & policemen in the back & placed bombs that blew up whole hotels & killed hundreds of people! The people voted in terrorists, criminals & murderers as the great leaders of their country!--Which shows that the people that vote for them are all murderers & terrorists at heart! They want it to be that way!
       8. SO THEY LED ISRAEL INTO ANOTHER WAR, THE BIGGEST & WORST WAR THEY'VE HAD & THE MOST DEFEATED! They went into Lebanon, took a third of the country & its capital city in hopes that they were going to put down all the troubles in Lebanon once & for all & run the PLO out completely. Well, they ran the leaders & quite a few of the PLO out & they were going to give the whole country over to the so-called "Christian" Falangists.
       9. THE FALANGE, BY THE WAY, WAS THE SYMBOL OF THE FASCISTS OF BOTH ITALY & SPAIN, THE BIG AXE TIED UP IN A BUNDLE OF WOOD, AN OLD ROMAN SYMBOL. It was the symbol of Rome, symbol of Roman strength, that a bundle of sticks is stronger than just one axe handle.--That if the people would all unite around Rome, then they'd have it made, they'd rule the World, & they did! So that's the Falange, that axe with its handle all surrounded by other sticks of wood bound with bands around it, the symbol of strength, the symbol of unity, that all the people should unite around that government & bring peace by the axe. Well, I've never seen peace brought by the axe or the sword yet! Nations are always claiming they need more armaments to have peace, & they always wind up having a bigger war than ever before! President Reagan has even called one of the missiles "The Peacekeeper," can you imagine? It's nothing in the World but another war maker! What lies! "Peace, peace, when there is no peace!" (Jer.6:14)
       10. THE FALANGE, IN OTHER WORDS, IS THE SYMBOL OF THE FASCISTS, THE MILITANT, NAZI-LIKE ANTI-COMMUNISTS. It was the Falangists of Italy & Spain who really were the best friends of Hitler & more or less united with Hitler.--Except Spain at the last minute declared neutrality because it saw it would probably get the worst of it if it joined the Axis powers, as they were called, of Germany & Italy, etc. And Spain was smart, they kept out of it pretty much, although they sympathised with Germany & Italy since they had a Fascist government. That was the Falangista of both Italy & Spain, both used the same symbol & both were called Fascists.
       11. "FASCISTI" WAS NOT A BAD WORD THEN, AT LEAST NOT IN SPAIN & ITALY & NAZI GERMANY. It's only become a bad word because the Allies united against them & made it a bad word. It used to be the respected symbol of Rome & the Romans whom all the World worshipped & followed after their beasts. But due to the fact that they were on the other side & they fought against the Allies & the Allies won, they made the word "Fascist" a bad word.
       12. THE WORD "NAZI" WAS NOT A BAD WORD BEFORE THE WAR, EXCEPT AMONGST THEIR ENEMIES. ... Nazi meant the National Socialist Party of Germany & was composed largely of Catholics, Protestants, Fundamentalists & Evangelicals. Believe it or not, all the best people of Germany were Nazis! About the only ones who weren't were the [DELETED] Communists & Communist leaders! So Hitler arose to power voted in by the Christians to save Germany from the atheist Communist[EDITED: "s"]...! "Oh, I thought you were something weird, Dad, maybe you're a Nazi!" Some people think I'm a Communist, others think I'm a Nazi! The Nazis call us Communists, the Communists call us Nazis, but we're not either one, we're on the Lord's side! Our Kingdom is not of this World--yet! Praise God! Jesus said, "If My Kingdom were of this World"--He meant now--"then would My servants fight." (Jn.18:36) Well, when the time comes that His Kingdom is to be of this World, then His servants will fight, & we'll fight with'm because we're going to come down with the Lord from Heaven on those white chargers & we're gonna charge'm! Praise God! Amen? We'll be all charged-up by that time with all kinds of power!
       13. BUT ANYHOW, BECAUSE OF THE ALMOST EVEN BALANCE BETWEEN LIKUD & LABOUR IN ISRAEL, THREE VOTES FROM THE RELIGIOUS PARTY CAN TIP THE SCALE & THEREFORE RULE ISRAEL ACCORDING TO THEIR VOTE! So the Scribes & the Pharisees are still ruling Israel! And the same way in Jesus' day, the religious leaders had such influence that they ruled over the nation & over the people & even told the Roman government which way to go, just like the religious leaders, the Rabbi leaders, the Jewish leaders of Israel today are telling their government & the U.S. which way to go.--Even though it is estimated that less than 10% of the Jews of Israel are religious or religious-observant. Definitely less than that attend synagogues or temples.
       14. ISRAEL IS NOT A RELIGIOUS STATE, MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE ATHEISTS, MANY OF THEM ATHEISTS FROM COMMUNIST RUSSIA, MULTITUDES OF THEM! Just because they go to Israel doesn't make a Jew out of them religiously. In fact, they've got a Communist Party in Israel run by Communist Jews yet from Communist Russia, think of that! But the vast majority of them are just as atheistic & just as irreligious & impious & non-religious as the vast majority of Americans & the vast majority of Russians & the vast majority of the World! Israel is no different from any other rich place on Earth, they're mostly Devil-following atheists who will quickly & readily accept the Antichrist.
       15. BUT IT'S AMAZING, IT'S ALMOST ASTOUNDING, IT'S ALMOST MYSTERIOUS HOW THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS CAN WIELD SO MUCH POWER WHEN THEY ARE IN SUCH A SMALL, TINY MINORITY! But their power is almost always wielded in favour of the Devil. They are a part of the Religious Whore that rides the Beast of Government. As I told you before, the Whore is composed of all the false religions put together, the biggest of which is materialism, the worship of things, wealth, Mammon. That is the biggest religion in the World, nearly everybody worships that god! They may not know it, they may not profess to worship any god, but when they worship their cars & homes & TVs & families & sports & jobs & whatever, that's their god!--Especially when they give it more time than they do the Lord, even Christians.
       16. I USED TO REALLY PUT DOWN THE CHURCH CHRISTIANS & EMBARRASS THEM BY PROVING TO THEM THAT THEY WEREN'T WORSHIPPING GOD THE MOST! Oh yes, Sunday morning they went to church & worshipped God, but I said, "Six days out of the week & most of Sunday you're worshipping your other gods, the ones you worship the most, value the most, love the most & give the most time & money & effort to most of the week! That's who you worship!" The Lord said, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy strength, all thy mind, & thy neighbour as thyself!" (Mat.22:37-39) That's God's ideal.
       17. WE WHO HAVE FORSAKEN ALL & THE SYSTEM & SYSTEM JOBS & EDUCATION & ALL THE REST ARE DEVOTING OUR FULL TIME, 100% TO SERVING THE LORD! Even while you're doing dishes or mopping floors or cleaning toilets you're serving the Lord, because you're serving God's people who are serving the Lord, who are making it possible for thousands of others to serve the Lord & have the literature they need & have the Light they need, etc. We are serving the Lord full time, even if you're doing maintenance work or sewing a dress, whatever you're doing here, because we're all serving the Lord full time & we're in full-time service trying to help others who are serving the Lord full time. We are serving God full time 100%! But don't tell me that a church Christian who works hard at a System-slaving job that is not for the glory of God in any way, shape or form six days a week, & plays around most of Sunday & just goes to church on Sunday morning--or maybe Sunday night if he's very devout--don't tell me he's serving God with all his might & mind & all his heart! Because if he's not serving God with all his time, he is not serving God!--Period! Think it over.
       18. WHEN NAAMAN WENT INTO THE TEMPLE OF RIMMON HE SAID, "THE LORD PARDON THY SERVANT WHEN I ENTER THE TEMPLE OF RIMMON WITH THE KING UPON MY ARM. The Lord pardon Thy servant in this one thing that I do." (2Ki.5:18)--This heathen, pagan, devil-god of Rimmon that the King of Syria worshipped! Naaman was his foremost general, the head of his Defence Department! They used to call them War Departments, now they call them Defence Departments. Nobody wages war, they're just defending themselves. No country ever waged a war yet that didn't claim it was defending itself. Even though it gobbled up all of Europe, it was only defending itself! Every great tyrant that ever lived, every great general, every great conqueror claimed he was only defending himself & his country. Of course, he had to conquer the World in order to defend his country! But anyway, where was I? (Family: Naaman.)
       19. NAAMAN WAS HEAD OF HIS DEFENCE DEPARTMENT, TOP GENERAL, PROBABLY THE SECOND MOST INFLUENTIAL MAN IN THE KINGDOM OF SYRIA NEXT TO THE KING HIMSELF or the King wouldn't have been leaning on his arm going into the Temple. Think of what influence that man could have had! Think of what horrible influence he did have after getting healed & claiming that there was no other God but the God of Israel. He made a profession of faith! He'd gotten miraculously healed, he even started witnessing, at least to the ones around him & his wife & his handmaid & a few close contacts. Maybe he was afraid to even tell the king, I don't know. But what kind of a witness was that to the whole nation when they all saw him walking into the Temple of Rimmon with the King on his arm? Do you think they thought then that he worshipped the God of Israel? Would they even maybe doubt something about whether the God of Israel healed him & think, "Maybe it was the god of Rimmon who healed him, because after all, he worships there every day with the King."
       20. WATCH OUT ABOUT COMPROMISE WITH THE WORLD LIKE THE CHURCH & THE CHRISTIANS ARE DOING! You can't tell a bit of difference between the average church Christian & the way they live, & any other Worldling in the World, except that they go to church on Sunday as a rule. A few of them are very straitlaced & narrow-minded & devout & talk sanctimoniously & holier-than-thou, self-righteous Scribes & Pharisees, but most of them are quite liberal in their thinking, in their life, in the way they live, & they live just like the rest of the World, you can't tell the difference.--Except maybe they go out golfing on Sunday afternoon instead of Sunday morning during church.
       21. THE AVERAGE CHURCH CHRISTIAN THINKS THAT HIS CHURCH WORSHIP ON SUNDAY MORNING ABSOLVES HIM FROM ALL SINS & the rest of the week & even the rest of Sunday he can do as he pleases & he's all nice & cleansed now, whether he be Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal or whatever! They're all fixed up now with God because they gave Him a little hour on Sunday morning. They can serve the Devil & serve themselves selfishly for the rest of the week & even the rest of Sunday.
       22. I DON'T HAVE MUCH FAITH IN THAT KIND OF CHRISTIANITY, DO YOU? I can't believe in that kind of churchianity that just believes that you can only be a Christian if you have a church building & you attend it on Sunday morning. That's the biggest cult in the World, except I don't think they have quite as many members as some of the Oriental cults. But a lot of the Oriental religions are about the same, they live just like everybody else too except when they go to temple or they go to the shrine. The rest of the week you couldn't tell the difference between them & any other member of their one billion-member nation or whatever it may be. They're just like the rest of the World. Because most of the World is worshipping the same god that they worship--Mammon, things, job, money & the things it can buy. So there's your Whore!
       23. BUT ODDLY ENOUGH, THE RELIGIOUS MEMBERS OF THE WHORE, THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS OF THE WORLD, HAVE SECURED AN AMAZING, ASTOUNDING MEASURE OF CONTROL OVER GOVERNMENTS AS A RULE. Nearly every single government this World has ever known has been ruled by some religion, by its priesthood, by its denomination or group of denominations--Catholics, Protestants, Shintoists, Buddhists, Muslims, whatever--even though the vast majority of the people are not religious & certainly not genuinely faithful religionists. So in Israel & every other country on Earth, somehow or another the Devil has found out he can control the people & the governments more effectively through a religion.
       24. THE GOVERNMENT CAN ONLY RULE THEIR BODIES, BUT RELIGION CAN RULE HEARTS & MINDS--INCLUDING COMMUNISM! It's a religion. It's a pure religion, undiluted or contaminated by faith in God or Christ or any recognised religion, pure materialism completely pure & simple! You can trust the Communists to be Communists & worship Communism. They have just as much a religion as Catholicism, Protestantism, Pentecostalism, Buddhism or what have you, & it's Communism, that's their religion. They literally worship the state, they actually worship the government, that's what they really worship, & its doctrine of Communism. So it's a religion. They pledge allegiance to it, they worship it, they study it, they follow it, they preach it, they fight & die for it! Most of all they get the guys in the other countries to fight & die for it while they weasel in & rule'm!
       25. BUT THE DEVIL HAS FOUND OUT THAT BY USING THE RELIGIONISTS, WHATEVER THEIR RELIGION MAY BE, WHETHER IT'S CHURCHIANITY OR ISLAM OR JUDAISM OR COMMUNISM OR WHATEVER IT IS, HE CAN RULE THE WORLD!--By ruling the Whore who rides on the back of the Beast of the governments of this World. I'm not just talking about ancient history, I'm talking about today, now, here, in your country or the country you're living in. The conditions are no different, the policy of the Enemy is no different, it's happened time & time again & time over & over again! We have offended somebody in that country & they have often gone to the police or the government & gotten no reaction, no action. After all, the poor police are burdened down enough with real problems such as criminals & rebels & guerrillas & economic problems & everything else you can imagine! They don't even want to be bothered with silly little religious problems or some silly little religionist, so they usually just tell'm, "Oh go away, we don't want to be bothered!" Most of the time the Romans don't want to be bothered & they'll try to brush it off if they can, just like Pilate did & like the Roman government did! They didn't even want to have to fool with it, they had enough problems already!
       26. SO WHAT DO THE RELIGIONISTS DO THEN? First of all they stir up their own denomination or their own religion & get their people all stirred-up about it. "Now, you apply more pressure on the government!" Well, if enough religionists keep squawking about it, the government might listen & they might not. A lot of times they'll even brush that off as just one religion: "After all, we've got many religions here, why should we worry? Why should we help you in your religion?" So then if they don't get enough reaction from the government to suit them, to run these people out of town or out of the country that have provoked one of their members, "stolen" one of their children, blah blah, who do they take it to next? (Family: The media.) The media, that means to the people.--Just like the pattern has been all the time. They take it to the press, just like the Scribes & the Pharisees did.
       27. WHEN THEY COULDN'T GET ANY REACTION OUT OF THE GOVERNMENT, from Rome or the Roman governor, they said to him--& they meant it for the ears of the people--"We're going to accuse you of being a traitor to Caesar! If you're a friend of this Man, you're no friend of Caesar's! This Man is a rebel, He's a revolutionary, He's a guerrilla, He's a Zealot, He's a Communist! If you're a friend of these people, you're no friend of the government, much less our religion!" (Jn.19:12)
       28. THEY GOT SOME REACTION FROM THEIR OWN RELIGIOUS PEOPLE, BUT THE OTHER RELIGIONS COULDN'T CARE LESS, THE GOVERNMENT REALLY DIDN'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED! But then they took it to the people in the press & began to circulate stories & bad publicity, in fact it was paid bad publicity. They suborned men, in other words they bribed men to go around spreading these lies--like the press. I don't doubt some of these newspapers have been paid to run some of these bad articles, because they have been so widespread, the same wording, almost the same article. Our enemies undoubtedly distribute a press release & some newspaper is paid to run it, if not paid in money, maybe in votes or in influence or tit for tat: "You do this for us & we'll do so-&-so for you!"--Until they have taken it to the people.
       29. UNTIL FINALLY THE LAST CROWD WHO WERE AT JESUS' TRIAL WERE CRYING, "CRUCIFY HIM!" The people, the people who had said, "Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest, behold the Son of David, the King"--when Jesus had come riding upon the ass into the city just a week before--one week later they were crying, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" (Mat.21:9; Luk.23:21) These people He'd fed, healed & preached to--the multitudes whom He blessed & fed & healed & ministered to. How come one Sunday they can be crying "Hosanna to the Son of David," & the next Thursday, just a few days later, be crying, "Crucify Him!"?
       30. HOW DID THE ENEMIES SWING IT? HOW DID THEY DO IT WHEN THEY WERE SO FEW & SUCH A SMALL MINORITY, JUST THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS? He'd already taken away most of the crowds & the multitudes. The truly religious people, the Jews, were following Him, multitudes of the priests even believed, & the common people heard Him gladly. He had the crowds, He even had their lesser leaders, the Priests & the Levites! How could those top Chief Priests & High Priests so influence the crowd so that at the final trial before Pilate they had persuaded the mob, the crowd, the people to shout, "Crucify Him!" How did they do it? How did they get them to crucify Him when under Roman law they couldn't even do it themselves?--And certainly not for a religious question or a religious doctrine.
       31. PILATE TOLD THEM FIRST THING, "THIS IS A MATTER OF RELIGION, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS, IT'S NOT MY AFFAIR!" But finally when they threatened Pilate & said, "We're going to tell Caesar on you, you're no friend of Caesar's," then Pilate had second thoughts. He still didn't want to have anything to do with it & he pretended to wash his hands of the whole thing & said, "See ye to it" (Mat.27:24), but he was just as guilty because he let them. But he was trying to hold himself as being guiltless, he didn't want to be guilty. And no doubt the dream that Procla had, his wife, was something that scared him! She said, "Have nothing to do with this Just Man because of a dream I have had this night." (Mat.27:19) So instead of actually outright condemning Jesus himself, he just washed his hands of the affair & said, "You Jews see to it." That's all they needed, that was permission to go ahead & crucify Jesus.
       32. THAT'S ALL SOME OF THESE RELIGIONISTS NEED, THESE VIGILANTES! That's an old wild Western term for civilians who take up arms themselves against their enemies. Whether they be Fascists or Communists, hardhats, rednecks or whatever they are, all they need is for the government to just look the other way & just to be permissive & more or less show they're not going to do anything about it, or even promise not to do anything about it. That's how these religious enemies & these World enemies of ours, System enemies, FreeCOGers & whatnot, have managed to get away with virtually murder, kidnapping, illegal incarceration or imprisonment & torture, if not physical, mental torture! I daresay they even suffer physically as well. Maybe they don't exactly beat'm up or lay a finger on them, but it's physical torture because of the mental torture & the fear & having to undergo such horrible tactics! Brow beating is what they really ought to call it. They suffer physically as well, it makes them sick & weak. So it's still torture, even if the deprogrammers don't lay a finger on you it's physical & mental torture!
       33. BUT THE GOVERNMENT JUST LOOKS THE OTHER WAY & LETS'M GET AWAY WITH IT!--Unless somebody's got the guts & the money & the influence & the power & is clever enough, like a few of the children have, either from rich parents or otherwise, & have brought their persecutors, tormenters & kidnappers to court! And even then, time & again most of the courts have thrown it out! They say, "Oh, it's just a family argument, just a family affair," & the government washed its hands.--Which is as good as giving permission to those forces to crucify us! "This is none of our affair, see ye to it!" In other words, that's giving them permission to go on in what they're doing. Only in a very few cases have they finally actually taken somebody to jail, & Black Lightning was one of them. I think he spent a few months in jail, & then they got him out. He'd put lots of other people in jail, not in actual prisons, but in motels & hotels & secret houses, behind bars!
       34. FROM ONE REPORT, WE HEARD THAT THE HOUSE THEY TOOK ONE OF THE FAMILY GIRLS TO HAD BARS ON THE WINDOWS, SHE COULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN OUT IF SHE TRIED! They locked the door & had somebody guarding her most of the time. If she hadn't pretended to accept what they were saying & pretended to backslide, she might never have gotten away! But she did the smartest thing she could or they'd have gone on until she probably would have been a nervous wreck or had a breakdown or something, she almost did anyhow. But she pretended, & in this case she just about had to. She couldn't have done anything with those hardboiled characters, those toughs that they brought along, strong arms that her parents hired to enforce it & kidnap her & imprison her & browbeat her until she nearly broke down & yielded! But then, God bless her, at her first opportunity when they thought they had her all persuaded & won over & made the mistake of leaving her in a public place--not under guard but just with one middle-aged lady--she took off & she ran! And I'll tell you, she said then she realised she was out of shape, because she hadn't done so much running for quite awhile!
       35. LET ME TELL YOU, YOU'D BETTER STAY IN SHAPE! If you don't have to run from the Enemy, you've got to run to catch a plane or run for a few other reasons! You'd better stay in shape physically because you may have to run for your life!
       36. WE WERE WATCHING A VIDEO LAST NIGHT ABOUT A GUY THAT I TOLD THE KIDS WAS SORT OF LIKE AN ANGEL. We call him "the angel," but he's not really an angel, he's a fictional character, but he's like an angel & we'll have a lot of powers like that angel. If you have a chance to see it you'll know what I'm talking about, it's called "The Phoenix." This fellow has a lot of powers like we're going to have in the Millennium over our enemies, etc. So it's a good illustration, at least, even if it's not a true story. Just like Grandpa uses a lot of stories to illustrate things, it illustrates the thing, how he could talk to cats & dogs & deer & different animals & they could talk to him, like St. Francis. Well, that's not unusual, man could do that for centuries before the Flood, & we'll do it for a thousand years after the Flood of Armageddon, when there's peace between man & the animals again. Right now men can't be trusted to talk to the animals or the evil people would probably be organising the animals into armies of rapacious beasts to fight their enemies & that sort of thing! Anyhow, he could do a lot of these stunts that we've said are probably going to be possible during the Millennium. But man is still evil today.
       37. SO NOTHING HAS CHANGED! MAN IS THE SAME, THE HEART OF MAN IS THE SAME, THE METHODS OF GOVERNMENT & THE RELIGIONISTS ARE THE SAME, IT'S JUST THE OLD DEVIL WITH A SHAVE & A HAIRCUT & A NEW SUIT OF CLOTHES! They don't go around wearing horns & a long tail & a red suit any more, they go around looking like Mr. & Mrs. Systemite, but they'll be just as willing to kill you if they can get away with it! It's amazing, the horrible, demonic demon-possession that gets into people, especially if there's a crowd of them. That's what they call the mob spirit! And do you know what it is?--Like at Jesus' trial?
       38. WHEN A MOB GETS TOGETHER LIKE THAT FOR A LYNCHING, BEATING SOMEBODY TO DEATH OR SOMETHING, THEY LITERALLY ALL GET DEMON-POSSESSED! They're all the Devil's people, so he just floods in his demons & they all get demon-possessed & do crazy things! Respectable citizens of the community that never would've thought of doing such things by themselves have often joined a mob, a lynch mob or whatnot, & done horrible crimes that they were amazed afterwards that they'd even participated in! They get possessed!--Not just one, but a mob of them, & pounce on somebody, beat'm to death, hang'm, shoot'm!--Without the help of the police or the government! So that's what they finally did with Jesus, only the government permitted it or as good as promised to look the other way, "I have nothing to do with this Just Man, see ye to it!"
       39. THE GOVERNMENTS HAVE EVEN INVESTIGATED US & FOUND NOTHING CRIMINAL & NOTHING TO CHARGE US WITH! Let me tell you, that God-damned devilish devil of a State Attorney of New York who wrote that horrible, smearing, slanderous, libelous report on us, if we had actually been guilty of all the things he charged us with in that report, why didn't he arrest us & take us to jail & to court?--Because he couldn't pin it on us, he couldn't find it on us! We are not guilty of the evil things they accuse us of! We are not guilty of crimes, we are not guilty of these things they accuse us of, these lies that they tell about us!
       40. BUT THEY JUST TELL THESE LIES TO MAKE THE CROWD, THE MOB, THE GOVERNMENT BELIEVE IT SO THEY'LL ATTACK US!--JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH JESUS! They finally lied to Pilate & said, "This Guy's a rebel, He's a revolutionary, He's a traitor to Rome!"--And it didn't take much to be a traitor to Rome in those days. If you just refused to bow down & worship their gods or refused to pledge allegiance to the official gods of Rome they could kill you, toss you to the lions, burn you at the stake!--In other words, if you were a Christian & you refused to deny your faith.
       41. ISN'T THAT WHAT THE DEPROGRAMMERS DO, THE VERY SAME THING?--THEY TRY TO GET OUR KIDS TO DENY THEIR FAITH! It's nothing new! Some people are horrified when they hear the stories of the deprogrammers & the deprogrammed & the persecuted & tortured & imprisoned & kidnapped & all the rest, horrified that they browbeat'm & torment them for days on end to get them to deny their faith! But there's nothing new about that, that's what the Inquisition did, that's what the Romans did, that's what governments & religionists & the religions of the Devil have done for ages, & the first one was Cain! Apparently Abel wouldn't deny that he was doing it the right way, God's way, so Cain got so mad, he couldn't get him to deny his faith, so he just killed him, & it's been going on ever since!
       42. CAIN WAS THE BEGINNING OF THE RELIGIONIST PERSECUTORS OF THE TRUE WORSHIPPERS OF GOD! Wasn't Cain worshipping God? Wasn't he having a religion? Wasn't he offering a sacrifice?--But not according to God's way, not according to God's rules, not according to God's laws that apparently had already been laid down, or it wouldn't have been said that his sacrifice was not acceptable, whereas Abel's was! (Gen.4:4,5) Apparently the Lord had already made some rules or laws of sacrifice & it was to be a lamb, a type of Christ, a blood offering typifying the offering of Jesus Christ. Whereas Cain decided he didn't have to do that. If he had to do that, he'd have to trade some of his farm crops for one of Abel's lambs & give Abel a little advantage that way. So he just put the fruits & vegetables & pumpkins & farm crops on the altar instead of a lamb.
       43. HE DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH HIS BROTHER, THINK OF THE JEALOUSY, THE HATRED!--ALREADY THE ENVY OF THE RELIGIONIST, THE FALSE RELIGIONIST! He didn't even want to trade him some of those goods for a lamb so he could give the right kind of offering to God. He was self-righteous in his own type of religion & he was going to offer a sacrifice to God his way & his kind of sacrifice. Well, if you're not obeying God & you're not doing what God told you to do, the way God told you to do it, then you're not worshipping God!
       44. YOU CAN'T TELL ME THE CHRISTIANS WHO CLAIM THEY'RE WORSHIPPING GOD & THEY DON'T OBEY HIM ARE WORSHIPPING GOD! How can they say they worship God when they don't do the things that He asked? Jesus Himself said, "How say ye unto Me, 'Lord, Lord' & do not the things that I ask? He that keepeth My commandments, he it is that loveth Me!" (Mat.7:21; Joh.14:21) So how can these church Christians claim that they love Jesus & worship God when they do not the things that He asks & they keep not His commandments? Instead of that, they worship a building, put more of their money into the building & more of what little time they do supposedly give to their God in going to that building, worshipping that building in that building, & their preacher in that building, & their religion & their denomination or their temple or whatever it may be!
       45. DON'T TELL ME THEY WORSHIP GOD, DON'T EVEN TELL ME THEY LOVE GOD! HOW CAN THEY LOVE GOD WHEN THEY DO NOT THE THINGS THAT HE ASKS? How can they say, "Lord, Lord" when they keep not His commandments? It's a lie! It's a farce! It's a fake! It's a phoney! Churchianity is a counterfeit religion, the biggest & worst cult in the whole World, Temple-ism! Whether church or temple, it's all building-worship! The Jews do it & Muslims do it!
       46. THE MUSLIMS TOOK THE KAABA, THE OLD PAGAN, HEATHEN IDOLATROUS SHRINE OF THE FORMER CITIZENS OF MECCA, that big ugly-looking block building that they had all their idols stacked in & where they went in to worship, & they threw out all the idols! Thank God for that! Mohammed threw out all the idols, broke'm up, even burned some & supposedly cleansed the temple, cleansed the Kaaba. Then they later put in wisps of his hair & little relics of this & that of his history & made it a [DELETED] museum so to speak. [DELETED] They go on long pilgrimages, long treks all the way from anywhere in the World! To be a good Muslim, at least once in your life you've got to go to Mecca if you possibly can.
       47. DON'T SAY "MOHAMMEDANS," THEY DON'T LIKE THAT TERM! They don't like to be called Mohammedans any more than you like to be called a Davidite or whatever. Some people called us that for awhile. Even Fred Jordan told our folks in Los Angeles, "Oh, you're nothing but a bunch of little Davids running around!"--Because they wouldn't obey him. Up to that time all the people had been nothing but a bunch of little Fred Jordans running around! And he wanted them all to be little Fred Jordans, he didn't want a bunch of little Davids! So King Saul wouldn't submit & they wouldn't submit & it was his property so he threw'm out! So the [DELETED] Muslims[DELETED]
       48. THEY MARCH AROUND THAT BUILDING FOR DAYS ON END WHEN THEY COME THERE ON THEIR PILGRIMAGE. You see a great sea of humanity & a great whirlpool of human bodies walking round & round & round that building for hours & days on end! Hundreds of thousands of them come especially during the holy seasons to worship there at one of the greatest mosques in all Islam & to wash, I mean walk--they wash too, they wash their hands & their feet or they can't go in! What is that but building-worship? [DELETED]
       49. AND THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH-WORSHIPPERS ARE NO DIFFERENT EITHER, THEY WORSHIP THEIR BUILDING JUST AS MUCH & MAYBE EVEN MORE DEARLY & treat it more fondly & affectionately & give it more luxury. They're always thrilled when they can buy a new organ or new cushioned pews or new air conditioning or a new pulpit or even get a new preacher or stained glass windows. Most of their money goes into that building. Don't tell me they're any different from the heathen, they're no different from the temple-worshippers & the shrine-worshippers & the pagoda-worshippers & idol-worshippers of the World, no different!
       50. SO DON'T BE SURPRISED WHEN GOOD CHRISTIANS, EVEN MORE LIKELY THE DIED-IN-THE-WOOL FUNDAMENTALIST EVANGELICAL PENTECOSTAL CHRISTIANS, WANT TO MURDER YOU, BEAT YOU UP, KILL YOU IF THEY CAN, & THINK THAT THEY'RE DOING GOD SERVICE! Jesus Himself said it, that the time will come when he that killeth you will think that he doeth God service, will think that he's doing it for God, that he's doing it for the Lord to kill you! (Joh.16:2) Most of the wars of this World have been fought in the name of God, some god. Most of Europe's wars were fought in the name of some religion. And most of the wars of today still going on are fought in the name of some religion. All that trouble over there in Lebanon is between opposing religious groups.--All that trouble in Israel & the Mideast, opposing religious groups, Jews against Muslims & Christians. Think of it!
       51. AND NOW WE HAVE A NEW RELIGIOUS GROUP THAT IS SWEEPING THE WORLD, THE REDS, THE COMMUNISTS, WHO CLAIM TO WORSHIP NO GOD, BUT THEY MAKE IMAGES, & GODS OUT OF THEIR IMAGES. You see gigantic pictures of their gods at their festivals & their ceremonies. Look at'm!--Lenin, Marx & the latest dictator. If that isn't worship, I don't know what is! They march past his picture in reverence & awe & adoration. That's worship! They're worshipping their own gods. They've created new gods. What's the difference? They're not the God, our God, so they're just as pagan & just as religious as the heathen, it's just a new kind of religion, that's all. And they'll kill you too if they get a chance, if you don't knuckle down to their religion, if you don't swear by their religion & swear your loyalty to their religion.--Whether it's Fascism or Communism or churchianity!
       52. BUT REMEMBER, THE POLICIES & THE TACTICS OF THE SYSTEM & THE RELIGIONISTS ARE JUST THE SAME! I meant to talk about security, but this is to apprise & advise you of why we have to have security. The Devil really can never do anything new, there's nothing new under the sun. Most of the time he just copies God & the Lord's Own tactics, believe it or not, or stays in the same rut he's been in for centuries. And that rut is usually this: If he can't get the wrath of the System down on you, the government or the police, then first of all he gets one person to stir up one religion & their friends, & if they can't get the government stirred up, they will go to the press, to the people, & stir up the whole country & all the people against you!--And against even the government for not doing anything, so that the government is forced to do something even when they don't want to!
       53. PILATE DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO CRUCIFY JESUS! HE DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT! He knew & felt that Jesus was a good Man, a just Man. He said, "I see nothing in this Man, no cause for which to crucify Him or condemn Him. He's a just Man, a good Man." He didn't even want to crucify Him, he liked Jesus!--But he liked his position, his power, his money & his name as governor more! You can't much blame him in some ways, after having moved down to the beautiful city of Jerusalem in the subtropics away from the traffic of Rome. I'll tell you, almost anybody would rather live someplace else than Rome nowadays from all I've heard about Rome. And certainly he'd rather live in Israel than where they finally exiled him to, in the Alps of Switzerland, the cold & the snow!
       54. SO DON'T THINK YOU'RE GOING TO GET ANY MORE MERCY FROM THE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE, NOT EVEN THE CHRISTIANS, THEY'LL PROBABLY BE THE WORST! They're the ones that usually call the cops on us, good, upstanding, religious, Christian church members, citizens of the community. At least that was the case in the U.S.A. The Worldly people, the non-church people, the so-called sinners, we just sort of amused them, they thought we were kind of funny, freaky.--In fact, some of them even liked us because they sort of liked some of the ideas we propounded. Especially when we started the FFing, they really went for that! They thought that was a great idea! "Let's see, where's your branch? I want to join!"--Ha!
       55. BUT NOT THE RELIGIONISTS! THEY'VE GOT THEIR RELIGION, THEY'RE SATISFIED, SELF-SATISFIED, SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITES, SCRIBES & PHARISEES, & THEY WILL BE THE FIRST TO OBJECT, THE FIRST TO COMPLAIN.--And it only takes one complainant to bring in the System & the police time & again, & to stir up, first of all, their fellow religionists & then their compatriots, & here come all the patriots! Just branding you as a freaky religion & another cult didn't stir up enough trouble, so they finally decided like the Scribes & the Pharisees did with Pilate, "That didn't cause enough trouble, we just called'm a cult, let's call'm Communists, rebels, guerrillas!" Boy, that got quick action, swift action from the government & the police! "They're insurrectionists, insurgents, infiltrators!" They've got all kinds of names for people who don't agree with the government.
       56. THAT'S WHAT THE RELIGIONISTS THREATENED PILATE WITH, & THAT'S WHAT THE RELIGIONISTS OF TODAY WILL THREATEN TODAY'S PILATES WITH, the very same, & persuade Pilate to call in the cops. And if he doesn't even want to do it then, at least to let them do it, "See ye to it!"--And that's the way most of the countries have been doing. Because what these people who oppose us do is so illegal the government doesn't dare do it themselves, the police don't dare do it themselves but they just look the other way & let our enemies do it to us!--So watch out!
       57. SO DON'T THINK THAT ANY COUNTRY, WHEREVER YOU GO, IS GOING TO BE ANY EXCEPTION. Thank God for the countries we've gone to where they have received us, at least for a time, with open arms, at least the common people, even as they did Jesus. But sooner or later you're going to offend somebody, especially if you have done a good job & you have spread the Word & won enough souls & friends to make the Devil really mad & begin to really fear that you're going to steal his sheep or steal his field. And the Lord knows by that time you have saturated the field, you've done a good job & it's time to make you move on.--And if you don't get the point & do it voluntarily, He'll send out the hounds of Hell to go after you to drive you to the next field!
       58. BUT IN SOME CASES WE HAVE LOST A GOOD FIELD THAT WAS STILL RECEPTIVE & RESPONSIVE! They were booming in [EDITED: "this one country"]!--Especially with the Tape Ministry, that's where it virtually began. But they themselves by their own foolish ways & lack of security, lack of awareness & lack of wisdom, lost us that whole field [DELETED] where we'd been on the air for years, had thousands of followers & could have done a marvellous job in reaping! But they didn't even hardly have time to do the reaping, the Devil didn't want his field reaped. So some of our own foolish people brought it on themselves & got us driven out of that field!
       59. HOW DO OUR ENEMIES DRIVE US OUT? WELL, FIRST OF ALL THEY GO TO THE POLICE & THE POLICE DON'T DO ANYTHING OR VERY LITTLE, NOT ENOUGH TO SATISFY'M. They don't want just one little case solved or one little kid recaptured, they want to get rid of all of us! The Devil wants you all out! So when they can't get the government or the police to do enough, they go to the press, & the bad publicity begins that stirs up all the people against you. Then all the people put the pressure on all the government & finally they get the action they want & the government takes action. The government is usually the most reluctant of all.--After all, the Government is of God!--Rom.13:1.
       60. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT, IT'S NOT THE GOVERNMENT YOU HAVE TO FEAR! They don't want to do anything, they'd just as soon not be bothered, they don't really care, they've got enough problems of their own. They'll drag their feet rather than bother to even call at your door! It's not until somebody has insisted & usually the press & the people & the nation is in an uproar that the police will finally be driven by them to call at your door & knock & start questioning, usually rather politely. It's a job they didn't even want, they didn't even like, they didn't think it was necessary, they didn't even want to do, they don't even think you're that big a threat or that bad! But all these religionists, the Whore, is putting the pressure on'm: "We're not going to fuck you any more unless you get rid of these other lovers!"--Get it? The religious Whore puts the pressure on & gets her government System lovers to get rid of you through envy, jealousy & hatred, murderous hatred!
       61. SO THAT'S HOW IT BEGINS, & IT CAN ALL BEGIN OVER ONE CARELESS, SLOTHFUL, LAZY, DISOBEDIENT LITTLE HOME WHO DIDN'T DO WHAT THEY WERE TOLD TO DO, who didn't obey the Letters, who didn't [EDITED: "keep their private files purged and secure"] [DELETED] so that the police found it. Then they found more Homes! "Boy, we're really getting quite a haul here! These people are really careless, they're really lazy. [DELETED] They've got everything we want, we'll try a few more Homes!"--And the rest of the Homes were just as bad & had just as much booty to haul away. [DELETED]
       62. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE LIT, THEY'VE ALREADY GOT THE LIT! There's hardly anything they haven't already got. I don't think that what they're getting now & what we're putting out even DO is as bad as some of the stuff they've already had in the past. They've got enough to incriminate us in their minds already from the lit they used to get & they've already got! I wouldn't worry near as much about the lit as I would about the files & [EDITED: "private papers"]. These were the things we found they were most interested in in [EDITED: "our experiences"]. They didn't take all that much interest in the lit, they'd seen the lit for years! They know what we preach, they know what we believe! They've seen it & heard it & had it themselves for years!
       63. I'D CERTAINLY WANT TO PROTECT OUR LIT ALL WE CAN, AT LEAST KEEP IT SO THEY DON'T GET IT & SO WE CAN HAVE IT, BECAUSE WE NEED TO STUDY IT & REFER TO IT! We want to keep our library, at least our Home Library of lit. Right? Even if you don't have your own personal, individual copies to study & to read, at least you can borrow a copy from the Home Library. So for God's sake, don't let'm get all your lit. [DELETED] But as far as your personal lit, etc., well, hide that the best you can, lock it up the best you can, but we found by experience that just locking it in a briefcase doesn't mean a thing. They can come in with a search order that says they can break locks if they want to.--Locks on briefcases, suitcases, doors, trunks, whatever, search & seizure!
       64. BUT I'M WARNING YOU, IT'S NOT JUST THE LIT THAT THEY'RE LOOKING FOR, THAT DOESN'T TELL'M AS MUCH AS OTHER THINGS THEY'RE LOOKING FOR. What the lit tells them is what they've already heard by the thousands, by the millions! The lit is not what you really have to guard the most, except in order to keep it for your use. And of course Homes that depend on litnessing & distributing lit, they don't want to lose all that precious lit that they've paid for to get printed to distribute, so they'd better hang on to theirs! Even if you've got quantities of it, try to hide it someplace. [DELETED]
       65. WE FOUND THAT SINCE THE POLICE ARE RELUCTANT TO DO THE JOB ANYHOW & they don't really want to do it & they're just obeying & sort of fulfilling at least the letter of the law, they'll say, "Yeah, we searched the place. Yeah, we confiscated everything we found."--And a lot of times they do a pretty sloppy job. They don't really tear up the floor or tear into the attic or go through the ceiling. Some of our enemies have "gone through the ceiling" already to stir'm up, but they don't go [DELETED] other places that you could hide things.
       66. THEY'RE EVEN MAKING CABINETS NOW IN THE UNITED STATES WITH SECRET COMPARTMENTS WHERE YOU CAN HIDE THINGS! The safe is no longer safe, because people know when they see a safe that there must be something valuable in it or it wouldn't be locked up! It wouldn't be made of thick steel unless it had something valuable in it, & they've got all kinds of ways of opening safes, even using a stethoscope to hear the tumblers as they turn the combination lock until they can just turn the combination & open the safe without even blowing it up!--Or if it's small enough they'll pick it up & stuff it in their car trunk & carry it off. Or if it's too big to do that, safecrackers & safe-blowers will stick plastic explosive on the door & blow up the lock! They know there must be something valuable in there or you wouldn't have it!
       67. WE'VE ALWAYS FOUND THE SAFEST PLACE, NOT ONLY FOR OUR THINGS BUT EVEN FOR OURSELVES, IS ANONYMOUS, AN UNKNOWN PLACE, TO BE UNKNOWN. [DELETED] That's your safest place.--Not in an obviously locked briefcase, trunk, suitcase, locked door or even closet, but some place [DELETED] or something that you can't even tell that it's a hiding place. That's what the rich people are doing now, they're smart. They hide their most precious things in secret compartments in desks or secret drawers, something that doesn't even look like a drawer or a cupboard, but is. They press a secret button or a secret lever & it opens up & they can put their stuff in & shut it again.
       68. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS ABOUT DAVID'S AGE I BOUGHT A LITTLE TINY CHINESE CEDAR CHEST, VERY INTERESTING! It looked like it was put together like a Mosaic, pieces of wood in all directions, a beautiful little thing. I think I only paid 50 cents for it. In those days Chinese products were pretty cheap. And they smell real good, you could put handkerchiefs in there & they'd smell like cedar, lovely! The days were when girls used to have what they called a hope chest, they hoped they were going to get married some day so they'd accumulate things. Usually those big cedar chests were almost as big as this couch with a big lid like a trunk, & they stored towels & doilies & nice little things for their future home they hoped to have & for the bride they hoped to be, in this nice-smelling cedar chest. I used to love to smell'm, they really smelled good! Even when I was a little boy I'd go open'm, if it was unlocked, & take deep breaths because it smelled like you were out in the woods amongst the pines & the cedars, like a breath of fresh air outdoors!
       69. THIS LITTLE BOX WAS ONLY ABOUT SIX INCHES LONG & ABOUT THREE OR FOUR INCHES WIDE & ABOUT THREE OR FOUR INCHES DEEP, BUT IT HAD A SECRET COMPARTMENT in the false bottom where you could hide things & you'd never know it was there, through sliding some of the wood panels this way or that. You had to slide one panel this way first & then you could slide the other panel this way & expose a false bottom in this little tiny box, a Chinese trick. Talk about Chinese puzzles, it was a puzzle how to find the secret compartment!
       70. WELL, RICH PEOPLE TODAY ARE HAVING FURNITURE MADE WITH SECRET COMPARTMENTS & there are some guys in the States now who specialise in that kind of furniture. It's nothing new, they used to do it in the Middle Ages & past days. Kings & wealthy barons & nobles all had secret compartments, they even had secret passageways inside the walls so they could escape from a room! They could touch a little piece of molding or something which would cause a door to open & they could go in there & shut the door behind them & you'd never even know there was a door there! Then they'd have a secret passageway leading down through the castle or the mansion through the big thick walls down to the basement & out a secret door, sometimes clear out two or three hundred yards from the building itself & opening in a little plot of ground covered with bushes or something so people didn't even know the door was there.
       71. THE SIEGE WOULD BE SURROUNDING THE CASTLE OR THE WHOLE ARMY SURROUNDING THE PLACE, THE MOAT & EVERYTHING, & WHEN THE KING SAW HE WAS LOSING THE BATTLE, THEY'D SPIRIT HIM AWAY THROUGH THAT SECRET PASSAGE that even went underneath the water of the moat, clear down under & out beyond the army that was besieging them, coming out in a clump of bushes through a door covered with sod or whatever. You couldn't even see there was a door there, it was covered with grass or bushes, & they'd come out behind the army somewhere & flee! It was a common practice.
       72. IT'S GOOD IF YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE WAY & ONE SIDE TO GET OUT OF A HOUSE. In one house we lived in I used to figure out how we could climb out a window & over the back wall so we wouldn't have to go out the only one or two front doors. [DELETED] It's a difficult problem even where you have a walled home, where there's a big high wall around your home. You think you're nice & secure, but you've only got one front door, so instead of protection it turns out to be a trap!
       73. SO IT WOULD BE GOOD TO HAVE A HOUSE, IF POSSIBLE, WITH A BACK DOOR. [EDITED: "They"] usually come to the front door because that's where the address is, it's seldom that they really think you're that dangerous that they've got to surround the house with gunmen. Usually it's just one or two [DELETED] that come to the front door & knock, at first for just a few simple questions. They're quite polite & they just want to know a little more about you & check your passports & a few things like that. Normally [EDITED: "they"] are very nice, they're taught PR & to be polite & not to be mean or anything. We've had a few rotters, but most of [EDITED: "them"] that have come to our doors in the Family have been polite & just wanted to ask a few questions. Of course, if their questions & your answers aroused their suspicion, then they came back for a genuine investigation!--And maybe later on, not only just a real tough questionnaire, but a thorough search! And if they couldn't find what they were looking for then, they came back & confiscated everything!
       75. I THINK [EDITED: "THEY"] EVEN PHONED US IN [EDITED: "ONE PLACE WE WERE IN"] FIRST & ASKED A FEW QUESTIONS BEFORE THEY CALLED, WHICH SHOULD HAVE TIPPED US OFF RIGHT AWAY THAT WE WERE UNDER SUSPICION! Next time they called they were quite polite, they were even sort of friendly & laughed & joked a little bit with the girls. They didn't exactly have a search warrant to search & seize at that time, but they asked if they could go back in the kitchen & get a drink of water & took a little look around while they were at it. They didn't have any reason to go upstairs at that time. But when they came back, then they asked to see everything & everybody, all the papers & everything! And finally they came back & searched the place over & took everything they could lay their hands on in the way of papers.
       76. STUPID IDIOTS, THEY OUGHTTA KNOW BY THIS TIME WE DON'T USE DRUGS, BUT THEY WERE HOPING TO FIND DRUGS ON US! So they first of all went through every little canister in the kitchen, opened the salt & peppershakers, mayonnaise jar, everything, looking for drugs! They even took some of the stuff along with them to analyse it chemically to find out if it had drugs in it. That was one of the first things they searched for, the kitchen for drugs. But the thing they were most interested in was information, & you get that in black-&-white on paper! Word of mouth is one thing, you can deny it later, but when they get it in black-&-white on paper, brother, you can't deny it then. There it is! You wrote it, you had it, it's yours, in your possession, here's what it says!
       77. IT HAS BEEN MY POLICY TO RECOMMEND TO OUR OFFICES THAT THEY NEVER KEEP ANY FILE OR ANY CORRESPONDENCE MORE THAN ONE MONTH OLD & THAT ANY RECORDS OR STATS ARE [EDITED: "PURGED"] JUST AS SOON AS THEY'VE GOT THE NEW ONES! Did you hear that? At least that unloads a ton of paper that you don't need. Why do you need those old reports? Why do you need the old stats? Why keep all that old junk? It's just a bunch of paper to have to find room to stuff somewhere. [DELETED] Why not just keep the latest stats, the latest reports, the latest correspondence?--In such a small bundle. [DELETED] Do you get the point?
       78. I'M NOT WORRIED ABOUT THEM SEIZING LIT, I OFTEN PRAY IT'LL DO'M GOOD! I HOPE THEY DO READ IT! I wouldn't be surprised if we've had a lot of Systemites & cops & researchers & investigators practically converted from reading our lit, just because they had to read the lit for research. Why should we worry about the lit? We give it away to people on the streets, we mail it out to 10,000 people all over the World & any of them are apt to be traitors already handing it to the System! They've probably already got the latest stats & some of the latest lit. There are plenty of our enemies who would be happy to pay $100-a-month to get our secret lit! That's why we say just because they tithe doesn't mean a thing! They should fellowship & the local officers should know who they are, what they are & whether they can be trusted with the lit before we send it to them! This we've said in "Tighten the Family" (ML #1730).
       79. SO IT'S NOT REALLY THE LIT WE'RE WORRIED ABOUT, IN FACT, WE'VE CLEANED UP OUR LIT PRETTY WELL. We used to publish more shocking things [DELETED], much more than we do now. The only thing you've got to worry about now is maybe some of your personal photos, which if nude, are illegal in some countries. [DELETED]
       80. I SUGGEST YOU DON'T EVER CARRY ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN YOUR BAGS OR SUITCASES OR BRIEFCASES WHEN YOU'RE GONNA CROSS BORDERS, just in case some customs official gets cranky & snotty & decides he wants to look through everything. In some countries it's illegal to carry that sort of thing across borders & that sort of photography is illegal in their country.--Especially in the Muslim countries, they're very bad on that. They can live like the Devil & be like the Devil & be as sexy as anybody else & have a dozen wives, but they're not supposed to possess any nude photos! And they can fuck the daylights out of their naked women at home as long as they cover up everything but their eyes on the streets!--And that's only because of jealousy, because they don't want any other men looking at what they can see. They call it modesty, even religion!
       81. A LOT OF THESE SYSTEMITES WHO CONDEMNED US FOR SOME OF OUR PHOTOS & LITERATURE & OUR VIDEOS & SOME OF OUR LIT, THEY JUST ATE IT UP! THEY LOVED IT! They were drooling at the mouth for it! They wanted to see more in their newspapers & magazines, more on these juicy people, this sexy cult! They love it! That's why the newspapers print it, that's why the magazines print it! They love to read it, they eat it up! But they'll turn around & take you to court for it because they want to show you how righteous they are & how religious they are, that they don't really love those things, they hate them: "They're terrible, they're bad, they're wicked, they're evil, you shouldn't have'm! We'll confiscate'm so we can take'm home!" I often wonder what happens to a lot of that stuff. I'll bet the police have a ball confiscating all those System girly magazines & "wicked" photos & drugs from those that have'm. Where do they go from there?
       82. I WONDER WHERE ALL THIS STUFF GOES THAT THEY CONFISCATE IN CUSTOMS, ETC., WHO GETS IT? Well, in most Third World countries you know who gets it!--Ha! Some countries have gotten smart & instead of letting the customs officials take it all home they offer them fees from 10% to 25% of the value of the item to prevent them from taking home the whole item! Even though it was illegal to take it home & they're supposed to give it to the government, they weren't getting anything for confiscating it, they weren't getting any higher salary or higher pay for giving a more thorough search. So now Customs really searches the ships & the trucks or whatever to get their 25% rake-off of the value of the goods that they confiscate. Of course the government gets the other 75% so they're ahead too. It used to be they never even got the 100% at all, so now they're willing to give the customs agents 25% for'm to work a little harder & search a little more to try to find something so they'll at least get the 75%. So watch out!
       83. THE U.S. IS EVEN DOING THIS NOW, PAYING EXTRA FOR MORE THOROUGH SEARCHES & CONFISCATED GOODS. Of course, we don't have anything of value to speak of, so we're not worried about that. We're not smuggling diamonds or jewelry or hiding valuable stuff of any kind.--Some of our equipment maybe, but the few times we've had anything confiscated they just told us to leave it at the border & we could pick it up on the way out, that we just weren't allowed to take it into that country. They were afraid we were going to sell it. They search the people going into China looking for stuff that's scarce & expensive inside China.--Because even the Hong Kong Chinese & a lot of relatives were going in with suitcases loaded full of radios & TVs & watches & videos & whatnot that they could buy dirt cheap in Hong Kong & which cost several times that much in China.
       84. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT SMUGGLING ANYTHING THAT'S WORTH ANYTHING THAT THEY WANT! Most of the time we were waved through or they'd give a little superficial search. You know what most of those border guys have told me? I asked the border guys in California at the California/Arizona border, "How do you know who to search & who not? I notice you just wave us through, & other people, you make'm pull out all their bags, spread'm out on the tables & you rummage through'm thoroughly, open the trunks of their cars & go through everything, even the tool box! How come you do that to some people & you don't do it to us? We had to wait an hour while you went through everything the guy in front of us had! And we came along, said who we were & you just waved us through & hardly even looked inside the car! How come?" He said, "We go more by the kind of people, we go by the faces!"
       85. I BELIEVE GOD HAS GIVEN BORDER MEN & CUSTOMS MEN THE GIFT OF DISCERNMENT! After all, they are the Power, they are God's instruments to protect us from criminals, & to protect their System & their country from criminals & to keep the peace. A lot of people try to smuggle arms into countries, terrorists, etc., or onto planes in order to hijack planes. God calls the Police & Officers His ministers three times in that one chapter, Romans 13! He calls the police, the soldiers & the officers His ministers, the ministers of God to keep the peace!--Otherwise it wouldn't be safe for you anywhere, on the streets or on the trains or crossing borders or anything if the criminals & the terrorists were all running around loose with guns!
       86. THANK GOD FOR THE GOVERNMENT! THANK GOD FOR THE BORDER GUARDS! THANK GOD FOR THE CUSTOMS MEN THAT KEEP'M FROM TAKING IN ARMS & WHATNOT! Thank God for the electronic equipment that detects weapons, etc., so your plane doesn't get hijacked! Thank God for'm! Be thankful you don't have anything to worry about, that you don't have any equipment or any guns or weapons or anything that they care about. Be thankful for those machines, be thankful for those X-rays & whatnot, because you shouldn't be carrying a thing that they would be interested in or afraid of.
       87. BUT BE THANKFUL FOR THOSE THINGS! YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! YOUR CONSCIENCE IS CLEAR! You're not carrying contraband, you're not trying to smuggle anything that they're concerned about, you don't have any drugs, you don't have any arms.--That's what they're mostly concerned about, drugs & arms. You're not smuggling any jewelry or watches or radios to sell on the other side of the border, so don't worry about it! Just trust the Lord! Your conscience is clear, your suitcases are not containing anything incriminating, so praise the Lord! I've never even had'm thumb through my papers yet, have you? But of course just in case they do, I never carry any [EDITED: "Family"] papers in my suitcase or luggage or baggage of any kind. [DELETED]
       88. SOME OF YOU TRAVELLING FROM PLACE TO PLACE WANT TO CARRY LIT WITH YOU & YOU SAY THAT'S IDENTIFYING. Well, I carry a Bible, I've sometimes even had a MO Book or reference book or something like that in my bag that they might have thought identifying. But they wouldn't have thought anything of it except, "Well, he's got some of the literature of this outfit. It doesn't necessarily mean he's a Family member." You know? And lots of Christians carry Bibles. Your new little MO Books like the MOP & BOF, etc., they might even find'm interesting. They may just thumb through, leaf through & see it's nothing but a little religious book, a devotional book of some kind.
       89. OF COURSE, IF YOU'VE GOT A BIG STACK OF DUPLICATE LITERATURE THAT IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO PASS OUT IN THEIR LANGUAGE IN THEIR COUNTRY, THAT THEY DON'T LIKE, THEY'LL PROBABLY TAKE THAT! Even if it's in English & it's a bunch of duplicates, they are apt to take it because they're beginning to wonder how come you want so many pieces of the same thing. But it's not really the literature that they're usually looking for. They've had the literature or they could easily get it & they already know what we preach & practice, they know the whole works! But they are looking for [EDITED: "private papers"]
       90. THEY'RE ALWAYS WORRYING ABOUT THE MONEY, ISN'T THAT FUNNY? I don't know any of our Homes that make very much money. They could hardly search most Homes & find anything there but what their living expenses are. And yet they're always accusing us & thinking we're a huge moneymaking outfit & that we've got billions stashed away [EDITED: "overseas"]. It's so ridiculous! They just can't believe you're not in it for the money!
       91. I LIKED WHAT OLD UNCLE WHAT'S-HIS-NAME SAID TO THAT JEW ON MIAMI BEACH. The Jew he was witnessing to said, "Aw, you're just in it for the money, they're paying you to do this!" And being a Jew himself, he knew what to say. He said, "Is that so? Well, you know that I'm not, because if there was any money in it, you'd be in it too!" [DELETED] And there's nobody that knows how to answer a Jew like a Jew! He knew'm inside & out, cover to cover! He knew just the thing to say!
       92. BUT THEY'RE SO INTERESTED IN OUR FINANCES, THEY WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE MONEY GOES, WHO GETS THE MONEY, WHERE IS IT?--And they think by confiscating [EDITED: "other things"] they'll find out! [DELETED]
       93. ANYBODY COULD EVEN HAVE THESE POSTERS, they could've bought'm on the streets!--That is, when they hit the streets, then they'll be pretty common. Although I don't think it's too wise to have'm up if they did call.
       94. BUT LET'S FACE IT, THEY'RE NOT APT TO COME KNOCKING AT THE DOOR UNLESS THEY ALREADY SUSPECT WHO YOU ARE, SO THEY WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED TO FIND YOUR LIT OR SEE YOUR POSTERS. That would only confirm their suspicion that that is who you are. And if you're going to be asked, you're probably not going to deny it. I don't like to lie, it's hard to do that. Of course, if I'm going to save a life by it, I probably would under some circumstances. But most of our Homes have never caused any serious trouble or committed any crimes or done anything wrong. The only reason they're coming is because somebody complained about something: "Are you imprisoning my daughter? Are you keeping her locked up in her room? Do you go with her to the toilet? Are you starving her to death?"--All these crazy ideas the System has about us & the Devil & his liars tell them about us.
       95. AND MOST OF THE TIME IN NEARLY ALL THESE INVESTIGATIONS THEY FIND NOTHING! We've a few times had somebody put in jail or held overnight or a few hours like Alf & Tim & a few others have been, just long enough to question them & grill them & give them the third degree. And since they can't find anything wrong, find "no cause wherewith to condemn them," can "find nothing in this just man," they let us go! The only reason they picked us up in the first place was because of somebody else's complaints & a bunch of lies. When they come to investigate & search they find out that they're all lies, none of it is true, so forget it!
       96. IN OUR EARLY DAYS WE EVEN HAD MEMBERS OF THE FBI JOIN THE FAMILY! We were really careless in those days, we took in anybody at the drop of a hat, at a moment's notice, anybody & everybody, took'm right in! All they had to do was profess Jesus, pray a little prayer & come right in. We had agents of the FBI & state agents, etc., joining the Family, some of whom got saved! One girl I know of in the Northwest came in as an FBI agent & wanted to find out if all these horror tales they told about us were true, & she got saved! And except for that one District Attorney--I think that rich family who was furious with us paid him to make that report--every report has been, "They're clean!--No drugs, no criminal offences, nothing to charge'm with, just crazy religionists, a crazy cult!" And in most countries there's religious freedom to a certain extent & even "crazy cults" are not against the law as long as they're not doing anything criminal or committing any crimes or illegal offenses or have drugs or weapons, etc.
       97. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT EVEN IF YOU HAVE A VISIT, EVEN IF THERE'S AN INTERROGATION, EVEN IF THERE'S AN INVESTIGATION, EVEN IF THERE'S A SEARCH, EVEN IF THERE'S A SEIZURE! As long as you keep a clean house & an empty wind (see ML #367) they're not going to find anything & you don't have anything to worry about. Let'm ask questions! Answer'm! Let'm look! If they want to take it home with'm, let'm! So what? Just be sure you [EDITED: "have purged"] all excess files [DELETED] & only kept the ones you absolutely have to have for reference!
       99. SO WATCH OUT! TRY NOT TO HAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR LUGGAGE THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED CONTRABAND OR SMUGGLING OR AGAINST THE LAW. Try not to keep anything in your house that could be considered contraband or illegal or that they might just use to smear you with even though it's not a crime. Literature & pictures & texts which they condemned us for, they have published by the tens of thousands in their own press for the general public!--Literature & pictures that were intended only for our own Members, for private circulation. I call that self-righteous & hypocritical! They condemn us for distributing them to our own Members, & they distribute'm to the general public, put'm right in their newspapers & magazines! Isn't that hypocritical? That shows you what crazy people the System are!
       100. THEY SAY, "OH NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY, HOW WICKED! HOW VULGAR! HOW DIRTY! They published this picture in their literature for their Members, think of that! We want you all to see how bad they are! Look at these pictures!" What a bunch of hypocrites! They know it sells newspapers, they know the public love it!--But the public will turn right around & condemn you for it! They love it! They love to hear about our sex & our sexual freedom, our sexy Homes & our naked women, they love it! They'd love to be here! They'd eat it up! But of course they wouldn't want to bear the reproach & the name & the sacrifice & the schedule & the hardship & a lot of other stuff that goes with it!
       101. THE SYSTEM IS AS HYPOCRITICAL AS THEY COME! IT'S AS PHONEY & FAKEY AS THEY COME! THEY'RE A LOT MORE WICKED THAN WE ARE, MUCH WORSE THAN WE ARE! They produce worse pictures, worse movies, worse magazines, worse newspapers than we could ever think about! Unlike us who are trying to do good, they are doing evil with their murders, killing, wars & weapons! The System owns more weapons than anybody, but that's legal.
       102. I OFTEN WONDER WHAT HAPPENS TO THESE CONFISCATED DRUGS. If they're worth so many millions on the black market & on the streets, what happens to all those drugs that the police confiscate?--Not from us, we don't have any, we don't take'm, we have Jesus! But what happens to'm? Well, they make a big show sometimes of burning all the marijuana weeds, that makes a lot of smoke, big fire, shows the government doesn't want anybody to get it, not even the government. But what happens to all the hash & the coke & the heroin that they confiscate that is worth millions? What becomes of it? I don't think I've ever seen any pictures of them destroying that, have you?
       103. I'VE HEARD'M PUBLICISE SOMETIMES THAT IT WAS GIVEN TO HOSPITALS & DOCTORS & PUT INTO LEGITIMATE PHARMACIES WHERE YOU CAN BUY IT LEGITIMATELY WITH A DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION, that little piece of System paper. They pay a big high price for it, though, more than they even would on the street, because they have to pay the doctor & for the prescription, they've got to pay the pharmacist, they've gotta pay for the drugs & the whole works! The System gets its cut & its taxes & its profits & then they can get'm legally. There are oodles of Systemites who are drug addicts, buying their drugs legally from the pharmacist with a doctor's legal prescription, but it's all System legal, up & up, clean & legal! Of course, they have to pay a lot more for it that way sometimes, but the System gets its cut. The System makes its profit, gets its taxes & you've gotta give the Devil his due!
       104. SO THE SYSTEM IS GUILTY OF DRUGS & DRUG ADDICTS & PORNOGRAPHY & OBSCENITY & SEX & ALL THE REST OF IT. [DELETED] They are the criminals, they have the criminals, they have the cheaters, they have the con men, they have the grafters, they have the crooked politicians. Most of the System is as crooked as a dog's hind leg & I wouldn't trust'm as far as you can throw an elephant by the tail! But they're the Power, they've got the guns, they're the government! So they can have it, they can do it, but you must not, because theirs is legal! Well, thank God, we don't even do or have any of the things they consider illegal, except in some places some of our pictures. But if those pictures had been illegal they couldn't have published them in their newspapers. If our so-called pornography was illegal pornography, they couldn't have published it in their paper like they did. And if our sexual activities were as illegal as they claim they'd have to arrest us all!
       105. WHEN THE POLICE CHIEF CALLED ME IN IN TENERIFE, & ALSO LATER BEFORE THE JUDGE, I & THE POLICE CHIEF SORT OF LAUGHED TOGETHER OVER SOME OF THESE THINGS. And when the Judge mentioned it, even my interpreter laughed, the German who was supposedly doing the interpreting. I said, "My goodness, if you're going to start arresting our girls for making love to some of these men & the tourists & your men, you're going to have to arrest almost every tourist woman that comes down to Tenerife, because that's what they come for!" One guy said, "It's a good thing those European women don't know how sexy the Tenerifans are or they'd sink the island!" Where else can you find a man that can have an orgasm & stay stiff & stay in & five minutes later do it again? Some of these girls are nodding their heads, they know, they remember! If you can get me to do it once a day you'd be doing pretty good nowadays at my age. Well, I used to do it 3 or 4 or 5 times a day & night! Those days are not gone forever, they're gone until Forever, & then I'm going to do better than ever! Hallelujah!--Ha! That Brazilian journalist loved our idea of Heaven! He said, "If I could be sure that's what it's like, I'd take the oath right now! I'd be willing to become a member right now!" But he wasn't too sure he believed it could be possible. (See GN 168.)
       106. WELL, I'M SO SORRY I KEPT YOU SO LONG, I WAS EVEN PLANNING TO LET YOU GO EARLY TODAY, BUT THIS WAS A PRETTY IMPORTANT THING. And you know me, I have to ramble! I don't know any other way to do it, I discuss everything on the way to make sure you understand everything on the way & tell a lot of stories on the way. We've got the best children in the World, they sit here quiet & patient & just listen for two hours, think of it! GB'm! But that's just a little advice from the old horse's mouth about how to be careful & what they're really looking for & what they will really do something about.
       107. IN ALL OF THESE KNOCKS ON THE DOOR, QUESTIONINGS, INTERROGATIONS, INVESTIGATIONS, SEARCHES & EVEN SEIZURES, AS FAR AS I KNOW, WE HAVE YET TO HAVE ANYBODY GO TO COURT & SUFFER A JAIL TERM for any kind of crime or any kind of thing that they found in our Homes!--Except in a strict fanatical Moslem country where distributing Christian literature is against the law & they enforce the law severely, especially if they can condemn you for proselytising or trying to convert their people. They could put you away for a year or two & probably would put you away or kill you if you're one of theirs, but because you're a tourist & a foreigner they let you out in a few months, maybe a few weeks, & warn you never to do it again. Yes, it's a crime to witness at all, litness at all, win souls at all in some of those countries. So watch out! You do it at the peril of your life or freedom! So maybe you shouldn't be in that country anyway, if you can't witness.
       108. BUT IN MOST OF THE CIVILISED WORLD, BOTH WESTERN & EASTERN, THEY DON'T CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT YOUR CRAZY RELIGIOUS LITERATURE OR YOUR CRAZY CULTURE OR WAY OF LIFE. They're looking for drugs & for arms, to see if you're a threat to the government, a threat to society. They're looking for seditious literature. Salacious literature, that's porny & juicy & sexy & that sort of thing, but seditious, that's something else, you're writing against the government, you're sounding like a rebel & a terrorist & a revolutionary, you might be dangerous! And of course, that's what the enemies & the religionists try to make out that we are.
       109. IF THEY CAN'T STIR UP THE GOVERNMENT ANY OTHER WAY THEY'LL SAY, "WELL LOOK, YOU'LL FIND COMMUNIST LITERATURE!" But in most cases it's not even illegal to be a pro-Communist or a Communist sympathiser or even have some sympathies & objections to the existing government. Most countries today, believe it or not, even Oriental countries, Eastern countries, are democracies or have a certain amount of religious freedom & even a little freedom to criticise the government or not agree with them at least. But when you begin to look like you would like to take up arms & tear it down by force, that's a different story! Watch out you don't sound like that!
       110. I DARE SAY OUT OF ALL THE LITERATURE I HAVE WRITTEN & THAT THE U.S. GOVERNMENT PROBABLY HAS ON FILE, IF THEY COULD FIND ME & CATCH ME THEY WOULD PROBABLY ACCUSE ME OF SEDITION, OF BEING ANTI-AMERICAN! But even to be anti-American is not a crime, not even in the U.S.A. There are lots of people who are anti-American! They can't arrest you for it unless you are--here's the words they use in the laws--"advocating the violent overthrow of the government." And I don't think you've ever read anything I've written that advocated the violent overthrow of the government by anybody but God! As far as I know, I don't think that's against the law, although they may make it against the law yet!--Ha!
       111. [DELETED] I'm not going to do it, that's not my job, that's God's! "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord, I will repay! Stand back & see Me fight! This is not thy battle, but Mine!" (Rom.12:19; 2Chr.20:17) We're not to take up arms against the government, we're not to even defy the government or disobey the government. We're to obey the Power! We're about the most obedient subjects they could ever have, even if we're foreigners & guests & aliens! They couldn't have any more loyal people than our Family! We support their governments & their leaders more than they do! We're more innocent & honest than their opponents! We don't cause them as much trouble as they do, their own people, their own citizens!
       112. SO BELOVED, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! THEY'RE NOT GOING TO FIND ANYTHING THAT'S REALLY CRIMINALLY LIABLE OR WORTH CHARGING YOU WITH A CRIME. But don't let'm get ahold of literature that they can use to even smear you, like pictures & stuff where they can say, "Look what we found" & the people will condemn you even though it's not a crime. And don't let'm get ahold of [EDITED: "private"] correspondence & papers. [DELETED]
       113. WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE THEY ASKED THE LITTLE CHILDREN IN ONE PLACE?--"WHERE IS YOU-KNOW-WHO? WHERE IS M.D.?"--And they weren't talking about doctors! Can you imagine that? The thing they'd like to find the most is me!--Not even you, so don't worry. The time hasn't yet come where they're apt to put you in jail or charge you with crimes. But I wouldn't be surprised if they've probably got a lot of trumped-up charges against me. [DELETED]
       114. PEOPLE CAN SUE YOU FOR ANYTHING! CIVILIANS CAN SUE YOU FOR ANYTHING & CLAIM DAMAGES, THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME! Look what Ariel "the lion" Sharon of Israel did to Time Magazine! He sued'm for 15 million dollars for libel! Well, he didn't collect, but he half won his case, & it cost him about a million-&-a-half dollars to fight it, & Time about a million dollars to fight it. So between the two of them they spent about 2-1/2 million dollars on the case, on lawyers, not to count all the time & expense it was to the state & the court & the judges & the public taxpayers! It costs money! So you can't fight cases like that unless you've got millions! [DELETED]
       115. [DELETED] People think if you're willing to sue somebody, then you must have some evidence, you must have some right, you must have maybe some real good reason! Maybe it was a lie they lied about you, or you certainly wouldn't go to court & sue'm for a million dollars! So we were smearin' FreeCOG!--And we got a lot of publicity, article after article about our suit & how it was going, blah blah.
       116. [DELETED] You can't fight city hall, you can't fight state capital, you can't fight Washington! Don't try to fight the government & the System, because you can't win, the whole deck is stacked against you! Just obey. Just be harmless as doves, clever as serpents & innocent & not guilty, but so wise that you don't betray your brethren & other Homes & leaders, etc., because what they're trying to work up to is the top!
       117. THEY'RE TRYING TO FIND THE MAN WITH THE MONEY! Who's got all that money?--Ha! If they only knew! Nearly all of it stays right in the countries where it's produced, where it's given, & is recirculated right there!--In some countries, more than all of it, we have to help support them! But thank God a lot of them have a little surplus to send us to print all this literature we print & to pay for all these Units that have to produce it. But it goes out almost as fast as it comes in! PTL!
       118. AND BOY, IT'S GOING TO GO OUT EVEN FASTER NOW! I don't think it's ever going to go out faster than it comes in, because the Lord always supplies more, but it's going to go out faster than it ever did before because of all these posters & everything. I just got our first copy of the Endtime News in full colour! The size they sent me was equivalent to four posters & if we had our printer print it that size he'd be printing the equivalent of only four posters on each side of the paper, or only two ETNs at a run! So I said that's too big, we can't afford it!
       119. IF THEY ONLY KNEW! THEY THINK WE'RE MAKING MONEY, WELL, WE MAKE IT SERVE THE LORD! That's the only way we make money, we make money serve the Lord! We make money feed the sheep! We make money serve us! We make money preach the Gospel! We make money evangelise the World! We make money save souls!--But not enough is going into anybody's private bank accounts or anything that even the System could complain about if they ever even found out where it was, & we don't let'm find it either! No matter where it was or whose it was or how little it was, some people would complain anyhow.
       120. WELL, I'VE GOTTA QUIT!--BUT THIS WAS A PRETTY IMPORTANT SESSION TO GIVE YOU SOME BASIC IDEAS ABOUT WHAT IS APT TO HAPPEN, WHO DOES IT & WHAT THEY'RE LOOKING FOR!--And what not to have in your possession, or at least not where they can find it, and what not to do and what not to worry about! Amen? So don't worry! We've only had a handful of people in our whole history that have actually been imprisoned, and only then for preaching the Gospel. We've had a few cases go to court for litnessing, like in Switzerland, but they were always thrown out. Maybe somebody was fined a small fine, I don't know, but we don't do anything that deserves a court case and a big fine and a jail sentence!
       121. THEY'VE GOT ENOUGH REAL CRIMINALS TO WORRY ABOUT WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT US, & MOST OF THE TIME THEY DON'T EVEN WANT TO BE BOTHERED!--And they wouldn't be bothered & they wished the people had never bothered them about it, but they force'm to do it! So they've got to go through the motions of asking questions & investigations & even sometimes a search just to try to please the people that are eggin'm on. And sometimes even some of the governments are so AC they'd like to find something, but thank God, so far they've never found anything. Because in the first place we're not doing anything & they can't find anything, & especially, thank the Lord, so far they haven't been able to find me!
       122. THEY DON'T WANT YOU, WHO ARE YOU? TO THEM YOU'RE NOBODY! THEY DON'T REALISE YOU'RE AS IMPORTANT AS I AM, & WITHOUT YOU I COULD DO NOTHING!--Just like without Jesus we can do nothing. But they're never looking for the little guys, they're always looking for the big shots. In Switzerland & everywhere they've ever had an investigation they ask: "Where is he? Where's the money?"--The two main questions! "Where is the man with the money?"--Big joke! Most of them are looking right at'm when they ask the questions, because the local Home has the money! They've got it! They've got the lit, they've got it all right there! I don't have it, I give it away. I give it back to them in literature & Letters & all the rest. Of course, I have to live, I have to eat, I have to have a house to live in, & their gifts pay for this & some place for us to live.
       123. YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY, DO YOU? I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY MONEY! I don't even go shopping, so why should I have any money? We have all our needs met. God bless our dear girls & boys who go out shopping & risk their lives & face the public & the System & the germs & the disease & the dirt & the filth to feed us & clothe us & house us & take care of us. God bless them! But if they're going to look around me trying to find any money, they're going to be very disappointed!--Like that pickpocket in London that night, he only got one pound because I left all the rest of it home! There was only $200 at home at that, & that's peanuts to the System nowadays, that's nothing!
       124. THEY'RE LOOKING FOR THE MILLIONS! "WHERE'S THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS? IT MUST TAKE THAT TO RUN THIS ORGANISATION & PRINT ALL THAT LIT!"--Maybe it does, but that's where it goes! That's where it is! All of our wealth is right back there in the laps of the local Homes! They earn it to begin with, they give it to begin with, & they get it back to end with!--Right? So where are they going to find it? They think if they find me they're going to find where the money is--ha! They may find where the money was as it went rapidly through the treasury, but it goes through so fast you can hardly see it for the smoke! Praise God!
       125. IT COSTS A LOT OF MONEY, YES, THEY'RE RIGHT IF THEY ESTIMATE WHAT IT COSTS, BUT THE HOMES GET VIRTUALLY ALL OF IT BACK AGAIN!--Except the little bit that I have to use to eat & which has to house me & that I live on, & you know how little that is. Some of you cook for me, some of you know my bed & bedroom & some of you buy my clothes & you know how little clothes I ever buy.
       126. WELL, FORGIVE ME, I'VE KEPT YOU ALMOST THREE HOURS, SO WE WON'T HAVE TO HAVE A CLASS TOMORROW! But I wanted to get those points across to you: Don't worry, trust the Lord! You're not guilty of anything, there's nothing they could prove against you to prove you committed a crime or anything, you don't have anything they want--except me! And once they've got me they're going to find out I don't have anything they want either, really, except the Devil would sure like to have me! Just to have me they'd have something they really want, to try to put an end to all this. But they don't realise that you guys are so loaded already, so full of it, there's so much rain around, there's an absolute storm & they'll never be able to stop it even if they get me! You'll go right on just as much as ever! Amen?
       127. HOW MANY WOULD JUST KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO ME, LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS?--YOU'D BETTER! EVERY ONE OF YOU WOULD KEEP GOING! You'd keep on loving the Lord, wouldn't you?--You'd keep on witnessing, keep on winning souls, keep on publishing the Gospel! Amen?--Every one of you! They're not going to stop it, even when they get me, if they ever do, it's impossible! This thing is of God! This is the Lord! This is His Word! This is His people! This is His Kingdom! It's invincible! Indomitable! What other words can I use?--Impregnable!--Not the girls, ahem! The Enemy can't win! It's impossible for them to win! We can't lose! It's impossible for us to lose! They'll never get us all! They'll never even hardly get a few of us, very few at the most. There are still going to be millions of Christians who go up in the Rapture, thank God, & thousands of us. We're all going to go up in the Rapture, but I mean they're never going to stop us all before that!
       128. AND JUST GETTING ME IS NEVER GOING TO STOP YOU, AMEN? YOU'LL HARDLY EVEN MISS ME, YOU'LL GO RIGHT ON LIKE YOU ARE! Maria's got enough old talks up her sleeve to keep you going till the Lord comes! She's got enough stuff that we've never even transcribed & never even edited that is just as good today as it ever was! It'll feed you & you'll enjoy it & it's just as good advice as it ever was, because it's the Word, & it'll be just as much of an inspiration & encouragement to you as it ever was! So you'll hardly even miss me!
       129. MY LETTERS WILL STILL BE COMING OUT LONG AFTER I'M GONE, {\ul \i GNs} & {\ul \i WNDs}! I've got someone now to where he can read the newspaper & select articles & underline'm & all the rest, he does half of them now! I gave him half the job because you've gotta be training somebody as understudy to do your job for you. So if anything happens to me, he can do it! I trained someone else so he could do the GN without me, he could keep right on rolling & you'd hardly know the difference! They can't stop us! They can't even stop us if they get me, not even if they get you! They can't stop us! There will be hundreds more to spring up in our place, thousands more to take our places!
       130. THAT'S WHY RUSSIA STOPPED A LOT OF ITS AGGRESSIVE, VIOLENT PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS, because after about 20 years they found out that instead of suppressing the Christians & wiping out Christianity, it was growing under persecution! Under the trying of their faith & under persecution & hardship, the Christians grew stronger & even more ardent & more loyal! So they've tried a different tactic now, they try to persuade & re-educate & they even try drugs & hospitals & whatnot. Even the Russian Communists with 60 years of Communism have been unable to stamp out Christianity & there are more Christians in Russia today than there were during the Communist Revolution!--Millions of'm! Think of that!
       131. THE DEVIL'S SO STUPID & SILLY TO THINK HE COULD EVER WIPE OUT CHRISTIANITY! Maybe he knows he can't, but he tries. The Lord knows he can't, so why does He let him?--Well, it's good for you! Persecution, even some of these threats & threatenings, don't they make you pray harder? Doesn't it make you get close to the Lord & get down to business with God, get serious with your work & work harder & try harder to get your job done before they get you? Amen? So don't worry about it! Even if you do get some persecution, it's good for you, it'll make you stronger, more ardent, love the Lord more, pray more & work harder & faster for Jesus!--Amen?
       132. BOY, YOU OUGHT TO HEAR HOW FAITHY & SOME OF THEM PRAYED IN PRISON A FEW YEARS AGO! They were really praying like a house afire then! Doesn't it make you pray more?--Nearly 24 hours a day! Doesn't it make you really seek the Lord more? Doesn't it make you more desperate & more earnest & really get close to the Lord more? Trials & tribulations are good for you, believe it or not, to make you more serious & more sober, work harder, pray more, depend on the Lord more. It's good for you!
       133. SO DON'T WORRY WHEN IT COMES, DON'T LET IT BOTHER YOU. First of all it's good for you, & second, there's not really much they can do to you, at least not now, not yet, praise the Lord! There's very little real trouble the Devil can cause you, it's just kind of like his flies & insects & mosquitoes, they're just annoying little pests! Most of our trouble with the System has just been pestering, harassing, annoying, there was nothing really serious that they could really get us on or really cause us any serious trouble about. Of course, that's pretty annoying when some of our own people were so stupid & we have to clean out an entire field & cause 300 people to move, 30 Homes to vacate & leave nearly the whole field to the Devil! That's pretty annoying, that's getting pretty serious!
       134. BUT HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN THERE, TEN YEARS? How long have we been saturating the streets of that place with our lit & saturating the youth there with our Message & saturating the people there with the Gospel?--How long?--And the British missionaries before us! "How long, O Lord, how long?" How long do you expect to keep on with that sort of thing? The Lord hasn't got forever!--Yes, He's got Forever, but you haven't, not until then, not till later. Right now time is short, time is limited & the days are evil & we've got to work hard while it is yet day before the night comes when we can't work any more! So just work & don't worry & the Lord will take care of you.
       135. AS I'VE OFTEN SAID, EVEN IF IT'S PERSECUTION IT'LL MAKE YOU STRONGER & YOU'LL GROW & HIS PEOPLE & HIS CHURCH WILL GROW, THE FAMILY WILL GROW! Boy, I'll tell you, when we were under the most severe persecution in Huntington Beach in our beginnings, when we were really hounded & harassed & really were caused lots of trouble, we grew faster proportionately then than we ever have since! They just joined us by the droves, whole gangs of former drug pushers & whatnot, & the leader of the gang, dear old Shadrach!--Ha! A whole bunch of druggers & pushers all got saved & began pushing the Gospel just as hard for Jesus! Isn't that amazing? Isn't that wonderful? TTL?
       136. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! IF THEY PERSECUTE YOU, YOU'LL BE A BETTER CHRISTIAN! It'll refine you & make you white, purge you, make you stronger! You'll do better, you'll do more, you'll live closer to the Lord & pray more so He can do more! And if finally your job is done in that country, well, praise God, He'll see that you get flushed out to some other country. And finally if your job is done on Earth, He'll deliver you from this Earth too! So why worry about it, amen?
       137. BUT DO HAVE WISDOM, DO WORK ON IT, PLEASE DO [EDITED: "SAFELY STORE"] ANY VERY SENSITIVE MATERIALS YOU WOULDN'T WANT TO FALL INTO THEIR HANDS!--And I don't mean criminal materials at all, I'm talking about [EDITED: "private information"]. I'm sure you wouldn't be able to show'm anything that would show'm where the money is, because it isn't! It all goes right back into the work & back to the people & it's in the Homes. That's where the money is, the lit, the works! Ask our bookkeepers! They know where it all goes, it all goes right back into the work. The only part we spend is what it takes to keep you here, & when it was just Maria & me alone it wasn't this much. So they'll not find any money, they'll not find any me--if you are careful--& even if they find me or even you, that's not going to stop us! Praise God?
       138. BUT DO TRY TO BE PRAYERFUL! Do try to be cautious & try to not just [EDITED: "unnecessarily"] give'm information like they did in one city & they have other places.--Please! Be cautious, be prayerful, be careful & just don't give them anything. Don't let things fall into their hands that might cause a little inconvenience & a little trouble. [DELETED]
       139. GOD BLESS YOU! NOW YOU'VE HAD THREE OR MORE SERMONS IN ONE LONG SESSION & YOU REALLY ARE PATIENT, ALL OF YOU! If these precious little kids can sit here for three hours without a whimper & without a gripe, without a complaint, without a murmur, without a bellyache--I don't know about the bellyache, maybe you've got one since it's past your lunchtime--certainly you big folks ought to be able to do it! And I promise you I'll try not to come & do this again. I've been doing pretty good lately, haven't I? One day it was only an hour-&-a-quarter, usually not more than an hour-&-a-half. So let's pray or it'll be over three hours if I don't pray quick! PTL! Shall we pray the King's Prayer of the Kingdom? (Prays the Lord's Prayer.)
       140. THINE IS THE KINGDOM, LORD! THINE IS THE POWER! You're not going to let anything hurt us, Lord, not a hair of our head, You promised, unless it was Thy will or good for us & time for it, Lord, or did Thy Kingdom good in some way. So we thank You for it! Thank You for the freedom all these years. Thank You for the finances all these years to pay for it! Thank You Jesus for all Thy goodness & mercy! Bless & keep these now & keep us all safely in Thy care. Help us all to be prayerful, careful, cautious & wise so that we can last as long as possible & get as big a job done as we can with Thy help, Lord, in Jesus' name. Amen!--Are you diligent & faithful about your security?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family