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THE ANTI-ANTICHRISTS!       DO 1890       12/84

       1. I JUST DON'T KNOW OF ANY GROUP WHO ARE AS UNIQUE AS YOU ARE IN SO MANY FIELDS, PARTICULARLY IN THE FIELD OF ESCHATOLOGY, THE KNOWLEDGE OF BIBLE PROPHECY, THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE ORDER OF COMING EVENTS OF WORLD HISTORY! But maybe we all need a little refresher course to get kind of straightened out a little bit & get these beads on the string in the right order, & I'll tell you, this little KIDz BOF is going to do it! It's in such simple, childlike language, maybe you'll feel a little above that level & feel a little hoity-toity that you don't need to stoop to that childish language to get yourself straightened out on Bible Prophecy: "Oh, I know Bible Prophecy, I can tell you all the order of events! I can describe the Image of Daniel & the Beast & all of Revelation & all the rest! I've heard it all, I know it all!" Well, I'll tell you, if some of you top people can make the mistake of implying & making it pretty clear that a good portion of the people who survive the Battle of Armageddon & live on into the Millennium will be some of the Antichrist's people, former followers of the Antichrist, then almost anybody is apt to make a mistake!
       2. OF COURSE, YOU ARE THINKING THAT THEY'RE THE REBELS OF THAT MILLENNIAL PERIOD, ETC., PEOPLE WHO USED TO FOLLOW THE ANTICHRIST, BUT LET ME TELL YOU, BELOVED, THE FOLLOWERS OF THE ANTICHRIST ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST OR THEY WOULDN'T BE CONSIDERED FOLLOWERS! I can prove it to you by the Scripture, & if you'll read the 19th Chapter of Revelation for one, not a one of those, including the Antichrist & the False Prophet, is going to be left alive on the surface of the Earth when the Battle of Armageddon is over! It says plainly that the Beast, the Antichrist & the False Prophet are cast into Hell, the Lake of Fire, Gehenna, & that the rest, meaning all the rest of his followers, all the Mark-of-the-Beast people, are slain, slaughtered, all of them killed! (Rev.19:20,21)
       3. NOT A SINGLE PERSON WHO BEARS THE MARK OF THE BEAST, IN OTHER WORDS A FOLLOWER OF THE BEAST, IS GOING TO SURVIVE THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! They're all going to be killed & all slaughtered! God's not going to let one of them survive, not one!--And the Antichrist himself & his False Prophet are going to be cast immediately into the Lake of Fire! I don't know just exactly where the others all go, probably the Lake of Fire with them as far as I'm concerned, but they're all slain at that time. And all those who are dead & not saved, the unsaved dead, will be raised up when?--Not the "undead" that some of these goofy occult outfits talk about, zombies, but the unsaved dead! They are going to be raised at the Second Resurrection, the Great White Throne Judgement! (Rev.20:12-15)
       4. I'VE JUST BEEN TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU THAT YE INDEED ARE THE PEOPLE! YOU ARE IT FOR THIS GENERATION, FOR THIS TIME! Nobody else knows as much about it as you do. But if some of your top leaders can make mistakes like that & say that some of the Antichrist's people, his followers, are going to survive the Battle of Armageddon & live on in the Millennium & that we're going to rule over them with a rod of iron, certainly you probably are a little mixed up on a few things yourself & I think we all need a little study & refreshing! That was an obvious, easy mistake to correct, & I'll just try to sum this up for you real fast & maybe we can get into the actual Scriptures & read them later.
       5. I KNOW IT WASN'T UNTIL WE GOT OUT THE {\ul \i BOF} THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE GOT STRAIGHTENED OUT ON SOME OF THOSE THINGS, & WE'D NO SOONER GOTTEN THAT OUT THAN THE LORD GAVE US SOME NEW REVELATIONS! We had to somewhat revise our order of events, that the Atom War wasn't going to come first, but the catastrophic economic collapse, the thing that Nostradamus called "The Great Famine" was going to happen first. Others have been prophesying the same thing lately. Some even specified the year 1985 is going to be the year of the Great Famine & the economic collapse! And I'm convinced that 1986 is probably going to be the year of the rise or the revelation of the Antichrist!--According to our timetable & at least our interpretation of our estimate of what we believe God revealed to us! I'm not going to get so damned dogmatic as I've heard some preachers, I'm not going to get caught in that trap, but that's just all I know!
       6. THE LORD HIMSELF SAID BY SPECIFIC PROPHECY & REVELATION THAT HE HAD GIVEN IT UNTO US TO KNOW THE DAYS & THE TIMES & THE YEARS OF THE TIME OF THE END! (See ML #116:5.) The Lord Himself said that to us, not even to me, but to my Mother in a prophecy, one of the first things. I didn't even realise how much it meant, I just knew we were a little straighter on Bible Prophecy than some people. We believed & realised that the Antichrist & the Tribulation were going to come before the Second Coming of the Lord, before the Rapture. In those days, the main prophetic difference we had with others was that we were not only pre-Millennialists, but post-Tribulationists! But that wasn't the only thing that we differed with them on, the time of the Tribulation & the Rapture, that we believed the Rapture is coming after the Tribulation. Well, that's what the Bible says, so why shouldn't we believe it? It's very plain in a lot of places.
       7. BUT BOY, I'LL TELL YOU, THE CHURCHES JUST BLEW UP AT US BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL FOLLOWING SCOFIELD'S BIBLE INSTEAD! Instead of the true Word of God, they were following Scofield's footnotes. And he wasn't even satisfied with footnotes, he kept putting little passages right in between the text so you didn't even have time to get the truth from the Lord. He interpreted it right there for you[DELETED]! He was [DELETED] one of the heads of the Church of the Brethren who took over Moody Bible Institute & published that Bible that has led the whole Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Pentecostal Church astray on Bible Prophecy & convinced them that the Lord's going to come first & save them from the Tribulation!--If they're ready, of course, & if they work hard enough & if they're righteous enough or if they've got the baptism of the Holy Spirit or if they believe in healing. Some of them have a lot of conditions to that. The good old Baptists believe that if you're saved you're saved & you're saved forever & they're all going to go up in the Rapture before the Tribulation, but a lot of Pentecostal cults & Evangelical cults & whatnot believe that some are & some aren't, some will & some won't, some will here & some at the first of the Tribulation, some in the middle, some at the end of the Tribulation, some after it! They've got so many different Raptures it's pitiful!
       8. BUT I THINK WE'RE THE STRAIGHTEST I KNOW OF ON THAT SUBJECT & I THINK WE'VE PROVED IT TO YOU FROM THE BIBLE! And the Lord has revealed even more details regarding times & seasons, years & days to us, which are both in the Bible & also to us personally, & to you. And if these revelations are correct & our calculations are correct & the interpretations are correct that we feel that the Lord has given us of these revelations, then it looks like 1986 is it! It even fits. And here comes Halley's Comet in 1986! Brother, if there could be any bigger sign than that, I don't know what it is! So we believe that the Antichrist is probably going to arise or be revealed somehow in 1986. Maybe we won't see him or hear about him, but boy, that certainly is some big portent to have Halley's Comet come back at that time!--And it fits our estimated, calculated, interpretative schedule of the order of events to come!
       9. BUT SOME PEOPLE ARE STILL PRETTY SCREWED UP ON SOME OF THOSE THINGS, & I WONDER HOW MANY OF YOU RIGHT THIS MINUTE COULD TELL ME WHEN IS THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON? I don't mean the year, but I mean at what point in Bible Prophecy & what point in predictions? (David: After the Marriage Supper?) That's really pinning it down & being very specific, that's right, but the Marriage Supper is after what? (David: The Rapture.) And the Rapture is after what? (David: The Tribulation.) Right. And the Lord is going to wipe out the Antichrist & the False Prophet & all the Mark-of-the-Beast people at the end of what period exactly? Armageddon is at the end of what specific period?--It's a part of it & the end of it. (Fam: The Wrath of God!)--The Wrath of God, which is poured out on the wicked World that's left behind after we've gone up in the Rapture & we're having the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! It's all very plain & clear in the Scripture, just read it! Armageddon is the last & they're all wiped out. It makes it clear in a number of passages, but the simplest one that first comes to mind, the one that's as specific as it can be, is there in the 19th Chapter of Revelation. The Antichrist & the False Prophet go to Hell, & probably all his followers too, because they're all slain then, all slaughtered.
       10. SO THERE WILL BE NO FOLLOWERS OF THE ANTICHRIST OR MARK-OF-THE-BEAST PEOPLE LEFT IN THE MILLENNIUM! Well, there are going to be some who are going to be anti-Christ & who are going to rebel & refuse to accept faith & worship & belief & obedience to Jesus Christ in His Kingdom during the end of the Millennium, that's clear, & I can read that to you too. But all those people who have accepted the Mark of the Beast are wiped out at Armageddon at the end of the Wrath of God, before the Millennium!
       11. NOW WE'RE GETTING WARM, HOT, & ALTHOUGH I'VE TOLD YOU SOME OF THIS BEFORE, IT'S NEVER BEEN SO CLEAR as when I had to straighten out this misconception & I had to delve back into these Scriptures to doublecheck & make sure I was right: "Well, where did they get that? Did I make a mistake? Have I taught'm wrong? Where did they get that impression that the Antichrist's people were going to live on into the Millennium & we were going to be ruling over them?" Some keep talking about those that were cruel to us & tortured us & were mean to us, that, come the Millennium, we're going to rule over them.--No!
       12. WELL THEN, WHO ARE WE GOING TO RULE OVER WITH A ROD OF IRON? I even crossed that "rod of iron" out in some of our lit because little kids aren't going to understand that. It's not going to be a literal steel girder in our hand or something, it is a symbol of powerful, forceful, enforced rule! They're going to have to obey whether they like it or not, & if they don't, they're going to get severe judgements & punishments. And there will be some in the Millennium who disobey & who won't like it & who will not receive Christ & love Jesus & obey Him.--Of the people who survive the Tribulation, who survive the Wrath of God, are not raptured, not saved, but even survive the Battle of Armageddon. Who are they if they're not the Antichrist's people?
       13. IT DOES SAY IN ONE PLACE "ALL THE WORLD WONDERED AFTER THE BEAST." (Rev.13:3) Well, all the World is going to wonder about the Beast & after the Beast & marvel, but not all of them are going to accept his Mark! We are not the only ones who are not going to accept his Mark! I think I counted once that there are 5 or 6 different wars the Antichrist fights after he takes power. (See ML #1528.) Who is he fighting? We're not big enough to wage war with the Antichrist, not even the churches are big enough to do it! Not even the Jews are big enough or powerful enough to do it!--In fact, they're going to be part of his system, probably some of the churches too!
       14. SO IF ALL THE MARK-OF-THE-BEAST PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE SLAUGHTERED, WHO IS GOING TO SURVIVE? If we've been raptured & they've been slaughtered, who does survive Armageddon? Who does live on into the Millennium & who do we rule over there? (Davida: The people who survive the Battle of Armageddon.) Right! But who are the people that survive? If we have been raptured & all of the Antichrist's people have been slaughtered, whom between us & them is the Lord going to bless with survival into the Millennium? As He says, they're blessed to live in that almost Heaven-on-Earth period! (Dan.12:12) (Fam: The people who are sort of good but didn't really get a chance to be saved & also didn't accept the Mark of the Beast.) Exactly!
       15. DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU & I ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO ARE GOING TO REFUSE THE MARK OF THE BEAST? Besides us born-again, saved Christians who will be caught up in the Rapture, can you think of any other kind of people in the World who would be rebels against the Antichrist, who would be strong enough in their convictions or their religions to refuse to worship this man who claims to be God, & his idol? (Fam: The Muslims?) The Muslims hate idols, true Muslims, & they hate men who claim to be God, or even if they claim to be a prophet, because they say that Mohammed was the only prophet since Jesus. The funny part about it is, it looks like they're going to cooperate with the Antichrist at first & help him get established. But he doesn't get to the point that he sets up his Idol & demands worship as God, proclaims he's God Himself, until the middle of his reign when he breaks that freedom Covenant, etc. Then he's revealed & all Hell lets loose, He has one war after another on his hands!
       16. ALL IS NOT WELL DURING THE TRIBULATION PERIOD, & PART OF IT IS NOT ONLY THAT HE'S TRIBULATING US & THE CHRISTIANS & THE OTHER RELIGIONISTS, BUT THEY'RE TRIBULATING HIM & GIVING HIM A LOT OF TROUBLE, WHOLE NATIONS OF THEM! There are going to be whole nations who are going to reject the Mark of the Beast!--Catholic nations, Muslim nations, & in the final analysis, even sincere Orthodox Jews! I was going to read you, & I will yet maybe, some marvellous passages about the Jews who are going to get saved there at the very End, just a small part, just a remnant, as Paul says. (Rom.9:27) There are Jews who are going to be saved in the very End, probably by our preaching, & we've got a lot of Jews already! Even though some don't get saved, even though they may not believe us, even though they may still even hate Christ, there are going to be Jews who are going to recognise that the Antichrist is not the Messiah, because the true Messiah would never set up an idol or an image to have them worship it, & they are then going to refuse his Mark of the Beast!
       17. THERE ARE GOING TO BE GOOD CATHOLICS, WHO THOUGH MAYBE NOT EVEN SAVED, HAVE NEVER REALLY RECEIVED JESUS & ACTUALLY BEEN BORN AGAIN, ARE CERTAINLY NOT GOING TO FALL DOWN & WORSHIP THE BEAST & HIS IMAGE & RECEIVE HIS MARK! In fact, the Catholics are pretty straight on all that. They expect the Tribulation & the Antichrist to come before the Second Coming of the Lord, & they're expecting to have trouble. I daresay the majority of Roman Catholics, at least, have never really experienced Salvation, being born again & receiving Jesus, & even though they worship Him with their lips & they believe in Him & they try to worship Him, many of them are not really saved. Some of you ex-Catholics, what do you think about those Catholics you used to know? Considering what you now know about Salvation, how many of you as ex-Catholics think that probably most Catholics are not really saved? But they do have a certain amount of faith in the Bible & God, & I believe when the showdown comes, those people are going to refuse the Mark of the Beast! In fact, I think at that time when the showdown comes, a lot of those folks are going to get saved! They're going to realise we were right, & that even the Evangelical churches & Fundamentalists were right.
       18. WE'RE NOT THE ONLY CHRISTIANS THAT ARE SAVED, BELOVED! We're not the only Christians, believe it or not, who are going to survive the Tribulation & be preaching the Gospel during those horrible years! There are going to be many Christians of many denominations, true, born-again, Bible-believing Christians who are going to finally wake up to the fact that the Antichrist has arrived & the Tribulation is here & Jesus hasn't come yet, so they'd better get busy, finally, & start preaching the Gospel & winning souls & doing something for the Lord! They're going to go up in the Rapture, of course. But when the Antichrist starts passing out that Mark of the Beast, I believe there are going to be millions of unsaved people on Earth who are going to refuse to take it, & their nations & countries & religions will even go to war with the Antichrist rather than worship him, obey him or take his Mark! You just read it in the 11th Chapter of Daniel & a lot of other places in the Bible. He has all kinds of wars & all kinds of troubles.
       19. TALK ABOUT TRIBULATION, HE GETS HIS END OF IT, LET ME TELL YOU!--NOT ONLY FROM GOD, BUT FROM A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE HIM! He sails pretty smoothly that first 3-1/2 years when so many people think, "Oh, he's great, he's the Messiah!" The Jews will even think he's the Messiah, & the unbelieving World will think he's at least a Superman & certainly he's solving all their problems. But when he gets to the point that he declares himself to be God & insists that everybody worship his Image & take the Mark of the Beast, there are going to be millions of people who are not saved who are going to reject the Mark of the Beast & the Antichrist & rebel against him & even fight wars against him! The Bible says so!--If not, who the Hell is he fighting, anyhow? Certainly the true saved Christians are not strong enough to really manage to pull out the guns & fight wars with him! Well, there might be a few so-called Christian nations, but there aren't many Christian nations left any more, certainly not the U.S.A.!
       20. SOME OF THE MOST CHRISTIAN NATIONS I KNOW OF ARE THE CATHOLIC NATIONS, but sad to say, most of them don't know anything about Salvation, they're not saved. But let me tell you, they'd never follow the Antichrist or worship the Beast or his Image or take his Mark! There are plenty of them that wouldn't, don't you think so? How many of you ex-Catholics who know the Catholics believe that there will probably be millions of Catholics who will wake up to the fact that this is the wrong guy & therefore they are not going to worship him or believe he's God or accept his Mark or fall down & worship his God-damned Idol? How many of you ex-Catholics believe there are probably going to be millions of Catholics who will reject the Antichrist?--Absolutely!
       21. HOW MANY OF US GOOD JEWS BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE A LOT OF SINCERE, BIBLE-BELIEVING, GOOD OLD ORTHODOX-BELIEVING JEWS WHO REALLY ARE LOOKING FOR THE MESSIAH? There are lots of them, but they've been deluded & deceived by their leaders & prejudiced against Jesus so that they have rejected Jesus as being the Messiah & they're still looking for Him. At first they're going to think the Antichrist is He, but when he sets up that Image & tells them to "Bow down & worship me, I'm God, take my Mark!", the sincere Jews are going to know!--Probably most of the little fellows, not the big high mucky-mucks that have led'm astray & led'm to reject Jesus, but sincere Jews.
       22. DID YOU EVER MEET A REAL SINCERE, HONEST, BIBLE-BELIEVING, DEEPLY-RELIGIOUS ORTHODOX JEW? Well, maybe you haven't, but I've met quite a few. I don't know what kind of a Jewish background some of our Jews here came from. Were you ever in synagogue at all, Honey? (Fam: I was Protestant.) Well, she was a smart Jew! Hallelujah! She didn't even know she was a Jew, how about that? I look at most of you here tonight, even you, & I know you've got Jewish background, Jewish parentage, even though you may not even know it! But if there's anything the Lord's given me it's a talent to spot a Jew! It takes one to know one, & most of us Jews, we know each other! If you had as many years practice at it as I've had, you could do it too!
       23. BUT THERE ARE SINCERE, ORTHODOX JEWS, PERHAPS EVEN SOME OF WHAT THEY CALL THE CONSERVATIVE JEWS, MAYBE EVEN SOME OF THE MODERNIST, LIBERAL, REFORM SYNAGOGUE JEWS WHO WILL FINALLY REALISE THAT THE ANTICHRIST IS NOT THEIR MAN! You know how stubborn the Jews are! In fact, it describes it clearly in here, how they're going to be virtually the leaders of the opposition! [EDITED: "At first they"] are going to receive the Antichrist, but when they're finally disillusioned & they realise he's not the one [EDITED: "they"] are going to turn on him & fight against him [DELETED] They're going to turn on him, turn against him, refuse to bow down & worship his Idol, refuse to accept his Mark of the Beast, & they are going to lead & fight wars against him!
       24. WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU THINK THE LORD WAS GOING TO HIDE US WHEN HE SAYS "IN THE WILDERNESS"? (REV.12) WHERE IS THIS WILDERNESS? What forest is deep enough? What jungle is deep enough to hide us Christians & to help the Church survive during the Tribulation period? He's not just talking about jungles & forests or deserts, He's talking about the wilderness of this whole World! There are going to be whole nations who rebel against the Antichrist & whole religions!--Catholics, unsaved Protestants, Jews, Muslims! Let me tell you, there are hundreds of millions of Muslims & Catholics & Jews & unsaved Protestants who are going to refuse to worship the Antichrist or take his Mark or fall down & worship his Idol! It's right here, perhaps you just never saw it.--Millions!--Whole nations who are going to fight wars against him!
       25. I HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO READ YOU THE SCRIPTURES & GO INTO THAT, BUT I'M JUST TRYING TO SUM IT UP FOR YOU QUICKLY BECAUSE I PROMISED YOU THIS AS A CHRISTMAS GIFT. Come nine o'clock & I knew you were finished with dinner & dancing, or you should be, & I figured it was time to give you my Christmas present, & the best thing I know of is the Word of God! Sorry I don't have time to read you all these Scriptures, you're supposed to know most of them anyway, but He showed me five whole chapters in a little-known Prophet which describes this period to a tee & what happens & who's doing what & who's fighting who, etc. You've had it before in other passages, other prophetic chapters, etc., & you've even had the names of what countries are going to be on the side of the Antichrist & what countries are going to fight him. Why didn't you wake up that it says specifically--both in Daniel & in Ezekiel, it names countries--who's going to be on his side & who isn't! Well, if there are going to be whole countries who fight against him, then certainly they haven't accepted his Mark or obeyed him or fallen down & worshipped his Idol! Right? If there are whole countries listed as being against him that he fights & even conquers, then there are going to be whole nations who are going to reject the Antichrist!
       26. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WAS NEVER MADE VERY CLEAR BY ALL THOSE BIBLE PROPHECY TEACHERS. According to them you'd think that born-again Christians, actually saved people, are the only ones that are going to reject the Mark of the Beast, & when the Lord comes & raptures them out of this World, then nobody's going to be left behind but the followers of the Antichrist. When the Lord comes at the Battle of Armageddon is what's known as the Revelation. Maybe you haven't heard some of those theological terms yet, but the Rapture is the Second Coming when the Lord catches out His Own, & when He comes back for the Battle of Armageddon, the eschatologists call that the Revelation, when we come back with Him to fight the Battle of Armageddon & wipe out the Antichrist & his followers, literally the Third Coming of Jesus Christ!
       27. BUT IF WE AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION ARE GOING TO BE CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE, ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE SAVED, & if in the Battle of Armageddon all the Antichrist's followers are going to be killed, if that's all there are, that would just about wipe everybody out! So who's going to live on into the Millennium? All these millions of earthly, worldly people that we're going to rule over, where are they going to come from if we're raptured & everybody else is wiped out? So, you see, that impression the preachers gave us is not so. Not all the World is going to worship the Beast! Not all of them. It says all of them are going to wonder after him for awhile, the first 3-1/2 years especially, they'll not only wonder but wander! But he doesn't start handing out the Mark of the Beast until he sets up his Image & proclaims he's God, & that's in the middle of the 7 years & at the beginning of the Tribulation.
       28. A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE DECEIVED BY HIM IN THE FIRST HALF OF THAT 7 YEARS, but when the real crisis comes & the crux comes & the sheep are divided from the goats, there are going to be millions of people, nations & whole religions who are going to refuse to accept his Mark to the point of taking up arms to fight against him in wars that are described right here in the Scriptures! (Dan.11)
       29. SO WHAT WILDERNESS ARE YOU GOING TO HIDE IN WHERE THE LORD'S GOING TO FEED YOU & PROVIDE FOR YOU DURING THOSE YEARS? Well, let me tell you, there are going to be countries, believe it or not, who may be deceived for awhile, they may be deceived by this religion or that religion, they may even be in the wrong religion, even sucked into churchianity, but there are going to be whole countries who, when they finally wake up & see what he really is, are going to refuse the Mark of the Beast! There are going to be Muslims who are going to see he's a false prophet & a false god, an idolater, & are going to refuse him, even the Muslims who supported him & helped put him in power!--Even the Jews who led his support & proclaimed him as the Messiah & helped to put him into the position of the Antichrist!--Even a lot of unsaved Catholics & Protestants who are going to be deceived by the Superman into thinking, "Well, he sure is doing a great job, & even if we may not particularly like him, at least he's going to save the World economically & from war, & we'll just play along with him for awhile. At least he's saving us from utter destruction!" But those people also are going to wake up when he claims he's God!
       30. THERE ARE GOING TO BE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, WHOLE NATIONS, WHOLE RELIGIONS WHO ARE GOING TO WAKE UP TO THE FALSENESS OF THIS FALSE PROPHET, this false god & his damnable Idol & his accursed Mark & are going to refuse to worship him & refuse to fall down before his Idol & refuse to accept his Mark & who are even going to rise up & fight wars against him to resist!--Right up to the end of the Tribulation, right up to the very Battle of Armageddon, & that's where that final point comes that I had to correct a few things.
       31. I REALISE THE WORDING SOUNDS A LITTLE VAGUE, BUT IT SAYS THERE THAT THE ANTICHRIST & THE FALSE PROPHET & HIS FOLLOWERS, ALL HIS FORCES, GATHER TOGETHER IN THIS PLACE IN ISRAEL, CALLED IN THE HEBREW TONGUE ARMAGEDDON, TO FIGHT ALL THESE PEOPLE.--Gathered together to fight, it says, against the Lamb. (Rev.16:16; 17:14; 19:19) But how can they gather together to fight against Somebody (Jesus) Whom they haven't even seen & they don't even believe in & hasn't even come down on white horses yet? Do you think he's going to gather his forces there with his puny little weapons, his puny little atom bombs or whatever they may be, around Jerusalem to fight some unseen enemy that he heard is coming down from the sky? I don't think he's that stupid! I don't think he's even that believing in the prophecies & predictions!
       32. WHOM DO YOU THINK HE'S GOING TO BE FIGHTING? Why do you think this whole big World War is going to finally end up around Jerusalem in the Valley of Megiddo, the Battle of Armageddon? Who do you think has gone there to fight? Well, this passage that I am going to read to you tells you specifically! [DELETED] [EDITED: "The Jews are"] the ones that cause the Antichrist the most trouble, & they're the ones that finally precipitate this final Battle of Armageddon from the Valley of Megiddo to the very walls of Jerusalem, about 200 miles. Many a great military strategist has seen the Valley of Megiddo & said, "What a place for a battle! What a strategic place for a battle!" It's going to be the greatest battlefield the World ever had! It's going to be the crucial battle!
       33. WHO IS HE GATHERING TOGETHER HIS FORCES TO FIGHT AGAINST THERE? Even there it says the Lamb, &, of course it's the Lamb eventually. But who's he fighting first? (Fam: All the nations & peoples that didn't worship him.) Exactly! There's virtually a World War going on here with the Antichrist & all these nations who rebelled against him & refused to submit to him, refused to worship him, refused to fall down to his Image & refused to accept the Mark of the Beast, not just Christians! Millions are going to gather together to fight against him!
       34. AND WHY DOES IT HAVE TO WIND UP IN ISRAEL & OUTSIDE JERUSALEM? Well, who's always the last dog at the bone? Who's always the most stubborn? God bless us!--Ha! The Jews will be the ones! They'll fight to the last ditch! Look how stubborn they are today, 2,000 years after the Messiah's come they still refuse to receive Him! How stubborn! How rebellious! How unbelieving! How hard-hearted! But the day's going to come then that they're going to see that the very one they thought was the Messiah [DELETED], that he's not the one!--He's the Devil!
       35. THE SCRIPTURE MAKES IT PRETTY CLEAR THAT AT THAT DAY THEY'RE GOING TO MOURN FOR JESUS & BE SORRY THEY CRUCIFIED HIM (Zech.12:10), & many of them are going to turn to the true Messiah, in those very Last Days, the very Endtime. As Paul says, a remnant shall be saved, a small remnant. What is a remnant? Some of you have gone to remnant stores--the last little pieces of leftover material. Well, these are going to be the last little pieces of God's leftover material of the Jews! So Paul says, "All Israel (still left alive then) shall be saved!"--When? Not every single Jew that ever lived, no, but there at the very End there are going to be Jews who are really going to be saved! (Rom.9:27)
       36. YOU SAY, "MY LORD, DAD, I THOUGHT YOU TOLD ME GOD WAS THROUGH WITH THE JEWS. [DELETED] After what you said about the Jews, I don't see how a single Jew could ever get saved!" Well, let me tell you, there at the very End, it's very clear in the Scripture there are going to be some of them who are going to be saved when they finally have the rug jerked out from under them & see that everything they've pinned their faith on & everything they idolised & worshipped & believed in is suddenly gone! This messiah whom they thought was it suddenly proves to be false, & they are not only going to turn against him, there are many of them who are going to come & turn toward Christ in that day! TYJ!
       37. THERE ARE GOING TO BE WHOLE NATIONS, WHOLE RELIGIONS, WHO ARE GOING TO TURN AGAINST THE ANTICHRIST & FIGHT HIM & DECLARE WAR ON HIM, SOME OF THE VERY NATIONS IN WHICH OUR FAMILY ARE LOCATED TODAY!--Some of the very nations that are being hospitable to you today & who are receiving you today! God's going to bless some of those countries, even some of those religions, by helping them turn against the Antichrist & reject him & refuse to worship him & refuse his Mark, fight against him. So who's he going to be fighting in that day?--Those people! And where is the final battle going to take place?--In Israel at the Height of Megiddo in the Valley of Armaggedon!
       38. THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT THE SCRIPTURE JUST DOESN'T GIVE YOU EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A LITTLE COMMON SENSE & A LITTLE WISDOM TO WAKE UP & REALISE, "WELL OF COURSE, THAT'S LOGICAL, THAT'S OBVIOUS!" So when it says Jesus comes down & destroys the Antichrist & all his forces, then who is going to be left to survive?--The people who rejected the Mark, who rejected the Antichrist!--Even though they were not saved, even though most were not Christians, even though they were not born-again like us, even though they were not raptured like us, even though they had to endure the Wrath of God which was poured out upon all those people there during that horrible period.
       39. WHO ARE THEY? WELL, AS SOMEBODY SAID, THE "GOOD" PEOPLE, or the people who didn't really hear about Jesus, even whole nations & religions who, even though they're not saved, finally wake up to the fact that the Antichrist is not the man. They will survive the Battle of Armageddon & live on into the Millennium. Although they had not received Jesus, they rejected the Antichrist & rejected his Mark & his Idol & even fought wars against him, & God is going to be merciful to them. He says at the very end of the 12th Chapter of Daniel that they're going to be blessed to survive on into the Millennium.
       40. AND WE WILL RULE OVER THESE GOOD PEOPLE WHOM GOD IS GOING TO GIVE A CHANCE TO BE SAVED, WHO NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL.--Maybe not all of them will be so good, obviously, because some of them later turn against the Lord at the end of the Millennium in the Battle of Gog & Magog. Nevertheless, there will be people, millions of people, nations of people, whole religions of people who will not accept the Antichrist & who will refuse his Mark! Otherwise there would be nobody to survive the Battle of Armageddon & nobody to live in the Millennium to be ruled over by the Saved, absolutely nobody! It's just like a mathematical equation! It's just like two from four leaves two! That's just it!
       41. I WAS GOING TO READ THE SCRIPTURES & PROVE IT TO YOU FROM THE BIBLE, BUT IT'S TOO LATE NOW. God bless you. Some of you have managed to survive & stay awake, but some of our tiredest ones, I don't blame them for hitting the hay. They're going to read it later anyhow, & God willing, third time's the charm! Maybe in our next session, whenever it's going to be, I want to read these Scriptures to you to show you & prove to you clearly if I haven't already tonight. You know the Scriptures, you've read'm, read'm again! If all the Antichrist's followers are slain at the end of the Battle of Armageddon & all the Christians have already been raptured before that, where are the people whom we are going to rule over in the Millennium who are not yet saved? Where do they come from? Gotcha! There's no place else they could have come from!
       42. SO DOES THAT ENCOURAGE YOU A LITTLE BIT TO KNOW YOU'RE NOT ALONE?--Not even the Christians are alone, but there are going to be millions of people of nations & religions who are going to reject the Antichrist! And as a result, God's going to bless them by us coming down on great white chargers from the heavens & helping them win that battle against the Antichrist & his forces & wipe'm out! It's all right here & I'll read it to you! Praise God? God is that good to them! Although they weren't saved spiritually yet, hadn't received Him yet themselves, He's going to come down & manifest His power & we're going to come down with Him & help those poor people that are doing their best to try to fight the Antichrist. We're going to help them win the war, the Battle of Armageddon against the Antichrist! It's right there!--Otherwise there's no place else you're going to get any people for the Millennium!
       43. THE DEVIL'S NOT JUST GOING TO COME IN THE FORM OF THE ANTICHRIST & SURROUND JERUSALEM WITH HIS FORCES & SIT DOWN THERE & CAMP OUT IN THEIR TENTS WAITING FOR JESUS & THE FORCES OF HEAVEN TO COME DOWN & FIGHT'M! That's ridiculous! They don't even know we're comin'! It's going to be an invasion from Outer Space! It's going to be the biggest surprise they ever had! They're fighting all these other enemies they've got, & all of a sudden in the mercy of God, God sends us down to help them to wipe out the forces of the Antichrist so that they can survive into the Millennium & have another chance & so we'll have somebody to take care of & rule over.--Otherwise there wouldn't be anybody there except us! So there you are! PTL! I hope that gave you the point. I just sort of summed it up real quick so I could let you go.
       44. I'M SORRY TO KEEP YOU SO LATE, BUT YOU WON'T LET ME GET AT YOU EARLY ENOUGH! I wouldn't have to keep you so late if I could start in the morning! I'm up early in the morning, I'll be happy to start in the morning instead some time. But you're all so busy & you've got so many other things to do, I hate to take your time then. I guess it's better to take a little of your sleep time than it is to take your work time when you're busy for the Lord with things that have to be done. You can sleep any old time! Praise the Lord? Well, wasn't that important enough to maybe keep you up a little late tonight?
       45. YOU SAY, "WELL THAT WAS SOME CHRISTMAS STORY, DAD, TO TELL US ALL ABOUT THE WORST WAR THE WORLD'S EVER GOING TO HAVE ON THE NIGHT WHEN WE'RE CELEBRATING THE BIRTH OF THE PRINCE OF PEACE!" Well, I think maybe it's important enough to tell you about how the Prince of Peace is going to come & bring peace by fighting the final war, at least the final war for them, & how He's going to bring peace by wiping out the Antichrist forces & saving the ... what shall we call them?--The anti-Antichrist forces? They're not saved, they're not even all good people--although we call them good people quite a bit--but they're the anti-Antichrist forces! Savvy? They're not all pro-Christ, but they're anti-Antichrist!
       46. SO MAYBE THAT'LL ENCOURAGE YOU & HELP YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE PRINCE OF PEACE WHOSE BIRTH WE'RE CELEBRATING LAST NIGHT & TODAY IS GOING TO BRING PEACE, HE'S GOING TO BRING IT IN A BATTLE! He's going to bring peace in a battle with a war against the Antichrist & his forces, to save the people who are anti-Antichrist! (Techi: They're not anti-Christ, but they're anti-Antichrist!) That's right, you got it right! They're anti-Antichrist. Maybe that would be a good title for this: "The Anti-Antichrists!" That would really mystify'm, wouldn't it? "Who are the anti-Antichrists?" They're going to suppose, of course, it's logically us, all the saved, born-again Christians, but there are going to be a lot of anti-Antichrists besides us! TTL!--And God's going to use them to help us, protect us, feed us & hide us so we can keep on going. In fact, we'll probably be teaching'm & getting oodles of them saved! HAL! TYJ!
       47. I'M SO FULL OF THIS I COULDN'T POSSIBLY FINISH IT TONIGHT, I'LL HAVE TO HAVE ANOTHER TIME! You decide on when & I'll try to cut it down somehow, but I just can hardly get warmed up in under two hours! It just takes that much time for me to get going. I have to give you all this other to help you understand how important it is that you know these things & how important it is for you to tell the World & tell other people about this! So praise the Lord! God bless you! We must pray. We can just do a little circle right here, & you can do a little circle where you are & we'll just pray like this.
       48. LET'S DO PRAY THE PRAYER THE LORD TAUGHT US TO PRAY WITH REAL CONVICTION, BECAUSE IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COMING KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST HERE ON EARTH! Praise God?--And don't just start praying to the witches in Heaven! I say "Our Father" & everybody else says "witches in Heaven"! We don't want to pray to the witches in Heaven, so come in on the "Our Father," will you? When I say, "So let's pray the prayer the Lord taught us to pray!", that's your cue, the word "pray," okay?--And the next word is "Our Father"--not the "witches in Heaven"! Okay? So shall we pray the prayer which Jesus Himself taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.)
       49. (SINGS:)
--that's His Word--
       "In His arms securely fold you"
--that's His protection--
       "God be with you till we meet again!
       Till we meet, till we meet,
       Till we meet at Jesus' feet!"
--Right here!--
       "Till we meet, till we meet,
       God be with you till we meet again!"

Do you believe that? And do you believe this one:
       "And God will take care of you,
       Through every day, o'er all the way!
       He will take care of you,
       God will take care of you!"

       50. EVEN IF HE HAS TO TAKE YOU IN DEATH, THAT'S THE BEST CARE HE CAN POSSIBLY TAKE OF YOU, TO RELEASE YOU FROM THIS OLD HORRIBLE WORLD! So don't be afraid of that, amen? PTL! That's taking care of you if He promotes you & lets you die. That's really taking care of you! Amen? Well, please don't die on me yet, don't be so eager to go! Some people got their Heaven Poster & they wanted to go Home to Heaven real quick! Let's hope enough of you stick around so we can finish this job before we go, shall we?
       51. AMEN, & NOW THE CHILDREN'S PRAYER--WE'VE GOT A NEW WAY OF PRAYING "NOW I LAY ME"! We say, "I know Thee, Lord, my soul will take!"--Not "I pray Thee Lord" but "I know Thee Lord my soul will take." Right? So shall we pray it? "Now I lay me down to sleep"--I hope so! "I pray Thee Lord my soul to keep"--I know so! "If I should die before I wake, I know Thee, Lord, my soul will take!" Amen? In Jesus' name, bless & keep us all, Lord, & do give us a good night's rest. Strengthen the children who stayed up so late & the adults too, Lord, many of whom are very tired. Forgive us if we've kept them too long, Lord, but we just don't know how to say it any other way. Help some of it to have sunk in, Lord, that they'll remember it & get it straight, in Jesus' name, amen!
       52. WELL, THAT WAS A SHOCKER! But I've told you that before, it really was nothing new, I just expressed it a little clearer tonight, because the Lord's been showing me a little clearer! (Kisses the girls:) I didn't go into the wonderful other things the Lord has made us unique in, our freedom, amen?--And all the other good things He's showed us, how we are really free, thank the Lord!--At least in our house we are! TYL! (Hope: May I unhook you?) (From the mike.) Well, Honey, you'll never unhook me, I'm hooked forever--on you & the Lord! If I didn't kiss these girls like this they'd be disappointed! God bless you all! ILY!--And GBAKY fighting for Jesus, in Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family