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MILLENNIAL ENCOURAGEMENT!        DO 1891         1/85--And the Anti-Antichrists!

       1. PTL! GBY! WE'RE GOING TO TRY TO DIVE RIGHT INTO THE WATER THIS MORNING, DEEP, LORD WILLING, so I don't want to take any long time with prayers & introductions. Who'd like to volunteer to pray? (Alf prays.) Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, we thank Thee for Thy Word, Lord, bless it & make it a blessing & guide us aright by Thy precious Spirit. Help us to say the right things, Lord, & have the right interpretations. Show us even as we're teaching, Lord, things that we have not seen before, to dig out of Thy Word, Lord, treasures old & new! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! "The entrance of Thy Word giveth light!" (Psa.119:130)--And as it enters our hearts today, help it to give us light, Lord, on some of these subjects which are of great interest & even great importance to us that we understand & know them, for our own encouragement & the encouragement of others. PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Give us strength for this task & help me not to be too long, in Jesus' name!--Amen!
       2. I TRIED TO FINISH UP YESTERDAY BUT I COULDN'T MAKE IT, so Maria has suggested if I don't make it by 12 o'clock, just don't worry about it & continue the next day. (Maria: Wouldn't it be nice to have classes every day?) (Fam: Amen!) I figure you know these chapters any how, we've been over them time & time & time again. We've been over these chapters so many times & studied them so many times, as well as the various points of the Endtime, you should almost know'm by heart!
       3. WHO'D LIKE TO VOLUNTEER TO STAND UP & RECITE ALL 14 ENDTIME POINTS? I call them points because some are events, some are characteristics, some are periods of time, so in the BOF we categorised them into 14 points. I wonder how many of you have memorised those & remember them? I'll bet you could start out & it would come to you as you went along if you'd try. Who wants to be a volunteer? Now if you miss one, like a Spelling Bee, then you sit down & somebody else starts! Shall we start over here with Maria? Poor Maria! Look at that complexion of virtue! (Maria: It's probably not fair because I already looked at the first two points.) That's all right! I believe in open-book tests! But I don't want you to read'm. You can read'm before you recite'm, but I don't want you to stand up & read'm.
       4. I'M TESTING MYSELF TOO BECAUSE I'VE GOT TO CHECK YOU TO SEE IF YOU'RE RIGHT! Everybody else listen too & check up on'm & make sure they're not missing any. Anybody willing to volunteer? Well, Peter! A volunteer, God bless him! That takes a lot of guts! Well, you all three there raised your hands at almost the same time, but I think I saw Peter's pencil better 'cause it's white. You'd better not use that pencil any more!--Ha! Okay, who wants to pray for Peter? (Fam: I do! Thank You Jesus so much for Peter's volunteering to recite all these important events. Please, Lord, help him to know them all & help us to get them all real clear in our heads, in Jesus' name.) Amen!
       5. REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW! REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! Even while she was praying you guys were going over those points for fear you were going to have to say'm too! I know you were praying, "Lord help me! Let's see, what are they now?" I used to say in my classes at school, even high school, that we went over every point at least seven times! The first time was when I assigned them the text, they read the text & there were the answers there. The second time was in class when we had what they call recitation. They didn't recite it really, but I would ask them questions about the text & we'd have an oral discussion. Then before a test we would have another review, go over all the questions etc. that I was going to ask on the test. Sometimes I'd even give them the questions orally, I'd just read the test off to them & make sure they knew the answers.
       6. I DON'T BELIEVE IN ANY TEACHING THAT A TEACHER IS SUPPOSED TO SHOW HOW SMART HE IS & HOW MUCH HE KNOWS THAT THEY DON'T KNOW & to try to find out how much they don't know, I wanted to make sure they did know! So we went over & over it till I was sure they knew the answers! Then after a good oral review, giving them all the answers again, then we had the test, & that was the fifth time we went over all the questions. Of course, in there somewhere they went over it another time, because that's when they prayed & they went over it in their minds!--Ha! So they were studying at home cramming for the test, that was the fourth time, & the fifth time was the test itself. Sixth time was correcting the papers, & then after they got their papers back, seventh time, they would go over them again, usually not the ones they got right, but the ones they got wrong! Then all the hands started shooting up, "How come this is wrong? How come that's wrong? He didn't correct my paper right! I had it right, I had it close!" Blah blah blah blah!--Arguments about the accuracy of the corrector, because I always had them exchange papers.
       7. I DIDN'T BELIEVE IN CARRYING TOO MUCH WORK HOME MYSELF, & I TRIED NOT TO GIVE THEM TOO MUCH WORK TO CARRY HOME. I remembered all the horrible assignments teachers used to give us & how they kept us up all night doing homework, & I thought it was ridiculous! Six hours a day in school was enough as far as I was concerned! Kids need time to get out & play & they need time to sleep & time to eat & a few other things! So why should I give'm more work than that? So the only assignments I ever made as far as homework was concerned was to read the next chapter, which wasn't too bad.--Not a whole lot of difficult stuff, papers & blah blah. I did that as much for my benefit as I did for theirs because I didn't want to have to read & correct all those papers! I had enough to do driving a bus 30 miles every morning to pick up 50 kids & teach them for six hours all day long, then drive them home another 30 miles return trip letting off 50 kids & trying to keep order on the bus at the same time! By the time I got home I had worked about a ten-hour day, so I didn't want to have any more work to do! So I really tried to make it easy.
       8. WELL, WHILE I'VE BEEN TALKING YOU'VE PROBABLY BEEN GOING OVER THOSE 14 POINTS IN YOUR HEAD TO MAKE SURE YOU GET'M RIGHT & YOU PROBABLY NEVER HEARD A WORD I SAID!--Ha! Well, I've given you a little more time, a little mercy. I've been stalling for you, so now you should have the benefit of the stall. All right, Peter first, & I may call on you two next!
       9. NUMBER 1! (PETER: THE ENDTIME & THE LAST DAYS.) Right! Actually, I think the first point was the Last Days, it's part of the Endtime. It's all dealing with the Endtime, the whole thing is the Endtime, that's the subject, but these are the various points that we bring out as part of the Endtime. (Peter: Then the Signs of the Times.) Right, Signs of the Times that we're in the Last Days. (Peter: Then the economic Crash which brings on the Famine.) That's the next thing we can expect, but I don't think we had it numbered as one of the categories in the BOF. See, we're revising & improving as we go! We may wind up with more than 14! Okay, that's three: The Last Days, Signs of the Times & the next big sign is the Crash.--God willing, as far as we know.
       10. (PETER: THEN COMES THE RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST, & NEXT IS THE SIGNING OF THE COVENANT.) There may be a few little things in between, but these are the major points. (Peter: Then the breaking of the Covenant.) From the signing of the Covenant to the breaking of the Covenant, how long does that take? (Peter: 3-1/2 years.) 3-1/2 years later. Okay. (Peter: When the Covenant breaks, then comes the Great Tribulation.)--And all the various events & factors involved, which we're not going to take time to detail right now. That's 7. I think in our first list we had the Tribulation as #6. I always avoid that number 6 & give it to something unsavoury if possible. Now that we've added the Crash, though, we wind up with the Tribulation as #7. I practically memorised those numbers before because I had to number my Bible to pick out all the verses for the BOF.
       11. (PETER: THEN THE ATOMIC WAR.) WHICH DESTROYS WHAT? (PETER: BABYLON.) That's a good thing to remember because you link those two together, Atomic War & Babylon, then you can spot it in the Scripture. (Peter: Then the Rapture & the Marriage Supper.) The Marriage Supper &...(Peter: The Wrath of God.) We're on #11 now, right? (Peter: Then comes the Battle of Armageddon.) When? (Peter: At the end of the Wrath.) That's 12. (Peter: Then the Millennium, then at the end of the Millennium is the Battle of Gog & Magog, & after that the White Throne Judgement.) We've got 15 already! (Peter: Then there's Eternity.) Then you should say the New Heaven & the New Earth. We've got 16 now, 16 major points! We've gone up 2 since we wrote the BOF to try to get these events in order in your mind. Well, since you didn't miss one, nobody else had a chance to show how smart they are! Shall I have you all write them down on a piece of paper? Well, not this time. Not right now. I don't want to take our class time from these Scriptures!
       12. SO WE HAD REVIEW YESTERDAY, WE HAD REVIEW AGAIN TODAY SUMMARISING IT VERY BRIEFLY, & IF WE DO HAVE ANOTHER CLASS I MAY TEST YOU ON THAT & ask you in class to write it all down in order, #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 right on down the line. It can be an open-book test & you can have your Bible open as long as you're not just copying your notes or copying your list in your Bible, that's cheatin'! Open-book test means an open-Bible test without your notes. Of course, the wise guys who've got their notes written in their Bible are the smart ones! Well, I figure if I give an open-Bible test & you're allowed to look in the Bible to find the Scriptures & you know how to find them & you can find them, well, praise the Lord! And if you're smart enough to keep your notes on the fly leaf of your Bible or somewhere & you've got the list tucked in there, it's no problem!
       13. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BIBLE WITH YOU WITNESSING & you can just refer to your list right there when you're witnessing. So why not? But of course it would be even better if you had it in your head, so very likely when I give you this little test, because I want to see how much you really know by heart from your heads, I may ask you to shut your Bibles & notes & everything & just jot down those 16 points on a little piece of paper that you could lay on top of your Bible.
       14. I THINK OUR KIDS HAVE CERTAINLY BEEN WONDERFUL, PATIENT KIDS to sit here like they did yesterday for over three hours & listen to all this deep stuff that Grandpa was talking about. (To Techi:) Why don't you lean back, Honey, & relax? She always does that, even watching a video or anything, she wants to sit up, she just refuses to relax. But since you've been sick now you need to. Put that behind her head so she can lean her head on it & still look at Grandpa. That's better! Everybody's taking care of you while you're sick. Thank the Lord she hasn't got a worse cold, but she's got the sniffles.
       15. CAN YOU ALL HEAR ME ALL RIGHT? WE USED TO PLAY AN OLD JOKE ON THE CONGREGATION & WOULD SAY, "IF YOU CAN'T HEAR ME, RAISE YOUR HANDS!"--And there were always a bunch of people on the back row that raised their hands, believe it or not!--Ha! It's amazing how dumb people can be! Well, what they really meant was they couldn't hear very well, but when I yelled that, they always heard & they always stuck up their hands! The joke is, Techi, that if they can't hear me, how come they put up their hands when I asked that question? She got it! I think she's going to be like her Auntie Faithy, she always gets the joke in the long run. Sometimes right in the middle of the serious part of the meeting she'd start bustin' out laughing, she finally got the joke!--Not that she isn't smart, but some jokes sort of have to be explained. Well, we've used up the first half-hour already with prayer & review & introduction & whatnot, so do you think you're ready for the Scriptures? All right!
       16. WHAT IS REALLY OUR MAIN SUBJECT? The overall subject, of course, is the Endtime, but we are particularly going into some more-recently-revealed details regarding what? What questions are we trying to find the answers to in the Scriptures now? (Fam: The wars of the Antichrist.) That's one of them. (Fam: Who we'll be ruling & reigning over in the Millennium.) Right, & whom are we studying even a little bit before that? (Fam: Who are the anti-Antichrists?) Yes, who was the Antichrist fighting against in these wars if everybody had the Mark of the Beast except the Christians? There certainly aren't enough Christians to fight him off, so who's he fighting against in his wars if everybody has the Mark of the Beast? And if everybody that had the Mark of the Beast got killed in the Battle of Armageddon, who's left in the Millennium for us to rule over? (David: The Muslims & other people who didn't like him but weren't saved.) That's right. You're giving me the answers now, that's good, but I'm actually trying to sum up the questions! You don't necessarily have to give me the answers. What did you want to say? (Techi: The same that David said!) That's a good way to answer questions! Remember the story about the little boy that said he & his brother knew everything? The teacher said, "Oh yeah? Tell me what's electricity?" (Techi: Oh, that's something my brother knows!)--Right! Ha!
       17. WE'RE TRYING TO FIND OUT FROM THE SCRIPTURE OR DEDUCE FROM THE SCRIPTURE THE OBVIOUS UNKNOWN QUANTITIES IN THESE ALGEBRAIC EQUATIONS! That's something you kids probably haven't gotten into yet, algebra. How many of you have had fractions already? How many of you have had decimals already? Well, I guess you know the next thing is algebra. Well, actually after decimals you get percentages. See, I used to teach school so I remember! I had two .PO0 grades, 7th & 8th grades, & I had to teach them every subject! So that was a well-rounded education for me as well as them!--Ha! I think I got more out of it than they did!
       18. SO AFTER DECIMALS COMES PERCENTAGES, & AFTER PERCENTAGES, THEN YOU NEED TO START INTO A LITTLE BIT OF BASIC ALGEBRA, IF POSSIBLE, BECAUSE IT'S HELPFUL IN SOLVING PROBLEMS. I don't believe in going any further with our children into logarithms & all that higher-up algebra & trigonometry, but one thing after algebra that they definitely should have & they need algebra for, is geometry. I definitely believe that our children should have geometry & know something about geometric figures & how to find their dimensions & areas etc. It's very important. I've used that many times during my life in practical use trying to figure out areas & quantities & things that we had to know. We've had to figure out the volumes of swimming pools, how many gallons of water in the pool, so we'd know how much chemical to put in.--Otherwise we might have burned our eyes out or had too many germs. If it burns your eyes a little bit that's the way it ought to be & that's usually my test.--Of course, they also have pool testers to compare colours etc.
       19. BUT EVEN IN THE MILLENNIUM YOU SHOULD KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT ALGEBRA & VOLUMES & GEOMETRY, BECAUSE YOU'RE GOING TO BE RUNNING THE WHOLE SHOW! You're probably thinking right now, "Well, Lord, how could that possibly be when we're all so dumb? How could we run the World? We hardly know how to run our own Homes & families?" Well, the Lord's going to give you quite a bit of help, along with lots of angels to give you answers you don't know. I'm sure He's not going to ask you to do anything you can't do.
       20. THE MAIN THING IS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE SPIRITUAL LEADERS & GOVERNORS, & LIKE THE POLICE, THE ENFORCERS. As they say, "dumb cops", they don't know how to do everything either, do they? The police force doesn't know how to do everything. They're not scientists, mathematicians, architects, sanitation engineers & all that sort of thing that's all needed wherever there are people. But what do they do? They enforce the law & make sure everybody does their job & make sure nobody breaks the laws. So you'll largely be the police force. You never thought about that before, did you?
       21. YOU WERE THINKING, "NOW HOW AM I GOING TO BE THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OR THE MAYOR OF THE CITY, OR HOW AM I GOING TO KNOW HOW TO RUN A WHOLE COUNTRY?"--YOU DON'T HAVE TO! You just have to make sure the mayor does his job & the governor does his job & the president of the country does his job & does it right & within God's laws & for the benefit of the people! That's all you have to do. He knows all the politics, he knows all the details & the ins & outs & all the rest. You could even read his mind in case he's trying to cheat or something! You're sort of like the angel on his shoulder! You're looking over his shoulder, you're kibitzing! Isn't that what they call it when a guy's playing cards or chess & somebody's looking over his shoulder telling him what moves to make & what cards to play? He knows all that! Present Leaders know those things.
       22. WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE ALL THESE POLITICIANS' JOBS, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! We're not going to have to take all these scientists' jobs & all the rest, we're going to be the enforcers! We're just going to be the supervisors to make sure everybody does their job & does it right & does it well & for the benefit of the people & pleasing to God & His laws, His Law of Love most of all. Well, I threw in that little five-minute extra sermon free of charge! That wasn't on the schedule. But when we're thinking about education, just in case you're afraid you don't know enough to do all these things, you don't have to! You're going to be like the big boss that's going to hire the guys that know how to do the job. You just tell them to do it, they know how!
       23. THE STORY IS TOLD ABOUT HENRY J. KAISER, THE FAMOUS MULTI-BILLIONAIRE STEEL MAGNATE, THAT HE FLUNKED OUT OF SCHOOL, flunked almost every subject, because he was much more interested in playing around out building boats himself for sailing etc. That's all he was interested in, building boats & sailing, & that's exactly what he wound up doing! During WW2 he was the biggest producer of the famous "Liberty" transport ships, freighters that supplied the war. They said, "Well, how come you're able to run this huge steel empire & ship-building business & everything & you never even finished high school? It looks like you should have had some doctorates in engineering or PhDs in this, that or the other!" He used to laugh & say, "I never finished high school, I never got a high school
       24. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT HAVING TO KNOW EVERYTHING! THE MAIN THING YOU HAVE TO KNOW IS THE LORD! PTL?--AND KNOW HIS WILL & GET YOUR ORDERS FROM THE BOSS UPSTAIRS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO DOWNSTAIRS!--And He'll tell you! In case you miss something it'll be brought to your attention. He's got millions of angels & billions of good, saved spirits, holy spirits, holy ghosts! We shocked the church people when we first came out with the Letter "Holy Ghosts", plural, because as far as they were concerned there's only one Holy Ghost, all the other ghosts are unholy! Well, now you know differently, don't you? Every departed saint that's gone to be with the Lord, & some of them still working down here, are all holy ghosts! (See ML#620.) So you've got billions of the Saved, the Lord's Saints, who are already in the next World where you're going to be, & you've got millions, maybe even billions of angels, who knows? So you've got lots of helpers & you're going to be given just whatever the Lord knows you're capable of doing, & probably what you were good at here.
       25. MARIA'S PROBABLY GOING TO BE THE HEAD OF THE PUBLISHING DEPARTMENT FOR THE EDUCATION OF THE WHOLE WORLD! But she'll have big companies & publishers working for her! Think of that! Sara's probably going to be head of child education & the educational system, teachers & schools, only she'll have college presidents & school principals all working for her! She'll be telling'm what to do & how to do it! "This is the way you should have taught the kids! This is what you should have taught'm! Here's a MO Letter, here's a Komic" etc. How about that? I believe it! After all, she's the head of our Childcare Department here, why shouldn't she be the head of it in the Millennium? I doubt if the Lord can find anybody better, certainly not anybody better than Maria to head up the whole Publishing House of the Millennium!
       26. AND WHAT ABOUT PETER, WHAT DO YOU THINK HE'LL BE DOING?--TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION! That's what he's being trained for right now, that's what he's got experience in. He's the best in the business or he wouldn't be here. He wouldn't be helping to run the Family if he wasn't good at business. And some of you, although then you'll be able to speak a Heavenly language, a secret language known only to angels & the Saints, you also already know Spanish or Portuguese or Italian or German, too. So you'll know the languages that the World speaks.--Besides, you'll be able to read their minds! And although they won't be able to understand our secret Heavenly angel tongues, our code languages, the Lord will probably use us & the languages that we know best of all.
       27. AND I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT IF HE CAN GIVE US A FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN THE GIFT OF TONGUES HERE, WHY COULDN'T HE HELP US TO SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGES THERE, NO MATTER WHAT LANGUAGE THEY SPEAK? Amen? We'll be able to rattle it off just like we do tongues today! Nearly every single gift of tongues, as I have mentioned before, is not only necessarily a Heavenly language of angels, but my experience has been that most of the gifts of tongues are languages of men. Remember what the Bible says? It says "the tongues of men"--He puts that first--"& of angels". (1Cor.13:1) Well, you've got to know both, especially in the Millennium! We've got to be able to converse with each other in languages unknown to them, & the angels with the tongues of angels, the Heavenly language, that nobody else will know but those that know the Lord & are saved, they won't know what we're talking about, but we also have to be able to speak in their languages. So if we ever had the gift of tongues here, we'll certainly have it There!
       28. I'VE HEARD LOTS OF MARVELLOUS TESTIMONIES ABOUT PEOPLE SPEAKING IN TONGUES THAT RESULTED IN SALVATIONS! My gifts have resulted in a lot of the work the Lord has done to get you, right? But I've heard of people that were so ignorant they hardly knew English, speaking in fluent foreign languages that they never learned. One poor old ignorant lady, while praying at an altar right next to a Rabbi who was seeking the truth & wanting to know if Jesus was really the Messiah, began to speak in the most fluent Hebrew explaining all about Jesus to him in his own language.
       29. THERE WERE FIVE GIRLS, A BEAUTIFUL QUINTET AT CRAIG'S MISSION IN SAN FRANCISCO that used to be packed out with two or three thousand people nearly every night during the great Pentecostal outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit back in the early part of the century. And one night a Japanese officer who had been wonderfully saved & filled with the Spirit brought his whole ship's crew of about 25 men to this meeting, & these beautiful lovely American girls got up & sang like they do in church, a beautiful quintet number with lovely harmony & all this beautiful beautiful music. Of course, these Japanese were ordinary crew men, they didn't understand a word of English, they weren't as smart as the Japanese are today. Nearly every Japanese today that's got any real education, English is their second language!--Or Russian or something else like that. But in those days the Japanese were really just beginning to open up. So the officer was the only one in the bunch that spoke English, the crew didn't understand a word of English.
       30. SO WHEN THESE GIRLS GOT FINISHED SINGING THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG, the leader who was leading them started to turn away & they started to file down off the platform, but they'd just started to turn when suddenly she turned back & all five began to sing in beautiful, fluent Japanese that just astounded both the officer & all of his men, & they all got saved & full of the Spirit that night, because it was such a miracle & they knew it was a miracle! Those girls didn't know a word of Japanese! PTL? That's the kind of miracles God can do!
       31. I'VE HEARD SO MANY TESTIMONIES LIKE THAT ABOUT PEOPLE SPEAKING IN OTHER TONGUES OF OTHER MEN. IT HAPPENED ON THE DAY OF PENTECOST! What did those guys say?--All those thousands of people gathered together, three thousand people! Well, we don't know how many thousands were there, three thousand got saved! But they said, "How come we hear these Jews here speaking in all of our languages the glorious things of God?" Here they were each one speaking in a different language so that all these foreigners that were listening could hear what they were talking about! (Acts 2:1-13)
       32. WELL, IF GOD HAS DONE MIRACLES LIKE THAT ALREADY & HAS BEEN DOING THEM FOR A COUPLE THOUSAND YEARS, HE CERTAINLY IS GOING TO DO THEM IN THE MILLENNIUM TO HELP YOU RUN & RULE IN THAT DAY!--With all kinds of insight & supernatural gifts & mind-reading & speed-travelling & all kinds of things we've put in the Letters & we've has condensed on some of these poster backings. Are you reading the backs of those posters? I really love the backs of those posters, they really sum it up in brief, concise, simple language. So if you didn't get it before, you're sure getting it straight now! Those posters are carrying the whole Message!
       33. WE'VE ALREADY GOTTEN OUT 12 OF THOSE SPECIAL POSTERS IN BLACK-&-WHITE WITH TEXT ON THE BACK!--Except the Music Poster, & the Revelation Chart already had a text. Apollos has summarised & condensed & compiled these wonderful, simple-language, great big print, comprehensive texts on the backs designed so that even our children can read & understand!--And with such big letters that "he that runneth may read"! (Hab.2:2)--Even the passers-by! If a store sticks it in their window, inside shopping they can read the back side as they pass by. It only takes a few moments to read that simple text, we're making it so simple. And the Lord is helping us to publish it in so many languages! Have you seen that beautiful Japanese Heaven Poster all in Japanese? But we've already published 12 of these posters with these text backings, & you should by all means read them! They're beautiful, simple, & if you didn't get the whole meaning of the whole story before, you certainly ought to get it now. Even our kids ought to be able to get it now. Amen? PTL?
       34. WE'LL HAVE THEM IN EVERY LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD IN THE MILLENNIUM, THANK THE LORD! Because the people over whom we're ruling will still only be able to speak their own languages. It wouldn't be good security for them to understand our language. But even if you aren't given the gift of tongues of their language, we can just think a thought & they get the thought in their head! Language & tongues are merely a vehicle to describe or express a thought. Well, if you can express the thought special delivery express right straight inside of their heads without even speaking words, how much better & faster! That's the way the Lord does with us. Time & again as the boys know, sometimes I wasn't even praying, I was just trying to think of how we could solve that problem of something around the house, & I'd just get a picture! Well, what better way to get the answer than in a picture? I'd see some kind of a machine or some kind of a way to do it. I think those are visions! Sometimes I've even gotten them in my sleep, or when I was half-asleep praying about things, I'd just get a picture! Get the picture?
       35. ALL RIGHT, I HOPE YOU'RE GETTING THE PICTURE OF THE MILLENNIUM! I didn't mean to get onto that, but I thought maybe I'd encourage you before you get there. That relieves one more worry you had about, "How in the World am I going to run the Millennium when I don't even hardly know how to run myself?" Well, you're going to have lots of help, lots of helpers, lots of gifts, supernatural gifts that you don't have now, some of which you may even already have.
       36. AND HERE'S SOMETHING THAT SHOCKS SOME PEOPLE, YOUR HELPERS ARE NOT ONLY GOING TO BE ANGELS & THE OTHER SAINTS & THE LORD & HIS SPIRIT, BUT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY QUALIFIED TO RUN BUSINESSES & INDUSTRIES OR WHATEVER THEY ARE! "Oh, I thought we weren't going to have any more industries, Grandpa?" Remember that vision I had of the assembly line of the carriages? (See ML#285.) That's an industry! There are going to be lots of small industries, lots of food industries. They're going to have to grow food for those people. There are going to be lots of businesses & industries & trade & ways to distribute it all etc., but you don't have to know how to do that! There are millions of people in the World today who already know how to do that.
       37. I'M SURE THE LORD IS GOING TO HAVE SOME OF THOSE GOOD PEOPLE OF EVERY TRADE & EVERY SKILL & EVERY BUSINESS & EVERY QUALIFICATION--engineering & government & administration & all of that--Worldly people. I'm talking about the people who survive into the Millennium, worldly people, & maybe that's a good name for them! They're not necessarily saved yet, but I think a lot of them are going to get saved in a hurry, I think real quick! After all they've been through they're going to want to be saved! So we're probably going to have a real harvest there! I'm expecting a real harvest during the Tribulation, & I think there's going to be a real harvest even during the Wrath of God! Boy, if nothing else would drive'm to the Lord, that ought to drive'm to the Lord! As I used to say, "I'd rather scare people into Heaven than love'm into Hell!" A lot of preachers are loving people into Hell by not telling them the Truth! I'd rather tell them the Truth even if it scares them--into Heaven! And boy, if they're ever going to be scared, it's going to be during the Wrath of God & the Tribulation too!
       38. I THINK THERE ARE GOING TO BE TREMENDOUS HARVESTS DURING THE TRIBULATION, THE WRATH OF GOD, & WHO HASN'T ALREADY BEEN SAVED BY THAT TIME IS GOING TO BE SAVED, I'M SURE, IN MAYBE EVEN THE FIRST FEW DAYS OF THE MILLENNIUM! As fast as they can find out, they're going to be looking for somebody to tell'm how to get saved! God's Word says seven will lay hold on one & say, "Tell us how to follow your God! Tell us how to know the Lord!" (Isa.4:1)--Seven people even on one person, & I think it's going to be more than that! It says, "They that do know their God shall instruct many & do exploits!" (Dan.11:32,33) You're going to teach lots of people.
       39. I THINK PEOPLE ARE GOING TO GET SAVED JUST AS FAST AS WE CAN TELL'M HOW! PTL? They're going to be seeking the Lord, I'll tell you! After going through the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & coming out in the Millennium, it's really going to be like Heaven on Earth! They're going to think they've already gone to Heaven, & they're going to be so thankful! And those that really are the Lord's Own, saved from the foundation of the Earth, those that God knew were going to eventually receive Him, even if they didn't get the Gospel here & now or didn't understand it or didn't receive it then, they're going to do it in the Millennium! I believe it!
       40. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TREMENDOUS HARVESTS DURING THESE CRISIS PERIODS!--THE TRIBULATION HARVEST, THE WRATH HARVEST! What good is all that Wrath if it's merely to punish the wicked who are already going to go to Hell anyhow? Again the Wrath is another sifter to divide the sheep from the goats & those who will repent from those who refuse even then. And then of course the good ones, those Worldly people who are unsaved but the Lord deems good enough to give another chance to survive into the Millennium, I think they're going to be flocking into the Kingdom of God to be saved by the millions! I really think so! I'd like to feel that maybe it's going to be the majority of the people.--Why *not?
       41. WITH THE VISIBLE KINGDOM OF GOD & VISIBLE SAINTS & VISIBLE ANGELS & VISIBLE JESUS & ALL THE REST, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULDN'T THEY RECEIVE IT? They'll certainly believe it then, that's for sure! It's obvious! They don't have to have faith any more, there it is, they can see it! There is the Kingdom of God, there is Jesus, there are the angels, there are the Saints, there you are! They'll know it's all true then, so they're bound to believe it! The only catch is that there are still going to be some stubborn rebels who are going to follow the Devil & still want their own way & go their own way, even some whole nations, as we're going to read to you in these Scriptures if we ever get around to it!
       42. WELL, THIS LITTLE TALK ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM WASN'T EXPECTED & I DIDN'T EXPECT IT EITHER, BUT I THINK MAYBE YOU MUST HAVE NEEDED IT TO ENCOURAGE YOU! You've probably been thinking, "Lord, how could I ever be one of the rulers in the Millennium when I don't know hardly anything?" Well, you know what you're doing right now, don't you? David here, he already knows the Word so well, boy oh boy, the Bible classes he could have with children to teach'm! And dear Davida here, our up-&-coming artist & all, I'm sure there are a lot of things she knows that System kids don't know that she could teach'm. And Techi here, she's going to be a singer, dancer, actress, performer, preacher, you name it! She's got lots of talent, God bless her, a prophetess of God!
       43. SO YOU'RE GOING TO BE DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING NOW! THAT'S WHY YOU'RE GETTING THIS TRAINING NOW! You're thinking, "You mean I'm going to have to still be a maintenance man & Dad's cook & Maria's cook too?" Well, Honey, maybe you'll be head of a whole food industry to tell'm how to take care of it & how to feed the people--you cooks. Amen? And you're thinking, "Oh my, I thought I was going to get out of fixing things & everything else, & now you
       44. YOU SECRETARIES, YOU'RE WORRYING ABOUT, "MY GOODNESS, YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I'VE GOT TO BE SITTING AT A COMPUTER & TYPING AWAY DAY-IN-&-DAY-OUT ON SOME MORE OF DAD'S CLASSES & MO LETTERS HE'S PROBABLY GOING TO KEEP ON TEACHING & BLAH BLAH?" Honey, there are typists & computer operators who know much more about it than you do! There are thousands & thousands of them, I don't doubt tens of thousands of them by this time, maybe hundreds of thousands in the World who know more about it than you do. You just oversee'm, you just make sure they do it & do the right things & do what God wants them to do. But God has taught you enough about it so you understand their problems & you understand what they're doing & you just get them to do it, that's all! You'll be the bosses of the computer industry & the secretarial work & all the work that has to be put on paper for all these millions & millions of people that need supervision & ruling over & guidance.
       45. "YOU MEAN WE'RE STILL GOING TO HAVE PAPER & PRINTING?"--WELL, OF COURSE! It's not that much different! These are all Worldly people & they're accustomed to the usual Worldly ways of doing things. They don't have the kind of communication we have, they've still got to communicate by word of mouth, by paper, maybe they'll still even have to have telephones & radios, who knows?--Because that's all they know & that's all they've got! They're not going to have these marvellous gifts of mental telepathy & tele-transportation etc. They're going to be just like they are now, same bodies they have now, same minds, same talents, same tongues, all the same! Do you understand?--And probably have to use many of the same means & methods & things for all the various industries--food production, education, publishing, communication. Except the transportation is going to be greatly changed, that's for sure, so we won't have all these wicked cars that kill people! It's not the cars' fault, it's the wicked people that drive'm! I was just reading where 42% of all American accidents are caused by drunks! Think of it!
       46. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM! THE EXPERTS ARE FAMILIAR WITH ALL THESE THINGS ALREADY, THEY KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THESE THINGS! They know how to run industries & communications & transportation.--Except they're going to have to learn a few things about transportation, that's for sure! I've often wondered why so many of the Navies of the World still have a few sailing vessels on which they train their sailors. God is keeping alive the knowledge & the talent & the skill of sailing! You've seen'm in the movies, you've seen'm on videos, sailing is almost like a sport today. In fact, sailing the smaller schooners etc. is a sport. So the art & skill of sailing has not been lost. They're still even making horse & buggy carriages & that sort of thing, that art hasn't been lost either! God is seeing to it that some of these skills & arts are not lost & they are still being saved & there are still some people who are going to know how. But they're going to have to teach an awful lot of people in some of these major changes, & one of the major changes is going to be transportation!
       47. I WAS GIVING JOHN A LITTLE TALK ABOUT HOW MANY OF THE WORLD'S ILLS ARE CAUSED BY PETROLEUM OIL!--That black evil stuff that they get out of the ground that I don't think God ever intended for them to use at all! Can you think of how many of the World's ills are caused by that? Well, I'm not going to stop to enumerate them for you now because I already gave that talk & you'll be getting it by & by, but accidents, pollution, wars, you could go on & on! They couldn't fight these wars without petroleum! The pollution of the sea, the pollution of the air, plastics made from petroleum, petroleum is responsible for all of this.
       48. YOU COULD ALMOST SAY THAT MOST OF THE MODERN WORLD'S MOST SERIOUS ILLS SINCE THE SO-CALLED INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION HAVE BEEN MADE POSSIBLE BY OIL, PETROLEUM OIL! You studied about the Industrial Revolution in high school, I hope. That started a couple of hundred years ago, until which time they never had automobiles, they didn't have trains, they didn't have airplanes, they didn't have any of these modern things, they didn't really have factories! I guess that's one thing you can blame the Arabs for!--Oil!--Ha! The fact of the matter is, it wasn't the Arabs' fault, because some of the first petroleum ever discovered & ever used was found in Pennsylvania! A guy found it in his backyard bubbling out of the ground. He should have filled the hole up with sand & covered it over with dirt & saved the World from half of its ills! But instead of that, he played around with it, experimented with it & found it would burn.--Of course, it burned with a horrible, stinky, black smoke, black crude oil. But he got the bright idea, "Well, if it will burn, maybe I can burn this instead of coal!"
       49. THEY'D BEEN USING COAL & COAL DOES THE SAME THING, THEY DIG THIS BLACK EVIL STUFF OUT OF THE GROUND, & IT SMOKES LIKE MAD TOO, BECAUSE IT'S PETROLEUM IN ROCK FORM, SOLID FORM. Normally petroleum is this black crude oil you hear about that is in liquid form but that's all coal is, it's just petroleum in rock form, solid form, & it gives off the same stinking black smoke & pollution! So before they really learned how to use oil so much, coal was it! I think they even had a few coal-burning cars at first. Did you ever hear if the Stanley Steamer? That was one of the first automobiles that used steam power, & the steam power came from either dirty coal or kerosene! I sometimes wonder if the Devil's respossible for petroleum! But anyway, he certainly; has used it. They could also burn wood, God Himself created the wood & I believe we're going to use mostly wood then if we need fuel or fire at all, & the World will need some.-Although there's going to be a great difference in the climate then.
       50. DID YOU KNOW THAT EVEN IN ADAM & EVE'S DAY THERE WERE SEASONS?--SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER--BUT NOT TO THE EXTREME THAT WE HAVE TODAY. That apparently occurred when the Flood occurred or in that great cataclysm when the Earth was divided & the Earth was tilted much further off of a perpendicular axis, & this causes extremes of heat & cold, very heavy winters etc. In the days of Adam & Eve, they had seasons about like in the Tropix, very mild, a little cool weather, some warm weather, I'm sure it wasn't too warm. The tropical climates are delightful most of the time because down near the Equator you're not getting the extreme of very little sunshine or too much sunshine etc., but where the sunshine is pretty even year-round & the days are fairly even, very little difference in the length of the days between Summer & Winter. That's the way it's going to be in the Millennium! God's going to straighten the Earth back up again & give the whole World much milder weather.
       51. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THIS "NUCLEAR FREEZE" BUSINESS, IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!--UNLESS IT HAPPENS RIGHT AT THE END OF THE WRATH OF GOD WHEN ARMAGEDDON OCCURS, OR MAYBE WHEN THE ATOM WAR OCCURS AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION! It might happen then maybe just for a few short days before the Lord raptures us, who knows? They say it's possible, that if there was a general atomic war, so much smoke & dust & pollution is kicked up into the air that it causes such cloud formations that the whole World becomes almost like the Arctic! That's what they claim. Well, we could stand that a little bit, I suppose, even at the end of the Tribulation. I'm sure if the Lord lets it happen I know we could stand it, because He's going to have us surviving & living through it.
       52. BUT AS FAR AS WHAT'S COMING LATER, FORGET IT! THE WHOLE EARTH IS GOING TO BE LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN! What little seasons we have are going to be so mild, like they are in the Tropical south. There'll be no more extremes of cold, no more extremes of heat like the deserts, no more horrible famines like the famines caused by the enlargement of the Sahara Desert which is creeping Southward. That's not the only desert that's growing! I can remember the days when Texas was fertile & wet & where Weatherford, Texas where my sister was born was known as the Watermelon Capital of the World! They couldn't grow watermelons in Weatherford now if they tried, it's semi-desert! So the American desert is also enlarging, creeping Eastward. They say that cities that were able to house 100,000 Indians existed in the middle of some of the Arizona desert, where there is now no river, no source of water whatsoever. There were cities! They've got the archaeological diggings to prove it!--Huge pueblos they call'm, big cities, one that I remember reading about that they say could have housed 100,000 people! But today it's totally deserted & nothing but desert, no water.
       53. GOD HAS CURSED SOME PLACES OF THE EARTH FOR THEIR WICKEDNESS & THEIR IDOLATRY & THEIR DEMONOLOGY, SUCH AS THE AMERICAN INDIANS GOT INTO. That Indian stuff is demonology, let me tell you, it's Devil-worship!--And so is that stuff the Africans are into! No wonder half of Africa is becoming a desert! God is cursing these places with deserts & all kinds of curses!
       54. BUT I'LL TELL YOU, ONE OF THE BIGGEST CURSES THAT EVER HIT THE WORLD IS PETROLEUM, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Maybe you're going to disagree with me, I don't know, but if you'll just count up the evils of petroleum & make yourself a list, & put on the other side what you consider the benefits of petroleum, I think you're going to have to agree that petroleum is more of a curse than a blessing! You say, "But Dad, we wouldn't have all these nice cute little plastics & simple little cheap things they make out of plastic nowadays if it weren't for the petroleum that they make'm out of!" Yes, & do you know what becomes of this plastic? The only way to destroy it is to burn it! It will not decay or rot!
       55. PLASTIC IS FILLING UP THE LANDS & THE SEAS WITH LITTER & CLUTTER & POLLUTION, until now they've found that it does gradually decompose in the sea, but as it does, it's like the way other things oxidise. Slow oxidation is rust, if you remember your physics, & rapid oxidation is a fire. So the only way you can destroy this junk is by fire, or they found now in sea water it does slowly oxidise but gives off the same toxic poisons & gases that it gives off when you burn it! That's why these apartment building fires & big store fires & office building fires are so horrible today, because nearly everything's made out of plastic & it immediately practically explodes!
       56. I HOPE YOU SAW THAT CATASTROPHE MOVIE WITH THAT HUGE BURNING BUILDING! It was just practically exploding, just a roaring inferno, because of the plastics! They found out the plastic they'd put around the air ducts for insulation was virtually explosive, & the minute it caught fire it just swept through the whole system! They had a roaring inferno in just a few moments, just like that, people jumping out of windows & falling off of balconies & running off the roof & over 200 people killed & about 500-&-some people injured! Look at the big fire they had in Mexico City, that was liquified petroleum gas, LPG, that slaughtered hundreds of people & injured thousands!
       57. WELL, I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THEY MAKE DIOXIN OUT OF PETROLEUM OR NOT, BUT I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED! THAT'S THE MOST POISONOUS POISON KNOWN TO MAN TODAY! It's the stuff they used in that defoliant they used in Vietnam, & now the veterans are suing the U.S. government for billions of dollars to try to get back some compensation for all the injuries their own soldiers & flyers who used the stuff suffered, because they've developed cancer & all kinds of diseases & lung diseases from having breathed that stuff & come in contact with it on their skin etc. Here they're so worried about themselves, a few thousand veterans that they're suing the government. What about the millions of poor Vietnamese peasants & farmers & women & children & babies who got sprayed with that junk when they sprayed it from the air? Nobody ever talks about how many of those people are diseased & sick from the use of this horrible American-manufactured & American-sprayed & distributed poison!
       58. --EXCEPT IF YOU'VE SEEN SOME OF THESE VIDEOS LATELY ABOUT THE LOVE CANAL UP IN NIAGARA FALLS, & THAT LITTLE TOWN ON THE MISSISSIPPI THAT GOT ASPHALTED WITH THE POISON & OTHER SIMILAR INCIDENTS! The dogs began getting sick & the people began getting sick till it was literally the whole town! Some contractor bought this cheap land fill full of this poison & started asphalting all the roads & the streets with it--then everybody in town started getting sick & they're all having to move out! And those people on the Love Canal, the 92nd Street School & all that, they had to close the school, close down the neighbourhood, had the people move out, & now they're suing the government for millions of dollars!--Because the big chemical company there just dumped & buried their poisonous wastes containing dioxin, the most poisonous thing known to man, one little tiny tiny speck of which can poison scores of people, the stuff they sprayed on Vietnam to defoliate the trees! It not only kills trees, it kills people, it kills crops, it kills rice, it kills almost anything! It's a wonder to me that the Vietnamese country ever recovered at all! It must be the mercy of God! So I wouldn't be surprised if dioxin is some by-product of petroleum or plastic or something, because they think of more evils to make out of petroleum!
       59. WELL, I DIDN'T INTEND TO GET OFF ONTO THAT, I'M SORRY, BUT MAYBE THAT'S A LITTLE EXTRA LESSON THE LORD WANTED YOU TO HAVE ABOUT THE EVILS THAT WE HAVE NOW THAT WE'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE THEN! Because "nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all His Holy Kingdom!" (Isa.11:9)--Except people that need to be hurt, or maybe even some people who need to be destroyed by the Lord. But He's talking about the things that man has created today that destroy people by the millions.
       60. I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY SHOULD BLAME POOR HENRY FORD, but theysay Henry Ford, who was the first one to manufacture automobiles on a large scale, was probably guilty of more murder than anybody that ever lived! I'm sure he didn't think of himself in that way, he considered himself a benefactor to mankind. We had several Model-T Fords in our early days, & in those days we couldn't have travelled around the country so much & preached the Gospel so much without them. We use a lot of these things, we fly to mission fields.--But you won't have to then, not in airplanes, you'll fly without'm, thank the Lord! But the Worldly people who still don't know the Lord too well, it's better to keep them pretty well tied down & not travelling around so much & doing so much damage & causing so much trouble. Amen? They'll be back to where they were in the old days when they just didn't have the transportation & the means to travel so far & cause so much trouble.
       61. ARMIES CAN'T MOVE WITHOUT OIL, THESE HUGE CITIES COULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT OIL, FROM WHICH THEY MAKE THEIR ELECTRICITY ETC., ALL THE TRAFFIC COULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT OIL! The best thing in the World that could happen to most poor Third World countries is that they would run out of oil or ration it & get a lot of those damn cars off the streets so that only essential transportation is there!--Instead of all the pleasure cars & every kind of a contraption you can think of, & people running around everywhere where they shouldn't! Things are going to be better when people don't have to travel so much. The only people who are going to really have to travel is us, & we can fly, so don't worry! PTL! So the World will be better off without oil & I guess we'll have to add that to the other talk I started upstairs on pollution, & here
       62. I JUST GOT INSPIRED TALKING ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM & WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME IT'S GOING TO BE, HOW WONDERFUL IT'S GOING TO BE & HOW WONDERFUL YOU'RE GOING TO BE!--AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE TOO WONDERFUL, BECAUSE YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF HELP! You're going to hire the experts, so to speak! You're going to command the engineers & the PhDs & the guys who know all these things. You're going to tell'm to do it & how to do it & they'd better do it or else! You're going to read in Zechariah what happens to even some whole nations that may refuse. Even though the Devil's not there & his little damnable demons are no longer there, some of those people who survive, God's giving them another chance, but they've still got to make a decision, & some of them are going to still choose their own way & be rebellious, think of that!
       63. EVEN BEFORE THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG, GOD IS GOING TO HAVE TO WIPE OUT SOME NATIONS WHO REBEL, SEND THEM FAMINE & WITHHOLD THE RAIN, BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO OBEY! Even with the visible, literal Kingdom of God present on Earth, & you their governors, & Jesus the King, some people are still going to rebel, think of that! You know they are, because it says so, at the end of the Millennium, the Battle of Gog & Magog, & I'll read to you from Zechariah also that it says the same thing, & lots of other places, but we don't have time to go into them all.
       64. BUT WASN'T THAT WORTH IT? AREN'T YOU A LITTLE ENCOURAGED THAT YOU WON'T HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING & RUN EVERYTHING IN THE MILLENNIUM? You're going to use a lot of the same System people who are still here & are going to be there then to help you run it.--Everything from government administration on down through sanitation engineering & food production & distribution & all the rest! There are people who are experts & have been in that kind of business all their lives, you're just going to be telling them what to do & how to do it, that's all, & to do it right, fairly, squarely, justly & evenly!
       65. THAT'S WHY I SAY THERE'S GOING TO BE PEACE & PLENTY FOR ALL IN THE MILLENNIUM! But one of our dear experts objected & said we ought to change that because some people aren't going to have peace & plenty because they rebel. Well, it's there for all, they could have it if they choose it! If they don't have it, it's their own fault! So there's peace & plenty for all in the Millennium, & if they don't have it, it's because they don't want it or they rebel & go their own way! Well, that was a little extra lesson on the Millennium that I didn't plan to give you, sort of jumping the gun a little bit. Maybe you've had enough already. (Children: Oh no!) Are you sure? Oh, bless your hearts!
       66. THESE CHILDREN ARE THE SWEETEST, MOST PATIENT, MOST WONDERFUL CHILDREN IN THE WORLD! My oh my! They're going to be teachers & preachers & prophets in the Millennium, the Tribulation too, I believe it! Just think, if our time schedule is right & the Antichrist kingdom begins next year, some of our dear children will be full-grown teenagers able to get married & have babies of their own even before the Lord comes! PTL? We've got quite a few teenagers now that are 15 & 16 & are already getting married & having babies.--Especially in Latin America, those hot-blooded Latins! Hallelujah! I'm for it! The more the merrier, praise God!--And the sooner the better! If they're going to have'm, they might as well have'm quick so that they'll be far enough along & taught what's happening by the time the worst trouble comes, & they can love & live for the Lord & die for Him if necessary. PTL?
       67. THESE CHILDREN HERE ARE GOING TO ALL BE TEENAGERS BEFORE THE TRIBULATION IS OVER, GIVE OR TAKE A FEW MORE YEARS. If the 7 years doesn't begin till next year, take whatever age you're going to be this year & add 7 years, or maybe even add 8 years. How old will you be in 1986? How old are you going to be next year, Davida? (Davida: 10.) Add 7 years & by the end of the Tribulation Davida will be 17! David, how old will you be next year? (David: 11.) Add 7 years, he'll be 18 by the end of the Tribulation, a full-grown powerful teenager! How about that! And Techi, you're going to be 6 this year, 7 next year, 7 & 7 is how much? That's right, count'm on your fingers if you can't do it any other way. (Techi: 14!) That's what God gave you fingers for, after all! But you should learn how to add in your head as well. I think that's one area where we're perhaps a little bit weak. Maybe some of you real mathematicians ought to help our poor teachers out, teaching these kids math!
       68. DON'T LEAVE EVERYTHING UP TO POOR SARA & DORA TO TEACH THE KIDS EVERYTHING THEY KNOW! YOU OUGHT TO START DRAFTING SOME OF THESE OTHER PEOPLE THAT KNOW SOME OF THESE SUBJECTS & GET THEM TO TEACH! Organise your schedule! Sara, you ought to just be the principal & have these other people do the teaching! Let's start the Millennial method now, Dear, put'm to work for you! Amen? PTL! I'll volunteer for a class! (Techi: Hurray, Grandpa!) You find out whatever they need & tell me what hour it's going to be & I ought to be able to do it at least once or twice a week, Lord willing!
       69. SO TECHI WILL BE 14, OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE BABIES BY THE END OF THE TRIBULATION, DAVID WILL BE 18, & DAVIDA WILL BE 17! Think of it! They're growing up, Folks! And you guys will be a bunch of old fuddy-duddies, old middle-aged people in your 40's! Think of that! 8 or 9 years from now some of you will be almost 50, actually ancient! Right? So you ought to be pretty smart by then! By the time you're 45 or 50, by the end of the Tribulation, you ought to be well-prepared for the Millennium by that time. And all these grown teenagers, oh boy, I'll tell you, they'll be plenty smart, smarter than any other kids on Earth!
       70. I MEAN, KIDS CAN BE SMART! There's an article in the WND about a five-year-old kid in college taking college courses! (WND62, Page 3) I'll bet our kids could do that! If poor Sara didn't have so much else to do, she could have made them that smart if they're that smart. But you see, all that kid had to do was study things like math & history & blah blah. We've got much more important things to study, the Word of God & the Future! I'll bet that kid doesn't know a thing about the Future! I'll bet he doesn't know anything about Heaven or the Millennium or the Bible or anything else. Both of his parents were teachers & they just taught him subjects you get in school, & you don't get any of these subjects in school!
       71. WELL, PTL! THAT OUGHT TO GIVE YOU SOME ENCOURAGEMENT & INSPIRATION ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM! Here I am talking all about the Millennium, & there you are sitting there worrying about how in the World, even if you're ruling & saved & everything else & have all these gifts, how are you going to do it? That's how you're going to do it, you're going to use the people here that already know how! You're just going to govern them & tell them what to do & how to do it in a general way, just like heads of countries do now.
       72. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DOESN'T KNOW EVERYTHING, IN FACT HE'S ONE GREAT BIG DUMB CLOWN OF AN ACTOR! If he could be President, almost anybody could be President!--Really! These presidents & governors & mayors, they're not all that smart, they don't know everything, they just have the people who do know everything! Not anybody knows everything, so they've got thousands of people & everybody knows a little bit of this & a little bit of that & a little bit of the other so everybody put together can do it!--The same in the Family! I don't know everything, you don't know everything, but the Family altogether knows just about everything! We know a little bit of everything, every one of us, & if you put all those little bits together, you've got a whole lot that we know! PTL? All right, let's see what you know about the Bible! I've got to stop talking about the Millennium, I get so excited & inspired about that, but we haven't got to the Millennium yet.
       (Continued in "The Four Wars of the Antichrist!")

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