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THE FOUR WARS OF THE ANTICHRIST!--Daniel 11:21-45       DO 1892       1/85

       1. FIRST OF ALL, OUR MAJOR SUBJECT & STUDY IN THESE SCRIPTURES NOW IS THAT WE'RE GOING TO TRY TO FIND THIS UNKNOWN QUANTITY, THIS FACTOR "X," if you know anything about algebra. What are the questions again? Don't give me the answers, but the questions: Who will the Antichrist be fighting who are not Christians, or at least not necessarily saved? Who will he be fighting in the Tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon? Who are these people who survive into the Millennium and whom we rule over? Those are the big questions, right? Who are these unknown people that the preachers haven't told us about and that the preachers never even told us existed? Since they couldn't tell us who we were going to be ruling over, I guess they figured we were just going to be ruling over ourselves and have the whole World to ourselves in the Millennium, nobody there but saved people! That's kind of silly when, if you read on into Revelation 20, it tells about a lot of people who rebel when the Devil leads them. You mean the saved people rebel? Well, of course, some churches believe you can get unsaved, so maybe they figure that some of those saved people decide to quit the Lord and follow the Devil and go into the Battle of Gog & Magog. Isn't that silly? That's ridiculous!
       2. SO SINCE THERE MUST BE SOME PEOPLE THAT WE'RE GOING TO RULE OVER DURING THE MILLENNIUM, SORT OF WORK BACKWARDS, THEN THERE MUST BE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT US & NOT ANTICHRIST MARKED PEOPLE EITHER, WHO SURVIVE INTO THE MILLENNIUM! Did you get that point yesterday?--Because at the end of the Wrath of God, the Battle of Armageddon, all the Antichrist's people, all those with the Mark of the Beast, are all slaughtered, slain. In other places God even describes it, He invites the beasts of the Earth & the ravens & the vultures of the air to come & feast! (Rev.19:17,18,21) After the feast we had Upstairs, here's another feast going on downstairs when we come down at Armageddon. There is going to be a tremendous feast of beasts & birds to feed upon all those dead bodies! Why does He have to invite all the fowls of the air & the beasts to hurry up & eat'm up?--The whole World would stink, there's so many people dead! You're going to read about it! So we want to find out who these people are that the Antichrist & his bestial people are fighting, & who they are that survive the Tribulation, survive the Wrath of God & Armageddon & survive right on into the Millennium! OK? All right!
       3. I THINK THE MOST FAMILIAR BOOK TO YOU FOLKS ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST IS DANIEL, & maybe we can at least get through the last half of the 11th chapter today if nothing else. I think it's the longest chapter in the whole book of Daniel, & it really covers a lot of territory, all the way from Alexander the Great to the Antichrist, half the history of the World! From Alexander the Great--isn't that he, the King of Grecia in Verse Two that fights the King of Persia, the Medes & Persians? So this whole history goes right up to the time of the Antichrist.
       4. WHERE IS THE ANTICHRIST FIRST MENTIONED HERE IN DANIEL 11? (FAM: VERSE 21.) I want you to read it & get it down in your heads & hearts! Read it quickly & loudly! (Fam: "And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, & obtain the kingdom by flatteries.") We don't have time to read all of this, & you're already supposed to be so familiar with it you almost know it by heart! But here you have the description of the Antichrist & how he operates & exactly the way Communism operates today, the whole thing is described right here. He gains most of his following & most of his countries peaceably. You say, "Wait a minute, I thought the Reds are the most violent people on Earth & they fight the most wars & shoot the most & have the most terrorists & blah blah blah blah!"--No!
       5. MOST OF THE COUNTRIES THAT HAVE FALLEN TO THE COMMUNISTS HAVE FALLEN VOLUNTARILY! How does Communism fight mostly? That's not a gun to my head, that's me pointing at my brain--they fight with ideas, ideology they call it, persuasion, propaganda! They persuade the people of the country to overthrow their own government & set up the Communist government. They have come peaceably into most countries, in very few countries have they actually had to fight a war or even fire a shot to gain, very few. They had to have a revolution in Russia, but very few people did it. There were far more people dying of starvation than died in the Russian Revolution. Considering the size of the country they took over, there was very little bloodshed, very little war. The Revolution wasn't that big.--Considering it took over a country of nearly 200 million people, of whom even after the Revolution & some years after only two million were Communist Party members.--Two million out of 178 million!
       6. SO THEY GAINED MOST OF THEIR TERRITORY THROUGH PROPAGANDA, PERSUASION, CONVERTS, SOUL-WINNING, MIND-WINNING, getting these countries to voluntarily either vote in a Socialist or Red government, or by a virtually bloodless coup, have somebody take over, or even a mild revolution comparatively speaking. How many countries can you remember that it was actually Russian guns & Russian soldiers that took over the country & made it Communist? Afghanistan is one of the few. But they already had a Communist government, they already had a Communist president, etc. But the U.S. just began supplying so many arms to the poor Afghan tribesmen out in the mountains to cause the government trouble, that finally the local government couldn't handle it & had to call in the Reds to fight the U.S.-supplied rebels!
       7. THERE'S A WAR GOING ON RIGHT NOW BETWEEN THE U.S. & RUSSIA, & IT'S IN AFGHANISTAN!--Almost entirely armed by the United States.--Some by China & some by a few others, but predominantly by the United States. There was a war going on in India between the Sikhs & the Indian government. Who was supplying the Sikhs with arms & direction & probably engineered the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi?--The U.S.A.! The self-righteous, innocent pretending, supposedly Christian government of the United States! Well, the U.S. can no longer claim to be a Christian country because they've officially outlawed religion as far as the government's concerned!--Even down to the local level, even down to the grammar school!
       8. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS TODAY OFFICIALLY AN ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-RELIGIOUS, ANTI-BIBLE, ANTI-PRAYER NATION!--Officially, legally, governmentally, just as anti-Christ as Russia! At least the Russians are more honest about it, at least they don't put on any pretence of being Christian or pretence of being so self-righteous & religious. The U.S. is the most hypocritical, self-righteous, pretending country in the whole World, pretending to be so good when it's probably the worst in the World! I don't think even the Russians are as responsible for their evils as the United States is, because the U.S. had more Light. Well, I'd better not get on that subject!
       9. YOU KNOW THIS PASSAGE SO WE'RE NOT GOING TO READ THESE ALL OVER, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE READ'M FOR YOUR HOMEWORK, BUT HERE IT DESCRIBES THE ANTICHRIST. And the points I want to bring out to you are these: Mostly he conquers by peace & propaganda, just the way the present World Communist Empire is doing. They've got their people in every nation on the face of the Earth propagandising. [DELETED] The Russian Revolution was always led by [EDITED: "ACs"], & even worldwide today, the Antichrist Revolution is led by [EDITED: "ACs"]. All right, I'm going to ask you the questions.
       10. CAN YOU FIND THE FIRST WAR THAT HE FIGHTS EVEN BEFORE THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT? If you want to get some pivotal points, we need to find out where does he make this Covenant? Does it tell here anywhere? Where does it first mention the Covenant? (Fam: Dan.11:23.) Actually, it mentions the Covenant first in Verse 22. Remember, we had a little controversy over that when dear Samson in India thought he was the Prince of the Covenant! (See ML #799.) [DELETED] [EDITED: "H"]is father was one of our most bitter enemies & has organised most of Europe against us! [DELETED]
       11. WE WARNED HIM TIME & AGAIN, DIDN'T WE? YOU KNOW LETTERS IN WHICH I WARNED HIM ABOUT IT, BUT APPARENTLY HE DIDN'T HEED THE WARNING & HE COMPROMISED FOR HIS FATHER'S MONEY & HIS FATHER'S SUPPORT. He didn't want anybody to know he was still with us. He kept telling us, "Don't tell anybody I'm a member, don't tell anybody I have anything to do with you!" He compromised for money, he compromised for support, & God won't stand for that sort of thing. He kept on good terms with his father & pretended to his parents that he had nothing to do with us so that they would support him. Isn't that pitiful? [DELETED]
       12. ALL RIGHT, THE COVENANT IS MENTIONED HERE IN THE 22ND VERSE, & ALTHOUGH IT DOESN'T NECESSARILY SAY IT'S ALREADY BEEN MADE, WE CAN ASSUME THAT PERHAPS IT'S ALREADY BEEN MADE AT THIS TIME because it goes on talking about it like it's already in existence. Doesn't it sound like it? In previous chapters it tells about making the Covenant, who makes it & how it's made & all this sort of thing & you're told about that, the things that happen in those Endtimes, especially in the 8th Chapter, etc.; even the end of the 9th Chapter, but we don't have time to go into all these things we've already been through before. Please, Beloved, I want to try to stress these particular points about these unknown people. We're trying to find out who they are & where they came from.
       13. THE COVENANT APPEARS, AT LEAST IT SOUNDS LIKE IT, & WE CAN GET THAT FROM DEDUCTION: IF SO-&-SO IS TRUE, THEN A CERTAIN OTHER THING MUST BE TRUE! If it's talking about the Covenant here already, then it must have already been made, & he's obviously rising to power. So if the Covenant has already been made, & if it has not yet been broken, where does it say it is broken in this passage? It doesn't say it in exactly those words, but it indicates that it's broken. (Fam: Verse 28.) Exactly! It starts talking about "his heart shall be against the Covenant," & then in the 30th verse it says he comes down & he has "indignation against the Holy Covenant," even invades Israel, etc. Obviously he gets against it first, & finally, therefore, he breaks it.
       14. HE MAKES A COVENANT WITH THE JEWS & THE ARABS, THE MUSLIMS PROBABLY ON A LARGER BASIS, & THE CHRISTIANS, TO HAVE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM & have Jerusalem internationalised as the Holy City of the World, probably by the UN, etc., & thereby brings peace between the major religions of the World who start most of the wars. Dear Reagan right now is literally crusading a Christian war by a so-called Christian America against an anti-God, anti-Christ Russia!--When America's just about as anti-God as Russia! It's a false front. But more wars have been fought in the name of religion than any other cause, you can look back through World History & see. So first of all he tries to make peace between the religions to solve this war problem & bring peace. By bringing peace between the major religions with this holy, or in other words, religious Covenant, he has tried to stop all the wars.--Is he successful? Well, some of our Bible teachers have over-simplified that in the past. That "Plastic Peace" was not my expression, because not even the first part of his reign is all peace. Read it!
       15. IF THE COVENANT IS ALREADY IN EXISTENCE AT THIS TIME--which obviously it is, it's talking about it--& he's not even against it until the 28th verse, & doesn't really fight against it until the 30th verse, & doesn't actually make war with it until the 31st verse, & doesn't pollute the sanctuary, take away the Daily Sacrifice & place the Abomination of Desolation till the 31st verse, where does the breaking of the Covenant occur in this passage thereby? What does he do when he breaks the Covenant?--He does all these things that are described in the 31st verse! As soon as the does that he has broken the Covenant. And if, therefore, it's in existence in this passage until the 31st verse, then all these events here happened in the first part of his reign!
       16. OKAY, LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FIRST PART OF HIS REIGN: He comes in peaceably on the fattest provinces, the fattest countries, as he has done, & in Verse 25 he has a war.--With whom? (Fam: The King of the South.) "He shall stir up his power & his courage against the King of the South with a great army; & the King of the South shall be stirred up to battle with a very great & mighty army; but he shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him. Yea, they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him."
       17. NOW WHO DO YOU SUPPOSE THIS KING OF THE SOUTH IS? Remember, the Antichrist is always spoken of as the King of the North. Throughout the Scripture in all the Prophets he's spoken of as coming from the North, King of the North. There are times when he himself comes from the South, because he's gone down South & he goes back up North again, but he is known as the King of the North. Isn't that what he's known as here in this passage? And he's fighting with the King of the South. It sounds like a pretty good-sized war to me! Don't think that the first half of his reign is going to be all peace. Is that a revelation to you? Well, I'm sorry if you got any other impression, you may have even gotten it from me, but comparatively speaking, having settled or made peace between the religions, perhaps this war will not be as bad as some have been, but it sounds like a pretty bad one!
       18. NOW WHO IN THE WORLD COULD THE KING OF THE SOUTH BE? IT MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH ISRAEL, because Israel is the country South of Russia, & Israel is the one where he eventually makes Jerusalem his capital. Israel is the place where he makes the Covenant in Jerusalem, the peace & all that sort of thing, so there must be some trouble down South. Who else do you suppose down South is strong enough?--One of the African nations? Who's got enough backing from her friends all over the World to try to fight in this case? Remember, right now the [EDITED: "ACs"] are doing everything they can do to bring about the Antichrist government & put him in power, their Antichrist, & by this time the Covenant has been made & they think they have arrived! They have got their man in place & he has brought peace to the World & peace between the religions, guaranteed their religious freedom & guaranteed their right to build the Temple on the holy mount in Jerusalem, & they think they've got it made!
       19. BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN THERE'S TROUBLE! HE DOESN'T LIKE THE WAY THEY'RE TRYING TO RUN THINGS & RUN HIM & RUN THE WORLD!--Because one of these days very soon he's going to run it himself & the Devil's going to run him, & he's going to take himself out of the hands of the [EDITED: "ACs"]! And this is apparently one of the first wars even before the Covenant is completely broken in which he has trouble with them & fights a war with them.--In fact, obviously it's a war in which he must win. What does it say? How is the King of the South defeated?--By traitors! "Yea, they that feed of the portion of his own meat shall destroy him, & his army shall overflow." This means the Antichrist's army shall overflow (conquer, overcome). "And many shall fall down slain." He's going to fight a big war even before the Covenant is broken!
       20. SO DON'T THINK WE'RE GOING TO HAVE ALL PEACE, BELOVED, THERE'S GOING TO BE WAR!--Even after the Covenant is made when it looks like there's going to be peace. "When they shall cry, 'Peace, peace', then cometh sudden destruction!" He says, "They cry, 'Peace, peace' when there is no peace!" (1Th.5:3; Jer.6:14) What is Communism today preaching?--That it's going to bring World peace!--That it would solve all the problems of the World if they just had Communism & would accept their rule & have an international government & bring World peace.--Man trying to bring peace, man trying to bring an international government through his own rule. God isn't going to let any of it ever succeed! If it succeeds even temporarily it's not going to last, not at all.
       21. SO THE KINGS LIE TO EACH OTHER, "SPEAKING LIES AT ONE TABLE," & I THINK OF THIS VERSE EVERY TIME I HEAR ABOUT THESE CONFERENCES & THESE PEACE PARLEYS & THESE DISARMAMENT PARLEYS & ALL THAT KIND OF STUFF! I put a cartoon in the WND or one of the Letters one time where the guys are sitting at this peace parley & under the table they're pointing guns at each other! (See ML#289.) That's the way it is! I've been reading in the newspaper about disarmament ever since I was a kid, & nobody's ever disarmed yet! They've been getting worse all the time! I've been reading in the newspaper about'm reducing taxes ever since I was young--they've never reduced taxes, they're worse than ever! I've been reading in the newspaper about reducing the deficit ever since I was a teenage kid in Junior High School & had to keep scrapbooks of news articles--the deficit was peanuts then compared to what it is now! Man talks about all these things & claims he's going to do it, but instead things get worse all the time, constantly get worse!
       22. NOW IF YOU THINK I'M GOING TO EXPLAIN EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF EVERY WORD OF THIS PASSAGE, YOU'RE MISTAKEN, I'm not, because I don't understand every detail & every word. But there's enough in here that I do understand, it's obvious, & I think you can understand, that this passage we're reading here, this part of the chapter happened apparently after the Covenant was made, because it speaks of the Covenant, & it's not broken till the 31st verse. It's very obvious that it's broken there because all the things that happen when he breaks the Covenant happen in that verse. Here's one war fought already in the 25th & 26th verses, in the 28th verse his heart is turned against the Covenant & in the 29th verse he comes again toward the South!--Another war!
       23. BOY, THIS KING OF THE SOUTH MUST BE ONE GOD-DAMNED STUBBORN KING!--SOUNDS LIKE A JEW TO ME OR JEWISH FORCES OF SOME KIND! When the hoped-for Jewish messiah [DELETED] turns on them & refuses to do what they tell him to do & turns out not to be their messiah, can you imagine how mad the Jews are going to be worldwide?--Especially if he comes down & invades Israel, as the Bible says from cover to cover! Almost all the wars he fights here during his reign are with the King of the South & with the Jews--whoever the King of the South is & whoever's backing him.
       24. MAY I SOMEWHAT SHOCK YOU BY TELLING YOU THAT THE KING OF THE SOUTH IS NOT THE KING OF THE JEWS? It's not Menachem Begin, who's already out of the running, it's not Peres, it's not a president or prime minister of Israel. Do you know who runs Israel? Do you know who supports Israel? Do you know who funds Israel or Israel would have been long gone, sunk, bankrupt & overcome by the Arabs?--The U.S.A.! The King of the South is the one who runs the South & the one who runs Israel really. Well, sometimes there's a little pretence of a difference of opinion & the Jews don't do exactly what he tells them to do, but he usually finally gets his way--or they get their way, which amounts to the same thing because they're running the U.S. too!
       25. THE KING OF ISRAEL TODAY IS NOT ARIEL SHARON, THE KING OF ISRAEL IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!--BECAUSE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES & THE U.S. COULD BREAK ISRAEL IN A DAY! If they'd stop sending all that money & all those arms to Israel, Israel would have long ago been overcome. If it were not for the promised protection & the manifest protection of the United States, Israel could not have won a single war with the Arabs. It was because the U.S. shipped in all kinds of officers, material, arms, tanks, guns, planes, weapons, everything that Israel had to fight with! That's why Israel wins its wars. So who's the King of the South, of Israel?--The President of the United States!
       26. SO WHEN THE ANTICHRIST TURNS ON [EDITED: "THE"] JEWS, WHO'S GOING TO BE HELPING ISRAEL FIGHT HIM? (FAM: THE U.S.A.!) You say, "Dad, that's really wild! Now you're really getting wild!" Well, have you got a better idea? You tell me who the King of the South is. You tell me who he's fighting with. You've just got to take it by deduction. The unknown quantity "X" must be so-&-so because the other quantity we know, it's the Antichrist, & we know about the Covenant, who it's with, all these religions, of whom the Jews, of course, are going to be one of the major ones. So we know when he turns on the very Covenant he has made, who is he turning on?--The ones who engineered it. The Jews! [DELETED] But once he's in power & he has that power, he's going to turn on'm. [DELETED]
       27. SO WHO IS GOING TO BE HIS MAJOR ENEMY AFTER HE TURNS ON THE COVENANT & EVEN BEFORE HE BREAKS IT?--THE JEWS! [DELETED] Think of that! That's why he keeps fighting the Kings of the South! But the biggest King of the South is the one who keeps the South going, the U.S.!--Europe to some extent also. I'll give you another proof of that--right here in the 29th & 30th verse what does he do? "At the time appointed he shall return & come toward the South, but it shall not be as the former or as the latter. For the ships of Chittim shall come against him: therefore he shall be grieved."
       28. SO FAR THE U.S. HAS SUPPORTED THE JEWS IN THEIR WARS AGAINST THE ARABS, ETC., & in this first war of the Antichrist's reign, the U.S. is going to support the Jews in this war against the Antichrist. Then this next war is coming up now, & it comes up quite obviously in the 30th verse.--Two wars now before the breaking of the Covenant in the first half of the Antichrist's reign! Wheeeewww! "Dad, how come you never told us about that before?" Well, I didn't really see that before until about last year, I think it was sometime when I was doing the BOF. I told you about it then, but it probably didn't sink in, so I'm driving the nail home now, I want to show you!
       29. TWO WARS ARE FOUGHT DURING THE FIRST HALF OF HIS REIGN, & BOTH OF THEM WITH THE SAME OUTFIT, ONLY HIS TIME WITH THE SHIPS OF CHITTIM. And do you know what Chittim is, really? Some Bible authorities say Cyprus. Well, Britain used to run Cyprus, but the fact is, it actually is talking here about Britain. And in another place it says, "And the young lions thereof." (Eze.38:13) Who are colonies & countries, the entire Commonwealth, as it's called. And who are some of the greatest ones of all?--The same allies that have always fought together: Britain, the U.S., Canada, Australia, all the young lions of Britain.
       30. ALL RIGHT, NOW THEY COME OUT FULL FORCE, EVEN THEIR SHIPS. What kind of ships do you suppose that means? (Fam: The Navy?) Well, it could be Navy, what else? (Fam: Air ships.) Air ships, sea ships, all kinds of ships, & that's exactly what they would use, right?--Every kind of ship they can think of to try to fight on behalf of Israel against this King of the North. But what happens? "Therefore he shall be grieved & return," he's apparently gone back up North again. After the first war in which he tried to subdue'm, but they didn't stay subdued. Doesn't that sound like the Jews & like the U.S., Britain & all the rest of them?--All the Allies, as they're usually called. "And he shall have indignation against the Holy Covenant." Now he's determined to break the Covenant! "So shall he do. He shall even return & have intelligence with them that forsake the Holy Covenant."
       31. THERE ARE GOING TO BE SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE ALSO GOING TO AGREE WITH HIM, THAT THEY OUGHT TO BREAK THE COVENANT. Who do you suppose maybe he's going to turn to now for friends for this second chance? Since the Jews rebelled against him, the Jews including the so-called Christian nations [DELETED], what group do you suppose would be most likely to connive with him to break the Covenant & to fight against the Jews? (Children: Russia?) Honey, he's king of Russia! He heads the Russian Empire & the Communist Empire, & now here he is in two fierce wars with the Jews & Israel, with all the Jews & so-called Christians on one side, & him & the Communists on the other! What body of people? Let me see if you can guess, I'll give you a chance. (Fam: The Muslims!) Right! And I can prove it because later it talks about the Kings of the East that come. And isn't that what Nostradamus saw in the final analysis?--The guy with the blue turban came.
       32. AND THE MUSLIMS PULL THE SAME TRICK, IN THIS CASE THEY HELP KEEP THE ANTICHRIST IN POWER. After the Jews have failed him & rebelled against him & he's fighting them, the Muslims join with him to fight the Christians & the Jews.--War Number Two of the Antichrist! The first war with the Jews & the Christians, the King of the South, next war against the Jews & the Christians, the King of the South, but from these verses here, he obviously gets the help of others who forsake the Holy Covenant, who agree with him that he should break this Covenant of giving [DELETED] [EDITED: "the"] Jews freedom of worship now that they've got their Temple built & carry on their religion there.
       33. SO WHAT DOES HE DO? IT DOESN'T SAY HE POLLUTES THE MOSQUE OF OMAR! It doesn't say that he pollutes the Dome of the Rock! What does he pollute?--The Holy Place of the Jews! Who would agree with that? What people would agree wholeheartedly & help him for all they're worth?--The Arabs & the Muslims!--Worldwide Islam & the Arabs who've been trying to conquer the Jews for years anyhow, centuries! You never thought of that before!
       34. SO NOW COMES THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT & ALL THE FILTHY EVENTS THAT FOLLOWED. "They shall pollute the sanctuary of strength," this can only mean the rebuilt Temple at Jerusalem. "And shall take away the daily sacrifice"--which they have re-instituted on the altar out in front of the Temple. "And they shall place the Abomination that maketh desolate"--here's the Image of the Beast! Here comes the mid-point of the 7 years!--The beginning of the Tribulation!
       35. MAYBE WE WON'T EVEN KNOW WHEN THE COVENANT IS MADE, MAYBE IT'S SECRET!--And it's sort of secret the way it appears here. It doesn't specify exactly when it's made or anything, does it? But all of a sudden you find out it's been made. Maybe that's the only way we'll know! It may not be on the World news, it may be a secret agreement or something. It would almost have to be secret in some ways for fear some of these people would find out that their leader is making an agreement to make peace with some of their bitter enemies! I think the Muslims would be furious if they knew that the Jews were going to rebuild the Temple, & I think the Christians might be furious if they knew that he's going to continue to favour the Muslims & let them continue their worship along with the Jews! So who knows? It might have to be somewhat secret. But we don't know, all we know is it's been made & now it's being broken in the 31st Verse.
       36. BUT WHEN THIS HAPPENS, YOU'LL KNOW IT! Even if the Covenant might be secret & we might not know--although I think we might know--you'll certainly begin to see the signs that this is obviously the Antichrist, this guy who's running the World! Any guy that's able to get these religions to make any kind of an agreement must be the Antichrist! But when he breaks the Covenant & does all these things enumerated in this 31st verse, then you know it is the Antichrist! If you didn't recognise him before that, he is revealed then!
       37. THIS SOUNDS LIKE 2nd THESSALONIANS 2, THE REVELATION OF THE ANTICHRIST: "Then shall that man of sin be revealed," it says, the wicked one whose coming is after the lying of Satan, etc., who sits in the Temple of God, as God, declaring that he is God! This is when it happens! Can you stand 15 more minutes & we'll try to finish this chapter at least? It looks like we're going to have some more lessons! Are you learning something? I think our whole Family needs to learn some of these things!
       38. "BUT THE PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG & DO EXPLOITS!" PTL?--THAT'S US! "And they that understand among the people shall instruct many: yet they shall fall by the sword." There's going to be persecution, etc. "And when they fall, they shall be helped with a little help." But there'll be traitors in the midst: "Many shall cleave to them with flatteries." Isn't that the way they always worked? There were traitors & spies amongst the Early Christians who betrayed them also. Haven't we had some of our own traitors, betrayers & spies who betrayed us to the enemy? Well, that'll happen in that day too. It's just a continuation, it's nothing different from what's always been happening. "And even some of them of understanding shall fall"--the teachers & leaders, etc.--"to try them, & to purge & make them white." This is all about us & you've heard all of this before. But this isn't our subject today so I'm running over it fast.
       39. NOW AFTER ALL THIS HAS HAPPENED, WHO IS KING OF THE WORLD? (FAM: THE ANTICHRIST!)--And all the things that you have read in the 13th Chapter of Revelation are probably happening. The Beast's Image is already up, he's probably already giving orders as to who should be killed & the Mark of the Beast & all the rest. And then in verse 36 it describes him: "And the king shall do according to his will. He shall exalt himself & magnify himself above every god, & shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods"--our God. "He shall prosper until the indignation be accomplished." Till when?--Till the indignation, God's Wrath on him, is finished. When is that? This word "indignation" means wrath, & when it's accomplished is when? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.) At the end, the Battle of Armageddon! Isn't that when he's destroyed?--Exactly! He shall prosper until the Battle of Armageddon when he's destroyed. There it is right there plain as day! So it's obviously the Antichrist. I'm sure there's nobody that doubts that this guy's the Antichrist by this time! We don't have time to go on with that description because we're trying to get at who these people are who fight him!
       40. ARE HIS WARS ALL OVER NOW? IS HE ABSOLUTE DICTATOR OF THE WORLD & IN TOTAL POWER? Verse 40: "And at the time of the end shall the King of the South push at him."--What? Again? His third war with the South! "And the King of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind." Who's the King of the North? (Fam: The Antichrist.) I mean this is just too much, the third rebellion from the South & the Jews, the third war! Now when he's even absolute dictator & has taken over the rule as the Antichrist & claiming to be God himself & Devil-possessed! "And with chariots & with horsemen, & with many ships; he shall enter into the countries & shall overflow & pass over." He's going to do the job up right this time & there are not going to be any more people left to rebel! This is going to be the grand & great third invasion of Israel, think of it, the third war with the Jews & their friends!
       41. "HE SHALL ENTER ALSO INTO THE GLORIOUS LAND, & MANY COUNTRIES SHALL BE OVERTHROWN." WHAT'S THE GLORIOUS LAND?--ISRAEL! Well, he's done it before, obviously. He's been fighting two wars with them already, but in this one he's going to really take over! "But these shall escape, Edom & Moab, & the chief of the children of Ammon." Why should any country escape his wrath?--They side with him! Those are Arab lands, Arab nations! If you want to know where Jordan's going to stand in the showdown, that happens to specifically be Jordan, but it's symbolic of the Arab World. They're going to escape.--Why? Because he leaves them alone, they're his friends & allies. The land of Moab & Ammon is the land of Jordan, Edom is even further South, symbolic of you might even say perhaps all of Africa. You know those Africans are going to side with the Antichrist. [DELETED]
       42. DID YOU HAVE A QUESTION? Did you raise your hand? When you put your pencil up like that I think maybe you're asking a question! I'm sensitive to hands because I taught school for years. I always welcome a question from students, so if one even pretends to raise his hand a little bit, I'm going to give him a chance to ask it!
       43. "THE LAND OF EGYPT," HOWEVER, HE SAYS, "SHALL NOT ESCAPE." Edom is down toward Egypt & Africa. [DELETED] But why should Egypt be an exception? How come he's going to let Jordan escape & attack Egypt? (Fam: Because Egypt will side with Israel.) How do you know? What are they already doing? They've already made peace with Israel & are being supported by the U.S., & it was done for money. That peace was bought & paid for with U.S. [DELETED] dollars, you wanna bet? Don't give Sadat too much credit for being such a great peacemaker, such a martyr & such a sacrificial idealist to make peace with Israel! You can bet your boots the U.S. promised him everything if he would make peace with Israel, & they have been delivering! They give Egypt now almost as much aid as Israel. Israel's getting two & three billion dollars a year, Egypt has gotten 1.2 billion dollars this past year. Of course, they're not going to give as much to Egypt, former enemies, as they are to their dear friends & relatives the Jews! But since Egypt is now professing friendship for Israel & has made peace with them, the U.S. is supporting Egypt also.
       44. VERSE 43: "HE SHALL HAVE POWER OVER THE TREASURES OF GOLD & OF SILVER & OVER THE PRECIOUS THINGS OF EGYPT, & THE LIBYANS & THE ETHIOPIANS SHALL BE AT HIS STEPS." Now that's a little something different. Here's a picture of a king on a throne, it's a word-picture used in olden times & in Scripture, with some of his servants sitting on the steps of the raised dais of the throne. In other words, Libya & the Ethiopians are going to be his friends, albeit servants. What about now? Where do the Libyans & the Ethiopians stand right now? Anybody know? (Fam: On the Communist side.) They're already friends of Russia! The U.S. refused to make friends with Godahfi.
       45. [EDITED: "HE WAS ONCE COUNSELED"], "YOU WANT TO BE A REBEL, YOU WANT TO BE INDEPENDENT, A LITTLE COUNTRY NEEDS BIG FRIENDS. YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER!" And [DELETED] it was safer to choose the winner than the loser! He doesn't really like Russia any more than he likes the U.S., but neither does he want to lose, & he knows the U.S. is losing this battle for the World. He's just a smart politician, so he's choosing the winning side. He's probably not going to like the Antichrist any better than anybody else, but he's a politician. [DELETED] I'm sure that his leaders probably [DELETED] threatened him if he'd [DELETED] choose Christ & become a Christian. [EDITED: "Fanatical Muslims have been known"] to murder somebody who deserts the faith, even their own families have been known to poison them! We've heard of some of our own people being imprisoned, their own parents wouldn't even let them leave home because it sounded like they were becoming Christians, one of us.
       46. SO GODAHFI WAS ON THE POINT OF ALMOST RECEIVING [EDITED: "Jesus"]. [DELETED] I believe in some ways he was a sort of a secret believer, & that's why the Lord's still being merciful to him & keeping him in power. The fact that he's lasted so long with the biggest enemies in the World is a miracle! It's supernatural that he's lasted as long as he has in spite of everything! God's still giving him time. He's not yet a receiver, he hasn't really received Jesus personally in his heart, but I think he believes! [DELETED] But he's sort of been on the fence, & what did the Lord say he was finally going to decide to do when the showdown comes & the Antichrist takes over? We got it in direct prophecy! He's going to help the King of Egypt! (See ML #111:32.) The Antichrist is also known as the King of Egypt, as you recall, because he comes out of Egypt.
       47. OKAY, WE'RE ON THE NEXT TO THE LAST VERSE.--OH NO, NOT ANOTHER WAR! First he had all his trouble with the Jews & the Christians, now what's going to happen? 44th verse: "But tidings out of the East and out of the North"--aha! You mean his own country is going to start turning on him?--Or maybe while he's made Jerusalem his capital & he's gone down there to rule the World, some jealous rivals back there in Russia are going to take things over! Dictators, rulers & kings always have trouble, sometimes with the people closest to'm.
       48. WHO ARE THE KINGS OF THE EAST? (Fam: China.) China is certainly one big one. But in the Bible the Arabs are Kings of the East, really. The Muslims are spread clear across from Africa all through the East, they're in almost every country in the World! So then he's going to start having trouble with the Arabs, the Muslims, & the Chinese!--The East! Maybe Presidents of some of the ASEAN nations are going to start rebelling & giving him trouble, too much trouble. There are whole nations, whole areas of the World who are going to rebel against the Antichrist! Have I proved my point? Here's the 4th war!--Two in the first half of his reign & two in the last half of his reign, & they're not over yet! Think of that!
       49. "TIDINGS OUT OF THE EAST & OUT OF THE NORTH SHALL TROUBLE HIM: THEREFORE HE SHALL GO FORTH WITH GREAT FURY TO DESTROY & UTTERLY MAKE AWAY MANY." It sounds like this is the end of the Tribulation & just before the Rapture, because the very next chapter begins with the Rapture. Daniel 12:1 describes the Tribulation & says there's Great Tribulation. But who do you suppose this last war is with? Who have we found out in other passages that he fights this last war with? Who does he bomb-out in this last war?--Babylon, the U.S.A., the West! He gets trouble now from the East, the West, the South & the North! I mean, he's got trouble from everywhere! God says, "I will trouble them that tribulate you!" (2Th.1:6) So he's got nothing but trouble, he's fighting anything & everybody all over the World!--East, West, South & even in his home country of the North he's got enemies that are trying to take over.
       50. EVERY KING, EVERY WORLD DICTATOR, WORLD EMPEROR, HAS HAD THESE SAME KINDS OF TROUBLES, THEY'VE ALWAYS HAD TO FIGHT WARS TO KEEP THE PEACE, SO TO SPEAK. That's what they claim they're fighting them for. But they fight wars really to keep their place, not just the peace!--To keep their position, to keep their power, to continue to rule, & he's no different from the rest of them. He's having to fight wars. So obviously they didn't all accept the Mark of the Beast & obviously not everybody is his friend, not everybody in the World! Although the 13th Chapter of Revelation says, "And all the World wondered after the Beast," they were amazed by him, it doesn't mean they all followed him, it doesn't mean they all accepted his Mark! He's going to amaze the whole World with supernatural miracles & his power & his ability to fight wars & conquer the World, & of all people, conquer the Jews & America & the East & the West & the North & South! But he still has all these wars with them--trouble, trouble, trouble!
       51. UNTIL FINALLY, VERSE 45, "HE SHALL PLANT THE TABERNACLES OF HIS PALACE BETWEEN THE SEAS IN THE GLORIOUS HOLY MOUNTAIN." HE MAKES JERUSALEM HIS CAPITAL. See, he's the false messiah & he's making the false Jerusalem his capital. That Jerusalem is not the Holy City, that Jerusalem is not the Heavenly Jerusalem, that Jerusalem is not the Bride of Christ! We know who the Holy City is & who the Bride of Christ is, don't we? John describes it in the last couple of chapters of Revelation, describes her & the City.
       52. THAT CITY OF OLD JERUSALEM REVELATION ITSELF SPEAKS OF AS SODOM & GOMORRAH & WHERE ALL THE PROPHETS HAVE BEEN KILLED, INCLUDING JESUS! (Rev.11:8) He makes old Jerusalem virtually symbolic of all the most ungodly cities in the World! That's not the Holy City! But according to the Jews, their messiah is to take over Jerusalem & rule & reign from Jerusalem, & of course it's the second most holy city to the Arabs. So he tries to unite'm all by actually moving down there & putting his palace down there in Jerusalem & ruling & reigning the World from Jerusalem itself, imitating the Messiah & trying to unite again the Arabs & the Jews, & the East & the West & North & South. But does he make it? What does it say? "He shall come to his end & none shall help him!"
       53. NOW, DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING? (FAM: YES!) DID YOU LEARN ANYTHING NEW? (FAM: OH, YES!) Let's see if you learned anything. How many wars does the Antichrist fight in the first 3-1/2 years of his reign? (Fam: Two.) Two major wars, both with... (Fam: The Jews!) With the King of the South, which is symbolic of the Jews & all their supporters. And how many wars does he have during the Tribulation? (Fam: Two.) The first one, which is his third war, again with the South! This time he makes sure, at least he thinks he's made sure, that he doesn't have to fight'm again, & you don't find them mentioned again as having a war. He really squelches them that time! He really puts'm down! His next trouble comes from where? (Fam: The East & the North.)--From the East, Easterners, Arabs, Chinese, ASEAN, who knows?--All the Oriental religions who are going to reject him & fight against him, & some of his people even in the North, trouble!
       54. SO I'M SORRY IF YOU'RE DISAPPOINTED THAT ALL IS NOT PEACE & QUIET DURING THE REIGN OF THE ANTICHRIST! During that short 7 years there are going to be four major wars! It's right there! I just read it to you! You read it! Right? So don't expect this World to have too much peace without the Prince of Peace!--In fact, there's hardly been a period in the World's history there wasn't a war going on somewhere. All right, I'm sorry I had to run over our time, but I wanted to at least finish that chapter. Are you sorry I kept you? Well, at least you're a little better off than you were yesterday! PTL? God bless you children, you are so sweet & patient! Did you learn anything? (Children: Yes!) Were you following in your Bible what I was reading there? Good girls & boys, I love you!
       55. (TO TECHI:) SWEETHEART, IF YOU'RE GETTING TOO WARM YOU COULD HAVE TAKEN OFF MAYBE THIS OUTSIDE ONE! I know you're trying to keep warm & that's good, but Lord bless & help her now in Jesus' name not to sneeze! Look, she's got two long sleeves on here. You should have been watching her a little closer than that. I've got my mind on other things. She's always wanting to take it off & we tell her to keep it on, so she's trying to be good & keep it on. You're not cold, are you? If you start getting cold, you holler! You women are supposed to be taking care of these kids! I can't teach & take care of them at the same time. I wish I could! I try to! I tell people to shut doors, open doors, turn on the lights & turn'm off, but for goodness sake, when are you going to grow up & take care of yourselves?--At least you mothers take care of your babies! PTL? Amen!
       56. AMEN, PTL! TYJ! HALLELUJAH! SHALL WE PRAY THE KINGDOM PRAYER? Do you know what the Kingdom Prayer is? The Catholics call it the Our Father, the Protestants call it the Lord's Prayer, I like to call it the Kingdom Prayer, amen?--Because it's about the Kingdom! It starts off about the Kingdom. PTL? So let's pray the prayer the King taught us to pray: (Prays the Kingdom Prayer!) God bless you all & give you a good day! Amen! ILY! God bless you! PTL! I'll kiss the children, at least, & if anybody else wants to be kissed, you're welcome, I'll gladly kiss you!
       57. (DAVIDA: SARA'S TAUGHT US EVERYTHING EXACTLY HOW YOU SAID IT!) Absolutely, of course! Sara knows everything I've been teaching & she taught you exactly how I said it! She wanted me to know that you teach the same thing, Sara. Well, you'd better! PTL! God bless you all! TYL!
       58. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! PTL! SORRY TO KEEP YOU SO LONG BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO COVER THIS ANY OTHER WAY! Really I had two lessons this morning. I didn't expect to give you the one on the Millennium, but that's the way it goes! I'll try to keep it shorter next time. I'm getting a little better. I only ran 40 minutes over!--35 really! We have a little bit of Heaven right here in this house! TYL!--Do you in yours?

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