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THE EAST WILL SURVIVE!       DO 1894       2/85
--"The Poor Ye Have Always with You!"--John 12:8

              1. THE HIGH PRICE OF THE DOLLAR IS ONE OF THE DEVIL'S DECEITS, HIS CAMOUFLAGES, WHEN ACTUALLY THE DOLLAR'S DEPRECIATING ALL THE TIME! It's only because it's growing against the other currencies that it looks good, otherwise it's very bad! And remember, the Green Paper Pig got fatter & fatter until he blew up! (ML #294.) So if that is any picture of what's going to happen, it's not going to deflate slowly as they hope. They all know it's going to deflate sooner or later & they're hoping it's going to let'm down easy, but the Green Paper Pig went "Poof!"--And that was it!
       2. THE YEN HAS BEEN GAINING ON THE DOLLAR! It hasn't been sensational news, but it's been noted by the financial wizards that the yen is unusually strong. Whereas all the other currencies are trailing the dollar, the yen has gained appreciably over the other European currencies. And although the dollar is still strong against it, it's getting strong against the dollar. Even the Swiss franc is trailing it now. They used to be almost on a par, 2.14 Swiss francs & 214 yen. But it's amazing, I watched that for months, & no matter how they varied, they stayed together like that with not more than 2 or 3 points difference in the last figure.--In other words, not more than 2 or 3 yen difference, or 2 or 3 centimes. They stayed right together, which showed that the yen was strong along with the Swiss franc. But now the yen has gone quite a bit beyond the Swiss franc. The Swiss franc has been losing against the dollar, but the yen has not lost like that & it's strong.
       3. THE HONG KONG DOLLAR HAS ALSO STAYED FIRM & STEADY, WHICH IS A GOOD SIGN! For awhile there people got scared & they thought the bottom was going to drop out, & it did drop out of some real estate markets & all, but now they're beginning to gain a little faith & hope & things are sort of picking up again. The stock market's picked up & real estate's picked up a little, but nothing like the boom that it was in before.--All booms come to an end! I think this gain now is in view of the fact that China's going to take over, & knowing all that, this gain is apt to be pretty solid & stick. Their dollar has stayed real steady at that bank set price of about 7.8 to the dollar & only varies a penny or two here & there now & then. It'll go from 7.80 to 7.79, or it'll go to 7.81. It varies a few centimes, but it stays steady, real solid.
       4. I HAVE A FEELING CHINA IS GOING TO CONTINUE TO PROGRESS, I THINK IT'S THE LORD'S WILL! He's blessing them because they're allowing the progress. I think the people are deserving, because the poor people have been really crushed for years. And of course the Lord's most of all interested in the freedom to get the Gospel in. So China is growing! It's one of the last up-&-coming growing nations of the World & a monstrous giant at that! My Grandfather used to say, "China is a sleeping giant, & if she ever awakens, the World is going to know about it!"--And that's what's happening, she's begun to awake! For awhile Mao meant progress, but then his damned wife & her Gang of Four threw things back 30 or 40 years! But thank God for these [EDITED: "leaders"] that are in charge there now. [DELETED] Deng, Zhao & the lot!
       5. AND DID YOU SEE THE NEW RECENTLY-APPOINTED JAPANESE AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES? His picture is in the paper. I'll give you a look! Take a good look at him! [DELETED] (See WND 69, pg.2.)
       6. ANYHOW, NOW THAT THE SMART [EDITED: "LEADERS"] HAVE APPARENTLY TAKEN OVER CHINA & SOME SENSIBLE SMART GUYS ARE RUNNING THE COUNTRY--MUCH MORE SENSIBLY THAN ALL THE CRAZY THINGS THOSE COMMUNISTS TRIED TO DO--I'M REALLY EXPECTING CHINA TO GROW & TO GAIN! Therefore its economy is getting more stable all the time, which means its currency will be more stable all the time. And now that Hong Kong is more or less becoming a part of China, the influence is already there & working. They know they've got to get along with China before long, so they're already starting to get along. And it's in China's interest that Hong Kong & its economy stays strong, she doesn't want to get a bankrupt colony herself, so she's investing heavily in Hong Kong. Other investors are beginning to come back in again too & I think some of those guys that pulled out are going to be sorry!--Except the kind of people that would never get along with the Communists, period. Some of the others are smart enough to realise that Hong Kong still has a future!
       7. LOCAL CURRENCY WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD FOR SOMETHING, EVEN IF IT DEPRECIATES. The funny thing about it is, depreciation against foreign currencies doesn't usually mean hardly a thing to the local people. Those Hong Kong dollars mean the same thing to them no matter what & they'll still accept them. People will still be able to buy goods & groceries & pay bills with Hong Kong dollars.
       8. DURING THAT SCARE ABOUT A YEAR-&-A-HALF AGO, THE BANK SET A BOTTOM ON IT & INTERVENED & THEY DID DEVALUE THE HONG KONG DOLLAR, but that was a pretty good estimate, what they valued it at & it stuck! They were scared off by the business of China taking over, but now the scare is over & they're beginning to realise the advantages of the strong Chinese economy now to even bolster the Hong Kong economy & Chinese investments & all the rest.
       9. SO I DON'T SEE HOW THE HONG KONG ECONOMY CAN GO ANYWHERE FROM WHERE THEY ARE BUT UP! I think it's stable now, it's at least stabilized, & I have a feeling that it's even growing again! Investors are moving back in & real estate has picked up again.--Nothing to the boom that it was, but that was a boom & booms always burst & get back down to reality. So I think they can't really go anywhere but up from there, providing they are not depending too much on the U.S. dollar. Don't kid yourself, when the U.S. dollar goes, a lot of the economies are going to be hurt & a lot of the economies are going to go down.--All depending, however, on how dependent they are on the U.S. dollar & how many dollars they have & how many U.S. dollars they've got invested.
       10. JAPAN IS ONE OF THE MOST INDEPENDENT ECONOMIES TODAY! Japan is not as dependent on the U.S. economy, certainly not the U.S. dollar, as are Latin American economies & even European economies. Japan's an out-front leader in the East, & though all of the Eastern countries love to sell & have a very big trade with the U.S., the trade is almost one way compared to some places. Japan has a tremendous trade surplus with the U.S., it goes up in the billions every year. (Maria: So if trade between the U.S. & all these Eastern countries was wiped out, Japan would probably switch more to trading with other Asian nations?) Well now wait a minute, let's not say it's all going to be wiped out.
       11. WHAT WOULD BE THE EFFECT WHEN THE DOLLAR ACTUALLY BURSTS? Right now the U.S. has become one of the biggest debtor nations in the World, & the thing they're most afraid of & what I'm reading all the time--if you've been following it in the WND you know it too--the thing that is scaring the American economists is that the U.S. is owing most of this money now not just to its own people, which they could forget, they don't have to pay back their own family & the household, but let me tell you, the neighbours want their money back! And if anything ever happens in any way to shake their faith in the U.S. economy & they not only just start dumping dollars, but also dumping their investments in the U.S. & pulling out their money that they've got invested in the U.S. & calling in their loans, you saw the video "Roll Over," that would just jerk the rug out from under the U.S.! The one American guy said, "The World is collapsing!" And the Arab aptly put it to the guy, "Yes, but your World, not my World!" Now that's something to think about!
       12. IT'S LARGELY ARAB MONEY, BUT THERE ARE A LOT OF EUROPEAN FUNDS ALSO GOING INTO THESE HIGH-INTEREST LOANS TO THE UNITED STATES. These countries are all loaning money to the United States so the U.S. can live beyond its income. And the reason these stupid idiots are loaning money to the United States--even knowing that the U.S. is borrowing the money in order to live beyond its income--is because the U.S. has promised to pay such high interest on the money. But if it ever gets to the point where for some reason or other they can't pay that interest, you saw what happened to the Latin American countries & some of the Third World countries such as the Philippines, etc., when they couldn't even meet their interest payments. The banks began to call in their loans & refused to loan them any more money, & shhhooooooo, boom!
       13. THE PHILIPPINE ECONOMY, FOR EXAMPLE, WENT INTO A TAILSPIN! THERE WAS ALMOST A PANIC! Businesses & banks were failing right & left. And if things hadn't gotten a little bit stabilised--I think largely due to the prayers of the Family there, & their prayers as well, since they're Christians, & a good, stable, hard-headed, tough-fisted, strong government--they could have really gone under! There could have been chaos & revolution in that country! There are several factors that brought it out of the tailspin to where it at least levelled off & got control of itself. In several ways they began to please the [EDITED: "ACs"] & the U.S. powers that be & do things that began to make peace with them & made them happy, such as have a fairly fair election & an opposition, arrest the Aquino suspects & have a trial.--Whether it's a mock trial or whatever, it's making them happy.--Which, of course, caused them to let loose of that money & they started loaning them hundreds of millions again to help'm pull out of it.
       14. SO ALL KINDS OF FACTORS AFFECT THESE DIFFERENT ECONOMIES LIKE THAT. If anything happens that should shake the faith of those investors in their investments in the U.S., their loans, etc., as well as their dollars, scares like that can happen almost overnight like it did in Hong Kong. Some little thing happens which suddenly scares them, & that's why they used to be called "panics"! And if they suddenly start pulling out their funds & dumping their dollars, if the U.S. for any reason shakes their faith or can't pay its interest, the dollar will take a nosedive!--It's a circus, it's crazy! They're just printing the dollars, that's all they're doing!--Just printing them by the hundreds of millions with nothing as security, against nothing! The dollar used to be based on gold, but now it's based on nothing, just the U.S. & high interest rates!--On nothing but paper! Both the U.S. & those investors are living in a dreamworld!
       15. ALL RIGHT, NOW HOW'S IT GOING TO AFFECT THE EASTERN COUNTRIES? HOW'S IT GOING TO AFFECT THE STRONG ECONOMIES SUCH AS HONG KONG, CHINA, JAPAN & SINGAPORE? All of them have a very large trade with the U.S. & they expect to sell a lot to the U.S. as they're doing now, but of course they also buy a lot from the U.S. to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of materials, etc., & there is a compensation in the balance of things. So when the U.S. dollar takes a nosedive, don't forget that although this will hurt their market of selling to the United States, it will also cheapen the dollar & it will make it easier for them to buy U.S. goods.--Harder to sell but easier to buy. Get it?
       16. RIGHT NOW IT'S HARD FOR THEM TO BUY FROM THE UNITED STATES BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO PAY IN DOLLARS & NOT ALL OF THEIR CURRENCY IS THAT GOOD. The dollar's too strong & they're having to pay sky-high prices for American products which they all enjoy. But at the same time they're not really getting what they deserve for their own products, because the dollar is too strong & it buys too much. Their currencies are too cheap & their products are too cheap & they're not getting their money's worth, that's the fact of the matter!
       17. SEE, THE WAY GOD CREATED THINGS, IF THEY'D JUST LEAVE THE MARKETPLACE ALONE, DAMN IT, IT WOULD ADJUST ITSELF! It's the way man tinkers around with it & tries to set prices & set wages & set this & force this & put a ceiling on that & blah blah, all these artificial controls that wreck it! I'm for the free market trade! I am for the free trade, the free market, & not all of this artificial price-setting, wage-setting & all the rest.--It's not natural!
       18. IT'S LIKE THIS BUSINESS OF THE ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LAWS FOR WOMEN, THAT THEY SHOULD RECEIVE EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK. There's a new expression they have now that women ought to get the same salaries for the same jobs, etc., job evaluation or something. Oregon or Washington has a new law in which they're trying to set the wages & determine set prices for wages of set jobs so that women can't be discriminated against. That is the stupidest, most idiotic thing you can possibly think of! (Maria: They set all the jobs on a scale, like nurses will get the same as firemen, a teacher same as a mechanic.)--Not only when they're in the same kinds of work, but even different kinds of work!--The great leveller trying to level off all the wages & be sure that the women get theirs.
       19. THEY'VE BEEN DRIVING FOR EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK FOR A LONG TIME, THAT WOMEN IN THE SAME JOB AS MEN SHOULD GET EQUAL PAY. Now they're trying to say across the board that women should be paid just as much in whatever they're doing--whether it's secretarial work or housework or whatever it is--as a man is being paid for whatever he's doing, even different kinds of jobs. This is absolutely insane, it's ridiculous, it's idiotic!--Because if you leave the market alone it will adjust itself.
       20. THE MARKET, ESPECIALLY THE WAGE MARKET FOR EXAMPLE, IS DETERMINED PRINCIPALLY BY TWO FACTORS. It's determined by the balance between the two, of how much the employer is willing & able to pay to get a certain job done, & how much the employee is willing & able to receive & live on, how much they're willing to accept to do the job. And if you let'm bargain it out & fight it out between'm, they'll reach some kind of an agreement. After all, the employees don't have to work for that if there's any alternative at all.--Or they can unionise & just refuse &come to some kind of an agreement.
       21. BUT WHEN THE GOVERNMENT STARTS SETTING WAGES & SETTING PRICES, THIS IS TOTALLY ARTIFICIAL, IT'S TOTALLY DREAMLAND! Sad to say, it's one of the basics of so-called Communism or Socialism, where the government is supposed to control everything. The common man & the labourers have supposedly taken control & now they're forcing everybody to do everything by law, controlling everything. Well, you can see what it's done to some of them. China is just honest enough now to admit that it didn't work & they're better off to go back to the free market, which some people call Capitalism or whatever you want to call it.
       22. IF THEY WOULD LET THE MARKET ADJUST ITSELF, THEN THERE'S A CERTAIN FREEDOM & LIBERTY THERE. An employer just can't pay any more than so much in order to break even or make any kind of profit, & people can't live unless they get a certain amount of wages. So they're bound to reach some agreement between them. Well, there have been bad cases of extremes on both sides. The same with prices, they try to freeze prices & set prices & it's totally artificial.
       23. I'VE HEARD OF SOME COUNTRIES WHERE THEY'VE DONE THAT, WHERE THE PRICES ACTUALLY SANK BELOW THE CEILINGS THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAD SET! The government was supposedly holding down prices, but what it amounted to is when they set the prices they were holding them up. Then when they took the controls off, the prices sank. Instead of exploding like they thought they were going to do, they found out by letting the natural market take care of itself, the market place, the free market, the prices more or less will set themselves somewhere between what the manufacturer or the producer can afford to produce it for & what the people are willing to pay for it.
       24. (MARIA: YOU SAID THERE WERE TWO THINGS THAT DETERMINED THE MARKET, IS NUMBER TWO THE DEMAND?) YES!--SUPPLY & DEMAND!--A natural supply & demand balance in the free market, which is more or less what the Economist Friedman advocates. There was another guy before him too who advocated this & tried to push it, but they get in the government for awhile as advisors & they finally just give up. They just can't make any sense out of the chaos the government makes out of things, trying to control everything & control everything too much.
       25. BUT ACCORDING TO THE NATURAL LAWS OF ECONOMY, THE WAY GOD HAS ACTUALLY MADE THINGS & THE WAY MAN WINDS UP HAVING TO DO THINGS, THERE'S A CERTAIN NATURAL FREE MARKET. If governments would allow economies to balance themselves naturally & normally according to the amount of supply & demand--in other words, between the manufacturer or the employer's ability to manufacture or produce, & the customer's ability to pay the prices, or the employee's ability to work & exist & live on whatever's being paid--it sort of works itself out. In economics they call it laissez-faire, just let the free market take care of itself. Even when I was in school, especially under Roosevelt, they were already beginning to teach against that. They were already beginning to teach Socialism in high school & that it wasn't good to not have controls on both management & labour, lots of controls, the government has to control everything.
       26. THAT'S ABOUT THE WORST THING YOU CAN HAVE, WHEN THE GOVERNMENT STARTS CONTROLLING EVERYTHING EXCEPT PEACE & ORDER! Government, as God's Word says, is ordained of God to keep the peace, peace & order, & when they start getting out of that & sticking their nose & their dirty fingers into other things they shouldn't be doing, like trying to control the economy & setting wages & prices & this & that, everything goes haywire! It's just crazy!
       27. A LOT OF THIS MONEY THAT MOVED INTO DOLLARS, INTO THE AMERICAN ECONOMY, HAPPENED SEVERAL YEARS AGO. They're complaining about high interest rates right now running somewhere around 12%, I can remember when we were down in South Africa & just before that when they were running 20%! They were needing the money, so they were willing to raise the interest, & the money flowed into dollars & into U.S. investments. Therefore, that's when the spiral of the dollar began to go up. The dollar had sunk way down, it had taken a nosedive for awhile there back yonder, especially after the oil crisis & all, but then the U.S. began to really practically beg for money & were willing to pay anything for it, & the interest rates shot up to 20%!
       28. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE STANDARD INTEREST RATE WAS ON BANK ACCOUNTS, BANK LOANS, ETC., WHEN I WAS YOUNG?--EVEN AS LATE AS WHEN I WAS MARRIED?--6%! 6% was the standard interest rate & had been that for years & years, that was the bank rate, 6%. Now today it's double that, & just a few years ago it was more than triple that! I just could hardly believe it when I saw some of those interest rates a few years ago when there was a boom on loaning money to America! Remember how those [EDITED: "ACs"] in South Africa were talking about how much money they were sending over to the U.S. because of the high interest rates? They were practically drooling at the mouth on the interest rates they were getting on loaning money to the U.S.!
       29. WELL, THE DAY'S GOING TO COME WHEN THEY'RE GOING TO GET SCARED, & either the U.S. is not going to be able to pay the interest, or the interest rate's going to start going down so much due to some kind of economic crisis. Maybe it'll be the Famine or Crash, no telling what! It doesn't usually take very much, believe it or not, just a little scare & the panic begins! It's like the old-fashioned airplanes, they used to get into a tailspin & it was almost impossible to pull'm out. Now they're making planes a little different so that they don't have that weakness so much any more. However, they're trying to build a new fighter plane now that almost looks like it's flying backwards! It's got its tail in front so it'll be more manoeuvrable without going into a tailspin.
       30. BUT ONCE THERE'S THAT BIG SCARE & THE PANIC BEGINS, IT'S LIKE A RUN ON THE BANK & IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO STOP! THE ECONOMY GOES INTO A TAILSPIN! And we know it's going to happen to the U.S. economy--for some reason, whatever--it's going to start somehow. Those [EDITED: "ACs"] in Jerusalem have been manipulating the dollar too long & it's getting too fat! I've often wondered what it meant in that dream, that it was when I pointed my finger at the dollar & rebuked it in Jesus' name, that it exploded! Now what does that mean? Does that mean I was representative of God & that God is going to point His finger & puncture it? I've often wondered if there was something I'm supposed to do to put a pin in that balloon! Well, in a way we have been for a long time! We've been pokin' pins at it & pokin' our finger at it & telling the people, & I think they're really beginning to wake up a little more!
       31. THEY NEVER USED TO TALK ABOUT THE ECONOMICS & THE DOLLAR LIKE THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW, SO THEY'RE AWAKE ABOUT A FEW THINGS! But they turn right around & advocate: "So therefore you should invest your money in sounder, lower-paying investments, lower interest & all that, but much sounder investments, such as government bonds!" You'd think the U.S. government was almighty God & it was never going to fail! In other words, "Don't invest in the shaky, risky stock market & some of these wild things where the interest is higher, invest in good old solid pure paper U.S. securities, U.S. treasury bonds!"--Ha! When the U.S. economy goes & the dollar goes, so do the bonds & the whole works!
       32. SO WHAT'S THE EFFECT ON US? A lot of these Eastern nations, national treasuries, banks, etc., of course are going to get smart & get in first & dump their dollars before they get too bad, sort of like we're doing already. They're going to start dumping their dollars or lowering their dollar accounts so that they won't be hit so hard when it really goes. Also, their economies are not entirely built on their sales to the U.S.A. But even though a large part of their prosperity is based on trade with the U.S., there will be a certain amount of compensation that'll compensate for the collapse of the U.S. dollar & economy, in that its products, if it still can make any, will be much much cheaper, & dollars will be cheaper. So this will help to compensate for whatever the East loses in dollars or in trade.
       33. SO YOU KNOW THAT THE EASTERN ECONOMIES ARE NOT GOING TO BE HIT NEAR AS HARD AS THE WESTERN ECONOMIES, because too much of the West is based on the American dollar, almost totally based on the American dollar. Look at Latin America, even Europe, too much of their economy is based on the dollar & on American trade.--Whereas there is such a tremendous market in the East that I believe the strong Eastern economies like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., will survive & could probably survive & come out of it fairly well even without the U.S.A. or its dollar or its trade! (Maria: They could probably take over the markets that the poor countries in the East now have with the U.S.)--Right! They're already into the Eastern markets. Japan already has a thriving trade with many Eastern countries & so does China, Singapore & Korea. Those really strong economies have a good thriving trade right amongst themselves & with the Third World countries in the East, as well as with Europe, so I don't think they're going to be hurt that much.
       34. SO I THINK WE SHOULD KEEP THAT IN MIND WHEN WE'RE THINKING ABOUT WHATEVER RESERVES WE HAVE & WHAT CASH WE CARRY, THAT DEFINITELY THE EASTERN ECONOMIES ARE GOING TO SURVIVE AT LEAST BETTER THAN THE WESTERN ECONOMIES! As I've told you, I don't even think it's safe to keep Swiss francs any more, because Switzerland's in Europe, & Europe is going to have big problems. As strong as the Swiss & the Swiss franc has been, not everything lasts forever & those economies are declining. Of course, the European Family will probably still have to hold Swiss francs, & maybe the Americans, since the Swiss franc is at least stronger than the dollar & will probably last longer, & they might have trouble dealing in Yen. They're talking about the U.S. economy picking up now & it looks like the GNP is going to be better, blah blah blah blah, when actually in the overall picture, U.S. production & economy has had a slow decline. The growth actually has been constantly declining for a long time & a lot of industries are in big trouble, like steel, & the U.S. has got problems. They are not growing, blossoming, blooming economies like the economies of the East!
       35. THE EASTERN COUNTRIES HAVE A FUTURE AHEAD OF THEM! IT'S NOT GOING TO LAST LONG, BUT THEY HAVE A BETTER FUTURE THAN THE U.S. The U.S. has even got less future & it's not going to last as long as these Eastern economies are. Therefore I'm just telling you that we're wise to invest in the East! That's where we're investing our most precious commodities--manpower & our products: Gospel lit, etc.--in ever-increasing numbers in the East where the people are, & where the billions are! And although most of them are still poor, they're going to grow & get better! Even the poorest of them are rich in the things that are going to be needed the most when the Crash comes, such as food! Those countries will hardly know it hit'm unless there's actual famine & God withholds the rain. By far the vast billions of them are living right on the land & growing their own food & they won't know the difference unless the Lord withholds the rain. Savvy?
       36. AFTER ALL, WHAT'S IMPORTANT?--IT'S EXISTENCE & LIVELIHOOD--FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER--& THAT THEY'VE GOT! They've got all the natural means for it & they're producing it themselves & they don't have to depend on anybody! That poor little local peon in the rice paddy is not dependent on the U.S. economy, he's not dependent on the U.S. dollar, he's almost virtually independent of anybody & everybody, even almost his own government!--In fact, he'd be better off if the government would leave him alone. As they're finding out in China, when the government was trying to control everything, control production & prices & wages & everything else, China was getting into a mess! Now that the government is removing those controls & letting the dear little rice paddy peons alone, letting them work for themselves & their own living & they quit trying to control'm, now their economy is booming & the farmers are making money!--Those who are willing to work, that is! Before they were trying to pay everybody the same whether they worked or not.
       37. SO OF COURSE IT'S THE LOAFERS & THE LAZY LOUTS WHO ARE SCREAMING NOW IN CHINA! They were the ones who wanted Communism the most. They felt the World owed them a living & they wanted to be paid for not working, but now they're removing all that kind of junk. "He that shall not work shall not eat" (2Thes.3:10), & they've either gotta work & earn it or they don't get it. So it's only some of those people who have been having it pretty soft without really working for it in China that are hollering. The farmers are very happy!--The real farmers that really know how to farm & can make it pay, they're happy, they're booming, they're prospering, they're getting rich! It's no longer against their philosophy to get rich if they can make it.
       38. IN GOD'S ORDER OF THINGS HE HAS CERTAIN LAWS, & JUST LIKE THE LAWS OF GRAVITY, HE HAS LAWS FOR THE ECONOMY: "HE THAT SHALL NOT WORK SHALL NOT EAT!" If they don't work, they starve! But He doesn't mind people getting rich if they work hard for it & they use it for the right purposes. And usually the smart ones who get rich share it & spread it around & invest it in jobs, salaries, wages & employees. They keep planting it back into the ground, into the people, so that it earns more. It's only when he withholds more than is meet that it tends to poverty (Prov.11:24), & some of these guys who've been getting rich quick by withholding more than is meet are going to have the rug jerked out from under them sooner or later, it's just one of the laws of God! But the rich who use their money to help the poor & to make more jobs & to make more industries to make more jobs, they plow the money back in, they invest it back into the people & into the products & into producing helpful things, good things, food & necessities, God's going to bless'm! They're helping the poor, they're helping the wage-earner, they're helping the worker, the labourers, so God blesses them!
       39. THERE ARE HUGE COUNTRIES OUT IN THE EAST WITH HUGE AGRICULTURAL POTENTIAL! They're feeding billions already off their agriculture & farming industry, but they haven't even reached their potential! They're just scratching the surface compared to what they could do & how many people they could feed if they'd really go to work! Well, some of them are really doing it now that dear old Zhao & Deng have set'm free. I've read article after article about some of these groups of farms that were communalised, communal farms, etc., & now that they've let'm produce on their own, they're producing nearly two or three times as much as they produced under government controls!--Now that they've let'm manage their own affairs & do their own work & earn some money on the side instead of having to give it all to the government.
       40. IT USED TO BE THEY HAD TO GIVE EVERYTHING TO THE GOVERNMENT & THEN THE GOVERNMENT PAID THEM SOME LITTLE PITTANCE WAGES. So what incentive was there in working hard? It didn't matter, it seemed, whether they produced more or less, the government had a set wage for'm & that was it! Now they're on their own & those that work get rich, & those that don't work, starve! So the only ones that are hollering are the guys that were lazy in the first place & didn't want to work & were not earning it.
       41. THE POINT IS, THESE EASTERN ECONOMIES, NUMBER ONE, ARE NOT AS DEPENDENT ON THE U.S. & ITS PROSPERITY, & NUMBER TWO, THEY ARE NOT AS DEPENDENT ON THE DOLLAR. Number three, they're not even as dependent on U.S. trade, what they sell to the U.S., as dependent as the U.S. is, if you know what I mean. If the dollar collapses, the U.S. is going to have a hard time buying anything, but their products are going to be cheap! So it works both ways. Although the Eastern countries will lose some U.S. trade, I believe there will still be some if the U.S. survives at all. It's not going to be wiped out till the Atomic War, as far as we see. So even if it goes into an economic collapse it'll continue to exist & somebody will be producing something & selling something & there will still be trade.
       42. BUT THE EASTERN COUNTRIES WILL FLOURISH BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON U.S. TRADE & THE DOLLAR. And even then, although their selling won't be perhaps as much to the U.S., they'll be able to buy more from the U.S. & they will exploit their own markets more, which they haven't even hardly scratched yet! So when U.S. trade is gone, they're going to work on Eastern trade & on the Eastern market & on the Eastern demand & Eastern customers, & there are billions of'm who need everything! They're poor & they could use a lot if they just had the money to pay for it. (Maria: For example, most of Japan's exports are really considered luxuries, right?) What they export to the U.S. largely are luxuries. (Maria: But when the Crash comes, I guess they're enterprising enough that they could switch to producing necessity products for the East.) Yes!--And cheaper luxuries too!
       43. WHO'S THE CRASH GOING TO AFFECT THE MOST? THIS IS WHAT I'M TRYING TO DRIVE AT! It's going to hurt the U.S. more than anybody. They're the ones that are bringing it on. "Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap" (Gal.6:7), & they're going to be the ones that suffer the most. Their economy is going to be the worst, their dollar is going to be the worst & their trade is going to suffer the most!--Whereas the Eastern economies are not totally dependent on those luxury items, they produce a lot of necessities as well as those luxury items that are so popular with the U.S. They virtually produce those mostly because they can sell'm to the United States for U.S. trade. But when the U.S. trade is gone they'll probably turn to something else which the Easterners need & probably start producing more products that will be more helpful to the people who live in the East, lower-priced products that are for the poor, not just the rich, & start sharing their wealth & their know-how with the poor countries, because that's all they're going to have left!
       44. --AND THEY WILL SURVIVE! They've got the food for it, they've got the manpower for it, they have the necessities, they have the raw materials & they have the goods! They've got everything they need to be independent & self-supporting to survive! Whereas when the dollar goes & the U.S. economy collapses, the judgments of God are going to fall where they belong, on the guilty parties, the rich U.S. who have been robbing & exploiting & oppressing poor countries for years! They're finally going to suffer for it!
       45. A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK THAT'S SOME KIND OF A CURSE OR SOMETHING WHEN JESUS SAID, "THE POOR YE SHALL ALWAYS HAVE WITH YOU," BUT YOU COULD TURN THAT INTO A PROMISE! He didn't say that about the rich. "The poor ye always have with you," the poor will survive, the poor will still be here, they'll still live, they'll still eat long after the rich are gone, & that's been the case down through history. Time & time again civilisations of rich have flourished & become more selfish & self-centred & robbing the poor & charging too much & taxing too much until they finally just selfished themselves completely out of business, until eventually in most cases the poor turned on'm & overthrew'm & got rid of'm. That's almost always been the story.
       46. SO THE POOR YE ALWAYS HAVE WITH YOU, BUT THE RICH YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE WITH YOU, THEY COME & THEY GO! Money hath wings, riches take flight! (Pro.23:5) If there's anything the Bible teaches, there's hardly anything that is less certain than riches & the rich, & yet they're the ones that cause the most trouble & start the most wars & do the most damage! They're the troublemakers!--I mean the unholy rich, the unclean rich, the wicked rich who don't use their riches wisely & are not being wise farmers & ploughing some of the profits & seeds back into the land. They want to keep it all for themselves instead of ploughing it back into the poor & ploughing their profits & their increases & their products, etc., back into the poor. They try to keep too much for themselves & by & by it takes off, it has wings & it's gone.
       47. BUT WHEN THE RICH U.S. MARKET IS GONE, WHICH ALL OF THEM LOVE TO TRADE WITH & MAKE MONEY OFF OF, THOSE IN THE EAST ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PLOUGH THEIR LOCAL RICHES INTO THE POOR! In some countries they've already learned this, where the governments have been wise & the rich have been smart enough to realise that keeping it all for themselves doesn't pay, but ploughing some of it back into the land & the people does, they've done a lot better! One of the secrets of the success of Japan is what they call almost a profit sharing. The big corporations are like a family & the people feel like the company belongs to them & it takes care of them from the cradle to the grave. There's no such thing as firing. They're in the company & they know they've got security for life, so they're as loyal to the company as they would be to their own families. The Japanese themselves say, "We take responsibility for our people! We have a feeling of responsibility that we are supposed to take care of them." So they pay'm well, they have all kinds of social security, they have every kind of care from the cradle to the grave. The people share the profits, they share the benefits from those big companies, therefore they're as loyal as they can be. They don't have to have labour unions. Labour unions haven't done well in Japan at all because the company is their labour union, they're their own labour union & they take good care of'm.
       48. AMERICAN INDUSTRY KEEPS WONDERING, "WHY DO THE JAPANESE INDUSTRIES FLOURISH SO? WHY ARE THEY SUCH A STABLE ECONOMY & WHY ARE THEY BOOMING & WHY THIS & THAT?" Well, God is blessing them because they are taking care of their people & taking care of their poor & taking care of their workers & they have kind of a capitalistic socialism. It's all based on sharing, they're sharing more with their workers & their workers have a feeling of security. They take a much greater interest in their workers. They have a much more integrated social life & social activities where the company is involved with the workers.
       49. THEY WERE ILLUSTRATING THIS IN ONE ARTICLE RECENTLY IN THE PAPER, HOW JAPANESE COMPANIES OPERATING IN THE U.S. ARE USING JAPANESE METHODS. But they have had to do it with new workers coming in at the very beginning, because the American workers in some ways are spoiled & they won't take that kind of regimentation & that kind of socialisation in which the company takes such an interest in their activities that they somewhat influence & control'm. They start the day, for example, with calisthenics, everybody standing in his own little circle & doing work-outs, etc., to music, with the company executives out there on the platform giving little speeches & pep talks & awards & praising different workers for different things. Where did you ever hear of that in American industry? In American industry they are slaves! "You work for your money or get out! We don't give a damn about you unless you do your job & that's it! If we can find somebody else to do it cheaper, we will, & if you don't do it, you're out!" There's no concern for the worker at all by the average American employer or the average American industry. (See WND 67, pg. 3.)
       50. BUT THE JAPANESE LORDS OF INDUSTRY, THEY & THEIR WHOLE SYSTEM & THEIR WHOLE GOVERNMENT TAKE A MUCH GREATER PERSONAL CONCERN, PERSONAL INTEREST & RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR WORKERS & FOR THEIR PEOPLE. The Japanese are a very tight society, they're like a family, they feel responsible for each other. They're largely righteous & have very little crime because the people are well-paid & there are hardly any poor. The poor are almost notorious there because there are so few. When they do have any, they make the headlines! Like an article they wrote recently about the bums in Tokyo, that most of them were bums by their own choice, just because they like that kind of a life, not because they couldn't make it. (See WND 66, pg.3.) Because there's security in Japan as a labourer & there is a feeling of interest, you might even say that your company loves you & is concerned about you & wants to make sure you're all right. The company feels responsible.
       51. SOME OF THE AMERICAN INDUSTRIALISTS HAVE SAID, "IT'S SLAVERY, THEY'RE JUST SLAVES, ONCE IN, FOREVER IN, THEY NEVER GET OUT, BLAH BLAH!" Well, what's wrong with slavery if it's well-paid & happy & if the master takes a personal interest & makes sure they're comfortable & have everything they need from cradle to grave? As I've often said, slavery is the greatest security you could possibly have! A good slave with a good master is a powerful combination, & you've just about got that in Japan. There is freedom there, I'm not saying they're slaves, but people are willing to be slaves if they have good masters. They're willing to be loyal & faithful & diligent & on the job & work hard if they've got an employer who is really concerned about'm & takes good care of'm all their life.
       52. THE EASTERN ECONOMIES ARE BASED ON MUCH STRONGER ETHICAL PRINCIPLES THAN THOSE IN THE STATES, WHERE IT'S A DOG-EAT-DOG CUTTHROAT COMPETITION, SO GOD IS GOING TO BLESS'M MORE, HE'S BOUND TO BLESS'M MORE! They're much more, you might say, socialistic in the sense of being concerned about each other, but not in the sense of a socialistic government in which the government tries to do everything for them & control everything & set everything. That's the worst kind of Socialism! But out in the East in the places where there's a genuine, workable form of genuine Socialism, of social concern on both the part of the government & the rich & the employers & the industries, etc., where they really take care of their people & are genuinely concerned about them like members of their family, the people are satisfied, happy, well-cared-for, healthy, willing to work hard & feel a duty to have the responsibility to work hard, so of course they've got a good strong stable population as well as economy.
       53. SO GOD'S GOING TO BLESS'M MORE & I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO SURVIVE, EVEN FOR WHAT LITTLE TIME IS LEFT! As we know by the prophecies & all the rest, when the Hell is all over the World & the curtain rings down on this Age, the Eastern countries are still going to be here & better off than the workers of iniquity who caused most of the trouble, such as the rich West & the Capitalists, & maybe the Communists too. You savvy? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) I'm not really saying anything new, I've said this before.
       54. LET'S PUT IT THIS WAY, THE EASTERN ECONOMIES ARE BASED ON TRUE VALUES, A TRUE SENSE OF VALUES. NUMBER ONE, THE PEOPLE! They're concerned about their people. This is why the people in Singapore are so loyal to Lee, because they know he loves them, he's concerned about them. One article even dared to say it's like a love, that the rulers have a love for the people & therefore the people love them, & therefore the governments are stable. Look, he's been in about 20 years or so! They believe in their rulers because they know they've done them good & they're concerned about them & are trying to help them.
       55. BUT LOOK AT THE U.S.! HOW MANY U.S. AMERICANS REALLY HAVE ANY FAITH IN THEIR GOVERNMENT, THAT IT REALLY CARES ABOUT'M? They're taxing them to death, controlling them to death, lawing them to death, shooting them to death & warring them to death! How can you make people believe you're concerned about'm when you do the things the U.S. government is doing even to its own people? Even its own people have lost faith or are losing faith in their government, more & more all the time. You can tell in the newspapers they're losing faith in their government. They're getting more fed-up, dissatisfied, discontented & sceptical about their own country all the time!--Why?--Because they're totally selfish! The government's selfish, the military is selfish, the industrialists are selfish, the rich are selfish & everybody's trying to cut everybody's throat to scramble to the top over somebody else's dead body! It's the truth! It's a dog-eat-dog cutthroat competitive society just filled with violence!
       56. BUT IN SOME OF THE COUNTRIES IN THE EAST THERE'S ALMOST NO CRIME COMPARED TO THE U.S., including Japan & Singapore & some of the more stable economies--& China! Hong Kong has been more of a rich capitalistic trading society & of course they've got more crime where there's a touch of the West than they have in the countries surrounding them. There's probably more crime in Hong Kong than in a lot of the countries around them put together!
       57. SO THE EASTERN COUNTRIES ARE BOUND TO SURVIVE BECAUSE I BELIEVE THEY'VE GOT THE BLESSING OF GOD! THEY'RE LIKE THE GOOD PEOPLE WE'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT. Though not Christians, though not saved, they are more morally righteous & good than the U.S. & Western Europe, therefore I believe God is going to spare them. They're also more poor, & the Lord is always on the side of the poor. "The poor ye shall always have with you" because God is on their side! They survive when their governments don't! They survive when their rich don't! They survive when their civilisations don't! They survive & they're still here & they multiply & have been for centuries! So that's the situation in the East as far as I'm concerned.
       58. THEY HAVE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CONCEPT! The U.S. is trying to figure it out all the time. They say, "Is it their religion? Is it Confucianism? Is it this? Is it that? What is it about them? How come they're so stable? How come they have less crime? How come they don't have so much labour trouble? How come they have such stable industries & are booming & prospering? How come?" The U.S. is trying to learn the secret.--And it's simple! In the simplest terms, they literally have greater love for each other, greater "social concern" for each other, as they put it nowadays. They have a greater feeling of responsibility for each other, they don't attack each other. The employer is not trying to cut the throats of his employees by trying to skin'm down to starvation wages, & the employee is not trying to cut the throats of his employers by trying to hike his wages up & prices down to where the employer can't make any money. They have a kind of an understanding between each other, a concern for each other. The employer knows that he's gotta take care of his employees or he's not going to prosper. The employee knows he's got to take care of his employer & his work & his business or he's out of a job! So they take care of each other, they have a concern for each other!
       59. SO THESE COUNTRIES PUT THEIR FAITH IN THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMODITIES THEY HAVE, & THAT'S THE PEOPLE, & NEXT TO THAT, THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE: AGRICULTURE, FOOD, NECESSITIES. They make these frills & luxuries for other countries to buy so they can make money off of rich countries like the U.S.A., but they share them! Countries like Japan share them with their people. There's hardly anybody in Japan who doesn't have a colour TV & a video set! They've all got'm, they've shared them with their own people. When the time has come when the U.S. market is gone, they're going to have to start sharing them with the other poor people of these other countries as well. Savvy? They're going to start investing more & trying to help more & show more concern & more social responsibility for not only their own people, but these other poor countries, which they're already doing.
       60. JAPAN & THE RICHER EASTERN COUNTRIES ARE ALL THE TIME HELPING OUT THE OTHER POORER COUNTRIES, & they're going to do more of it when the rich countries that they've been playing around with & playing the harlot with are gone. They're going to do more. When the thing is over & we survive & they survive, they're going to be better off than probably any place else in the whole World as the Millennium begins! You wonder why we need the Thousand Years? My goodness, maybe it's going to take that long to try to get things rolling again after all that's going to happen. We've got to pick up the pieces!
       61. BUT FOR RIGHT NOW, THAT'S MY OPINION ON THE ECONOMY & STABILITY & THE CURRENCIES OF THE EASTERN COUNTRIES WHERE OUR CONVERSATION BEGAN! That's why I've got more faith in the East than I have in anywhere else in the World! I've called it the Lands of the Rising Sun! (ML #1283) They used to be thought of as the old civilisations, but now they're like new countries! They're new people, new, growing, prospering, even booming countries that are putting the emphasis where it belongs, on the true riches, the true wealth, their people & their good, natural, necessary resources, & not just all into the military & into engines & weapons of destruction in which there's no profit & nothing but total loss & waste like the United States is doing the worst of all! Imagine! Think of it! It's almost impossible to imagine that the U.S. has a military budget of nearly 300 billion dollars per year! No wonder the people are slaving away under such heavy taxes & all the rest!
       62. JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL THOSE FRILLS & LUXURIES THEY THINK THEY'RE WELL OFF, BUT IT'S NOT GOING TO LAST!--WHEREAS IT WON'T BE THAT MUCH OF A CHANGE FOR THE EASTERNERS, IT WON'T BE THAT MUCH DIFFERENT! The vast majority of them may still be poor, but that's nothing new, they've always been poor. So that won't hurt'm any, that won't even bother'm! If they've never known what it is to be rich they won't miss it. They don't miss it now!--Except some of the peons & rebels who are seeing how the rich have gypped'm & the luxury they're living in while they're starving! You can't much blame'm for fighting. But in most Eastern countries there is greater equality & not such extremes.
       63. CHINA IS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE RICHEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD! Although most people think it's poor, it's rich in people & the things that really count! It's rich in natural resources & necessities, the things that really count! It's not rich in money, not yet rich in trade--that's growing--but they're rich in the things that God is concerned about, the natural things, the people, the soil, the natural riches & resources that God put there for the sake of the people. And they take care of them, they take care of their people, they take care of their resources & they are growing & prospering as a result. They're on their way up!
       64. TO SUM IT UP, MY WHOLE FEELING ABOUT THE EAST IS THAT THE EAST IS ON ITS WAY UP, WHILE THE WEST IS ON ITS WAY DOWN! That's it, period, & I don't think I have to say any more about it. (Maria: But as far as the countries in the East that are not self-sufficient in food, if the Crash were to come, there probably wouldn't be so much of a problem because they'd share amongst the countries in the East.) There are very few Eastern countries that are not self-sufficient in food. Japan is one of the few countries which is not self-sufficient in food, but they have got enough there of other things that they are sufficient in, that the countries who have the food want, that they'll be more than happy to trade their abundant & excess food for. (Maria: So even during the economic Crash, they wouldn't be in too dire straits?) They're not quite as well fixed as the countries that have lots of food, no, because they don't even have enough food to feed themselves, but I think they've got enough to trade for the food that the people will be happy to trade them food for & they can buy their food with barter. They've got the goods that the people with the food need & want! So I don't think Japan is going to starve either by any means. God is going to bless them as He has been & they're going to prosper, China too.
       65. THERE ARE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE EAST, MOST OF THEM POOR & LIVING ON THE LAND WHO HAVE THE FOOD, & THEY HAVE THEIR CLOTHES & THEIR SHELTER & THEY REALLY HAVE ALL THEIR NECESSITIES & NEEDS ALREADY MET. They may wish they had a television set & a car, a fancy home, a tape recorder & all these frills & all this garbage that they don't really need. The rest of the World, especially rich Americans look at'm, & good night, they just can't imagine how they could exist that way without a TV set & without a video recorder & without a car & fancy house & all that stuff! But let me tell you right now, the East has existed that way for thousands of years compared to the pitiful little 200 years the U.S.A. has been in existence! And of that 200 years the U.S.A. has only been really rich within the last 50 years, believe it or not. It began after World War 1 really. The U.S. has actually made its money off of wars, one war after the other, & by capturing other people's countries & stripping other people's wealth & robbing the poor! That's what's made America rich! But it's not going to last forever. They're rolling in the dough now, but one of these days they're going to get mashed with the dough & that's going to be the end! God is not going to let it go on forever, you know that.
       66. SO ALL THAT TO SAY THAT I THINK WE HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE THAT WE CAN HAVE GREATER FAITH IN THE ECONOMIES, GOVERNMENTS, STABILITY, PEOPLE & EVEN THE CURRENCIES OF THESE EASTERN COUNTRIES! We're taking less chance investing in them than in those of the West! They've got the people, they've got the food, they've got the natural resources, they have everything they need. The only thing they've wanted is the technical proficiency of the United States & the technology of the West. Well, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong & all are learning it, & China is getting it now too. They're getting it!--Until the point they won't need any of those American products, they'll be making their own, to which point Japan has already arrived. There's very little that they need from the U.S. except food, that's been their main need. They don't buy much from the United States, but the U.S. buys billions from them, because they've learned how to make those products & make'm better & cheaper! Now they're selling them back to the United States & flooding the U.S. market to where the U.S. with its selfish rich labour is no longer able to compete with'm.
       67. PEOPLE WERE SHOCKED BY WHAT THIS NEW JAPANESE AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES SAID, THAT "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE WEST TO COMPETE WITH US, THEY JUST HAVEN'T GOT IT!" How about that?--And he's right! They don't have it! They don't have the stability, the wisdom, the social concern, the loyalty to themselves & their people, consideration, care of them & all the rest, they just haven't got it. And with all that, the Japanese are able to make it better & cheaper & sell it back to the U.S., throw that stuff all back in their face! Think of it!
       68. JAPAN IS NO LONGER DEPENDENT ON U.S. TECHNOLOGY, NEITHER IS KOREA, NEITHER IS SINGAPORE! If the U.S. would drop all their trade barriers, they'd outsell'm almost to death! If the U.S. would drop its trade barriers, nobody there would buy anything else but Eastern products! There'd be nothing left that the U.S. has to sell that the Americans would want except those big, fancy, gas-guzzling flat boats called automobiles! And the Easterners, even the Europeans are too smart for that kind of junk, to waste their money on things that waste money like that! You don't find the Easterners or hardly even the Europeans buying any of those monsters!
       69. THERE'S NOTHING THE U.S. HAS THAT THE EASTERNERS NEED, EXCEPT THE FOOD THAT JUST ABOUT JAPAN ONLY NEEDS. Japan is about the only country in the East that's not self-sufficient in food. (Maria: But do the other countries in the East have an abundant enough supply to share with them?) Honey, China's potential is absolutely virtually almost untapped when it comes to the millions & millions of acres of land that could be cultivated & arable & productive! They've got a billion people, but they could feed a lot more. They're feeding themselves now & they're shipping food abroad, so there's plenty of food for everybody in the East.
       70. THEY DON'T EVEN NEED THAT FOOD THAT THEY BUY FROM THE U.S., IN FACT, MOST OF THEM DON'T EVEN LIKE IT! They bought wheat from the U.S. & now they've even stopped buying that. They sell mostly soybeans to the U.S. because the U.S. has gone overboard on soybeans & stuff. But the Eastern countries have all the food they need between them! Japan itself doesn't grow enough food for its population, because it's quite mountainous, & that's why they've had to develop into an industrialised economy like Britain did. Britain wasn't really big enough to feed itself & all its people, so they became a nation of traders, first of all, industrialists & shopkeepers, etc., in order to survive.
       71. SO I HAVE THE GREATEST FAITH THAT THE EAST IS GOING TO SURVIVE FOR ALL THOSE REASONS. They may not be as Christian, but they're more Godly, & they're keeping more of God's rules than the so-called Christian West! So God's going to bless'm! They're the good people I've been talking about that I expect to survive right on through to the Millennium even if we don't get'm all the Gospel now! PTL!
       72. SO ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: DON'T BE AFRAID TO INVEST IN EASTERN CURRENCIES! I could be wrong, but I've been following them closely, you know that. I believe even Hong Kong has stabilised & I think now it's growing again, even knowing that China's going to take over. In fact, in some ways it's because of China's reformation. China's gone through a real reformation & I think they have more faith now that even under China they could prosper. So the money's coming back, the investors are coming back & things are looking up even in Hong Kong.
       73. (PRAYS:) WE BELIEVE YOU'VE GIVEN US THIS WISDOM, LORD, & WE BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE BROUGHT THE FAMILY EAST, WE KNOW YOU'VE BROUGHT US HERE, LORD! In so many ways this has been a wise move & we thank You for it, Lord, because You did it. We just obeyed & followed, that's all. We believe You brought us to the right part of the World because You want us to survive & You want to see us through so that we will be able to help these countries to help themselves, because we believe You're going to certainly help them both now & in the future & in the Millennium. We're planning on it, counting on it, Lord, we're preparing for it. The churches talk about the Millennium & Heaven, but they live like they're going to live this way forever, they build like they're going to have their churches forever!
       74. WHEREAS WE'RE BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE! WE ARE PLANNING TO LIVE FOREVER, & WE'RE BUILDING TO LIVE A LIFE THAT'S GOING TO LAST FOREVER WITH THE THINGS THAT REALLY COUNT, LORD--SOULS, PEOPLE & HEAVENLY PROSPECTS! We're preparing now for the big job You have ahead for us in the Millennium! We're not just living here like we think we're going to live this kind of a life forever, we know this is soon to come to an end & that we need to be ready to go! Our job will be done. But then, Lord, we will soon be back teaching them how to live & how to love & how to worship Thee & follow Thy Word. So we're preparing for it even now, Lord, & looking forward to it. We're already thinking of it, praying about it & preparing for it. So we thank Thee for it, Lord!
       75. THANK YOU FOR THE KNOWLEDGE YOU'VE GIVEN US OF THESE THINGS & THE FUTURE & COMING EVENTS SO THAT WE CAN PREPARE ACCORDINGLY, & even so we can prepare right now, Lord, for things that are going to happen very soon, like the Crash! Amen! Hallelujah! TYJ! We know when the time comes You will solve all the problems, or before it comes. Thank You for how You've kept things going so well. You've provided all our needs, the needs of Thy Family, especially the Word, Lord! You've really helped us to feed Thy sheep abundantly! You almost stuff them, Lord, with Thy Word & the lit! But they still need more, there's still much to be done before we'll be satisfied & ready to go. So help us to finish the job! Amen! TYL! TYJ! Thank You that You brought us here with these good people to do it with! GBAK'm surviving & working till You come!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family