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THE CURSE OF PETROLEUM OIL!        DO 1895         12/84

       1. THEY USED TO HANG TOBACCO OUT ON RACKS UNDER THE SUN & IT WAS SUN-CURED. Have you ever seen how they do it now? They've got these tobacco driers, little buildings with racks like bunkbeds on both sides with the tobacco leaves spread out.--Mind you, inside this closed building, no windows, just a vent. Then they light up one of these crude oil burners in the middle & it just coats the tobacco with tar as it dries & it soaks in the tar from that crude oil burner. That's where the tobacco gets the tar that they always talk about. See, it's a cheap way to do it & they don't have to go to so much trouble of spreading it out on great big racks & waiting a long time for the sun to cure it, they can just do it right quick. They don't give a damn how much oil is on it & how much tar! Why should they care?--They're not the ones that are dying of cancer! So that's where it gets it.--And that's where charcoal broiled food gets it too when they have those cookouts.
       2. IN NEW YORK THEY USED TO HAVE CHEAP DINNERS OF CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS that they'd cook on a long counter. You sit on this side & they're on the other side, like the short order houses, & they've got this long place there where all these gas fires are burning with big high smoky flames just coating those steaks with that oil from the gas, smoking it! You know how gas is when it's smoking. Whether it's bottled gas or natural gas, whatever, if you turn it up too high where it's yellow & black & smokey, it just coats the meat in that junk so you can almost taste it when you're eating it! That's why that stuff causes cancer, because you're eating oil!--Not good edible oil, but you're eating petroleum oil, & it wasn't intended by God to be eaten! (Fam: But if it's cooked in a frying pan then it's all right?) Yes. But direct flames from oil, just like the direct smoke in the curing barns for tobacco, just coats it with petroleum oil!
       3. I'VE DRIVEN DOWN MILES OF HIGHWAYS IN PLACES LIKE NORTH CAROLINA & SOUTH CAROLINA & GEORGIA WHERE THEY HAD HUNDREDS OF THESE LITTLE BARNS SITTING ALONG NEAR THE ROAD, WITH BLACK SMOKE JUST POURING OUT OF THE VENTS! In other words, the place is just full of black smoke coating all those tobacco leaves! The doctors are always worrying about low tar, blah blah!--Ha! How can they have anything but high tar with that kind of curing? It's the tar that causes most of the trouble, not even the nicotine, it's the tar that causes the cancer! The Indians cured their tobacco by drying it out in the sun. They liked to smoke it because it had a rather sedative effect, sort of a tranquilising effect, that's why they used it in their peace pipes. But the way they cure tobacco nowadays, it's no wonder people get cancer, there's such a high tar content!
       4. BUT THEY FOUND OUT THAT HAMBURGERS & STEAKS FRIED IN A FRYING PAN SEEM TO HAVE SOME KIND OF CANCER-PREVENTING SUBSTANCE. (See WND67, Pg.1) (Fam: It sure does help to flavour it when you fry it.) Well, the Lord expected you to cook that meat somehow. Good old wood smoke, wood-smoked things like smoked fish & things like that, when they smoke it on a wood fire it hasn't got that oil in it that causes cancer. The Lord expected you to smoke & cook things over an open wood fire, like a lot of natives in poor countries do, so they don't get that.
       5. BUT IT'S THIS DAMN USE OF OIL THAT CAUSES MOST OF THE WORLD'S TROUBLES--industrially, automobiles, pollution, it pollutes the food, they cook their food on it & all the rest! No wonder it's black, the Lord must have made it black to warn you not to fool with it! It comes out of the bowels of the earth. Most of man's modern inventions & so-called "improvements" are all dependent on oil, all these plastics & petro-chemicals. It's bad enough that plastics are littering the place & never decay or decompose or anything, but now they're discovering even after they've soaked at the bottom of the sea for a long time, they begin to give off some kind of poisonous substance that's killing the fish! They thought it was bad enough that plastics were just littering up the place & choking up things & killing people, but they found out now if it soaks long enough, sort of like when you burn it, it starts giving off poisonous toxic wastes.
       6. IT LOOKS LIKE PETROLEUM OIL IS ONE OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST POLLUTANTS & PROBLEMS! Without petroleum oil all these cars wouldn't be possible & all these people wouldn't be getting killed in them, all these trucks wouldn't be belching black smoke polluting the atmosphere & the Arabs wouldn't be getting rich! Petroleum oil is what really caused the Industrial Revolution, cheap fuel. It's cheap fuel, but it's dirty fuel, polluting fuel, & coal is the same thing. Coal is nothing in the World but hard oil in rock form, because it gives off the same kind of oily smoke, polluting the atmosphere. Pittsburgh used to be called the smokey city. We'd come in there some morn-ings & it was so thick with smoke from oil & coal that you could hardly see your way! It seems to me that instead of a blessing, petroleum oil has become a curse to the World!
       7. IN THE OLD-FASHIONED DAYS, ALL THE OIL LAMPS BURNED OLIVE OIL! (Fam: Olive oil burns?) Of course it burns! That's what they used in all those ancient lamps. (Fam: Before kerosene?) Good night, yes! (Fam: Is kerosene bad too?)--Of course! You know how a kerosene lamp smokes or a kerosene oil burner smokes like mad & stinks horribly if you don't have it burning just right? Even then they stink. But olive oil gives out this lovely olive fragrance as it burns. They burn it the same way, in those Aladdin lamps. They just put in a wick, like a piece of real soft absorbent rope, or even a piece of cloth would do it if you roll it up & stick it in the mouth of that thing that looked like a pitcher, only the top was all sealed & had a little lid on it. You'd pour the oil in & put the lid on so it wouldn't easily spill, then you had a wick down in the oil that acted just like a siphon that soaked up the oil. And just like the wick does in old-fashioned kerosene lamps, it draws it up, soaks it up. Then you lit the little piece of rope hanging out of the little spout & that was your light on those olive oil lamps! That was the main source of lamplight, olive oil, before they discovered petroleum oil.
       8. I'LL TELL YOU, I THINK PETROLEUM OIL HAS BECOME ONE OF THE GREATEST CURSES OF MODERN CIVILISATION! It made the Industrial Revolution possible & a lot of that Devil-ution possible, polluted the atmosphere, polluted their bodies, polluted everything! (Fam: Is olive oil a lot more expensive or hard to get?) You ought to know, you guys buy oil it's probably olive oil, because for cooking oil it's apt to be aedible oil. (Fam: We use corn oil.) I think the main three foods theyt get cooking oil from are corn, olives & asoybeans, & those are all good foods, edible things that the Lord made & intended for you to cook with & eat. He certainly never intended you to eat petroleum oil!
       9. IN FACT, THAT'S WHAT CAUSED THAT TERRIBLE INCIDENT IN SPAIN WHEN OVER 200 PEOPLE DIED & A COUPLE THOUSAND GOT SICK IN HOSPITALS, because some cheats mixed reconstituted crank case oil, cheap dirty oil, with the olive oil! They refined it till it looked nice & clear like olive oil. They do that, you know, they have that reconstituted oil they used to sell in the States, cheap oil in a can, & it looks nice & golden just like the new oil. Well, they decided they were going to stretch their olive oil, which is a little more expensive & harder to make than dirt-cheap petroleum oil. So they polluted their whole batch with this crank case oil to stretch it, sold it, & over 200 people died & a couple thousand got sick & they don't yet know all the damage that it's done! There are still people permanently disabled from eating that crank case oil. They were getting away with that too in Portugal while we were there, there was a big scandal about the same thing, but then they went to Spain & did it.
       10. THAT PETROLEUM OIL IS A KILLER! You can't drink it or eat it or cook with it, & that's exactly what people are doing, they're drying their tobacco with it, saturating their tobacco with it, saturating their food with it by charcoal broiling over gas fires made from petroleum!--Even those little charcoal fires that they cook on in America for cookouts. What did they always use to light a charcoal fire? (Fam: Lighter fluid.) Yes, they saturate it with petroleum to light it, & even some of the brickettes are already soaked with it so it'll really burn! Even though it may be wood brickettes etc., they've soaked it in oil so it will really burn better. Then they put the steaks & hamburgers on an open grate right over the fire & the food gets saturated with that petroleum oil, & then you eat it.
       11. I'LL TELL YOU, PETROLEUM HAS BEEN ALMOST THE GREATEST CURSE OF THE WORLD! Without the petroleum they'd never have had all these automobiles & all these smoke-belching factories & all the rest of the pollution & accidents & whatnot! In fact, without that petroleum oil they couldn't fight their wars, the horrible wars that they fight nowadays! About the only good thing I can think of about petroleum is that it powers the airplanes that we fly to the mission fields on & powers the automobiles that we do have to use once in awhile to get around to buy groceries etc. But if we didn't have'm, everybody wouldn't be in such a hurry to get there & we could take our little donkey or something to the store. It would be safe to walk the streets with your donkey or your bicycle & we could spend weeks sailing in a sailing ship to the mission fields & take a nice two or three week or months' vacation on the way, like Paul did!
       12. THE JAPANESE ARE NOW BUILDING SAILING FREIGHTERS THAT ARE PARTLY OIL-POWERED & PARTLY SAIL-POWERED, & they figure they're going to save about $42,000 per ocean trip by having sails! Think of that! It makes it worthwhile! (Interruption.) The Devil doesn't like this talk! Oil does much more damage than good! You say, "But Dad, if we didn't have oil, we wouldn't have all these lovely nice cheap plastic things that we have that make life a little easier & cheaper & whatnot"--& also pollutes things! That's what's causing most of the fire deaths now in apartment building fires & home fires etc., it's the smoke from the plastics, that oily poisonous toxic smoke that kills them in their beds before they even wake up, smokes them to death just breathing the fumes from the burning plastic!
       13. THE WORLD GOT ALONG FINE BEFORE PETROLEUM OIL & HADN'T BECOME SUCH A HELL ON EARTH! Although they had some wars with simple weapons, they were nothing compared to the slaughter of today's wars, all made possible by petroleum oil! Planes fly on it, tanks roll on it, the machinery is oiled with it, the whole works! They couldn't fight today's wars without petroleum oil or have all these automobiles & things that go so fast & kill millions of people every year!
       14. I'LL TELL YOU, THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE ANY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS OR PETROLEUM OIL OR PETROLEUM-FIRED ANYTHING IN THE MILLENNIUM IF WE CAN HELP IT! One of the first things we'll do is do away with petroleum, & that'll stop most of the wars, & vehicular traffic & all that problem that they cause, & poisonous fumes, toxic wastes, litter & clutter! Think of how pure earth would be without all these cars & planes, & how clean it would be without all these plastics & oil & all that junk! The World got along for thousands of years without petroleum oil.
       15. SO OIL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR A GREAT MANY OF THE WORLD'S ILLS--THEIR ILL IS OIL! And although it's also responsible for a few of the World's comfortable conveniences, we could easily get along without it & burn nice fragrant wood & other things & use olive oil for lights & candles & whatnot. They used to make candles out of wax instead of paraffin. Paraffin is another oil derivative. That's why some candles are smokey & stink.--They're made of petroleum oil!
       16. SO THE MILLENNIUM WILL BE A BLESSING JUST BY THE ABOLITION OF PETROLEUM OIL for a starter! That'll eliminate a great many of the World's worst ills!--And we'll take care of the rest!--Ha! Hallelujah! TYJ! I'm looking forward to the World without oil!--Petroleum oil!--Aren't you?

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