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WHEN IS THE END? DO 1898 1/85

1. IN CHAPTER 12, 6TH VERSE, DANIEL ASKS A QUESTION: "HOW LONG SHALL IT BE TO THE END OF THESE WONDERS?" He's just described the whole Book of Daniel & the Antichrist & the Tribulation & he wants to know when the End is going to be, the End of the World, the same question the Disciples asked.--The End of the World as it now is, in other words, Man's World, the Devil's World. The Millennium is going to be God's World, our World, Christ's World. Is that a good way to express it? Man & the Devil are ruling & reigning today, & even though God is really over all letting them, it's stolen property, stolen from God, stolen from us! The World really belongs to us & the Lord, it really should be the Kingdom of God, right? But who has stolen it?--The Devil & all his people. It's obvious that they're running it today, right?--Very plain!
2. SO SHALL WE PEG THAT THEN SO WE CAN CLARIFY A FEW MORE OF OUR TERMS? WHEN WE TALK ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD WE'RE TALKING ABOUT MAN'S WORLD & THE DEVIL'S WORLD, SO TO SPEAK. It's not really his, it's not really Man's, but they've got it now, right? So I think we could justly call it the end of Man's World. Well, when does that World really end? The great, cataclysmic event that ends Man's World is Armageddon, & even the World talks about Armageddon! Thank God the Catholics have got'm straight on that! Armageddon is the End of Man's World, the Catholics are right! They talk about Armageddon. Armageddon is the End of Man's World, the end of the World as it now is.--Because whose World is it going to be after that? We come down & we take over, the Kingdom of God, & it's going to be Christ's World, our World, God's World!
3. SO WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE END OF MAN'S WORLD NOW, & THAT IS WHAT DANIEL MEANT HERE WHEN HE SAID: "HOW LONG SHALL IT BE TO THE END OF THESE WONDERS?" He'd been shown all these wonders right up to the End of the World, Man's World, & he said, "How long is it going to be to the End?" So what does the Lord tell him? Verse 7: "And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand & his left hand unto Heaven"--both hands--"& sware by Him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time"--one year--"times"--two years--"& a half-a-time".
4. HERE'S THAT 3-1/2 YEARS AGAIN THAT THE SCRIPTURE SPEAKS OF SO OFTEN! This word "time" here would have been better translated as a year, two years & half-a-year, because in the Hebrew, "time" also meant more specifically a year. It's a little unfortunate it was translated this way in Daniel because it's not as clear this way. But we know that's what it means by all the other prophecies about the 3-1/2 years! He's obviously referring to the Tribulation because he's been talking about all the horrible events of the time of the Tribulation & the Antichrist, he even mentioned it here in the first part of the chapter. So how long will it be to the end of these things?--He says, 3-1/2 years! Okay!
5. "AND WHEN HE SHALL HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TO SCATTER THE POWER OF THE HOLY PEOPLE, ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE FINISHED." What does that mean?--The power of the holy people. When who has accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people? He doesn't say completely kill all the holy people, he doesn't say completely abolish them, but to scatter their power.
6. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THE CHURCHES TODAY?--THEY'VE GOT TOO MUCH POWER, FOR ONE THING! And what's the matter with their form of power, it's too what? The kind of power they have--earthly power, secular power--what's the matter with it? Why isn't it safe? (Fam: It makes them too visible.)--Yes!--Too obvious, too apparent! Their power is too centralised! I'm trying to get you to think yourself! It's too centralised. It's not going to be hard to put down the Catholic Church or the Protestant churches. They know all the preachers, they've got lists, they know who's the head & they can see all their buildings & their headquarters & the whole works! They're operating right out in the open freely! That's the benefit they have today.
7. WE HAVE TO OPERATE UNDERCOVER, UNDERGROUND, SECRETLY, MEETING IN SECRET, JUST AS MUCH IN SECRET NOW & JUST AS CONCERNED ABOUT SECURITY NOW AS WE'RE GOING TO BE WHEN THE ANTICHRIST STARTS RULING!--Because anti-Christ forces are still all around us & the antichrists are out to get us! So we already have to meet in secret meetings. When you were back in the World or back in the church, did you ever think that this was going to happen? We're having to have secret meetings in secret places! But who's most apt to survive the longest in a Worldwide persecution of the visible, earthly, secular churches? Who's apt to survive--them or us? (Fam: We are!) Even though they are called Christians & many of them are saved, their power is going to be scattered by the Antichrist. It's not going to be completely abolished, but they're going to be scattered.
8. WELL, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, EVEN OUR POWER IS BEING SCATTERED TODAY! PRAISE GOD IT'S BEING SCATTERED! THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST IS BEING SCATTERED ALL OVER THE WORLD! "But tarry ye therefore in Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from On High, & ye shall be witnesses unto Me, in Judaea & Samaria & all the Earth!" (Luk.24:49, Acts 1:8) Our power is being scattered too, right? The Lord's scattering our power! But the Devil, the Antichrist, is going to scatter the temporal power of the churches--the visible, material, rich churches & their big buildings & organisations & rich coffers & all the rest. Well, that's what it's really talking about here. The "he" here in Verse 7 is the Antichrist. Do you want to circle that word & put "A.C." in the margin? "When he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people."--All Christians.
9. FOR LACK OF A BETTER TERM TO APPLY TO THEM, COULDN'T YOU LIGHTLY USE THE TERM "HOLY PEOPLE" EVEN FOR ALL THE CATHOLICS & ALL THE PROTESTANTS & ALL THE CHRISTIANS? I realise a lot of them are unholy, but most of them are trying to be holy, right? The actual word holy here is kosher, meaning clean.--The good people, the church people, the more or less righteous people, the religious people. When the Antichrist has accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people--what?--"All these things shall be finished!" God is even using the Antichrist to do a lot of these things. That will be the End of Man's World! It'll be the end of the Tribulation, & where did we say that Man's World really ends?--Armageddon!
10. YOU MEAN THERE ARE STILL GOING TO BE SOME HOLY PEOPLE ON EARTH DURING THE WRATH OF GOD WHO SURVIVE ARMAGEDDON & LIVE INTO THE MILLENNIUM?--IN THE EYES OF GOD, YES!--Not the most wicked & the baddest, but the good people, the clean people, the holy people, the righteous people, the religious people, those who tried to be good, tried to do right. Are there still going to be some of them here even during the Wrath of God? (Fam: Yes!)--Of course! How do you know? Who else would He allow to survive into the Millennium, which is almost Paradise, Heaven-on-Earth! Isn't that what we've been trying to teach you, that--over-simplifying it--it's the good people whom God's going to let survive into the Millennium to give them a chance, probably lots of good people who never heard the Gospel, never really understood Salvation, never really realised they had to make a decision & not just believe in the Bible & Christ & God & Mary & all those things like the Catholics do, but they've got to receive Him!
11. THERE ARE LOTS OF GOOD PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, GOOD CATHOLICS, GOOD PROTESTANTS, WE KNOW A LOT OF THEM, LIKE MAYBE YOU WERE ONCE UPON A TIME! Maybe you went to church, you tried to be good, but you never really got saved. Now don't you think God ought to do something for those people? Don't you think He ought to make a difference between the good people & the bad people?--The good unsaved & the bad unsaved? Aren't there all kinds of different people amongst the Unsaved World? Well, certainly He's not going to send them all to Hell, is He? So here again we've got a differentiation. We've got a classification of people who even here He still calls "holy people", how about that? And although their power is scattered, they are going to live on--not only through the Tribulation--but even through the Wrath of God!
12. SOMEBODY ASKED ME THIS MORNING, "THOSE PEOPLE LIVING HERE DURING THE WRATH OF GOD, WHY IS GOD GOING TO PUNISH THEM LIKE THAT? WHY ARE THEY GOING TO SUFFER LIKE THAT?" Well, maybe that's the "few stripes" that they're going to receive for their sins. But just like the Lord takes care of us during the Tribulation, God's going to have to take care of them during the Wrath & they're not going to suffer as much as the Wicked. Isn't that logical? Isn't that deduction? See, just like in an algebraic equation, you've got to take so many known factors to figure out the unknown factor! Isn't that mathematical? Isn't that sensible & logical, to deduce that since some people are still going to be here during the Wrath of God, if God's going to spare them clear through Armageddon into the Millennium, they must be the good people? All the Antichrist's people are going to be wiped out--the bad people, the worst people--but some people are going to be spared & going to be left & come into the Millennium. So we have some you might even call "holy" people still living here during the Wrath of God who will not be wiped out like all the Antichrist's people in the Battle of Armageddon. Daniel even calls'm "blessed" in Verse 12! Have you got it straight? Well, I've gotta quit!
13. WE'RE ALMOST TO THE END, DO YOU WANT TO FINISH THIS CHAPTER? I'll quit right now if you want me to. (Fam: No!) I don't want to be blamed for going past 12 o'clock! How many wanna quit right now? How many wanna finish this chapter? (All hands go up!) Okay! Good! GBY! All right, he says then it will be finished, when he's scattered the power of the holy people. No matter whether they're Christians, church people or whoever they are, the clean people.
14. "AND I HEARD BUT I UNDERSTOOD NOT." THAT'S WHAT A LOT OF YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN DOING BEFORE! YOU'RE EAGER TO HEAR BUT YOU UNDERSTOOD NOT! "Then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the End of these things?" God could have said, "What's the matter with you, I just got through telling you! That's what you asked Me the first time!" Isn't that what he asked Him the first time? He still didn't understand.--Neither did you!
15. "AND HE SAID, GO THY WAY, DANIEL, FOR THE WORDS ARE CLOSED UP & SEALED TILL THE TIME OF THE END." "Aha, Daniel, I don't expect you to understand. Although I revealed a lot of things to you, a lot of it you're not even going to understand & they're going to be closed up, even your Book of Daniel, closed up to the Time of the End!" You mean it hasn't been opened yet? What do you mean by nodding & shaking your heads? Maybe that was a bad way to ask the question. Has the Book of Daniel now been opened to us & do we now understand what it means?--Absolutely!--Except maybe these last few verses, I don't know! But so far I think you understand Daniel 2 about the Image & Daniel 7 about the Beast, the World Empires, I think the whole thing has been opened up to you marvellously! And we just opened up a few more things in the 11th Chapter yesterday so it's still being opened up! But to Daniel it was sealed! "Go thy way, don't worry about it, Daniel, don't try to understand it all."
16. VERSE 10: "MANY SHALL BE PURIFIED, & MADE WHITE, & TRIED; BUT THE WICKED SHALL DO WICKEDLY: & NONE OF THE WICKED SHALL UNDERSTAND; BUT THE WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND." Do you think that time has come? The wise are understanding; but the wicked are still the same, they're as wicked as ever, worse! But the wise are going to be purified, made white & tried. We have to go through persecution, trials, tribulations, troubles, the Tribulation! God's Word specifically says in the 11th Chapter, "That we may be purged & made white!" (Dan.11:35)
17. TROUBLE PURIFIES YOU, BELOVED! TROUBLE GETS YOU DOWN TO BUSINESS & MAKES YOU SERIOUS ABOUT THINGS! Haven't we really been close to the Lord in some of these flights we've made? I'll tell you, if your fleeing didn't cause you to pray, your flight did!--Ha! I pray a lot when I'm on those airplanes! I'll tell you, having to leave & forsake all & home after home & flee before our enemies, doesn't that really make you pray? Doesn't that really purge you of all the stuff you have to leave behind? Doesn't that really purify your mind & heart of all the silly junk that you don't need to be thinking & worrying about, all your forsake-alls? Our kids have forsaken more toys & dollies than they have today or they'll ever have!--Except maybe in Heaven! They just forsake & forsake time & time again, every time we get packed. They can only take what they can pack in their suitcase & we have to give all the rest away. All of you have forsaken things everywhere.
18. HAVEN'T YOU BEEN GETTING PURGED THROUGH YOUR PERSECUTION & YOUR FLIGHTS & ALL THE HARD WORK & TROUBLE WE HAVE EVEN FROM OUR ENEMIES?--GOD ALLOWS IT! God allows this persecution & trouble to purge us & make us white, clean, get rid of the chaff & all the junk & wash your mind & make you more serious & more sober & more down-to-Earth & more really concerned about things.
19. HASN'T THE PROXIMITY OF THE ENDTIME, THE KNOWLEDGE OF KNOWING THAT IT'S HERE & WE'RE IN IT & THE ANTICHRIST HAS ALMOST COME & HE'S ALREADY IN EXISTENCE, DOESN'T THAT SHAKE YOU U[ A BIT? Doesn't that make you want to get serious & work hard for the Lord? Doesn't that make you want to do your best to reach the whole World with the Gospel? Doesn't that reallyu make you work harder than ever? The more serious we get about the times we're living in & the more troublesome they become & the more difficult they become, haven't we worked harder than ever, Peter, to try to get more pubs out? Haven't we, Maria? It's good for us! It shakes us up, gets us on the ball, on the job & really working hard to do a good job & be pure & washed & holy & purged & white! PTL! Aren't you a cleaner Christian today than you were when you first got saved? God's constantly washing you & trying to purge you & clean ypu & make you white!
20. SO HE'S GOING TO BE REAL GOOD TO DEAR DANIEL NOW & HE'S GOING TO TELL HIM, EVEN THOUGH DANIEL STILL WON'T UNDERSTAND! Daniel still doesn't know what God's talking about even though He spells it out for him & gives him so many days. He told him ahead of time, "You still won't understand, Daniel! But okay, you want to know, & for the sake of the people who some day are going to understand what I'm talking about, I'm going to tell you!"
21. "FROM THE TIME THE DAILY SACRIFICE SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY & THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKETH DESOLATE SET UP"--WE KNOW WHEN THAT'S GOING TO BE, DON'T WE? When is that? (Fam: At the breaking of the Covenant.) In the middle of what? (Fam: The seven-year reign of the Antichrist) At the beginning of what? (Fam: The 3-1/2 years of the Tribulation.) He says from that time, when you see the daily sacrifice taken away--the Jews' reinstituted sacrifice in front of the rebuilt Temple--& the Abomination of Desolation is set up.--"Set up", notice? He keeps talking about "set up". What do you set up?
22. DID YOU SEE THAT VIDEO WHERE THEY DEMONSTRATED HOW THEY SET UP THOSE BIG IDOLS ON EASTER ISLAND? People have been marvelling & marvelling that it must have been miraculous, supernatural! Well, they got a bunch of the natives out there with big poles & levers & chocks & wedges & they set one of them up by simple means that common natives could have used, they set up that huge monstrous idol made of tons & tons of rock! So when it says the Abomination of Desolation shall be set up, what does it mean? Come on, wake up! (Fam: Standing!)--Right! What do you have to do with an image or an idol once you've got it made? It's probably going to be made lying down, then it's got to be set up!
23. FROM THAT TIME, HE'S GOING TO GIVE A SPECIFIC NUMBER OF DAYS! BOY, HOW ABOUT THAT? THAT'S GOING TO BE ENCOURAGING! He's already told us when we're going to be Raptured, but this is a prophecy to encourage people who are here after the Rapture! Think of that! "It'll be a thousand, two hundred & ninety days."--1290 days. "But Dad, you've been teaching us 1260 days all the time!" I've just been teaching you 1260 days till the Rapture, the end of the Tribulation, but here's another month tacked on! How about that? Does that mean, perhaps, that the Battle of Armageddon is going to occur just 30 days after the Rapture? Does that mean the Wrath of God is only going to last a month? 1260 from 1290 leaves 30 days. Well, let's see. He wanted to know when the end of all this is going to be & He says 1290 days. We know that the Rapture is going to occur at the end of 1260 days--what's with this 30 days after the Rapture?
24. THEN HE GOES ON A LITTLE FURTHER & SAYS, "BLESSED IS HE THAT WAITETH, & COMETH TO THE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED & FIVE & THIRTY DAYS!"--1335 days. That's even how much further?--45 days more after the 1290! Write it down if you don't believe it, 1335, subtract 1290, & you've got 45 days. But tack on the 30 & you've got 75 days! We right now do not know any better than Daniel, unless the Lord's going to show us, exactly what the distinction is between the 30 & the 45 & the total 75, except "Blessed is he that cometh to the thousand, three hundred & thirty five days."
25. BLESSED IS HE WHO SURVIVES & LIVES THROUGH EVERYTHING THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AFTER THE RAPTURE, ANOTHER 75 DAYS! He is going to be blessed!--How? How do you think? Do you think people in the Tribulation are going to feel blessed? (Fam: No.) Do you think people during the Wrath of God are going to feel blessed? Well, if you manage to live through it you might feel blessed. But if you come through the Wrath of God & live through the Battle of Armageddon, Brother, & you come out on the other side when the forces of God have taken over & are now ruling the Earth & are gonna clean it up, whew! Wouldn't you feel like you were blessed if you survived the Atomic War? Well, if you're one of these Earthly, Worldly people left on Earth who survive all that--the Atomic War at the end of the Tribulation & the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Wrath of God--& the war's all over for a Thousand Years & you come out into the Millennium, aren't you going to feel pretty blessed? (Fam: Yes!)
26. NOW EXACTLY WHAT THE DISTINCTION IS BETWEEN THE 30 & THE 45 DAYS, A TOTAL OF 75, WE DON'T KNOW YET, BUT HE SAYS THE END IS GOING TO BE AT THE END OF 30 DAYS, THAT WAS WHAT HE ASKED HIM. THE END IS GOING TO COME 30 DAYS AFTER THE RAPTURE! How can that be if the Millennium doesn't start till 45 days later? Do you suppose that the Battle of Armageddon is going to last 45 days? I'd call that the End, wouldn't you? The End! We always want to pin it down to a certain day, to the exact hour or the minute & we think that's the End, but in God's mind, we're living in the whole Endtime, it's all the End! But Daniel wanted to get more specific, "Come on, give me something more specific, Lord? When is the real exact End going to be?" Well, what if the Battle of Armageddon is in the eyes of God the End? When we come down out of Heaven & we start moppin' up the Antichrist & all his forces & it takes us a month-&-a-half to do it, wouldn't you pretty much call that the End? It's certainly the beginning of the End, that's for sure! We don't know how long the Battle of Armageddon is going to last, but it certainly is the beginning of the End, right? And it certainly is going to be the End! But you wouldn't feel very blessed till it was over.
27. SO HERE WE'VE GOT THE END PINPOINTED AT 30 DAYS AFTER THE RAPTURE, BUT WE DON'T FEEL BLESSED UNTIL WE COME INTO THE MILLENNIUM 45 DAYS LATER! So what do you suppose is between the End & the beginning of the Millennium? Well, I'm just theorising & it's my guess that perhaps the Battle of Armageddon is going to last that long! You say, "Well, why should it take us that long when we've got angelic horses & we're like angels & we've got tremendous powers & everything else?" Listen, let me tell you! In another place we're going to read, things are going to be pretty bad off!
28. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT'S GOING TO TAKE JUST TO BURY THE DEAD? (David: Seven years?)--Seven months! (Eze.39:12) It's going to take seven months for all the Jews in Israel to go to work & bury the dead! That's one hell of a battle! God's gotta even invite the birds of the air & the beasts of the forest to come & feed on the dead to try to get rid of all the dead! They're going to be in piles, almost like mountains! God's Word says they're going to be like dung on the Earth! (Jer.25:33) And they're going to stink so bad that the people that pass by are going to have to hold their noses! (Eze.39:11) Probably everybody's going to have to wear those white masks to keep from being contaminated. They're going to have to stop their noses, the dead are stinking so bad!
29. SEVEN MONTHS FOR THE PEOPLE TO GO TO WORK & JUST BURY THE DEAD!--IN FACT, SEVEN MONTHS TO BURY THE DEAD IN ISRAEL ALONE!--Dead from the Battle of Armageddon in the Valley of Megiddo, from Megiddo to Jerusalem! There are going to be so many killed that the blood in some places in the Valley of Megiddo is going to run clear up to the horses' bridles! (Rev.14:20) Well, you can figure that out any way you want to, & it says for a space of about 200 miles, the difference from between the Height of Megiddo, Armageddon, to the walls of Jerusalem where the battle actually ends! When they begin to surround Jerusalem, that's the End! We'll get to that too & we've got lots to learn yet specifically, details! That's about the length of a river that flows through the bottom of that valley, & that river is normally just about that deep, up to the horses' bridles. And that river is going to be so filled with blood that it's going to look like blood clear to the horses' bridles. Think of that! Oh, you thought it was going to be a river of solid blood 200 miles long! Well, maybe so, but I think it's a little more logical & scientific to believe it's probably the blood that drains down & flows into that river from this battle, to the horses' bridles where they ford the river.
30. NOW YOU SAID SEVEN YEARS, & WHAT DOES IT TAKE SEVEN YEARS TO DO AFTER THEY BURY THE DEAD? (DAVID: TO CLEAN UP.) To clean up what? (David: To clean up the big battle mess.) To clean up the mess of all the weapons of war & the junk & all the rest. It'll take'm seven years just to clean up Palestine! (Eze.39:9) What the Hell do you think it's going to take to clean up the rest of the World?! You wonder what the Millennium is for, what do we need a Thousand Years for?--Ha! Well, mostly we're going to be cleaning up peoples' minds. But the World's going to be pretty much in a mess when Man gets through with it. It's going to be one wreck & it's going to take us to direct the people of the World to clean it up, & how to clean it up, & it's going to take years! It's going to take months to bury the dead in one little country & years to clean up the mess!
31. SO MAYBE THAT PERIOD SHOWS YOU JUST HOW BIG THAT BATTLE'S GOING TO BE & HOW LONG IT MIGHT TAKE! Remember, we're going to have to wipe out the Antichrist's forces wherever we find them. We're going to have to hunt'm down all over the World, everywhere! You say, "Oh well, God can just wave His magic wand & snap His fingers & kill everybody that ought to be killed!" He could, but why doesn't He? He could do it without us! Why does He bring us riding down on great white chargers out of Heaven to smite the forces of the wicked, the Antichrist forces who persecuted us during the Tribulation? Why doesn't He do the whole job? Why doesn't He let us keep on having a party up in Heaven while He cleans up this dirty job? (Techi: Because He wants the people of the Earth to learn to clean up.) He wants them to learn how to clean up too, that's true! But why does He let you come down here & kill'm? (David: So we can get revenge on them!) Exactly right! You say, "Well, God certainly isn't like that! Does God believe in vengeance & revenge?"--Absolutely! "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord, I will repay!" (Rom.12:19)
32. RIGHT NOW HE'S SAYING, "STAND BACK & SEE ME FIGHT, THIS BATTLE IS NOT THINE BUT MINE!" (2CHR.20:15,17) BUT THAT BATTLE IS GOING TO BE YOURS!--And you're going to fight & you're going to slaughter the enemy & the people that cursed you & persecuted you & tortured you & killed you! You're going to slaughter them & give them what they deserve! And you're going to do it one by one & piece by piece, & it just might take 45 days to do it! That's a pretty short battle at that, considering the size of it, considering it involves all the nations of the Earth gathered against Jerusalem!--Not all the people, of course, but all the armies of the nations of the Earth gathered in this one big valley right up to the gates of Jerusalem. That's one hell of a battle! And we are going to wage it! From out of the skies we're going to come down & wipe'm out if we have to do it hand-to-hand!
33. I THINK GOD IS GOING TO GIVE US THE SATISFACTION OF WATCHING THEM SUFFER & DIE THE WAY THEY MADE OTHERS SUFFER & DIE--MOTHERS, LITTLE BABIES, PREGNANT WOMEN! They tortured & killed & rained down acid rain on'm & rained down dioxin on'm & rained down defoliants on'm! Look what happened in India, 2500-&-God-knows-how-many-more people were killed by that choking gas that burned out their eyes & burned out their lungs!--Little babies, children, mothers, old men! What kind of revenge does God expect to have on people responsible for things like that? What kind of vengeance would you like to take on the people that were responsible for causing that agony & suffering & death of those people?--Thousands more, at least 20,000 more people who suffered! What kind of revenge & vengeance would you like to take? You say, "Dad, I didn't know you were that kind of a guy! I thought we were supposed to be loving & forgive our enemies!" Well, now we are.
34. BUT THAT IS NOT GOING TO BE THE DAY FOR FORGIVING ENEMIES, THAT'S GOING TO BE THE DAY FOR TAKING VENGEANCE ON OUR ENEMIES!--And God speaks of it time & time again throughout the Bible! And the martyrs under the altar cry, "O Lord, our Lord, how long till You're going to take vengeance upon our enemies? How long are You going to let us suffer all these things & our people suffer all these things before You take vengeance for the blood they've shed?" (Rev.6:10) Do you understand? That's going to be one hell of a battle! It's going to be Hell on Earth! But it's going to be Heaven let loose, not Hell let loose!--Heaven let loose to create Hell on Earth for those that belong in Hell, & wipe out all the wicked Antichrist forces, the Mark-of-the-Beast people during the Battle of Armageddon! And it's not just going to happen in one flash, you're going to see & watch it & watch the wicked die the way they ought to die, suffer like they made you suffer, persecuted like they persecuted you, perhaps even tortured like they tortured you!--Really feel it hurt, suffer!
35. YOU SAY, "I DIDN'T KNOW WE HAD THAT KIND OF A GOD!"--WELL, YOU'D BETTER READ THE BIBLE! GOD BELIEVES IN METING IT OUT THE WAY THEY'VE METED IT OUT TO OTHERS! They're going to reap what they sowed! They're going to suffer the kind of suffering they caused! They're going to die the kind of death that they gave to the innocent & the guiltless & the poor & the helpless & the weak! God's going to crush'm & make'm squirm! Wouldn't you like to see a few people squirm? Can't you think of a few people you'd like to crush who are really giving us a lot of trouble, that you'd like God to at least wipe'm out & get'm out of the way?--People who write books against us & articles against us & have given us a lot of trouble & taken us to court & all kinds of things, people who have robbed our own people of their children, grandparents who have taken the children away through court! Wouldn't you like to see that some of those people get what they deserve? "Oh Dad, what kind of a religion is this you're talking about?--Vengeance & revenge & punishment on the wicked!" Well, that's what God's going to do, & He's going to let us do it for Him & for ourselves! So that's going to be one Hell of a battle with all Heaven let loose!--And I'm just proposing the possibility that it could easily last 45 days!
36. I'D SAY WHEN WE LET LOOSE OUT OF HEAVEN & COME DOWN, THAT RIGHT THERE, THAT MOMENT IS THE END OF MAN'S DAY ON EARTH. THAT'S THE END! Because we have now got it! We come down & we reclaim the Earth in the Battle of Armageddon! So why shouldn't it last 45 days? Why shouldn't the End be then at the end of the Wrath of God? It shouldn't take God in His Wrath more than 30 days to pour out all those vials of Wrath! He's done most of the job before we get here--we just sort of come down & mop up what's left, but that could take 45 days. Now that's my theory. I'm just proposing a guess that maybe that's it. But we know that He said the End is going to be 30 days after the Rapture, & that blessed is he that lives 45 days more.--Which could only mean the beginning of the Millennium, the Kingdom of God. Certainly it could only mean after the Battle of Armageddon. I wouldn't say they're still very blessed while they're under all that mess, but they're blessed if they wait--in other words, survive to, live through--the next 45 days. Wouldn't you say they were blessed? PTL!
37. HERE I WENT & RAN TO 12:30 AGAIN, I'M SORRY. I JUST CAN'T SEEM TO DO IT IN LESS THAN A COUPLE OF HOURS! We really didn't get started till about 10:30 so that was two hours, that's not too bad. And if you should happen to get here before I get here, just remember to study or pray & do whatever you need to do.--Probably review is one of the best things you need to do, so you'll know the answers when I start asking questions! We covered a lot of territory! We covered the whole end of the 12th Chapter of Daniel & part of the 4th Chapter of 1st Thessalonians & a little bit of Matthew & the 20th Chapter of Revelation & we got the people all classified, & I'll ask you questions on it next time! PTL?
38. DO YOU THINK YOU LEARNED ANYTHING NEW THIS TIME? HAVE YOU GOT THINGS A LITTLE CLEARER? WELL, THE CLOSER YOU GET TO IT, THE MORE YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT IT, THE MORE YOU NEED TO KNOW TO UNDERSTAND & TEACH OTHERS! Why do we have to know that that's how long the Wrath of God is going to be or that's how long the Battle of Armageddon is going to be? Wouldn't that encourage some people that we teach now who may not even get saved, to know that, "Well, I remember they told us that this Wrath of God is only going to last 30 days, thank God!" Then the Battle of Armageddon begins & they can say, "Don't worry, it's only going to last 45 days!" Don't you think that would certainly be an encouragement? Wouldn't that be a relief to know exactly how long it's going to last? Well, He told Daniel right there & there it is! You may not agree with my theory, I don't know, but I'm just deducing, I'm just sort of guessing, if by certain known factors, what this unknown factor might be, what this 30 days is for & what the 45 days is for! It's my guess & you don't have to believe it, I can't prove it, I didn't get a revelation on it.--But maybe I did, I don't know! Where else did I get the idea that the 30 days is the Wrath of God & the 45 days is the Battle of Armageddon?--All 75 days, God's Wrath! God's going to give you lots of time to chase those people around!
39. --LIKE IN THOSE AMERICAN MOVIES, THE AMERICANS DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE ANY OTHER MOVIES! They've got a mystery first, who dunnit? Then they've got the chase, then they've got the shoot'm-up & the capture & it's all the same thing over & over again!--Whether it's cars or motorcycles or airplanes, they run the same old scenario all the time! You know exactly what's going to happen! Oh, I forgot the fight. They've got to have the mystery first to decide on who the criminals are, then they've got to chase'm, then they've got to have a fist fight or it wouldn't be a really complete American movie! They've gotta have a knock-down-drag-out fist fight & then a pistol fight.--Or sometimes the shoot-out occurs before the fist fight because they've got to have them both! They conveniently run out of bullets so they can have the fist fight as part of the script!
40. THE AMERICANS JUST LOVE TO SEE VIOLENCE! THEY LOVE TO SEE BLOODSHED! THEY JUST LOVE TO SEE WARS & FIGHTS & VIOLENCE & DEVASTATION & DESTRUCTION! You never saw the like of the way they're tearing up cars now in some of these movies! Cars that are worth thousands of dollars, they're just tearin'm up for the sake of entertaining the public in a movie! Think of it! The Americans love it! Well, they love it, so one of these days we're going to give it to'm! Amen?--Not only them, but the whole World that has been persecuting us & troubling us & tribulating us, tormenting us, torturing us & killing us! We are gonna sock it to'm!
41. SO WAIT, BELOVED! IN CASE YOU'RE NOT SAVED--I KNOW YOU GUYS HERE ARE SAVED OF COURSE--BUT FOR THE BENEFIT OF THOSE WHO MAY NOT GET SAVED, they may put it off a little too long & find out they waited too long & it's too late & they've got to live through the horrible Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon! But if they'll have patience & wait & manage to survive, they must be pretty good people & they're blessed. And you who are tormented & tribulated & persecuted & troubled, even some of us right now & some of us yet to come, just wait! "Just wait'll they shakes their head", as the old story goes! Just wait till we get ahold of'm! You'll get your vengeance then, you'll get your revenge then, you'll sock it to'm the way they deserve!
42. MAYBE THAT WASN'T A VERY PRETTY END TO THIS CLASS, BUT IT'S THE TRUTH! That's what God's going to let us do--come down here in a big battle & wipe'm out if we have to do it one by one! I mean, it won't be any great trouble to us, we undoubtedly won't have to use physical means like swords & guns & things like that, we can probably just go around & point at'm, "Freeze! Melt! Cringe! Suffer!"--Or maybe abolish a whole crowd just like that! But we're going to do it almost hand-to-hand, we're going to wipe'm out, & the day is coming!
43. OKAY! PTL! WELL, THAT'S ENOUGH HELL ON EARTH! We talked a lot about Heaven on Earth last class, this time we had to talk a lot about Hell on Earth, but I hope you learned something. Praise the Lord! And you can study those chapters I gave you to study in your spare time, if you have any, & then I'll probably ask you some questions about them. PTL? TYJ! Let's pray! Form your own little circle or hold hands the best you can, whatever. We don't have to, but it's a nice custom & we like it. It shows our unity--one spirit, one mind, even one body, praise the Lord!
44. AND WHAT PRAYER DO YOU THINK I'M GOING TO SAY IS A GOOD ONE TO PRAY? (DAVID: THE KINGDOM PRAYER!) Good, you remembered that!--Not just the "Our Father", but it's the Kingdom Prayer! Of course, without our Father there wouldn't be any Kingdom, would there? So let's pray the prayer about the Kingdom that Jesus taught us to pray: "Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name! Thy Kingdom Come! Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts"--trespasses, pardon me--"as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power & the Glory for ever & ever, in Jesus' name!" Amen! PTL!
45. YOU KNOW, IT DOES SAY "DEBTS" IN ONE OF THE GOSPELS. How do the Catholics pray it, debts or trespasses? (Fam: Trespasses.) They say trespasses too. Well, you could even say sins, that would be more specific. "Forgive us for our sins as we forgive those who sin against us." I think that would have been even clearer, because "trespasses" is a big word! And "debts", usually you think more about money. I think it would have been even better if they'd have said "sins" there, but that's what they say, so we say it.
46. WELL, SOME PEOPLE MAY THINK THEY CAN DO A LITTLE TRESPASSING WITHOUT SINNING, SO HE WANTED TO MAKE IT REAL SPECIFIC ON EVEN THE VERY LIGHTEST OF TRESPASSES! Trespassing, you know, that means even if you stick one foot on somebody else's property, if you lay a hand on something that belongs to them, you're trespassing. That's not a very big offence, is it? Usually it's just a little fine or something. But God wants you to even ask Him to forgive you for your trespasses, not just your big sins. People think of sins as being something much worse & more serious, real bad, like murder or something like that. But the Lord wants you to ask forgiveness for even little trespasses.
47. "AS YOU FORGIVE OTHERS WHO TRESPASS AGAINST YOU." HOW DO YOU FORGIVE OTHERS?--THAT'S THE WAY YOU'RE GOING TO GET FORGIVEN! If you don't forgive others, the Lord's not going to forgive you. Well, there are some people we can forgive, but there are some people who are going to be there at the End who will not get any forgiveness & whom we cannot forgive because they don't repent and they're not sorry. They're defiant and fighting us to the very last ditch, think of it!--People so insane and demon-possessed like these horror videos, they've got to fight us to the very End! You're going to feel like killing them then I think. You may not feel like it now, although sometimes I have. Well, praise the Lord! I've gotta let you go! God bless you all! Thanks for your patience & attention! ILY! "Blessed is he that cometh unto the 1335 days!" You can have that encouragement for the people that don't get the Gospel. You can say, "Well, at least I hope they live through the Wrath of God & Battle of Armageddon!"
48. I DON'T SEE HOW THIS LITTLE GIRL (TECHI) CAN SIT THROUGH THESE LONG CLASSES, IT'S JUST AMAZING! I told Techi upstairs, "I'm so sorry, I'll try to be shorter today." She said, "Oh no, we like to have a long class!" Hi, Mary Dear, you were a good girl too, so quiet during Grandpa's class! I'm glad they keep you occupied with your toys and books there in the back of the room. God bless you all! Thank you for your patience! Do you want to have another class tomorrow? (Fam: Oh yes!) I was really trying to aim at one hour today. I figured if we were going to have a class every day maybe I could cut it down to an hour, but maybe it's a good thing to finish this up as soon as we can because a lot of people need it! But I'll try to cut it a little shorter though hereafter, forgive me. PTL! GBY all! Thanks a lot! You're dismissed!

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