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NEW REVELATIONS!--Endtime Review, Daniel 12, Revelation 13-16, Salvation & Deborah & the End!       DO 1900       1/85

       1. WELL, PTL! TYL! EVERYBODY HAPPY? HEALTHY? Anybody sick enough to ask for prayer & anointing this morning by any means? If you're sick enough that it's urgent for you to be prayed for even before class, we shall do so. But if you can stand it another hour or so longer, well, I'll pray for you after class. PTL! Hallelujah! Amen, amen! I hope you've been praying already. I'm sure you've been praying that you can remember & answer questions! That's part of teaching, to get you to answer questions & make sure you know what we're talking about! Amen? PTL! So someone lead us. PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       2. (FAM: AMEN, LORD, WE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TIME TO STUDY YOUR WORD, LORD, & WE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU'RE SHOWING DAD & HOW YOU'RE SHOWING NEW THINGS EVERY DAY, as we're able to go through these chapters. And as Dad reveals Your Truths, Lord, help us to be faithful to remember them & pass them on, Jesus. We know they'll be a great blessing to the Family, Jesus, so please bless & anoint the tapes & the recordings, Lord. Really anoint & inspire Dad this morning & help us to be good, attentive listeners & really absorb these things in our hearts & minds. Bless the whole time & rebuke the Enemy from entering in in any way, Jesus. We resist you, Satan! Thank You so much, Jesus, for a chance to study Your Words, in Jesus' name! TYJ!) Amen, amen! And Lord bless the dear typist that transcribes these terrible tapes & tries to understand what I'm saying. TYL! PTL! TYJ!
       3. I WAS ENCOURAGED BY READING AN ITEM IN THE PAPER ABOUT CHARLES DICKENS & HIS "CHRISTMAS CAROL," DISPLAYING THE ORIGINAL COPY SOMEWHERE IN SOME MUSEUM. It said, "You will marvel at the printer's ability to decipher his corrections!" Some of you folks that have worked on my copies can appreciate that! We try to insert corrections where there really isn't room & we write microscopically or we mess'm up with a broad-tip felt-tip pen or abbreviate. I can remember years ago when dear Sal in Tenerife tactfully sent me a couple of new nice fine-point, red pens with a suggestion that maybe I could use those instead of the one I had!--Ha! See, that's a nice tactful way to give people a hint! So I took the hint, until I think Maria liked one of them & then I lost the other one or it ran out of ink & I'm back to the broad points again. Well, I like the big, heavy points because they make a lot bigger letters & I'm in a hurry! The only thing I really use a fine-point pen for is my Diary, then I write it so small I can't even read it! PTL!
       4. ALRIGHT, GOD BLESS YOU! ARE YOU READY FOR REVIEW? REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! Who wants to volunteer to stand up & give all the points? Well, we know you know it all, David, so let's give this pretty little lady Davida a chance. She's so pretty this morning too, all dressed up with that lovely flower in her hair! She's a flower herself, flowering for sure! PTL! All right, I want you to stand up & turn around so they can see how pretty you are & recite the 16 points of what period? (Davida: Of the Endtime!) Very good! God bless her!
       5. (DAVIDA: THE FIRST ONE IS LAST DAYS, SECOND ONE IS SIGNS OF THE TIMES, THIRD ONE IS CRASH, FOURTH ONE IS RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST ...) Now when she stalls, if you don't get it, like a Spelling Bee, then you sit down & we'll let David continue. Did you miss one?--Just one! You did fine, you did all those real fast, that was real good. You have to stop & think, & I have to stop & think too, but when you start slowing down to a stop, then it's time to give somebody else a chance. We believe in sharing! (David: Five is the signing of the Covenant, sixth is the breaking of the Covenant, seven is the Great Tribulation, eight is the Atomic War, nine is the Second Coming & the Rapture, ten is the Marriage Supper, eleven's the Wrath of God, twelve is Armageddon, thirteen is the Millennium, fourteen is Gog & Magog, fifteen is the Great White Throne of Judgement & sixteen is the New Heaven & the New Earth!) Very good! PTL!
       6. AND WHO'D LIKE TO VOLUNTEER TO DESCRIBE THE FOUR WARS OF THE ANTICHRIST?--ACTUALLY FIVE, INCLUDING ARMAGEDDON. Okay, Son. (Fam: The first two wars of the Antichrist happen in the first 3 1/2 years & they're with Israel, the King of the South.) And don't forget to include her friends! The King of the South also includes what area today? (Fam: The West.) Right. Try to remember those little points. (Fam: The 3rd war of the Antichrist happens after the breaking of the Covenant during the Great Tribulation, it's also with the King of the South, which includes the Kings of the West. The 4th is the Atomic War which happens just before the Rapture at the end of the Tribulation, & it's with the Kings of the East. He also has trouble in the North & Babylon is destroyed. And the 5th war is the Battle of Armageddon.) Amen! Don't forget that the 4th war is apparently precipitated by the Kings of the East, but it also includes the Atomic War which destroys America. Now someone had a question about one of the wars.
       7. (FAM: IN ONE OF THE FIRST STUDIES, IN DANIEL 11:45 WE LEARNED ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST MAKING JERUSALEM HIS CAPITAL.) Right, & according to the Scripture, when does he do that, after which war? (Fam: The 4th war.) He invades Israel so many times, in fact nearly every single war is another invasion of Israel! Those ... Jews are really stubborn! 4 times! And according to Daniel 11, when does he establish his capital there? Look at the Scripture, the last part of Daniel 11, when do you think he puts his capital there? You'd better start learning how to interpret Bible Prophecy too! According to the consecutive order of the Scriptures here, when would you say he establishes his palace? The 44th verse is which war? (Fam: 4th war.) In which verse does it say he establishes his palace? (Fam: 45th verse.)
       8. OF COURSE, SOMETIMES THE SCRIPTURE IS NOT ALWAYS NECESSARILY CONSECUTIVE, BUT OBVIOUSLY SOMETIME IN HERE, EITHER BEFORE OR AFTER THAT 4TH WAR, IN ORDER TO SIT ON THE JEWS & KEEP'M DOWN, HE DECIDES TO MAKE THAT HIS CAPITAL. I wouldn't even be surprised if maybe there's an even earlier point when he might have done it, certainly at least after the 3rd war. Since he has to come down three different times to sit on'm, it looks like the logical time for him to decide to stay there & use that as his World capital is probably somewhere between the 3rd & 4th war, I would really suppose. We're just guessing, of course. Even though it speaks of it after the 4th war, which is going to be the Atomic War, he could still have time to try to put it down there. Because who cooperates with him in the Atomic War? (Fam: The ten kings.) All Europe helps him to blot out America. That would really make him ruler of the World & that would give him a very good excuse to make Jerusalem his World capital. Well, that's the order it is in the Scripture here, so you can take it or leave it, any way you want to make a guess at it, we don't know for sure. But if you want to take the consecutive order of the Scriptures, it looks like he definitely makes that his capital after the 4th war.
       9. ALL THE WORLD IS NOT DESTROYED IN THE ATOMIC WAR! In fact, it looks to me like if all Europe suddenly turns their missiles on America instead of toward Russia, with Russia & Europe all turning their missiles on the U.S.A., it doesn't look like the U.S. will have much of a chance! Obviously the Antichrist Empire is going to survive, because he's still going to be ruling even after that, but not very long. It looks like the End comes almost immediately after he decides to make Jerusalem his capital, because in other chapters we find the Rapture taking place immediately after that. Also here, the Rapture takes place immediately after that. It speaks of Great Tribulation, but when he puts his palace there, it sounds like in this 12th Chapter that then there's great Tribulation. But that could be referring to this whole period, a backward glance.
       10. AS YOU'LL NOTICE IN A NUMBER OF PLACES, THE BIBLE IS NOT ALWAYS EXACTLY CHRONOLOGICAL. Just like in the movies, they often have flashbacks & memories & the screen gets hazy & ripples & then you know that you're supposed to be seeing something that happened before. In order to explain what's happening now they've got to go back, & this often happens in Bible Prophecy. So don't get confused by the fact that they are not always in chronological order & the events do not always happen in the consecutive order in which they're listed here, frequently there's a flashback to explain something. Even this time of establishing his palace could be in a sense a flashback. I'd say the first opportunity might have been when he broke the Covenant, the first time he sat down on the Jews, although it sounds like he goes back then to his home. For the first couple of wars he goes back again, & it's not until that third war that it sounds like he really comes to stay & crushes them once & for all! But apparently he hasn't crushed their biggest friend until the 4th war.
       11. WE DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND ALL THESE LITTLE DETAILS & IT'S NOT ESSENTIAL TO YOUR PRESENT-DAY WELL-BEING & welfare & peace of mind to know exactly what's going to happen then, but there's one thing for sure: When those things start happening, you will know which one it is! A lot of prophecy is given you so that you will recognise it as it happens.--Not necessarily so you will know what is going to happen or when it's going to happen, not always--lots of times it is--but many times it's simply so you'll recognise it when it happens & you'll know where you are.
       12. IT'S JUST LIKE RIDING ON THE TRAIN WITH A TIMETABLE ON YOUR LAP. I always kept a timetable, on trains & all, didn't I, Maria? I always knew exactly where we were. And do you know how I knew where we were for sure? According to the timetable I knew where we were supposed to be at certain times, but the train wasn't always exactly on time, & it wasn't always there when I thought it was going to be there. But as we got from town to town to town, how did I know for sure we were there according to the timetable? (Fam: The signs!) The sign on the station told me I was there!
       13. SO WHEN YOU GET THERE, YOU'LL KNOW IT! THEN YOU'LL RECOGNISE IT & REMEMBER THE SCRIPTURES.--Otherwise it can be very confusing & overlapping & flashbacks. I think the Lord deliberately made it that way, especially so that the System & the World couldn't understand it. It is said that if the Roman Empire & the Emperor & other Empires would have understood exactly what some of these Prophets were talking about, they'd have wiped them out a lot sooner & quicker!--Predicting their end & all that sort of thing. But it's all veiled & in mysterious language, in almost like riddles & types & symbols, shadows, all very mysterious, almost like it's in code so that the World will not understand it. But what did He promise in Daniel?--The wise shall understand! (Dan.12:10) TTL! So don't worry if you don't understand it all, maybe you're not wise! Maybe you're just plain dumb like some of the rest of us about some of these things.--Or it's not time yet.
       14. AS I SAID, I CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTION YOU ASK ME ABOUT BIBLE PROPHECY, BUT A LOT OF MY ANSWERS WILL BE, "I DON'T KNOW!"--BUT I BELIEVE WE WILL DEFINITELY KNOW WHEN WE GET THERE! When we get to the station & we look out the window & see the Sign of the Time, the sign of the station, we'll know that's where we're at! Remember travelling on a train? Well, some of you kids were so small when you travelled on a train you don't remember it, but when we pulled into the station we'd look up & see the sign on the station to see where we were. Once in awhile if I forgot to look & missed the sign, I wouldn't know where we were at & I'd be desperate to see the next one for fear maybe I'd passed our station or gone too far! And boy, I was really looking for the next one to make sure where I was at! You may do the same thing about Bible Prophecy one of these days. If you miss something & you didn't know you missed it, you're really going to be looking then to make sure you know where you're at!
       15. OKAY, NOW DOES THAT NOT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION SUFFICIENTLY?--HA! I DON'T KNOW THE EXACT POINT AT WHICH HE ESTABLISHES HIS CAPITAL IN JERUSALEM! But according to the chapter it's about this time or right there, I presume that's why God mentioned it at this time. Are you okay, Son? I know it's a little deep. Did you get up too early? He's worrying about his work already, how he's going to do a whole day's work in one afternoon! Well, you can't do any more than you can do! Just do what you can, that's all, & don't worry about it! That's what I do. If you don't get it done, you just don't get it done! The only things that you must get done are the ones that I tell you to do that afternoon!--Ha! (Techi sneezes.) Lord bless her in Jesus' name! Pray for Techi, amen? She's got a little cold. We know she's sick, so why don't we stop & pray for her. In Jesus' name, rebuke this cold, Lord, & these sniffles & sneezing & help her, Lord, in Jesus' name to stay warm & stay comfy! TYJ! Amen!
       16. ALL RIGHT NOW, WHERE ARE WE AT?--THE FOUR WARS OF THE ANTICHRIST, ACTUALLY FIVE INCLUDING ARMAGEDDON, BUT IN A WAY, THAT'S REALLY OUR WAR! I don't think he was necessarily even expecting it. He thought he was just fighting all these rebels & people that were disobeying him & refusing the Mark of the Beast & all the rest, & all of a sudden he just gets too bad & it looks like he's maybe even going to win the war, so we come zooming out of the sky & zap, zap, zap, zap!--Even better than you see in the sci-fi's! We're going to have better methods & everything, I'm sure. I hope it's not going to make that much noise!
       17. AND WE KNOW DEFINITELY THAT HE SAYS THE END OF ALL THESE THINGS, ACCORDING TO THE DAYS GIVEN HERE, IS GOING TO BE WHEN? (Fam: 30 days.) 30 days after what? (Fam: After the 1260 days.) What was that? (Fam: The last days of the reign of the Antichrist.) The 3-1/2 years of the Tribulation. 30 days later, what? (Fam: The End!) How? (Fam: The beginning of Armageddon.) Probably the beginning of Armageddon. During that 30 days, what is probably taking place? (Fam: The Wrath of God.)--Since we know the Wrath of God does follow. And at the end of the Tribulation, the end of the 1260 days, what happens? (Fam: The Rapture.) And that's immediately followed, obviously, by the Wrath of God.
       18. AND WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT SURVIVE THE 1335 DAYS? (FAM: THEY'RE BLESSED!) And what's the only way we can suppose they're blessed?--By having survived! They must have survived the whole thing & they've already landed into the beginning of the Millennium! We can't prove some of these things, they are unknown quantities in the algebraic equation, but according to the way all the other prophecies fit, that's what it sounds like. Certainly no one is blessed till all that's over, right? But they're certainly blessed if they wait or last until the end of all that! Some of these things I can't be dogmatic about, but we presume that means that they have lasted into the beginning of the Millennium.
       19. SO ACCORDING TO THAT THEORY, IF YOU WANT TO CALL IT SUCH, OR THAT ASSUMPTION OR DEDUCTION, THERE ARE A TOTAL OF 75 DAYS FROM THE RAPTURE TO THE MILLENNIUM, & IT'S DIVIDED INTO TWO PARTS, ONE 30 DAYS & ONE 45 DAYS. See, these are the things that you know. The unknown quantities are what the 30 days & what the 45 days are. Well, what things do occur between that Rapture & the beginning of the Millennium? (Fam: The Wrath of God.) Of course Armageddon is part of it, the whole period is the Wrath of God. But dividing it in two, since the Wrath of God includes Armageddon--& Armageddon is of course the most important part of it because that's when we enter on the picture--we can suppose that it means the first 30 days is the Wrath of God & the next 45 days is when we come down in the Battle of Armageddon & really wind it up! So that's our theory, if you want to call it that.
       20. WE KNOW THAT THE WRATH OF GOD OCCURS BETWEEN THE RAPTURE & THE RETURN. And that, by the way, is another technical, theological term which you need to learn to be able to understand when maybe other Bible Prophecy teachers are talking. Even though they are screwed up, they've got a few things straight. Actually, how many Comings of Christ are there to Earth? (Fam: Three.) What's the first one? All the children must know that one! (David: When He came as a baby.) When He was born, that was His First Coming. When's the Second Coming, what do we call that? (Fam: The Rapture.) Right. There's His Birth, then there's the Rapture when He comes for His Own, & the Third Coming is what? (David: Armageddon.) And believe it or not, that's usually called either the Return--although some people mix the two of them together--or the Revelation. But that's ambiguous too. It's a revelation when He comes in the Rapture, it's a revelation when He comes at Armageddon, both are Returns. That's why it's better to be more specific & say Armageddon, when He returns to lead the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Wrath of God. But some Bible Prophecy teachers mix those up & some even put the two events together, & they really are confused!
       21. I THINK THE MORE I READ BOOKS ON BIBLE PROPHECY & OTHER TEACHERS & AUTHORS OF BOOKS THE MORE CONFUSED I GOT!--Because there are almost as many theories as there are Christians! I finally just tossed my books aside & just took the Book & said, "Lord show me what it means!"--And it's amazing how simple the Lord made it!--Just the way I've been trying to make it for you. I don't know if I'm making it too complicated now, getting into some of these details, but you asked for it!
       22. ALL RIGHT, THAT FINISHED OFF DANIEL 12, I HOPE, & NOW WHAT IS THE MAIN MINOR SUBJECT BESIDES THE ENDTIME THAT WE'RE STUDYING?--IN FACT, IT'S EVEN A MINOR DETAIL BUT IT'S A VERY IMPORTANT MINOR DETAIL! You don't have to know it to be saved, you don't have to know it to know these 16 points of the Endtime & Bible Prophecy & all these events that are going to happen, but it's a point on which we have been confused, uncertain, indefinite & not clear in the past, including me! God didn't show me some of these things until fairly recently! What particular people are we studying now who we really didn't get quite straight & even some of our teachers didn't get straight before? (Fam: The A-ACs.) That stuck! You remember that pretty easy. And what does that mean? (Fam: The anti-Antichrists.) Those who are what? (Fam: Against the Antichrist.) They're not saved, they don't have the Mark of God, but they don't have the Mark of the Beast either! They're against the Antichrist.
       23. NOW THEY MAY NOT NECESSARILY ALWAYS HAVE BEEN AGAINST THE ANTICHRIST. During the first part of his reign they may have thought he was great & maybe even thought he was the Messiah, but when it came down to finding out what he really was in the second half of the seven years during the Tribulation, when he claimed he was God & put up this Idol & tried to make everybody take the Mark of the Beast, they woke up & they turned against him! Savvy? It doesn't mean that they were always against him, but they never took the Mark of the Beast. Those that took the Mark of the Beast were his own & probably got demon-possessed, & all of them are wiped out, according to God's Word. Would you like to see some little proof of that right now, that all the Antichrist's people were wiped out & destroyed & killed at the end of his reign in the Battle of Armageddon? All right!
       24. WE CAN TURN TO THE 13TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION FIRST IN ORDER TO GET THE PICTURE THERE. You probably know this chapter by heart because it describes the Antichrist & his reign. In the very first verse he's called what? (Fam: The Beast!) And most often in the Scriptures he's called what?--Don't let me throw you! Specifically the Dragon is Satan himself, the great Red Dragon, but of course they're almost the same. But don't let me throw you just because of the way I asked that question. (Fam: The Beast!) The Beast, the same as the last answer! It just shows you how you can get thrown by the way a teacher asks a question! I said, "Here in the first verse what is he called?" She said, "The Beast." I said, "And throughout the Scriptures what is he called?"--So immediately you thought that meant something different! But it's the same thing, most often he is called the Beast.
       25. IN DANIEL HE'S FREQUENTLY CALLED THE LITTLE HORN, & CAN YOU THINK OF ANY OTHER NAMES FOR HIM THAT HE'S CALLED IN THE SCRIPTURES? (Fam: King of the North.) Yes, that's another thing to remember. (Fam: King of Egypt.) Yes! Although he apparently had to originate in Egypt somehow, he goes to the North & comes from the North. What else? (Fam: Son of Perdition.) Very good. And in that same chapter of 2nd Thessalonians he's also called what? He's given three names in that Chapter: Son of Perdition, Man of Sin & the Wicked One! Boy, how many dirty names can God call him, anyhow? However, in Daniel he's mostly called the King of the North or the Little Horn, & in Revelation he is usually called the Beast. So this chapter is introduced by calling him the Beast, & what does the 3rd verse say besides talking about "he is wounded unto death & his deadly wound was healed"? Somehow or another he's apparently going to be injured & thought to even be dead & seem to be raised from the dead. Look how he tries to imitate Jesus, the true Messiah! He seems to supernaturally, miraculously even rise from the dead!
       26. SOME PEOPLE HAVE EVEN SURMISED THAT THE BODY OF LENIN WHICH LIES IN STATE IN THAT SEPULCHRE OUTSIDE THE KREMLIN ON RED SQUARE MAY BE RESURRECTED! They keep him in perfect preservation constantly. The scientists in the rest of the World don't know how they do it, but it's presumed that they keep pumping fluid through his veins constantly to make him look like he's almost alive & preserve his body so it doesn't decay & rot away! That's why people line up in big long lines of hundreds of people to see Lenin's body lying there in state, supposedly the founder or at least the perpetrator of Communism. Actually Marx was the author & Lenin was the one who carried it out. But some people have even said they thought maybe somehow science was going to resurrect the body of Lenin!--I don't believe it!
       27. I THINK THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO BE SOMEBODY ELSE WHO IS ALREADY BORN & ALIVE RIGHT NOW! Jeane Dixon claims he was born February 5, 1962, which means he'd be in his early 20's now. In her first book she thought he was good, something wonderful, till I sent her a little note in Washington & made a phone call to her secretary. I wanted to go see her but her secretary said, sorry, she's out of town, but if I wanted to give her a message she'd be sure to give it to her.--And I not only did that, but I sent her a Warning Tract later. But I told her secretary on the phone, "You know that guy she thinks is so great & is going to be the leader of the World?--He's not a good man, it's the Antichrist! She's familiar with Catholicism & the Catholic Bible, that's going to be the Antichrist!" So in her next book she came out & recognised him as the Antichrist! How about that?
       28. SO GOD BLESS JEANE DIXON, SHE IS WILLING TO RECEIVE THE TRUTH WHEN SHE GETS IT! I'm sure lots of those visions & revelations she gets are from the Lord, the Lord gives it to her, & she's right on the nose on most of'm! She's the one who predicted even the exact day of Kennedy's assassination! And at the very moment that he was assassinated, she was at a tea with some friends in Washington, & she jerked like this & said, "He's been shot!" They wouldn't believe her, they said, "We haven't heard anything about it!" She said, "He just got shot!" Read her book! And soon it was hot on the wires that Kennedy had been shot, & they checked the time & sure enough, that was it!
       29. SO GOD HAS HIS PROPHETS & PROPHETESSES, & I BELIEVE SHE'S BEEN RIGHT MOST OF THE TIME. She's a very good woman & has done a lot of good & tried to wake up the World about some things. She's even been quite accurate in her political prophecies, etc. She said a long time ago when others were reigning & conspicuously ruling in Russia then, "No, it's a man whose name begins with 'S,' I don't quite get it." Sometimes you don't always get these things real clear. It turned out upon Suslov's death it was confessed that he was the power behind the throne who outlined Communist ideology & laid down the law & the rules about everything & was running Russia from behind the scenes all the time!
       30. SHE EVEN PREDICTED THE MAN WHO WAS CONDUCTING THE KOREAN WAR FROM BEHIND THE SCENES & WHERE HE WAS LOCATED IN TASHKENT. SHE SAID, "IT IS MARSHALL USTINOV!"--The one who just recently died, by the way. And it turned out after the war & things were revealed that, yes, he was the Major General in charge of helping North Korea, along with China, to fight the war against South Korea & the U.S.! So the Lord gave her a lot of details. I guess in some ways I'm not as good a Prophet as she is. She gets more of those details, at least World details & politics & things like that. I'm more interested in the Lord's Word about the Future, not so much about politics. But we've given you a little bit about politics too!
       31. ANYWAY, THIS 13TH CHAPTER IS ALL ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST & I'm sure these are all very familiar passages to you, you know'm inside & out & probably by heart! 5th verse, how long does it say the Tribulation is going to be? (Fam: 42 months.) There's one of the many places it tells you how long it's going to be. In the 6th verse it tells you what a blasphemer he is & how he is against God & even all the Saints & Angels of Heaven! The 7th verse tells you about what the Tribulation consists of largely, which is what? (Fam: War!)--War with the Saints, war against the Christians & the good people.--Right!
       32. "AND POWER WAS GIVEN HIM TO MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS & TO OVERCOME THEM, & OVER ALL KINDREDS & TONGUES & NATIONS." "Now wait a minute, Dad, I thought you said there were rebels & some didn't receive him!" He is going to be the World dictator, he is going to be the recognised King of the Earth & going to have power over all of them. But it also says in that 3rd verse that "all the World wondered after the Beast."--Wondered, not wandered! They're amazed by him! Even we'll probably be amazed at some of the things he does & wonder about him. Only the thing we won't wonder is who he is--we'll know who he is! This simply means that he is going to be the ruler of the Earth. It says he has power over all, but it literally means above all, more than any other, over the whole Earth.--More than any other before or after till Jesus! He'll be the greatest dictator that ever lived with the most power of any dictator that ever lived.
       33. "AND ALL THAT DWELL UPON THE EARTH SHALL WORSHIP HIM ..." Now if you stop there, you say, "Grandpa, you taught us wrong, it says everybody's going to worship him!" Is that what it says? Some people don't read the whole thing sometimes! It says, "Whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the World!" Didn't we hear something about the Book of Life recently? How about that! Not everybody in the Book of Life is saved, at least not saved at the time when we are raptured, & have not been saved in time to get into that First Resurrection, but they're in the Book of Life!
       34. HERE AGAIN THE BOOK OF LIFE IS MENTIONED & IT'S SAID DEFINITELY THAT ANY WHO DON'T WORSHIP HIM ARE IN THE BOOK OF LIFE! Now that literally means whether they're saved or not saved!--I mean whether they're saved or not saved at the time of the Rapture, so they have to be raised in the Second Resurrection. But if in the Book of Life, they will be saved at least as far as going to the New Earth. Amen? Do you understand? Here's a Scripture that we haven't even brought out before! We're running into all kinds of Scriptures all the time showing about this second class of people, who though not saved in the sense we are or at the time we are, are going to get what I'd call being pretty much saved, at least partially saved. If you don't go to Hell & you go to Heaven, at least outside on the outside Earth, that's pretty good!--Heaven on Earth! That's my opinion, take it for what you will, & we've given you lots of Scriptures on this before.
       35. --BECAUSE I AM WHAT YOU CALL A PARTIAL UNIVERSAL RECONCILIATIONIST! Isn't that a nice big mouthful?--Or a Universalist. Only watch how you use that term alone, because there are Universalist churches which literally claim that everybody's the same, everybody's a child of God, everybody's saved now. Well, Jesus said some are of their father the Devil! (Jn.8:44) So not everybody's a child of God! But a lot of people are in-between, & this is what the church howls at! They nearly blow their stack when I say there are some people who are in-between, who at the present time are not yet apparently a child of God, officially at least, nor a child of the Devil!--But as far as God's concerned, they're already in His Book of Life!
       36. DO YOU THINK THAT MEANS THEY'RE REALLY ALREADY SAVED EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVEN'T GOTTEN SAVED YET?--I WOULD SAY SO! If they're found written in the Book of Life, it sounds to me pretty much like Salvation! Even though they hadn't specifically, technically received Jesus yet--maybe they hadn't even heard about Him, so how could they believe on Him?--But they are saved to go to the New Earth, & I'd call that pretty good Salvation! And you know good & well that if they're going to be there on the New Earth, they're going to get saved! PTL?
       37. AS FAR AS GOD IS CONCERNED & IN THE MIND OF GOD, HE SAYS THAT WE ARE SAVED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH! (Eph.1:4) We were saved in the mind of God long before He even created the Earth! He knew what He was going to do, He knew that He was going to create man, He knew what man was going to do, He knew He was going to send His Son to save him, & He knew who was going to believe it & receive Him! "Many are called"--in a sense nearly everybody's called, at least that's heard the Gospel--"but few are chosen". (Mat.20:16) Who's chosen?--Those who choose Him!
       38. THE CALVINISTS, THE STRONG, DIE-HARD, VERY CONSERVATIVE TECHNICAL TYPE OF PREDESTINATIONISTS & FOREORDINATION PEOPLE--there're some more big mouthfuls of theology for you--have the extreme belief that some people are saved just by the act of God & other people are not saved by the act of God & there's nothing you can do about it! They say you can't save yourself, you just sit around & hope & pray that maybe God's going to save you, that it's all foreordained, predestined & there's nothing you can do about it. I don't believe that! I believe in free will!--But I also believe in foreordination & predestination! God knows ahead of time who's going to receive Him & believe, & He's already ordained & predestined them to be saved even before He ever created them!
       39. NEVERTHELESS, "MANY ARE CALLED"--WE'RE PREACHING THE GOSPEL TO MILLIONS, & BILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE HEARING IT--"BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN"--THEY DON'T ALL RECEIVE JESUS. Who's chosen then? They used to use that word "chosen" & say, "See there? It means you can only be saved if you're chosen by God, predestined, foreordained!"--Old hardline Presbyterians & Methodists. Oh no, not Methodists, they're the opposite extreme! But that's usually the Presbyterian church, some of the Lutherans & the Episcopalians, Church of England, that largely believe in predestination, foreordination in the various degrees. The Methodist Church & all her daughters are almost without number! Over 200 different sects & split-offs came out of the Methodist Church, which split off itself out of the Anglican church, which split off itself out of the Catholic Church, which split off itself out of the True Church, the Early Church!--At least they were with them at one time. So there are all kinds of split-offs. But most of those early ones are strong on that predestination & foreordination, that it had nothing to do with whether you wanted to be saved or not, you couldn't get saved if God hadn't ordained you to be saved, blah blah!
       40. SO FINALLY JOHN WESLEY CAME ALONG & PREACHED FREE SALVATION FOR EVERYBODY THAT WANTED TO BE SAVED! Luther in a way at first preached the same thing, by grace. But I guess Calvinism was a hangover from the Catholic church. They preach almost the same thing, just do the best you can & do good & hope that your good works will outweigh your bad works & maybe you'll be saved. They don't know, it's up to God. I've had them tell me that! I said, "Do you know you're saved?" "I don't know, it's up to God." In other words, they think they don't have anything to do with it, there's nothing they can do about it, poor folks! God is a kind of a monster that's just going to save some people & be partial & a respecter of persons just of certain people & save them & send the rest of the whole caboodle to Hell!--Not so! God is giving everybody a chance!
       41. IN FACT, HE SAYS SPECIFICALLY, "THIS IS THE LIGHT WHICH LIGHTETH EVERY MAN THAT COMETH INTO THE WORLD!" (Jn.1:9) Everybody is going to have their chance sooner or later! Maybe they haven't had it yet, but everybody is going to have their chance at "the Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the World" sooner or later. I've had some other folks list a lot of Scriptures along this line & some time maybe we ought to get more into it, that God is going to give everybody a chance! It sounds to me like most people are going to eventually get saved, or at least reconciled to God, even if they have to wait till they're either on the New Earth or they're in Purgatory.--After they've been sufficiently punished according to the way they react.
       42. JESUS EVEN WENT DOWN TO HELL & PREACHED TO'M! PETER TELLS US SO! (1PET.3:19,4:6) IF THERE WAS NO HOPE FOR THEM, WHY DID HE PREACH TO THEM? My Mother used to say she wished Peter had never put that verse in the Bible because she couldn't understand it, it was too difficult, why Jesus should have gone down & preached to the spirits in prison down in Hell or Hades or Gehenna or wherever! It doesn't say it was in one part or the other, it just says "the spirits in prison". Obviously they were lost, obviously they were unsaved. Therefore Jesus, in His mercy, when He had to go down & spend three days & three nights there (Mat.12:40), He took His opportunity to preach the Gospel to all those people there, how to be saved. He was a Missionary! Do you think any of them got saved?--Well, of course! Why would He preach to them if there was no chance for them to get saved? Even the Mormons believe you can get saved after you die! They believe that if you get baptised in the Mormon Temple for your relatives that they're definitely going to get saved, & if you get married in a Mormon Temple, you're definitely going to be married forever!
       43. WELL, I'D MAKE A GOOD MORMON BECAUSE I'VE MARRIED A LOT OF WIVES & I EXPECT TO BE MARRIED TO THEM FOREVER! You say, "Oh Dad, there's no marring or giving in marriage in Heaven!" (Mat. 22:30)--Of course not, I'm already married!--And we're married to Christ, already married! All the marrying & giving in marriage that's ever been done on Earth is going to be settled once & for all & that's it! "But Dad what if I meet a nice pretty new girl I never saw before in Heaven & I deceide I'd like to have her for one of my wives?" Well, jast take her if she agrees, you don't have to get married! Society in Heaven is a lot like ours! We don't go through formalities & certificates & licenses & fees & vows & wedding ceremonies & blah blah blah! We can marry in Heaven just like Adam married Eve! I presume the church today wouldn't call that a marriage at all-no blood test, no license from the county, no marriage certificate, no wedding ceremony, no little black book no preacher! They'd say, "Well, that's no marriage!"
       44. ALL GOD'S WORD HAS TO SAY & JESUS HIMSELF SAID, "THEY TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH!" THAT'S IT! As far as God's concerned, that's what He calls marriage! (Gen.2:24; Mat.19:5,6; Eph.5:31) "You mean I'm married to all the girls I ever fucked, oh my goodness!" Well, what God has joined together let not man put asunder! Not all the girls I ever fucked were necessarily a union of God from the Lord.--Over a hundred of them aren't even around any more! But you that I have been united with in the flesh as well as in spirit & heart, I expect you to be there close to me!--Amen? GBY! ILY!
       45. THE LORD HIMSELF, ACCORDING TO ONE STORY, TALKED ABOUT 10 BRIDESMAIDS, HALF OF THEM GOT IN & HALF OF THEM DIDN'T! (Mat.25:1-13) How about that? The preachers always tell us that those five foolish virgins went to Hell, but it doesn't say that! They just missed the Marriage Supper! They were virgins, that means they were brides or bridesmaids, & they did have lamps & they had some oil, but they kind of ran out. Looks to me like they certainly at least believed in the Bridegroom & they obviously wanted to marry Him, but they didn't do a very good job & they didn't keep their light shining for Jesus, they didn't keep evangelising & preaching the Gospel to the whole World. They went back on the Lord like some of our backsliders, or maybe even people that didn't really believe or receive & weren't really saved, like a lot of Churchy Christians!
       46. THEY HAD A LITTLE LIGHT, A LITTLE OIL, BUT NOT ENOUGH FOR SALVATION. You mean you can have some of the Holy Spirit, the oil, a type of the Holy Spirit, & still not be saved? Hebrews 6 & 10 make that pretty clear, that some have heard the Truth & seen the Light & even had a foretaste, had a little sample of the Gospel of Salvation, but it says if these shall go back, it shall be impossible to renew them to repentance. (Heb.6:4-6,10:26,27) That's people who have had their chance & rejected.--Not people like the Methodists say, who were saved & then got unsaved & that God threw out because they committed some little sin!
       47. THE POOR METHODISTS & ALL THEIR KIND, THE HOLINESS PEOPLE & PENTECOSTALS, THEY'RE GETTING SAVED & UNSAVED A HUNDRED TIMES A DAY! They never know when they're saved! It's pitiful!--Because so much is up to their own works & their own righteousness, their own holiness. They even call them "Holiness" people! And I hardly ever found one of them yet that really knew he was saved! Their attitude is: "Of course, you know, maybe I'm saved right now, but I'm not sure what I'm going to be tonight! I may commit some little sin, I may think some little sinful thought & that right away unsaves me & I'm going to be going to Hell!" Isn't that horrible?--People who don't know they're saved, who don't really believe in the Grace & Love, the Eternal Salvation of Jesus Christ!
       48. HE SAYS, "THOSE THAT THOU HAST GIVEN ME, LORD, NONE OF THEM IS LOST! HE THAT BELIEVETH ON THE SON HATH EVERLASTING LIFE!" (Jn.17:12; 3:36) My God, if you lose it several times a day, how could it be everlasting? And if it's up to you to keep it, then you're trying to save yourself! If you have to keep your Salvation, then you've got to save yourself & it's not by grace after all! Do you understand? But the Truth is: It's a pure gift of God! You've got nothing in the World to do with that gift except to receive it by the hand of faith, that's all! God does it all! All you have to do is accept it. It doesn't depend on how good you are or how bad you are or how good or bad you're going to be, you are saved, whatever!
       49. MAYBE EVEN DEBORAH'S SAVED!--IT SEEMED LIKE SHE GOT SAVED ONCE UPON A TIME.--Although she was always a rebel, always disobedient, always wilful. But sometimes she was a good girl. Some of you remember a few times when she was a good girl. Maybe she's saved. Maybe she just got poisoned by that Evil Magician. According to "Alice & the Magic Garden" it sounds like she finally repented! (ML #290) Do you realise what a marvellous prophecy that vision was?--And it's not over yet! In the vision it sounds like she repented. Right? The Evil Magician gave her those seeds & she's sowing them right now trying to ruin our garden! And big monsters are trying to climb down those beanstalks to wreck our Kingdom of God! Is the Father going to let it happen?--No siree! He's going to chop'm off before they ever reach the ground, & by that time Deb is going to see what a horrible mistake she made! Wasn't she crying frantically in the vision & sorry she'd done it?
       50. AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EVIL MAGICIAN?--HE SNEAKED OUT THE GATE! HE'S GOING TO SNEAK AWAY SOME DAY & I THINK HE'S GOING TO HELL! I think he's demonic! He probably was possessed with Satan himself as close as he could get to us. Who else would God call "The Evil Magician" but Satan? They say Bill Davis has been demonic ever since he was a kid, had mental troubles & all kinds of things! Anybody that would take a baby & throw it clear across the room & slam it against the wall is insane, demonic, diabolical, devilish, fiendish, Satanic!--And that's Bill Davis!
       51. I HOPE THIS LITTLE TRACT WE'RE GETTING OUT IS GOING TO EXPOSE HIM AS WELL AS DEBORAH & ALL HER DIRTINESS & LIES! But most of the book sounded like Bill Davis. I read the whole book--I hope you don't! Why besmirch your mind with all that dirt?--But I read the whole book & it is vindictive, Satanic, diabolical, I really believe worse than Deborah could have ever been! She shares the responsibility, of course, because she cooperated with him, but I think he was the main instigator, the guy who really egged it on & wrote most of the book! Most of it doesn't even sound like Deborah at all! Some of it does, like where she's telling her story, that this, that & the other happened & she had to tell the story, but most of that book sounds like Bill Davis & some of his religious advisors!--Our bitter enemies, Scribes, Pharisees & self-righteous hypocrites of the churches who hate us & would kill us if they could, just like they killed Jesus!
       52. YOU SAY SOMEBODY LIKE DEBORAH COULD STILL BE SAVED? ... Even John said some sins were not unto death, but other sins are unto death. (1Jn.5:16,17) Here's good old Catholic doctrine of mortal sin & venial sin. There are sins which are unto death, but not necessarily Hell, only a physical death. I think the Catholics interpret mortal sin as something that you do that is so bad you can't be saved. (Fam: If you die without confessing it, then you are lost forever.) And then you have to work it out in Purgatory? (Fam: No, with a mortal sin you go straight to Hell. With venial sins you go to Purgatory.) How about that? Well, I'm sure glad I'm a Christian, & in this case I'm glad I'm a Protestant! I'm not a Protestant though, I never claimed to be a Protestant! If people ask me, "Are you Catholic or Protestant?"--More times than not I might say I was a Catholic. "Catholic" is simply the Latin word for Universal, which is the Greek word meaning Universal Church, part of the Body of Christ, so of course I'm a Catholic in that case!
       53. BUT SOME PEOPLE GOD HAS TO KILL, EVEN IF THEY'RE SAVED, TO STOP THE EVIL THINGS THEY'RE DOING! Think of that! And John said about them, "I say of them, there is a sin that is unto death, I do not say that you should pray for it." (1Jn.5:16) ...
       54. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, GOD LOVES TO SEE YOU FILL YOUR CUP OF RIGHTEOUSNESS SO HE CAN GIVE YOU A BIG REWARD! But in a way He even lets the iniquitous, the wicked, fill their cup of iniquity so He can give them a big reward too! What kind of reward, David? (David: Punishment!)--Real severe punishment! So dear Deborah may not be classed with the wicked, but she's sure done a lot of wicked things & she's filling her cup of iniquity [EDITED: "--God's allowing it"] in causing people to make a decision for or against us--testing the people, maybe even your relatives, maybe even your parents with that book, forcing them to make a decision one way or the other, because a lot of people are still on the fence. ...
       55. GOD'S WORD SAYS THAT IT WOULD BE BETTER THAT SOME PEOPLE WOULD HAVE A MILLSTONE TIED AROUND THEIR NECK--millstones weigh about a ton or two--& thrown in the middle of the sea, than to cause these little ones to stumble! (Mat.18:6) And it's not just talking about children!--Any little ones, babes, ignorant parents, relatives, people you know that were sort of on the fence & on the scale or in the balance teetering one way or the other, & Deb & her book comes along & gives'm a big shove in the wrong direction! She's caused people to stumble, it's pitiful!
       56. SHE COULD STILL BE SAVED, BUT MY, HOW ASHAMED WE'D BE OF HER IN HEAVEN! If Deb goes to Heaven she'd be held in absolute contempt by all you good Christians that love the Lord & served Him faithfully to the very End & who get a Crown of Life! Now honestly, wouldn't you be ashamed of her?--And wouldn't she more or less deserve the contempt of those There? As I said, such people will probably be down in the basement shining shoes or something. God couldn't trust them with anything very important. If He couldn't trust them here, He certainly can't trust them There! If according to what you do here & you do well, He gives you many cities or many talents, but if you don't do well, He's certainly not going to trust you with much There, either in the Millennium or on the New Earth, until you learn a lot more lessons!
       57. MAYBE YOU'LL GET HEALED BY THE LEAVES OF LIFE! Maybe she'll have to take a whole new course & read all the MO Books & all the Letters & all the literature & all the Komix & the whole works before God will trust her with anything! She was supposed to be a childcare & babycare expert. Well, just because she's had nine children doesn't necessarily mean she's an expert. They just spurted out, that's all! It doesn't mean that she knows everything there is to know. A lot of that stuff we had to correct after she wrote it! Well, I don't want to get off onto that, that's another subject, but maybe that answers some of your questions: How can people be like that & still be saved? All right, back to Revelation 13! He tells about the war with the Saints, some of us are even going to get killed, here is the patience of the Saints.
       58. VERSE 11: "AND I BEHELD ANOTHER BEAST"--NOW HERE COMES THE FALSE PROPHET! He looks like a lamb but he speaks like the Dragon, & who's the Dragon? (Fam: The Devil!)--Satan! He's got the voice & the words of Satan, the Devil! He's the False Prophet of the Antichrist. I've sometimes compared this to the Trinity. And although that word's not in the Bible, if people ask me if I believe in the Trinity, I say sure! I don't believe in the word necessarily, but it's a word used to describe Father, Son & Holy Ghost. So if you want to call that the Trinity, that's just a technical, theological church term meaning the Three-in-One. Maybe they got the name for that oil from that!--Trinitarian oil! Next time I need some "3-in-One" oil I can say, "Go get me that Trinity oil, okay?"
       59. BUT THE DEVIL HAS HIS IMITATION OF ALMOST EVERYTHING! The Antichrist is the imitation Messiah, the son of the Devil! Satan is the god of this World, his son is going to be the Antichrist, & this False Prophet is symbolic of his spirit, it's his spirit, the one who gives forth his words, tells the World, even has them make the Image! It's the False Prophet who does a lot of this stuff. Some people used to think Hitler was the Antichrist & Goebbels was his false prophet because Goebbels was his propaganda minister. Well, he was certainly a false prophet & he sure did a lot of damage, but he wasn't this False Prophet.
       60. THERE HAVE BEEN LOTS OF FORESHADOWINGS, FORETYPES & SIMILARITIES OF THE ANTICHRIST ALL DOWN THROUGH HISTORY, & EVEN THIS FINAL ONE IS SIMILAR TO GOD'S TRINITY. His rule & reign is the imitation Millennium. He thinks he's going to make it a Millennium but it doesn't turn out that way, as obviously we've seen. He's constantly imitating God, because he knows what God does always works, but God's not going to let his work. Even if he does similar things, they all turn out bad, all turn out evil. Even when he tries to make all these religions get together, it doesn't work. Then he tries to make it all one religion & it still doesn't work, because he just can't! He can't win for losin'! Savvy? All right, praise the Lord!
       61. SO THERE'S THE FALSE PROPHET & HE'S THE ONE THAT CAUSES THE EARTH & THEM WHICH DWELL THEREIN TO WORSHIP THE FIRST BEAST WHOSE DEADLY WOUND WAS HEALED! He's his propaganda minister, the one who publicises him & advertises him & speaks for him & causes them to make an Image of him. "He deceiveth them that dwell on the Earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the Beast." Even the False Prophet is going to have power to do miracles & supernatural wonders! "Saying to them that dwell on the Earth that they should make an Image to the Beast, which had the wound by a sword & did live." The Image didn't have a wound by the sword, this is how you get mixed up sometimes with this English. It means the Beast had a wound.
       62. "AND HE HAD POWER TO GIVE LIFE TO THE IMAGE." Who's doing this? The Antichrist? (Fam: The False Prophet!) Pretty powerful guy, huh? Of course I'm quite sure it's with the approval & instigation & probably inspiration of the Antichrist & Satan who possesses him. But it's the False Prophet who is his campaign manager, so to speak, his publiciser, his publicity agent who gets the World to do all these things for the Beast. Savvy? "And he had power to give life unto the Image of the Beast." Boy, this False Prophet is a pretty powerful guy! "That the Image of the Beast should both speak, & cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast should be killed." He has the power to do all these things in the name of the Beast.
       63. HE IS SO BAD THAT GOD SAYS AT THE END OF THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON THAT HE & THE BEAST ARE SENT STRAIGHT TO HELL, THE LAKE OF FIRE! Because think of how many people he's led astray & caused to receive the Mark of the Beast & caused to deserve such punishment! The rest of them are killed, they'll get their judgement later at the Great White Throne Judgement, but the Beast & the False Prophet are sent directly to Hell to the Lake of Fire! It says so right at the end of the 19th Chapter of Revelation if you don't believe me. (Rev.19:20) Then verses 16 & 17, you know all about the Mark of the Beast, I don't have to tell you more about that.
       64. YOU SAY, "WHAT ABOUT THIS NUMBER 666?" Well, this number is cropping up all the time nowadays, isn't it? (Fam: Even on some computer disks the password is 666.) It is? On their computer disk the password is 666! The Jewish Star is the 6-pointed star. They call it the Star of David. Listen, I don't think David ever had anything to do with that star! The Christian Jews were always claiming the bottom triangle was the trinity of man & the top triangle is the Trinity of God interlocking with the trinity of man. Well, I'm convinced that it's the trinity of man going to interlock with the trinity of Satan! Because it's obvious they cause more trouble in the World, they even cause the Antichrist trouble! Well, when they finally cause him trouble they're getting over on the right side at last, thank the Lord! We Jews can sure cause a lot of trouble!
       65. THERE WAS ONE GUY WHO USED TO SEND OUT MAILINGS TO ALL OF HIS FRIENDS & FreeCOG PEOPLE WITH MY LEGAL NAME RIGHT ON THE FRONT OF THE ENVELOPE IN BIG TYPE THAT HIGH & RIGHT UNDER IT: "U.S. NUMBER ONE COMMUNIST!" I could have sued him for calling me a Communist, but I don't want to filthy my hands with stuff like that! I've got enough to worry about without a court case. We took one case to court & we finally had to just forget the whole thing because I had to flee to Europe anyhow. We got enough publicity about it! Nowadays a lot of people sue just to get the publicity! We got a million dollars worth of publicity out of that suit! We sued this guy for a million dollars for calling us things we weren't & saying things that weren't true, the father of one of our disciples. He was from San Diego, one of the leaders & organisers of FreeCOG. He even followed us to Dallas & picketed with signs & everything against us. So we hired Jael's then-husband to be our lawyer & sued him for a million dollars! And it was all in the process of going to court & it hit the headlines & the papers & everything & this was spread abroad throughout the whole country that we were suing him for a million for lying about us & not telling the truth!
       66. WELL, WE GOT WHAT WE NEEDED OUT OF IT, THE PUBLICITY! That was the main thing, just to tell the people the Truth. We got to tell our side of the story in the newspaper articles, why we were suing. But then finally we had to flee to Europe, so we couldn't carry on the suit, because you've got to be there & it was being made in my name, etc., so it had a lot of complications which I didn't care to go into. Well, how did I get on that?--Publicity! Was that it? The False Prophet is the publicity manager for the Antichrist.
       67. THEY SAY THE WHOLE COMPUTER SYSTEM OF MOST COMPUTERS IS BUILT ON THE NUMBER SIX. They say the number is already on the new Social Security cards, etc., that they're going to issue, I think even next year in '86 or sometime! It's even on the new money that's going to be printed. Some of it's already printed & somebody accidentally got one recently. Remember? We get reports of this all the time from people in the know who have fathers who are economists in the government who know these things! So I believe the Lord gave the sign, 666, a trinity of sixes, like the trinity of the Devil! It's the sign of the Beast, the sign of each one of these beasts, each one as perfect as man can get. Did you know six is man's number, seven is God's number? It shows no matter how hard man tries, he's not perfect. He can get close to seven but that's as close as he can get--six!
       68. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE MUSLIMS, BUT THEIR NUMBER SEEMS TO BE EIGHT, DID YOU EVER NOTICE THAT? They have octagons all the time in their stars, 8-pointed stars, octagons in their designs. I remember when I got to Portugal & saw all those fancy sidewalks like they have down in Brazil also--that idea came from Portugal--they had all these octagons. Everything in Arabic designs, etc., are octagons. They don't want to have a 7 like the Christians or a 6 like the Jews, so they had to go in for octagons & go one better! Well, the Scripture comes to me, the seventh empire, the Antichrist, even he is the eighth! (Rev.17:11) I wonder if that's got any significance about the Muslims? Certainly he gets their cooperation at first but then he has trouble later. All right! PTL! We're almost done, on the home stretch! Look at that, we finished that whole chapter already!
       69. OKAY, NOW HERE'S THE ONE THAT'S IMPORTANT! WE'VE GOT 12 MINUTES, WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET INTO THE 14TH CHAPTER? Here's where we find that Babylon is destroyed just before the Coming of Christ. Because when the angel first flies with the everlasting Gospel to the whole World, here's the Gospel preached in every nation, which Jesus says is a sign of the End! "Then shall the End come!" (Mat.24:14; Rev.14:6) He doesn't say that is the End, but it's going to come then. So here's even an angel preaching the Gospel to the whole World! Some preachers have theorised maybe that means radio, electrical power, blah blah. Well, it says an angel so I'm going to believe it's an angel, how about you?--Flying in the air!
       70. THEN IN VERSE 8 WE HAVE THE NEWS THAT BABYLON IS FALLEN, & AFTER THAT WE'VE GOT THE GREAT REAPING, THE GREAT REAPER! You're supposed to know these chapters, you're supposed to have read'm, so I'm not going to take time to read every word. I know you'd like me to, but I've been over these before & you've had'm in the BOF. But here in the 14th Chapter we've got the Gospel going to the whole World, we've got the fall of Babylon, & that comes certainly at the end of the Tribulation, the Atomic War, that's another sign, just before the Rapture. You've then got the Rapture, the reaping. The first reaping is what?--I just told you! (Fam: The Rapture!) But there's another reaping after that, the Wrath of God! He talks about the grapes of wrath (Rev.14:18,19), on which some guy wrote a book, only it had nothing to do with this! But you know, they get a lot of book titles from the Bible, a lot of movie titles, & a lot from Shakespeare, because it's such beautiful English & they're familiar phrases which people will remember. God's Word has power even in the use of titles by the World! Maybe the Lord allows that to remind them of the Bible!
       71. THEN COMES THE WRATH OF GOD & IN THE 15TH CHAPTER WE'VE GOT A DESCRIPTION OF THE ANGELS OF WRATH, THEN IN THE 16TH CHAPTER THEY BEGIN TO POUR OUT THE WRATH. The Wrath of God occurs when? (Fam: After the Rapture.) Also when? During what? (Fam: The Marriage Supper.) And between the Rapture & what? (Fam: Armageddon.) Armageddon is part of the Wrath of God & our Wrath, praise God! So there are going to be all these horrible things happening during the Wrath of God. The first curse is these sores, & a lot of that is beginning now. People are having cancer more than they ever had in history, giant sores that eat'm up, eat'm to death! But they even had them back in Paul's time. He said, "that eateth like a canker," that's the word for cancer in the New Testament.
       72. HE SAID THE EVIL WORDS OF THESE BACKSLIDERS & FALSE PROPHETS EAT LIKE A CANCER THE HEARTS & MINDS OF PEOPLE! (2Tim.2:17) Isn't that how Deb's words are working now, sad to say? But when they eat those people like a cancer, what's going to happen to the people? They get eaten up & it kills'm, spiritually, maybe physically too! So in a way, Deb's words then become part of the judgements of God! He says, "If they won't believe the truth, I'll send them strong delusion," like her lies, "that they might believe a lie that they might be damned!"--In other words, cursed or judged, punished! (2Thes.2:10-12) Some churches & preachers always interpret "damned" as meaning straight to Hell!--But it does not always mean straight to Hell! Damned, the literal word from which that's interpreted or translated, means judged or punished. It may be Hell or it may be something much less. It may be in this life, it may be in the afterlife. So remember when you see that word "damned" it doesn't always mean Hell. Well, I think in the case of the people following the Antichrist it means Hell, that's for sure!
       73. OKAY, THE SECOND & THE THIRD VIALS, ALL THE WATER TURNS TO BLOOD! They're worthy to drink blood because they shed the blood of the Saints. Fourth, the sun gets so hot it scorches them! They want sunshine, they want tans, God's going to give it to'm!--Till they blister! The fifth, darkness!--Gross darkness over the Earth, God's Word says, & that darkness is described many other places too. Maybe that's the nuclear winter that's going to follow the Atomic War! They say it's going to be dark!
       74. WHEN KRAKATOA EXPLODED IN THE SUNDA STRAITS BETWEEN JAVA & SUMATRA, INDONESIA, THAT WAS THE BIGGEST EXPLOSION THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, BIGGER THAN ANY ATOMIC BOMB! It buried the jungles nearby in a hundred feet of ashes, clear over the tops of the palm trees! It was so dark in Batavia & Jakarta that they had to carry lamps in the daytime!--And the sun & the moon both turned blue even as far away as London & Paris! I've forgotten how many thousands & thousands of people were killed. God sure must have been mad at those people for all of their idolatry & Satanic worship, etc. A whole mountain, a whole volcano blew up, boom!--Just totally disappeared! Well, it didn't totally disappear, it appeared in ashes & cinders & fire & brimstone raining down from the sky after it blew up!
       75. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE GOD GETS ALL THAT FIRE & BRIMSTONE? Well, He could manufacture it Up There if He wanted to, but that would be kind of a dirty job! He manufactures it right here on Earth in these volcanoes, & when they explode, that's fire & brimstone! Haven't you seen it? Don't the volcanoes have a rim, a brim, & the stone flows over in red-hot liquid form?--Fire & brimstone, there you have it! So that's going to be part of the judgements, all these volcanic eruptions & earthquakes & all kinds of disasters!
       76. AND THE SIXTH, THE RIVER EUPHRATES WAS DRIED UP! THAT NOT ONLY SOUNDS LIKE JUST PREPARING THE WAY FOR THE KINGS OF THE EAST, IT SOUNDS LIKE ONE HELL OF A FAMINE!--Not just the Sahara drying up, but it comes to the point that the rain ceases & God curses the Earth for its wickedness & He even dries up a huge, gigantic river, known in the Bible as the River because it was so big, the River Euphrates! What is it, 2,000 miles long or something like that? It originates up in the mountains of Ararat, flows around through Turkey & Iraq & finally down into the Arabian Sea, most of it flowing through Iraq, which used to be known as Mesopotamia, the land between the rivers, meaning the Tigris & the Euphrates. Well, here we have that river drying up to do what?
       77. 12TH VERSE: "THAT THE WAY OF THE KINGS OF THE EAST MIGHT BE PREPARED." Well now, if this is following the Atomic War, it could be that that's when he's going to have his trouble with the Kings of the East, gathering together for the Battle of Armageddon! How do I know? Well, let's read the rest of it. "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon, & out of the mouth of the Beast, & out of the mouth of the False Prophet." (Rev.16:13) Here are the spirits of false prophecies. "For they are the spirits of devils working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the Earth & of the whole World, to gather them to the Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty!"--There it is! And where do they gather together? Let's skip the 15th verse because that's just a warning.
       78. "AND HE GATHERED THEM TOGETHER INTO A PLACE CALLED IN THE HEBREW TONGUE ARMAGEDDON."--Or Ar-megiddo, the height of Megiddo in the Valley of Megiddo. Maria & I have been there, at least we were right at the mouth of it. The mouth of it is Haifa actually, believe it or not. I can remember passing road signs to my amazement as the people took us out to visit one of the kibbutzim: "Megiddo--16 miles"! How about that? We were that close to Armageddon! I wish I could have seen it, but I guess the Lord spared me. Anyway, here it is!
       79. NOW, LINK ALL OF THESE THINGS TOGETHER HERE & WHAT HAPPENS UNDER THE SIXTH VIAL? (Fam: The River Euphrates is dried up.) Euphrates dried up! That sounds like big famine, too. What else? The Kings of the East are coming, obviously. It's prepared for them so they can cross it. One of the main barriers to a land army coming that way would be having to cross the Euphrates. I don't know whether they've got any bridges across it or not, but armies could sure cross a lot better if it was bone dry! Whole armies would have to get almost in single file to cross bridges, & you can blow up bridges, but if the whole Euphrates is dried up, they can just swarm across by the hundreds of millions! In fact, God's Word in another place describes it that way, like hundreds of millions of them are going to come! Whew! "Dad, an army of millions is bad enough, but 200 million?" It says it right in the Bible in another place, you can read it:
       80. "THE NUMBER OF THE ARMY OF THE HORSEMEN WERE TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND THOUSAND"--THAT'S 200 MILLION ALL TOGETHER! (Rev.9:16) And if this means that army from the East, Brother, that is going to be some army! It sounds like all of Islam is rising up against the Antichrist, maybe even the Chinese, maybe all the Buddhists & the Shintoists & Taoists & Hindus & all the rest of these Oriental religions! It looks like these Easterners are really going to have his number--I mean know his number--& know he's the wrong one, & they're going to be one of the major opponents in this big battle.
       81. THESE UNCLEAN SPIRITS, FALSE PROPHETS, SOUND LIKE FALSE PROPAGANDA, RIGHT? See, the Devil is lying to the whole World to make'm fight each other!--Get it? Isn't that the way he does now? He lies to one side & says the other side is wicked, & he lies to that side & says they're wicked, & they both call each other wicked names just like Reagan & the Russians are doing! Satan poisons the minds of both of them against each other to try to make'm make war with each other. The Devil is on both sides, because he's against both of them! He wants them to destroy each other, destroy themselves, destroy the Earth!
       82. SO HERE WE HAVE THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON SPOKEN OF SPECIFICALLY BY NAME IN THIS PASSAGE. What verse? Remember that number: Revelation 16:16--two 6's!--The Battle of Armageddon! How's that? Easy to remember? So here the Euphrates is dried up, the Kings of the East come & these devils are deceiving them all, summoning them together to fight this great battle to try to destroy the Earth, to try to destroy mankind in one last great battle. The Antichrist thinks he's going to win, his opponents think they're going to at least try to win, but they're all being deceived by the Devil to come & fight a big battle, & God's allowing it, right?
       83. BECAUSE WE FIND IN ANOTHER PLACE IT SAYS THAT THEY NOT ONLY FIGHT AT ARMAGEDDON, BUT THEY SURROUND THE HOLY CITY, JERUSALEM, & THAT'S THE LAST STRAW!--That's the crux of the whole matter & that's in some of the Scriptures we're going to read later. That's when we come down & settle the battle! They think they're just fighting each other, all these rebels against the Antichrist fighting him, & the Antichrist fighting all these rebels, but we come down to wipe out the Antichrist & his forces! And what does that do? If we wipe out one side, it at least saves the other side!--I mean it saves them from destruction. We help'm win the war!--The good people who rejected & refused the Antichrist & his Mark. Isn't that plain?
       84. AND AFTER THIS, WELL, THAT'S REALLY THE END: "THE SEVENTH ANGEL POURED OUT HIS VIAL INTO THE AIR." HERE'S THE END OF THE WRATH OF GOD! The Battle of Armageddon, & then after the Battle of Armageddon, the seventh vial is what? "There came a great voice out of the Temple of Heaven, from the Throne, saying, It is done!" That's it! Didn't we say that was the end?--The end, finito, of man's day on Earth! Why?--Because God takes over, we take over, right? "And there were voices & thunders & lightnings & a great earthquake such as was not since men were upon the Earth, so mighty an earthquake & so great!" Whew! The last thing God does is just shake up the whole World!
       85. "AND THE GREAT CITY WAS DIVIDED INTO THREE PARTS." What great city do you think that was? I thought Babylon was already destroyed? I think it means cities all over the World were really destroyed! Exactly what "three parts" means, maybe you've got a good theory. Some people theorise that means the Christians, Jews & Muslims, that means this, that means that, well, I'm not going to say because I don't know yet.--Maybe it means in the First, Second & Third World parts of the Earth! But we'll know when it happens because we'll be there winning the war! Praise God?
       86. "AND THE CITIES OF THE NATIONS FELL!" It's not enough that we win the war, God's going to destroy their cities, those abominable, devilish, diabolical cities that produce this horror noise they call music videos & spawn that kind of devils & Hell's children, Hell on Earth! It's amazing how people think they've reached the ultimate if they get to New York City! I have been to New York City, Brother, I have toured New York City top & bottom & the Bowery & the guts & the entrails of New York City, & it is one of the filthiest, dirtiest, slimiest, ugliest cities in the World!--Full of devils & fiends & idiots! It is Hell on Earth, the capital of Hell on Earth, the U.S.A., New York City! Don't let all those pretty, tall graveyard monuments rising to the sky there deceive you!
       87. THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IS AN IDOL, IT'S AN IMAGE! LET'S FACE IT!--AN IDOL TO FREEDOM! America has not made God their God, they have made freedom their god!--And yet they've never had freedom, they've never gotten freedom, they're getting more bound all the time! And God's going to even destroy that Goddess of Freedom, the Statue of Liberty! How symbolic! God hates that kind of freedom! "Grandpa, what do you mean He hates freedom?" He likes love slaves, faithful servants, that are bound to Him for life & eternity! Praise God? And if they are His servants & they're bound to Him, love slaves of Jesus, He'll give them more freedom than this World ever had!
       88. LOOK AT THE FREEDOM WE HAVE IN OUR HOME! LOOK AT THE FREEDOM WE HAVE IN DRESS & SEX & SPIRIT & EVERY WAY!--Freedom in the Scriptures to get the Truth now finally, after the preachers bound it up & sealed the book for so long & never told us all these things! Amen? But the only way you get this kind of freedom is by being God's love slave! The only way you get this kind of security is by being bound to Jesus Christ! PTL? Hallelujah? Amen? "For whom the Son has set free is free indeed! If ye continue in My Words, then are ye My disciples indeed. And ye shall know the Truth & the Truth shall make you free!" (Jn.8:31,32,36) Did you know they've got that over many a college entrance?--"Ye shall know the Truth & the Truth shall make you free!"--When most of the colleges are full of lies! They're not teaching the Truth at all! That's right out of the Scripture, & the only way you can know the Truth is to have Jesus & His Word! That's the way you know the Truth, & that's the only way you'll ever be free, by having the Truth! Praise God? Hallelujah! TYJ! (Jn.14:6)
       89. WELL, WE DIDN'T QUITE FINISH THIS CHAPTER, BUT BABYLON GETS SOME MORE MISCHIEF THERE TOO & ALL THE FIERCENESS OF GOD'S WRATH IS POURED OUT! "Every island fled away & the mountains were not found." Hey, even some of the mountains are going to be trimmed down in that great earthquake! I didn't see any mountains from the Heavenly City, just rolling hills & forest & country & crops & villages & farms, no mountains! So maybe this is when the mountains disappear! The ball is still here after the atmosphere & the surface is all burned up, & that could be part of His levelling process also, but whatever, whenever, it sure sounds pretty bad! (Isa.40:4-5; 54:10; Eze.38:20; Rev.6:14-17)
       90. "AND THERE FELL UPON MEN A GREAT HAIL OUT OF HEAVEN, EVERY STONE ABOUT THE WEIGHT OF A TALENT." How much does a talent weigh? (Techi: A hundred pounds.) Right, it's about 100 pounds, actually about 104 pounds. Brother! Can you think of anything around here that weighs 100 pounds? Do any of you children weigh 100 pounds? A lot of you girls weigh about 100 pounds, don't you? Several of you weigh 47, 48, 49, 50 kilos--how would you like to have one of these gals fallin' on you? Well, you say, I wouldn't mind that! But how would you like to have a rock the size of one of these girls fall on you?--From the sky, Brother! Can you imagine? It would hit you so hard you probably wouldn't know what hit you! You'd be just nothing but a little grease spot! That's pretty bad, huh?
       91. I'LL TELL YOU, THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON ENDS WITH A BANG, THE BIGGEST BANG THIS WORLD EVER HEARD! You talk about atomic bombs, they never had anything on this! Even the Atomic War will not be as bad as the Battle of Armageddon when the whole World shakes & the mountains fall down & the cities fall down & God just levels the whole works! How about that? Praise God? Amen? (Fam: Amen!) Well, we're going to have a slightly different Earth even in the Millennium, praise the Lord? We'll still have seas & rivers, etc., in the Millennium, the day of no seas has to wait for the New Earth. But boy oh boy oh boy, this is some shake-up there at the End! PTL?
       92. SO THERE'S YOUR BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON AGAIN! THAT'S SOMETHING WE'RE STUDYING A LOT ABOUT BECAUSE WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE A-ACs & WHO LIVES THROUGH IT! That's one of the big questions that we haven't really dealt with much before. So we got done at 12:12, how about that?--And if you pray real quick I'll shut up! Somebody start praying real quick so I won't have to say anything else. Why don't we just say the Lord's Prayer? What do we call the Lord's Prayer? (Kids: The Kingdom Prayer!) I don't even want you ever to say the Kingdom Prayer--pray it! Too much of this saying goes on in churches! I think probably more Christians in churches take the name of the Lord in vain than maybe even the heathen, or the [EDITED: "ACs"]! The [EDITED: "ACs"] love to take it in vain.
       93. YOU NOTICE IN THESE [EDITED: "AC"] MOVIES THEY'RE COMING OUT MORE & MORE WITH CURSING JESUS CHRIST ALL THE TIME, USING JESUS CHRIST AS A CURSE WORD! Just think! In the Army, the only way I could stand it is every time I'd hear it I'd say, "Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! They've got to recognise You even in their curses!" Even in their cursing Him, His name is almost more on their lips than on the lips of some of these church people, more on the lips of the World, the curses of the World! But even there they're recognising Him by saying Jesus Christ! They don't mean to compliment Him, but He says He'll even cause the wrath of man to praise Him! (Psa.76:10) Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen? Praise God! The [EDITED: "ACs"] think all the time that they're cursing Christ, & they are, & they think that they're demeaning Him & propagandising against Him, but every time they say that in these movies they're reminding people about Jesus Christ & reminding them that He lived & they're reminding [EDITED: "ACs"] that they hate Him! That ought to wake some of the Christians up to remind them of how the [EDITED: "ACs"] hate Jesus! God help us!
       94. SO DON'T JUST SAY THESE THINGS! They used to say, "We've got to say our prayers." Don't say your prayers, that's just rattling off something like the "Our Father" as a form or your rosary or just repeating prayers for your much speaking blah blah! Pray! When we pray this prayer, do you think about the Lord? Do you pray it to Him?--Not to me! Think about Jesus! Think about the Father! Nowadays since Jesus has come & died & become our Saviour, we know Jesus, so I usually pray to dear Jesus. But since Jesus was teaching the prayer, He said, "Our Father," & that's fine, because His Father likes to be glorified. After all, the Father is the One above all, amen?--God our Father! All right, here we go! Are you ready to not say but pray?--And not to the "witches in Heaven" but to our Father?--Okay!--The Kingdom Prayer! It starts off with the Kingdom & ends up with the Kingdom! Isn't that wonderful? Some day I'll preach you a sermon on the Lord's Prayer, but I've preached enough sermons already! Lord forgive me & help me to be briefer! I'm getting a little better, every day I cut off about 15 minutes! That means maybe next time I'll end at 12 o'clock. But aren't you glad I finished that chapter? We went through about 2 or 3 chapters today, we've been zippin' along, 'cause we've got to get this all out to the people as fast as we can! So let's pray the prayer which Jesus taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) God bless you all & keep you & give you a good day!
       95. DO YOU LIKE THIS SCHEDULE OF AT LEAST TRYING TO GET IT WITHIN A COUPLE HOURS IN THE MORNING IF WE CAN? We haven't quite made it yet but I'll make it one of these days, Lord willing! But don't you like this better than having it late at night after dinner? Remember when I used to keep you up to the wee hours after dinner for those talks until you nearly went to sleep & you & the poor kids were exhausted? Isn't this a little bit better when your mind is a little more awake & you're a little fresher? Then you've got the whole day ahead of you!--What's left of it! PTL!--To get your jobs done & study & you can go to bed early if you don't dance too long. GBY! You still get your dinner & you still get your dance! PTL?
       96. AND THIS STUDY WILL SOON BE OVER, WE'RE NOT GOING TO BE ON THIS FOREVER! We're just going to have more of these morning sessions until we get through with this subject. I think you know all the rest pretty well. (Maria: No!) We don't have to give you all the rest. (Maria: Do it for my benefit!) See how she does? She pumps me, she baits me, she does everything she can do to get me to talk!--Then she has to try to do everything she can to get me to stop! (Maria: I'm not trying to stop you at all!) That's true, Honey. But for your sake she knows that I ought to try to keep it down to a couple of hours. "The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak." (Mat.26:41) Amen! GBY! ILY!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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