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       1. THIS PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH KELLIE EVERTS IS A CORKER! She is a character, I'll tell you! And she certainly has met about the only people who would ever really appreciate her & really love her & appreciate what she's doing. I think we're just practically cut out for her & her for us! She's got a lot to learn yet, she's just really a babe, although she doesn't know that. But anyway, you can read her interview. It's really a scream, you'll love it!
       2. WE CAN CALL IT "OUR PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH KELLIE EVERTS!" It's our folks that did it, so that ought to attract some attention. She sure attracts attention, I'll tell you, God bless her! She does the best she knows how. I don't know how much results she's getting, but she claims she's getting quite a few. I don't know whether she goes by a show of hands or what. She shows plenty else! But I don't know what she can do in the way of follow-up,that might be a little dangerous.--Ha!
       3. SHE SAYS THAT I'M ALL SHE'S GOT!--NOBODY ELSE WILL ACCEPT HER. As far as any organised groups are concerned, nobody has accepted her. Isn't that something how strong she's been to stand up alone so long? She's just been fighting the battle all alone. She says there are a few individuals who like her & love her & try to encourage her, but very few. Most people attack her, especially the church people. They'll phone up a program she's on & say they're going to try to get them off the air & have their station license cancelled for having her & blah blah!
       4. SHE JUST IS LOADED WITH PERSECUTION, CONSTANTLY HAS THREATS ON HER LIFE, ATTEMPTED RAPES ETC.! So she had to be strong to take it. She has a few weird ideas still left over from her former religious training under that kind of weird woman to whom she finally wised up that she was not altogether right. So she's got a long ways to go, she's like a babe, & if she'll just read the Word, I'm sure it will get her straightened out! But anyhow, regardless, we can certainly love her for her guts--I mean the invisible ones, the spiritual ones--& she's got plenty else besides! But she certainly needs help.
       5. I'M SO GLAD THOSE TWO SWEET PEOPLE OF OURS WERE ABLE TO MEET HER! You can tell on the interview he's real sweet, mild, slow & humble, just really precious! They're just what she needed. She probably hasn't bumped into many like that, certainly not Christians like that, they almost always attack her! Some tell her, "Well, we like you personally & we know you're trying to do good, but it's not right", blah blah! She hasn't found anybody of the organised religions that approve of her.
       6. SHE SAYS OF ME ON THE TAPE, "WELL, IF HE LIKES ME, I LOVE HIM! HE'S ALL I'VE GOT!"--Ha! Isn't that cute? I think we're really doing well to really encourage her. So let's put in that interview! We can make this the Kellie Everts edition! She even remembered that we had written something about her back in '78, in the original FN, & she said that was such an encouragement to her when she heard that somebody really appreciated what she was doing.
       7. IT SHOWS SHE'S A REAL LITTLE SHEEP THAT NEEDS A LOT OF ENCOURAGEMENT! She's had no fellowship at all since that woman died who was pretty weird anyhow & I think kind of misled her. She's had nobody, just a few personal friends, that's all, I don't know whether they're male or female or what. But anyhow, apparently nobody religious has accepted her & it's really hard to stand alone like that. That woman died in '79 & she's been standing on her own alone now for 6 years. I guess it was just the Lord, maybe it wasn't God's time, but she's sure ready for it now! She's really thankful that we have discovered her & she's found us! She's just cut out for our kind of group!--Ha!--Or we're cut out for her!
       8. WE'RE INCLUDING EVERYTHING IN THE TRANSCRIPT--ALL THE LAUGHS & LITTLE REMARKS & WHISPERS & WHATNOT! Like she says, "Will you please tighten this for me?" Apparently he's helping dress her in her costume! All the little chit-chat & side remarks add a lot of spice to the interview & shows how natural & personal it was! It was about a 45-minute interview & she did most of the talking. Since they didn't ask her too many questions she just went on & on!--Probably the first interview she's ever had like that. Probably most of the guys are full of questions, but he just sort of sat there silently & let her talk. She's really cute, though, you'll love it! You will really scream & laugh! She was even talking from the bathroom & it's all kind of funny & sweet. It was amazing that she gave them that time while she was actually getting dressed & putting on her make-up at the club in her dressing room just before the show.
       9. SHE IS AMAZING, SHE REALLY IS QUITE INTELLIGENT! I expected to hear the usual Broadway Brooklyn dancer's twang, that special accent they have, but she's not at all like that. If anything, she has a California accent & speaks very clearly & very well. Now & then you can get a little hint of New York. She is something! She's a tough character to survive the way she has. She knows what she's doing! She's got a lot on the ball! She needs, of course, a little instruction & feeding & guiding away from some of that stuff she's into, to something better, but anyway, I'm sure the Lord led her to us because she really needs us. I don't know that we need her, we've got our own, if you know what I mean, & I think they're even prettier & sweeter! But she does have a certain beauty about her & the Lord has certainly given her a lot to show for it! It certainly is an interesting situation, especially us adopting her & her adopting us, of all things!
       10. SHE'S GREAT ON PUBLICITY! She practically handles her own publicity. She sends out her pictures to various newspapers all over the country to publicise herself, & of course to get bookings. After all, it's her business, she's got to make a living! And now she's sent out notices to all the newspapers that she's one of us!--Ha! GBH! Please pray for her & love her for me!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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