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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


1. IT'S GOING TO BE BETTER FOR OUR WS PERSONNEL TO BE FARMED OUT INTO THE FIELD NOW where they can be scattered out & where they can have a better chance of survival & being on their own & depending on the Lord to take care of them than to be dependent on us & our income. So you might put that bug in their bonnet too, that it is to their advantage when the Crash comes that they not all be dependent on us & our income, which is bound to be hurt. We can always think of more things to do, but the most necessary major projects & urgent ones, haven't we pretty well rounded them up?
2. I EXPECT WE CAN KEEP PUBLISHING AT LEAST THE GN, so I hope we can keep at least one artist around & one secretary & someone & some place to print it & mail it, one publisher at least, & a few support staff. It looks to me like most of our big projects are getting pretty well wound up, thank the Lord, just at the right time--posters, tapes, books, etc. We prayed & asked God to give us time to finish up these things. It looks like now He has & we are finishing up, but He can't hold back the Crash & the whole World for us forever!
3. PROPHECY HAS TO COME TRUE! It has got to happen soon, because the longer God waits, the worse the situation gets, & the worse it is going to be & the greater destruction there is going to be! I mean hour-by-hour the World is wasting away! What is it?--Fifty acres of the World's surface is being devastated every minute! The conservationists put that ad in the paper all the time. 26 million acres of the World's forestry & surface is being ruined by man every year! And look at the deserts of the World now--the Sahara & the deserts of the World are growing everywhere!
4. MAN IS ALREADY DESTROYING THE EARTH! He is not just going to wait till the Atomic bombs start flying! He is polluting & destroying the Earth now! And the quicker He stops it, the less mess we are going to have to clean up in the Millennium, which is already going to take a thousand years!--Do you understand? So God cannot just keep waiting on us because we're dragging our feet! He's waiting & waiting for us to keep on finishing up this little project & that little new project & here is something else we want to do, but He can't wait forever!
5. WHEN JESUS COMES THERE WILL BE A LOT WE WANTED TO DO THAT WILL HAVE TO BE LEFT UNDONE. Do you realise that? You might as well get that through your heads, God cannot wait forever to wind up this Earthly scene! He has postponed the day of Judgement & He has postponed the hour of reckoning again & again, but I think He has just about postponed it as long as He can. The final hour finally comes & has all through history & all through the Bible. God's Prophets often begged for a little more time, & God's Patriarchs begged for a little more time: "Lord, give us a little more time! Lord, forgive the people one more time! Lord, give us another year!" One King begged for 15 years & got it, but that was a Helluva long time ago! (2Kgs.20:17) There's not that much time left now! The Lord will, if He can, but His people are always stalling! In one case God finally had to send angels to drag them by the hand out of the city! (Gen.19)
6. THERE COMES A TIME WHEN GOD CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER! Is that clear? Do you understand?--That He has to go ahead & do it even if His people are stupid enough not to get out! He sometimes forces them out then to make sure they get out of town or get out of the situation, but I don't think He likes to wait until He has to do that. He likes you to love Him enough & be in touch with Him enough to be willing to obey! His wish should be our command, & He's given us notification & warning after warning for years & years now, that it's coming to an end & we should be prepared for it & ready for it & not complain about it when it happens, & not keep on begging for another year & another year while man is already destroying the Earth!--And more & more little babies & children are getting slaughtered & poisoned & mistreated & dying! Now how long, O Lord, how long can You let it go on?
7. WELL, GOD KNOWS HIS LIMITATIONS & MAN'S LIMITATIONS, THE EARTH'S LIMITATIONS & HOW MUCH IT CAN STAND! I think the Lord Himself is thankful that it is coming to an end. He has kept His part of the bargain & He has allowed men to go on this long, but He can't let it go on much longer. He has got to put a stop to it, an end to it somewhere, even if we are the sufferers along with the rest of them! And I think He has been very merciful & very lenient & very patient to let us continue so freely & so abundantly so long!--Amen?
8. THE POSTERS MUST HAVE BEEN HIS IDEA, THEY WERE NOT REALLY MINE! I never even expected this Poster push. But God knew that this would probably be the last & most effective & with the greatest impact of almost any kind of lit we have ever produced! You know good & well that those pictures held up on the street, even if they never buy one or never take one, are going to have their effect! They are a vivid, visual warning Message! I can't think of any kind of literature we could possibly have that will be a more effective & more impactive final Message than these Posters! I think, like your final music tapes, that is about the best you are going to be able to do & that you have time to do. I think the Posters that we have gotten out & are getting out now are just about the best we're ever going to be able to do in the way of GP lit--probably for the reason that it is going to be our final lit & those your final tapes & your final shows, your final music, everything is winding up!
9. WE MAY BE ABLE TO SURVIVE A LITTLE LONGER, D.V., SO THAT WE CAN CONTINUE FEEDING THE SHEEP AT LEAST A LITTLE LETTER EVERY WEEK OR SO, even if we have to courier them personally or whatever we have to do to get the Word around like Saint Paul did in the Early Days. I hope that we will be able to continue that ministry as long as I live & as long as you live after me because there will still be plenty of Letters for dear Maria to read & edit as she already does, until the Lord comes!
10. BUT I THINK THE HOUR IS NOW LATE & GOD CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER & what we do we are going to have to do quickly & get it done, & thank God it looks like we are going to! So we shouldn't be bellyaching or complaining about not having enough time! We have already gotten almost more time than I expected, except that I expected the Lord would let us get done whatever we were going to do, if possible, before He had to say it's time to bring down the curtain. And He has, even much more than we expected Him to do.
11. IF GOD SAYS IT IS ENOUGH, FOR GOD'S SAKE WE CERTAINLY OUGHT TO BE ABLE TO TAKE HIS WORD FOR IT & not say, "Well, wait a minute, Lord!" It reminds me of that old Worldly song, "When I see Saint Peter at the gate, Saint Peter won't you wait? Please let me have another smoke!" Remember that little song? Some people are like that. Some Christians are almost going to be sorry when the Lord comes! They're certainly going to be sorry if they didn't finish at least what they could have done! But I believe we're finishing all we could do & all the Lord expects us to do, I believe it is coming to an end & this year may be it as far as all these huge productions may be concerned!
12. IF THE ANTICHRIST ARISES NEXT YEAR, THAT IS DEFINITELY THE BEGINNING OF THE END! In fact, I think this year, if this is the Crash, this certainly is the beginning of the End! In fact, the End has been beginning for a long time, ever since Jesus first came! But I think our major productions & time of big productions is just about over, & I think it will probably only last from now until the Crash, & after that we will not be able to produce such great quantities of literature or books & magazines & newspapers & Posters.
13. WHEN THAT TIME COMES, POSSIBLY THIS YEAR, POSSIBLY AT THE LATEST NEXT YEAR, I don't see how the World situation could go on any longer than that & I don't think God sees how it could either. When that time comes (I've told you this many times before, I hope it doesn't shock you!), I will be thankful if we can still get out a GN even once a month, much less once a week, even if nothing else! If these people we're going to depend on to publish these Posters after we finish giving them to them free, if they don't get busy on them & get them out & print them & publish them & pay for them & get them on the streets within the next few months, it will be too late! If they don't get them out now, tomorrow is going to be too late!
14. GOD IS GIVING THE FAMILY EVERYTHING HE CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF! We have worked for months, now a year or more on these Posters, & have been getting them out & getting them out & giving the Family a big variety of about 30 different Posters, so you are without excuse! We have done all that we can do. God has done all that He can do, & we are giving them to you & we are paying for this first publishing. If you don't hit the streets with them & get them out, it's not going to be God's fault & it is not going to be our fault, it is going to be your fault & God is going to hold you responsible! You're going to face Him & be ashamed if you have not done everything you can possibly do to get these Posters out! They are both a warning to the wicked & a comfort to the good, or should be.
15. I THINK GOD HAS GIVEN US ALMOST MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME & HE IS GIVING YOU PEOPLE MORE THAN ENOUGH! He has already given the Church far more than enough time & they're not doing anything about it! A few Christians in the U.S. seem to be waking up.
16. ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, I THINK THE TIME HAS COME & WE NEED TO WIND IT ALL UP & PARE IT ALL DOWN to where a little tiny handful like thee, me, thou & no other can just keep writing Letters, & hopefully the mail will last long enough to get them out to the World! And if not, I hope transportation will last long enough to use couriers to each continent or whatever it takes to pass the Word around by word of mouth or something!
17. I TELL YOU, I AM CONVINCED THAT THIS IS IT!--Or just about it, & God in His patience & mercy is trying to give us enough time to wind up all the loose ends & to set our house in order! As He told several different kings & Prophets & Patriarchs in the Bible, "Set thy house in order!--Because you're going to die soon! Your job is going to be done. Your work is over. Get ready to go!" And I think that's what the Lord is trying to tell us!
18. NOW IS THAT A STRONG ENOUGH MESSAGE, NOT ONLY FOR YOU BUT FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD & OUR PEOPLE? Set your house in order, because tomorrow will be too late! And the quicker we do it, the better, whatever it is that has to be done.
19. AS FOR US PERSONALLY, I THINK OUR BIG PROJECTS ARE PRETTY WELL WINDING UP, which means we are going to have to wind out our personnel because we will not be able to support this many people when the Crash comes. I just don't see how! Of course, God could drop money out of Heaven, but who knows if it will even be possible to publish things, much less mail them out or even for the people to receive them! So why should He continue to give us money that we can't even use & which we will no longer need because we will no longer operate on such a scale, do you understand?
20. SO I THINK GOD HAS BEEN VERY PATIENT & VERY LONGSUFFERING & HAS BEEN VERY GENEROUS WITH US TO GIVE US THIS LONG!--And now it looks like the End is in sight & the end of our major projects & all the things we want to get done before we won't be able to do them. So I think we should be thanking the Lord we have gotten this much done & we shouldn't complain that we didn't finish this or that. I think I would complain if we didn't get all these Posters out, though, the batch I'm working on right now at least. I think I would be certainly disappointed & I would be surprised if the Lord didn't at least help us to get them out.
21. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT DAY NOR HOUR THE END WILL COME! What's that poem about "the clock of time is wound but once & no man knows the hour?" Well, that's it, God has got His schedule & He's got to keep His schedule because He knows what a mess this World would be in if He doesn't!
22. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M DRIVING AT? WHAT I'M TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU GUYS OF IS THAT NOW IS THE HOUR! We have got to wind it up now & finish it & pare it down & give these poor people a chance to get out & get on their own & get a start someplace else where they won't be so dependent on us, & give us a chance to get out from under the load of so much personnel that we are not going to need, so that we don't have to support them. Get them scattered & out in the field where they can take care of themselves & God can take care of them & they can have a much better chance of surviving.
23. THEY OUGHT TO BE THANKFUL! They're the blessed ones, the ones that are able to get out now & not go down with the ship! If they're out on a lifeboat or a lifesaver they're going to have a better chance of survival than them depending on a huge big monstrous top-heavy World Services to survive under the conditions that are going to come, whether we have money or no money! Right?
24. JESUS HELP US, LORD! NOW IS THE HOUR! That would be a good name for this warning! The time has come! Now is the time to wind it up! I'll be thankful if the Lord will at least let us wind it up now, this year, to say not the least but the most, & be thankful that the Comet doesn't come until next year! I really believe that this is our last year that we will be able to operate like this, frankly.
25. I GUESS THAT'S ENOUGH SAID, SO GET AT IT, get with it, get on it & get off it & get it off so we can get it done & not get caught short & unprepared & our house not in order when the World collapses! Let's get out from under it so it won't fall on our heads, if possible, & we won't have a bunch of people left stranded with no place to go & no way to get there! Let's disperse them now! They ought to be thankful we are shoving them out now before it hits, so they can be there & have a start & get started on their own before it's too late! And we've got to get out from under all this so we can be shed of it & rid of it since we no longer need it, & get things trimmed down to where there is almost nothing left but us!--And I mean it! I mean it!
26. YOU HAVE PUT IT IN YOUR CONTINGENCY PLANS, SON, about what we would have to get things trimmed down to if our income collapses & even worse!--If our means of Publication ceases, then we can be thankful if we have any kind of roof over our heads & anything to eat! Did you hear that? So don't hesitate to trim & slice & pare & get them out before we can't take care of them anymore! Is that clear?
27. IF YOU NOW HAVE A MONTH OR TWO OR THREE MONTHS TO WIND THIS WHOLE THING UP, YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL THAT GOD HAS GIVEN US THIS MUCH TIME! Don't think, "Well, we can sail along awhile yet, we don't have to get rid of this Unit, we don't have to get rid of that bunch or that editor or this secretary or this person or helper, that other one, because let's just keep them as long as we possibly can." It's too late to stall any longer!
28. YOU MAY BE DOING THEM AN INJUSTICE & AN UNFAIRNESS! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?--By keeping them dependent on you so long that pretty soon they suddenly find themselves out of a job & no place to go & no way to get there! So they need to know we're doing this in compassion & in consideration of them & their future, & that the quicker they get out from under this, the better! And the quicker they get out some place where they can be on their own with the Lord & have some chance of survival, the better! Is that clear?
29. WHAT IF THIS IS THE CRASH & NEXT YEAR IS THE ANTICHRIST? How long do you think we would be able to continue to publish even the GN? Well, I'll tell you right now, I hope till the Lord comes! But how long do you think we would be able to mass produce all the Pubs we are now producing? If this is the Crash & next year the Antichrist, how long or how much do you think we will be able to continue to publish next year?--Or maybe even this year?
30. SO HADN'T YOU BETTER GET WITH IT & get onto it to get rid of it, so that we are down to where that is really about all we'd need to publish, & as soon as possible? Because to say the least, one or two of our major supporting continents are going to be pretty well knocked out & unable to support us very much even if they wanted to!
31. DO YOU THINK I BELIEVE THIS? I'M TRYING TO GET YOU TO BELIEVE IT & I'm trying to get you to know you are going to have to do this whether you like it or not, & you are going to have to do it now & now is the best time to do it & not wait till the last minute! It is better to clear out the ship now, unload the ballast now before we sink & not have them struggling in the water after the ship has gone down! Is that clear?
32. I BELIEVE THE LORD IS GOING TO GIVE US AT LEAST ONE BOATLOAD, ONE LIFEBOAT LOAD TO CARRY ON, but if the main ship is sinking, then there are going to be a lot of people without lifeboats & lifesavers unless you are getting them off onto those lifeboats & in those lifesavers now & set them adrift so they have some chance of survival! Is that clear? So do it now! Prepare now! And do it now! God has pretty well shown us that this is it!
33. AND I'LL TELL YOU, EVEN IF THIS IS NOT IT & YET WE GO AHEAD & DO IT NOW, & we have done it & don't need it, I would sure as I'm sitting here rather have it that way! I would rather the situation prove that I am wrong than have it prove that I am right & have you still dragging your feet & postponing the day of Judgement & not getting it done! I would rather see the ship stay afloat with all the lifeboats & life preservers out there with all the people finding some place else to go, even if we have to run the ship by ourselves! I'd rather have the Captain proved wrong & that the ship is not sinking & still get them off, get them where they can save themselves, than to have me proven that I am right & the ship sinks & you failed to save them!
34. SO WHAT HAVE WE GOT TO LOSE BY DOING IT NOW? We've done just about everything we had been planning to do & can do & I believe we'll be able to do on the vast scale we are doing it now. So what have we got to lose by winding it all up now, since we are winding up pretty much most of the Pubs we are going to be able to do or can do? What have we got to lose by winding up the staff that have made all those Pubs possible? What have we got to lose? I'll tell you, if it happens & we don't wind it up & don't get'm off, we have got a lot to lose & so do they! Is that clear?
35. NOW, I MAY HAVE BEEN WRONG A FEW TIMES BUT I HAVEN'T BEEN WRONG TOO MANY TIMES & most of the times the Lord has shown me pretty clearly & made it pretty definite, & I think you'd have to say that usually it has been proven afterwards that I was right. I believe God is just waiting on us, trying to give us a chance to do it before it happens! Because if we don't, a lot of people are going to get hurt & the Work is going to get hurt & we will be in a worse fix than if we had done it now & it didn't happen!
36. SO GOD HAS BEEN VERY PATIENT, VERY LENIENT, LONGSUFFERING & VERY GOOD TO US TO LET US GET THIS FAR, BUT I THINK IT IS TIME TO WIND IT UP & BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST! OK? Is that clear enough? So time's up! It's just about quitting time--not quitting time for everybody to stop working but maybe to stop doing what they've been doing & start doing something else, something that they hopefully can continue to do even long after we're gone, even till the Lord comes! Amen? So give them notice!
37. I'VE NEVER ISSUED REDUNDANCY NOTICES OR TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT NOTICES BEFORE, so what do you put at the head of such a notice? "We regret that after such & such a date your services will no longer be needed, as the company is closing down & is reducing the size of its operation & moving!" But I think they deserve to be given advance notice & that even three month's notice is not too long. With some of them it may turn out to be one month's notice, but some of them have had three years' notice because it's been that long since we told them we were going to be through with them soon! Others have had two years' notice & nearly everybody has had at least a year's notice, so they should be expecting it & nobody should be surprised to know that this is now it, & that is that!--Period! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Amen? GBAKY in His Service wherever you are!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Amen?--And let's keep going as long as we can!--Amen? WLY! See you There!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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