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THE ENDTIME STORY!       DO 19111/85

       1. PTL! TYJ! AMEN, AMEN! (SINGS:)
       And bids me at my Father's Throne
       Make all my wants & wishes known.
       In seasons of distress & grief,
       My soul has often found relief,
       And oft escaped the Tempter's snare,
       By thy return, sweet hour of prayer!"

PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! Someone lead us. (Family prays.) (Sings:)
       "'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
       Just to take Him at His Word.
       Just to rest upon His promise,
       Just to know, Thus saith the Lord!"

       "Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Thee,
       How I've proved Thee o'er & o'er!
       Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,
       Oh for faith to trust Thee more!"

       "Trust & obey, for there's no other way,
       To be happy in Jesus, but to trust & obey!
       If we walk with the Lord
       In the light of His Word,
       What a glory He sheds on our way!
       If we do His good Will,
       He abides with us still
       And with all who will trust & obey!
       Trust & obey, for there's no other way,
       To be happy in Jesus, but to trust & obey!"

Amen? PTL?

       2. YOU SEE, IF YOU HEAR SOMETHING ENOUGH & OFTEN ENOUGH & ALL YOUR CHILDHOOD & YOUNG MANHOOD LIKE I DID, YOU CAN'T HELP BUT REMEMBER IT! I don't even know if I remember the songs or not when I start out, if I'm going to remember them all or not, but they come. Repeat, repeat, repeat! We've sung those songs so many times in church, apparently we haven't sung'm enough here in our Homes. I have put them on record on some of the recordings. Didn't I sing some of those on the old Songs of Victory, etc.? I guess you just don't play'm enough to remember'm so that you know'm.
       3. WE TRY TO KEEP AS QUIET AS WE CAN SO OUTSIDERS WILL NOT DETECT SO EASILY THAT WE'RE HAVING A MEETING HERE, which can raise suspicions in the neighbourhood, but we need to continue to praise the Lord & sing & teach, we can't stop that. We just have to try to do it quietly so that we don't draw attention to ourselves. Amen? We're already operating under Endtime conditions in our Selah Homes, the only way we're going to be able to survive both today & in the days to come. Our high-security Units are learning it first, but we have some Homes that never have learned it yet, sad to say, they've always been used to a lot of freedom & notoriety. Everybody knows who they are & where they are, & that has its advantages when you have a ministry to the public, it's necessary. But we have a ministry primarily to the Family & to the World & we must try to keep ourselves hidden.
       4. (SINGS:)
       "TRUST & OBEY,
       BUT TO TRUST & OBEY!"

PTL! Some of you old-fashioned hymn-singers should really sing out on some of those that others don't know. God bless you! I have to depend on some of these dear former church people here for a little help on some of these hymns, but you're learning a few of them, praise the Lord, like that one! That's a good one!
       5. WELL, PTL! DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT WE'RE STUDYING? (MARIA: I DO!) Here she goes again! (Maria: I was wondering if maybe you could review for us, pretend we're your audience that you're witnessing to & give a little rundown of the major events as you started to yesterday. It was such a good idea, we wanted you to keep going!) It looks like my reviews are backfiring! She wants to review me now to see if I know'm! Well, I can't swear that I would really flow through without missing a note. (Maria: You try to do it & we'll help you!) So you want to hear me do it? Aha! Well, "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap!" (Maria: Sorry, I didn't mean for it to be a problem.) No, it's a good test!
       6. WELL, LET'S SEE, WHO'S GOING TO BE MY SUBJECT? WHO SHALL I WITNESS TO? If I witness to these pretty girls I might get distracted. I think it might be safer if I witness to David. I might soften it up a little bit if I was witnessing to a pretty girl, I might even forget what I'm talking about. It's a little distracting sometimes.--Especially when they're as pretty as some of you girls are, all of you girls are. Anyway, PTL! Well, Lord help me & help me to do it in some way that perhaps will be a blessing & help to somebody. I haven't really thought about running through it, so I'll experiment on you.
       7. IS THAT ALL RIGHT IF I EXTEMPORANEOUSLY AD-LIB OUT OF THE BLUE & TRY TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE ENDTIME? This is what Apollos did, that's where we got the Kidz BOF. We told him that if he couldn't do anything else, just tell it to his own children as he recalled it & see how it came out.--And that's what he did. He put it into simple words, his own words, children's words, & tried to see if he could just tell it very simply so they'd understand it. I don't know if I can do that or not. That's the trouble with too much education & knowing too many big words, etc., it's very difficult not to use'm! It's better that you remain as a little child or become as a little child. Amen? PTL!
       8. LET'S SEE, HOW WOULD I TELL SOME PERFECT STRANGER, maybe some Oriental in the East that knows nothing about the Bible, knows very little about Jesus or maybe nothing, a heathen, pagan, non-Christian, how would I tell'm? I wonder if I could make it short & sweet. Well, it's not all very sweet, quite a bit of it is bitter, but I might be able to give'm an idea of it. PTL!
       9. DO YOU KNOW, DAVID, THAT WE ARE LIVING IN THE ENDTIME, THE END OF MAN'S HISTORY HERE ON EARTH & MAN'S RULE ON EARTH?--AND THAT'S WHY THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS OF MAN! We believe, of course, that our Holy Book, the Bible, is the Word of God given to us by the Lord, & it tells all about it, & it calls these days we're living in now the Last Days! And do you know how I know?--By the Signs of the Times! Do you know what one of the next Signs of the Times is going to be?--The Great Crash or the Famine or the economic collapse of the World, Great Depression, & the World is going to be in a financial mess, that means a money mess!
       10. THIS IS A VERY ABBREVIATED VERSION, YOU UNDERSTAND! I'm trying to get you to remember these things in order. If you have any kibitzing you want to do or suggestions to simplify this language, remind me. If I use a word that's too big, please let me know, will you? Put up your hand real quick & say, "I don't understand that word!" Do you think you'd understand that?--Explaining that to a little child?
       11. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT'S GOING TO MAKE HAPPEN?--SOMEBODY'S GOTTA SOLVE THE MESS & BRING THE WORLD OUT OF IT, SO A MAN IS GOING TO RISE AMONGST THE RULERS OF THE EARTH, A GREAT SUPERMAN, a World dictator who's going to offer to solve all the World's problems & stop the wars & bring it out of its economic mess, or its money mess, if they'll just make him King of the World! Our Holy Book, the Bible, calls him the Antichrist because he's against Jesus, & finally he's against all religions. But at first he just makes peace between the religions, he makes some kind of a Peace Pact between them, called in the Bible a Holy Covenant, meaning a religious Covenant.
       12. YOU KNOW HOW NEARLY ALL THE WARS HAVE BEEN FOUGHT OVER RELIGION & MONEY--which of course is the World's greatest religion, the worship of money & things--so he's going to try to convince them that he can really do it & solve it all, & they're going to believe him, because he's really inspired by Satan & probably demon-possessed even at this time. So he's going to persuade the World to follow him in return for solving all their problems. He's going to persuade them to become his slaves in return for at least saving their bodies & their system, only he's going to have a new system.
       13. AT FIRST EVERYBODY'S GOING TO THINK HE'S WONDERFUL!--Nearly everybody, except us & those who know the Bible, who are going to recognise pretty quick who he really is. And then by & by when he gets them all in the palm of his hand & he figures he's strong enough & great enough & powerful enough & when some of them begin to cause him trouble because they begin to see he's not the right guy, then he gets furious & he breaks the Covenant, this agreement he made between the major religions, & he is going to insist that everybody stop worshipping everything else & start to worship him!
       14. AND DURING THIS TIME BEFORE HE BREAKS THE COVENANT, SINCE HE MADE PEACE BETWEEN THE RELIGIONS--like the Arabs & the Jews, Judaism & Islam & Christianity--the Jews are going to have rebuilt their Temple on Mount Moriah near the Dome of the Rock, the Arab Temple there. I wouldn't be surprised that even the Christians might build a special temple for themselves so they can all share the holy mountain. Of course they've got so many temples in Jerusalem already they don't really need any more. But anyway, he has a lot of power to get them to agree, & when they don't really always agree, he gets angry about it.
       15. IT SEEMS THAT THE JEWS ARE THE MOST STUBBORN IN THE BUNCH, they're the hardest to please, as usual, so they give him a lot of trouble & he has to come down & fight a couple of wars with them to try to enforce the agreement. And finally on the second trip down he just practically gives up on'm & just destroys the agreement & says, "The only way to solve the problem is just to have one World religion, just worship one god--me!"
       16. AND HE'S GOT A PROPAGANDA MINISTER, A FALSE PROPHET, WHO PRAISES HIM & GETS ALL THE PEOPLE TO PRAISE HIM & WORSHIP HIM & MAKE HIM AN IDOL, a big Image that'll probably stand out in front of the Temple because it may be too big to go inside. Some people theorise "in the holy place" means inside the rebuilt Temple, but it might be right outside where the altar is. It might be even on top of the altar! Wouldn't that be an abomination of desolation, which is what the Bible calls it! He stops the sacrifice of the Jews, the animal sacrifices that they've started again, & he decides that instead of sacrificing animals to God, he puts the Idol either out there in front of the altar or on top of the altar or inside the Temple or wherever so they'll all worship him. I think he'd probably want it outside where everybody can see it, don't you?--Because he himself is going to be inside claiming he's God & pretending to be God.
       17. THIS BY SOME IS CALLED THE REVELATION OF THE ANTICHRIST, BECAUSE HE DOES GREAT SIGNS & WONDERS & MIRACLES, & so does this False Prophet of his. He insists that everybody worship him, & the False Prophet has the Image even dictate commands & orders that people be killed if they don't worship the Antichrist. It's not hard to convince David, because he's already convinced! I need a real sinner to have more inspiration, a real ignoramus. David could tell all this better than I can! Well anyway, that causes a lot of trouble & some more wars between these various religions & the Antichrist & he keeps on fighting wars. I ran into another one today that might even be a 5th or 6th war, or at least it's describing that war that he fights with the men of the East because it has to do with the four angels & the River Euphrates & the army of 200 million horsemen. That's under one of the Trumpets, I think the Sixth Trumpet in Revelation 9. Anyway, I don't have time to read those to you because if I did it would take us all day! You want to know what's going to happen & I'll just tell you this simply.
       18. ANYHOW, HE HAS A LOT OF TROUBLE DURING THIS LAST PART OF HIS REIGN. His whole reign lasts about 7 years & this last terrible part lasts 3-1/2 years, because he breaks the Covenant right in the middle of the 7 years, & that leaves 3-1/2 years in which he has more trouble than he ever had, called the Great Tribulation. And he tries to give other people a lot of trouble too, especially Christians, true religion, he really clamps down on them & tries to put'm out of business. There's lots of persecution of Christians then & some of them are even going to be imprisoned & killed, etc., but praise God, there are going to be millions of us still alive & still surviving!
       19. THERE ARE GOING TO BE MILLIONS OF OTHER PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE HIM EITHER, & who now wake up that he's not the right guy & he's not a good guy, but he's full of the Devil & he's trying to lead the whole World astray! So there are lots of people besides Christians who aren't going to like him & are going to refuse to obey him & follow him & refuse his Mark of the Beast that he tries to put on everybody that surrenders or yields to him & does his will & becomes one of his special citizens. Only they are allowed to buy & sell, he's trying to starve everybody else to death & put'm out of business. But thank God he doesn't. He tries to. It just says there that he tries to make'm take this Mark & that they can't buy or sell without it, but it doesn't say he's successful with all of them.
       20. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK HE DOES THEN? Well, the ones who are rebels & refuse to take the Mark & refuse to obey him & refuse to worship him, if you had several big nations behind you & following you, all Mark of the Beast people & all well-armed & with big armies, what would you do?--You'd try to fight big wars with the enemies, wouldn't you? He's got lots of enemies. So he tries to fight these big wars with them, & he's successful in some of them.--Especially with the Jews, who he finally just puts down once & for all, it seems, & in order to hold'm down he sits on top of'm by putting his capital in the city of Jerusalem & makes that his World capital so they can't rise up again. And it seems like they don't manage to rise up again after that.
       21. BUT THEN AFTER THAT HE HAS A BIG WAR WITH THE ARABS, THE MUSLIMS, THE KINGS OF THE EAST. They come from the East & fight with him, in one place it says with about 200 million horsemen! (Rev.9:16) And did you know those are the countries where they still use most of the horses, lots of horses? Some scientists have said that in one of these last wars, especially a nuclear war, they're going to have to use other weapons besides conventional weapons of today, because they're going to have ways of neutralising or stopping the electrical equipment & motors & things that run all the war machines, even air planes, computers, tanks & guns, they've even got computer rocket guns & rifles & things like that. They say just one little atom bomb exploded up in the atmosphere high up over a country will just burn out all their electrical equipment, knock it all out of order so they can't even fight with it!
       22. SO WHO WOULD BE THE BEST OFF TO FIGHT A WAR THEN?--All these highly-mechanised & developed nations, rich nations who can afford to buy & build all these big planes & bombs & guns & tanks & all that sort of thing? Who do you think is going to be able to fight the war best if all of a sudden they can't even use their weapons? What about all the Oriental countries of the East who still have lots of horses & oxen & carts & wagons, & some places they still have some of their old swords & shields hanging around! They say that that's probably the only kind of weapons that are going to work when that happens. In fact, I heard a rumour or some report that Russia is retraining the Cossacks again, famous horsemen who fought with swords, to fight & use these horses & the swords as they used to. They used to be very skilled warriors, especially on horseback, & they were known as Cossacks of Russia.
       23. WHERE ELSE DO YOU STILL HAVE MOSTLY HORSES & DONKEYS & ANIMALS FOR RIDING & PROBABLY STILL LOTS OF OLD WEAPONS LYING AROUND MAYBE JUST FOR KEEPSAKES?--Like a lot of those Samurai warriors & ceremonial warriors & stick-fighters of China. There are a lot of people in the East, the Oriental World, that still know how to fight with swords & sticks & kicks & things like that! They don't need any highly technical, electronically computer-controlled guns & tanks & planes & bombs & blah blah, they can just jump on their horses & wave their swords & away they go! And the Bible says 200 million of them are going to attack from the East! Think of that! That's a pretty big army! It sounds like one of those last wars of the Antichrist where the way for the Kings of the East is prepared. And even in the last battle, the Battle of Armageddon, it sounds like that's where a lot of his trouble is going to come from.
       24. IF THE ANTICHRIST TRIES TO STOP THE WORSHIP OF ALLAH AMONGST THE MUSLIMS, HE'S SURE GOING TO HAVE TROUBLE THERE, ISN'T HE? And if he tries to stop the worship of Christ among us Christians, he's sure going to have trouble with us! And if he even tries to stop the Jews' worship of God--even though they don't know the Lord, our Lord, Jesus, & even though the Muslims don't really know Christ either--he's going to have a lot of trouble with people of strong religious faith who refuse to worship idols or images, like the Muslims or the Jews & lots of Christians. Of course, there are some Christians who still worship idols, supposedly Christian idols, but most of the Christians & Jews & Muslims are not going to like it & they're going to turn against him.
       25. AT FIRST THEY MIGHT LIKE HIM BECAUSE HE'S SOLVING THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS OF WAR & PEACE & THE ECONOMY, money problems, but he's finally going to really make a lot of enemies when he claims he's God & sets up an Idol of himself like that. So he's going to have a lot of trouble, & in that last 3-1/2 years of his rule, the time he's dictator of the World, Superman, World dictator, he's going to have nothing but trouble! He's trying to give everybody else trouble, but he's going to have nothing but trouble too. Everybody's causing everybody trouble & therefore it's called the great trouble, or the Great Tribulation, a time of great trouble.
       26. IT SPECIFICALLY MENTIONS IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, THE JEWS' OLD BIBLE, THAT IT'S THE TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE, MEANING ISRAEL'S TROUBLE, MEANING TROUBLE FOR THE JEWS ESPECIALLY. (Jer.30:7) Because from what we can read right here in God's Word, they fight at least three wars with him to try to resist & rebel & refuse to worship him, etc. First of all he fights a couple of wars to get power over them, because they're trying to run the World. In fact, it looks like he may even be promoted by them at first as their own man to be the World dictator, because they think they're going to be able to run him & thereby run the World. But he has other ideas & he refuses to obey & he wants to run the World himself. So he turns on his own Jews & he tries to put'm down--& he does--& then he fights wars with the Muslims, the Kings of the East, & tries to put them down. But the most dangerous people in the World that he attacks are the Christians, because he can never put them down!--Because they have the Lord & God's behind them, & if God be for you, who can be against you? (Rom.8:31)
       27. BUT HE BEGINS TO REALLY TRY TO CLAMP DOWN ON THE CHRISTIANS AS WELL AS ALL THESE OTHER PEOPLE, persecuting'm & martyring'm, etc., & gets rid of one of their foremost so-called Christian nations who heads the West, who is a false Christian nation. She's not really Christian, she worships money & things as much as any other country, but she heads the main Capitalist nations of the World & she leads the World's rich nations in this fight for the Jews against the Antichrist. So finally he decides there's only one way to put these Jews down once & for all so they'll never have any more friends to put'm back in power, & that's just to try to wipe them out & wipe her out. And what country do you think that is? (David: America.)--Right! Who's the biggest friend the Jews have?--The United States of America! ... They support Israel as kind of their little pet.
       28. SO THE U.S.A. LEADS THE RICH NATIONS & THE POWERFUL NATIONS OF THE WEST, OF THE CAPITALIST PART OF THE WORLD, AGAINST THE COMMUNISTS. And what nation leads the Communists?--Russia! And who will be leading them in those troubled days? (David: The Antichrist.)--Right! So here the anti-Christ, anti-God Communist nations will be fighting with the so-called Christian West, who really are just as anti-God & anti-Christ as the others, but they're hypocrites & self-righteous & claim to be Christian when they're not. So God's even going to be harder on them than He is on the people that are outright atheists.
       29. GOD HATES LIARS, HE HATES PEOPLE THAT PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING THEY AREN'T, & here are all these big nations of Europe & North America & even South America claiming to be Christians when so many of them aren't.--Especially North America & Europe are not really Christians at all, although they claim to be. So God's going to get good & fed up with them & let the Antichrist destroy them. First of all he's going to get Europe on the Antichrist's side & help destroy America, & just what he does with Europe then we don't know. It sounds like he persuades them to be on his side. Then he fights more of his wars & you've got several countries named in several places in the Bible of exactly who's going to be on his side & who's going to be on their side.
       30. BUT FINALLY IT LOOKS LIKE HE'S JUST ABOUT WINNING, UNTIL HE REALLY STARTS ATTACKING THE PEOPLE THAT GOD REALLY CONSIDERS HIS OWN & IT LOOKS LIKE HE'S GOING TO JUST ABOUT TRY TO WIPE'M OUT! He especially comes & fights'm in these last battles of his, & when it looks like it's going to be just too tough even on the Christians & America's wiped out & maybe parts of Europe in this big Atomic War at the end of the Tribulation, when things get just too tough & too rough for God's people, what do you think Jesus will do? You may have even heard about that. He's going to come back & get His people out of this World & say, "Stop the World, I wanna get'm off!"--And He takes'm out & they all fly up to meet Him in Heaven! Then He really socks it to these bad Antichrist people that are left on Earth & really begins to destroy'm! While the Antichrist is trying to destroy the others, God really sends great Wrath on'm, all kinds of curses & sickness & death to really judge'm & give'm a lot of trouble!
       31. SO THAT AT THE VERY END OF THIS GREAT PERIOD OF TRIBULATION & WRATH, THERE'S SO MUCH TROUBLE IN BOTH PERIODS IT ALMOST SOUNDS LIKE ONE GREAT BIG TIME OF TROUBLE, but the Wrath of God is the worst trouble of all for the bad people, the wicked people, the Antichrist people. And finally when they have surrounded Jerusalem & it looks like they're going to wipe out all the Jews & maybe all the Muslims too & have already destroyed some of the biggest so-called Christian nations & the Atomic War has made things so bad--maybe we'll have Nuclear Winter by that time & all kinds of terrible things happen--in the very worst part of the Tribulation God says it's enough, & in the worst part of the Wrath God says even then it's enough at the end.
       32. FIRST OF ALL IT'S ENOUGH FOR THE CHRISTIANS & THEY'RE RAPTURED, that means flying up to Heaven to be with the Lord, & then at the end of the Wrath God says, "I've had enough of these Antichrist people!" So He comes down & rescues the good people who are left fighting the Antichrist, even though they're not Christian, not saved, at least they hadn't been saved before. He wipes out the Antichrist & his people in this big Battle of Armageddon, which means a big valley over there in Israel that leads up to Jerusalem. We're going to read a lot more about that pretty soon, Lord willing, if you guys ever give me the time for it. I'll blame this on you this morning, this is not what I had planned. As you can tell, I'm not prepared for it. I probably missed a lot of things already.
       33. AND THE BATTLE IS GOING TO BE SO GREAT & SO TERRIBLE, THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, THAT IN SOME PLACES THE BLOOD IS GOING TO RUN AS DEEP AS THE HORSES' BRIDLES! The blood is going to run from one end to the other of this great plain of Esdraelon & Valley of Megiddo, Height of Megiddo, clear down to Jerusalem. It runs almost from Haifa to Jerusalem. The dead are going to be piled up in such piles, Jeremiah says they'll be as dung upon the face of the Earth, they'll not be lamented nor buried! (Jer.16:4.) The whole Valley is going to stink, especially over there in this final great battle of the Antichrist against those who don't like him. The Lord says it's even a battle against the Lamb, Jesus, & against His forces, because even the people who are fighting the Antichrist, they may not know it yet, but in a way they're on God's side fighting the Antichrist.
       34. AND FINALLY HE DOES WIND UP ACTUALLY FIGHTING JESUS & HIS OWN CHRISTIANS, BECAUSE WE COME DOWN OUT OF THE SKY RIDING ON WHITE HORSES & WIPE HIM OUT! Just before he's about to wipe out all the Jews & maybe a lot of the Muslims too, & is trying to wipe out those who claim to be Christians but weren't saved, the Lord comes down & rescues them at just about the last minute outside Jerusalem. And that's where the big battle is won & the big victory is won against the forces of the Antichrist, & it's such a battle that after the battle it's going to take'm seven months just to bury the dead there in Israel alone. And there's going to be so much junk, war material & weapons & all the junk they fight wars with, it's going to take seven years to clean up that mess! Think of that! That's some big battle! No battle's ever been that great where it took'm seven months to bury the dead & seven years to clean up the rubble! That's a pretty bad battle! I wouldn't want to be here, would you? Thank God I don't have to clean it up! The Christians will have already gone to be with the Lord. They had enough going through the Nuclear War, one of the last battles of the Tribulation, it looks like it might be the last battle. (Eze.39:9-12)
       35. NOW HERE'S THE LAST BATTLE OF THE WRATH OF GOD, ARMAGEDDON, & brother, if you live through all that, the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & you come out on the other side, you are really blessed of the Lord! God's really being good to you! Right? So if you wouldn't be a Christian now, that's all the horrible stuff you're going to have to go through!--Not only the Tribulation, you're going to have to go through the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon & all the curses of God & all the rest! And if you survive all that, you must be an unusually good person that God's going to bless with a chance to get saved in the Millennium!
       36. A MILLENNIUM IS A THOUSAND YEARS, & THE BIBLE DESCRIBES IT AS BEING A THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE, PERFECT PEACE, OR ALMOST PERFECT PEACE EXCEPT FOR A FEW REBELS. Most of the Curse is removed, at least from everybody that's not cursed, except for a few rebels, & it's going to be almost like the Garden of Eden again on the surface of the Earth. People are going to live a long time again, maybe a thousand years, & there won't be quite as many babies. There'll be enough, though, don't worry. We'll still have lots of children, maybe us too in the Millennium, so there'll still be plenty of children. But there's going to be more peace & more time to sort of reconstruct things the way they ought to be & to instruct the people to be the way they ought to be.
       37. GOD IS GOING TO GIVE A LOT OF PEOPLE ANOTHER CHANCE, people who never heard the Gospel before, people who didn't really understand Salvation, never had received Jesus because they didn't know how, lots of people who claimed to be Christians & Catholics & Protestants & claimed to believe in God & in Christ & the Bible who still don't know how to be saved because nobody's ever told them, even their preacher never told them! Their preacher couldn't tell them because he wasn't saved either! The priest couldn't tell'm because he wasn't saved either. He wasn't sure you could go to Heaven either! They didn't know. They thought they'd be saved by being good & doing good works, but that won't save you, not at all!
       38. THE ONLY THING THAT WILL SAVE YOU IS ACCEPTING GOD'S LOVE IN HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, WHO SAVED US BY TAKING OUR PUNISHMENT FOR US ON THE CROSS & DYING FOR US & OUR SINS! All we have to do is believe that & receive Jesus ourselves in our own heart. But many many millions of so-called Christians, they claim to believe--of course a lot of them don't know what they believe--but some even believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died on the cross & all that, but still, they've never really received Him personally themselves for their own personal Salvation.--Have you? (David: Yes!) Well, that's good. Since you're not the sinner I'm supposed to be talking to, I'm glad you have.
       39. WELL ANYWAY, THANK GOD, WHEN WE'VE INSTRUCTED ALL THESE PEOPLE & WE'VE REAPED AS BIG A HARVEST AS WE CAN OF THE SOULS WHO HAD NEVER HEARD OR NEVER KNEW HOW TO BE SAVED, the good people who did the best they could without knowing Jesus, then the Lord's going to let the Devil loose again. He'd sort of bound him & put him away in jail down in the heart of the Earth during this beautiful period of the Thousand-Year Millennium, but He's going to let the Devil loose again to go out & see who can still be deceived by the lies of Satan & who can still be caused to rebel. Because there will still be people who, though they now believe & they can see that Jesus is the King of the World & the Son of God & that we rule the Earth & that all we said was true, they're still not going to like it & not going to receive it. And when they think the Devil's going to give them a chance to rebel & throw off this yoke & break these laws & cords that bind them, the nations of the Earth are going to be wroth or angry with the Son, Psalm 2 says, & are going to try to get rid of the people who are saved during the Millennium & try to break their power or ruling over them, & they have a big rebellion led by the Devil himself.
       40. THEY GATHER AROUND THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS, ALL THESE SAVED MILLENNIAL SAINTS, & THEY TRY TO FIGHT'M! And since Christians & Saints are not really always such good fighters & so mean & bad about killing people like the Devil's people are, it looks like the Devil's got'm besieged & surrounded & might even try to wipe'm out! He's trying to, that's for sure. So the Lord just takes'm out & saves them & He burns up the Devil who's called Gog, & his people who are called Magog, in the great Battle of Gog & Magog!
       41. THEN HE HAS ALL OF THOSE SAINTS UP IN HEAVEN WITH HIM, & WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS TO ALL THE REST OF THE DEAD PEOPLE THAT ALREADY DIED? Some of them have gone to Hell, some have gone to Hades, some have gone to this place & that place. There are different places, not just Heaven & Hell, but different places for different kinds of dead people. Some even have to stay here on the Earth & haunt houses & graves & ships & do all kinds of jobs here, even some of those spirits who died unsaved, sad to say. And of course the saved spirits, they have a lot of work to do, along with the angels right here on Earth.
       42. BUT AFTER THIS, THE WHOLE SURFACE OF THE EARTH IS BURNED UP, & the atmospheric heavens are all burned up & rolled away so that nothing's left on Earth but a big fiery mess at first, even the air's all gone, & we & all the other Christians & saved people are gone up to Heaven to be with the Lord. What's going to happen to all the unsaved people that were dead & died for the thousands of years before that? There are going to be seven thousand years of dead people! Well, the Bible says they're going to be raised from the dead! Everybody that wasn't saved, didn't know the Lord, good & bad, wicked, evil or righteous, even though they were unsaved, He's going to raise them all from the dead at a Great White Throne Judgement of God & they're going to search all the books about their deeds, whether they were good or evil, & every man is going to be judged according to his works as to whether they were good or evil.
       43. AND THEY'RE GOING TO SEARCH ESPECIALLY THE BOOK OF LIFE which has the names of the people who deserve to go up--well, not up to Heaven, but to be on the New Earth at least. They'll have to go up somewhere while God remakes the surface of the Earth. The angels are going to find the names of the ones that God is going to save, or see that they get saved, in the Book of Life. Everybody's going to be judged according to their works. The really wicked & very bad & evil people are going to be sent to the Lake of Fire, to Hell & bad places down below. But the ones who did the best they could with what they knew & what they had & tried to be good, the Lord's going to give them even one more chance, think of that!
       44. BECAUSE EXCEPT FOR THE TIME WHEN JESUS PREACHED THE GOSPEL IN HELL TO THE SOULS IN PRISON, AS FAR AS WE KNOW, THE PEOPLE WHO WERE DEAD REALLY NEVER HAD MUCH CHANCE TO HEAR ANY MORE. How about all the people who died even during the 2,000 years of Christianity? Jesus preached to the Old Testament people who died during the previous period, that was even before they had a resurrection of the Old Testament Saints. So I presume that if some of them got saved they went up in that resurrection. Think of that! But right now after 2,000 years of Christianity there are lots of people who still have died during this 2,000 years, who didn't get to live in the Millennium & get saved, so they'd have to have their chance too. Right? So the Lord gives them their chance too.
       45. AND ALL THOSE FOUND IN THE BOOK OF LIFE ARE GIVEN LIFE, & WE CALL THEM THE LIVING! That's even another class of saved people, really. We've got quite a few who God loves enough to give'm another chance. We talk about the A-ACs, the Anti-Antichrists, who fight the Devil & his Antichrist forces, God gives them a chance to be saved in the Millennium, those who live through to the Millennium. But you see, you've got to think about all those dead people who died in the 2,000 years before that, even during Christianity, but never knew how to get saved. The Old Testament ones that were saved either on the Earth or under the Earth before that resurrection when Jesus was resurrected, they're already saved & they've gone to be with the Lord. But there are a lot of dead people who died & weren't saved & had to go other places, & at the Great White Throne Judgement they're all sorted out & everybody goes where he belongs. Have you got that? Is that pretty clear? I think that's really trying to pack too much into one little time.
       46. SO ANYHOW, THEN THE WORLD IS ALL BURNED UP, NOT THE WHOLE BALL, BUT JUST THE SURFACE. And that's the only way they're ever going to get rid of all those poisons & all the pollutions & all that space junk that's flying around in the air & up in space, & all the terrible things that man has done, & all the wicked & the dead & everything! He's going to completely burn up the surface of the Earth! Maybe that's what dries up & burns off the seas! He's going to then remake the surface of the Earth just like it was in the original Creation, except for the seas. He's going to remake it just like the Garden of Eden, absolute Paradise on Earth! And there will be five times as much land, enough for everybody who was ever created & whoever lived to live on the surface of the Earth!
       47. AND OF COURSE WE THE CHRISTIANS WHO WERE REALLY SAVED, WILL BE LIVING IN THE GREAT HEAVENLY CITY, & WE'LL ALSO BE TRAVELLING ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH AS WELL. And when the people on the surface of the Earth are saved & ready, I'm sure then the Lord's going to let them come in & visit the Heavenly City & some of those beautiful buildings & places in the City as well, I hope. I'm expecting it! Of course, they can't come in at first because they're not ready for it. That's why the City has walls & it has gates, & even though the gates are open all the time, there's an angel guarding each gate to make sure nobody comes in who shouldn't. Why else would it have walls & gates if it wasn't being protected from somebody or something on the outside? But if all the Saved are inside & that's all who's there, as some churches & preachers preach, then who in the World is that living on the outside that's not supposed to get in? Well, the Bible tells us who's living out there, all the people & the nations of the Earth & kings of the Earth who are not saved, because only the Saved can walk in the streets of the Golden City!
       48. SO IN THE LONG RUN IT LOOKS & SOUNDS LIKE EVERYBODY THAT EVER LIVED IS GOING TO BE RAISED FROM THE DEAD, & they're either going to go to Heaven or on the New Earth or to Hell or various other places of punishment & assignments, etc., until finally everybody is re-educated & rehabilitated & retrained & taught & healed so that they can all know the Lord & all obey His ways, & all of them, in a sense, be saved. So in the long run God is not going to be defeated, His plan is not going to be defeated, it's not going to fail! He's going to save mankind one way or the other!
       49. AND IF ANY OF THEM ARE ABSOLUTELY INCORRIGIBLE & CAN'T BE SAVED & THEY REFUSE TO BE SAVED & they refuse every mercy of God & all the punishment & the Purgatory & all the rest, from some verses there it sounds like there may be some of them He's just going to absolutely burn up & wipe out completely, "brute beasts created to be destroyed!" (2Pet.2:12) Annihilation maybe is about all that's good enough for some people. It sounds pretty bad, anyhow, the kind of punishment He's going to give the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & all those wicked & Antichrist people & some of those like'm. They're not the only bad people that ever lived, there have been a lot of other wicked people all through 6,000 years of history before that. So there are a lot of people who deserve to go to Hell & the Lake of Fire. I don't know if God is going to give up on them or not & just burn'm up completely, but His plan still didn't fail, everybody had a chance!
       50. BY THE TIME GOD GETS DONE, EVERYBODY WILL HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO GET SAVED SOMETIME, SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW, & IF THEY DON'T GET SAVED, THEN IT'S NOT GOD'S FAULT, IT'S THEIR OWN FAULT! How about you? You're having your chance right now! Are you going to get saved, or are you going to say no?--Or are you going to say, "Well, maybe later"?--And you might drive off from here & get in a car accident & get killed right now & there won't be any later! You'd better accept the Lord right now! Would you like to pray right now & receive Jesus & avoid a lot of that trouble & make sure you're going to go to Heaven? All right, let's pray! You don't know how to pray? Well, all you do is just follow me & I'll tell you what to pray, how to get saved. Do you believe what I'm telling you now? Do you really believe now that there is a God & that His Son is Jesus & He loved us so much that He came & died for us? Do you believe that?--Wonderful! All right then.
       51. IT'S NICE TO BELIEVE IT, BUT IT WON'T DO YOU ANY GOOD UNLESS YOU RECEIVE HIM PERSONALLY AS YOUR SAVIOUR. So you just receive Him right now, okay? Because He's knocking at the door of your heart, & if you'll open the door, He'll come in, He promised that! Right now while I'm talking to you He's knocking at your heart's door with my words. Every one of these words are knockin' on your heart trying to get you to believe it & receive Him. Are you going to open the door? Do you want to open the door? Do you want to receive Jesus? Okay, then let's pray, shall we? If you don't know how to pray, well, just repeat these words after me & make them your words. Okay?
       52. DEAR LORD, I BELIEVE WHAT THIS MAN'S BEEN TELLING ME & I BELIEVE THESE THINGS YOU'VE BEEN TELLING ME OUT OF THIS HOLY BOOK, THE BIBLE, & I BELIEVE IT'S SO! I believe, God, You're the One that created the Worlds & all of us & everything, & I believe Jesus is Your Son, I'm convinced of it now, & that He died for me. I ask You, dear Jesus, to come into my heart & save me, cleanse me of my sins. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, & make me a good Christian, to love You & love others & tell everybody else about Your Love, in Jesus' name. Amen! PTL!
       53. WELL, THAT'S ROUGHLY HOW YOU MIGHT DO IT! (Everyone applauds!) How long did that take?--About half-an-hour? Well, I don't think it deserved a hand, really, it was pretty rough, but I tried to make it simple. It might be a little heavy, I'm sure, in some places for children because it's hard to remember to speak in their language. Maybe I should have looked at Techi instead of David, because David is so smart, he understands all those things. Techi's real smart too, but you've gotta make it even clearer for her so she can understand. Did you understand what Grandpa was talking about? (Techi: Yes!) Most of it, maybe all of it? (Techi: Yes!) Good girl! Well, maybe it was good enough for little children. (Maria: Good for adults too!)
       54. WELL, I REALLY HOPE YOU DON'T WITNESS THAT WAY--NOW I DROPPED THE BOMB!--FOR THIS REASON: I have found in witnessing that if you just keep on talking too long, no matter how good it is & what you say, their minds will wander & you'll lose their attention. I didn't have time this morning to do this, but it would be better if as you go along in your story you open your Bible & shove it under their nose & say, "This is going to happen, read it! That's going to happen, read it!" Just pick out a few outstanding verses, maybe just one verse on each of these points & events to let'm read to show'm it's right there. They will remember what they see much better than all your jibber-jabber! I doubt if many of you even remember all the things I said. You clapped & thought it was good, but 60% of it went in one ear & out the other! Because you only remember about 40% of what you hear, but you remember 80% of what you see!
       55. SO IF YOU'RE GOING TO WITNESS ABOUT THAT SORT OF THING, IT'S GOING TO TAKE YOU MORE THAN HALF-AN-HOUR. You're not going to just be able to rattle off the whole thing in half-an-hour, because his mind's going to wander or she's going to be dreaming about you & how handsome you are & how she'd love to go to bed with you & forget all about what you're talking about, or vice-versa!--Or pretty girls witnessing to their fish, they've got their mind wandering on something else, mostly on the bait. You're going to have to keep their attention by opening the Bible & showing them a verse for this & a verse for that, a verse for so-&-so.
       56. NOW THAT WOULD BE A GOOD HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT FOR YOU, TO PICK OUT, I WON'T JUST SAY ONE VERSE, BUT ONE PASSAGE ON EACH OF THOSE EVENTS OR POINTS OR PERIODS, the one that you think is the most outstanding to you, the clearest & easiest to understand for the person you're talking to, a child or an ignorant heathen. Pick out a passage of Scripture which best describes or illustrates that particular thing or part of the Endtime--16 verses or 16 passages--& have them ready to flip to at a moment's notice even with your Bible upside-down so they can read it for themselves!--Amen? GBAKY always ready to give the answers to the End!

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