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THE WHORE!        DO 1913        1/85--The Rich--Robbers of the Poor, Communism, the Wheel of God's Omnipotence, Taxes & the U.S. Dictatorship!--Rev.17.

       1. MAMMON IS THE ANCIENT GOD OF MONEY & WEALTH, & ISN'T THAT WHAT VIRTUALLY ALL THE WORLD WORSHIPS ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE?--Even the Communists worship it above Communism, let's face it! Although they supposedly hate Capitalism, they just wish they could get to where Capitalism has gotten & get as rich as the Capitalists are, & that's what they're trying to do as best they can. At least China's being honest about it. Russia's still trying to hide it, but she's been working on being capitalistic too. They all want wealth, they all want power, they all want riches, they all want comfort & luxury, & this is the picture of Babylon, the epitome of pleasure & luxury & power & wealth & cruelty at the same time. Because the only way they can get that way is by being cruel to the poor & robbing the poor. How do they get so rich?--By robbing the poor.
       2. AND WHAT USUALLY HAPPENS IN A CASE LIKE THAT WHERE THE RICH GET SO RICH that they persecute & oppress & exploit & suppress the poor, grind them down till they don't even have enough to eat or a decent place to lay their heads? The rich reap what they sow & the poor rise up & overthrow them & grind them down & usually destroy them! It's happened in every great rich civilisation, every great World Empire, some poorer or less powerful nation finally overcame them, or their own poor overcame them. And in the 17th Chapter of Revelation, who finally rises up & destroys the Whore? (Fam: The Antichrist.) The Antichrist & his Kingdom, including, particularly, those ten kings of Europe.
       3. IN THE BEGINNING OF THE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION WHO WERE THE REBELS SUPPOSED TO BE?--THE RICH OR THE POOR? (Fam: The poor.) Who is Communism supposed to be for? (Fam: The poor.) Who is it supposed to represent? (Fam: The poor.) So who is the Antichrist supposedly supposed to be, the king of the...? (Fam: Poor!)--Obviously, certainly the poorer nations of the Earth, poorer than Babylon. And is there even antagonism growing now between the U.S. & Europe?--More & more all the time!
       4. EUROPE IS GETTING FED UP WITH RICH BABYLON WHO IS EVERY DAY DOING ITS BEST TO TRY TO ROB EUROPE & ROB THE THIRD WORLD!--And one of their best methods of robbery is taxes & tariffs & to place import duties on goods being imported from Europe or the Third World into the United States, to be charging big sums, sometimes double the cost of the item. That Customs man standing at the U.S. Customs gate might as well have a gun in his hand pointing at your head & robbing you & taking your money away from you, the just value of your goods, because that's exactly what he's doing! By the power of the laws of the U.S. Government backed by the guns, they are charging high duties--which the government gets. Not even the people in the U.S. get it, the government gets it, & they're getting more & more all the time.
       5. TARIFFS & IMPORT DUTIES ARE LITERALLY TAXES ON THE POOR OF OTHER NATIONS, so that the people who then have to re-sell these goods to the common people of the United States will have to charge twice as much for them, or much more than they actually cost, much more than the seller of Europe or the Third World gets as his price. The wholesale retailers in the United States have to add this tariff & that duty to the item, so that at the same time, the U.S. government is really robbing both their own people & the poor who produced it.
       6. WE THINK OF EUROPE AS RICH, BUT COMPARED TO THE U.S. IT'S POOR, & if they're not willing to give to the poor of Europe & the Third World what it's really worth, & that means what the Americans are willing to pay for it, then they are robbing the poor of the World who produced it. Then on top of that, they're robbing their own people by charging them much more than it costs. Not only the government is charging duty & robbing its own people & the poor, but then the retailers & the merchants are compelled to raise the price to cover the tariff & the duty & rob the American people.
       7. LET'S FACE IT, THE RICH ARE ALL ROBBERS OR THEY WOULDN'T BE SO RICH! Somewhere along the line they're robbing somebody of more than is their due & more than their share. They're getting more than their share while they're robbing some little guy of what he's really worth, not paying him the salary he's really worth, not paying the actual cost & what the goods that he's producing are really worth. So they're robbing & robbers all the way along the line.--Not a bit of difference from highway robbery of the olden days when they just stopped caravans & robbed'm at the point of a gun or the point of a spear!
       8. I'LL NEVER FORGET A GUY WHO WAS ONE OF RAYMOND RICHIE'S MUSICIANS & SONG LEADERS ETC., HIS NAME WAS MAX ADAMS. It's funny it comes back to me. We were in a restaurant & we'd just eaten. Raymond had entertained us & Max was sort of his business manager too & he paid the bills. When he got the check he was just nearly astounded! So he went up to the cashier & manager to pay it & he leaned over & he said, "What is this?" He said, "That's your bill!" He said, "This is ridiculous, such prices!" They'd added on taxes & services & this & that & blah blah, everything they could think of! They figured he was another one of these rich suckers like most of the rich suckers they rob. So even the rich get robbed by other rich. Who else would pay $100 for a dinner but the rich? And who else would have the nerve to charge'm $100 for that dinner but the rich? So he said, "Lady, you need a gun!"
       9. GOODNESS, YOU USED TO GET A WHOLE DINNER FOR 75 CENTS! In fact, in the Depression you used to get a seven-course dinner for 15 cents at the Dinner Bell right down on 1st Street in Miami, just off Flaggler Street. Of course that was an unusually cheap price, but they advertised & they were always packed, lined up outside, all the poor & everything, 15 cents per seven-course dinner! It included a little tiny glass of tomato juice, that was your first course, & you had meat & two vegetables & a salad & a dessert. Let's see, appetiser, salad, meat, two vegetables & dessert. Well, I guess they call each one of the vegetables one of the seven courses, I don't know. But the rest of the restaurants were charging the normal price for such a dinner, which was the high price of 25 cents!
       10. YOU DON'T THINK THE DOLLAR HAS INFLATED & DEVALUED? It's hard for some people to understand the relationship between inflation & devaluation, but they're exactly one & the same thing. The inflated value of the Dollar, supposed inflated value, is actually a deflation or a devaluation of its actual worth. And so more & more the Dollar is ballooning, just like the Lord showed us, ballooning & ballooning, & the more it balloons, the less it's actually worth.
       11. THE MORE THE DOLLAR IS WORTH AGAINST THE CURRENCIES OF EUROPE, LITERALLY MEANS THAT THE CURRENCIES OF EUROPE ARE ACTUALLY WORTH MORE.--Not in relation to the Dollar, but their people are not having to pay as much for things, in other words, not having their currencies as devalued & inflated as the Dollar. The Dollar is the most inflated currency in the World today! It's phenomenally, ridiculously, catastrophically inflated, & it's got to burst & burst soon & I wouldn't be surprised if it does it this year! I believe God is just waiting on us to get a few jobs done.
       12. GOD GEARS THE WHEELS OF HIS MIGHTY OMNIPOTENCE UPON INFINITESIMALLY SMALL THINGS!--And His wheels of justice grind exceeding slow, but they grind exceeding fine. Those are some words of some great men who ought to know, & I like to quote'm! So it may be going slowly, but it'll sure grind fine when the time comes. And those great wheels are turning even right now on what the World considers insignificant fulcrums, insignificant axes & hubs, whatever you want to call them.
       13. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE HUB OF A WHEEL & THE RIM OF A WHEEL? David, go out & get your bicycle, I want to show'm!--Or have you got any other wheel that's a little easier to bring in? Can you think of anything that might be cleaner? Just bring me any kind of a wheel. I'll bet you won't forget this one! Talk, talk, talk & you're going to forget 60% of what I say, but you'll remember twice as much of what you see!
       14. WELL, THESE ARE VERY SMALL WHEELS ON THIS TINY DOLLY BUGGY, NOT AS BIG AS THE WHEELS OF GOD'S GREAT OMNIPOTENCE, BUT THEY'RE WHEELS NEVERTHELESS. The whole wheel turns on this little tiny thing here called a hub, & this here called the axle. The end of the axle is called the hub. This out here is what's called the rim or the tire. Now which is bigger?--The wheel or the hub? (Fam: The wheel.) The wheel is a very big thing compared to this little tiny hub here, but without that hub the wheel couldn't even turn! The entire big wheel turns on this little tiny hub.
       15. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY WITH YOU & ME!--THE WHOLE WORLD IS TURNING ON US! The whole World, as far as God's concerned, revolves around us & what we do & what we don't do & what we accomplish & don't accomplish. All World history is His-story, & it all depends on God & us how this wheel turns. And just as certain as I am sitting here, the only reason God is delaying the judgements of this Earth & delaying the great wheels of His judgement upon the Earth as it turns on its axis, is because He's waiting for us here to get our job done. We're what really makes the World go round & God makes everything depend on us. How soon the Crash comes depends on you & me!--Not on the banks, not on big business, not on big industry, not on the economy, it depends on you! How soon the Crash comes & the Tribulation comes depends on you, how soon you get the job done!
       16. YOU SAY, "OH DAD, THAT'S A GREAT RELIEF! THEN WHY DON'T WE SLOW DOWN & STALL IT OFF AS LONG AS POSSIBLE? Let's put it off a few more years!" Well, this wheel, if you put it down on the track of history on which it runs, has got to keep turning around. And even though it does depend on the hub, it has got to keep turning around on the course of history, God's plan & prophecy & fulfilment. Whether you like it or not it's going to happen anyhow, whether you get the job done or not. But God will slow it down & do His best to keep it from happening too soon, hoping you'll do your best to get the job done before this thing goes over--crash--before the whole World goes crash! Sorry, Techi, but I had to illustrate it. (Drops buggy!)
       17. HE'S WAITING FOR US TO FINISH THE JOB, BUT HE CAN'T WAIT FOREVER! He's bound by His Word & by history, by His plan, that it's got to end sooner or later, sometime soon now, much sooner than later. So the closer that little vehicle approaches the brink, the nearer it's going to come, regardless of you & me. God is trying to slow things down enough so we'll get the job done, but eventually when it gets to the brink, it's going to go over anyhow. (Dad lets the buggy roll down the three steps.) Don't worry, it's pretty tough, I think it can take it.
       18. LAST TIME I LIFTED MY HANDS & SAID, "CRASH!", MY PANTS FELL OFF! That was a disaster!--Although some of the girls said, "Oh, boy!" Even Mary Dear said, "Again, again!"--Ha! My pants were a little too loose before the girls fixed'm, & I raised up my hands & shouted "Crash!" because something had fallen over. I was trying to make it seem funny to Mary Dear so she wouldn't get scared or cry. I think the ladder fell over or something, thank God nobody was in the way. So I immediately started to cut the fool & play around to just amuse her & make her laugh, & she loved it! I said, "Crash!"--And off fell my pants! As I lifted my arms I got a little more narrow around the waist, & down they went around my ankles! And Mary Dear just laughed & laughed, she said, "Again, again!"--So I had to repeat the performance several times!
       19. WELL, THE WORLD IS GOING TO GET TO THAT BRINK ORDAINED BY GOD SOONER OR LATER! He may slow the buggy down a little bit here & there to try to help you get things done, but it's headed for the brink & it's going to get there sooner or later, & now it's sooner! In the course of time He may slow things down a little bit here & there to try to help us get a job done, but slow or fast, it's headed for the brink!--And how slow or how fast it goes depends on you & me! You say, "Well then, why don't we go slower so we can put it off longer?"
       20. DO YOU REALLY WANT THIS HELL OF A WORLD TO GO ON MUCH LONGER? IF GOD LET IT GO ON VERY MUCH LONGER THEY'D REALLY DESTROY THEMSELVES & THE EARTH! So He has got to destroy them which destroy the Earth! That's one of the last quotations in one of these chapters here, Revelation 11:18, the last line: "And shall destroy them which destroy the Earth!" If He didn't destroy'm pretty soon they would destroy the Earth, & He doesn't want to destroy the Earth. They might even blow the ball apart if He'd let'm keep going the way they're going, drilling down miles below the surface & setting off atomic bombs! They might split the apple wide open one of these days if He didn't stop that foolishness!
       21. IMAGINE, THEY'RE LIKE LITTLE BOYS PLAYING WITH FIRECRACKERS IN A TIN CAN, NOT KNOWING WHAT DAMAGE IT MIGHT DO, what things it might break or anything else, experimenting with these atomic bombs way under the surface of the Earth, miles down! Well, it almost swallowed them up in one of their recent experiments like that. They had their scientific trailers & everything around this place that they were working on to explode the thing & the whole surface caved in, trailers & all! It was only the mercy of God that it didn't swallow them all up, but it is going to one of these days. They're going to have cave-ins & volcanic explosions & earthquakes, & in many an earthquake the Earth has just opened up & swallowed'm up! In Bible times & in recent times, it's still happening today, great cracks appear in the earth & whole cars & houses fall in, people fall in. Thank God it's not going to happen to us, don't worry. The Lord always takes care of us.
       22. BUT IT'S ALL GOING AROUND & ROUND DEPENDING ON YOU & ME! And the Lord wants us to get the job done so He's willing to kind of postpone it a little longer, stave it off a little bit longer, but He cannot stave it off forever or for very long or they would just absolutely destroy everything, including you! So He has to bring it to an end sooner or later, & the first affliction He's going to bring upon the Earth is the economic Crash, the Famine!--To afflict it with poverty the way they have afflicted the rest of the World with poverty!
       23. WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO SUFFER THE MOST FROM THE GREAT CRASH & THE GREAT ECONOMIC FAMINE? Who do you think is probably going to starve the most? (Fam: The rich.)--Exactly! What about people living in cities like New York--without lights, without water, without money, without food?--They're going to go back to savagery, worse than the savages of the jungle! Even the savages have a certain code to abide by, live & let live, kill & let kill etc., they don't just destroy everything. But modern civilised man, the most educated, the most enlightened man is the one who's destroying the Earth!--Not even the naked savages out in the jungle worshipping the Devil have done that much damage!
       24. IT'S EDUCATED, ENLIGHTENED, RENAISSANCE, REFORMED MAN WHO IS DESTROYING THE EARTH! It's the great civilisations, as always, the great empires, the rich who are about to destroy the Earth, who can afford to spend billions of dollars on armaments & weapons & atom bombs! It's the rich who are about to destroy the Earth! So God just can't let it happen, that's all. He's going to let them destroy themselves, yes, & He's going to help destroy'm by some of His curses & afflictions & plagues & horrors that He's going to send upon them, & one of the first is going to be the great Crash, & the next is going to be the Antichrist, their god. Next is going to be the Tribulation.
       25. DID YOU KNOW THE TRIBULATION IS GOING TO BE LOTS HARDER ON THEM THAN IT IS ON YOU?--Read it! All those terrible things happen not to you but to them, to keep them off your backs! How's God going to keep you during the Tribulation? How's He going to protect you? Well, He's going to give the rich & the powerful nations & the Antichrist forces so many afflictions & plagues & curses & monsters & horrible things to keep them so busy they can't spend all their time just looking for you!
       26. WHILE IN THE MEANTIME, WHO DO YOU THINK THE CRASH IS GOING TO AFFECT THE LEAST? That little peon out in the rice paddy in China probably won't even know there is a Crash, he won't know the difference! He grows enough food to feed himself & enough to sell to his neighbours & asks, "Crash? What Crash? Who cares? That's thousands of miles away. That's the West, that's the North, that's the rich, the powerful! They're the ones that are crashing." Remember in that movie "Roll Over" what the Arab said to the banker whose World was tumbling down around his head? His financial world was collapsing, his banks were collapsing, & he said to the Arabs, "You're causing the World to collapse!"--Because the Arabs were pulling their money out of U.S. banks. And that's probably exactly what's going to happen when they see they can't trust'm. Because the U.S. has become so dependent on foreign capital, particularly Arab capital. The Jews themselves, the rich Jews, have become so dependent upon the Arabs that if the Arabs start pulling their money out of the U.S. & out of the banks, the Jewish banks would collapse!--And they're scared to death about it! That's why they had that movie "Roll Over".--The Arab said, "Your World--not mine!"
       27. LEAVE IT TO JANE FONDA, LEAVE IT TO HENRY FONDA TO AT LEAST TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WORLD & ITS EVILS & ITS ILLS, BECAUSE THEY'RE BOTH PRO-COMMUNISTS, don't forget it, & have been known to be ever since I was a kid! They've been making movies critical of the Capitalist World, critical of the U.S., critical of the Capitalist system, saying all the right things, the true things, just like Communism does. It says a lot of truth about Capitalism & about the rich & oppression & exploitation of the poor etc. Communism is preaching a lot of truth, but they give the wrong answer, the wrong solution. The solution, of course, is only God & His Love & love of fellow man & sharing, the kind of sharing that only Love can do!--Whereas Communism is pure plastic supposed sharing & enforced sharing.
       28. SOMEBODY HAS SAID--IN FACT I SAID IT--THAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US & THE COMMUNISTS IS THAT WE SAY, "WHAT I HAVE IS YOURS & I'M GOING TO GIVE IT TO YOU IN LOVE!" But they say, "What you have is mine & I'm going to take it away from you at the point of a gun!" I told this to an Indian Communist investigator that was coming around visiting our place, when finally I realised who he was. He was visiting all of our homes in the Caribbean basin, including Florida where we had our little Soul Clinic School. I wondered why he was so interested in us & our children. He was a real nice man, beautiful man, handsome with wavy grey hair, not an American Indian but an India Indian.--Very smart, very wise. I kept pumping him & asking him questions, & one time I deliberately misstated something about Communist history & about the Communists just to see if he would wake up or resent it. "No, no!" he said. And then he laughed, he smiled, because he realised he'd given himself away, he'd blown his cover, & he never came back again.
       29. BUT ON THAT LAST TIME I SOCKED IT TO HIM! I SAID, "YOU KNOW, WE'RE CHRISTIAN COMMUNISTS, BUT THERE'S A LOT OF DIFFERENCE!" Because in the past we had invited him out lots of times, had him to dinner, he even sat in some of our classes, but he never seemed to be moved at all, just sort of cold & critical. But he liked what we were doing, being good to the poor, & liked a lot of what we taught about the difference between rich & poor etc. He was especially commendatory & complimented some of our homes down around in the Caribbean who were giving clothing & food etc. to the poor in some very poor places, I think it was down in Trinidad. He would come back from some of those trips, visit us again & rave about what some of us were doing. They liked us, they liked what we were doing.
       30. BUT WHEN IT CAME TO RELIGION HE SAID, "I HAVE MY RELIGION!"--And of course he pretended to be an Indian Muslim. Whenever we talked to him about God he said, "Don't talk to me about religion, I have my religion. I like what you're doing, but the religious part I don't care for." And finally I said, "You know we have true Communism here because we share with the poor & with you & with each other. The difference between your kind of Communism & our kind is that we say, "What I have is yours & I'm going to give it to you in love!" You say, "What you have is mine & I'm going to take it away from you at the point of a gun!" That's Communist sharing, that's the difference, it's just that simple.
       31. COME HERE, DAVID, I'M GOING TO GIVE THEM AN ILLUSTRATION THEY WON'T FORGET! Stand up. Do you want to be the Christian Communist or the Russian Communist? (David: What do you want me to be?) Well, maybe we could make you the Russian Communist. I say: "Our kind of Communism, what I have is yours and I want to give it to you. I want to share it in love!" Now what do you say? Look mean and stick a gun to my head! You say to me, "What you have is mine & I'm going to take it away from you at the point of a gun!" (David: What you have is mine & I'm going to take it from you at the point of a gun!) That's exactly right! There's the difference between Christian Communism & Red Communism! We share it willingly with others in love, sacrificially in real love. We want to share it. The Communists want to share too, they want to share yours with them!
       32. THAT REMINDS ME OF WHAT DEAR OLD JOE BORTMAN SAID WHEN THE COMMUNISTS WERE TRYING TO CONVERT HIM IN NEW YORK. He was the second guy that I ran into who was a Universalist, he believed in Universal Reconciliation. Of course, he was an outcast of the churches & he had to work as a gardener for the city for a living, but he had Bible classes etc. He was telling a story once, Jewish as he could be, how he was living in a little dinky apartment in New York City & the Communist upstairs was trying to convert him to Communism. He was talking about, "We believe in sharing & everybody should share!" Bortman said, "Hey, listen, you know I don't have a refrigerator, I know you've got one upstairs, how about letting me have your refrigerator?"--The guy clammed up right away & got mad & stomped out!
       33. SEE, THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL PULLING THE RUG OUT FROM UNDER'M or pulling the...(Fam: Pulling the punches?) No, that's not pulling any punches, that's punching hard! Anyhow, that's pulling the trap anyway, triggering the trap, or calling their bluff! He got him all steamed up about sharing & blah blah & then he said, "Well, if you want to share so much, I'd like to have your refrigerator!"--And the guy got mad & walked out! Well, how do I get on all these things? I get off on the rich & the poor & I get steamed up!
       34. THAT'S WHY THE POOR ARE SO POOR IN THE WORLD!--THE RICH COUNTRIES HAVE BEEN LIVING OFF THE POOR FOR CENTURIES, FOR MILLENNIUMS!--Until each time it gets so bad, God finally lets the poor rise up & destroy them. Finally in Russia it got so bad that the poor were starving, without land, without bread. The slogan of the Russian Revolution was "Land & Bread!" And the poor rose up & overthrew the rich, corrupt, polluted aristocrats & monarchy & slaughtered'm!
       35. ANY TIME, FOLKS, YOU CAN ALWAYS GO TO THE TOILET, OR IF YOU GET HUNGRY GET A SANDWICH, OR IF YOU'RE TIRED, JUST GO TO SLEEP, TAKE A NAP! I won't say like Fred, "I don't mind if you take a nap, just keep your eyes open!" He told that to his choir on TV because some of them were nodding off during his sermon, & while the camera was panning the choir he didn't think it was a very good example. He said, "I don't care if you're tired or you want to go to sleep, go ahead, but just keep your eyes open!" Well, I don't even mind if you shut your eyes to rest them.
       36. ISN'T THAT FUNNY, TECHI? HOW CAN YOU TAKE A NAP WITH YOUR EYES OPEN? WELL DEAR AARON WAS ONE OF THOSE QUEER BIRDS WHO COULD! I've seen him sleep many times with his eyes half open, sound asleep, even snoring. Of course, he was always so far out & spaced out in the other World, even with his eyes wide open he sometimes didn't know what he was doing! He had his mind on the Lord & Heaven & the Bible, blissfully going down the street in Huntington Beach with his guitar, singing away till the cops would stop him & make him open his eyes & see if his pupils were dilated, if he was on drugs, because he was acting just like he was on drugs! He'd tell'm, "No, I'm on the Holy Spirit! I'm drunk on the Holy Ghost!" And they'd say, "He's nuts!"
       37. WELL, HE WAS NUTS FOR THE LORD, THANK THE LORD, & IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR HIM, YOU PROBABLY WOULDN'T BE HERE TODAY, THINK OF THAT!--Because he was the pioneer musician of the Family in the early days. And Faithy was the singer, Ho was the preacher, Mama Eve was the manager & I was nothing at all in public whatsoever, I was just the teacher behind the scenes. I just primed the pump & then I let them get out there & pour. But boy, they preached from the housetops what I was teaching them in secret! And they could get away with it better than I could. The hippies would put up with it because it was coming from these teenage kids, & they were thankful that any teenage kids were doing anything good at all!
       38. WELL, I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE WHORE, THE RICH RIDING ON THE BACK OF THE DEVILISH, FIENDISH RED BEAST, & the Red Beast turns out to be just as oppressive & just as cruel & grinding the poor under his claws as every other World Empire & emperor that has ever lived. So she lives in luxury & in power due to his power & his protection. Which shows the Red Beast, in a sense, along with the Red Devil, has always existed. The Antichrist forces of the World have always existed. There have been many antichrists, the Bible says so (1Jn.2:18), but there's going to be one final one.
       39. TO PUT IT IN VERY SIMPLE WORDS THE CHILDREN CAN EVEN UNDERSTAND, HERE'S THE LUXURY-LOVING RICH RIDING ON THE BACK OF CRUEL, OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT, WHICH HAS BEEN TRUE ALL THROUGH HISTORY. The governments are for the sake of the rich, not the poor. If you know anything about law, there are all kinds of laws to protect the rich & very few laws to protect the poor! You go & see how many poor people & how many rich people are in jail. The rich men can usually buy their way out with lawyers & bribes & all kinds of things, & the law & the judges & the courts are not as severe on them. The judge thinks, "After all, he's one of us rich!" You can't even be a judge without being a rich man! The judges are picked by the rich to judge them so in case they ever get in trouble they've got one of their own men to judge them, but mostly to judge the poor & to keep them suppressed & oppressed & to keep them down from rising up & taking away their riches.
       40. SO YOU'LL FIND MULTITUDES, MILLIONS MORE POOR IN THE PRISONS & JAILS OF THE WORLD, & YOU'LL HAVE A HARD TIME SEARCHING & EVEN FINDING ANY RICH. Most of the rich who land in jail are ex-rich, the formerly rich who lost a lot of other people's money, a lot of rich people's money, through what they call fraud or deceit or financial collapse or bankruptcy or a lot of other things. So most of the smart men or the rich men that you find in jail are the guys that lost other rich people's money. There are very few truly rich men in jail, & very many poor men.
       41. SO HERE SHE IS IN THE 17TH CHAPTER, & APPARENTLY BY THAT TIME EUROPE HAS GOTTEN POOR ENOUGH & MAD ENOUGH ALREADY! The U.S. is trading more with the Pacific nations than with Europe, already she has limited the exports of Europe to just a certain number of imports in the U.S. Already she has charged so much duty & tariff on some of the Third World products, deliberately, so that the U.S. merchants won't buy them, where the Third World has to sell them at such low costs the U.S. Government can add those tariffs & duties to them & still sell them to the American public & rob them in return. It's one hell of a System! Besides taxing them to the limit now to where the average American works 3 days a week, half his week for the government just in taxes.--Not me, thank the Lord, I'm working full time, seven days a week for the Lord! PTL!
       42. WE DO HAVE TO PAY SOME TAXES TO SOME GOVERNMENTS, BUT I LIKE TO PAY MY TAXES WHERE THE GOVERNMENT'S DOING ME SOME GOOD, where I live, where their policemen & soldiers protect me & where I'm thriving & benefitted & protected & enjoying the benefits of their government. And whenever we rent a house, we are paying a large part of that rent in tax to the government, because the house owner has to pay taxes on that house, & he pays his taxes out of our rent. So we are paying taxes, don't let anybody kid you! And whenever you go down & buy different things at the stores, a lot of that stuff is half taxes. If you buy a gallon of gas in the United States, it's about half taxes. You can hardly buy anything any more without it being half taxes. They've got VAT taxes & fat taxes & sales taxes & all kinds of taxes!
       43. WE USED TO THINK IT WAS TERRIBLE WHEN THERE WAS A ONE PERCENT SALES TAX IN ARIZONA, BUT IN SOME STATES NOW IT'S FIVE PERCENT! Besides, in some places they've tacked onto that a state sales tax.--A city sales tax, a state sales tax & a federal tax, until I venture to say that if you didn't even count all the taxes that were paid to the federal government, state etc, all the various taxes that are paid on goods, actually in direct taxes etc., probably the average American is working most of his time for taxes!
       44. THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME JUST AS MUCH OF A SLAVE DRIVER AT THE POINT OF A GUN AS ANY SLAVERY EMPIRE THAT EVER LIVED! Because if you don't pay your taxes they'll throw you in jail, in prison, federal prison, & keep you for years! That's how they finally got a real dictatorial grip on the whole American public. First of all Congress passed the income tax, originally only 1%, & FDR upped it considerably, or maybe it was a little before that. But the whole idea was, "Well, we've got to save ourselves, we've got to have more money for war, more money to fight the war, so we've got to have some kind of a federal tax that hits everybody." They had to make a Constitutional amendment in order to pass the income tax law, but once they had it, they had their grip on everybody in the United States by their pocket books, they had them by the throat & were able from then on to be dictators!
       45. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE U.S. IS JUST AS MUCH A DICTATORSHIP AS ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD, & AS MUCH AS ANY GREAT CRUEL WORLD EMPIRE HAS EVER BEEN!--Only it's the most deceitful, the most hypocritical, & putting up the best front of any, pretending to be free & democratic & promote liberty & blah blah blah, when all the time it's not. Tom Anderson used to publish a little magazine called "The Farmer", he was for the poor farmer. Well, you notice what's happened to the poor farmers, they've all gone out of business & the big corporate farms agro-business is gobbling up all the land & the little farms, & the poor little families that had lived on their farms for generations are having to move out. Big business has driven them out, taxes have driven them out, banks have driven them out, until there are very few family farms left. What few family farms are left are run by families of big business just like big businesses, with thousands of acres & millions of dollars' worth of equipment & labour & all kinds of things, big business.
       46. SO TOM ANDERSON BEGAN TO CRITICISE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR IT & raked the Federal government over the coals & would tell the facts about the Federal government in his little magazine we used to get on the Ranch. And he said the only difference between the U.S. & Russia is that Russia is honest about it! They confess it's a dictatorship! But in the meantime, the U.S. deceives you into thinking you're free when you're not, into thinking you're not oppressed when you are, into thinking you own your house when you don't, into thinking you own your car, when you don't! They give you a title to it & make you think you own it, but they soak you with so many taxes on your car & with laws that tell you exactly what you can do with your car & what you can't. Maybe that's a good thing, you won't kill so many people!
       47. THEY TELL YOU NOW BY LAW EXACTLY WHAT KIND OF A HOUSE YOU CAN BUILD, WHERE YOU CAN BUILD IT & HOW YOU CAN BUILD IT! They approve the plans & you can't even add one stick of wood to that house without a building permit! You can't make one change without passing the zoning ordinance! Who owns the house?--The person who pays the bills & makes the payments & whose name is on the title?--Or the party who tells you exactly what you can do or can't do with it & will even take it away from you if you don't do what they tell you to do! Who owns the house?--The government!
       48. THEY'VE GOTTEN TO THE POINT WHERE JUST LIKE IN THE DAYS OF JOSEPH, THEY'VE SOLD THEIR BODIES & SOULS TO THE GOVERNMENT FOR SO-CALLED SECURITY, or maybe I should have said Social Security, for all these supposed benefits they're going to get, old-age pensions, Medicare & blah blah blah. They have become slaves of the government, just as much slaves & more slaves even than any nation has ever had on the face of the Earth! There's hardly ever been an actual great tyranny or empire in which every single citizen was a slave, but now under the U.S. government they're all slaves, even the rich are slaves! They have to give 90% of their income to the government & they're told exactly what they can do or can't do. The rich are just a little bit better off, the government lets them keep a little bit more because they give the government a lot more. They get to enjoy their riches & their security because the government is buying guns & bombs & everything to protect them & their riches. But they're slaves too, slaves to the government.
       49. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS GETTING BIGGER & BIGGER ALL THE TIME WITH MORE & MORE PEOPLE WORKING DIRECTLY FOR THE GOVERNMENT. The fact of the matter is, they all work for the government, they're all slaves! But at least Russia & the Communists are pretty honest about it. They claim to have the dictatorship of the Proletariat, it's supposed to be the dictatorship of the people. Well, you know what that really means. Some apples are always on the top of the barrel, & no matter how you shake up the cart, there are always some on top. How many apples can you get on the top of a barrel?--Only one layer about so big around. Oh, there might be a few dozen there on one layer & the rest of them are underneath. Really all the rest of them are resting on the bottom. Of course, there are a few really way down on the bottom next to the floor, & they're really feeling the pressure. But that's the fact!
       50. I'M RUNNING OVER, I'M SORRY, BUT I GOT ONTO THIS WHORE & SHE JUST REALLY UPSETS ME! Anyhow, she's going to get hers! The Communist nations together with the help of Europe are going to finally destroy her. So shall we pray the Kingdom Prayer? Let's pray the prayer which the Lord taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Amen! PTL! God bless & keep you all & give you a good day. Sorry to run over, but I'm always getting carried away by something. Well, I've said all these things before but you're a little late, that's all, you came late to the movie. This is the same way I used to preach to the hippies in the Club, & they loved it!--The same things! I don't think I'm saying anything new. Once in awhile a little new idea comes up & the Lord shows me something new, but it's all to confirm the same thing. PTL! GBY all! Sorry to keep you so long, but time is short, that's why I have to take more of it!--What are you doing with yours?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family