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       1. (MARIA PRAYS: THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE IN HEARING THY WORDS, to be so close to Thy Source & Thy Prophet that we can actually hear these things first hand from You through him. We thank You for the wonderful privilege that we have. Help us always to realise what a great honour it is, Lord, & to always know that along with the honour & the blessing comes the responsibility too of sharing it with others & of being the sample to others that we have learned from him. So just really strengthen each one here today & give them open minds & receptive hearts & good memories, to remember the things that they learn, & the wisdom, Lord, to know how to pass them on to others when they are in a situation where they'll need to teach & train others. Just give us all great wisdom in everything we do.
       2. (KEEP US FROM BEING ANY KIND OF DISTRACTION & KEEP OUR MINDS SINGLE & ON THY WORD & NOT DISTRACTED. We rebuke any outside interruptions & anything that would prevent us from hearing or from Thy Prophet being able to get a clear channel, a clear line to You, Lord. We just rebuke all these things. We ask You to keep the equipment, Lord, the tape recorders. Do touch them & bless them, Lord, & help them to keep going so that the World can hear Thy Words & Thy Message. Bless us all, Lord. We thank You for Thy healing of those that were sick, thank You for all Thy blessings, Thy protection, Lord. Keep us safely & securely for as long as You know that we need it. And bless those others that are going through trials & problems. Be close to them & give them wisdom, in Jesus' name! Amen! TYL!) PTL! TYJ! God bless you all! ILY!
       3. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! DID YOU HAVE A GOOD OPENER? I COULD HEAR YOU SINGING! I was working on a real red-hot new GN so I'm a little late, sorry. Didn't Mama handle it good? I told her to get down here & open up the meeting. But she's so shy, she said, "Nobody's there yet, nobody's there yet!" (Maria: They weren't, they were a little bit late.) Look at her blush!--Ha!--The complexion of virtue! She's so shy! But God bless her, the time will come & it's already here that when she has to, she does. As you found out before, she can sock away, sockeroo, sock it to you! And the time is coming when she'll come down by herself some morning & I won't be here. I hope you'll give her due respect & I know you'll give her lots of love & follow your Shepherdess to the Victorious End! PTL! GBY!
       4. I WAS WORKING ON A REAL GOOD HOT NEW GN AND I JUST COULDN'T QUIT! I was just three pages from the end so I had to keep going. I'm hot! Every time I do a Letter, I just absolutely get in a sweatin' heat! Even in the cold North where we were freezing, if I was cold, all I had to do to get warmed-up was do a Letter and it just actually warms me up all over! Mama would be freezing and wondering how come I was so hot and sweating away, and here she'd look and see I was reading a Letter. Whenever I want to get warmed up, all I have to do is read the Word, praise the Lord! GBY! Amen, Lord, bless and make this time together a real blessing to us all with Thy Word, Lord, in Jesus' name!
       5. DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THOSE RUSSIANS? Boy oh boy! I don't know how the Americans ever expect to lick those tough Russians that go out there & swim in the ice water & bathe in the snow naked! I think they were just trying to show how tough they were compared to all the rest of the World who are freezing to death & people dying of the cold! It's been the coldest winter in many years in most places. All over the World they've been suffering from an extremely cold winter, especially the North, of course, but even as far South as India & other Third World countries they're having very cold weather.
       6. EVEN THE NORTHERN SUBTROPICS OF FLORIDA HAD A BIG FREEZE & THE WHOLE FRENCH RIVIERA WHERE WE USED TO LIVE WAS FROZEN, SNOW-COVERED & ICE-COVERED! Think of that!--Palm trees dripping icicles & covered with snow in a place that's usually considered a nice sunny warm Southern European climate! They all got frozen this present winter, in fact it's still going on. And almost always when there's a very cold winter, there's lots of fires because people get their houses over-heated or the furnace over-heats or the chimney catches the house on fire or pipes break & short out the electricity. Even gas pipes freeze & break due to condensed moisture in the pipes & all kinds of terrible things happen like that.
       7. SO APPARENTLY GOD IS REALLY CLAMPING DOWN ON THAT FROZEN NORTH! I wouldn't be surprised if He's using the cold to try to get some of our folks out of there & get'm down in the South & the Third World countries where they'll be a lot safer & a lot more useful to Him & do a lot more good! About a third of the Family is still up there. Thank God two-thirds of us are in the South now, it used to be hardly any of us were in the South! In fact, it used to be none of us were in the South before we went to Europe, except the Southern United States, & that isn't very far South! So we've made quite a move! Of course, I'm talking about actual TRFers themselves. I usually pay particular attention to the real insiders, our TRFing Families. If you take the whole World, I recall the figure is something like 80-some-percent of us are in the South. If you include all the Catacombers & Club Members & Radio Club Members & Mail Members etc., about 4/5 of us are in the South. But as far as TRFers are concerned, about two-thirds are in the South.
       8. BUT I THINK A LOT MORE OF THEM OUGHT TO COME SOUTH, & I'M SURE THE LORD WANTS THEM TO COME SOUTH TO SAVE THEMSELVES FROM HAVING TO SUFFER THE WOES OF BABYLON & TO WHERE THEY COULD DO THE REST OF THE WORLD A LOT MORE GOOD AS MISSIONARIES! The Lord said of His Own people who are in Babylon, you can read it in the 18th Chapter of this book we're studying, Revelation: "Come ye out from among her, ye My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins!" (Rev.18:4)--In other words, the judgements upon her sins! So you don't have to stay there & suffer for the sins of Babylon or be partakers of the sins themselves!
       9. TOO MANY OF OUR FAMILY HAVE GONE HOME & GOTTEN BACK IN THEIR OLD SYSTEM RUT AGAIN & HAVE TAKEN PART IN THE SAME OLD SINS AS BEFORE! It's sad, really sad. "The way of the transgressor is hard!" (Pro.13:15) We hardly ever hear a real good story from the home goers or a good testimony of any kind, certainly not from backsliders! Some people are still there who have a few little weak testimonies & very poor literature distribution, very low witnessing records, it's pitiful! And most of the complaints & troubles & questions & problems & all kinds of sickness & accidents & everything else comes from Family Members who are still in the North!--Nearly all of them, in fact, most of them! All the rest of the World is glowing with glowing reports, wonderful testimonies & victories won for the Lord all over the World where they belong & where they ought to be, in the nations of the South & the East & the Third World where they're needed. God is blessing them hand-over-fist!
       10. THE EAST WITH ALL ITS ORIENTALS & ORIENTAL RELIGIONS IS ONE OF THE TOUGHEST FIELDS ON EARTH! It has always been known in Christian circles & churches as being the toughest mission field in the World because of their anti-Christ, ungodly, pagan, heathen, idol-worshipping, demonic religions! But guess who the Lord is blessing the most of any section of the entire World?--Financially as well as otherwise?--The East! The Homes on the toughest of all the World's fields are giving the highest percentage per Home of any Homes in the World! Think of that! And that means God's bestowing & pouring out His blessings on them, because that's their tithe! Their giving in the East, the pagan heathen Oriental strange East, is almost double--in fact it has been double several times--the giving of some fields in the West, I am sorry to say.
       11. I COULD SAY, "POOR SOUTH AMERICA IS SO POOR, & YOU KNOW THEY JUST HAVEN'T GOT MUCH MONEY" & BLAH BLAH! But I don't think you're going to find any poorer countries in the entire Earth than are in the East! You've never seen conditions anywhere in South America like you've seen in some parts of the East if you've gotten around at all! Maybe some in some areas of Latin America, but in the East it's the majority, it's the prevailing economic condition of poverty-stricken poor people!--Not just by the thousands in a few cities of South America & Latin America, not just the millions, but by the billions! But in the toughest, most non-Christian, Oriental, poverty-stricken fields on Earth, God is blessing His missionaries abundantly & giving them double what they're getting in the old worn-out fields like some in South America that have had Christianity for 5-600 years! No wonder I get provoked & aggravated that those people don't get out of the God-damned ruts they're stuck in down there! God help us!
       12. THANK GOD THEY'RE WINNING SOULS! I'll tell you, we have provoked them to jealousy! They're really getting on the ball, they are really going to town now, really witnessing & winning souls right & left! They're reaping a grand, mighty, what I believe is a final harvest in Latin America. They're really getting on the ball because we in the South & East have put'm to shame! Well, they're South too, but the East is more needy!
       13. THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR THAT KIND OF LOW SOUTH AMERICAN GIVING, AS AN EVIDENCE OF LOW SUPPORT. Why don't they get more support? I'll tell you why! Those families in North America, even our own families, even their relatives & supporters, know that there have been missionaries there in South America since the earliest Catholic missionaries five or six hundred years ago! They've been Christians, at least nominally, professedly. They know about God, they know about the Bible, they know about Jesus, they've heard about Him for hundreds of years! And there are lots of good Catholics there who I would believe--I hope at least--are really saved Christians, if they really believe. Of course, I know most of them aren't real believers, certainly not real receivers, aren't really born-again, not really saved. But they've had it, they've got it, they have heard! And my Lord, they've even heard from Protestant missionaries for about 200 years or more!--And they've heard from us for about 15 years!
       14. I'VE TOLD YOU THIS BEFORE, WE HAVE ABOUT 10 TIMES MORE MISSIONARIES IN PROPORTION TO THE POPULATION IN SOUTH AMERICA THAN WE HAVE IN THE ENTIRE EAST OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE! The population of South America is only something like 350 million people, & yet if I can remember the exact stats, there's still about 9 or 10 times as many of our people there in proportion to the population as there is in the East! Now that's ridiculous! Don't you think so? Don't you think that's ridiculous to have so many of our people there when the East is begging for missionaries?
       15. AND LOOK HOW GOD BLESSES THEM WHEN THEY COME, HAND-OVER-FIST!--BLESSES THEM ALMOST DOUBLE! In fact, it's been time & again double the support of South America, right? And they give doubly too, God blesses them for that! Whew! I didn't expect to talk on that subject today, but that's something I'm hot under the collar about! Thank God a lot of those people are leaving South America! Some of them are leaving there as fast as they can get out & go East!
       16. BUT WE'VE GOT PEOPLE IN LATIN AMERICA WHO JUST WENT THERE BECAUSE IT WAS THE EASIEST PLACE TO GO! They figured it was the cheapest place to go, it wasn't far from home, in case they failed they could always get back home very easily & it wouldn't cost very much. They'd give it a try, they'd give it a whirl. A lot of them won't even go any further than Mexico. That's why, outside of the U.S.A., we hear more complaints & have more problems & more trouble in Mexico than any other country on Earth!--In spite of the fact that the leaders there are doing the best they can, they've got good leadership. We've sent in better leadership & they're working as hard as they can in Mexico & Central America!
       17. BUT THEY'VE JUST GOT MANY PEOPLE THERE, TOO MANY PEOPLE WHO JUST TOOK THE EASY WAY, THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE! They just crossed over the border in their nice cars with their nice campers & drove down about as far as they had faith for & then plopped down on some Home or some missionaries that were already there suffering & in privation & had little income, & they expected to still live in high American style like they had back home & do a little street-corner lit passing or passing of tracts. Well, maybe we've got some people like that all over the World, but I'll tell you, it's not easy to get as far from home as the East! It takes a lot of faith to travel halfway around the World to go to a tough mission field & live on mission fields where you can't stay as long & it costs more & you've got to get more visas & you've got to make more visa trips, & in many places the authorities are even more antagonistic.
       18. SO IT'S NOT EASY TO STAY IN SOME OF THOSE EASTERN COUNTRIES! Some of them are very dead-set against us & they're out to get us if they can! Of course, that's true all over the World. But some of those countries are actually closed to the Family, where the Family has actually been kicked out, where they've had to leave because of persecution & the authorities clamping down & forbidding them to be there. It's tough! It costs money, it's expensive, it's difficult, it's hard, the religions are difficult.
       19. I'LL SAY THAT MUCH FOR LATIN AMERICA, THEY'VE REALLY GOTTEN THE DISCIPLES THERE & REALLY WON SOULS & GOTTEN GOOD QUALITY DISCIPLES & LEADERSHIP & ALL THE REST! Well, they ought to! Their missionaries outnumber the East ten-to-one! They ought to have good results & plenty of'm & a lot more than they're getting, & be a lot more blessed financially too!
       20. BUT GOD IS ABOUT THROUGH WITH THAT PART OF THE WORLD! THE LORD SAYS THAT'S THE PAST! He turned us toward the East & said, "This is the Future! That's the old, this is the new!" (#1283) "Oh, what do you mean it's the new? They've got older cultures in the East than anywhere in the World!" Well, you've read the Letters! They're the countries of the Rising Sun, the countries that are growing & are prospering & getting free & booming & opening up even to the Gospel at last, thank the Lord, out in the East.--It's a NEW DAY for the East!
       21. WELL, HERE WE ARE STUDYING BIBLE PROPHECY AGAIN!--AND I PROPHESY TO YOU THAT IF THOSE PEOPLE DON'T GET OUT OF THAT GOD-DAMNED NORTH VERY SOON, THEY'RE GOING TO BE VERY SORRY! IT'S GOING TO BE HELL ON EARTH! And if you want a class on Prophecy, Brother, I prophesy to you that if some of those people don't get out of South America & get out in the East where they're much more needed & will be much more blessed--financially & in every way--they're going to be sorry! Because when the Capitalist West & North go down, they're going to carry a lot of Latin America with them, because they virtually depend on North America. Their dependency is on North America, they're North American client states. Practically everything they do there depends on North America. They have to look to North America for leadership, guidance, money, technical know-how & all the rest!--Of course, all the rest of the World does too, but Latin America is more dependent on North America than almost any other part of the World outside of North America.
       22. SO WHAT HURTS NORTH AMERICA IS GOING TO HURT LATIN AMERICA LIKE MAD, & THEY ARE GOING TO BE WORSE OFF THAN MOST OF THE REST OF THE THIRD WORLD! They're still counted as the Third World today, but actually in many ways, Latin America is far better off than the rest of the Third World. There's not near the general, widespread, almost universal poverty in Latin America that there is in the East! How many of you have been to Latin America? Come on, if you've been to Cuba, even if you've been to Tenerife, that's Latin America!--Not Spain, that's not Latin America. Well, they're awful close. But I'll tell you, there's not near the general, widespread horrible destitution & abject poverty, shacks & shanties & garbage & shit in the rivers they drink their water out of & all the rest, nothing like the horrible, miserable, total, starving, hungry poverty that you find in some of the countries of the East! Let me tell you, the rich of some of the poverty-stricken Oriental countries & other countries too, South America as well, are going to pay & suffer for it, & some of them already have with revolutions, juntas, military coups & whatnot! They have already suffered for it.
       23. (MARIA: THERE'S ONE THING ABOUT SOUTH AMERICA. SO MANY OF OUR DISCIPLES ARE SPANISH AND ONLY SPEAK SPANISH, SO IF THEY GO ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD THEY DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE.) When I'm speaking about this, I don't even have the Latins in mind! I'm thinking about all of the Americans there who speak English and who have or could have or should have good support and who could go East or someplace else. I'm talking about them, that's who I'm talking about!--Those people who drove down there and crossed the border into Mexico in a car and trailer with riches and everything else and call themselves missionaries! That's the kind of people I'm talking about!
       24. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE SOUTH AMERICANS, SPANISH SPEAKERS ETC., THEY COULD BE INDIGENOUS & CARRY ON, FINE! (Maria: You're not talking about the leaders who really would like to go East but are still staying & training up the potential native leaders?) I'm not talking about anybody who is really needed there & I have said that before. I have always said don't leave until you have found somebody else who can do your job. Don't just leave everything in the lurch until you've found a substitute!--But if the Lord is calling you, He'll help you to find one.--Maybe you're not really needed as much as you think you are. Perhaps the Lord is just waiting for you to get out of the way so somebody else can take over the responsibility & try their wings. Ask the Lord to show you if you should stay or go & when.--Amen? GBY!
       25. COME ON, YOU ENGLISH-SPEAKING FOLKS IN LATIN AMERICA!--GO EAST! You who don't speak English had better stay home & reap there!

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