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MORE ON REVELATION, MAMMON & BABYLON!       DO 1916       1/85

       Just to rest upon His promise,
       Just to know, Thus saith the Lord!

       Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Thee,
       How I've proved Thee o'er & o'er!
       Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus,
       Oh for faith to trust Thee more!"

PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Is someone going to pray?--Everybody pray! Maybe I'll tell you all to pray at once, maybe you can all pray!--Why not? The Lord can hear you all! So why don't you all pray, praise the Lord? Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! TYL! Bless & help, Lord.
       2. I CAN'T HEAR YOU! MAYBE YOU THOUGHT I MEANT PRAY SILENTLY. COME ON, LET ME HEAR YOU PRAY OUT LOUD! EVERYBODY PRAY! Didn't you ever do that before? What's the matter? Do you think the Lord is only able to listen to one at a time? You've never been at a Pentecostal meeting, I can see that! They all shout & pray & everything all at once, it sounds like Babylon! Well, to the Lord it's not confusion, He loves to hear it! So let's praise the Lord & pray, shall we?--All of us together! Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! Lift your hands, lift your hands & pray! Lift your lightning rods! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name, bless & make it a blessing, Lord! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen, amen, amen! "The high & most Holy One dwelleth in the praises of His people!" (Ps.22:3) TYJ! PTL! Amen, thank You Lord!
       3. ALL RIGHT, WHO'S READY TO RECITE THE SUBJECTS OF THE 22 CHAPTERS OF REVELATION? Oh my, so many people ready! I guess I'll just have to take you one at a time then. Just go down the row & each one take a chapter. I know what you're doing right now, you're counting to see what chapter you're going to get so you'll be sure & review it real quick! Well, I'm afraid I might miss somebody if I didn't go down the rows, but you don't know which way I'm going down the next row, you don't even know which way I'm going down this first row! I'm just going to point quick at which end of the row I'm going to begin at.
       Chapt.1. INTRODUCTION to things shortly to come to pass.
       Chapts.2-3. LETTERS TO THE CHURCHES in Asia.
       Chapt.6. 6 SEALS of World History
       Chapt.10. ANNOUNCEMENT of the End.
       Chapt.11. THE TWO WITNESSES; Rapture & Wrath.

       4. THAT LIST ON THE BACK OF THE POSTER, "REVELATION MADE SIMPLE," is extremely brief & too abbreviated because I was short on space. I originally typed that list on a half-a-sheet of typing paper, & as it was I ran off the bottom. I was in a hurry to mimeograph it for a class I was conducting at a church, so I was really short on space. So I thought we ought to have a little bit fuller explanation of the contents of Chapter 11. That's true, it is about the Two Witnesses, it's also about the Tribulation & then Rapture.
       5. I REALISE THE TWO WITNESSES ARE THERE, BUT THE MAJOR SUBJECTS HERE ARE REALLY THE TRIBULATION, THE TWO WITNESSES & THE RAPTURE. In fact, it goes right on & is predicting the Wrath. It says, "The time has come!" So here you have another one of those chapters, this Chapter 11, that covers a lot of territory & goes right up to the End again. Several passages in Revelation recount the whole thing right up to the End, & I think probably the Wrath of God is repeated more than almost anything else, because that is the End. So don't forget to include a couple of those other subjects there in 11 because they're very important.
       6. (FAM: CHAPTER 12, SATAN CAST OUT & THE CHURCH DURING THE TRIBULATION.) And there's a major event that occurs in the first part of that. (Fam: The Devil is cast out.) Yes. I haven't done this with you, but maybe to make it even more comprehensive you could say Satan the Dragon is cast out of Heaven & persecutes the Church during the Tribulation. That's a longer, but clearer explanation of the whole Chapter. Don't be too brief. You can give me your title first if you want to, but then give me a little subtitle & try to give the general concept. I want you to have a fairly comprehensive knowledge of what happens, the major events of each chapter. OK?
       7. (FAM: CHAPTER 13, ANTICHRIST, FALSE PROPHET, IMAGE & MARK.)--Yes, those are the major things that happen. The 13th Chapter is about the Antichrist, the False Prophet, the Tribulation, the Image of the Beast & the Mark of the Beast. That covers all the subjects of the chapter, but isn't that brief enough to get a comprehensive hold on the whole chapter, all the events? Okay, Chapter 14, you get an easy one!
       8. (FAM: CHAPTER 14, THE RAPTURE & THE WRATH.) That's the simplest title, now give me a little more comprehensive outline of the chapter. (Fam: The Rapture of the Saints & the Wrath on those that were left behind, mainly the AC forces.) That's right, but two other very important events are described in this chapter. (Fam: The destruction of Babylon.) Yes, but the first thing that's mentioned is what?--A very important Sign of the Times. (Fam: Atomic War?) Well, probably, but the destruction of Babylon is not exactly a Sign of the Times, because it's the last event. (Fam: The Gospel preached to all nations.)--Right!--By an angel in Heaven, imagine! We don't know how the Lord's going to do it, whether He'll have him shout through a trumpet or fly circling around the Earth like it pictures here, but that's pretty important. That's one of the signs that Jesus mentioned was a sign of the End, that the End was at hand, the Gospel is preached unto all nations. (Mat.24:14)
       9. AND IN THE SAME CHAPTER BABYLON IS DESTROYED & THEN THE RAPTURE, THIS IS IN THE EXACT CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Babylon is destroyed, primarily its first destruction. Perhaps its final destruction waits for the Wrath of God in the End, but it gets the Atomic War as one of these wars of the Antichrist, we know that, we proved that right here in the Bible. It doesn't say Atomic War, but it says the Antichrist & the Ten Kings get together & annihilate her. So we have here the Gospel preached to the whole World, the fall of Babylon, the Rapture, & again the Wrath of God, four distinct important events occurring here.
       10. I OVERSIMPLIFIED IT & ABBREVIATED IT ON MY FIRST LIST, & if you just went by that list on the back of the Prophecy Chart you're really going to leave out a lot, because I was limited on space. It's better for you to study your Bible, not just my lists! When it comes to a Bible Study it's nice of you to read my lessons & read my lists, etc., but you'll get a lot more out of studying the Bible itself. You may even see something I missed. There's nothing like getting the raw Word of God straight from the mouth of the Lord Himself!
       11. SO WHAT ARE THE FOUR MAJOR EVENTS OF CHAPTER 14? I know I didn't stress this before, but I am now because I want you to grasp the whole Chapter & its entire contents. (Fam: The Gospel is preached unto all nations, the fall of Babylon, the Rapture & then the Wrath.)--Right! Here again we have the Wrath of God at the end of the Chapter. He keeps giving you a re-run & a re-run & a repeat & a review of the events, each time in a different way or stressing different things, but always winding up again at the End with the Wrath of God. PTL? Okay, then what do we have in the 15th Chapter?
       12. (FAM: CHAPTER 15 & 16 TOGETHER ARE THE DETAILS OF THE WRATH.)--Right! And to be more specific, the 15th Chapter introduces what? (Fam: The Angels.)--The Angels of Wrath. (Fam: And 16 tells what the specific vials are.) How many? (Fam: Seven.) There are a total of seven, & how many do we have in the actual chapter? (Fam: Seven?) I almost got you confused, didn't I?--Because in some of the other chapters they'll only go through the sixth seal or sixth trumpet, not all of them, but you've got all seven Vials of Wrath poured out here in the 16th Chapter. We'll not go into what each vial is about, the details, that's for you to read, we're just reviewing now.
       13. AND ONCE AGAIN, HERE WE HAVE IT! UNDER THE SEVENTH VIAL, WHAT TWO MAJOR EVENTS OCCUR? (Fam: A great voice saying, "It is done!") Well, that's very important, but something else. (Fam: Armageddon?) Well, in a way, reading the verses in order & thinking that that's the order of events, but here it simply is saying that the way is being prepared for the Battle of Armageddon. When the seventh angel finally does pour it out & say, "It is done!" what actually happens? (Fam: An earthquake.) Yes. (Fam: The end of Man's World.) Yes, & mentioning a specific name here. (Fam: Babylon is destroyed.) Yes, again the destruction of Babylon. There's a great earthquake, great hail & fire & all that, & again we wind up with the destruction of Babylon & the Wrath of God, etc.
       14. NOW WE POINT OUT THAT THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON MUST HAVE ACTUALLY ALREADY OCCURRED BECAUSE IT OCCURS SPECIFICALLY IN SEVERAL PLACES BEFORE THE RAPTURE. In the 14th Chapter, doesn't it occur specifically before the Rapture? Therefore, although it's really actually a part of the Wrath of God in a way, it occurs at the end of the Tribulation before the Rapture. And it's obvious He just keeps on destroying Babylon after that because the whole System is completely destroyed during the Wrath of God. So that seems like an almost continuous process, not only Babylon is destroyed with one mighty blow in one hour of one day, but the whole System has to be destroyed.
       15. THE U.S. IS NOT THE WHOLE BODY OF BABYLON, IN A SENSE, IT'S JUST MORE OR LESS THE HEAD. So in some places it's a little unclear as to exactly when Babylon is destroyed, because it keeps repeating it & repeating it almost like it's a part of the Wrath of God. But according to the 14th Chapter, I think it sounds pretty clear that it's already fallen. The Gospel is preached in the 6th verse, in the 8th verse Babylon is already fallen, then comes the Rapture. We've got the Beast & the Image & his Mark & all that sort of thing there in that 14th Chapter, all the Tribulation period, so it's quite obvious from this Chapter that Babylon falls sometime during the Tribulation period, & is then followed by the Rapture.
       16. HE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT BABYLON JUST LIKE HE'S REMARKING & IS SORT OF AMAZED AT HOW "BABYLON IS FALLEN, IS FALLEN" or "Babylon is destroyed" or "Babylon comes in remembrance for the cup of her iniquity." He keeps emphasising the fact that, "You don't have to worry about Babylon, God's going to take care of it!"--And in some places it already has been destroyed or is about to be destroyed, or in another chapter you're given the actual picture of the way it's being destroyed. So this Babylon must be pretty important, it's talked about almost from one end of the Book to the other!
       17. AS I BROUGHT OUT IN OUR "GARDEN OF EDEN" CLASSES, THERE ARE TWO PRIMARY MONSTERS OF THIS BOOK! Who are the two major monsters of the Book of Revelation? (Fam: The Dragon & the Beast.) And who's the Dragon? (Fam: The Dragon is Satan.) And the Beast is... (Fam: The Antichrist.) Some of you yourself mentioned that we should always define those terms. It's nice to give the Biblical term, but that means nothing to the general public. The Dragon is Satan & the Beast is the Antichrist.
       18. AND WHO ARE THE TWO MAIN WOMEN OF THE WHOLE BOOK OF REVELATION?--There's a good woman & a bad woman! (Fam: The Woman in the Wilderness, the Church, & the Whore, Babylon.) That's very good. I could give you an even easier way to say it: The Bride of Christ & the Bride of the Devil! I don't know if we've put it that way before, but that's the way I've often thought of it, the two main women, & of course the Devil & the Antichrist are both married to the bad woman, Babylon. So she must be pretty important, she represents all the wicked & the Worldly & the worst of the World. Just like we represent Christ, His Bride, she represents all that's bad & evil.
       19. SO HERE AGAIN WE HAVE THIS TERRIBLE DESTRUCTION, THE WRATH OF GOD, BUT AGAIN BABYLON IS MENTIONED." I thought Babylon was already destroyed! Then why is Babylon mentioned here?" Well, you'll notice down in the 18th & 19th verses of Chapter 16, particularly the 19th, it says "cities of the nations." That's more than one nation, right? The city system, isn't that really Babylon itself? So now not only the U.S. is destroyed, but the Lord even destroys those who destroyed her, just like He used to do about Israel. He would let her enemies destroy her & scatter her, & then He'd destroy them!
       20. SO NOT ALL OF BABYLON IS REALLY COMPLETELY FINISHED OFF IN THAT ONE HOUR OF ONE DAY DESTRUCTION OF THE ATOMIC WAR BY THE TEN KINGS & THE ANTICHRIST, BUT APPARENTLY ONLY THE U.S. It includes a lot more than just one nation, in fact, it includes virtually the whole World System! Because in God's sight there's no difference between Capitalism or Communism, it's all Babylon as far as He's concerned. Wasn't she riding the Beast with all seven heads, including the ten last kings on the seventh head? So she's a part of it all. She is the Worldly System, literally the religion of the World!
       21. NOTICE HOW THESE TWO WOMEN BOTH TYPIFY RELIGIONS?--THE GOOD WOMAN THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, TYPICAL OF CHRISTIANITY & THE CHURCH, BUT THE BAD WOMAN, BABYLON THE WHORE, TYPICAL OF THE RELIGION OF THE WORLD!--And what is the religion of the World? I thought it had lots of religions? (Fam: Materialism.) That's a big word for little folks, how would you describe materialism? (Fam: Worship of Mammon.) What if they don't know who Mammon is? What if you're talking to some raw heathen or little child that never heard of this before? (Fam: Worshipping things.)--Things! Worshipping the creation rather than the Creator! (Rom.1:25)
       22. MAMMON WAS THE GOD OF MONEY, RICHES & WEALTH, & ISN'T THAT THE RELIGION OF THE WORLD? As I've told you before, they've built many more temples, bigger temples, finer temples & more costly temples to Mammon than they have ever built churches or temples of any other kind to any other gods! In the average city, what temples outnumber the churches & even the synagogues & the Moslem shrines & even in some other cities, Buddhist temples, Shinto temples & Hindu temples? If you take any big city in the whole World, what temples outnumber them? (Fam: The skyscrapers & office buildings.)--The temples of business, right?--Business temples, money temples, where they're spending at least eight hours a day, five or six days a week worshipping & working for money--banks, etc.
       23. DID YOU EVER NOTICE HOW SOME OF THOSE BANKS ARE BUILT JUST LIKE TEMPLES? They have big tall columns & look like Greek temples. And some of those tall spires on business buildings like the Empire State Building resemble a steeple or a temple. They're all temples, temples to the god Mammon! A modern civilised person would be shocked if you said, "That's a temple to the god Mammon!" They'd say, "Oh, we don't worship a god Mammon, we don't throw our babies in the fire!"--Well, they do! (See No.1904:30, GN 185.) But anyhow, they're all temples, temples to big business, money, wealth, power, materialism, the god Mammon!
       24. SO APPARENTLY ONLY THE HEAD OF BABYLON IS DESTROYED FIRST, THE U.S., WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY THE GREATEST CAPITALIST NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH & THE LEADER TODAY OF VIRTUALLY ALL MAMMON. But since Communism is also materialistic, absolute dialectical materialism as Marx called it, then they are materialists also. They may not know it, but symbolically they worship the god Mammon, materialism. So until God has really destroyed all of Mammon, all of Babylon, of all nations, she's not altogether destroyed, & that destruction obviously continues right on through the whole Wrath of God.
       25. THE DESTRUCTION OF THE MOST POWERFUL, GREATEST, RICHEST, WORST NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, THE U.S.A., BEGINS UNDER THE ANTICHRIST WITH THE HELP OF HIS TEN KINGS OF EUROPE, but that's in the Tribulation, before the Rapture, as we'll see in the 17th Chapter. But because of these constant references to Babylon after that, it obviously continues until God has destroyed the entire World System.--Not just America, but He'll turn around & destroy the Kings of Europe too & the Kings of Communism too & the whole dirty filthy-lucre system of Worldwide Babylon!
       26. WE FIND TEMPLES OF BABYLON JUST AS MUCH IN THE BIG CITIES OF THE EAST AS WE FIND THEM IN THE CITIES OF THE WEST! The big cities of the East have just as many temples, maybe not quite as tall, but they have plenty of temples & they're just as madly worshipping & working night & day for Babylon, for Mammon, just as much as they are in the West. Let's face it! And what do all these Communist countries really want? When you give their kids & their teenagers a chance, they come out in the open & show what they really want, they want the things of Babylon just as much as the teenagers of the West!--All those things that are supposed to be satisfying & supposed to make you happy, tight jeans & radios & TVs & sports cars & blah blah blah! Let's face it, they'd all have it if they could, & they're all trying to get there. The reason Communism became Communism was to try to get those things for themselves, & they figured the quickest way to do it was to take'm away from the West, because they already had'm, they've already got'm.
       27. DUE TO THE WISDOM OF THE CHINESE & ITS PRESENT LEADERSHIP, CHINA IS TAKING A LITTLE WISER ROAD. They decided it's smarter to woo & win & they'll make faster progress that way than to destroy & just get what's left. Western Communism is bent on taking it all by force, in which quite a bit of it will be destroyed, but Eastern Communism, led by China, is really playing it smart, wooing & winning the things of Babylon & Mammon by sort of talking the West out of them, persuading them to, "Come in & give them to us, invest in our country, help us make these things!" I think that's pretty smart, certainly a much more peaceful attitude & way to do it & not as apt to destroy the World! So thank God for the East! Part of the East has already done that, they're already their own kings of Babylon & kings of Mammon & have already developed themselves & learned how to make these things, & they learn most of it from the West.
       28. DON'T LET THEM KID YOU, THE MAJOR REASON FOR WORLD WAR 2 WAS ECONOMIC, IT WAS A WAR FOR MARKETS! So watch out when trade wars begin like they're beginning right now between the United States & particularly the Orient, because the Orient is getting richer than Europe. But she's fighting trade wars with Europe also & I told you about tariffs & duties, etc. The U.S., being the richest nation on the face of the Earth, doesn't want those cheap products coming in from those other countries, even from Europe, cheap pipe & steel & things like that. She doesn't want these cheap products coming in because they're competing with her own expensive-made products by richly-paid workers who are all rich & wealthy compared to the rest of the workers of the World.
       29. HOW MANY OTHER WORKERS OF THE WORLD IN THESE EASTERN COUNTRIES HAVE YOU SEEN WHO HAVE PALATIAL HOMES OF THEIR OWN? The average American home today is virtually a palace filled with all kinds of luxuries, & a luxurious automobile. When I look at some of those big huge cars of the United States in some of these movies, they look like boats! It's almost unbelievable that they have the nerve & the gall to drive around in those great big flat boats! It's bad enough that they guzzle the gas like mad, but they're hell to park & such a horrible extravagance!
       30. JUST THINK, WHEN I WAS A KID YOU COULD BUY A MODEL-T FORD FOR ABOUT FOUR OR FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS BRAND NEW!--WITH THE PAPER STILL STICKING TO IT! They used to wrap them up in paper in the old days to protect the paint job. They don't bother with that any more because they've got such good hard-baked paint that I guess they're not worried about it, it's too much trouble. But they used to come wrapped up, gift-wrapped. I told you about the farmer who was buying a Model-T, they told him they figured they'd last about 20 years, so he said, "Okay, I'll take two! I figure on living about another 40 years." So one day he rolled into a filling station 20 years after the Model-T's had come out with a brand new Model-T Ford with the paper still sticking to it here & there! They asked him, "Where in the World did you get this?" He said, "I've had it in my barn for 20 years waiting till the first one wore out!"
       31. SO THEY WANT THE SAME THINGS, THEY WANT THE SAME LUXURIES, THEY ALL WANT'M, EVERYBODY WANTS'M--BUT US! Well, even we enjoy'm when we need'm. And the Lord is good to us, He not only supplies our needs, but those that love Him & delight themselves in Him, He supplies what? (Fam: The desires of our heart.) (Psa.37:4)--In other words, not only your needs, but your wants. He gives us a lot of things we don't really have to have & we could survive without, luxuries like videos & televisions & radios & all kinds of things. Of course, in our business we almost have to have radio & TV & all these things to keep up with events, & a lot of the Family even have to have videos & automobiles. That's the way of this age, they've got to get around in a hurry, & we do fly now & then!
       32. WE HAVE LOTS OF LUXURIES & THE LORD IS VERY GOOD TO US! He gives us comforts & luxuries, a lot of which we could actually do without, without it even hurting us or any suffering. But that's how good the Lord is to His children, just like we are to ours. We just overload'm with good things. "He satisfieth thy mouth with good things." (Psa.103:5)--Your mouth, not only meaning food, but your mouth is symbolic of desire, desire to consume, to eat & have these things. So He gives us a lot of good things. And the whole World wants lots of good things, they think that'll make'm happy if they just had enough things.
       33. THE AVERAGE CHINESE RIGHT NOW WOULD BE PERFECTLY HAPPY, WITHOUT A BACKWARD LOOK, TO TOSS OUT MAO & COMMUNISM & THE WHOLE CABOODLE IF THEY COULD JUST GET THOSE THINGS THEY SEE ON TELEVISION FROM HONG KONG, & those things they see in movies from the U.S. & the rest of the Western World! They're ready to go Capitalist at the drop of a hat, & that's what they're doing! Well, God bless them for at least opening up the country better, & it's certainly given us a better chance to get in! It looked like China had gone Communist & the door was shut forever, but it just shows you what the Lord can do!
       34. DENG [DELETED] [EDITED: "is"] not selfish about it, he wants his whole country to make money & everybody to have things & be happy. I think they're a whole lot happier now than they were under the Gang of Four & the Cultural Revolution. The country really suffered a setback, it was savagery, cruelty, torture, horrors & slaughter that set China back for years! But this present economic revolution is advancing China very rapidly in its development of wealth & things. All the same things that all the rest of the World wants, they want too.
       35. YOU CAN'T BLAME'M, THEY ALSO LIKE TO HAVE A LITTLE BIT OF THE "GOOD THINGS OF LIFE," AS THEY'RE CALLED. As the Lord said about Dives the rich man, "Thou hast had your good things while poor Lazarus was suffering." Then in the next World things are switched around, Dives is suffering & Lazarus is enjoying the good things. (Luk.16:19-31) But nowadays everybody wants the good things & are willing to toss off their ideology, their Communism, even their gods, their religion or anything, & most of them have, to go after those good things.
       36. I USED TO READ THOSE CHAPTERS IN MATTHEW TIME & AGAIN TO CHURCH CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA, ESPECIALLY THAT 6TH CHAPTER OF MATTHEW. Boy, that really nails'm! I said, "You can't tell me that you worship God with all your heart & all your strength when you are worshipping Mammon & money & things & your home & your car & your TV & all the rest of that six days a week & half of the 7th, & only worship God & give Him an hour or two of your time a week! Don't tell me you're serving Him with all your heart & all your mind & all your strength! Don't tell me you're serving Him with single-eyes & single-mindedly, that you're really all-out for the Lord! What does it say there? 'Seek first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness, & then all these things shall be added unto you!'" (Mat.6:33)
       37. GOD IS GOOD TO HIS CHILDREN, HE KNOWS THEY NEED AND WANT THINGS, BUT HE WANTS THEM TO LOVE HIM ABOVE ALL! He says, "I the Lord thy God am a jealous God and I will have no other gods before Me! Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these other things will be added unto you!" (Exo.20:3,5; Mat.6:33)--Hasn't He? Hasn't He blessed us a lot more than even a lot of church Christians back in the U.S.A.? Our Family has had palaces and limousines and luxuries and pleasures galore! What other church has so many beautiful women and girls as we have? What other church has so much sexual freedom as we have? Just think of the pleasures!
       38. I NEVER SAW SUCH BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN MY LIFE, WE JUST DON'T SEEM TO HAVE ANY UGLY ONES! Although some I've noticed on some of these videos we've seen who recently had come from the U.S.A. had gotten pretty fat. Americans in the States are just used to stuffing themselves, stuffing themselves with food and with ease and getting fat. But look at our girls!--All delightful weights, not too heavy to toss around, gorgeous and beautiful and trim!
       39. WITH THOSE NEW SO-CALLED "MUSIC VIDEOS"--I CALL'M HELL NOISES--IT SEEMS TO BE THE "IN" THING TO LOOK AS UGLY AS YOU CAN & AS MEAN AS YOU CAN & AS DEVILISH & AS FIENDISH & AS UNHAPPY & CRUEL & HORRIBLE! It's Hell!--Nothing beautiful about them at all! I hear now where the Jehovah's Witnesses put in their Awake Magazine a denial by Michael Jackson saying he'd never make another one like that & he doesn't approve of that & that he's sorry he made it, that terror one, "Thriller." He should have called it "Terrorism"! Of course, the Jehovah's Witnesses were defending him & trying to tell their young people that he's sorry he did it! Well, I've heard that he's made two or three since then that have been just as bad, if not worse! So don't let'm kid you! I think he's demon-possessed, he's a fiend, possessed by the Devil to make things like that! And he enjoyed it, he looks like he loves it! Horrors, horrors! Well, how did I get on that off of Mammon & Babylon & the Americans?
       40. (DAVID: REMEMBER THAT CAR THAT WE SAW ON OUR WALK THAT WAS SO BIG?) Yes, that's right. It's an American car too, that's why. It looks like some kind of a boat. I call'm flat boats, tankers! They're tankers, all right, they've got to have a huge gas tank to keep'm going! Some of those cars only get 5 or 6 miles to the gallon, think of it! Whereas they get 6 miles to the liter in some of these little European cars, that's almost like 6 miles to the quart, almost 25 miles to the gallon! Think of what wasteful, horrible monsters those big cars are, gas-guzzlers! But that's what they want, & when they get a few things they'll not be satisfied. Riches never satisfy. Look at the richest men on Earth, they're not satisfied yet!--They want more riches, more power! Once they've got more money than they know what to do with & spend & invest, they want the power that goes with it. And how do you get that power?--You buy governors & congressmen & presidents. You buy the men with the power that run the countries.
       41. POOR LITTLE OLD REAGAN, I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM SOMETIMES. He's nothing but a kind of an actor-clown figurehead, his speeches are written for him & nearly everything is done for him & decided for him. He's the perfect President for the United States, an actor who will memorise his script like he's told & act like he's told & do what he's told & say what he's told & decide what he's told by the big rich men that surround him & empower him & got him elected, which cost millions of dollars at that!--Pitiful! I believe the man himself is really sincere, honestly! I think he's almost too dumb to be evil or crafty or really conniving or anything like the guys around him. He has made some statements out of context sometimes showing his own personal feelings, ad lib, off the cuff, like his sympathetic statements for the Palestinians & many other things like that which he's had to come back & deny afterwards & correct & say, "Well, I didn't mean that."--Because they jumped on him afterwards & said, "You shouldn't have expressed your own personal sympathetic opinions!"
       42. SO THE POWERFUL & THE RICH, LIKE BABYLON, RIDE ON THE BACKS OF GOVERNMENT, & SOMEONE WHO'S RIDING ON THE BACK OF A BEAST IS USUALLY THE ONE WHO'S STEERING THAT MONSTER! When you ride on a horse, who's the boss? (Fam: The rider.) You hold the what? (Fam: The reins.) You show the horse which way to go. You don't even have to tell him, you simply give a little slack on one rein or the other or even a nudge from your knees, & a smart horse who knows you, knows just which way to go! You don't have to pull his head clear around with bit & bridle. As the Lord says, be not like the kind of a beast that has to have one of those horrible bits in its mouth that chews on their tongue if they don't turn, or chews on their cheek & you have to pull to get their head to turn. (Psa.32:9)
       43. I'VE RIDDEN SOME HORSES THAT WERE REALLY STUBBORN! They knew I wasn't their usual rider & they were offended, they didn't like me to ride'm & they didn't want to go, they didn't want to turn, you just had to force'm. They didn't want to run, you had to whip'm! But a good horse with a good rider who really knows that horse & who has ridden together, that horse & its friends, they almost become one. That's the way the Lord made'm. The horse really knows & loves his master & just feels, almost senses, his master's will.
       44. ANIMALS HAVE MUCH GREATER SENSITIVITY, E.S.P. & SENSE IN THE SPIRITUAL THAN MOST HUMAN BEINGS! Human beings have dulled their senses. But animals sense right away catastrophe, earthquake, not just by smell or ear. They've been known to sense things miles away from where they happened, things that happened to their master or mistress or something. So a horse can get to where he's so in tune, sensing the will of his master, his rider, that he even senses what he wants him to do. And that's why you find in some of these demonstrations & exhibits & circuses, how horses can be so marvellously trained.
       45. WELL, SO MUCH MORE ON MAMMON & BABYLON, WHICH WE DIDN'T INTEND TO GET INTO, BUT SINCE IT'S THE SUBJECT, I WANT TO MAKE IT VERY CLEAR WHO BABYLON IS. Jesus in His mountain discourse called it Mammon, & later on in the Book of Revelation to John He calls it Babylon. It's all the same thing, only Mammon is just an old-fashioned idol that the ancient World was familiar with & knew what it stood for. So it made a good symbol of the lust for money, the lust for things, the love of the things of this World. Today Babylon is an even better symbol, it's tremendous confusion, confusion of the whole World, all of it, except for a few.
       46. SO THEY'RE ALL RUNNING AFTER BABYLON, ALL OF THEM RUNNING AFTER THE WHORE!--AND WHY IS SHE CALLED A WHORE? That's supposed to be a dirty name applied to women who sell it. Our FFers had better watch out they don't get so money-minded that they've just become a whore and not an FFer! Let's not forget what we're in the business for, to win souls, not just to make money. If you're putting God first and His Kingdom first and you're in the business to win souls most of all, which we are, God will bless you with money and these things, right? But watch out if you forget what you joined the army for and you think it's just the watches or the moneymaking. You say, "Well, we've got to earn a living, Dad!" Well, God will not bless that motivation if you're doing things just to earn a living.
       47. I USED TO HIT THOSE CHURCH CHRISTIANS BETWEEN THE EYES & SAY, "COME ON! HE SAYS, 'SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD & HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS & ALL THESE OTHER THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU!'" They'd argue, "Well, God wants me to have these things, God's blessed me with riches, God's blessed me with money, God's blessed me with a good job & a big salary, God's blessed me with this lovely home & this fine limousine & all these things!" So I would shove that Scripture under the noses of some of those guys & say, "Are you doing this? Are you seeking God first?" They'd say, "Oh yes, of course, of course! I love the Lord with all my heart, I have Jesus, I'm saved, I go to church every Sunday, I'm a Christian, I seek God first, I'd rather preach God than anybody!" But then they're like the last you heard of Naaman when he was going into the Temple of Rimmon with the King on his arm, "But the Lord pardon Thy servant when I go into the Temple of Rimmon"--another evil god of the Devil--"with the king on my arm, because it's my job," etc. (2Kg.5:18)
       48. I SAID, "COME ON, YOU'RE NOT SEEKING GOD FIRST, YOU ONLY SEEK GOD AN HOUR OR TWO A WEEK! All the rest of the time you're seeking to make money, working at least five or six days a week, eight hours a day or more for money and your job and no other reason but to make money!" They'd say, "Well, I've got to support my wife and family, I've got to do this and do that, I've got to pay my bills, I've got to pay my debts!" I said, "Where did you get those bills and debts anyhow? How come you went into debt? That's against the Bible! (Rom.13:8) How come you ran up so many bills on your credit card?"--Things, things! They wanted more things and they couldn't get'm fast enough with the cash they were making so they borrowed money against the future! Now they're going bankrupt and broke and everything else. Don't tell me the average church Christian puts God first--he is serving in the temples of Mammon and Babylon all the rest of the week! You can't tell me any of those people are putting God first, "Seek ye first"!
       49. WELL, PARDON ME FOR DIGRESSING A BIT ON SOME OF MY FAVOURITE SUBJECTS! This is how I got started in this business, getting sick & fed up with church Christians & churches & church buildings & their kind of religion! I used to tell my students in my first classes at the Soul Clinic, "I am going to ruin you for churches forever! You'll never want to go to another church or another church service when I'm through with you, God helping you!--Unless it's for some ulterior purpose perhaps, as we sometimes infiltrate, or maybe you just go to please Mama & Daddy to get married in church or something like that. But I'm going to ruin you for being a churchianity Christian forever! You'll never be that kind of Christian again when I get through with you!"--And that's about the way it was. In fact, those who didn't go to the mission field--in those days we had a lot of old folks that you couldn't change--they'd go home to their city & go back to church, but we had report after report that they were dissatisfied & disgusted! They tried church after church & couldn't find a church that satisfied. Nobody was interested in witnessing, nobody was interested in winning souls, nobody wanted to go out to the mission field, so they were ruined for church forever.
       50. BECAUSE THE WHOLE IDEA OF CHURCHIANITY IS NOT CHRISTIANITY, IT'S CHURCHIANITY, IT'S CHURCH-WORSHIP, IT'S WORSHIP OF THE BUILDING! What do they put first?--The building! They put the building even before God's man, before the preacher. They worship that building & they go there to worship it, & they sit there & worship it every Sunday & admire the work of their hands & the work of their money!--Not God, let's face it! If they were really putting God first & worshipping God first & loving the Lord the most, they wouldn't even be in that God-damned building!
       51. IT IS NOT THE HOUSE OF GOD, IT IS NOT THE GATES OF HEAVEN, IT'S THE GATES OF HELL & HAS DAMNED MORE SOULS THAN IT'S EVER WON!--Church buildings! The curse of the church is church buildings, the trick of the Devil to get them to stop evangelising the World & stop preaching the Gospel to every nation, stop being missionaries! If he couldn't stop'm from being Christians, he got the Christians busy building buildings & spending most of their money, 95% of their money on that God-damned building & a lot of God-damned preachers too! A lot of them are plain damned! They don't even know the first thing about Salvation, don't know Jesus, don't even preach Salvation or Christ, don't even believe in the Bible!
       52. BUT EVEN THE BIBLE-BELIEVING, BORN-AGAIN, SAVED CHRISTIANS ARE IN THE SAME RUT doing the same God-damned thing that God has cursed & did away with on the cross, & saw to it that the Jewish Temple was absolutely totally destroyed, not even one stone left standing on another. Jesus Himself said to the woman at the well, "The hour is coming & now is, when ye shall neither worship God on this mountain, Gerizim, or in Jerusalem at the Temple, but they that worship God shall worship Him in Spirit & in Truth, & the Father seeketh such to worship Him!" (Jn.4:23,24)
       53. GOD WANTS YOU TO WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT LIKE WE'RE DOING RIGHT HERE TODAY, I TRUST, & IN TRUTH! Thank God for this building we live in, but look at how many uses it gives us. It's plenty big enough for our Family to worship the Lord in if we have to have meetings in it, etc., but why do they just talk about the Lord's day & just worship Him on one day a week? Why don't they worship Him every day like we do? You even have a little meeting & devotional every day, we often have classes, & to the average Christian, that's the only worship of God they know or can understand. They have to get together & sing a bunch of hymns & pray a bunch of prayers & hear a bunch of pious pulpit platitudes from the preacher or they don't think they've been worshipping God.
       54. THIS KIND OF MEETING RIGHT HERE--WELL NOT EXACTLY THIS KIND--BUT THIS IS WHAT THEY CALL WORSHIP! Well, this is a part of our worship, but everything you do that's for the glory of God all day long, whether it's moppin' the floors, cleaning the toilets, lovin' the girls or whatever it is, it's for the glory of God to try to make others happy, to please the Lord, to live clean & healthy & happy!--Right? Everything you do is to be for the glory of God! "Whatsoever thou doest in word or in deed, do all for the glory of God!" (Col.3:17)--Not just going to church on Sunday!
       55. WELL, NOW I GOT OFF ON ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SUBJECTS! If I get off on that I'll rant & rave & probably never get done! Well, we learned something this morning anyhow, & maybe if I try to keep it short & sweet--or even if it's short & bitter, as long as it's short--maybe you'll have a little more time to serve the Lord in other ways. I think we covered enough territory today, didn't we?
       56. SO SHALL WE PRAY THE KINGDOM PRAYER?--THE KING'S PRAYER, THE PRAYER THE KING TAUGHT US TO PRAY?: "Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven!"--Oh, I'm sorry, "Thy will be done, Thy Kingdom come!" You were right & I was wrong. I was in such a hurry to get to Heaven I didn't get that right! "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread & forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom & the power & the glory forever & ever!"--In Jesus' name, amen! God bless & keep you & make you a blessing all day long! I hope you have a good day & there's enough left of it to accomplish something more for Jesus!--Amen?--What do you do with yours?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family